The 21st Century

West Edge Lot, the biggest edge-of-campus parking lot, opened in 1996. Facilities and University Transportation Services continue to adjust parking spots, adding some here, eliminating some there. Conant Courtyard parking, reduced to a handful of spaces, was reduced even further to just a couple of service spots in fiscal year 2006-2007.

The 2004 Campus Master Plan advocated for a walking campus with emphasis on consolidating parking on the periphery of campus within walking distance to core campus. The Plan also advocated the building of parking garages (especially to address the needs for event parking on campus), and reliable transit service to periphery parking lots.

The power point slides on display (below) were generated from information gathered for the master plan. The amount of land used for all the parking at UNH is nearly the same amount of land in core campus. With demands for more parking, the question remains of how the university could find more land for parking and if that is the best use of scarce university land.

Existing ParkingLand Used for ParkingAerial view of campus