Student Life


Putting 10 country boys in more or less proximity to 300 regular college boys was not calculated to promote much enthusiasm among the ‘bucolic’ as we were called. Oh yes, we had another rather pungent appellation, ‘dungists.’

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Each morning the conductor, instead of calling ‘Durham’ would announce the stop as ‘Cow College.’ The students got rather irritated at this and when the conductor got off the train one morning he was greeted with a barrage of rotten eggs.

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The men, who expected to spend a lifetime in the forests, explained that they want to know how to cook the following articles of food, which they consider essential to the well-being of a forester, to wit: biscuits, doughnuts, and pie.

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Right-wingers, left-wingers and moderates argued over war and peace, capitalism and socialism and why the American flag should be raised, while a black flag, common symbol of mourning for those killed in Vietnam was hauled down.

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Tom Michaud jauntily threw off the coat of his three-piece suit and removed his shoe to the tune of ‘The Stripper.’ He then poured a beer and a live goldfish into the shoe and drank them both.

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A solemn procession, marching to the tune of a dirge, bore a casket, which was placed upon the platform, while dim lights were burning. Here a burial service was performed, and many of the study-worn books were conveyed to their last resting-place.

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