Proper Care for Multimedia

Library materials, including the CDs and DVDs in Multimedia, are furnished for your enjoyment; treat them with care so others may enjoy them as well.

Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat

Keep discs away from heat sources, such as hot cars, radiators, and direct sunlight.

Do not bend

When removing discs from cases, push on the center button to reduce the amount of force necessary for removal.

Handle using edges and center hole

Fingerprints, moisture, dust, dirt, and smudges can prevent the laser from following the data track and reading data.

Protect from scratching

Return CDs and DVDs to their cases when not in use.

If discs are dirty or scratched, please ask us to clean the discs when you return them

We strongly urge you to return discs to us for cleaning. If you choose to clean discs yourself:

  • Always clean the discs using a soft cotton cloth, avoiding paper products and other abrasives.
  • Wipe from the center straight toward the edge of the discs in radial movements. Do not wipe going around the discs.
  • Though limited use of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), methanol, water-based lens cleaners, or mild detergent may be okay, even these may damage the label side of the discs.

Byers, Fred R. "Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs." Co-published by Council on Library and Information Resources and National Institute of Standards and Technology: October, 2003.

Quick Reference Guide for Care and Handling, and Full text.