George C. Andrews Diary, 1863

MS 250
Diary, 1863
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George C. Andrews was born in New Boston, NH and enlisted on September 17, 1862 at age 18. He served in Company G of the 16th New Hampshire regiment until his discharge on August 20, 1863. He died at home in New Boston two weeks later on September 6, 1863 at age 19, probably of dysentery.

The 59-page diary was written in Louisiana from February to July, 1863. There are a few very faint entries in pencil in the memoranda section at the end, dating from December to April 19th. The 16th regiment was encamped for a time in Carrollton, LA and then captured Fort Burton at Butte-a-la-Rose on April 20, 1863. Many of the soldiers died from disease and dysentery.