Winner's Circle

The highlights of the 1958–59 freshman hockey season were a 7–1 win and a 2–2 tie, both against New Hampton. Their seven other games were losses.

That spring, when Coach Snively submitted his recommendations for class numerals to the Athletics Committee, there were 16 names on the list and this note:

Only six players have met requirements; however, the others have earned them through their loyalty, service to the above six in scrimmage, perseverance and determination and regular attendance. They did not have much playing time, but we could not have played our games without them.

The committee approved the awards.

Big Fish Story

Ever since UNH fans started throwing a fish on the ice after the first goal at UNH men's ice hockey games, some pretty good fish stories have evolved. In an article in the Winter 2001 UNH Magazine, UNH head coach Dick Umile '72 told the tale of the time the UNH mascot, Wild E. Cat, attempted to throw the fish in Snively Arena.

When Wild E. Cat threw the fish, it hit a Yale assistant coach. (The costume—as those who have worn it will attest—obscures all but a small line of sight.) "The assistant coach was an Italian guy, and they called him the 'Godfather'," says Umile. "They now call him the 'Codfather'. The guy came up to me after the game, and I apologized. What could I say? It slipped."