Camped near Fredericksburg, Va.
		June 24th 1862
Dear Brother
	I will improve
the opertunity which I now
have to write you a few lines.
We have been on the March
so much for three or four
weeks past, that I have not
had much time to write,
but I have calculated to
keep all the Letters I 
rec. answered, and supposed
I had, but Hellen tells
me that you wondered
why I did not answer 
your letter. I keep a record
of all the letters that I
rec. and answer, when rec.
and when answered, and by
that record the last letter
I rec. from you was Apr 30th
and I answered it the 4th of
May. I always intend to answer
a letter the first opertunity
I have after reciving it. 
I keep this record so I may know
when I have answered a letter
and to know how many I
rec., and write. I rec a Pictorial
from you the other day, and
am very much obliged to you
for it. it was a very interesting
Paper. I took much pleasure
in looking at the Pictures 
and reading it. Since I wrote
to you last we have been
up to the Bull Run Mts.
We were ordered up that
way to help bag Old Jackson,
but it was just like all
the rest of our (McDowells)
Moves, always one or two
days behind hand. We were
to March to Front Roial, but
when we got on the other
side of the Mts. we were
ordered to halt for Orders.
The Infantry had all taken
the Cares at Catlett Station
and gone on a head. We
waited there from 9 or 10 in
the AM. till 4 OClock PM.
and then the Infantry came
back. The Old Rebel had
escaped. We were provoked
enough. We were then 
ordered back to Hay Market,
from where we started in the
Morning. We stoped there
two or three days and
then were Ordered to
Warrenton a distance of 12
Miles. it was Friday we Mar
-ched there. We stoped there
till Sunday Noon and then
were Ordered to Elk Creek,
a distance of some 15 or 17 Miles
from Warrenton (and 5 miles this
side of Catlett Station) where
we arived the next day about 
10 AM. We stoped there most
a week and were Ordered back
to this place. We got here a week
a go last Sunday how long we
shall stop here I can not tell.
There is some talk of our going 
to reinforce McClellan. I dont
know whether we Shall or not.
We most all would like it very
much. I can tell you no war
news, for you get it long before
I do. it looks now as though the
Rebelion must be nearly crushed.
Richmond must soon be ours,
and that will put an end to
fighting on a large Scale or nearly
so. We had a very severe Thunder
Shower here yestarday, and the
Rappahannock River rose so that
it caried off the Rail Road Bridge
which makes the Second time it has
been caried off since our Forces built
it, and it also broke the Ponton
Bridge. my health is very good 
and I enjoy my self as well as
could be expected concidering how
far I am away from those I love.
Give my love to all. Write often
and may God bless you, your Brother T C Cheney