About SciFinder

SciFinder is the premier research discovery tool for pure and applied chemistry. It has an index of chemical structures and reactions, as well as bibliographic information from a broad base of scientific literature, including conference articles, dissertations, patents, and more. SciFinder includes millions of citations from 1907 to present, in the fields of chemistry, biomedical sciences, agricultural science, materials science, and other related fields.

Users can search by topic, author, registry numbers, and more. Substance data includes properties, known structures, chemical names and formulas, CAS Registry numbers, roles, and chemical suppliers.

SciFinder is co-searchable with Medline.

UNH Access

SciFinder is licensed for noncommercial use only. Access is restricted to UNH Durham and UNH Manchester faculty, staff, and students.

SciFinder is fully activated at UNH. There is no limit to the number of simultaneous users on either workstations or mobile devices. Your SciFinder session will close automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.


Each individual SciFinder user must register with CAS for access. Registration is free. SciFinder is provided by the UNH Library.

To Register for SciFinder at UNH, you must use your UNH email address (ending in Within 48 hours of registering, you must confirm with the link provided in the confirmation email. It is sent from CAS, the Chemical Abstracts Division of the American Chemical Society.

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    Notes: You must have registered and confirmed your registration before you try to connect.

    Convert Client-saved Files

    Convert .sfr files to .akx files with the SciFinder Conversion Tool.

    Databases Covered

    SciFinder explores five CAS databases plus MEDLINE, providing integrated results.

    1. Chemical Abstracts Plus (CAplus): chemical literature and patents, 1907 to present
    2. CASREACT: organic/organometallic chemical reaction searching (7 million reactions)
    3. CAS Registry, 1957 to present
    4. ChemCats: chemical supplier information
    5. CHEMLIST: government regulatory information
    6. Medline is produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

    To remove duplicate results from Medline automatically, change your preferences before submitting your search terms.

    Help and Contacts

    SciFinder Help Manual
    The detailed guide to SciFinder database content and functionality

    SciFinder Support & Training - web version:

    • Tutorials —30 different tutorials as of March 2011
    • How To Guides—many brief how-to explanations with screenshots
    • Strategies—specialized for small-molecule searching, synthetic chemistry, and polymer chemistry

    Need more info?

    For UNH Library assistance with SciFinder and chemical information searching, please contact:

    For after-hours assistance with connection issues, report an access problem.