Streaming Video

The UNH Library can help facilitate the streaming of films for UNH courses. We will purchase rights to stream films whenever possible as requested to support teaching. However, it is not always possible to acquire permission or licenses for every film.


  • Streaming rights are expensive; please limit your requests to films that are required viewing. Requests for online courses have first priority.
  • Please provide us with at least one month of lead time. It is difficult for us to fill requests made with short notice. Streaming rights often present more acquisition and access challenges than traditional physical formats.
  • If there is a subject that you'd like streaming videos for, but you don't have a specific title in mind, contact us and we will do our best to help you find available resources.
  • Send your requests to the Multimedia Center and provide course name and number as well as the semester they will be needed.

Licensed Resources

We have streaming access to thousands of films available in collections for which we have already purchased digital rights. These are available to all on-site users as well as to UNH students, faculty, and staff both on- and off-site.

Low Cost or Free Options

If a video is already legally available on the internet for rental or low-cost purchase via sources like Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, etc., you can also suggest these options to your students. There is a handy website Can I Stream.It? to help determine streaming availability of specific titles.

You can search YouTube through Creative Commons and Snag Films to find many free streaming videos.

There are other free resources that we can suggest if you have a specific topic in mind.

Linking to Canvas

Each video that we license has a permanent URL that can be inserted into your course in Canvas (myCourses). If you need technical support with either learning management system, contact IT Support or refer to this Knowledge Base article.

Copyright Information

Copyright implications of streaming are often complicated and nuanced. The following links provide further information regarding copyright issues:

Other UNH Resources

For assistance editing audio and video for creation of rich media presentations, contact Parker Media Lab in Dimond Library Room 237.