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Guide to the Textile Workers Union of America, Manchester, NH Local Scrapbooks, 1950-159

Collection number: MC 247

Size: 1 boxes (0.33 cu.ft.)

About Textile Workers Union of America

The Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA) was an industrial union of textile workers established through the Congress of Industrial Organizations in 1939. It waged a decades-long campaign to organize J.P. Stevens and other Southern textile manufacturers. In the 1960s and 1970s the TWUA found itself in competition with other unions for representation in large Southern plants and in 1976, the TWUA merged with another garment union, the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, to form the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU). In 1995, ACTWU merged with ILGWU into UNITE!

About the Textile Workers Union of America, Manchester, NH Local Scrapbooks

The collection contains three scrapbooks containing flyers and newspaper clippings documenting the activities of the TWUA during the 1950s, primarily in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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This collection is open.

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[Identification of item], , 1919-1953, MC 247, Textile Workers Union of America, Manchester, NH Local, 1950-1959, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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Transferred from UNH Archives, UA 21 (UNH-M), 2012 (Accession number: 2012.11)

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Collection Contents

Series I: Scrapbook 1: Clippings, 1952-1957

(76 pages)

Box 1
“American Woolen Again Extends CIO Contract,” April 11, 1952

“Nashua Industrial Blow/Textron Firm To Blanket Mill Machines,” April 13, 1952

“Hot Controversy Rages Over Job Compensation,” April 13, 1952

“Jobless Benefits Dispute Hearing in Final Day Here,” April 14, 1952

“Unemployed to Present Cases Here on Monday,” April 11, 1952

“Take Nashua Benefit Appeal To Governor,” April 9, 1952

“Ten More Witnesses Due Tomorrow,” April 9, 1952

“Hearings Open on Appeals From Job Payment Cutoffs,” April 4, 1952

“Jobless Pay Hearing,” (photo), April 4, 1952

“Royal Little Predicts One-Year Cycle in Textiles,” April 23, 1952

“C.I.O. Textile Union to Debate N.E. Textiles,” April 27, 1952

TWUA President Seeks To Bring Fight To a Vote,” April 28, 1952

“Rieve Attempts to Force TWUA Battle Into Open,” April 29, 1952

“Showdown Vote on Control Of TWU Expected Today,” May 1, 1952

“Moves Up/J. Harold Daoust,” (photo), May 2, 1952

“Emil Rieve Defeats Baldanzi in Election For TWU Presidency,” May 16, 1952

“Nashua Strikers Still Picket Firm,” May 16, 1952

“Rieve Will Fight Shift By Unions,” May 15, 1952

“Union Statesmanship,” May 15, 1952

“13 More N.E. Mills In Pay Cut Drive,” May 15, 1952

“Box Workers Picket Firm At Nashua,” May 15, 1952

“Textile Union War Looms/Baldanzi Now With AFL…,” May 15, 1952

“Effort To Save Mill At Suncook Fails,” May 15, 1952

“Mills Vote In South On Union Shift,” May 17, 1952

“Labor Notes,” undated

“Big Shift By Textile Workers,” May 19, 1952

“Name Biddle As Chairman,” undated

“Textile Union Mutiny Grows In No. Carolina,” May 19, 1952

“Baldanzi War Chest $1,000,000,” undated

“UTW Names Baldanzi To Head Organizing Joint Boards,” May 20, 1952

“Locals Record Heavy Secession Drive Activity,” undated

“Dan River To Stay Neutral In Battle Between UTW-TWU,” May 29, 1952

“Philip Murray Blasts Split, Pledges Full CIO Support,” May 24, 1952

“New American Woolen Contract Signed, Unlike UTW, It’s Good,” May 24, 1952

“Textron Shut Down Scored,” July 2, 1952

“E. Rieve, Others Sued For $100,000 By Howard Parker,” July 8, 1952

“Alderman Votes Against His Own Resolution,” July 9, 1952

“3 Textile Unions Accept Pay Cut,” July 21, 1952

“An Editorial/The Hard Cold Facts,” July 2, 1952

“Emil Rieve to Visit Charlotte Office,” July 27, 1952

“Workers at Peterborough Back at Jobs,” Aug 7, 1952

“Struck Paper Gets Newsprint,” Aug 7, 1952

“Claim 50,000 Left CIO for AFL Union,” Aug 18, 1952

“Veterans Ask Aldermen Continue Rent Controls,” Aug. 29, 1952

“Lest We Forget… We’ve Had a Change!,” Oct 31, 1952

“Time for a change? Bill Gets the Facts Before His First Vote,” Nov 3, 1952

“Seek To Dismiss CIO Injunction,” Nov 7, 1952

“Coos and Strafford Again Pick Winner,” Nov 5, 1952

“Pollack, Chupka Get TWUA Posts,” Jan 9, 1953 (photo)

“Bishop’s Death,” Jan 5, 1953

“1952 Textron Loss Put At $3,000,000; Sales $98,000,000,” Jan 2, 1953

“Pollock Is Selected As Bishop Successor,” Jan 9, 1953

“Daoust May Be In Line For New Job,” undated

“Funeral Services Wednesday For Mariano S. Bishop,” Jan. 5, 1953

“Council Of TWUA Meets Sunday On Cotton, Rayon Pay,” Jan 6, 1953

“Officials Of TWU Attend Services For M.S. Bishop,” Jan 8, 1953

“Pollock Elected To TWU Executive Vice-Presidency,” Jan 9, 1953

TWU Will Resist Efforts To Reduce Benefits In Pacts, Jan 12, 1953

“Cotton, Rayon Unit Of TWU To Seek Return Of Pay Cut, Jan 12, 1953

“TWU Names Group To set Policy In Pacts With Mills,” Jan 13, 1953

“American Woolen Seeks Wage Talks Opening With TWU,” Jan 15, 1953

“TWU, Amer. Woolen May Hold Pay Talks In N.Y. Monday,” Jan 16, 1953

“Pitarys At Boston Meeting To Win Back Textile Pay Cuts,” Jan 12, 1953

“TWU Policy Group Meets With Rieve on Amer. Woolen Today,” Jan 20, 1953

“Wool Mill Unions To Ask $1.26 Under Walsh-Healey Act,” Jan 21, 1953

“Head of TWUA Meets With Counsel Of Amer. Woolen,” Jan 21, 1953

“Forstmann and TWU Sign New Contract For Another Year,” Jan 22, 1953

“American Woolen Seeking Wage Cut, Is Charge By TWU,” undated

“Textron to Start Throwing Plant Mar. 1,” Jan 26, 1953

“Amer. Woolen Co. To Start Pay Cut Talks With Unions,” Feb 2, 1953

“TWU Head Protests Stevens Appointment,” Feb 2, 1953

“TWU Head Objects To Stevens as Being Hostile to Labor,” Jan 27, 1953

“Fall River Mills Ask TWU for Cut; Refused,” Jan 30, 1953

“Indian Head Mills Made Separate Firm,” Feb 6, 1953

“CIO Asks Change In Taft-Hartley on 7 Basic Issues,” Feb 12, 1953

“15% Wage Cutback By Amer. Woolen Refused By TWUA, Feb 17, 1953

“Nashua, Alabama Indian Head Plants Bought By New Company,” Feb 6, 1953

“TWU Sets Plans to Fight Pay Cut Demands Next Year,” June 29, 1953

“CIO Defeats AFL in Three Textile Plants,” Feb 27, 1953

“Jurisdiction Union Dispute To Be Settled,” undated

“CIO Beats Off Attempted “”Raid”” By AFL At Local Plant;…” Aug 13, 1953

“Claremont Man Seeks To Head CIO In State,” Aug 7, 1953

“TWUA Sets Plans To Fight Woolens Pay Cut Demands,” undated

“Labor Leaders of the State,” Oct 1, 1953 (photo)

“The Score Tells the Story,” Aug 22, 1953 (photo)

“AFL Is Routed in Nashua Raid; Workers Okay TWUA, 143-41,” undated

“George Fecteau Elected Head Of State CIO,” undated (photo)

“Newly Elected Officers of the State CIO Council,” Sept 28, 1953 (photo)

“Pitarys Reelected President / State CIO Council…,” Nov 12, 1953, 1953 (photo)

“Amer. Woolen Would Keep 1,584 Looms, Drop 2,208,” Dec 31, 1953

“Joint U.S. Parley On Employment Urged By Rieve,” undated

“Textron Plan to Shut Last 2 Mills in N.E.,” undated

“Pitarys Is Unopposed For State CIO Job,” Nov 9, 1956

“State CIO Industrial Union Council,” Oct 18, 1954 (photo)

“Chupka Says TWU Shocked By American Woolen Plan,” Jan 4, 1954

“Verney About Set On Arranging For South Operation,” undated

“Textile Union Seeks Court Action In Textron Dispute,” April 27, 1954

“Former Workers At Textron to Get Back Pay,” April 20, 1954

“Cheap Japanese Textile Imports Hurt Local Firm,” May 22, 1956

“Wage Increase Is Negotiated, Rollins Engine,” undated

“Management and Labor Agree On NE Textile Issue,” undated

“Union and Firm in Hassle; Picket Lines Thrown Up,” 1956

“Picketing Continues at Nashua Finishing,” undated

“Textiles: Pitarys Hopes Everything Here To Remain Same,” undated

“$250,000 Suit vs. Textron, Inc., Filed by C.I.O.,” Dec 30, 1954

“Filed Today: Wage Dispute Suit Against Textron in Superior Court,” April 28, 1954

“New Hampshire Notes / CIO Textile Workers Sue Textron, Inc….,” undated

“Pitarys Named, Policy Committee,” undated

“Nashua TWUA Delegation To Atlantic City,” undated

“Nashua Man Named To NE Textile Board,” undated

“TWUA Suing Textron Over Wage Incrrease,” undated

“Labor To Amend PEC Report of Primary Funds,” Oct 19, 1954

“Labor Groups Assail Proposed Brown Leave,” Feb 17, 1955

“New England CIO Council to Boost Area’s Economy,” Jan 29, 1955

“C.I. O. Group Forms Council to Boost N.E. Economy,” Jan 29, 1955

“No Pay Cuts for Textile Workers Here, Says Union,” Feb 16, 1955

“Pitarys Says Nomination Was Good One,” undated

“Pitarys Off To Washington,” undated

“TWUA Elected Horton-Hubbard Bargaining Agent,” undated

“Pitarys Off To Los Angeles For Convention,” undated

“Pitarys Off To New York,” undated

“Rollins Firm, Union Agree On Wage Increases,” undated

“State Presidents of New England CIO Meet,” undated (photo)

“Union Elections,” undated

“Fecteau Withdraws As Candidate for Labor Post; Council Will…,” undated

“Naming Mr. Fecteau,” undated

“Mill Forces Get 7-Cents Hourly Hike,” April 1, 1951

“New Contract : International Paper Box and Workers Agree,” undated

“Pitarys At Boston Meeting To Win Back Textile Pay Cuts,” undated

“Pitarys Elected President Of New Hampshire’s CIO,” undated

“Labor Committee Not Political Says Attorney,” Oct 12, 1954

“Four Hundres Persons feted M. Michael Botelho… ,” Oct 18, 1953 (photo)

“Dwinell Solid For Fecteau, Scouts Idea of PAC Payoff,” Dec 26, 1954

“Marshal Plan Awards,” undated (photo)

“3000 Textile Workers Here Set to Strike Over Pension,” undated

“Nashua Firm, Labor Groups Honored by ECA Here Today,” undated

“Nashua Textile Leader, Pitarys, Is To Head CIO Industrial Council In State,” Oct 18, 1954 (photo)

“Pitarys Describes Some Industries as Merely ‘Hanging On’,” undated

“Awarded Toland Medal,” undated (photo)

“Fecteau Withdraws As Candidate For Labor Post; Council Will Act Today,” undated

“As NH Labor Commissioner/Fecteau ‘Exceptionally Honored’ on Nomination,” undated

“CIO Workers Asked To Aid Flood Victims,” Aug 26, 1955

“New Hampshire Labor Leaders Offer Comment on Big AFL-CIO Merger,” Feb 18, 1955 (photo)

“Textile Union: Seeks Extension Of Mill Contracts,” April 11, 1955

“Nothing New On Contracts Says Pitarys,” April 13, 1955

“Nashua Textile Extends Union Contract Year,” April 14, 1955

“Nashua Labor Leader Attends Washington Meet,” May 12, 1955

“500 Union Workers At Improved Out,” Sept 20, 1955

“New Contract At Improved Is Agreed On,” undated

“CIO Textile Workers Plan Wage Hikes,” undated

“180 Employees Of International Out On Strike,” Sept 21, 1955

“International and Union in Settlement,” Sept 22, 1955

“New Hampshire Notes: CIO Asks Year’s Extension Of Textile Mill Contracts,” April 30, 1955

“Takes Issue With Law: Labor Union Political Cash Curb Draws Protest,” Oct 27, 1955

“One Nashua Firm Extends Contract,” April 14, 1955

“Possible Nashua Strike,” April 15, 1955

“TWUA Opens Bid For New Contracts,” Feb 13, 1956

“Nashua Men On AFL-CIO Merger Group,” Feb 13, 1956

“Labor Opposes Newell Brown,” Aug 2, 1955 (photo)

“Newport – Officers of Local 550…,” Jan 27, 1956

“Textile Decline Blamed on Misjudgment of Leaders,” Oct 1, 1954

“State CIO Leaders,” Nov 21, 1955 (photo)

“Near-Record 183 Pints of Blood Collected Yesterday,” March 13, 1956

“Textile Workers Union of America CIO Decked Out for Christmas,” undated (photo)

“Santa Makes a Special Visit To 2,500 TWUA Strikers,” undated

“Say 1955 Banner N.H. Labor Year,” Dec 23, 1955

“Pitarys to Seek Re-election as CIO Council Head,” Nov, 1956

“Pitarys Again Named President Of State CIO,” undated

“Pitarys Heads Union Combine Draft Plan,” undated

“Good Appointment,” undated

“Back Pay Checks Pour Out To Ex-Textron Workers,” June 15, 1956

“TWUA to Petition Congress Restrict Textile Imports,” June 12, 1956

“City Textile Workers To Seek Curb On Jap Imports,” June 27, 1956

“Horton and Hubbard Grants Five Cents Hike to Workers,” June 30, 1954

“Nashua Textile Labor Leader Urges NH Congressman…,” undated

“One Fifth Of Eligible Ex-Textron Workers Here Receive Checks…,” undated

“Briefly Stated,” June 19, 1956

“Pay Off Day Here,” June 19, 1956(photo)

“CIO State Meet In Manchester November 9-11,” undated

“In Local Mills: Textile Workers Given Wage Hike,” April 16, 1956

“Lining Up,” undated (photo)

“Textile Workers Push Pay Demand,” undated

“11 Nashuans To Attend TWUA National Meet,” undated

“Two Locals Ratify Pact,” undated

“CIO Endorses Adlai And Estes,” undated

“No CIO-AFL Meeting Until After Labor Day,” undated

“Over 1,000 Attend Textile Workers Party,” undated

“1525 Former Workers Here To Get Textron Back Pay,” April 21, 1956

“$116,500 Back Wages To Textron Workers,” April 20, 1956

“CIO Leader Will Head Two Merged Unions,” undated

“CIO President Will Fight Alcoholism In Workers,” undated

“Nashua TWUA Signs Contract,” undated

“Nashua Workers Vote To Accept Wage Increase,” Oct. 7, 1957

“CIO Leader, Tom Pitarys, Making For Himself In NH Labor Circles,” April 9, 1957

“Asks Dwinell To Tell Of Meet With CIO Chief,” Sept. 5, 1956

“Pitarys Denies CIO Gift To Dwinell Fund,” Sept. 5, 1956

“Labor Leader Compliments Telegraph On Labor News,” Oct 31, 1956

Series II: Scrapbook 2: Flyers and newsclippings, 1950-1959

(51 pages)

Box 1
“Arms Workers/How will you carry…,” Jan 23, 1950

“Nashua Industrial Blow/Textron Firm To Blanket Mill Machines,” April 13, 1952

“Hot Controversy Rages Over Job Compensation,” April 13, 1952

“Jobless Benefits Dispute Hearing in Final Day Here,” April 14, 1952

Hoffer, William. “Why administrators should know about PSI.” College Management, April 1973

“ATTENTION! All Waumbec Dyeing & Finishing…,” Dec 18, 1952

Granite State Joint Board to All Horton & Hubbard Workers, Sept 12, 1955

Granite State Joint Board to All Norton & Hubbard Workers, Aug 17, 1955

Granite State Joint Board to All Stevens Workers

Granite State Joint Board to TWUA and CIO, Sept 23, 1953

Mohair Plush Can’t Answer The Unions…, April 22, 1955

Official Union Notice/Attention, Aug 1, 1953

Open Letter to Mr. Saul Greenspan, Jan 2, 1953

Open Letter to Waumbec Weave Mill Workers / There is no substitute…, Sept 28, 1953

Princeton Knitting Workers

Textile Messenger/Attention Waumbec Mills Inc…, Oct 17, 1953

Textile Messenger/Election Day Set,” Sept 10, 1953

Textile Messenger/The Time Is Now!!!, May 11, 1955

Textile Messenger/The Trial Period is Over, Aug 26, 1953

Textile Messenger/Union Drive Officially Underway…, May 2, 1953

Textile Messenger/Union Drive Successfully Under Way…, April 8, 1953

Textile Messenger/United States Government Orders, June 2, 1955

Textile Messenger/Waumbec Weave Workers, Sept 25, 1953

Textile Messenger/You Have A Right To Organize, Sept 14, 1955

To All Waumbec Workers / We Thought You…

To Waumbec Mills Employees…

TWUA-CIO to Waumbec Mills Employees (in French), undated

“UNION WINS/The Score For The Union…,” Jan 8, 1953

“UNION WINS/The Score For The Union…,” Sept 30, 1953

“VOTE August 12, 1953…,” Aug 11, 1953

“What These Church Leaders of NH Think About…,” Jan 8, 1953

“XTRA XTRA XTRA,” Dec 29, 1952

Adams Pulls No Votes in Labor Poll, undated

Joint Board Donates $100 to Chest Fund, undated

Martel Succeeds Cote On Labor Committee, undated

Poll, undated

Ratify Agreement To End Textile Strike, undated

Sullivan County CIO Boosts Education, undated

Textile Union Opens Temporary Headquarters, undated

Try To Avert Textile Strike In NH Plants, April 12, 1955

TWUA Asks NLRB Probe By Congress, undated

TWUA Seeks Restoration of 1952 Pay Cuts, April 9, 1955

Willing to Hold Line At Verney, undated

Queen City Wage Shows Increase, 1958

Team Praised By Pitarys For Textile Contract, undated

Unemployment In NH Levels Off To 11,950, undated

After Wage Vote / House Shouts Down Property…, June 9, 1955

House Roll Call On Minimum Wage, April 16, 1959

Textile Strikes In NH Averted By Extensions, April 16, 1959

AFL-CIO Asks Modern Compensation System, Oct. 3, 1959

Cote Silent After Attack By Pitarys, Nov. 17, 1959

Hopes For Action / Pitarys Praises Powell…, undated

Labor Convention Here Oct. 16-18, undated

Labor Hails Education Aid Need, Oct. 3, 1959

Moriarty Says Unity Needed By Craftsmen, Oct. 3, 1959

Nashua – A total of 154 pints of blood…, undated

NH Labor Head Draws Union Ire, Nov. 16, 1959

Pitarys Renamed NH Labor Chief, Oct. 19, 1959

Pitarys Report Charges / Labor Under Fire…, Sept. 25, 1959

Sees ‘Spirit of 1776′ In USW Strike Action, Oct. 30, 1959

State AFL-CIO Board Meeting Saturday at 10, undated

Victor Riesel / Labor Plans White House Drive, Oct. 3, 1959

Planning Community Chest Campaign (photo), undated

Principles or Pennies? (Union Leader), April 14, 1955

Statewide Union Constitution To Be Formulated, undated

Bills Payable?, April 12, 1955

Their State-Level Merger… (photo), undated

Warns Labor To Reconcile Differences Among Groups, undated

Local 827, Textile Workers Union (photo), undated

An Editorial / Stabbing Textile Workers (Union Leader), July 25, 1955

As Solons Consider Federal Appointment / AFL, CIO Assail…, July 26, 1955

Granite State Labor Leaders Attend Parley, undated

An Editorial / Stabbing Textile Workers, July 25, 1955

By Imposing Low Tariffs / Way Paved To Destroy U.S. Textile Industry, July 25, 1955

Senate Hearing Due Today on Retirement Plan, July 25, 1955

Urges Unions Attend COPE Sessions, undated

CIO, Nov. 15, 1955

Convention Closes Tomorrow / CIO Maps Resolution…, Nov. 19, 1955

Opening Call…, The (photo), Nov. 19, 1955

Among Many Resolutions / State CIO Convention…, Nov. 21, 1955

CIO, Nov. 15, 1955

State CIO Leaders (photo), Nov. 21, 1955

Call Boston Conference On Strike, undated

Prior To the United Labor Committee’s… (photo), undated

2 Woolen Mills Grant 10 Cent Boost to 450, undated

AFL-CIO Unity Committee (photo), undated

Finishing Co. Workers Reject Textile Union, undated

Unity Group Has Area Of Agreement, undated

State AFL-CIO To Hold Meet Here / October 16-18 Dates…, July 3, 1959

Attending Convention (photo), May 18, 1956

Declining Textiles, undated

Labor Leaders In Capitol (photo), undated

Naming of Rieve Successor Looms As Main Issue, undated

Report Enfield Vote Against Calling Strike, June 12, 1956

Under Court Order / Former Textron Employes…, undated

Warns Action Necessary / Pitarys Says Textile…, undated

Labor Council Sets Convention Here in October, undated

Brazilian Labor Group To Visit NH, July 24, 1959

Three A’s To Close By End of Month, undated

Amoskeag, undated

Five Hundred Members (photo), Aug 17, 1956

Textile Union Asks Protection Of U.S. Duty, July 26, 1956

Textile Unit Holds Outing, Aug 17, 1956

State CIO Schedules Convention Here… (photos), Aug 17, 1956

Dinner, Sports Held / 1,000 Members of TWUA…, Aug 31, 1956

Nashua Textile Workers To Hold Outing Sunday, Aug. 24, 1956

NH Labor Scene / Union Claims Three A’s Owe $100,000 Vacation Pay (photo), Aug. 24, 1956

Pitarys Denies CIO Fund for Dwinell, Sept. 6, 1956

State CIO Endorses Candidates, Aug. 31, 1956

Will Not Accept Version / State’s AFL-CIO Chief Lashes…, June 19, 1959

900 at Nashua Plant To Get Six-Cent Boost, Nov. 6, 1956

600 Employees To Get Checks Through Union, Oct. 5, 1956

CIO Convention Nov. 9-11, Sept. 21, 1956

Gov. Lane Dwinell (photo), Sept. 13, 1956

Textile Chief Vows Fight To Defeat Ike, Sept. 21, 1956

Victor Riesel / Foreign Imports Defeat GOP, Sept. 18, 1956

200 Delegates Due / State CIO Opens Annual…, Nov. 9, 1956

Pitarys Reelected President / State CIO Council… (photo), Nov. 12, 1956

Mild Labor Reform Bill Predicted / Moriarty Says…, Aug. 14, 1959

Textile Workers Name Nashuan To Head… (photo), Nov. 16, 1956

Joint TWUA Board Elects, Jan. 11, 1957

No Teamster Heads In Other NH Unions, Jan. 31, 1958

Pitarys To Call AFL-CIO Board On Legislation, Jan. 30, 1958

TWUA Prepares To Negotiate for 4300 NH Workers, Jan. 11, 1957

An Editorial / Great Labor Union Condemns…, undated

TWUA Officials Set to Negotiate For 4000…, Feb. 15, 1957

State CIO Leader, Tom Pitarys, Making Record…, April 9, 1957

Honor Thomas Pitarys At Dinner Saturday (photo), Feb. 28, 1957

Ike Wins On Labor Reforms / House Votes…, Aug. 14, 1959

Pitarys Attends Meeting On Textiles in Capital, May 22, 1957

Seek To Form TWUA Enfield Mills Unit, May 24, 1957

Textile Workers Negotiate NH Pattern-Setting Contract, April 12, 1959

Appeals For Support of Labor Bill / Pitarys Decries…, May 29, 1959

Officials of Local 827 (photo), May 29, 1959

Executive Council (NH State Labor photo), Nov. 1, 1957

TWUA Not Under Fire, Sept. 27, 1957

Calls NH AFL-CIO Merger Convention Best, Nov. 1, 1957

Textron, undated

US Secretary of Labor (photo), Sept. 27, 1957

$116,500 Back Wages To Textron Workers, April 20, 1956

Adams, undated

Rochester Textile Union To Vote On Wage Offer, April 20, 1956

Says Governor And CIO Chief Met in Secret, April 5, 1956

Textron Must Pay Fees of $300,000, April 21, 1956

Textron Names Being Listed for Wage Bonanza, April 21, 1956June 13, 1956

Announce Effort To Reopen East Rochester…, Jan. 8, 1958

High Command Of AFL-CIO Cracking Down On Racketeers, Aug. 30, 1956

Name AFL-CIO Label, Education Committees, Feb. 7, 1958

NH Labor Scene, The / To Create College Student Aid…, Jan. 10, 1958

Pitarys Asks Francise Tax Be Paid People, Jan. 17, 1958

To Honor Union Head / Pitarys’ Dinner Planned March 1st, Feb, 7, 1958

Woolen Mill Closes, 200 Workers Jobless, Jan. 3, 1958

At NH Firm / Textile Union Charges ‘Deal’ For ‘Fast Buck’…, Nov 19, 1958

Contract Guide To Be Mapped At Session Here, Oct. 21, 1958

Impossible Says Simard / Shoes by Automation?, Nov. 10, 1958

TWUA Seeks Cotton’s Help on Gera Issue, Nov 20, 1958

Union Seeking 5-Cent Increase At Brown Co., Nov 20, 1958

Fuller / Says Gera firm Just Starting to Show Profit, Oct 21, 1958

Martel Doubts Carpenters To Leave AFL-CIO, Dec 21, 1958

AFL-CIO Board Meets Saturday, Nov 21, 1958

Brown Co., Union Wage Negotiation At Standstill, Nov 21, 1958

In Response To Story / 500 Seek Employment…, Nov 21, 1958

Minot Powers Heads Central Labor Council, Nov 21, 1958

Shoe Workers Elect Dec. 11, Nov 21, 1958

USWA Will Outline Wage Policies (photo), Nov 21, 1958

Right to Work Law Opposed, Nov 21, 1958

Building Trades Council (photo), Nov 21, 1958

Dwinell, Union Agree On Plan For Time Off, undated

Installation Of Officers (photo), Nov 21, 1958

Plans Complete For Election By Shoe Workers, undated

Try to Organize Two Berlin Plants, undated

TWA Suspends All Service, undated

Warns of Danger Of Losing State Hospital Staff, Nov. 21, 1958

11 Cents Wage Package / Furniture Local Signs…, undated

Officials of United Furniture Workers (photo), undated

Powell Would Speed Processing Payments To Injured or Jobless, undated

Berlin Strike / Strikers Call Mass Meeting For Tonight, undated

Christmas Party of Local No. 84 (photo), undated

Organization Meeting of workers…, An (photo), undated

Victor Riesel / More ‘Togetherness’?, undated

Bus Employes Face Bleak Days, undated

Cost of Living Up in November, undated

Election of Officers was held… (photo), undated

Gate City Firm Receives Large Navy Contract, undated

Imports Increase In Foreign Shoes, undated

Labor Council Has Laconia Election, undated

Local Pledges $1,000 To Help Berlin Strikers, undated

NH Employes List Membership Rise, undated

NH Jobless Total Jumps To 10,300…, undated

Plumbers Union To Get Charter, undated

Shoe Workers Elect Leaders For Two Years, undated

Carpenters Sign For Vt. Project, undated

Keene Council Elects Officers; Seeks Members, undated

Message to Brown Company Employes…, undated

New York Papers Agree on Terms, undated

Strike Keeps Airplanes Idle, Machinists Sign, undated

Social Security Tax Boost Begins Today, undated

Won’t Tolerate Union, Issues Heated Views, undated

$1.25 Minimum / Textile Council Accepts Baldanzi Wage…, undated

Hubbard Shoe At Rochester (photo), undated

Keene Central Labor Council (photo), undated

Lakes Region Labor Council Heads (photo), undated

Waumbec Mills Employes Win 7 P.C. Raise, undated

Workers Happy About Pay Hike In Queen City, undated

Photo Engravers Give Presidency To Concord Man, undated

Annual Christmas Party, The (photo), undated

Hoffa Move To Organize Nation’s Police Seen Doomed…, undated

Men of the Berlin Area Who Retired From Brown… (photo), undated

Strike Threatens B & M With Total Shutdown, undated

Forecasts Better Textile Outlook For Next Year, undated

Labor Briefs / Postal Federation Elects At Concord, undated

Textile Tycoon Asks Wage Hike, undated

Workmen May Hear Talk On Compensation, undated

Airlines Strike Idles 780 in NE, undated

Cleanup Forces Of AFL-CIO Face Setbacks, undated

Two Cent Increase In Local Wage Rate, undated

Weekly Earnings Show Slight Rise, undated

Bridges, Cotton Acclaim Ike’s Budge Aims, undated

District Council Plans Meeting, undated

Meany Favors Majority Rule, undated

NH Unemployment Continues To Rise, undated

Want Ike To Make Clear His Proposals; GOP Praises Message, undated

27 Firms Invited To Act Jointly, undated

AFL-CIO Favors Minimum Wage Of $1 For NH, undated

FBI Director Made Honorary Member, undated

Giderian Seeks To Retain Office, undated

Hiring Hall Procedures Discussed, undated

Report Nashua Firm To Close; Employs 350, undated

State Labor Meeting Set, undated

State Liquor Store Employes (photo), undated

Twin State Unit Plans Election, undated

$1.25 Minimum Sought by Union, undated

Claim 75 P.C. Of Rochester Workers In Union, undated

Court Rule Ends Virginia Barrier To Integration, undated

Mill-Gate Campaign / Unorganized Workers Given Textile…, undated

Tucker Elected To Head Typos In Queen City, undated

Union Recognition Goal Of Newport Town Employees, undated

More Production For 1959 (photo), 1959

Office Employes, Brown Company Extend Contract, undated

Seek 15-Cent Increase / Hold Conference For Shoe Workers, undated

NE Textile Unions Make Wage Demands, undated

Spur Development / Resolution Advocates Federal…, undated

Urge Employers To Help Pass Minimum Wage, undated

AFL-CIO To Stage NH Rally June 6-7, undated

Bleachery Strike ‘Nearly Settled’, undated

Bleachery Wage Talks Continued, undated

Kennedy Favors Two Labor Clean-Up Bills, undated

Labor To Seek 35-Hour Week, 7-Hour Day, undated

Offer $350,000 For Textile Firm, undated

Plea To Stay Nashua Textile Co. Liquidation Under…, undated

Reuther Calls Labor Reform Bill ‘Sloppy’, undated

Well Received In Capital / NH Leaders Ask Change In Taft-Hartley…, undated

NH Labor Delegation Calls on Sen. Bridges, undated

AFL-CIO Denies Blacklist Charge, Aug. 26, 1959

AFL-CIO Opposes Equal Rights Bill As ‘Destructive’, undated

Pitarys To Go To West Coast, Sept. 10, 1959, undated

Pitarys Warns of Threat in Orient / Clothing Industry In Peril, undated

Two Delegates Off for Parley, Aug 26, 1959

Winchester Plant Votes for Union, Aug 26, 1959

150 on Strike At Bleachery In Somersworth, undated

See Textile Recovery Moderate But Long-Range Picture…, undated

Consistently Higher / Pitarys Cites Union Wage Study, Sept. 11, 1959

Organized Labor Aims to Assist Needy Students, Aug. 28, 1959

Pitarys Urges Adoption Of Holiday Safety Rules, Aug. 21, 1959

Series III: Scrapbook 3 – Flyers and reports, 1953-1956

Box 1
“Textile Workers Union of America” (research), July 21, 1954, 3pp report

“A Wage Increase… Is Long Overdue…,” Feb 8, 1956, 4pp flyer

“To All Chicopee Workers,” March 29, 1956, 4 pp AFL-CIO flyer

Yellow tag, “I Am From Wyandotte Won’t you Join Us?” undated

“To All Johnson & Johnson Chicopee Workers…,” Feb 23, 1956

“Granite State to Glenn D. Jackson, Jr.,” April 20, 1956

“To All Gonic Workers…,” June 5, 1956

“To All Wallesford Woolen Company Workers…,” April 20, 1956, AFL-CIO flyer

“Attention All M.T. Stevens Co.,” June 11, 1956, two 1pp AFL-CIO flyers

“Union Scores First Victory…,” July 13, 1956, 1p AFL-CIO flyer

“To All M.T. Stevens Workers,” May 7, 1956

“J. Wm. Belanger to Thomas Pitarys,” April 18, 1956

“Union Wins,” March 20, 1956

“Cotton and Rayon Wage Pattern Now Set,” April 6, 1956

“Thomas J. Pitarys to All Nashua Finishing Company Workers,” April 5, 1956

“Union Wins 12 Cents Per Hour,” Feb 22, 1956

“Textile Workers Regarding Wages,” May 14, 1956

“To All M.T. Stevens Co. Workers,” April 10, 1956

“Official Union Notice,” Aug 1, 1953

“Four Men Dedicated to the Principal of Serving NH Best,” Sept. 8, 1954