New Hampshire Vertical Files

The vertical files contain newspaper and magazine articles, brochures, reports, and ephemera for businesses, organizations, homes, buildings, events, and people in the state of New Hampshire.


Advertisements: circa 1810-1935 (Dry Goods, Lectures, Concerts)
Agriculture: Farming and Fairs includes 1876 Bulletin of the State Board
Albacore: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Volume I-Part A
Alton Bay: postcards, Lake Winnipesaukee, NH)
American Iris Society: [vol. 38(1), 1986; vol. 40(1), 1987; vol. 41(1), 1988; vol. 42(1), 1989]
Amtrak: “Downeaster”, Dec. 14, 2001
Anti-slavery Agencies: 1832-1835
Antrim: Goodell Co. Catalog of Table Cutlery, circa 1888
Architecture: "Early American in NH", 1937 (1600-1700s: includes history of settlement of NH)
Atkinson, New Hampshire: Land Use and its Management, circa 1977
Audubon Society of NH (1987-1989) and Seacoast Audubon
Authors, NH: 1969 - listing only

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Bank Laws 1892: and by-laws, Newmarket Bank, 1855
Barnstead, NH: Inventory of Physical Feature, 1976; The Locke Lake Colony, 1976
Bass, Perkins ("A Register of His Papers in the New Hampshire Historical Society" 1974)
Bicentennial (1776-1996) Edition of Foster’s Daily Democrat
Boscawen, NH: Centennial 1876
Business: Manufacturing in 1800s
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Campaign Tickets: 1877-1890
Canterbury, NH: brief history
Dover First Church Manuals 1853, 1876, 1884; Exeter Congregational 1929
Civil Defense:
"Air Raid Precaution," 1942; "Blackout Rules," 1942
One-page report on air-raid drills in Portsmouth area, 1955
Claremont, NH:
Union Mark Lodge, 1895; Historical sketches; Manufacturing industries, 1879
Conservation Newsletter (May 1969, March 1987, July 1993
Constitutions, NH:
1931, 1935; Amended Constitution, 1851 "Constitution of NH as amended by the Constitutional Convention of 1876" [pub. 1877]
Constitutional Conventions, NH:
"Statements of the Clerks of the Courts of Common Pleas: A Resolution of the Constitutional Convention, 1850"; "F.M. Beckford Speech at Constitutional Convention," 1889; Constitutional Amendment of Taxes, 1923; Resolutions to Revise the Constitution, 1948; "Trusts and Monopolies," speech by Hon. Edgar Aldrich delivered at Constitutional Convention 1902
Conway, NH: Kennett High School, "Class Notes," 1924-1999
Counties: Clerk's report, 1850s Grafton, Hillsborough; History of Belknap
Organization of the Strafford Guards
Crotched Mountain Foundation Rehabilitation Center: 1968 report
Currier Gallery of Art - Manchester: calendars 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991

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Dartmouth College Library Special Collections: Rauner Library, Webster Hall
Dover, NH:
"About Historic Dover, Mother of New Hampshire," manuscript
Centennial Register of Dover, 1876; Dedication Ceremonies at Little Bay Bridge, Dover Point, 1934; "Dover Architecture and Industry," Profiles vol. 22, no. 3 (March 1973); Dover Conservation Commission, "Open Space in Dover," 1975-76; Program for Dover High School, 1957-58 School Districts (Back River, Old Landing, Pine Hill, Tolend, Upper Factory);
Spaulding, Rev. George B., "The Idea and Necessity of Normal School Training,"(Portland: Daily Press Job Printing House, 1879); Fowler & Plumber Dry Goods Establishment circular, ca. late 19th cen.;
Dover and Portsmouth - Making History, 1623-1799:
(Foster's Daily, facsimiles-July 1998): "Rich waters Drew early settlers to Portsmouth"; "Quaker women stripped and whipped, 1662"; "Stone-throwing devil taunts locals on the Portsmouth island that's now New Castle"; "Major Waldron killed in Indian massacre, (Sham Battle in 1676 led to Cochecho Massacre)"; "Mary Brewster scalped during Indian attack"; "William and Mary raids spark Revolution"; "Revere's warning to Portsmouth sparks first strike for independence"; "Witches walk the streets of Portsmouth"; "America's first president visits Portsmouth"; "Portsmouth man becomes secretary to the president"
Drinking Gourd (Nashua Peace Center): Volume 7-15, 1988-96

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Eddy, Mary Baker
Epping, NH: Paradigm Times, 1996
Epsom, NH: student paper "Epsom Town Report," 1975?
Exeter, NH:
The Public Schools," Clifton A. Towle, Exeter Historical Society, 1938; Facsimile of 1638 deed from Indians, gift of A. T. Dudley; First Church 275th anniversary pamphlet, 1913; Trade and Carnival Week program, 1914; Tercentenary Celebration program, 1938; The Exeter, New Hampshire Story," (1968); Exeter High School, Class of 1885, Graduation Exercises
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Facts about New Hampshire, 1996
Farmington, NH:
Henry Wilson, 18th Vice President; Marriage intentions Town records, 1799 – 1836
Fast Day
Fenton, John: biography
Fish and Game Department (NH):
Fishing and Hunting Guide, 1964; Letter to Landowners, 1971; Wildlife Management Area Guide, 1973
Forests and Forestry (NH):
Forests and Lands Newsletter, 1989; Forestry and Recreation Commission--"Forest Industries," 1936; A Forest Policy for New Hampshire; Fox Trust Fund for Forest Research; A History of New Hampshire's Lumber Industry, 1987; Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest pamphlets, 1964, 1972; "Lets Farm Our Woodlands," (1938); New Hampshire Forest Facts, 1956; Report Covering Services Rendered To Forest Land Owners By Consulting Foresters... (1959); Sixth Annual Report of the NH Timberland Owners Association, 1916; "Summer Key to Trees of NH," (Chas. H. Otis, 1945); Trees and Shrubs Guidebook (1967)
Fort William and Mary Attack
Franklin City: The Dream City that Never Was
Franklin Falls, NH: First Baptist Sunday School

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Gilman, John Taylor
Gilmanton, NH: Early History, 1881; student paper "Land Use," 1976
Government (general)
Governor's Council: "Duties and Responsibilities of the Governor and the Executive Council"
Governors (NH):
Lane Dwinnel 1956 Proclamation of Old Home Week; Hugh Gallen Index of 1979-1982 Speeches; Henry Wilder Keyes - Granite Monthly articles; John King 1963 Inaugural Ceremony Program; John Page 1841 Proclamation of Religious Holiday (April 15, 1842); Governor John Lynch Inaugural Ball, Jan 2005
Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Sandy Point Trail, Stratham
Greenland, NH: student paper: "Solid Waste Disposal," 1975
Gundalow: the Piscataqua gundalow, “Captain Edward H. Adams”

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Hampton, NH: Receipts of expenditures, 1842;
Hampton Falls, NH: student paper: Housing Development," 1977
Hanover, NH: The Nugget Theater Booklet, 1951; Dartmouth College Map, c. 1948
Health (Board of Health):
College for the Deaf Address, 1889; "Fire Escapes and Exits," 1938; Health Careers in NH, 1950s; New England Health Institute Conference, 1947; Nursing and Rest Homes in NH, 1967; Serving Physically Handicapped Persons in NH, 1947
Historical Society: “When New Hampshire was 200 Years Old”
Hopkinton, NH:
Celebrate New Hampshire, June 7-11, 2000; Student paper: "Celebration of Old Home Day," 1902; Student paper: "Review of the Zoning Ordinance," 1976
Belknap County (Camp Belknap, 1913); Carroll County (Swift River Inn); Coos County (Bretton Woods Ski Resort; Mountain View House, 1967; Waumbek Inn and Country Club, 1973);Grafton County (Hotel Franconia; Pemigewasset House, 19th century pamphlet); Rockingham County (Rye); Sullivan County (Ben Mere Inn)

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Indians of New England (1600s and 1700s: pamphlet by E.P. Jewell)
Information Tests on NH, c. 1930
"Inherit NH" (newsletter: summer 1987, summer 1988; fall 1988; winter 1990)
Inter- State Journal NH-VT: 1905
Isle of Shoals: Oscar Leighton obituary

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Jewett, Benjamin W. recognition for Improvement in Artificial Legs patent

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Keene, NH: Chamber of Commerce, 1929; Holton's Guide, 1919
Kensington, NH: Student paper: "Airport Controversy," 1977; The Kensington Study, 1968
King, Rev. Thomas Starr

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Lafayette, Marquis de: Visit to Dover 1825
Lancaster Historical Society's Sketchbook: newsletter, 1987-1989
Land Grant Universities (See Morrill):
Association of Land-Grant Colleges, President Calvin Coolidge Address, 1924; Illinois and the Land-Grant Tradition, 1962; "Land Grant Movement," Edward Eddy, 1953?; Margin for Excellence, 1966; National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, 1972; New England Land-Grant Network, 1968; Purdue University Land-Grant Centennial, 1962; "Spirit of the Land-Grant College," Purdue University
League of NH Arts and Crafts (includes 1947 listing of craftsmen in US)
League of Women Voters:
Annual Citizenship School Programs, 1920, 1926, 1933, 1934; "Know Your Candidates," 1984; Policy, 1933
Lebanon, NH:
Dedication of Soldier's Memorial Building, 1890; The Thunderbolt, vol. II, No. 1, 1872
Dover Public Library Bulletin, 1889; Dover Public Library Catalogue, 1853 with supplements 1859,1859; Howe Library, Hanover, NH (50th Anniversary pamphlet, 1950); Keene Public Library History, 1967; Nashua Public Library, Civil War Book List, 1961; New England Library Association-Conference Program, 1954; New England Reading Association-Conference, 1957
Litchfield, NH: student paper: "Farming vs. Development," 1977
Literature-"Pioneers of Popular Literature," by George W. Brown (Granite State Magazine vol. III, no. 2, Feb. 1907)
Loeb, William "NH's Paper Tiger," by Helen Kirkpatrick Milbank (Columbia Journalism Review, Spring 1966, Reprint)
Londonderry, NH:
Doan, James E. "The Eagle Wing Expedition (1636) and the Settlement of Londonderry, New Hampshire (1719): Two Episodes in Scotch-Irish History." Journal of Scotch-Irish Studies, 1:1 (Sp 2000).
Lyndeborough, NH: student paper: "Why Are People Moving," 1977)

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MacDowell Colony:
Reports for 1965, 1976; Wall Street Journal reprint 1975 article "In Search of a Novel at MacDowell"; Newsletter: Spring, 1984; Library of Congress Quarterly Journal reprint Oct. 1973
Manchester, NH:
Budgets, 1938-1944; Dedication of State Park, 1893; Mayor Benoit Inaugural Address, 1948; Testimonial Dinner Program, 1961; "Our Community," History by Webster School 8th Grade, 1940s?; Water Works Annual Report, 1971; Zoning Ordinance, 1927, 1965
Industrial Park Authority Brochure, 1966; Morley Company Fiber Products Brochure, 1964; New Hampshire Manufacturers' Association, c. 1953; Split Ballbearing Factory Brochure, 1959
Bicycling in New Hampshire, 1970?; Carter's Colored Charts Broadside, 1891; Durham Map, 1967; Highway Map of New Hampshire, 1939; Lake Winnipiseogee (described as ancient chart, c. 1960); Monadnock Region, 1938 (two copies); New Hampshire Road Map, 1964; Rand McNally Auto Trails Map, District no. 6 (Hislop Garage) 1922; Six Regional Divisions of New Hampshire, 1939; Sutton, NH Town Map, 1956; White Mountain National Forest, 1966; Wilton, NH Town Map, 1940
Milford, NH:
Story of the Memorial 1889; Oration at the Dedication of the Town House, 1870); "Milford, New Hampshire in the Abolitionist Era," by John Russell Ulricson, Jr. (for Prof. C. A. Jellison, January 18, 1968); Town hall survey; a preliminary report of the Student Committee to the Planning Board, 1940
Mills ("Old Mills in New Hampshire," 1945)
Milton, NH (student paper: "Town Report," 1976)
Morrill, Justin S. (See also Land Grant Universities):
Address, "I would have higher learning more widely disseminated," 1898 reprint, 1961; Address, "State Aid to Land-Grant Colleges," 1888; "Essays on Morrill," 1961 reprint of Vermont History, January 1957; Morrill Foundation pamphlet, 1962; "Outlook Good for aid to Education," reprint, from Overview, 1962; "Rep. Morrill Revises Land-Grant Bill," reprint from Overview, 1961; "Sponsor of Land Grant Colleges is Honored," reprint, NY Times, 1961
Motor Vehicle Department:
Accident statistics 1926-36; Inspection data, 1936; Report of accidents, 1937, 1938
Music Festivals:
American Guild of Organists, 1954; Bibliography: "The Songs of the Hutchinson Family," 1976; NH Youth Orchestra and Soloists, 1940; Rockingham Choral Society, 1958; Seacoast Music Festival Association, 1938, 1941; Western NH Music Festival Association, 1889
Mystery Hill, Salem NH

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New Castle, NH (Bi-Centennial Celebration, 1893)
New England Farm Bulletin (1981-1984, with gaps)
New England River Basins Commission: "Priorities," 1972-76, Massachusetts
New Hampshire College and University Council:
"At a Glance," 1973-74, 1974-75, 1975-76, 1976-77, 1977-78, 1978-79; Annual Reports, 1966-67, 1967-68, 1970-71; Handbook for members-Library Policy Committee, 1980
New Hampshire Council for the Humanities:
"Call for Papers," 1982; "Call for Proposals," 1986; "Humanities Events," 1984-88; "NH Image: As We and Others See Us," Conference Program, 1983; "Roots and Branches: NH Poets and their Sources," pamphlet
New Hampshire: facts in brief: state bird, song, bill to law, etc.
New Hampshire Farm Museum: newsletter 1986-89, with gaps
New Hampshire Historical Society:
Exhibitions: Nov. 1984-May 1985; Nov. 1986- Jan. 1987; Dec. 1984-May 1985; Sept.-Nov. 1978; Guide to the Library brochure; Manchester Historic Association pamphlet; The Prentis Collection, pamphlet
New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music and Dance
New Hampshire Mountains:
"The Mountains of New Hampshire," directory, 1949; Belnap Mts Recreation Area (1940’s?); The Flume Reservation, Franconia Notch & Lost River (1940’?); "Facts About Carroll County Kearsarge Mountain," by G.V. Fox, 1869;
New Hampshire Primary, 1988
New Hampshire Primary, History
New Hampshire School Volunteer Program of the NH Council for Better Schools, newsletters 1979-1996 (with gaps)
New Hampshire State Archives:
Bicentennial Commission invitation flyer, 1988; Map, showing state facilities; New England Archives flyers; New England Archives Week pamphlet, 1988
New Hampshire State Historical Commission: Historical markers pamphlet, 1964
New Hampshire Sun: Energy Association: 1983-85; 1987-89
New Hampshire Water Pollution Commission:
Guide to Stream Classifications, 1947 to 1957; Guide to Stream Classifications, 1947 to 1955; Revised Laws, 1952; "Why Control Water Pollution?" 1952
New Hampshire Waterworks Association Newsletter 1992, 1993 (also see NHamp TD 345 .N4 N43)
New Hampshire Women in Higher Education Administration: Womenews 1980-84, with gaps
New Hampton, NH: historical sketch, 1876
New Ipswich Appleton Academy: two copies of "Oration, Poem, and Chronicles," 1861
Newfields, NH:
Student paper: "Land Use Planning," 1977; H. K. Torrey, "Newfields, N. H. Old Home Day, Town Hall, August, 1949"
Newmarket, NH: "Essential Characteristics," 1966
North Conway, NH: 1962 report on expansion for Echo Lake State Park
North Country Council:
Annual Report, 1980, 1981, 1982; "Planning Profiles," 1980-1982; "Rural Development: A North Country Initiative," 1979
Northern New England Junior Academy of Science: Program 1963, Biennial Report, 1961-63

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Ocean-Born Mary, Henniker, NH: general information on Ocean-Born Mary [photocopies]
Old Man of the Mountain:
Decal, 1955; Four (4) 8x10 black and white photos; "Geological Information," 1958; Letter concerning major repairs, 1958; "Saving the Great Stone Face," pamphlets 1955
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Parrish, (Frederick) Maxfield:
Facsimile of "Current Biography Yearbook," 1965; Facsimile of "Something About the Author," 1978
Peterborough, NH:
The Peterborough Transcript, Pictorial Supplement, Oct. 27, 1938; Manual of the Union Congregational Church, 1952; Annual reunion, School district No. 5, Aug. 22, 1910
Phillips Exeter Academy:
Centennial Celebration, 1884; Documents and Statistics, 1783-1884
Pierce, Franklin:
Inaugural Address, March 4, 1853 (facsimile from internet); "Franklin Pierce and Abraham Lincoln-Parallels and Contrasts," The Abraham Lincoln Quarterly, December 1949
Piscataqua Current (Newsletter 1978-1984, with gaps)
Pittsfield, NH: student paper: "Industry and Zoning," 1977
Plymouth, NH: Annual Address of Grafton and Coos Bar Association, 1887, 1888; New Hampshire Summer Institute, Aug. 18-31, 1894
Poetry Society of New Hampshire: Paul Scott Mowrer, 1st poet laureate, NH (one (1) 8x10 black and white photo); Chapbook, "Flowers for a Neanderthal IV"; "Variations of Mulberry," 1971; Poetry Anthology #1, 1972; Mailing lists, 1976-1977, 1977-1978
Political Parties:
First in the Nation (The New Hampshire Magazine, 1976); Focus (Bulletin of the NH Democratic State Committee, 1961; Letter, Progressive Party of New Hampshire (NH Women for Wallace committee); National Ballot, 1962 (Compliments of Alfred Catalfo, Jr., Candidate for the Senate); Pamphlet: "To the Republican Voters of New Hampshire," 1906; Pamphlet: "The Presidential Problem," 1900; Pamphlet: "William E. Chandler: In the Canvass," 1912; Congressional Ticket; Democratic Republican Ticket; Republican State Committee: ballot, 1867
Portsmouth, NH:
Chamber of Commerce Guide to the Seacoast, 1984, 1985;"Historical Points of Interest," illustrated poem, 1894; News Release for New Marine Terminal, 1962; One (1) 8x10 black and white photo, Marine Terminal, 1962; People's Baptist Mission and Rev. Arthur Hilson, Foster's, 2/99; "The Port of Portsmouth"; Portsmouth 350th Celebration, 1973; Portsmouth promotional literature, 1937, 1923, 1934, 1939; Portsmouth Tours (Chamber of Commerce, 1944); Schools of Portsmouth, 1890; Souvenir Folder, 1923; St Nicholas: Illustrated Magazine, facsimile 1887; Tides and Currents in Portsmouth Harbor, 1929; The Town Crier, October 1910; Wentworth-Coolidge Anniversary Report, 1985, 1986; Misc: Portsmouth Trust and Guarantee Company, 1889
African Burying Ground: photocopies from Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2003
Portsmouth Athenaeum Newsletter, Fall 2001
Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail: newspaper photocopies, 1999-2004
Portsmouth Community Radio: photocopy Wire magazine, Oct. 22-28, 2003
Portsmouth Music Hall: Case statement by Sandi Mitchell, 1986
Portsmouth: National Archives for Department of Customs Records, c. 19th century
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard:
Foster's Daily (January 24, 1999 article by Jack Rutledge); Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Celebrates 200 years, 1800-2000 (Foster's Daily Democrat insert, June 7, 2000)
Portsmouth Peace Conference: facsimile
Portsmouth: “The Pearl”, photocopies, circa 2000
Prescott Park Arts Festival: Programs 1983 - 1988
Public Service Commission and PSNH: varied pamphlets

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Railroads (NH): Statues relating to Railroads, 1983
Railroads (NH): booklets regarding the Hazen Bill, 1887 & misc. booklets
Railroads (NH): Interstate Commerce Docket. 4845, 1913 & booklet on Concord to Montreal (White Mountains), 1891
Recreation: pamphlets for conference, 1938, 1941; Proposal for Madbury, 1968
Regimental histories: 10th New Hampshire (Foster's Daily, Jan. 31, 1999 facsimile)
Revolutionary War: "Bibliography of Published Monographs on NH's Role"
Revolutionary War Heritage brochure
Robinson Female Seminary (Exeter): 1886 & 1913 Commencement Programs

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Salmon Falls Speeches: Lyceum, 1850 & Evening School m1853
Sawmills: Directory of NH Sawmills, 1958
Scammell, Col. Alexander: Article by William O. Clough from the Granite Monthly, v.14, 1892
Schools: misc. booklets (1877 – 1965)
Schiere, Edwin and Mary: 4 folders of ephemera regarding their history and pottery
Seacoast Arts and Cultural Alliance-newsletter "SACA Presents", 1989
Seacoast Audubon Newsletter1989 – 1995, with gaps
Seacoast Science Center-"The Seacoast Sun," 1994
Skiing: NH pamphlets for ski resorts & National Championship program, 1946
"Sobering News": Concerned Citizens Against Drunk Driving newsletter, 1985-1993
Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities
Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
Star Island (Isle of Shoals): Summer of 1964 & 1965 Pamphlets
State Board of Education: misc. 1923 - 1950
State Library
State Prohibition Club, 1885
Strafford, NH: student paper: "Land Use and Development," 1977
Strawbery Banke
Sullivan, John
Supreme Court of New Hampshire: “The Highest Courts of Law in New Hampshire” published in “The Green Bag”, vol. 2, Nov.1890

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Tourist Guides and Information pamphlets, circa 1930
Trust for New Hampshire Lands-Newsletter, 1989

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Unions (Teamsters at UNH)
Universalist-Unitarian Church, circa 1963

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Veteran's Association: New Hampshire Veteran’s Association Encampment, 1905-1915
Vietnam: Casualties suffered by the state of New Hampshire, 1975
Vinton, Eleanor, Poet Laureate, 1972-1977
von Blomberg, Baroness
Voter and Voters' Guide: 1912, 1956, 1958, 1959

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Warren, NH: The Story of Our Elephant Hunt
White Mountain National Forest
Winslow, Dick:
"Submarines";entry for Encyclopedia of American Culture; Autumn Kayaking 'On Golden Pond,' Messing About in Boats, April 1, 2000; "Canoeing Quebec's Ashuapmushuan in the Fall", Nastawgan, Summer 2001; review of The Age of Homespun: Objects and Stories in the Creation of an American Myth by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Pennsylvania History 70:1 (Winter 2003);“Chiputneticook Lakes in the Fall: The Eastern Boundary Waters Canoe Trip” (Messing About in Boats, v.22 no.5, July 15, 2004)
Women Artists in the White Mountains 1840-1940 (exhibition catalog)
Women Writers of Poetry and Fiction: a list compiled by Barbara White, Ph.D., UNH
Women's Suffrage (NH)
Wood Utilization:
Northeastern Wood Utilization Council, 1949; Brown Company
World War II and Post-war planning
Works Project Administration: circa 1936