Collections & Individual Items

    Account Book Collection, 1793-1950
    Blake General Store Daybooks
    Boscawen Highway Taxes, 1868
    Bradley Family Account Books, 1802-1836
    Choate Manufacturing Co. Records, 1862-1869
    Arva Cook Ledger, 1818-1825
    Dudley Dodge Ledger, 1820-1843
    Isaac D. Dolby Account Book, 1844-1851
    Estate Inventory Collection, 1848-1885
    Joseph Furnald Ledgers
    Fifield Family Ledgers
    Mead Folsom Account Book, 1829-1847
    William Graham, 1776-1861
    John M. Hoit
    Jones Family Papers, 1817-1964
    True William McDaniel Account Book, 1847-1871
    Middleton Tax Records, 1904-1906
    Osborne Family Papers, 1816-1899
    Henry Pascoe, 1882-1901
    Silas Philbrick
    Amos D. Purinton, 1855
    Richardson Family Papers, 1806-1855
    Richard T. Rogers Account Book Collection, 1848-1890
    Jonathan Sanborn Account Books, 1817-1876
    Solon Burpee Sargent Papers, 1879-1894
    "Squire" Joseph Sawyer Account Book, 1843-1855(?)
    Smith Family Ledgers, 1860-1878
    Hamilton Smith Letter Book, 1894-1896
    William Tenney Ledger, 1829-1852
    Tenny and Smith Ledger, 1827-1829
    Mrs. E.E. Thompson / Highland House Papers, 1879-1985
    Torr Family Account Books, 1802-1852
    John and James Underwood Account Book, 1754-1774