The 1920s

One of the earliest places to park on campus was on the east side of Thompson Hall. Several buildings, now part of the core campus, were built during the 1920s and early 1930s. The Thompson Hall lot (now known as Lot T) was structured into a more formal parking lot with retaining walls during this time.

Parking areas are not distinguished from walking paths on the 1924 map of campus, below. By the 1920s, a parking area was established in the Conant Courtyard, providing parking for faculty and staff at Murkland, Conant, and DeMeritt Halls. Even in 1924, there were people who could not park between the lines.

For special events on campus and when there were too many cars to park in the usual parking spaces, people parked their cars in open areas around Memorial Field, making impromptu parking lots as needed.

Of interest, there are no parking areas for students in the 1924 map. Students were banned from using cars in Durham in 1926, unless they had express permission from administration.

Although this restriction was later lifted, students prior to World War II, for the most part, did not drive to campus. They had many other transportation options such as regular bus service to Dover, or train service to Boston. Also, owning and maintaining a car was considered too expensive.

Map of UNH Campus 1924Cars in Conant CourtyardCars in front of DeMeritt Hall