Parking Enforcement

Krista Rexford working in the Traffic Office, April 1986
Photograph by Tad Ackman, Media Relations Photographs Collection, University Archives

With parking comes parking enforcement. From nearly the beginning, if you wanted to have a car on campus, you needed to register the vehicle with the authorities. Proof of campus registration was a parking sticker to be displayed on the bumper. The parking sticker was eventually superseded by the hang-tag and dashboard sticker permits.

The University Police did the majority of parking enforcement until the Traffic Office was formed. The Parking and Transportation Office was created over the summer of 1996 and later became University Transportation Services.

Over the years, there have always been complaints about parking enforcement. The 1951 parking report suggested that academic departments police their own faculty and staff for parking violations.

The parking policy in the 1970s was printed on the campus map. Here you can read the 1976 Parking Regulations.

By 2006, the regulations were 23 pages in length. You can learn more about parking on the University Transportation Services Parking page. Although some might feel that the current regulations still can be summed up in "Don't Even Think of Parking There."

Parking map 1976Parking ticket 1975Parking map 2006-2007