Diversity & Inclusion

To our campus community,

The UNH Library welcomes and supports all UNH students, faculty, staff, and community members regardless of one’s race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, class, religion, disability, age, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, genetic information, or veteran, marital, or citizenship status. We celebrate diversity within our campus community and recognize that embracing the values of inclusion and equity for all makes us stronger.

The UNH Library honors the values of our profession and our University by upholding your rights to open and free access to information tools and resources, privacy and confidentiality, the exchange of ideas, and learning environments that are free of discrimination, harassment, and intimidation. We continue to collect and preserve scholarship that is inclusive of many voices and experiences. We reaffirm these beliefs, values, and our role in our community by providing opportunities for discourse, reflection, and learning in our virtual and physical spaces.

The faculty and staff of the UNH Library are committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice. We pledge to act in solidarity with our community members by:

  • Listening to you
  • Educating ourselves actively and continuously
  • Responding when we witness discrimination, harassment, bullying, and intimidation
  • Upholding the UNH Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy
  • Serving as accountable partners, especially to those who have been oppressed, made vulnerable, or marginalized, as we design, revise, and implement library policies and practices

We invite you to approach us - to use our library buildings and resources, to talk with us, to ask for help, and to share your feedback about the library. We encourage you to work with us to create an inclusive, collaborative, safe and welcoming space for all in our community, a space where people feel emboldened to learn and grow and thrive.

Our library is for everyone. You belong here.

Kathrine C. Aydelott
Megan Bresnahan
Alan L. Bryce
Louise A. Buckley
Heather Burroughs
Jennifer Carroll
Heather L. Castle
Rebecca L. Chasse
Elise Daniel
Donald Dow
Kristin Dhabolt
Eleta Exline
Amie Familgetti
Jody Fernald
Elizabeth Fowler
Tara Lynn Fulton
Rachel Gogan
Francis Hallahan
Nikki Hentz
Tracey Lauder
Pam Lehman
Elyse A. Mather
Chris McAndrew
Nancy Miner
Eugenia Opuda
Ben Peck
Terri Pollini
Wendy Pothier
Jean Putnam
Judy Quist
Jenna Riley
Bill Ross
Elizabeth A. Slomba
Sarah Stinson
Tracey Stoddard
Kimberly Sweetman
Dale Valena
Mylinda Woodward