Genealogy & Family Papers

Collections & Individual Items

Account Book Collection, 1793-1950
Adams Family Papers, 1731-1964
Balch Family Papers, 1815-1936
Sylvester Bingham Family Papers
Maurice E. Bowes Papers, 1943-1993
Beecher and Newell Brotherhood Contract, 1830-1832
Browne Family Papers, 1800-1960
Bucknam Family Papers, 1811-1920
Jonathan Chesley Will Probate, 1765
Mary M. Cleasby Copybook, 1830-1870
Morris Cotton Notebook, 1908
Cunningham Family Papers, 1788-1928
Daughters of the American Revolution: Molly Reid Chapter Derry, NH Papers, 1895-1972
Albert and Elizabeth DeMeritt Papers
Demeritt-Thompson Family Papers, 1844-1923
Drake-Aldrich Family Papers, 1868-1949
Farley Family Papers, 1817-1858
Fort Constitution Papers, 1820-1880
Hanson Family Association Record Books, 1911-1942
Hardy Family Papers, 1875-1921
Mrs. P. F. Harrington
Harry Dufresne Papers, 1848-1965
Joseph Haven Letters, 1816-1818
Daniel Hood Letters, Jan. 19 and Mar. 10, 1864
Howell Family Papers, 1783-1960
Hutchins Family Correspondence, 1897-1916
Charles Johnson Family Papers
George Naylor Julian Papers, 1858-1938
George Laderbush Papers, 1931-2010
Cora Watson Lewis Memoir, ca. 1934
McQueston Family Papers, 1818-1858
Lorus and Margery Milne Papers, 1924-2005
Elwin E. Muzzey Papers, 1943-1956
New Hampshire Old Graveyard Association Records, 1976-2000
Northam Colonists/Dover Historical Society Papers, 1856-2003
Page Family Business Records, 1823-1935
Page-Southard Families Papers, 1847-1903
Parsons Family Papers
Perkins Family Papers, 1783-1894
Piper Family papers, 1845-1941
Piscataqua Pioneers Papers
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Papers, 1739-1985
Henry Brewer Quinby (1846-1925) and Henry Cole Quinby (1872-1922) Papers, 1863-1927
Harrison D. Robertson Papers, 1830-1861
Roland Douglas Sawyer Papers, 1707-1975
Sinclair Family Papers, 1940-2014
Stearns Family Papers, 1755-1851
Stevens Family Papers, 1762-1928
John B. Swasey Estate Inventory, 1828
Sweetser Family Papers, 1847-1958
Thompson Family Papers, 1703-1924
The Mary P. Thompson Library
Mrs. E.E. Thompson / Highland House Papers, 1879-1985
Willis Family Letters, 1876-1933