Collection Management

Collection Management is responsible for the selection and acquisition of books, periodicals, videos, microforms, and electronic materials (including indexes and databases) for the UNH Library. We also determine the suitability of gifts for the collection and provide information on collection, create general collection development policies, and manage the library approval plan.

Contact Us

Dimond Library 137
Phone: (603) 862-2454
Fax: (603) 862-2907
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Lise Bargardo
Library Services Specialist
Collection Management
(603) 862-1194
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Jennifer Carroll
Collection Management Librarian
Collection Management
(603) 862-4049
Monique Couillard
Collection Management
(603) 862-1972
Amie Familgetti
Collection Management
(603) 862-1744
Jody Fernald
Acquisitions Supervisor
Collection Management
(603) 862-1413
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Rachel Gogan
Library Storage Services Supervisor
Collection Management
(603) 862-2344
Elyse Mather
Collection Management
(603) 862-4631
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Nancy Plimpton
Interlibrary Loan Manager
Collection Management, Interlibrary Loan
(603) 862-3018
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Jean Putnam
Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
Collection Management, Interlibrary Loan
(603) 862-3529
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Judy Quist
Stacks Manager
Collection Management
(603) 862-1164
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Elizabeth Slomba
Library Department Chair/Faculty Fellow for Print Collections
Collection Management
(603) 862-2956
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Jake Viebrock
Collection Development Staff
Collection Management
(603) 862-2454
Ben Williams
Library Assistant
Circulation, Multimedia, Collection Management, Interlibrary Loan
(603) 862-4212
Cynthia Wyman
Mail and Bindery
Collection Management
(603) 862-1118