Internal Change

Hamilton Smith circ desk

1906 - Early twentieth-century librarians were expected to be accurate, speedy typists who would dispense knowledge. Author Dee Garrison called the librarians of 1876-1920 the "apostles of culture." Library ideals were as classical as the architecture.

circ desk 1958

1958 - For the first time, library planners included capacity for new technology and the science of "human mechanics" in their designs. Interiors took on a more streamlined appearance. Recommended floor coverings included vinyl, linoleum, rubber, or cork.

circ desk 1969

1969 - Planners of sixties libraries encouraged the use of more color and the hiring of professional decorators to maximize the appeal of library interiors. High-quality carpet striped in red and gold and brown and black became the most well-known aspect of the 1969 Dimond renovation for almost thirty years.

loan desk

1997 - While earlier iterations of the UNH Library were challenged by ever-increasing paper collections, the renovation of 1997 had to accomodate both paper and electronic collections supported by the expertise of library professionals. Physical space became more available for group collaboration or quiet study. Gradually, the library incorporated more advanced technology and multiple formats for information.