Women's History

Collections & Individual Items

Amy Cheney Beach (Mrs. H.H.A. Beach) Papers, 1835-1956
Adrienne Fried Block (Amy Cheney Beach) Papers, 1872-1960
Marietta Sanborn Brown Diary, 1880
Susie L. Brown Diaries, 1875-1876
Buss Family Record Book and Journal, 1809-1840
Anna Maria Greeley Clarke Papers, 1862-1874
Mary M. Cleasby Copybook, 1830-1870
Annette B. Cottrell Papers, 1940-1991 [unprocessed]
Valerie Cunningham Papers, 1984-2010
New Hampshire Diary Collection, 1856-1951
Nicholas Durso Typescript, 1981
Eliza Ann Dutton Diary, 1868
Elizabeth Fries Ellet Letter, Oct. 7, 1847 or 1848
Fanny Richardson Autograph Book, 1856-1862
Mary Helson and Irvin Folsom Diaries, 1867-1914
Godey's Lady's Book
Sarah Josepha Buell Hale, 1788-1879
Hardy Family Papers, 1875-1921
Nettie (Davis) Holmes Diaries, 1881-1909
Margaret Carson Hubbard Papers, 1925-1976
Lotte Jacobi Papers, 1898-2000
Sarah Orne Jewett Papers, 1849-1909
Susan A.W. Joslin Diary, 1853
Betsey Kaime, 1846-1848
Durham/Dover League of Women Voters, 1926-1994
Cora Watson Lewis Memoir, ca. 1934
Madbury, N.H. Journal 1843-1854
Rebecca Peabody Letter, 1848
Jean Pedrick Papers, 1937-2006
Nancy A.W. Priest Diary, 1856
May Sarton, 1912-1995
May Sarton Letters, 1955-1977
May Sarton Letters, 1940-1977
May Sarton Letters, 1939-1942
Ursula Wolff Schneider Papers and Photographs, 1923-1983
Medrake and Osperey, undated
Celia Thaxter's Poem "Renunciation"
Celia Thaxter's Poem "Wilheling"
Celia Thaxter's Poem "Love Shall Save Us All"
Celia Thaxter Letters, 1873-1893
The Mary P. Thompson Library
Women's Athletics Sports Releases, 1973-1998