Durham Vertical Files

These files contain newspaper and magazine articles, brochures, reports, and ephemera for businesses, organizations, homes, buildings, events, and people in the town of Durham, NH. They are filed within the New Hampshire vertical files, which are kept behind the desk in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Adams Family History
James Bamford Genealogy
Durham Center School letters
Durham Chronicle reprint of May 15, 1732 for 250th anniversary
Durham Conservation Commission
Durham Cooperative School District
Durham Dailies (3 issues of the 1943)
Durham District Court
Durham Financial Management
Durham Historical Society
Durham Town Histories
Historical Durham Houses
Durham Indian stories
Land Survey of Durham, by C.E. Walker, 1931
The Durham Letter, 1989 - 1991 with gaps
History of Durham Town Library, 1894
Durham Post Office and Mural
League of Women Voters
Durham Map and Guide, 2001-2002
Durham Memorabilia
Durham Music Event with Roland Partridge
History of Packer’s Falls, 1900
The Settlement of Durham Point
Speech by C.W. Thompson on Old Durham Roads
Brochure of the Durham Pageant
Durham Town and Gown Players Playbills, mostly 1950’s
History of the Piscataqua Bridge
Durham Swans
Durham Traffic Plan, 1998
Durham Women’s Club
Durham Youth Association, 1957
Amendments to Zoning Ordinances, 1958