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III. Drawings

(Oversize Boxes 1-4)

Oversize Box 1
NH-1      Gen. John Sullivan House           Durham
NH-2      Giddings Tavern                    Exeter
NH-3      Col. Joshua Wentworth House        Portsmouth
NH-4      Custom House                       Portsmouth
NH-5      Boyd Raynes House                  Portsmouth
NH-6      Town Hall                          Durham
NH-7      Sheafe Warehouse                   Portsmouth
NH-8      Simeon Folsom House                Exeter
NH-9      Liberty-Emery House                Exeter
NH-10     House at 33-35 Deer Street         Portsmouth

Oversize Box 2
NH-11     House at 117 Deer Street           Portsmouth
NH-12     Town Pound                         Durham
NH-13     Powder House                       Exeter
NH-14     Ebenezer Smith House (Complete set)Durham
NH-14     Ebenezer Smith House (Partial set) Durham
NH-15     Moody Parsonage                    Rockingham
NH-16     Amos Seavey House                  Rye
NH-17     Meeting House                      Sandown
NH-18     Gilman Garrison                    Exeter
NH-19     Parsonage                          Newington

Oversize Box 3
NH-20     Gov. Levi Woodbury Mansion         Portsmouth
NH-21     Contoocook Bridge                  Hopkinton
NH-22     Pendergast Garrison                Durham
NH-23     John Cram Farmstead                Hampton Falls
NH-24     Winnicut Grist Mill                Stratham 
(CD of images of drawings available for viewing - see Box 9 f.9)
NH-26     Captain Barnes House               Portsmouth
NH-28     First ME (Methodist Episcopal) Church    Manchester
NH-29     Covered Bridge                     Orford
NH-30     Covered Bridge                     Hopkinton
NH-32     Stone Bridge                       Hillsboro

Oversize Box 4
NH-33     Woodman Garrison                   Durham
NH-34D    Weare Saw Mill (Percy Weare)       Hampton Falls
NH-35     Col. Paul Wentworth House          Salmon Falls
NH-36     Pioneer Cabin                      Campton
NH-37     Doe's Garrison                     Newmarket

NH-1      General John Sullivan House. Durham,
          Strafford County.

          15 sheets.  Plot plan.  Plans: First and second floors.
          Elevations: Front, SW, rear, NE.  Details: Stairway,
          window, miscellaneous.  Elevations: NE bedroom, SW
          bedroom.  Drawn by Dorinda H. Hinckley, I.W. Hersey.

NH-2     Giddings Tavern.  Exeter, Rockingham County.

          25 sheets.  Plan of Exeter.  Plans: First and second
          floors, framing.  Elevations: S,N,W.  Wall sections.
          Details: Main entrance, front door, cornice, parlor,
          stair hall, dining room, kitchen, S bedroom, SE bed-
          room, E bedroom, kitchen window, hardware.  Studies
          in development previous to present house.   Drawn by
          J.B. Maclellan, M.P. Dirsa.

NH-3      Col. Joshua Wentworth House.  Portsmouth,
          Rockingham County.

          25 sheets.  Basement floor plan.  Full size details of
          front doorway, exterior, balusters of main stair.
          Details of dormers.  Elevation: West wall of northeast
          room (elaborate Georgian trim).  Drawn by L.O.
          Geoffrion, J.F. Lampron.

NH-4      Custom House.  Portsmouth, Rockingham County.

          14 sheets.  Details of main entrance, corner doorway
          second floor window, hardware, vault doors.  Drawn
          by Ralph A. Waugh, Richard E. Koehler.

NH-5      Boyd Raynes House.  Portsmouth,
          Rockingham County.

          25 sheets.  Plan of Portsmouth showing location of
          house.  Details of Room 104 (Living Room), Stair-
          hall 105, Bedrooms 213 and 214, Smoke Chamber 301,
          basement fireplace and ovens, dormers, wrought iron
          gutter holders full size, tombstone of Col. George
          Boyd.  Supplementary drawing showing the three stages
          of development, fence boards found on attic floor.
          Drawn by R.A. Waugh, E.B. Philbrick, C. Clark,
          A. Marchand, J.B. Maclellan, R. Koehler, J.F. Lampron.

NH-6      Town Hall.  Durham, Strafford County.

          22 sheets.  Plans:  First and second floors, basement
          and first floor framing, roof framing.  Elevations:
          NW, SW, SE, NE.  Details: Exterior, office and store
          entrances, store interior, wrought iron door and
          shutter hardware, rear door, large window, vault door
          of sheet iron.  Restored elevations: NW, SE.  Sections
          of cornice, plate, roof frame.  Drawn by Dorinda

NH-7      Sheafe Warehouse.  Portsmouth, Rockingham County.

          5 sheets.  Plans, elevations, hardware, window details.
          Drawn by J.F. Lampron.

NH-8      Simeon Folsom House.  Exeter, Rockingham County.

          15 sheets.  Plans: Foundation; first, second and third
          floors, attic and roof framing.  Elevations: SE-
          "Developed," NE-"Developed," NW.  Wall sections:
          Buildings 1 and 2.  Drawn by M.P. Dirsa, J.B.

NH-9      Liberty-Emery House.  Exeter, Rockingham County.

          15 sheets.  Exeter, Rockingham County.  Details:
          Georgian panelling, moldings, windows, balustrade,
          hardware.  Drawn by Ralph A. Waugh, L.O. Geoffrion,
          E.B. Philbrick, A. Marchand.

NH-10     House at 33-35 Deer Street.  Portsmouth,
          Rockingham County.

          8 sheets. First floor, attic and roof framing
          plans. Full size details: Window trim and
          muntin. Details: Exterior cornice, balustrade and
          stair hall. Drawn by Richard Koehler, H. Maclaren.

NH-11     House at 117 Deer Street.  Portsmouth, Rockingham

          9 sheets, of which 4 are stair hall details.  Drawn
          by L.O. Geoffrian.

NH-12     Town Pound.  Durham, Strafford County.

          2 sheets.  Elevations.  Site plan, inscriptions:
          "Built-1709,  Rebuilt-1808, Restored-1908."  Drawn
          by L.O. Geoffrion.

NH-13     Powder House.  Exeter, Rockingham County.

          2 sheets.  "Built 1771."  Plan, plan at door,
          section, south elevation.  Hinge, door details.
          Drawn by J.B. Maclellan, M.P. Dirsa.

NH-14     Ebenezer Smith House.  Durham, Strafford County.

          38 sheets.  Plot plan.  Plans: First and second
          floors.  Elevations: NE, NW, SE, SW. Framing plans:
          Cellar, first floor, attic, roof.  Details: Elevation,
          window, blind and shutter, exterior, SW entrance,
          SW entrance hardware, side entrance, side door hardware,
          NE elevation, dado in main stair hall, main stair hall,
          south and west living rooms, west bedroom, hardware.
          Drawn by Dorinda Hinckley, Edith V. Holt, A.J. Marchand.

NH-14     Ebenezer Smith House.  Durham, Strafford County.

          Partial set (1 of 2 sets of NH-14; the other is a
          complete set).  Should have 38 sheets; lacking are
          sheets 1 (Plot plan) and 4 (SW and NW elevations).
          Drawn by Dorinda Hinckley, Edith V. Holt, A.J. Marchand.

NH-15    Moody Parsonage.  Rockingham, Rockingham County.

          19 sheets.  Chimney details.  Full size stair hall
          details.  Sheet 15 torn on left edge.  Sheet 19:
          Supplementary drawing restoring parsonage in 1730
          and c.1786.  Drawn by E.B. Philbrick, Ralph A. Waugh,
          L.O. Geoffrion.

NH-16     Amos Seavey House.  Rye, Rockingham County.

          21 sheets.  Chimney elevations and framing plans.
          Full size details of main entrance and front door
          latch.  Kitchen details.  Drawn by J.F. Lampron,
          Clifford R. Clark, J.C. Fletcher.

NH-17     Meeting House.  Sandown, Rockingham County.

          42 sheets.  Plans of first floor and gallery, south
          entrance.  Full size pilaster details at south, west
          and east entrances.  Interior elevations: Gallery face,
          typical wall pew, pulpit, sounding board, deacons' pew-
          pulpit, paint details.  Drawn by J.B. Maclellan, M.P.

NH-18     Gilman Garrison.  Exeter, Rockingham County.

          38 sheets.  Plot plan.  Plans: First floor, second floor
          framing, attic floor.  Darling's Model and garrison
          details.  Section details.  Elevations of NW corner.
          Details: Pulley in attic, sill.  Sections: N wall,
          W end of garrison.  Full size elevation: Lamb's tongue.
          Plans: Cellar and first floor framing, first floor,
          second floor.  Plan and elevation: Buoy for diving bell.
          Elevation: Lead soldier.  Details: Hardware.  Drawn by
          Richard Koehler, J.F. Lampron, J.C. Fletcher, A.J.
          Marchand, J.B. Maclellan, Amasa G. Condon, M.P. Dirsa.

NH-19     Parsonage.  Newington, Rockingham County.

          16 sheets.  Area plan.  Full size stair hall details.
          Kitchen details.  Horse block.  Numerous full size
          moldings.  Door latches.  Drawn by L.O. Geoffrion,
          C.R. Clark, J.F. Lampron, J.C. Fletcher.

NH-20     Gov. Levi Woodbury Mansion.  Portsmouth, Rockingham

          51 sheets.  Plot plan with board fence elevation.
          Balcony details, balcony scroll.  Front entrance
          details.  Full size front door and other hardware.
          Full size details of stairs, plan of stair rail volute,
          details of living room including woods used in pilasters.
          Details: Vestibule, service stair, room on third floor,
          smoke closet.  Section through lock and brass plate.
          Drawn by Dorinda Hinckley, Joseph F. Lampron, Nicholas
          Isaak, Harlan Jordan, A.J. Marchand, Richard O. Palmer.

NH-21     Contoocook Bridge.  Hopkinton, Merrimack County.

          6 sheets.  Sections of typical bay, center bay, end bay.
          Inside and outside end elevations.  Plans of cross
          bracing above truss chord and under floor.  Elevations
          and sections of plate in typical bay, center bay.  Drawn
          by J.C. Fletcher.

NH-22     Pendergast Garrison.  Durham, Strafford County.

          20 sheets.  Plot plan.  Details including hardware,
          Georgian panelling, nineteenth century window sash,
          Georgian corner cupboard, banister, newel post.
          Drawn by Dorinda Hinckley, Edith V. Holt, A.J. Marchand.

NH-23     John Cram Farmstead.  Hampton Falls, Rockingham

          17 sheets, of which sheet 1 is lacking.  Details
          include stair hall fielded panelling, post and cap;
          Georgian panelling, summer beam moldings.  Hay and
          cattle barn.  Corn crib.  Drawn by J.B. Maclellan,
          M.P. Dirsa.

NH-24    Winnicut Grist Mill.  Stratham, Rockingham County.

          23 sheets.  Plot plan and map.  Floor and framing plans,
          cracker control details, sectional elevations and
          plans of machinery. Details of mill-stone
          mechanism, hopper, hopper-stand and shaker, tub
          over mill-stones, main gears, mill-stone hoist
          and pick, water-wheel, present and old water
          wheels.  Drawn by E.B. Philbrick, John C. Fletcher.

NH-26     Captain Barnes House.  Portsmouth, Rockingham County.

          65 sheets.  Plot plan.  Back kitchen (shed).  Details of
          Rumford Roaster.   Smoke closet 3rd. floor.  Plan,
          elevations, details of shed, including harness hook (full
          size).  Barn framing plans, elevations. Drawn by Nicholas
          Isaak, Edith V. Holt, Richard Koehler, John C. Fletcher,
          Richard O. Palmer, Dorinda Hinckley, Everett R. Munson,
          E.B. Philbrick.

NH-28     First ME (Methodist Episcopal) Church.  Manchester,
          Hillsborough County.

          16 sheets.  Map showing present and former locations.
          Note on sheet 2: "The building is being used by
          upholsterers."  Steeple, steeple details.  Drawn by
          Richard Koehler.

NH-29     Covered Bridge.  Orford, Grafton County.

          5 sheets.  Isometric details of stringer framing, sway
          bracing, bridge end framing, upper and lower stringers.
          Drawn by John C. Fletcher.

NH-30     Covered Bridge.  Hopkinton, Merrimack County.

          4 sheets.  Longitudinal section, side elevation, end
          section and elevation.  Half a longitudinal section and
          half a side elevation.  Drawn by John C. Fletcher.

NH-32     Stone Bridges.  Hillsboro, Hillsboro County.

          6 sheets.  Location map.  Second New Hampshire Turnpike
          Bridge at Fullers Tannery.  Old Carr Bridge--Beard Brook.
          Gleason Falls Bridge.  Drawn by J.C. Fletcher, H.S.

NH-33     Woodman Garrison.  Durham, Strafford County.

          6 sheets.  Location map.  Large scale site plan.  Details
          including cider press, chimney.  Diagram of photographic
          record.  Drawn by Ralph A. Waugh, Richard Koehler,
          Nicholas Isaak.

NH-34D    Weare Saw Mill (Percy Weare).  Hampton Falls,
          Rockingham County.

          20 sheets.  Cover sheet and location map.  Plot plan.
          Plan of long carriage and ways.   Section looking down
          stream.  Section through machinery.  Side elevation of
          machinery.  Saw frame action.  Bridge tree and connection
          details.  Rag wheel.  Feeder and connections.  Head
          block.  Tail block.  Wooden details.  Drawn by R.W. Dyer,
          John L. Eggleston, A.V. Evans, Winston T. Leavitt.

NH-35     Col. Paul Wentworth House.  Salmon Falls, Strafford

          41 sheets.  On sheet 3: "Sheets numbered 2 to 15
          inclusive show house as it was when removed in September,
          1936 from New Hampshire to Dover, Massachusetts.  Sheets
          16 to 20 inclusive show a restoration of original house
          as probably built. Sheets 21 to 41 inclusive show data
          obtained as house was being taken down giving original
          framing etc. and supplying the basis for the restoration
          drawings just preceeding."  Sheets 1 to 15 are blue-
          prints.  Sheet 1 is preceeded by three unnumbered sheets:
          Plot plan, main house framing elevations, restoration
          drawings--windows.  Drawn by John C. Fletcher, Milburn
          L. Richards, Everett R. Munson, John C. Fletcher, J.C.

NH-36     Pioneer Cabin.  Campton, Grafton County.

          12 sheets.  Plot plan, also shows "former Newel Avery
          Farm" building locations.  Details include kitchen
          fireplace and oven, oven door, latch.  Restoration
          elevations.  Drawn by John C. Fletcher.

NH-37     Doe's Garrison.  Newmarket, Rockingham County.

          23 sheets, including cover sheet: "A Map of Lubberland
          ...Showing Sampson Doe's Divisions, Circa 1735."
          Perspectives of joints.  Note regarding window resto-
          ration on Sheet 9.  Stair hall details.  Full size
          hardware details.  Reconstruction drawings with notes
          regarding kitchen placement, rear door.  Section of
          sheathing.  Supplementary sheet: "Casement window--
          Abraham Browne House drawn by Everett R. Munson."  Doe's
          Garrison drawn by Nicholas Isaak.