About This Exhibit

This exhibit expands one facet of the 2007 UNH Library exhibit, "The Black Presence at UNH." Since that exhibit merely mentioned the introduction of the African-American experience into the curriculum and population at UNH beginning in the late 1960s, the story begged explication. This online look at the first conscious efforts to bring a more diverse population to the UNH campus resulted.

Since the terminology used to distinguish race in America is not scientific and changes with the times, I've used the words common during the period in question. Capitalization of the word black remains a controversy. I capitalized neither black nor white. I am solely responsible for any mistakes in this exhibit and welcome corrections at jodyf@cisunix.unh.edu.

Since I have an abiding interest in race in America and no fear of microfilm, I did most of the research and the writing. Without Amie Familgetti's technical expertise, this exhibit would never have happened. Amie did the web work with the guidance of Rob Wolff. Jennifer Carroll provided research support and faculty expertise. We thank Prof. Elizabeth Slomba for providing us a space on the University Archives website. Our thanks also go to Mylinda Woodward and Meredith Ricker.

Jody Fernald