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I. Buildings Descriptions and Histories

(Boxes 1-8)

f.1       DOVER. Garrisons - General.  "The Garrisons of Ancient
          Dover, N.H."  by Louis W. Flanders, M. D. from OLD TIME
          NEW ENGLAND, Volume 17, October 1926, p. 51.  12pp.

          CONCORD.  Rumford Garrison. Surveyed boundaries of same,
          typed copies of mortgages and deeds, list of Rumford
          garrisons and local inhabitants.

          CONCORD.  Bunker, Eastman, Hall, Lovejoy, Stickney,
          Walker, and Woodman garrisons are all mentioned briefly
          in list of Rumford garrisons as to location and neighbors
          served by each.

          CONCORD.  Short history of Bunker and Woodman Garrisons

          Listing of garrison pictures in the Doctor Flanders
          Collection at the Dover Public Library (lp.)

f.2       *CONCORD. Abbot Garrison, Clinton Street, Concord. Typed
          survey boundaries, genealogy of Abbot family, deeds to

f.3       DURHAM, NEWMARKET.  John Martin deeds.  Typed copies of
          boundaries of John Martin's land, his will, leases, deeds
          of later owners, Newmarket.  Also dates and descriptions
          of "Indian Difficulties" in the Oyster River Parish
          (2pp.) and "Laying Out of Lubberland Road."

f.4       NEWINGTON.  Newington Parsonage. (NH-19) Key sheet of
          ownership.  Typed survey boundaries and names, dates of
          owners of Newington Parsonage.  Also short history of
          Parsonage from interior with Rev. Elms, 1935.

f.5       SANDOWN.  Sandown Meeting House.  (NH-17)  Typed
          description of Meeting House, history of its construction
          from town records (typed and handwritten copies), also
          newspaper clippings (1936) of "First Labor Strike" at the
          raising of the building.

f.6       ROCKINGHAM.  John Moody Parsonage (NH-15) Rockingham.
          Typed list of records mentioning Parsonage.  Description
          of building, wills and deeds, list of owners, detailed
          inventory of different owners possessions.

f.7       *RYE.  Amos Seavey House, Rye.  (NH-16)  Typed deeds,
          boundary descriptions, owners, genealogy of Seaveys, and
          much information on Seavey family.

f.8       EXETER.  Powder House (NH-13), Exeter.  Nothing.

f.9       DURHAM.  Town Pound, Durham. (NH-12)  Copies of town
          taxes and fines, 1790's.

f.10      DURHAM.  Goddard Piece. Will deeding this land.  Durham.

f.11      SALMON FALLS.  Paul Wentworth House (NH-35), Salmon
          Falls. Detailed sketches, one newspaper clipping of
          removal of house to Belmont, Mass.  Typed copies of

f.12      *EXETER.  Gilman Garrison (NH-18), Exeter.  Copies of
          historic references to garrisons, Gilman genealogy,
          history of Gilman and house, deeds.

f.13      *NEWMARKET.  Pendergast Garrison (NH-22), Newmarket.
          Rough maps of boundaries, measurements, deeds, wills,
          gravestones register in Pendergast cemetary, list of
          owners, genealogy.

f.14      *PORTSMOUTH.  Levi Woodbury Mansion. (NH-20), Portsmouth.
          Short history, actual notice of auction (1809),
          genealogy, family history, deeds, and inventories.

          *DOVER.  Ham family in Dover.  Genealogical information,
          history of Ham family.  Inventory of the personal estate
          of Capt. Samuel Ham.

f.15      *HAMPTON FALLS.  Benjamin Cram Farmstead. (NH-23),
          Hampton Falls.  Wills, deeds, references, record of
          gravestones, history, genealogy.

f.16      *BOSCAWEN.  Bonney Tavern (NH-25), Boscawen.  Copies of
          boundaries, deeds, wills, newspaper clippings.  Some
          information on the Chandler family.

f.17      *ORFORD.  Wheeler House (NH-27), Orford.  Handwritten,
          genealogy and history, letters concerning study of house.

f.18      PORTSMOUTH.  Capt. Barnes House at 218 Islington Street,
          Portsmouth. (NH-26)  Originally owned by George Massey.
          Boundaries, deeds, wills.

f.19      MANCHESTER.  First Methodist Church, Manchester. (NH-28)
          Originally at Derry Village, built 1829.  Information on
          people to see concerning the house (lp.).

f.20      *BOW.  Nichols Sawmill at Bow. (NH-31)  Deeds, genealogy,
          newspaper article.  Genealogical material on James Colby.
          Map and notes concerning the mill.

f.21      *PORTSMOUTH.  Joshua Wentworth House, Cross Street,
          Portsmouth.  (NH-3)  List of owners and deeds.  Genealogy
          of Livermore and Wentworth families.

f.22      PORTSMOUTH.  Custom House, Portsmouth.  (NH-4)  History
          of, description and boundaries.

f.23      DURHAM.  Town Hall, Durham. (NH-6)  Deeds and notes.

f.24      CONCORD.  Concord bridges, general.  (Long's Patent for

f.25      *EXETER.  Giddings Tavern (NH-2), Exeter.  Wills, deeds,
          genealogy of Giddings family.  The Mast Tree Riot of
          1734.  Dwight's Travels (from Bell's HISTORY OF EXETER).
          The Rowland House.

f.26      PORTSMOUTH.  Sheafe Warehouse (NH-7), Portsmouth. General
          information on warehouse, history.

f.27      *EXETER.  Simeon Folsom House, (NH-8) Exeter. Description
          history, some genealogical material.

f.28      *EXETER.  Liberty Emery House, (NH-9), Exeter.  Cover
          sheet, deeds from 1764 on, genealogy of Hale family,

f.29      PORTSMOUTH.  33-35 (1705) Deer Street, Portsmouth.
          (NH-10) Description history, inventory of William Rice,
          1851.  Notes on Capt. Michael Whidden.  Deeds.

f.30      *PORTSMOUTH.  117 Deer Street, Portsmouth. (NH-11)
          Deeds, genealogical material on John Whidden, inventory
          of James Hill.  Inventory of Michael Whidden, Sr.
          Genealogy of Elisha Hill.

f.1       SALMON FALLS.  Paul Wentworth House, Salmon Falls.
          Correspondence concerning the house.  William S.
          Appleton, Mrs. Frederick S. Blodgett, Frank Chouteau
          Brown, Eugene W. Clark, Edwin W. Small, Thomas T.
          Waterman, George Wendell. Information on the Wentworth

f.2       PORTSMOUTH.  Oracle House, Portsmouth.  Letters
          concerning the house from Eugene Clark, John Mead
          Howells, John P. O'Neill, Thos. C. Vint, Thomas T.

f.3       HILLSBOROUGH.  Stone bridges, Hillsborough. (NH-32)
          Descriptions, locations, letter concerning bridge from R.
          Robb Marsden to E. W. Clark.

f.4       *DURHAM.  Woodman Garrison (NH-33), Durham.  Information
          on John Woodman, genealogy, History (lp.) on the Woodman
          and Bunker Garrisons.  Copy of letter from E. W. Clark to
          John P. O'Neill concerning the Woodman Garrison.

f.5       *WEST CAMPTON.  Pioneer Log Cabin (NH-36) West Campton.
          Robert Berry genealogy.

f.6       *PORTSMOUTH.  Boyd Raynes House (NH-5), Portsmouth.
          History, wills, deeds, inventories.  Genealogical
          information on George Boyd, Peter Livius, James
          McDonough, Nathaniel Meserve, George Raynes.

f.7       *DURHAM.  General Sullivan House (NH-1), Durham.  Copies
          of letters concerning General Sullivan.  Deeds of the
          estate of John Sullivan, Esq.  General Sullivan House
          information from LANDMARKS OF ANCIENT DOVER by Mary P.
          Thompson.  Genealogy of John Adams.  Deeds.  Deposition
          of Abraham Bennick.

f.8       Great Bay Forts and Garrisons.  Request and format for
          the study.  Progress report of the study.  List of
          articles stored at the Durham Library in the vault.
          Report on Garrison House, Dover.  Copy of Public Act
          #292, 74th Congress, To Provide for the Preservation of
          Historic American Sites, ... Gilman Garrison at Exeter.
          Will and deed of Louis N. Clark of Greenland.  Will of
          Nathaniel Meserve.

f.9       EXETER.  Folsom Tavern, Exeter.  Letters concerning same
          from Frank Chouteau Brown, E. W. Clark, E. T.
          Huddleston, Horace Morrison, and Thomas T. Waterman.

f.10      SALEM.  Pattee's Caves, Salem.  Deeds, Estate of John
          Pattee.  Inventory of the estate of Richard Pattee.  Will
          of Peter Pattee.

f.11      GREENLAND.  Leonard Weeks House, (NH-40) Greenland.
          Deeds including those of Peter Coffin and Joseph Hall.
          Wills of the Weeks family.

f.12      GREENLAND.  Leonard Weeks House, (NH-40) Greenland.
          Continued.  Papers found at the Weeks House.  Deeds.
          Weeks land, Smart's Creek.

f.13      YORK, MAINE.  MacIntyre and Johnson Garrisons, York,
          Maine.  Deeds.

f.14      DOVER.  Meserve Garrison, Back River, Dover.  Deeds of
          the Meserve family.  Dam Garrison, Drew family, Drew
          Garrison, Field's Garrison.

f.15      DURHAM.  Frost's "Perkins Falls" Farm, Durham.  Deeds.

f.16      DURHAM and NEWMARKET. Smith Farm, Durham.  Deeds.  Land
          in Newmarket.  Division of John Goddard estate.  Land
          granted to Thomas Larkham.  Dispute of boundary between
          Abraham Bennick and Samuel Doe.  Martha Critchett's will
          and deed.  Benjamin Thomas deed.

f.17      DURHAM.  Goddard (Larkham grant) deeds.  Land in Durham.

f.1       DURHAM.  Deeds to land in Durham.  Daniel Smith to John
          Bennick.  Joseph Thomas to Daniel Smith.

f.2       DURHAM and NEWMARKET.  Land in Durham.  John and Joseph
          Meader, deeds.  Land in Newmarket.  Benjamin Smith deeds.

f.3       DURHAM.  Deeds, Durham.  Margaret Blydenburg.  Thomas S.
          Channell, William P. Channell, Joseph Pinder, Andrew
          Shute, Clark Thompson, Jacob B. Thompson, and Nathaniel

f.4       DURHAM and NEWMARKET.  Deeds, Newmarket. Sampson Doe to
          Joseph Thomas to Zebulon Durgin.  Land in Durham.  Joseph
          Thomas to Joseph Smith.  Jeremiah Folsom to Ebenezer
          Smith.  Nicholas Pickering to Ebenezer Smith.  Joseph
          Thomas to Ebenezer Smith.  Will of James Thomas.
          Inventory of estate of Thomas.

f.5       DOVER and DURHAM.  Deeds.  Land in Durham from John Crum-
          mett to Thomas Crummett.  John Cromett to John Cromett
          (son) land in Dover.  Sarah Mason to Mary Drisco, land in
          Durham.  James Drisco to Joseph Goodhue.  Walter Bryant,
          grantor 1773-1817, Dover Reg. Division of the property of
          James Drisco, 1813.  Hugh Dunn, taxes.  Land in Durham
          from Joseph Chesley to Ebenezer Smith.  Benjamin Smith,
          land in Durham.

f.6       DURHAM.  Ebenezer Smith deeds.  Land in Durham.  Land
          deeded to Robert Channell.

f.7       Will of  Paul Cheswell (3pp. with map).  Cheswell deeds.
          Bunker, Chapman, Gray, Hewins, Mathes, and Shrives all
          mentioned in deeds.

f.8       DOVER, DURHAM and NEWMARKET.  John Bennett deeds.  Land
          in Newmarket from Zebulon Doe.  Heirs and assigns of John
          Bennett.  Land in Durham to Robert Channell.  Land in
          Durham from John Smith to Valentine Smith.  John Bennet's
          Administration, Dover.  Edward Israel and John C.
          Bartlett, land in Durham to Thomas S. Channell.  Jacob
          Bennett to Nathaniel Stevens, Jr.  land in Durham.  John
          S. Durell, William and Martha Young, Benjamin Smith, John

f.9       DOVER and DURHAM.  Channell family deeds.  Land in Dover
          and Durham.  Margaret Chase, Thomas Haven, Seth R. Shack-
          ford, John Smith, Valentine Smith, Jr., all mentioned in

f.10      DOVER, DURHAM, and NEWMARKET.  Jenness family deeds.
          Land in Durham, Newmarket, Dover.  Hall, Stilson, Thomas,
          Thompson mentioned in deeds.

          Exeter agreement as to Town Lines, 1657. (2pp.)  Indian
          Difficulties at Oyster River Parish (2pp.).  Laws of New
          Hampshire, Exeter boundaries, 1701.  "John Goddard" by
          Alonzo Quint (lp.).  ROADS of Dover, Durham, Newmarket.
          Boundary lines between Dover and Kittery, Dover and

f.12      Thomas Larkin.  John Goddard.  Deeds.  Will of Martha
          Critchett.  Raymond Adams, John Beckford, Abram Bennick,
          Robert Channell, Lewis Killam, Harry H. Nicholas, John
          Smith, Ebenezer Smith.

f.13      DOVER, DURHAM, and EXETER.  Deeds, land in Durham.
          Robert Channell, John Crummett, John Crummett's Probate
          (Dover), George Daniels, Joseph Daniels, Andrew Doe,
          Elijah Drew, Timothy Emerson, James Firnal, Nathaniel
          Haven, Moses Hodgdon, Samuel Hoit, Jacob Johnson, Supply
          Johnson, Clement March, Jr., Benjamin Mathes, Samuel
          Neal, Seth Shackford, George F. Smith, Ebenezer Thompson,
          Jonathan Woodman.  Joseph Coe, Ebenezer Kent, David Rand
          deeds.  Charles H. Smith (list of Exeter deeds).

f.14      DURHAM.  Deeds, land in Durham. Estate of John Cutt,
          Jabez Davis, Elizabeth Durgin, Ephraim Libby, Frances
          Mathes, John Rambler, Joseph Thomas,

f.15      DURHAM.  Deeds, land in Durham.  Stephen Cogan, Ebenezer
	  Doe, Jabez Davis, Joseph Davis, Clement Denbo, Richard
	  Otis, Edward Patterson, Samuel Penhallow, Administer of
	  the estate of William Roberts.  Charles Adams, John Awlte
	  (Ault), Thomas Bickford, Benmore Duda deeds.  John Awlte
	  legal action against Thomas Wiggan, William Storer, and
	  John Goddard.

f.16      DURHAM.  Deeds to land in Durham.  Dependence Bickford,
          Walter Bryant, Benjamin Colbroth, Richard Dame, Frances
          Mathes, Jr., Benjamin Pinder, John Pinder, Thomas
          Roberts, Sr., John Yorke.  John Robert's order of the
          General Court.

f.17      NEWINGTON.  Bickford family deeds.  Land in Newington.
          Joseph Canney, Jabez Davis, John Davis, Thomas Footman,
          Benjamin Smith, Ebenezer Smith, John Smith, Samuel Smith.
          Will of Thomas Bickford.

f.18      DURHAM.  Mathes (Matthews) family of Durham, deeds.
          Jabez Davis mentioned in the deeds.  Will and inventory
          of the estate of Frances Mathews.

f.19      Deeds.  Joseph Austin, Stoten Austin, Lemuel Bickford,
          William Blackstone, Joseph Chesley, John Dam, Abigail
          Downes, Elijah Drew, Frances Drew, John Drew, Samuel
          Emerson, Thomas Footman, Moses Furber, William Furber,
          Thomas Hall, Mary Ham, Robert Hanson, Abigail Hayes,
          Clement Meserve, John Meserve, Oliver Meserve, Paul
          Meserve, Zachariah Nock, Joseph Peaslee, Edward Starbuck,
          Thomas Sylvanus, Ruben H. Torr, Vincent Torr, Mark
          Tuttle, Isaac Twombley, Humphrey Varney, Robert Welthin
          all mentioned .  Wills of William Dam, Timothy Emerson,
          George Jaffrey (executor of the will of Jane Gerrish),
          Ezera Young.

f.20      DURHAM.  Deeds to land in Durham.  James Bunker, George
          Chesley, Philip Chesley, Thomas Chesley, Moses Davis,
          Stephen Demeritt, Samuel Emerson, Solomon Emerson,
          Timothy Emerson, Neccolas Follett, John Hall, Joseph
          Hall, John Hill, Zachariah Pitman, Moses Wiggan grant.
          References to the Hill-Jameson deed, 1659.

f.21      DURHAM and NORTH HAMPTON.  Deeds of land in Durham.
          Thomas Bickford, Joshua Canney, Benmore Duda, John
          Goddard, Benjamin Pinder, Ebenezer Smith, John Smith,
          Leonard Smith, Valentine Smith, William Willyams.  Will
          of Benjamin Thomas of North Hampton.

f.22      DOVER and DURHAM.  Deeds to land in Durham and Dover.
          Walter Bryant, Benjamin Davis, Jabez Davis, Joseph
          Davison, Richard Denbo, Jonathan Durgin, John Edgerly,
          John Gilman, James Smith, Joseph Smith, Samuel Smith,
          Abraham Stevenson.

f.23      DURHAM.  Deeds concerning the Boston and Maine Railroad.
          Purchase of land in Durham from George Amazeen, Leonard
          B. Bunker, Frank Doe, Loring K. Foss, George McDaniel,
          Charles H. Provost, Joshua B. Smith, Martha Stevens,
          Benjamin Thompson, Ebenezer Thompson, Moses Woodman.

f.24      DURHAM.  Deeds, land in Durham.  Eliphet Daniel, Ephraim
          Davis, Frances Mathes to the Parish of Oyster River (land
          for meeting house), Thomas Bickford, John Boreman, Simon
          Broadstreet, James Burnham, Robert Burnham, Temperence
          Burnham, Philip Chesley, Aaron Davis, Jabez Davis, James
          Davis, Samuel Doe, William Furber, Ambrose Gibbons, David
          Glass, Jr., John Goddard, Stephen Jenkins, Jr., Nathaniel
          Meader, Samuel Meader, Mary Nicholas, Daniel Rogers,
          Nicholas Shapely, Joseph Smith, John Thompson, Edward
          Wakeham, William Williams.

f.25      DURHAM.  Doe family deeds.  Land in Durham. Deposition of
          Joseph Doe.  Eleazer Bennet, John Clough, Daniel
          Croxford, John Dearborn, George Dowe mentioned.

f.26      DURHAM.  Deeds to land in Durham.  William P. Channell,
          Joseph Y. Chapman, Nancy J. Chapman, Warren Chapman John
          S. Durell, Ai T. Gilman, Ai T. Gilman Probate, John
          Haines, Lafayette Hall, John F. Ham, Zenas Hayes, Allen
          Pride, Noah Ranlett, Samuel Savage, John W. Smart, Daniel
          Smith Probate, Joseph Stevens, Daniel Tuxbury, Joseph

f.27      DURHAM and NEWMARKET.  Deeds to land in Durham and
          Newmarket.  John Ambler, Thomas S. Channell, Joshua
          Comett, Jabez Davis, Zebulon Doe, Francis Durgin, Joshua
          Durgin, William Durgin, John Kent grant, Joseph Kent,
          John Mason, Mary Mason, Abraham Mathes, Abraham Mathes
          probate, Benjamin Mathes, Frances Mathes, Ebenezer Smith,
          John Smith, Peter J. Smith, William W. Stickney, George
          W. Sylvester, John Wedgewood.

f.28      DURHAM and NEWMARKET.  Deeds to land in Durham and
          Newmarket.  Lemuel Bickford, Josiah Burleigh (Burley),
          David Davis, Nathaniel Doe, Zebulon Doe, William Furber,
          Edward Hall, Rubin Hill, Benjamin Jewett (Juet), Lewis
          Killam, Joshua Neal, Samuel Samson, Abigail Smith,
          Charles H. Smith, John Smith, Valentine Smith, Joseph
          Stevens, Nathaniel Stevens, Clark D. Thompson, Jonathan
          Thompson, Thomas Wiggin, Martha Young, William Young.
          Brief history of the Larkin land.  Inventory of the
          estate of Robert Smart.

f.29      DURHAM and NEWMARKET.  Deeds to land in Newmarket and
          Durham.  Raymond M. Adams, Lemuel Bickford, John
          Blydenburgh, Stephen Boardman, Arthur Branscomb, Peter
          Coffin, William J. Dickey, Jr., Nathaniel Doe, Sampson
          Doe, Samuel Doe, John Dow, Francis Durgin, James Durgin,
          Eleoner Fox, William Furber, John F. Ham, Harry H.
          Nichols, John Perkins, Jr., Joseph Plumber, Sewell
          Roberts, Joseph Shepard, Almon P. Smith, Lydia Smith,
          Peter J. Smith, Valentine Smith, Warren Smith, Abby H.
          Stevens, Albert E. Stevens, Charles Stevens, James S.
          Stevens, Mildred H. Stevens, Nathaniel Stevens, Elizabeth
          Stilson, Nancy Stilson, William H. Thompson, Richard
          Waldron, Walter Wiggin.  Extract from the Exeter Banking
          Co., foreclosure of mortgage of Raymond M. Adams.  John
          Smith's Administration, 1748.  Dispute between lands of
          Abraham Bennick and Sampson Doe.  Will of Samson Doe.
          Division of the estate of Stephen Boardman.  Will of
          William Boardman.  John Smith probate.

f.30      Deeds.  Raymond Adams, John Bennet, John Blydenburgh,
          Stephen Boardman, Arthur Branscomb, Robert Channell,
          Nancy Chapman, Peter Coffin, Tristram Coffin, Ralph
          Cross, William J. Dickey, Jr., Samuel Doe, Sampson Doe,
          John Dow, Francis Durgin, Ella D. Ensworth, John F. Ham,
          Lewis Killam, Harry H. Nichols, Frank Pinkham, John
          Pinkham, Joseph Pinkham, Joseph Plumber, Harriet E. Reid,
          Richard Roberts, Joseph Savage, Joseph Shepard, Benjamin
          Smith, Ebenezer Smith, John Smith, Jr., Lydia Smith,
          Peter J. Smith, Sarah E. Smith, Warren Smith, Abby H.
          Stevens, Albert Stevens, Charles F. Stevens, Mildred H.
          Stevens, Nathaniel Stevens, John Thomas, Jr., Clark D.
          Thompson, Jonathan Thompson, Richard Waldron, Walter
          Wiggin, Charles Wolcott.

          Will of Thomas Morres.  Collectors sale of real estate.
          John Smith probate record.  Nancy Stilson to Elizabeth
          Stilson, lease.

f.31      Deeds.  John Burnham, John Chapman, James Cram, John
          Cromet, Joshua Cromet, Philip Cromet, Eliphalet Daniels,
          Ephraim Davis, James Davis, Jr., James Driscoe, Hannah
          Duda (Admx of the estate of Joseph Duda, Jr.), Joseph
          Duda, Nicholas Duda, Hannah Dudy, Jonathon Durgin, Samuel
          Durgin, Peter Folsham, Joseph Mason, Nicholas Mead, Anne
          Nock, Nathaniel Randall (Randel), Charles Rundlett, Jr.,
          Joseph Sias, Samuel Sias, Joseph Smart, Benjamin Smith,
          Edward Smith, Joseph Smith, John Wedgewood, Thomas Young.
          Smith vital statistics.  Jonathon Durgin to Province of
          New Hampshire by trustees.

f.32      DURHAM. Deed.  Land in Durham.  Walter Bryent to Benj.

f.33      DOVER, DURHAM, and EXETER.  Deeds.  Land in Durham.
          Francis Durgin, James Durgin, Jonathan Durgin, Samuel
          Durgan, Trueworthy Durgin, Lafayette Hall, James Ryan,
          Michael Ryan, Patrick Ryan, John Smart, Charles H. Smith,
          Ebenezer Smith, John Smith, Joseph Thomas, Jacob B.
          Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Harry K. Torrey, Stephen
          Wille.  Bounds of Exeter and Dover, 1657.

f.34      DURHAM.  Doe family deeds.  Land in Durham.  Calixte
          Baillargeon, James Barry, Abraham Bennick, Samuel
          Burbank, Louis Chenard, Philip Cromett, David Crum, John
          Downing, John Footman, Richard Hilton, Thomas Huckins,
          James Joy, Matthew Kennedy, Ebenezer Parsons, Oliver
          Peabody, David Sears, Joseph Smith, Valentine Smith.

f.1       DOVER, DURHAM, and NEWMARKET.  Thompson family wills,
          Durham. Newmarket will of Josiah Burleigh, 1756. Dover
          will of Samuel Young, 1755. Durham wills of Job Langley,
          1755; Jonathan Chesley, 1755; Samuel Smith, 1755; John
          Runnells, 1756.  Guardianship of Dennis Bickford, minor,
          aged more than 14 years, son of Joseph Bickford,
          deceased, granted to Margery Bickford.  Administrations
          of the estates of Samuel Perkins, Joseph Smart, Ebenezer

f.2       DOVER, DURHAM. Durgin family deeds, probate.  Estate of
          Thomas Footman. Dockum family deeds, Durham.
          Miscellaneous deeds: Walter Bryant, John Burnam, John
          Cromet, Job Langley, Mary Nock, Andrew Smith, Benjamin
          Smith, William Stilson, Joseph Towle.

f.3       NEWMARKET.  Kimball family deeds.  Land in Newmarket.

f.4       DURHAM.  Thompson family deeds.  Joseph Thomas, deeds.

f.5       DURHAM.  Thompson family deeds.

f.6       DURHAM.  Durgin family deeds, Durham. Also miscellaneous
          deeds: Joseph Chesley, Temperence Chesley, Peter Coffin,
          Samuel Edgerly, Samuel Folsham (Folsom), Joseph Langley,
          Thomas Pinkham, Benjamin Smith, Ebenezer Smith.

f.7       DURHAM.  Durgin family deeds.

f.8       DOVER, DURHAM.  John Awlte (Ault, Alt) deeds, records.

f.9       DOVER, DURHAM, NEWMARKET.  Peter Coffin Grant of 1647
          (2pp.) Mill grants at Oyster River and 'Lampreele.'
          Index to grants from the "Copy of the Old Book, 1647,
          Dover, N.H. Records."

f.10      DOVER, EXETER.  Hatevell Nutter Papers.  Deeds and his
          will, Dover, 1649.  Will of John Smith, Dover, 1739/40.
          Court at Dover, August 15, 1655.  Bridge Agreement.
          Benjamin York Deposition, 1759, Exeter. List of Mill
          Grants and Annual Rentals in Dover, 1650. (2pp.)

f.11      DOVER, DURHAM.  Davis family deeds, Durham, Dover. Estate
          of David Davis.  Peter Mason, John Sias mentioned in the

f.12      DOVER, DURHAM.  Ault family deeds, Dover. John Ambler,
          John Bickford, James Bonker, John Burnham, Pelatiah
          Daniels, Jabez Davis, Samuel Doe, William Drew, Joseph
          Dudy, Thomas Edgerly, William Follett, Thomas Footman,
          William Furber, Ambrose Gibbons, Hill family of Oyster
          River, Rise Howell, Kent family of Durham, James Langley,
          Isaac Mason, Robert Mason, Francis Mathes, William
          Roberds (Roberts), Job Runnals, Thomas Seabrook, Benjamin
          Smith, Ebenezer Smith, John Smith, William Storrey,
          Thomas Welley, Willey family of Dover, William Williams,
          Sr., William Vaughan, Thomas Welley, Willey family of

f.13      DOVER.  Willey family deeds, Dover. Short quotations from
          a number of deeds on the pages listed.  Copy of index
          card, Salathiel Denbow to Joseph Davis, deed.

f.14      DOVER.  Hatevill Nutter papers, Dover. Clearing the Bound
          Line between Dover and Exeter.  John Goddard to William
          Willyames, Sr.  Deed, reference (3pp) from Copy of the
          Old Book, 1647.  City Clerk's Office, Dover.

f.15      DURHAM.  Stevens family deeds.  Will of Nathaniel
          Stevens.  Mentioned in deeds: John Blydenburgh, William
          J. Dickey, Jr., John Dow, John F. Ham, Timothy M. Joy,
          Jonathan Kenniston, George W. Kittredge, Mildred Meserve,
          Harry H. Nichols, Joseph Plumber, Sewell Roberts, Warren
          Smith, Walter Wiggin.

f.16      Doe family deeds.  Also mentioned are: Stephen Boardman,
          Ebenezer Chapman, Paul Chapman, Ralph Cross, David Davis,
          James Hill, Charles A. Nichols, Elizabeth Smith, Edward
          Smith, Joseph Smith, Joseph Thomas, Richard Waldron,
          Benjamin Wiggins, William Wiggin.  Fixing of Bounds
          between Nicholas Doe and John Goddard.  Extract of will
          of Ebenezer Doe.  Andrew J. Doe, probate will.

f.17      Gilman family deeds.  Also mentioned are: George Barlow,
          Jeremiah Connor, Brackett L. Jones, Paul Randall, John
          Sleeper, Walter Wiggin.

f.18      Jaffrey family deeds.  Also mentioned are: Nathaniel
          Bartlett, William Bryent, Jeremiah Calfe, Andrew Clidden,
          Henry Dyer, Thomas Footman, Simon Gilman, Stephen
          Pendergast, Ebenezer Smith, Joseph Smith, Joseph Twonlin.

f.19      Coffin family deeds.  Also mentioned are: Peter Coffin to
          Samuel Allin, Indenture; Edward Starbuck, Richard
          Waldron.  Share of mill at mouth of Lampril River, 1698.
          Liberty to cut timber in land in vicinity.

f.20      Roberts family deeds.  Also mentioned are: Ai Gilman,
          Oliver Kent, Francis Mathes, John Rannales, Samuel Smith,
          Charles F. Stevens, Walter Wiggin, William Willyames, Sr.

f.21      Hilton family deeds.  Also mentioned are: William Follet,
          John Folsom, George Jaffrey, Thomas Kimble, Samuel Levet,
          Hugh March, John Perkins, Jr., Ichabod Plaisted, Edward
          Smith, Joseph Smith.

f.22      Rose family deeds.  Also mentioned are: John Cutt, John
          Rollins, John Smith, Richard Waldron, John York.

f.23      York family deeds.  John Cutt, William Graves, Ruben
          Hill, Roger Rose, Richard Waldron are all mentioned.
          Will of Richard York.  Richard York grant.  Richard York
          administration of estate.  Benjamin York deposition,
          relaying of Richard York's line.

f.24      DOVER.  Rollins family deeds, Dover.  Mentioned are:
          John Bartlett, Walter Bryent, Cornelius Conner, James
          Nock, Thomas Phipps, Roger Rose, William Shepard, John
          Smith, Charles Storey.

f.25      Folsom family deeds.  Mentioned are: Will of William
          Folsom of Newmarket, Samuel Leavitt, William Perkins,
          Ebenezer Smith.

f.26      Bickford family deeds.  John Smith is mentioned.

f.27      Boardman family deeds.  David Chapman, Elijah Hall,
          Joseph Hanson, Joseph Shepard, James Smith.  Division of
          the estate of Stephen Boardman.  Will of William

f.28      Channell family deeds.  Also mentioned are:  John Dow,
          Nathan H. Harvey, Elizabeth Pinkham, Sally P. Smith,
          Valentine Smith, Nathaniel Stevens, William W. Stickney,
          Clark D. Thompson.

f.29      Smith family deeds.  John Allen, Joseph Berry, John
          Brown, James Burnham, William Channell, Paul Chapman,
          Joseph Chesley, Hopestill Cheswell, Thomas Huckins,
          Charles Johnson, Florence Bell Knight, George F.
          Littlefield, William Lovereign, Thomas Mudget, Josiah
          Parsons, Miles Randel, William M. Simpson, will of David
          Smith, estate of Ebenezer Smith, will of Joseph Smith,
          estate of Moody Smith, estate of Nicholas Smith, William
          Stilson, Joseph Thomas, Benjamin Wadleigh, Benjamin York,

f.30      Adams family deeds.  Harry H. Nichols, Harriet E. Reid,
          Grace F. Slade, Charles Wolcott.  Extract from the Exeter
          Banking Co. foreclosure on Raymond M. Adams.

f.31      Perkins family deeds.  John Folsom, Eleoner Fox, James
          Leavett, Robert Smart, Samuel Smith, Thomas Tash.

f.32      Miscellaneous deeds:  Samuel Allen, William Ardell, John
          Awlte, George Barlow, Abraham Bennick, John Bray, Robert
          Bronsdon, Walter Bryent, Guy Carpenter, Andrew Chapman,
          Ebenezer Chapman, Warren Chapman, Louis N. Clark, James
          Cooner, Tristram M. Copp, Cornelius Driscoe, John Durgin,
          William Follett, Francis Foxcroft, Margaret Frost, Thomas
          Gibala, Napolean Gilmet, John Goddard, John Godwards,
          Sarah Greeley, Samuel H. Green, Ida Frances Hammond,
          Chesley Drew Haselton, William Hilton, Paul Jewett,
          Brackett L. Jones, Esther Keniston, Ednah A. Kimball,
          Thomas Kimble, Frank Kush, Henry Langley, Samuel Leavett,
          Joseph Miles, William Parkinson, James Pendergast,
          Harriet E. Reid, John Shepard, John Sleeper, Anthony
          Stanyou, John Sullivan, James Thomas, Daniel Tuxbury,
          Lawrence Twardus, Elizabeth Waldron, Issacar Wiggin.

f.33      Miscellaneous deeds: Josiah Burleigh, Robert Burnham, Guy
          S. Carpenter, James Cram, John Crommett, Thomas Crommett,
          Bridget Devine, Joseph Dudley, Henry Dyer, John Footman,
          Lizzie Furber, William Furber, Sr., John Godard, Charles
          L. Gray, Samuel H. Greene, Nathaniel Hill, Mary
          McDonnell King, Jonathan N. Knerson, Aristide Lassalle,
          Colman F. Lord, Frances Mathes, Bridget H. McDonald,
          Patrick McDonald, Luke Moloon, Lottie Blanche Parks,
          Bridget M. Ryan, John Wedgewood, William Williams, Joseph

          Imperfect Minutes Relating to Land in Lamper-Eel River
          Neck, 1675.  Order of General Court to William Furber,
          Sr.  Inventory of the estate of James Nock of Dover.
          Report of a commission to make division of the dower of
          Margaret  Frost.  Miscellaneous maps of the Durham area.
          Great Bay area mapping.  Letter from Dorothy Vaughn
          (Portsmouth Public Library) to Eugene Clark (UNH)
          concerning Holland's Map of New Hampshire.  Newspaper
          clipping concerning a map of Hillsboro Co., 1858.  Order
          to lay out a Highway from Lamprell River Fall.

f.35      BERGERON family deeds, Arthur O. Fuller, Arthur C.

          DAVIS family deeds including Josiah Burleigh, Thomas
          Calley, Jonathan Clark, Josiah Durgin, Benjamin Jewett.

          NICHOLAS family deeds including Raymond Adams, William J.
          Dickey, Lewis Killam.

          NICHOLS family deeds including Charles A. Nichols,
          Harry H. Nichols.

          SMART family deeds including David Davis, Jr. Jonathan
          Durgin, Benjamin Follett, estate of Robert Smart, Mary

          THOMPSON family deeds including Edward Hall, Henry
          Langley, Samuel Savage.

          WIGGINS family deeds including Walter Bryent, John
          Downing, Mathew Whipple.

f.36      DOVER.  Agreement of Towne of Dover to Mr. Reiner,
          Minister, 1656.  Walter Bryent, grantor, 1773-1817, Dover
          Reg. Will of Joseph Chesley.  Miscellaneous deeds: John
          Ault, Helen Watt Bebow, James Bunker, Francena Elkins,
          Fremont C. Fletcher, Reuben Hill, Lewis Killam, Florence
          Bell Knight, Joshua Neal, William Parkinson, (Perkins),
          Sarah Isabel Rich, George W. Sylvester, Bertram Walsh,
          Charles Wolcott.

f.37      Directions for recording probate records.  General
          directions for recording deeds, sample arrangements for
          recording deeds.  Design for sheet arrangement.
          Direction for historical reference.  Samples.

f.38      DOVER, NEWMARKET.  Laying out the Lubberland Road,
          Newmarket, 1644.  NOTABLE EVENTS IN THE HISTORY OF DOVER,
          N.H. by Wadleigh.  Fixing of Bounds between Nicholas Doe
          and John Goddard.  Dispute of Boundary between Abraham
          Bennick and Samson Doe.  Dispute between lands Sampson
          Doe, Richard Waldron, Abraham Bennick.  Family sketch of
          Col. Joseph Smith (not typed).  HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION
          OF NEW ENGLAND by Coolidge and Mansfield, excerpts.
          Benjamin Chesley to Joseph Chesley, deed.

f.39      Correspondence between Eugene W. Clark and William G.
          Saltonstall.  Three original letters from Saltonstall.
          Four copies of Clark letters. These letters mainly
          concern the Simpson-Han contract and the Furber Bickford

f.1       Outline for "List the Town of Each County" project.
          Gives Rockingham and Strafford Counties as guide.  Towns
          in Belknap, Cheshire, Coos, Grafton, Merrimack, and
          Sullivan Counties.  Historical reference lists for the
          following counties: Carroll, Hillsborough, Merrimack,
          Rockingham, and Strafford.

f.2       HABS BULLETIN NO. 54, NOVEMBER 16, 1936.  Memo to all
          district offices.  Signed by Frank Chouteau Brown,
          Division Chief of New England. Copy and original draft of
          letter from Eugene W. Clark to Frank Chouteau Brown with
          enclosures on the outline of The Development of Early
          American Architecture of New Hampshire.  Copy and
          original draft of letter from Eugene Clark to Thomas T.
          Waterman, Assistant Architect, Dept. of the Interior.
          Letter from F. C. Brown to E. Clark.  Three letters from
          T. T. Waterman to E. Clark.   Copy of letter from E.
          Clark to T. T. Waterman.  Copy of letter from Clark to
          John P. O'Neill, Associate Architect, Dept. of the
          Interior.  Errata.  Sawmills and Nails, Construction.
          Outline, original draft and typed page.

f.3       Miscellaneous newspaper clippings on the History of New
          Hampshire, its Towns, and People.

f.4       Miscellaneous newspaper clippings on the History of New
          Hampshire, its Towns, and People, continued.

f.5       DURHAM, ET AL.  HABS Worksheets and notes.  Some of these
          notes contain maps of various farms and property.  Estate
          of Zebulon Durgin.  Deed: Phillip Cromett to John Cromett
          (with map).  Maps including property map of Durham.
          Lists of deeds and grants.  Some miscellaneous deeds:
          John Bartlett, James Conner, Phillip Cromet, Cornelius
          Driscoe, Joseph Duda, John Footman, Charles Hilton,
          George Jaffrey, John Gray.  Anthony Nutter.  WPA form
          210a, Lepine Rice, Research Worker, Dover.

f.6       GREAT BAY.  Report of Progress on the Study of Forts,
          Garrisons, and Garrison Houses and their sites of Great
          Bay.  Project Reports No. 65-1715 partially filled out.
          Letter from Eugene Clark to Frederick Hosmer.

f.7       Miscellaneous worksheets and notes on deeds.  Time chart
          in American History.

f.8       EXETER.  List of houses investigated and owner's
          permission received for measurement.  Points of interest
          in Exeter. Mills: location and condition.  Historic homes
          and buildings.

f.9       Sawmills.  Overshot water wheels in different sizes.
          Information on saw mills. Some of the information is from
          Montreal, 1874.

f.10      Contains excerpts from HANDWROUGHT ANCESTORS by Marion
          Nichol Rawson, E.P. Dutton and Co., 1936.  Excerpts on
          Clapboards, Ox Cramps, Ox Slings, Wooden Shoe Pegs,
          Tucker Bridge, Undershot Wheel, Curing Marble Slab, Tob
          Wheel, Mill Stone, Tan Bark Mill, Cut Nail Maker, Axles,
          Making of a Wheel, Great Granite Slab, Warren Blacksmith
          and Wheelright Shops, Gudgeons, Carpenter's Tools, Rag
          Wheel, Trading Posts, Shops, Joseph Jenks, 1646, John
          Adams, 1774.

f.11      PORTSMOUTH, ET AL.  Hubbard's Narrative of the Indian
          Wars.  Useful inventions.  Eastman's Rotary Sawing
          Machine, Information on the following:  First Mills for
          Making Nails, Nails, Portsmouth Garrisons, Whipple
          Garrison.  Sampson Doe's House.  Fireing Woods.  Method
          of Clearing Land.  Fowl.  Fences.  Fencing.  Taxes.
          Price of Lumber and Grain.  Iron.  An Act for Encouraging
          Iron Works in the Province of New Hampshire.  Lumber, an
          Act for Regulating the Admeasurement of Lumber ... Indian
          Forts.  Thatched Roofs.

f.12      Information on the following:  Clapboards, Shingles,
          Window Glass, Paint, Gold, "Typical New Hampshire House
          Plans" from the Paul Wentworth House.  Outline of the
          Development of Early American Architecture in New

          Meetinghouse of Dedham, Mass.  The Early Domestic
          Architecture of Connecticut.  Daubing, Mud Walls, Mast
          Trees.  Town Hall, Durham. Map of Benjamin Chesley
          property.  Newspaper clippins of Holderness Church.

f.14      DOVER, ET AL.  Deposition of Trueworthy Durgin and Moses
          Edgerly.  Early Brick Houses in New Hampshire (8pp.).
          Dustin Garrison.  Peasley Garrison.  Wolves.  At a Court
          held in Dover the 2nd of July, 1657.  Cage of Studs.  Saw
          Mills (4pp.)  Pit saws.  Deposition of James Wall.

f.15      Copies of letters from E. W. Clark to: Eva Bell Page, C.
          Park Pressey (2), E. M. Rogers, Elizabeth N. Rogers,
          Executive Office, A.W. Gowen (2), Hoyt Reille (3), U. S.
          Forest Products Laboratory, Arthur Koehler,
          Spaulding-Moss Company (2), William Sleeper, Thelma
          Brackett, Angelantanio Mustone.  Letters to E. W. Clark
          from: Elizabeth N. Rogers (3), Hoyt Reille (6), E. M.
          Lewis (President of UNH), Thelma Brackett, C. Park
          Pressey,  Eva Belle Page, Arthur Koehler, Angevine W.
          Gowen (4).

f.16      Samuel Penhallow's Indian Wars (26pp.), Bark House.
          Lotriel.  Baron de St. Castine.  Major Winthrop Hilton.
          Mr. Lateril.  Joseph York.  Captain John Smith's House.
          Colonel Bartholomew Gidney.  Fort Halifax.  Governor
          Phips.  Captain Sherburne.  Pennacook Indians and Waldron
          (Capt. Hunkins wife of Oyster River).  Garrisons in
          Maine.  Sir John Popham.  This information is copied from
          the HISTORY OF PHILIP'S WAR by Thomas Church and Samuel
          G. Drake, 2nd edition, Exeter, 1829.

f.17      Meeting House, Oyster River.  Raising and building New
          Fields Meetinghouse.  Building Construction.  Exeter
          Meeting house.  Construction of Early Houses in New
          Hampshire.  Meeting House, Chapel, and Glebe Land.
          Method of figuring, building construction.  Laying out
          the Highway (Oyster River Parish, 1719).  Petition of
          William Graves.  Laying out Highway, Lamprey River Fall,
          1664.  Court condemns Exeter and Dover for not building
          bridge, Public Town Meeting, Dover.

f.18      Request for Historic American Building Project.  Subject:
          Forts, Garrisons, and Garrisoned Houses of Great Bay,
          3pp.  Note on Report on Garrison House, Dover, N.H. by L.
          C. Roy.  Report of Progress on the Study of Forts,
          Garrisons, and Garrisoned Houses of Great Bay, 9pp.
          McIntyre Garrison.  Gilman Garrison at Exeter.  John
          Martin Garrison.

f.19      Outline of the Development of Early American Architecture
          of New Hampshire, 38pp.  Notes for an introduction to
          Architecture of New Hampshire.  Notes on an article on
          Architecture.  Suggested form of a bibliography.

          Exeter and Dover.  Boundary line between Dover and
          Kittery.  Boundary of 1657.  Neck line from Goddards
          Creek to Lamprey River.  Boundary between Dover and
          Strawbery Banke.

f.21      Bounty for Wolves.  Transfers of property in the
          Piscataqua Adventure, 1640.  Copies of deeds left by Mr.
          Scammon of and about Shrewsbury Men's Interest in
          Quamscott.  HABS BULLETIN, no. 35.  Letter from W. S.
          Appleton to E. Clark dated April 15, 1937, concerning
          photographs of the Capt. Barnes House.  Copy of letter
          from E. Clark to W. S. Appleton, dated April 16, 1937,
          concerning same.

f.22      Ship building in Dover and along the Piscataqua River.
          Summary of Martin Piece.  Dwelling Houses.  Meeting
          Houses.  Wine Cellar Road.  Meeting House.  Alewives.
          Wolves. Fortifications.  Pamphlet on "Old Ships, Old
          Houses, Old Scenes."  George E. Noyes, photographer.  Map
          of Jonathan Thing property.

f.23      HABS CIRCULAR NO. 1.  Addendum to Specifications for the
          Measurement and recording of Historic American Buildings.
          List of deeds, 5pp.  Re: Simon's Lane (from HISTORY OF
          THE TOWN OF DURHAM, p. 230)  Public Town Meeting at
          Dover, February 5, 1658.  Information of Lime.  from the
          Felt.  Information on Wattle from the DICTIONARY OF THE
          ENGLISH LANGUAGE by Samuel Johnson, London, 1755.
          Information on Frame Houses from OLD VIRGINIA AND HER
          NEIGHBORS by John Fisk.  Collections, Historical and
          Miscellaneous by Farmer and Moore.

          of Sally Doe land, Durham.  Warner House, Portsmouth.
          Names of interests in Durham. 3pp.  The Early Domestic
          Architecture of Connecticut.  Points and places in
          Lubberland, 4pp.  James Driscoe, Jonathan Woodman, Joseph
          Medon, Samuel Smith grants from Dover, 6pp.

f.1       Doe family deeds.  Also mentioned are John Boreman, Ralph
          Cross, John Doe's Committee grant of 1700, Roger Duggan,
          Charles E. B. Edgerly, Stephen Greenleaf, Elizabeth
          Langley, William Meader, Benjamin Smith, Edward Smith,
          John Smith, Jr., Joseph Thomas, Richard Waldron.

f.2       Cromett family deeds.  Also mentioned are: Walter Bryent,
          Benjamin Doe, Cornelius Drisco, Hannah Duda, Joseph Duda,
          John Footman, Jr., Nathan Kenniston, William McDaniel,
          Benjamin Mead.  Joshua Cromett's probate, Dover, 1777.
          Information on Joshua Cromett before 1772.  List of
          Cromett deeds (1714-1744).  John Cromett's probate,

f.3       Footman family deeds.  Also mentioned are:  Joseph Dudey
          (Duda, Duedy), Rise Howell, Eleanor McCalva.  Francis
          Footman, Will of 1756.  Will of Thomas Footman, 1667.
          Estate of Thomas Footman.

f.4       *Davis family deeds.  Mentioned are:  Peter Mason,
          Frances Mathes, Samuel Smith, Joseph Smith.  A
          controversy between Ensign John Davis and Joseph Smith.
          Davis family genealogical information. Estate of David

f.5       Durgin family deeds.  Also mentioned are: Walter Bryent,
          James Davis, John Edgerly, Margaret Frost, Joseph Hix
          (Hicks), Anne Nock, Joseph Smart, Benjamin Smith, John
          Smith, Jr.

f.6       Hill family deeds.  Grant to Nathaniel Hill.  Diary of
          James Hill.  Mentioned in the deeds are: Jonas Bines,
          Francis Mathes, John Smith.

f.7       Driscoe family deeds.  Also mentioned are: Walter Bryent,
          John Cromett, James Conner (O'Connor), Sampson Doe,
          Jonathan Durgin, Ebenezer Smith.  Cornelius Drisco's will
          and inventory. A Warrant to divide the estate of
          Cornelius Drisco.  A return to the division of the estate
          (1741).  Cornelius Drisco's probate (Concord).
          Hilton family deeds.

f.8       Duda family deeds.  Also mentioned are:  William Ardell,
          Samuel Baker, Caleb Clark, John Gray, Joseph Mason, John
          Rollins (Rawlings).

          Willey family deeds.  Also mentioned are: John Cutt,
          William Parkinson.

f.9       Thomas family deeds.  Mentioned are: Martha Critchett,
          John Doe, Nathaniel Doe, Abigail Dutch, William M.
          Simpson,  Ebenezer Smith, Charles F. Stevens, James
          Stillson, Thomas Thompson.  Will of Benjamin Thomas,
          1766.  Estate of James Thomas.

          Nock family deeds.  Mentioned are: John Cromett, Joseph
          Kent, John Meader, James Nock probate (Concord), John

f.10      Channell family deeds.  Mary Beckford, John Bennett,
          Robert Bickford, Joshua W. Daniels, John S. Durell,
          Charles B. Johnson, Richard Kent, G. W. Kittredge,
          Charles H. Smith, Nathaniel Stevens, William W. Stickney.
          Channells in Exeter probate.  1881-1930.  Petition of
          William J. Channell et al.  Execution of suit, William P.
          Channel to Lewis W. Channel.

f.11      Jaffrey family deeds.  Also mentioned are: William
          Ardell, Henry Dyer, Richard Morgan (Morgen), Jr., Oliver
          Noyse, Mary Plaisted, Thomas Young.  List of deeds
          concerning George Jaffrey only: Nathaniel Bartlett,
          Walter Bryent, Jeremiah Calfe, Thomas Footman, Isaac
          Foss, Jeremiah Gilman, Andrew Glidden, Jonathan Hanson,
          Edward Hilton, Richard Hilton, Oliver Noyes, Stephen
          Pendergast, Ebenezer Smith, Joseph Smith, Vincent Tarr,
          Joseph Twonlin, Thomas Young.

f.12      Smith family deeds.  Also mentioned are: Mary Beckford,
          Eleazer Bennett, Jr., John Bennett, Abraham Bennick, John
          Bickford, Arthur Branscomb, Walter Bryent, John Burnham,
          Robert Channell, John Chapman, George Frost, John Frost,
          Thomas Haven, Pelatiah Jones, Lewis Killam, John Mason,
          Robert Mason, Benjamin Mathes, Benjamin Mead, Ebenezer
          Parsons, Mary Penhallow, James Pickering, Joseph Sias,
          William M. Simpson, Drew Thompson, Lot Wedgewood, Sarah
          Wiggin, Paul Wille.

f.13      Smith family deeds, continued:  John Allen, John Bennett,
          Joseph Berry, Walter Bryent, Ralph Cross, Sampson Doe,
          John Gilman, Lafayette Hall, John Mason, Benjamin Mead,
          Ebenezer Parsons, Thomas Phipps, Mary Pinder, James Ryan,
          Joseph Thomas, Elizabeth Waldron.  Samuel Smith probate
          (Concord), Andrew G. Smith probate.  Highway laid out
          near the property of John Smith.  Inventory of Ebenezer
          Smith.  Inventory (in part) of Almon P.Smith.  Will of
          John Smith.  Estate of Capt. John Smith.

f.14      Folsom family deeds.  Also mentioned are:  John Brackett,
          Hopestill Cheswell, Peter Coffin, James Cram, Sampson
          Doe, Joseph Duda, Nicholas Duda, Isreal Gilman, Richard
          Hilton, John Smart, Nathaniel Thing, Samuel Thing, John
          Young.  Will of Jeremiah Folsom.

f.15      Ryan family deeds.  Mentioned are:  Portsmouth Savings,
          Portsmouth Trust, Charles H. Smith, Harry K. Torrey.

f.16      *Wiggin family deeds.  Also mentioned are: Joseph
          Chesley, Stephen Scammon, Eben. R. Wiggin probate.
          Wiggin genealogy.  William Wiggin probate.  Isaacar
          Wiggin probate.

f.17      Stevenson family deeds.  Joseph Footman, Eleonor
          McCalvey, Ebenezer Smith, Samuel Watson.

f.18      Perkins family deeds. Noah Barker, Samuel Conner, Thomas
          Edgerly, Benjamin Hilton,  John Robinson, Robert Smart,
          William Wheeler.

f.19      Chesley family deeds.  Abraham Bennet, Sampson Doe,
          Joseph Duda, Benjamin Mead, Thomas Packer, William
          Partridge, Thomas Pinkham, Eben. Smith.  Will of Joseph
          Chesley.  Joseph Chesley probate.  Chesley vs. Pinkham.

f.20      Bennick family deeds.  William Ardell, Joseph Bickford,
          Joseph Chesley, Richard Clark, Sampson Doe, Nicholas
          Harrison, William Jenkins, Welthen Simons, John Smith,
          Joseph Smith, Samuel Smith.  Dispute on boundary between
          Abraham Bennick and Sampson Doe.  Woodman deposition
          concerning Abraham Bennick.  Two maps of Bennick

f.21      Thompson family deeds.  Andrew Chapman, Ebenezer Chapman,
          Jonathan Dockum, Mary and Hezekiah Goodwin, Zenas Hayes,
          Charles B. Johnson, Portsmouth Trust Co., Henry F.
          Savage, Maria R. Scammon, John Smart, Eben. Smith, John
          Smith, James Samuel Stevens, Daniel Tuxbury, George

f.22      Critchett family deeds.  Thomas Chesley, Samuel Smith,
          Jr., Benjamin Thomas.

f.23      Coffin family deeds.  Samuel Allen, John Gilman, Richard
          Morgan, Nicholas Nores (Norris), Eben. Smith, Richard

f.24      Pinder family deeds.  Dependence Bickford, Benjamin
          Colbroth, John York.

f.25      Miscellaneous deeds:  Charles Adams, Raymond Adams,
          Samuel Allen, William Ardell, Lemuel Bickford, Thomas
          Bickford, Robert Bronsdon, Walter Bryent, James Bunker,
          Joseph Burleigh, Jeremiah Burnham, Isaac Chapman, Joseph
          Y. Chapman, Warren Chapman, John Clark, Thomas Clark,
          James Cram, Daniel Croxford, John Dearborn, George Doe,
          Joseph Edgerly, Francena Elkins, John Foss, George Frost,
          William Furber, John Goddard, John Gray, Lafayette Hall,
          John Ham, Jr., Howard Harvey, Joseph Hicks, Isabel
          Holdridge, Lewis Killam, Edwin H. Kimball, Thomas Larkin,
          John Martin, Robert Mason, Frances Mathes, John Mead,
          Dudley P. Meader, Joseph Miller, Thomas Mounsell, Harry
          H. Nichols, John Nutter, William Partridge, Stephen
          Pendergast, Richard Percyval, Henry F. Savage, Elizabeth
          Shaw, John Sherburne Shaw, Grace F. Slade, John W. Smart,
          Charles F. Stevens, Samuel James Stevens, William W.
          Stickney, Elizabeth Stillson, James Stillson, Daniel
          Teague, Daniel Tuxbury, William Vaughan, Elizabeth
          Waldron, William Waldron, John Wille, Jr., Charles
          Wolcott, Jonathan Woodman, Joseph Young, Thomas Young.

f.26      Miscellaneous deeds.  Abraham Adams, Raymond M. Adams,
          John Ault (Olt), Fred Bassett, Harry Bassett, Dependence
          Bickford, Mary Brown, Walter Bryent, Edwin Carpenter, Guy
          S. Carpenter, Ephraim Clough, Benjamin Colbroth, John
          Cutt, Richard Dame, Jonathan Dockum, Charles E. B.
          Edgerly, Henry W. Felkner, John B. Foss, John Goddard,
          John Gonet, Lafayette Hall, Joseph Ham, Joseph Jacobs,
          Charles B. Johnson, Lewis Killam, Ednah A. Kimball, Hazen
          Kimball, Sullivan C. Kimball, Elizabeth Langley, Thomas
          Larkin, Annie M. Leach, Elizabeth Leveritt, Hudson
          Leveret, Susanne Mason, Hannah E. Meader, Joseph Miller,
          John Moody, Newmarket Parish, Harry H. Nichols, Lizzie M.
          Oores, John Partridge, James Pickering, Winthrop
          Pickering, John Piecuch, Joseph Plumer, William Reynolds,
          Samuel Simons, Curtis Simpson, Grace F. Slade, Charles H.
          Smith, Harleckindon Symonds, Joshua Towle, Lydia Tucker,
          Robert Wadleigh, Robert Wadley, Jacob Wajnar, Elizabeth
          Waldron, Charles Wolcott, John York, Richard York.

f.27      Summary of title on Bow Mill.  Ebenezer Chapman estate.
          Deposition of James Wall.  Petition of William Graves.
          Estate of Samuel Edgerly.  Order of General Court to
          William Furber.  Will of  Thomas Norris, Will of Thomas
          Marres.  Portion of will of Nathaniel Meserve, Robert
          Burnham appraisor of the estate of John Goddard.
          Inventory of Eleazor Bennett.  Proportions of the lot
          owned by James S. Stevens.  Proportions of the lot owned
          by John Gray.

f.28      The importance of the HABS in our scheme of conservation
          of national resources. (lp.)  SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE

f.29      HABS. U.S. Department of the Interior.  National Park
          Service.  Branch of plans and designs: CATALOGUE OF
          COMPLETED RECORDS. December 15, 1933 to December 31, 1935.

f.1       Road maps.  1940 Highway map of New Hampshire.  1939 Main
          automobile roads between United States and Canada.  Maps
          of Eastern Canada, central and western United States.  3
          `drawing aids.'  (2 are plastic, 1 is wooden)

f.2       HABS index cards with county, town, or vicinity, proposed
          survey subject, description and references, date built,
          condition, custody.  These are sorted by County and Town.
          They are handwritten, typed or xeroxed.  Some are
          duplicated.  189 index cards.

          Carroll County - 3 cards with buildings in the towns of
          Sandwich, Sandwich Centre, West Ossipee.

          Cheshire County - 11 cards with buildings in the towns of
          Fitzwilliam, Walpole, Washington, Westmoreland.

          Grafton County - 10 cards with buildings in the towns of
          Haverhill, Orford, Warren, West Campton.

          Hillsborough County - 16 cards with buildings in the
          towns of Amherst, Hancock, Hillsboro, Manchester, New
          Ipswich, Peterborough, Sharon.

          Merrimack County - 10 cards with buildings in the towns
          of Bow, Contoocook, Henniker, Loudon, Pennacook, Webster,
          West Salisbury.

          Rockingham County - 118 cards with buildings in the towns
          of Brentwood, Candia, East Kingston, Exeter, Great Bay,
          Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kingston, Newcastle,
          Newington, Newmarket, Northwood Narrows, Portsmouth,
          Rockingham Jct. Salem, Sandown, Stratham, Rye, Rye

          Strafford County - 13 cards with buildings in the towns
          of Dover, Durham, Madbury, Salmon Falls.

          Sullivan County - 7 cards with buildings in the towns of
          Acworth, Charlestown, Claremont, Croyden, West Claremont.

          Miscellaneous card - Saw Mills in Easton and Lost River.

f.3       HABS.  Recording the Historic Structures and Early
          Architecture of the United States and Possessions by
          Measured Drawings.  Photographs and manuscripts.

f.4       Worksheets and notes on the Capt. Benj. Smith property.
          Includes map and will of John Smith.  Chronology of Benj.
          Smith's farm and break up of Hon. Eb. Smith's farm in

f.5       Directions for typing a deed (4pp.).  Cheswell, Durgin,
          Smith lands.  Chronology of events concerning their
          lands.  (Deed sales, transfers, etc.)  Miscellaneous maps
          of the Durham, Dover, Newmarket area.

f.6       Miscellaneous worksheets, maps.  Vaughan and Partridge 50
          acres grant from Dover.

f.7       Miscellaneous worksheets.  The Nock pasture (3pp.)

          Location of Early Settlers in Lubberland (6pp.)

          Stackpole's property (2pp.)

          Hugh Dun at Lubberland (3pp.)

          Early History at Doe's Neck (7pp.)

          Durham Properties and roads at Lubberland and Durham
          Point, with map, list of deeds.

          References and codes used in the HABS deeds (14pp.)

          List of 7 maps to be drawn.

          List of Durham land owners and deed transfers in
          chronological order beginning in 1662 through 1831.

          Early names, etc. of Concord.

          Valentine Hill's Saw Mill Grant on the Lampereele River.

          Transfers of property in Piscataqua Adventure, 1640.

f.8       Miscellaneous worksheets dealing primarily with the
          Benjamin Smith, Haines, Durgin properties.  Contains a
          list (12pp.) of deed transfers for Smith, Haines, Durgin,
          Lamprey River pasture and Double House.

f.9       HABS Field Notebooks (2) dealing with Mill Parts.
          Merril's Saw Mill (NH-34), Easton and miscellaneous
          mills.  These notebooks both contain detailed drawings.

f.10      Copies of material sent to Washington, D. C. November 26,
          1937.  Giddings Tavern, Exeter. (NH-2). Typed deeds,
          present owner, date built, builder.  Detailed description
          and history. References.

          Joshua Wentworth House, Portsmouth. (NH-3). Deeds,
          including present owner, date built, description.  List
          of references.

          Boyd-Raynes House, Portsmouth. (NH-5).  Deeds including
          present owner, date built, builder, description of house.

          Will of George Raynes.  Gives some references.

          Liberty Emery House, Exeter. (NH-9).  Deeds, condition,
          description, list of references.

f.11      Copies of material sent to Washington, D. C.
          November 26, 1937.  33 and 35 Deer Street, Portsmouth.
          (NH-10). Deeds, date, builder, condition.  References.

          Michael Whidden House, Portsmouth. (NH-11).  Deeds, date,
          builder, condition, references.
          Ebenezer Smith House, Durham. (NH-14).  Deeds, present
          owner, date, condition.  Gives one reference.

          Moody Parsonage, Newmarket. (NH-15). No date, deeds,

f.12      Gilman Garrison, Exeter. (NH-18). Deeds, date, builder,
          condition, list of references.

          Levi Woodbury House, Portsmouth. (NH-20).  Deeds,

          Contoocook Bridge, Hopkinton. (NH-21).  Deeds, date, some

          Pendergast Garrison, Durham. (NH-22).  Deeds, date,
          garrison's condition, some references.

f.13      Cram House, Hampton Falls. (NH-23).  Deeds, date,
          condition.  Will of Jonathan Cram gives one reference.

f.14      Winnicut Mill, Stratham. (NH-24).  Deeds, date,
          condition, no references.

          Captain Barnes House, Portsmouth. (NH-26).  Deeds.
          Samuel Chauncey, History.  No references.

          First M. E. Church, Manchester. (NH-28).  Deeds are mis-
          sing, present owner, date built, condition, construction.

          Covered Bridge, Hopkinton. (NH-30). Present owner, date,
          condition, one reference.

          Covered Bridge, Orford. (NH-29).  Deeds are missing.
          Present owner, date, condition, construction.

          Stone Bridges, Hillsboro. (NH-32).  Present owner,
          condition, no deeds.

          Woodman Garrison, Durham. (NH-33).  Deeds missing, date,
          condition, construction, references.

          Col. Paul Wentworth House, Salmon Falls. (NH-35).  Deeds
          missing, date, construction, some references.

          Pioneer Cabin, Campton. (NH-36).  No deeds, date,
          condition, one reference.

          Doe Garrison, Newmarket. (NH-37).  No deeds, date,

f.15      *John Martin piece.  Garrison and land.  Some
          genealogical information on John Martin.  Some
          references.  List of owners and deed transfers.  Deeds.
          Doe family genealogical information.

f.16      Ebenezer Smith deeds. (9pp.)

f.1       John Martin deeds, a complete set.

f.2       Durham Falls property, deeds.  Richard York grant.

f.3       Miscellaneous deeds.  The following names are mentioned:
          Adelaide Bergeron, Sadie A. Bergeron, Walter Bryent, Guy
          S. Carpenter, Frank Coyne, John Crommett, Bridgett
          Devine, Andrew J. Doe, Frank E. Doe, Cornelius Drisco,
          James Drisco, Arthur O. Fuller, Thomas Gibala, Napolean
          Gilmet, Charles L. Gray, Samuel H. Greene, Chesley D.
          Haselton, George Hilton, Timothy M. Joy, Esther Keniston,
          Mary McDonnell King, Frank Kush, Aristide Lassalle,
          Colman F. Lord, Bridget Magdaline McDonald, Isador Meyer,
          Charles A. Nichols, Lottie Blanche Parks, Bridget M.
          Ryan, Benjamin Smith, Edward Smith, Samuel Smith, Eleanor
          F. Stevens, Jane M. Stevens, Joseph Stevens, Olin D.
          Stevens, Lawrence Twardus, Arthur C. Willey, Frank E.

f.4       Miscellaneous deeds, continued:  Stephen Boardman, Walter
          Bryent, Andrew Chapman, Ebenezer Chapman probate,
          Ebenezer S. Chapman, Paul Chapman, Andrew J. Doe probate,
          Joseph Doe, Jr., Sampson Doe, Zebulon N. Doe, Cornelius
          Drisco, Lizzie A. Furber, Sarah E. Greeley, Mary Haley,
          Samuel Haley, Chesley Drew Haselton, Edward James,
          Jonathan Kenniston, Jonathan N. Knerson, Edward Smith,
          Elizabeth Smith, James Smith, Nathaniel Stevens,
          Nathaniel Stevens probate.  Will of Cornelius Drisco.
          Lawrence Twardus in Grantors, 1902- 1935.

f.5       Original child's copybook.  In good condition.

f.6       HABS Garrison study, Great Bay. Historical data - Town
          lines, roads.  General data - Martin Piece, York Piece,
          Goddard Piece, includes photograph of Stackpole's map of
          Durham. (53pp.)

f.7       HABS Garrison study, Great Bay. John Martin deeds

f.8       HABS Garrison study, Great Bay. Peter Coffin deeds. York
          Piece (20pp.).

f.9       HABS Garrison study, Great Bay. John Goddard deeds.

f.10      Report on progress on the study of forts, garrisons, and
          garrisoned houses and their sites of Great Bay. (9pp.)

f.11      First draft of an account of the structure of the Gilman
          Garrison at Exeter.  HABS NH-18.  This is not part of the
          Garrison Project. (14pp.)

f.12      Chronological chart showing ownership of "The Neck" from
          the grants down to the present times.

f.13      Deed to the York Piece.  Samuel Doe - Stephen Boardman,
          1754.  Shows deed and map of said area.  Key map.
          Lubberland.  Deed to the Martin Piece.  Nathaniel Doe -
          Ralph Cross, 1745.  Shows deed and map of said area.
          Division of the estate of Stephen Boardman, 1776.  Gives
          map.  Splitting up of property of Sampson Doe.
          1730-1740.  List of references.  Drisco property, map.

f.14      Mortgage of the Martin Piece.  Almon P. Smith - William
          M. Simpson, 1899, map.  Deeds of the Martin and Goddard
          Pieces.  Lewis Killam - Harry H. Nichols, 1922, map.
          Sales by Raymond M. Adams, 1928-29.  Map.  Bound between
          Nicholas Doe and John Goddard, 1673 map.  Laying out of
          Lubberland Road, 1664, map.

f.15      Complete copy of THE OLD DOVER BOOK, 1647.  The original
          is located in the City Clerk's Office, Dover. An explana-
          tion of the book is enclosed at the beginning of this
          copy (in this folder).  Folder 17 contains pages l
          through 67.

f.16      THE OLD DOVER BOOK, pages 68 through 99.
          Pages 100 through 106 appear to be missing.

f.17      THE OLD DOVER BOOK, pages 107 through 163.

f.18      THE OLD DOVER BOOK, pages 164 through 223.

f.19      THE OLD DOVER BOOK, pages 224 through 298.

f.20      THE OLD DOVER BOOK, pages 301 through 373.

f.21      THE OLD DOVER BOOK, pages 374 through 399, also pages
          436 and 438.
          General index to THE OLD DOVER BOOK.  Stamps.

f.22      Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and
          Historic American Engineering Record (HAER)
          information.  Background of the national program.
          Photoduplication price list.  Use at the Library
          of Congress.  Instructions for understanding the
          checklist. How to read HABS/HAER computer printouts.
          HABS/HAER checklist for New Hampshire (01.09/86).


III. Drawings

NH-1 Gen. John Sullivan House Durham NH-2 Giddings Tavern Exeter NH-3 Col. Joshua Wentworth House Portsmouth NH-4 Custom House Portsmouth NH-5 Boyd Raynes House Portsmouth NH-6 Town Hall Durham NH-7 Sheafe Warehouse Portsmouth NH-8 Simeon Folsom House Exeter NH-9 Liberty-Emery House Exeter NH-10 House at 33-35 Deer Street Portsmouth NH-11 House at 117 Deer Street Portsmouth NH-12 Town Pound Durham NH-13 Powder House Exeter NH-14 Ebenezer Smith House (Complete set)Durham NH-14 Ebenezer Smith House (Partial set) Durham NH-15 Moody Parsonage Rockingham NH-16 Amos Seavey House Rye NH-17 Meeting House Sandown NH-18 Gilman Garrison Exeter NH-19 Parsonage Newington NH-20 Gov. Levi Woodbury Mansion Portsmouth NH-21 Contoocook Bridge Hopkinton NH-22 Pendergast Garrison Durham NH-23 John Cram Farmstead Hampton Falls NH-24 Winnicut Grist Mill Stratham NH-26 Captain Barnes House Portsmouth NH-28 First ME (Methodist Episcopal) Church Manchester NH-29 Covered Bridge Orford NH-30 Covered Bridge Hopkinton NH-32 Stone Bridge Hillsboro NH-33 Woodman Garrison Durham NH-34D Weare Saw Mill (Percy Weare) Hampton Falls NH-35 Col. Paul Wentworth House Salmon Falls NH-36 Pioneer Cabin Campton NH-37 Doe's Garrison Newmarket OVERSIZE BOX 1 NH-1 General John Sullivan House. Durham, Strafford County. 15 sheets. Plot plan. Plans: First and second floors. Elevations: Front, SW, rear, NE. Details: Stairway, window, miscellaneous. Elevations: NE bedroom, SW bedroom. Drawn by Dorinda H. Hinckley, I.W. Hersey. NH-2 Giddings Tavern. Exeter, Rockingham County. 25 sheets. Plan of Exeter. Plans: First and second floors, framing. Elevations: S,N,W. Wall sections. Details: Main entrance, front door, cornice, parlor, stair hall, dining room, kitchen, S bedroom, SE bed- room, E bedroom, kitchen window, hardware. Studies in development previous to present house. Drawn by J.B. Maclellan, M.P. Dirsa. NH-3 Col. Joshua Wentworth House. Portsmouth, Rockingham County. 25 sheets. Basement floor plan. Full size details of front doorway, exterior, balusters of main stair. Details of dormers. Elevation: West wall of northeast room (elaborate Georgian trim). Drawn by L.O. Geoffrion, J.F. Lampron. NH-4 Custom House. Portsmouth, Rockingham County. 14 sheets. Details of main entrance, corner doorway second floor window, hardware, vault doors. Drawn by Ralph A. Waugh, Richard E. Koehler. NH-5 Boyd Raynes House. Portsmouth, Rockingham County. 25 sheets. Plan of Portsmouth showing location of house. Details of Room 104 (Living Room), Stair- hall 105, Bedrooms 213 and 214, Smoke Chamber 301, basement fireplace and ovens, dormers, wrought iron gutter holders full size, tombstone of Col. George Boyd. Supplementary drawing showing the three stages of development, fence boards found on attic floor. Drawn by R.A. Waugh, E.B. Philbrick, C. Clark, A. Marchand, J.B. Maclellan, R. Koehler, J.F. Lampron. NH-6 Town Hall. Durham, Strafford County. 22 sheets. Plans: First and second floors, basement and first floor framing, roof framing. Elevations: NW, SW, SE, NE. Details: Exterior, office and store entrances, store interior, wrought iron door and shutter hardware, rear door, large window, vault door of sheet iron. Restored elevations: NW, SE. Sections of cornice, plate, roof frame. Drawn by Dorinda Hinckley. NH-7 Sheafe Warehouse. Portsmouth, Rockingham County. 5 sheets. Plans, elevations, hardware, window details. Drawn by J.F. Lampron. NH-8 Simeon Folsom House. Exeter, Rockingham County. 15 sheets. Plans: Foundation; first, second and third floors, attic and roof framing. Elevations: SE- "Developed," NE-"Developed," NW. Wall sections: Buildings 1 and 2. Drawn by M.P. Dirsa, J.B. Maclellan. NH-9 Liberty-Emery House. Exeter, Rockingham County. 15 sheets. Exeter, Rockingham County. Details: Georgian panelling, moldings, windows, balustrade, hardware. Drawn by Ralph A. Waugh, L.O. Geoffrion, E.B. Philbrick, A. Marchand. NH-10 House at 33-35 Deer Street. Portsmouth, Rockingham County. 8 sheets. First floor, attic and roof framing plans. Full size details: Window trim and muntin. Details: Exterior cornice, balustrade and stair hall. Drawn by Richard Koehler, H. Maclaren. NH-11 House at 117 Deer Street. Portsmouth, Rockingham County. 9 sheets, of which 4 are stair hall details. Drawn by L.O. Geoffrian. NH-12 Town Pound. Durham, Strafford County. 2 sheets. Elevations. Site plan, inscriptions: "Built-1709, Rebuilt-1808, Restored-1908." Drawn by L.O. Geoffrion. NH-13 Powder House. Exeter, Rockingham County. 2 sheets. "Built 1771." Plan, plan at door, section, south elevation. Hinge, door details. Drawn by J.B. Maclellan, M.P. Dirsa. NH-14 Ebenezer Smith House. Durham, Strafford County. 38 sheets. Plot plan. Plans: First and second floors. Elevations: NE, NW, SE, SW. Framing plans: Cellar, first floor, attic, roof. Details: Elevation, window, blind and shutter, exterior, SW entrance, SW entrance hardware, side entrance, side door hardware, NE elevation, dado in main stair hall, main stair hall, south and west living rooms, west bedroom, hardware. Drawn by Dorinda Hinckley, Edith V. Holt, A.J. Marchand. NH-14 Ebenezer Smith House. Durham, Strafford County. Partial set (1 of 2 sets of NH-14; the other is a complete set). Should have 38 sheets; lacking are sheets 1 (Plot plan) and 4 (SW and NW elevations). Drawn by Dorinda Hinckley, Edith V. Holt, A.J. Marchand. NH-15 Moody Parsonage. Rockingham, Rockingham County. 19 sheets. Chimney details. Full size stair hall details. Sheet 15 torn on left edge. Sheet 19: Supplementary drawing restoring parsonage in 1730 and c.1786. Drawn by E.B. Philbrick, Ralph A. Waugh, L.O. Geoffrion. NH-16 Amos Seavey House. Rye, Rockingham County. 21 sheets. Chimney elevations and framing plans. Full size details of main entrance and front door latch. Kitchen details. Drawn by J.F. Lampron, Clifford R. Clark, J.C. Fletcher. NH-17 Meeting House. Sandown, Rockingham County. 42 sheets. Plans of first floor and gallery, south entrance. Full size pilaster details at south, west and east entrances. Interior elevations: Gallery face, typical wall pew, pulpit, sounding board, deacons' pew- pulpit, paint details. Drawn by J.B. Maclellan, M.P. Dirce. NH-18 Gilman Garrison. Exeter, Rockingham County. 38 sheets. Plot plan. Plans: First floor, second floor framing, attic floor. Darling's Model and garrison details. Section details. Elevations of NW corner. Details: Pulley in attic, sill. Sections: N wall, W end of garrison. Full size elevation: Lamb's tongue. Plans: Cellar and first floor framing, first floor, second floor. Plan and elevation: Buoy for diving bell. Elevation: Lead soldier. Details: Hardware. Drawn by Richard Koehler, J.F. Lampron, J.C. Fletcher, A.J. Marchand, J.B. Maclellan, Amasa G. Condon, M.P. Dirsa. NH-19 Parsonage. Newington, Rockingham County. 16 sheets. Area plan. Full size stair hall details. Kitchen details. Horse block. Numerous full size moldings. Door latches. Drawn by L.O. Geoffrion, C.R. Clark, J.F. Lampron, J.C. Fletcher. NH-20 Gov. Levi Woodbury Mansion. Portsmouth, Rockingham County. 51 sheets. Plot plan with board fence elevation. Balcony details, balcony scroll. Front entrance details. Full size front door and other hardware. Full size details of stairs, plan of stair rail volute, details of living room including woods used in pilasters. Details: Vestibule, service stair, room on third floor, smoke closet. Section through lock and brass plate. Drawn by Dorinda Hinckley, Joseph F. Lampron, Nicholas Isaak, Harlan Jordan, A.J. Marchand, Richard O. Palmer. NH-21 Contoocook Bridge. Hopkinton, Merrimack County. 6 sheets. Sections of typical bay, center bay, end bay. Inside and outside end elevations. Plans of cross bracing above truss chord and under floor. Elevations and sections of plate in typical bay, center bay. Drawn by J.C. Fletcher. NH-22 Pendergast Garrison. Durham, Strafford County. 20 sheets. Plot plan. Details including hardware, Georgian panelling, nineteenth century window sash, Georgian corner cupboard, banister, newel post. Drawn by Dorinda Hinckley, Edith V. Holt, A.J. Marchand. NH-23 John Cram Farmstead. Hampton Falls, Rockingham County. 17 sheets, of which sheet 1 is lacking. Details include stair hall fielded panelling, post and cap; Georgian panelling, summer beam moldings. Hay and cattle barn. Corn crib. Drawn by J.B. Maclellan, M.P. Dirsa. NH-24 Winnicut Grist Mill. Stratham, Rockingham County. 23 sheets. Plot plan and map. Floor and framing plans, cracker control details, sectional elevations and plans of machinery. Details of mill-stone mechanism, hopper, hopper-stand and shaker, tub over mill-stones, main gears, mill-stone hoist and pick, water-wheel, present and old water wheels. Drawn by E.B. Philbrick, John C. Fletcher. NH-26 Captain Barnes House. Portsmouth, Rockingham County. 65 sheets. Plot plan. Back kitchen (shed). Details of Rumford Roaster. Smoke closet 3rd. floor. Plan, elevations, details of shed, including harness hook (full size). Barn framing plans, elevations. Drawn by Nicholas Isaak, Edith V. Holt, Richard Koehler, John C. Fletcher, Richard O. Palmer, Dorinda Hinckley, Everett R. Munson, E.B. Philbrick. NH-28 First ME (Methodist Episcopal) Church. Manchester, Hillsborough County. 16 sheets. Map showing present and former locations. Note on sheet 2: "The building is being used by upholsterers." Steeple, steeple details. Drawn by Richard Koehler. NH-29 Covered Bridge. Orford, Grafton County. 5 sheets. Isometric details of stringer framing, sway bracing, bridge end framing, upper and lower stringers. Drawn by John C. Fletcher. NH-30 Covered Bridge. Hopkinton, Merrimack County. 4 sheets. Longitudinal section, side elevation, end section and elevation. Half a longitudinal section and half a side elevation. Drawn by John C. Fletcher. NH-32 Stone Bridges. Hillsboro, Hillsboro County. 6 sheets. Location map. Second New Hampshire Turnpike Bridge at Fullers Tannery. Old Carr Bridge--Beard Brook. Gleason Falls Bridge. Drawn by J.C. Fletcher, H.S. Foster. NH-33 Woodman Garrison. Durham, Strafford County. 6 sheets. Location map. Large scale site plan. Details including cider press, chimney. Diagram of photographic record. Drawn by Ralph A. Waugh, Richard Koehler, Nicholas Isaak. NH-34D Weare Saw Mill (Percy Weare). Hampton Falls, Rockingham County. 20 sheets. Cover sheet and location map. Plot plan. Plan of long carriage and ways. Section looking down stream. Section through machinery. Side elevation of machinery. Saw frame action. Bridge tree and connection details. Rag wheel. Feeder and connections. Head block. Tail block. Wooden details. Drawn by R.W. Dyer, John L. Eggleston, A.V. Evans, Winston T. Leavitt. NH-35 Col. Paul Wentworth House. Salmon Falls, Strafford County. 41 sheets. On sheet 3: "Sheets numbered 2 to 15 inclusive show house as it was when removed in September, 1936 from New Hampshire to Dover, Massachusetts. Sheets 16 to 20 inclusive show a restoration of original house as probably built. Sheets 21 to 41 inclusive show data obtained as house was being taken down giving original framing etc. and supplying the basis for the restoration drawings just preceeding." Sheets 1 to 15 are blue- prints. Sheet 1 is preceeded by three unnumbered sheets: Plot plan, main house framing elevations, restoration drawings--windows. Drawn by John C. Fletcher, Milburn L. Richards, Everett R. Munson, John C. Fletcher, J.C. Halden. NH-36 Pioneer Cabin. Campton, Grafton County. 12 sheets. Plot plan, also shows "former Newel Avery Farm" building locations. Details include kitchen fireplace and oven, oven door, latch. Restoration elevations. Drawn by John C. Fletcher. NH-37 Doe's Garrison. Newmarket, Rockingham County. 23 sheets, including cover sheet: "A Map of Lubberland ...Showing Sampson Doe's Divisions, Circa 1735." Perspectives of joints. Note regarding window resto- ration on Sheet 9. Stair hall details. Full size hardware details. Reconstruction drawings with notes regarding kitchen placement, rear door. Section of sheathing. Supplementary sheet: "Casement window-- Abraham Browne House drawn by Everett R. Munson." Doe's Garrison drawn by Nicholas Isaak.