New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music & Dance

    The NH Library of Traditional Music and Dance is designed to serve the research needs of historians, folklorists, musicians, callers, and dancers alike.

    Created in 1992 to consolidate and improve access to unique music collections maintained by the University of New Hampshire Milne Special Collections department, the library consists of materials generated both by individuals and organizations. Its holdings include books, periodicals, printed music, recordings, photographs, and archival materials pertaining to traditional music and dance in the United States and elsewhere, with a strong focus on New England traditions.

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    Collections & Individual Items

    Milton Appleby Collection, 1895-2018
    Charlie Baldwin Papers, 1940-1986
    Bob Bennett Papers, 1948-1999
    Gloria Berchielli Photographs, 1952-1986
    Violet and Elliott Buskey, 1952-1959
    Country Dance and Song Society Archives, 1915-1994
    Country Dance and Song Society Pamphlets
    Country Dance Society, Boston Centre Collection, 1900-2000
    The Dance Gypsy Papers, 1990-2000
    Digitized Folk Dance Recordings
    Durham Reelers scrapbook, 1955-2008
    Kerry Elkin Papers, 1975-2000
    Fitzwilliam Square Dance, 1969-2002
    George Fogg Collection, 1800-2015
    Charles Francisco Collection, 1944-1995
    Mary Gillette Papers, 1954-1986
    Glenn Pease Manuscript Collection, 1945-2000
    Gene Gowing Papers, 1941-1957
    Christine Helwig Papers, 1980-1997
    Chip Hendrickson Papers, 1953-1970
    Rickey Holt Dance Collection, 1979-1985
    Larry Jennings Papers, 1950-2005
    Rachel and Elliot Juni Collection, 1978-2005
    Dudley Laufman Papers, 1962-1998
    Jim Mayo Papers, 1940-2003
    Michael McKernan Papers, 1960-2000
    Bob McQuillen Collection, 1930-2014
    Reuben Merchant Collection,1949-1955
    Monadnock Folklore Society Archives, 1981-2007
    F. P. Morse Dance Caller's Notebook, 1847
    New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA) Papers, 1944-2007
    New Hampshire Folk Festival Tapes, 1976-1986
    Creation of the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music & Dance, 1988-1991
    Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend (RPDLW), 1988-2017
    Ralph Page Manuscript Collection, 1940-1985
    Joe Peidle Contra Dance Photographs, 1996-2003
    Pinewoods Camp
    Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Boston Branch
    Ted Sannella Papers, 1944-1995
    Scottish Country Dance Collection
    Ernie Spence Papers, 1955-2004
    Square Dance Foundation of New England Collection, 1870-2015
    Patrick Stevens Collection, 1992-2016
    Marianne Taylor Papers, 1966-2009
    Brownlow and Dorothea Thompson Collection, 1639-1994
    Jon Thunberg Papers, 1948-2010
    Win Tilley Collection
    Newt Tolman Collection, 1968-1969
    Traditional Music and Dance Pamphlets
    Traditional Music and Dance Periodicals
    Bob Van Antwerp Papers, 1945-1990
    Marlys Waller and Ralph Page Correspondence, 1952-1984
    Louise Winston Collection, 1929-1984