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Series X: Photographs and Movie Stills

1 box

e.1	Photo negatives:
		Eddie Cantor (print in e.12).
		George Cohen (e.15).
		W.C. Fields (e.19).
		"Leave It To Me" (e.30).
		Charles A. Lindbergh (e.31).
		Mary Martin & Richard Rodgers (e.34).
		Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart (e.46).
		"Tonight At 8:30" (e.52).

	8 x 11 prints

e.2	"Ali Baba Goes To Town" with Eddie Cantor.
e.3	Fred Astaire.
e.4	Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.
e.5	Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.
e.6	Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.
e.7	"The Band Wagon" with Nanette Fabray.
e.8	Irving Berlin & Tyrone Power.
e.9	"The Big Parade Of Comedy" with Bert Lahr.
e.10	Ray Bolger.
e.11	Eddie Cantor - autographed.
e.12	Eddie Cantor.
e.13	Earl Carroll.
e.14	Jack Carter Show 1950-51 Season (?).
e.15	George M. Cohan - Then and Now.
e.16	"Count Your Blessings" with Maurice Chevalier.
e.17	"Doubting Thomas" with Will Rogers, Billie Burke & Alison Skipworth.
e.18	The Duncan Sisters - autographed.
e.19	Jimmy Durante.
e.20	W.C. Fields.
e.21	W.C. Fields.
e.22	W.C. Fields.
e.23	Babe & Helen Gardiner - autographed, 1920.
e.24	"Hellzafreezin" with Olson & Johnson, 1941.
e.25	"How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying"
	 - 11 photos including Rudy Vallée, Robert Morse, Maureen
	 Arthur & Michele Lee.
e.26	"Invitation To A March" with Celeste Holm & Jane Fonda.
e.27	Al Jolson.
e.28	"The King And I" - 2 photos with Deborah Kerr & Yul Brynner, 1961.
e.29	Bert Lahr.
e.30	"Leave It To Me" with Bella & Samuel Spewack.
e.31	Charles A. Lindbergh.
e.32	Frank Loesser.
e.33 	Mary Martin.
e.34	Mary Martin & Richard Rodgers.
e.35	Marx Brothers.
e.36	Marx Brothers.
e.37	Allyn McLerie.
e.38	Johnny Mercer - autographed.
e.39	Ethel Merman, Marilyn Monroe, Donald O'Connor, Dan Dailey & Mitzi Gaynor.
e.40	Marilyn Monroe.
e.41	"Oh! What A Lovely War" - 3 photos.
e.42	"Palooka" with Jimmy Durante & Marjory Rambeau, autographed
	 by Marjory Rambeau.
e.43	Ann Pennington - autographed.
e.44	Ann Pennington - autographed.
e.45	Ezio Pinza.
e.46	Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart.
e.47	Ginger Rogers.
e.48	Will Rogers.
e.49	Phil Silvers & Nanette Fabray.
e.50	Fred Stone.
e.51	"Thoroughly Modern Millie" - 8 photos including Julie Andrews,
	 Carol Channing & Mary Tyler Moore
e.52	"Tonight At 8:30" with Gertrude Lawrence & Noel Coward.
e.53	Sophie Tucker - autographed, 1929.
e.54	"Vagabond Lover" with Rudy Vallée.
e.55	Rudy Vallée.
e.56	Rudy Vallée.
e.57	Gwen Verdon.

	11 x 15 prints

e.58	"Camelot" - 15 photos including Richard Harris, Vanessa
	 Redgrave & Franco Nero.
e.59	Lew Leslie's "International Revue" with Evelyn Groves.
e.60	Ted Lewis - autographed, 1929.
e.61	"Simple Simon" -with Doree Leslie, 1930.
e.62	Sophie Tucker - autographed, 1929.
e.63	"Up She Goes" - with Gloria Foy, 1922.
e.64	George White's "Scandals" with Adele Smith.
e.65	Ziegfeld Beauty - Beryl Williams, 1924.
e.66	Ziegfeld Beauty - Hilda Ferguson, 1920.
e.67	Ziegfeld Beauty - Dorothy Flood.
e.68	Ziegfeld Beauty - Reri, 1931 (2 shots).
e.69	Ziegfeld Beauty - Barbara Smith.
e.70	Ziegfeld"s "Rio Rita" with Peggy Blake.