Collections & Individual Items

Reverend Hugh Adams Sermon, Oct. 21, 1739
Reverend Curtis Coe Sermons, 1787-1800
Nancy Doe Letter, April 29, 1825
First Congregational Society Ledger, 1835-1844
First Unitarian Church of Manchester Papers, 1842-1964
Freewill Baptists Minutes, 1843-1912
Hampton, N.H. Congregational Church
Hardy Family Papers, 1875-1921
Reverend Ebenezer Haseltine Sermons, 1786-1813
Lawrence W. Henderson Papers, 1890s-2000
Quarterly Conference of the Hillsborough Methodist Church Minutes, 1887-1897
James Hobbs, 1724-1764
William Ernest Hocking Papers, May 28, 1963 and Nov. 18, 1964
Howell Family Papers, 1783-1960
New Hampshire Bible Society Papers, 1812-2007
New Hampshire Christian Conference (1832 : Durham, N.H.)
New Hampshire Council of Churches
Newfields Methodist Church Trustees Records, 1901-1939
Osborne Family Papers, 1816-1899
Roland Douglas Sawyer Papers, 1707-1975
Rabbi Frederick Solomon Papers, 1927-1977
Stearns Family Papers, 1755-1851
Frank Everett and Roger Steele World War II Papers, 1942-1945
The Mary P. Thompson Library
Thomas Wilson Thorndike Memoir, 1884
Alvan Tobey Papers, 1858-1869
Maximillian Jewett Webber Diary, 1842
Rice Rowell Whittier Diaries, 1862-1896