Metadata & Cataloging

Metadata & Cataloging supports research by enhancing access to the library’s collections. We are responsible for the organization of library resources, processing newly arrived materials and maintaining the library’s online catalog. We provides resource descriptions for materials in the libraries digital collections and the Scholars' Repository.

Contact Us

Dimond Library 133
Phone: (603) 862-0085
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Sue Brayman
Cataloger/All formats
Metadata & Cataloging
(603) 862-5299
Ron Cormier
Monographs Cataloger/Authority Control
Metadata & Cataloging
(603) 862-1483
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Elise Daniel
Metadata/Cataloging Unit Manager
Metadata & Cataloging
(603) 862-0085
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Sarah Theimer
Cataloging and Metadata Librarian
Metadata & Cataloging
(603) 862-5603