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Series IX: Subject Files

8 boxes

f.1	Neile Adams: 2/13/56, 3 pages, mostly pictures.
	Fred Allen: Life, 2 pages, mostly pictures.
	June Allyson: Life, cover, Oct.1,1945, 3 pages entitled
	 "Her Highness and The Bellboy."
	"Almanac": 12/28/53, 1 page.
	Bert Ambrose; The Bystander, Mar.13, 1935, 1 page.
	"Ankles Aweigh": Theatre Arts, July,1955, 1 page.
	"Anniversary Waltz": Theatre Arts,June,1954, 1 page.
	"Anything Goes": 2 pages, pictures.
	"Are You With It?": 11/26/45, 4 pages, pictures.
	"Arms And The Girl": Theatre Arts, April 1950, 1 page.
	Louis Armstrong; Life, cover, Apr.15,1966, 19 pages of
	 interview & pictures.
	"Around The World": Broadway with Orson Welles, 3 pages-mostly
	Jean Arthur: article about her home, 4 pages-mostly pictures.
	"As The Girls Go": 11/29/48, 2 pages Bobby Clark pictures.
f.2	George Abbott: 3 articles - "100th Birthday" (2 pages),
	 "50th anniversary in show business" (6 pages) & "Hick on
	 Broadway" (6 pages).
f.3 	Julie Andrews: 3 articles - Post, cover, Jan. 29, 1966
	 (4 pages); Look, cover, Sept. 19.1967 (4 pages-pictures);
	 Life, cover, March 26, 1956 (6 pages-mostly pictures of
	 "My Fair Lady").
f.4	Fred Astaire, People, July 6, 1987, cover (11 pages);
	 11/9/42 (4 pages - pictures with Ginger Rogers); 12/30/40 (2
	 pages); 3/26/51 (2 pages); 11/19/45 (3 pages).
f.5	George Balanchine, "Cat Comes Dancing," (2 pages); "Band Wagon"
	 Dance, Sept. 1953 (2 pages).
	Brigitte Bardot, "Charms of Brigitte" (5 pages).
	John Barrymore, "Clowning Wows Theatre" (4 pages).
	The Beatles, Life (3 pages, pictures of fans).
	"Bells Are Ringing," 2/11/57, "Judy Holliday at the
	 Switchboard" (4 pages).
	Joan Bennett, 9/9/40, "Her Busy Day" (5 pages).
	"Best Foot Forward," 10/31/41, "1st. Musical Comedy of
	 Broadway Season," (4 pages).
	"Billion Dollar Baby," 1/21/46, "Spoofs On 1920s" (3 pages).
	Bing Boys: Bystander, Dec. 18, 1934, Revival (1 page).
	"Bloomer Girl," Life cover (Celeste Holm), Nov.6, 1944
	 (4 pages-pictures).
	Borsch Circuit (2 pages).
	Boulanger, 7/21/58, music teacher 2 pages.
	"Boys & Girls," Ed Wynn in new Broadway Hit (2 pages-pictures).
	"Broadway tries hard," 10/25/48 (7 pages).
	Broadway - 1952, Look, 4/22/52 (7 pages-pictures).
	Charlie Brown, Life cover, March 17, 1967, Peanuts &
	 Schulz (7 pages).
	Carol Bruce, Life cover, Sept. 9, 1940, "New Young Starlet"
	 (3 pages).
	Virginia Bruce, Bystander, Feb 13, 1935, (picture-1 page).
	Burlesque: 9/12/44, "Strip Show Bows Out" (3 pages).
	Carol Burnett: one of TV Bright Stars, 5 pages
	"By Jupiter," 6/1/42, musical comedy (4 pages).
f.6	Lauren Bacall, Look cover, June 30, 1953; 5/7/45 1 page
	 wedding picture; 5/7/45, "Hollywood New Sensation" (6 pages).
f.7	Ingrid Bergman, Life cover, Oct. 13, 1967; Bergman's
	 return to stage (4 pages); 1/15/45 1 page of oil portrait of
	 Ingrid; Life cover, Nov. 12, 1945; 1945 pictures with
	 Ingrid (6 pages); 2/10/58, "Day out with Cary Grant" (3 pages).
f.8	Irving Berlin, NRTA Journal, May-June 1978, "90 yrs of
	 Berlin" (4 pages); "This Is The Army" (3 pages); "Miss
	 Liberty," 12/31/51 (3 pages); "Annie Get Your Gun" 6/3/46 (6
	 pages); 11/15/43 "Guest at Mountbatten," (1 page); 4/5/43,
	 general overview of his life (6 pages).
f.9	Ray Bolger, "Three To Make Ready" (4 pages); 7/27/42, "Party
	 at Stage Door Canteen" (4 pages).
f.10	"Cabin In The Sky," 12/9/40 (3 pages-pictures).
	"Call Me Mister," 1946 (4 pages-pictures).
	"Carousel," 2/6/56 (4 pages-pictures).
	Hoagy Carmichael, "Story of Stardust" (1 page).
	Earl Carrol, 2/14/44, his showmanship (3 pages-pictures).
	Carol Channing, Life cover, Nov 28, 1955, "Comic on the
	 Rampage" (2 pages).
	Charlie Chaplin, Vanity Fair, Oct 1930, "City Lights"
	 (1 page-picture).
	Tony Charmoli, Dance, May 1959, "The Man Behind the
	 Chevy Show" (4 pages).
	Ina Claire, Vanity Fair, Dec 1930, 1 page-picture
	 "Royal Family."
	Claudette Colbert, Bystander, Feb 20, 1935 (1 page).
	Copacabana Girls, 12/7/42, 5 pages of who & what the girls
	Ann Corio, 9/16/66, "Ladies Day at the Burlesque" (7 pages).
	Katharine Cornell, Vanity Fair, March 1930, "Dishonoured
	 Lady" (1 page-picture).
	Noel Coward, Vanity Fair, Apr 1931 (1 page).
	Jeanne Crain, 9/4/44, on her rise to stardom (4 pages).
f.11	Vernon & Irene Castle, Dance, 1/59, 2 pages excerpts written
	 by Fred Astaire; 3/27/39, "The Castles subject of movie by
	 Astaire & Rogers" (4 pages of pictures).
f.12	"Call Me Madam," Theatre Arts, Dec 1950, 1 page description;
	 5/5/53, movie review (3 pages).
f.13	"Camelot," 8 page study guide put out by Warner Brothers; The
	 Rhode Islander, Dec 17, 1967, "The Legend Touches An Actor"
	 (3 pages); 11 pages of photos of the movie.
f.14	Diahann Carroll, magazine interview with Carroll by Louise D.
	 Stone (4 pages); 1 page article about schedule of the day.
f.15	Madeleine Carroll, Bystander, Feb. 13, 1935 (2 pages);
	 9/13/37, "Biggest Splash in Hollywood" (4 pages).
f.16	Charlie Chaplin, Bystander, Aug. 14, 1935, Cover page;
	 "Chaplin Revives His 1925 Comedy" (5 pages); 6/28/43 1 page
	 wedding picture; Chaplin's "Dictator" (4 pages-pictures);
	 Look cover,  4/19/1966, Chaplin directs Loren (7 pages);
	 Life cover, 4/1/66, "Chaplin Directs Sophia" (9 pages);
	 interview by Richard Meryman (10 pages).
f.17	Maurice Chevalier, 21 page booklet produced by M-G-M Records;
	 Life cover, March 10, 1961, with Bing Crosby, "2 Old
	 Pros" (3 pages-pictures).
f.18	George M Cohan, Life, Oct. 25,1937, "He Plays Franklin
	 Roosevelt" (3 pages); 5/27/40, "Dean of Comedy Returns" (6
f.19	Betty Comden, The Theatre, May 1959, 2 pages article
	 about Comden & Green; 4 page article about Rainbow Room's
	 young Revuers, mostly pictures.
f.20	Gary Cooper, Bystander, Oct. 30, 1935, 1 page of Cooper
	 & his wife; Life cover, Oct 7, 1940, Movie of the week
	 "The Westerner" (4 pages of pictures).
f.21	"Cover Girl," Rita Hayworth, Life cover, Jan. 18, 1943
	 (8 pages-pictures); 1 page, Hayworth & Kelly in "Cover Girl"
	 movie; 3/6/44, 1 page ad for movie.
f.22	Bing Crosby, Bystander, Aug 19,1936, "Anatomy of Crosby"
	 (1 page); 11/17/41, "Crosby Glorifies Old Tunes in Paramount's
	 "Birth of the Blues"" (2 pages-pictures); Life cover,
	 "Crosby's Boys" (5 pages).
f.23	"Daddy Long Legs," article about movies with Astaire & Caron
	 (5 pages of pictures);
	"Dancing In The Dark" (3 page program of exhibition by Howard
	Carmen D'Antonio, 2 pages/pictures of night-club sensation.
	"Damn Yankees," Theatre Arts, July 1955 (2 pages).
	Dorothy Dandridge, (4 pages/pictures).
	Clarence Day, 1 page article.
	"The Day Before Spring," Broadway's musical (3 pages-pictures).
	Agnes DeMille, 11/15/63, 4 page article.
	"Destry Rides Again," Dance Magazine, June 1959, 2 page
	Buddy DeSylva, 12/30/40, 6 page article on his career.
	"Doctor Dolittle," Life cover, Rex Harrison, Sept 30, 1966,
	 8 pages-pictures about movie.
	"Do Re Mi," 2/10/61, Phil Silvers in musical (3 pages).
	Paul Draper, 3 page article.
f.24	Dance Magazine, 4/59, 5 page article about annual awards;
	 12/20/37, "The Dance Called Big Apple" (4 pages of pictures);
	 9/26/50, "Everybody's Doing The Charleston" (8 pages-pictures).
f.25	Marlene Dietrich, Collier's cover, May 14, 1954 (6 page
	 portrait); 3 pages-pictures of "Destry Rides Again"; 1 page
	 "Witness for the Prosecution"; 3 pages-picture of Marlene at
	 Canteen in Paris; 1 page-picture kissing GI; 11/29/43, 5 pages-
	 pictures of her role in "Kismet"; 3/5/45 3 pages-pictures of
	 Dietrich  in Germany entertaining troops.
f.26	"Du Barry Was A Lady," 3/18/40, Chorus of Du Barry (8 pages-
	 pictures); Merman & Lahr (8 pages-pictures).
f.27	Deanna Durbin, 9/6/37, first starring role (3 pages-pictures);
	 10/21/40, "Spring Parade" (3 pages-pictures); 7/3/44, "New
	 Mature Star" (2 pages).
f.28	"Fiddler On The Roof," Life, 12/4/64, article about Zero
	 Mostel (8 pages-pictures).
	Fabulous Fields Family, 2/22/43, 2 page article & pictures of
	 the comedies and musicals written by family of Grace Fields,
	 12/21/42 (2 pages).
	"Hazel Flagg," Dance, March 1953, 4 page article about
	 the new musical.
	"Finnian's Rainbow," 2/24/47, 2 pages of pictures.
	"Follow The Girls," 4/24/44, Gertrude Niesen, 5 pages of
	Lynn Fontanne, Vanity Fair, February 1930, 1 page-picture.
	Margot Fonteyn, Bystander, Oct 30, 1935, 2 pages of
	Eddie Foy, 6/16/61, "Eddie Jr." (3 pages-pictures).
f.29	W.C. Fields, 1/6/47, "Dies on Christmas Day" (3 pages-pictures);
	 5/12/41, "Funnyman Keeps In Shape" (4 pages-pictures).
f.30	"Funny Girl," 5 pages with pictures about the movie; New York
	 Times Magazine, Sept 24, 1967 (2 pages).

f.1	Zsa Zsa Gabor, Life cover, Oct 15,1951, "Another Gabor
	 on the West Coast" (3 pages).
	"The Gay Life," new musical (3 pages).
	John Gielgud, Bystander, Aug 14, 1935, "The Many Faces"
	 (3 pages-pictures).
	"Girls of Hollywood," 8/2/42, measurement chart & pictures of
	 top ten actresses. (5 pages).
	Paulette Goddard, Life cover, Dec 17, 1945 (5 pages-
	 pictures of the movie "Kitty").
	"The Golden Apple," Theatre Arts, June 1954, about the
	 musical (1 page).
	"Going My Way," 5/1/44 (3 pages of pictures from the movie).
	"Gone With The Wind," Atlanta première (5 pages-pictures).
	"Good-Bye, Mr. Chips," 5/15/39 (3 pages-pictures).
	Benny Goodman, 11/1/37, "Life Goes To A Party" (4 pages-
	Mitzi Green: 12/27/37, "Child Star Grows Up" (2 pages).
	Greer Garson, 4 pages of pictures from the movie "Random
	"Gypsy," Dance Magazine, May 1959 (4 pages of backstage
f.2	Greta Garbo, Bystander, Dec 18, 1934 "A New Team" (1 page);
	 Life cover, Nov 8, 1937, 5 pages of pictures from the movie
	 "Conquest"; 3 pages-pictures of Greta's homes.
f.3	"Hair," 4 pages of pictures from the Broadway version.
	"Harlem," Life, Feb 4, 1966, cover: "Greatest Negro Stars"
	 (Sammy Davis, Harry Belafonte & Sidney Poitier), and 7 pages
	 on a TV special on "Oldtime Harlem."
	Oscar Hammerstein II, 5/29/44, 8 page article describing
	 growing up in grandfather's shadow and then writing
	Rex Harrison, Theatre Arts cover only, Nov. 1949, "Anne of
	 The Thousand Days."
	Margie Hart, 6/24/40, "Strip-tease Artist" (3 pages-pictures).
	"The Harvey Girls," 12/3/45, "Doris Lee paints pictures of
	 waitresses who civilized the West" (4 pages of pictures, 1
	 page about the movie).
	Richard Harrison, Vanity Fair, July 1930, 1 page-picture
	 "The Green Pastures."
	June Havoc, 5/5/53, "She Wouldn't Give Up Her Career" (3 pages
	 of pictures).
	Leland Hayward, Theatre Arts, July 1955, 6 page article
	 on how this producer worked with early TV.
	"Heidi," 10/25/37, 2 pages of pictures from the movie starring
	 Shirley Temple.
	"Helen Goes To Troy," 3 pages of pictures from this operetta.
	"Hellz a Poppin," 6 or 7 pages from Playbill, Jan 30, 1939.
	"Henry V," play made into movie with Laurence Olivier, 5 pages
	 of movie pictures.
	Audrey Hepburn, 3/8/54, in title role Of "Ondine" (4 pages-
	"High Kickers," by George Jessel, 4 pages of pictures of Betty
	 Bruce & her high kicks.
	"Higher & Higher," 4/15/40?, 3 pages of pictures from Broadway
	Hildegarde, Life cover, 3/17/39,  2 pages of pictures of her
	"Honky Tonk," Life cover, Oct. 13,1941, Turner & Gable,
	 movie review (6 pages-pictures).
	Lena Horne, 1/4/43 (2 pages-pictures).
	"How To Success In Business," 11/17/61, 3 pages-pictures
	 Robert Morse.
	Sally Ann Howes, Life cover, March 3, 1958, 5 pages-pictures
	 on replacing Julie Andrews in "My Fair Lady."
	Betty Hutton, 3/22/43 (3 pages-pictures ).
	Mary Ann Hyde, 11/2/42, trapeze artist, "Flesh And Fantasy" (3
f.4	Barbara Harris, "Mike Nichols Comments" (3 pages); 12/17/65,
	 2 pages-pictures about her rise to fame; Look, 12/14/65,
	 4 pages of Broadway's new funny girl.
f.5	Rita Hayworth, Life cover, 7/15/1940, movie review of
	 "Tonight And Every Night" (3 pages-pictures); 1/46, 3 pages-
	 pictures about her expensive wardrobe; 1 page-picture of Rita
	 and a GI; 7/16/45, 1 page-picture Pin-Up pose; 1 page-pictures
	 of Rita exercising on bike.
f.6	"Hello Dolly," 1 page showing Dorothy Lamour as Dolly; The
	 Players cover, Fall 1964, Carol Channing, 5 pages & pictures
	 of Channing and her comeback; Life cover, 12/8/1967,
	 Pearl Bailey as Dolly, 6 pages-pictures.
f.7	Katharine Hepburn, Newsweek cover, 11/20/1969, 7 pages
	 about her return to Broadway in "Coco"; Life cover, 1/5/1968,
	 6 pages-pictures "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" & "Lion In
f.8	Bob Hope, Time cover, 12/22/1967, 2 page article
	 "Christmas in Vietnam"; Life cover, 5/11/1962, 9 pages-
	 pictures of Hope's career; Life cover, 1/10/1944, 7 pages-
	 pictures of Hope and many other old-time top comedians.
f.9	"I Married An Angel," 2 pages-pictures featuring Zorina.
	"In Which We Serve," 12/21/42, 8 pages-pictures from movie
	 & its making,
	Jose Iturbi, Vanity Fair, December 1930, 1 page-picture
	 of Spanish pianist.
	Al Jolson, 7/29/40?, 3 pages-pictures "Hold On To Your Hats."
	Jam Session, 10/11/43, Life photographer, Gjon Mili, 8 pages-
	 pictures of a 9pm to 4am NY Jam session.
f.10	"Carmen Jones," 5/8/44 5 pages-pictures, 4 pages of painted
	 scenes of the play by Miguel Covarrubias; 12/20/43, 5 pages-
	 pictures of all Nergo Cast.
f.11	"Keep Off The Grass", 7/8/40, "High-speed Cameras Shoot New
	 Revue" (3 pages-pictures).
	Gene Kelly, 5/29/44, Gjon Mili photographs of Kelly's dancing
	 (3 pages).
	Deborah Kerr, 10/19/53, Broadways "Tea & Sympathy" (3 pages-
	"Kid From Brooklyn," Danny Kaye, 4 pages-pictures from movie.
	"Kismet," Life, 12/21/53, 4 pages-pictures from movie.
f.12	Grace Kelly, Look cover, 1/11/1955, 2 pages-pictures of
	 up-and-coming star; 3/25/1957, Princess Grace - birth of
	 daughter, Caroline, 7 pages-pictures.
f.13	"Kiss Me Kate," 2/7/49, 4 pages of pictures and a few lyrics
	 to Cole Porter's new musical; 1/16/1950, 2 pages of pictures
	 from backstage of Broadway show.
f.14	Bert Lahr & Bobby Clark, 5/19/47, 5 pages-pictures of two
	 great comedians on Broadway in a revival.
	"Lady In The Dark," 3/20/1944, 4 pages-pictures from movie
	 with Ginger Rogers.
	Hedy Lamar, Life cover, 6/1/1942, 3 pages-pictures
	 "Tortilla Flat."
	"Laughs Begin at 40," Look article 4/10/1951, & pages-
	 pictures of old style comedy and its stars.
	"Lend An Ear," 2/28/1949, 2 pages-pictures of the Broadway hit.
	Janet Leigh, Life cover, 8/10/1962, 4 pages-pictures from
	 movie "Bye Bye Birdie."
	"Let's Face It," 11/10/1941, 4 pages-pictures of Cole Porter's
	 new show.
	Joan Leslie, Life cover, 8/26/1942, 5 pages-pictures of
	 Joan growing into a big star.
	"Life With Father," Playbill, Dec 4, 1939, cut up and
	 glued to a scrapbook page.
	""Li'l Abner" Girls," Life cover, 1/14/1957, 3 page-
	 pictures of "Li'l Abner" on Broadway, 4 pages of Dogpatch
	 cartoons by Al Capp.
	"The Lindy Hop," Life cover, 8/23/1943, photographer
	 Gjon Mili took high speed pictures of the dance (9 pages).
	Bambi & Ralph Linn, 6/25/45, 2 pages-pictures about their
	 roles in "Oklahoma."
	Joan Littlewood, Life, 11/27/64, 3 page article "Oh,
	 What A Lovely War."
	Frank Loesser, 11/2/42, 4 page article "Praise The Lord &
	 Pass The Ammunition."
	"Lovely To Look At," 4/22/1952, 5 pages-pictures from the
	Sophia Loren, Post cover, 8/21/1967, 4 pages (3 page
	Guy Lombardo, 12/17/1965, 4 page article about New Year's Eve
	Claire Luce, Bystander, 11/6/1935, 1 page photo.
f.15	Veronica Lake, 3 page-pictures of Veronica's hair style;
	 3 page-pictures of "I Married A Witch," in which she
f.16	Gertrude Lawrence, Theatre Arts, 1950, 2 pages on her return
	 to Broadway; 2/6/39 "Gertrude Helps Open A New Life House"
	 (1 page); 2 pages of her part in "Skylark"; Life cover,
	 11/27/44 , 2 pages of her trip to entertain Allied troops;
	 Bystander 4/17/34, 1 page advertising picture.
f.17	Gypsy Rose Lee, 6 page-pictures of Gypsy's climb to fame;
	 9/14/42 2 pages of her wedding; 2/19/45 1 page picture
	 with her infant son; 5/27/40 2 page-pictures of 1940
	 World's Fair.
f.18	Vivian Leigh, Bystander, 2/20/35 1 page-picture; Bystander

	 11/13/1935 1 page-picture; Bystander 8/19/1936 1 page-picture;
	 Life cover,7/29/1946, 3 page-pictures of "Caesar & Cleopatra";
	 2 page-pictures of Scarlett O'Hara & her Oscar.
f.19	Beatrice Lillie, Vanity Fair, June 1930, 1 page-picture;
	 Vanity Fair, May 1931, 1 page-picture; Theatre Arts,
	 June-July 1948, 3 page-pictures of return to Broadway "Inside
	 U.S.A"; 1 page-picture of costumes.
f.20	Charles Lindbergh, Saturday Review, 4/16,1977, 6 page
	 article on how his flight changed the world; Boston Globe

	 3/13/1977, 6 page article of his flight 50 years ago; Life,
	 3 page article "A Letter From Lindbergh 42 yrs after his
	 flight"; 1 page blueprint of interior of Lindbergh's plane
	 from The New York Times; Time 5/26/1967 2 page essay
	 "Lindbergh: The Way Of A Hero"; Life, 1 page of Lindbergh's
	 opinions of war; Life 4/13/1939 12 page-pictures of Lindbergh
f.21	Julie London, 2 page-pictures of her part in "The Red House";
	 Life cover, 2/18/1957 3 page-pictures of her singing
f.22	"Lost In The Stars," Theatre Arts 1/1950, 1 page
	 review; Theatre Arts 12/1950, 32 page booklet of
	 dialogue & pictures; 11/14/1949, 5 page-pictures review
	 of Broadway play based on the book "Cry, The Beloved
f.23	"Louisiana Purchase," 6/10/40, 4 page-pictures review of
	 Broadway's new musical; 11/2/1942, review of new movie
	 & about Dora Drake (4 pages).
f.24	"Make Mine Manhattan," 4 page-pictures of new sassy revue.
	"Mame," Life 6/17/1966, cover, 10 page-pictures
	 of Broadway play.
	"Man Of La Mancha," 4/8/66, 5 page-pictures with Richard
	"Manpower," 5/12/41, 1 page Robinson & Raft stage impromptu
	John Masefield, Vanity Fair, August 1930, 1 page-
	 picture of British Poet Laureate.
	Elsa Maxwell, 5 page-pictures of Maxwell's salute to free
	Joan McCracken, Dance, 7/53 (2 pages).
	Shirley MacLaine, 3/14/55, 3 pages on her moves to movie
	"Meet Me In St. Louis," 12/11/44, 4 page-pictures of new
	"Meet The People," 2/26/40, new Broadway play, 3 pages-
	"Memphis Bound," 6/25/45: 4 page-pictures of Broadway's new
	 all-Negro musical.
	Ethel Merman, Theatre 5/1959, 3 pages of Ethel's part in
	"Mexican Hayride," 2/21/44, 3 page-pictures of new Broadway
	"Mikado In Swing," 5/13/39, 2 page-pictures review of WPA's
	 Negro version of "Mikado."
	Carmen Miranda, 1 page of Carmen in "Streets of Paris."
	"My Fair Lady," 2/18/57, 2 page review of Broadway musical.
	Zero Mostel, 7/18/43, 4 page-pictures of the man & his madness.
	Glenn Miller, 12/18/39, 1 page list of his hits.
	Movie Palaces, "Relics of Hollywood's Heyday" (8 page-pictures).
	"My Gal Sal," 5/18/42, 4 page-pictures of movie with Victor
	 Mature & Rita Hayworth.
	"My Little Chickadee," 2/19/40, 3 page-pictures Mae West &
	 W.C. Fields.
f.25	Mamas & Papas, 4 pages about Michelle Phillips & Cass Elliott;
	 Post cover, 3/25/1967, 6 page-pictures of the singing
f.26	Dean Martin, Look cover 12/26/1967, 8 pages of Dean's
	 views on show business and other subjects; Look cover,
	 4/22/1952, 7 pages of Martin & Lewis slapstick.
f.27	Mary Martin, Life cover, 10/25/1943, 4 page-pictures of
	 Mary in "One Touch Of Venus"; Life cover, 10/22/1965 "Mary in
	 Vietnam" (2 pages); 12/27/43, 7 page-pictures of Mary and
	 her career; 11/8/54, 4 page-pictures of Mary in "Peter Pan";
	 1 page of Mary in "My Heart Belongs To Daddy"; 11/22/43, 1
	 page "One Touch Of Venus"; 5/13/39, 1 page of Mary with
	 Winthrop Rockefeller; 11/27/44, 2 pages of Mary & fashions;
	 Life cover, 12/19/1938, 4 page-pictures of top Broadway
	 hit songs.
f.28 	Marx Brothers, 1 page of brothers in the movie "At The Circus";
	 4 page-pictures of the brothers in "A Night In Casablanca";
	 2/7/49, 4 pages of Harpo in "Love Happy"; Life cover, Harpo,
	 9/6/1937, 4 page-pictures of visit to George Kaufman's home.
f.29	Mabel Mercer, New Yorker 11/18/1972, 8 page profile;
	 3 page-pictures of 50th year on stage.
f.30	Melina Mercouri, 4 pages-pictures of the Broadway play "Illya,
	 Darling"; Life cover, 12/2/1966, 7 pages "Never On Sunday",
	 Parade, 11/19/1967, 1 page view by Melina on  what she
	 learned from life.

f.1 	Anna Neagle: Life cover, 4/8/1940, 3 page-pictures.
	"No, No Nanette!," 3 page-pictures, 1 page about Busby
 	Ivor Novello, "Actor-Author-Songwriter-Producer Is Dead"
	 (1 page).
f.2	Clifford Odets, Theatre Arts, 12/1950, 2 page article
	 "After Fifteen Years."
	Merle Oberon, The Bystander, 10/1935, 2 pages of pictures.
	Donald O'Connor, Dance cover, "Introducing the New O'Connor,"
	 10/1953 (3 pages).
	Sunnie O'Dea, 5/12/41, 2 page-picture of best new dancer.
	"Oklahoma," 1 page, "Great Musical Show Sits For Portrait
	 On Its 1st Birthday."
	"On The Town," 1/15/45, 3 page-pictures of musical comedy.
	"Once Upon A Time," 5/29/44, 3 page-pictures Movie of the
	"One Touch Of Venus," 3 page-picture advertisement for Decca
	 Records starring Mary Martin & Kenny Baker.
	"Open The Door, Richard," 3 page-pictures of the screwball
	"Our Town," scrapbook page with several newspaper articles
	 & pictures.
f.3	"Pajama Game," 6/7/1954, 4 page-pictures of season's best
	"Pal Joey," 10/14/57, 3 page-pictures of Rita Haywood of
	 her song "Zip."
	"Panama Hattie," 10/28/40, 2 page-pictures of new Cole Porter
	"Pardon Our French," Broadway theatre:	10/5/50, Olsen &
	 Johnson back again in another revue (1 page).
	Ezio Pinza, Theatre Arts, 6/1950, 2 page article by
	 Pinza, "Enchanted Evenings."
	Jane Powell, Life cover, 9/9/1946, 3 page-pictures of
	 her in "Holiday In Mexico."
	"Promises, Promises," Boston Poets, 5 page article written
	 by Hal David who wrote the lyrics for the musical.
f.4	"Pins and Needles," 12/27/37, 2 pages about the Labor Union;
	 scrapbook page with article 11/27/39 about "New Pins and
f.5	Cole Porter, Time cover, 1/31/1949, 6 pages about his career;
	 The New Yorker, 9/18/71, 12 page profile of his life and
f.6	"Random Harvest," 12/21/1942, 1 page-picture, next movie for
	 Greer Garson.
	"Redhead," 6 page-pictures of musical hit.
	"The Red Mill," 11/12/45, 5 page-pictures of season's
	 engaging musical.
	"Rhapsody in Blue," 7/16/45, 4 page-pictures movie of the week
	Bill "Bojangles" Robinson: 1 page obituary.
	"Road to Utopia," 3 page-pictures movie of week review.
	"Rosalinda," 12/14/42, 3 page-pictures of new version of
	 Strauss music.
	Billy Rose, 12/25/44, 2 page-pictures of first night of "Seven
	 Lively Arts."
	Jane Russell, Newsweek, 11/13/67, "Where is she now?" (1 page).
	Lillian Russell, The Theatre, 5/59, 1 page (incomplete article).
f.7	Ginger Rogers, 24 page-picture booklet - a biography with
	 autographed cover; Life cover, 12/9/40, 4 page-picture
	 article on "Kitty Foyle" for RKO; Life cover, 3/2/1942,
	 10 page-pictures on a trip back to Arrow Rock and ranch
	 in Oregon; Life cover, 4 page-pictures of Ginger's return
	 to Hollywood.
f.8	Rosalind Russell, 12/1/58, 3 page-pictures of "Mame" &
	 "Wonderful Town"; Post, 9/29/62, 6 page-pictures of
	 Rosalind Russell as she tells her own story.
f.9	"Sadie Thompson," 12/11/44, 5 page-pictures of June Havoc
	 as star in musical "Rain."
	Artie Shaw, 1/23/39, 2 page-pictures "Swing's Newest King."
	Ted Shawn, Dance, 1/1959, 2 page-pictures "Prepares To
	"Showboat," Life cover, 1/28/1946, 3 page-pictures of
	 new production.
	"Showboat," 9/16/66, revival of "Showboat" and "Whatever
	 Happened To Love Songs?"
	"Sing Out The News," scrapbook page with Playbill, 11/14/1938.
	"Skyscraper," 3 page-pictures of new musical.
	"Something For The Boys," Ethel Merman hit musical, 3 page-
	"Sons O' Fun," 11/10/1941, 2 page-pictures.
	"Sound of Music," Life cover, 3/12/1965, 5 page-pictures
	 Julie Andrews.
	"South Pacific," 3/31/1958, 4 page-pictures of "The Seeable
	 Songs: Film Cast Makes the Melodies Visual."
	"Stage Door,"9/27/1937, 4 page-pictures of Katharine Hepburn
	 making the movie.
	"State Fair," 11/17/1945, 4 page-pictures from movie.
	"St. Louis Lady," 2 page-pictures of racy Negro musical-comedy
	Tommy Steele, Life, 7/2/1965, 3 page-pictures "Steele goes
	 from rock' n' roll to Broadway."
	"Strip For Action," 10/26/1942, 3 page-pictures Broadway
	Maxine Sullivan, Life, 6/21/38, 1 page-picture.
	Gloria Swanson, Vanity Fair, November 1930, 1 page-picture
	 "What A Widow."
	"Sweet Charity," Life, 3/25/66, 3 page-pictures of Gwen
f.10	Frank Sinatra, 8/23/43, 2 page-pictures of Sinatra with
	 symphony; Look cover, 11 page-pictures of Sinatra at 50;
	 Life cover, 4/23/1965, 19 page-pictures of Sinatra talking
	 about his music & himself.
f.11	Barbara Streisand, Life cover, 2/14/1969, 5 page-pictures
	 of Streisand's Dolly; Life cover, 3/18/1966, 6 page-pictures
	 of girl behind the star; 9/21/63, 1 page "Barbara hits the
	 top"; Life cover, 5/22/1964, 7 page-pictures of her success.
f.12	Marie Tempest, The Bystander, 2/13/1935, 1 page-picture of
	 her then and now.
	Elizabeth Taylor, 9/15/1958, 3 page-pictures of "Cat on a Hot
	 Tin Roof."
	Gene Tierney, 11/10/1941, 1 page-picture, "She makes 4 films
	 in 1 year."
	"Tin Pan Alley," 11/25/1940, 1 page-pictures of Alice Faye &
	 Betty Grable.
	"Too Many Girls," 1 page-pictures of new musical.
	"Top Banana," 3 page-pictures of Phil Silvers in the musical.
	"Tovarich," 2 page-pictures of movie of the week.
	"Two For The Show," 1 page-pictures of Betty Hutton.
	"Two Sisters from Boston," 3 page-pictures movie of the week.
	Sophie Tucker, 2/18/1966, 1 page-picture.
	Lana Turner, 10/28/1940,  4 page-pictures of her visit to
	 sailors of the "Idaho."
	TV Ratings: Collier's cover, 10/29/1954, 5 page-pictures
	 article on which shows are on top in the ratings.
f.13	Shirley Temple, 10/1/1945, 3 page-pictures of wedding to John
	 Agar; 5/6/1940, 1 page-picture of Shirley on 11th birthday;
	 7/30/65, 3 page-pictures of Shirley and her daughter; Life

	 cover, 2/3/1958 2 page-pictures of busy home life; Life
	 cover, 3/30/1942, 4 page-pictures of Shirley posing for first
	 glamor portraits.
f.14	The Theatre: 2/6/39, 6 page-pictures of 1938-39 season;
	 3/24/58, 8 page-pictures of new vitality pumped into US
	 theatre; 1/13/1967, 4 page-pictures of new pitch in song-
f.15	Spencer Tracy, Life cover, 12/3/1945, 3 page-pictures of
	 his return to Broadway; 11/9/53, 2 page-pictures of movie
	 "The Actress."
f.16	Leslie Uggams, 6 page-pictures of her in "Hallelujah, Baby"
	 and about her life.
	Tammy Grimes, 12/5/1960, 4 page-pictures of her in the role
	 of "Unsinkable Molly Brown."
	"Up In Central Park," 2/19/1945, 3 page-pictures for new
	 musical about Boss Tweed & his ring.
	Rudolph Valentino, 5 page-pictures an article (incomplete)
	 titled "The Valentino Mystique" by Syd Barker.
	Rudy Vallée, 5 page-pictures of "The Palm Beach Story";
	 3 page letter to Mr. Sulloway enclosing pictures of Rudy
	 Vallée (MC 127 Series X Box 1, e.25 & e.55 & e. 56).
f.17	Nancy Walker, Life, 2/23/48, 3 page-pictures on the new
	 comic star.
	Penelope Dudley Ward, Bystander, 10/30/1935, 1 page-picture;
	 Bystander, 4/17/1934, 1 page-picture.
	Mae West, Life cover, 4/18/69, 12 page-pictures interview
	 with Mae.
	Paul Whiteman, 12/26/38, 6 page-pictures.
	Jack Whiting, Bystander, 11/6/1935, 1 page-picture, Whiting
	 in "Anything Goes."
	Emlyn Williams, Bystander, 7/3/1935, 2 page-pictures of
	 Williams in "Night Must Fall," a play written by himself.
	"Winged Victory," 11/29/43, 6 page-pictures of Moss Hart's
	 new play.
	"Wizard of Oz," 7/13/1939, 2 page-pictures of M-G-M's color
	"The Women," Feb. 21, 1939, scrapbook page of cut up Playbill.
	"Wuthering Heights," 4/3/39, 1 page-pictures movie of the
	Fay Wray, Bystander, 12/18/1934, 1 page-picture "Wray
	 goes to England."
	Diana Wynyard, Bystander, 8/19/1936, 1 page-picture,
	 Wynyard starring in "The Ante-Room."
f.18	Ed Wynn, scrapbook page of Playbill, 1/17/1938, "Hooray
	 For What!"; 10/7/1940, 3 page-pictures of "Boys & Girls
	 Together"; 9/18/44, 3 page-pictures of Ed Wynn's nonsensical
	 inventions; 10/17/49, 3 page-pictures of Ed Wynn takes on
	 TV; Life, 12/20/1937, 3 page-pictures of his return
	 to Broadway; 1 page-pictures article "Master of Foolishness."
f.19	"Yankee Doodle Dandy," 4 page-pictures Cagney as Cohan in
	Loretta Young, Bystander, 2/13/1935, 1 page-picture.
	Rodger Young, 3/5/45, 5 page-pictures of infantry private
	 who inspired new song  by PFC Frank Loesser.
	"The Yearling," 3 page-pictures movie of the week.
f.20	"Ziegfeld Follies," movie of the week (3 page-pictures).
	"Ziegfeld Girl," 4/21/41, 5 page-pictures of different girls
	 trying to get into M-G-M's movie.

	The following are 1 or 2 page movie advertisements. They are
	 listed in alphabetical order by movie title:

f.1	"An American in Paris," 10/15/51, starring Gene Kelly &
	 Leslie Caron.
	"Johnny Apollo," 4/8/1940, starring Tyrone Power & Dorothy
	"Caesar and Cleopatra," starring Vivien Leigh & Claude Rains.
	"The Chocolate Soldier," starring Nelson Eddy & Rise Stevens.
	"Carousel," 2/13/1956, starring Gordon MacRae & Shirley
	"The Corsican Brothers," starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
	"Cover Girl," starring Rita Hayworth & Gene Kelly.
	"The Corn is Green," starring Bette Davis.
	"The Desert Song," 12/20/1943, starring Dennis Morgan & Irene
	"Every Girl Should Be Married," 11/29/1948, starring Cary
	 Grant & Betsy Drake.
	"The Fabulous Dorseys," 2/17/1947, starring Tommy, Jimmy &
	 Janet Dorsey.
	"Father's Little Dividend," 4/10/1951, starring Spencer Tracy,
	 Joan Bennett & Elizabeth Taylor.
	"Flesh & Fantasy," 11/15/1943, starring Edward G. Robinson,
	 Charles Boyer, Barbara Stanwyck, Betty Field.
	"Girl Crazy," 10/18/1943, starring Mickey Rooney & Judy
	"Going My Way," 7/3/44, starring Bing Crosby & Barry
	"Government Girl," 11/8/43, starring Olivia DeHavilland.
	"Guest Wife," 8/6/1945, starring Claudette Cilbert & Don
	"A Guy Named Joe," 2/14/1944, starring Spencer Tracy & Irene
	"Half a Sixpence," 2/25/1968, starring Tommy Steele.
	"Hail the Conquering Hero," 7/31/1944, starring Eddie Braken
	 & Ella Raines.
	"Heartbeat," starring Ginger Rogers & Jean Paul Aumont.
	"Hollywood Cavalcade," starring Don Ameche & Alice Faye.
	"I'll Take Romance," 11/1/37, starring Grace Moore & Melvyn
	"Johnny Come Lately," 9/20/1943, starring James Cagney.
	"A Kiss For Corliss," 11/14/1949, starring Shirley Temple &
	 David Niven.
	"Love Letters," 6/25/1945, starring Jennifer Jones & Joseph
	"Louisiana Purchase," starring Bob Hope & Vera Zorina.
	"The Macomber Affair," starring gregory Peck & Joan Bennett.
	"Madame Curie," 12/20/1943, starring Greer Garson & Walter
	"The Man in the Iron Mask," 7/17/1939, starring Louis Hayward
	 & Joan Bennett.
	"Marrying Kind," 4/22/1952, starring Judy Holliday & Aldo Ray.
	"Maytime," 2/8/37, starring Jeanette MacDonald & Eddy Nelson.
	"Merry-Go-Round of 1938," 10/25/1937, starring Bert Lahr,
	 Jimmy Savo.
	"Midnight," 3/27/1939, starring Claudette Colbert & Don Ameche.
	"Miss Annie Rooney," 6/1/1942, starring Shirley Temple.
	"My Gal Sal," 5/18/1942, starring Rita Hayworth & Victor
	"My Son, My Son!", 4/8/1940, Madeleine Carroll, Brian Aherne
	 & Louis Hayward.
f.2	"A Night in Casablanca," 1946, starring The Marx Bros.
	"Once Upon A Honeymoon," starring Ginger Rogers & Cary
	"Once Upon A Time," 5/1/1944, starring Cary Grant & Janet
	"Over 21," starring Irene Dunne & Alexander Knox & Charles
	"The Perfect Marriage," 1/6/47, starring Loretts Young &
	 David Niven.
	"The Pride Of The Yankees," 2/22/43, starring Gary Cooper &
	 Teresa Wright.
	"Rose Marie," 3/8/1954, starring Anne Blyth & Howard Keel.
	"Saratoga Trunk," 4/1/1946, starring Gary Cooper & Ingrid
	"She Won't Say Yes," 9/17/1945, starring Rosalind Russell &
	 Lee Brown.
	"Since You Went Away," 6/5/1944, starring Claudette Colbert,
	 Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotton.
	"The Sky's The Limit," 8/23/1943, starring Fred Astaire & Joan
	"A Song To Remember," 2/12/1945, starring Paul Muni & Merle
	"South Pacific," 3/31/1958, starring Rossano Brazzi & Mitzi
	"Spellbound," 11/19/1945, starring Ingrid Bergman & Gregory
	"Spring Parade," starring Deanna Durbin  & Robert Cummings.
	"Stork Club," starring Betty Hutton & Barry Fitzgerald & Don
	"Tender Comrade," !2/20/ 1943, starring Ginger Rogers &
	 Robert Ryan.
	"They Got Me Covered," 2/8/1943, starring Dorothy Lamour &
	 Bob Hope.
	"The Thief Of Bagdad," 9/9/1940, starring Conrad Veidt, Sabu
	 & June Duprez.
	"This Love Is Ours," 11/12/1945, starring Merle Oberon &
	 Claude Rains.
	"Those Endearing Young Charms," 6/4/1945, starring Robert
	 Young & Laraine Day.
	"Thousands Cheer," starring Gene Kelly & Kathryn Grayson.
	"The Three Caballeros," starring Donald Duck, Joe Carioca &
	"The Thrill Of Brazil," starring Evelyn Keyes & Keenan Wynn.
	"Topper Takes A Trip," 1/23/1939, starring Constance Bennett
	 & Roland Young.
	"Tovarich," 12/20/1937, starring Claudette Colbert & Charles
	"A Tree Grows In Brooklyn," 2/12/1945, starring Dorothy
	 McGuire & James Dunn.
	"Without Love," 4/9/1945, starring Spencer Tracy & Katherine
	"Winter Carnival," starring Ann Sheridan & Richard Carlson.
	"Yankee Doodle Dandy," 1/25/ 1943, starring James Cagney.
	"The Yearling," 2/24/1947, starring Gregory Peck & Jane Wyman.
f.3	The following are product advertisements listed in
	 alphabetical order by name of the star, date (where
	 possible) & the product:

	Lucille Ball, 6/30/1953, King size Philip Morris cigarettes.
	Jack Benny, Lucky Strike cigarettes.
	Janet Blair, 4/9/1945, 1847 Rogers Bros. International Silver
	Janet Blair, 1/21/1946, Cannon hosiery.
	Mrs. Humphrey Bogart (Lauren Bacall), 11/5/1951, Robt. Burns
	Louis Calhern, Williams shave cream.
	Madeleine Carroll, 9/6/37, Auto-Lite spark plugs.
	Madeleine Carroll, 3/12/1940, 1847 Rogers Bros.,
	 International Silver Co.
	Marguerite Chapman, Lip Make-Up, Max Factor.
	Jan Clayton, 11/17/1945, Chesterfield Cigarettes.
	Claudette Colbert,  1847 Rogers Bros., International Silver
	Claudette Colbert, 9/20/1943, North Star Blankets.
	Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard, Veronica Lake,
	 9/20/1943, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Perry Como, 10/17/1949, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Gary Cooper, 10/21/1940, Emerson radio.
	Jeanne Crain, 10/19/1953, Lustre-Crème shampoo.
	Joan Crawford, 12/11/1944, Royal Crown cola.
	Bing Crosby, 9/18/1944, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Laraine Day, 11/17/1941, 1847 Rogers Bros. International
	 Silver Co.
	Laraine Day, 4/17/1944, North Star blankets.
	Irene Dunne, 3/30/1942, Royal Crown cola.
	Alice Faye, 6/24/1940, Royal Gelatin dessert.
	Henry Fonda, 12/5/1951, Camel cigarettes.
	Henry Fonda (?), Lucky Strike cigarettes.
	Judy Garland, 5/12/1941, 1847 Rogers Bros. International
	 Silver Co.
	William Gaxton, Fatima cigarettes.
	Paulette Goddard, 4/15/1940, 1847 Rogers Bros.
	 International Silver Co.
	Arthur Godfrey, 10/17/1949, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Betty Grable, 1/10/1944, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Rita Hayworth, Royal Crown cola.
	Rita Hayworth, 6/3/53, Seamolds bathing suits.
	Rita Hayworth, 12/9/1940, Samson card tables.
	Sonja Henie, 6/25/1945, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Hildegarde, 12/20/1943, Cannon hosiery.
	Betty Hutton, 12/27/1943, Royal Crown cola.
f.4	Bert Lahr, 5/1/1944, Williams shaving cream.
	Dorothy Lamour, 11/15/1943, North Star blankets.
	Dorothy Lamour, 9/18/1955, Cannon hosiery.
	Liberace, 10/15/1951, Blatz beer.
	Carol Lombard, 5/6/1940, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Myrna Loy, 10/31/4?, 1847 Rogers Bros. International
	 Silver Co.
	Alfred Lunt, 4/22/1952, Blatz beer.
	Jeanette MacDonald, Life, 8/26/ 1946, RCA records.
	Joan McCracken, 1945, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Irene Manning, 12/6/1943, Seaforth toiletries.
	Mary Martin, 9/23/1940, 1847 Rogers Bros. International
	 Silver Co.
	Marilyn Monroe, 10/15/1951, Rayve cream shampoo.
	Robert Morse, Smirnoff vodka.
	Merle Oberon, 2/19/1940, 1847 Rogers Bros. International
	 Silver Co.
	Robert Preston, 9/26/1950, Schenley whiskey.
	Ezio Pinza, 3/26/1951, The J.B Williams Company
	 (shaving preparations).
	Ronald Reagan, 12/3/1951, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Ginger Rogers, 6/10/1940, 1847 Rogers Bros. International
	 Silver Co.
	Will Rogers, 4/6/1953, John Hancock Insurance Company.
	Shirley Ross, 1847 Rogers Bros. International Silver Co.
	Ann Sheridan, 1/6/1947, Chesterfield cigarettes.
	Frank Sinatra, Life, 8/26/1946, Columbia records.
	Dinah Shore, 6/4/1945, General Electric radios.
	Barbara Stanwyck, 3/8/1954, Lustre-Crème Shampoo.
	Rise Stevens, 4/10/1944, 1847 Rogers Bros. International
	 Silver Co.
	Shirley Temple, 4/24/1944, Royal Crown cola.
	Gene Tierney, 4/9/1945, Royal Crown cola.
	Spencer Tracy, 4/3/1939, De Soto - Chrysler Corp.
	Esther Williams, 6/30/1953, Lustre-Crème shampoo.
f.5 	Life magazine covers:
	 Kaye Ballard, May 24, 1954.
	 Nelson Eddy, September 27, 1937.
	 Judy Garland, December 11, 1944.
	 Betty Grable, December 11, 1939.
	 Hope & Crosby, February, 4, 1946.
	 Rosalind Russell, September 4, 1939.
	 Ann Sheridan, July 24, 1939.
	 Esther Williams, April 17, 1944.
f.6 	The following are small flyer ads. for various plays
	 and performers listed in alphabetical order with
	 locations and dates:
	 "Cactus Flower," Colonial Theatre, starring Craig Stevens
	  & Alexis Smith,
	 Maurice Chevalier; Victor Borge. North Shore Music Theatre,
	  Aug 14-19, 1967.
	"Chu Chin Chow," Shubert-Majestic Theatre.
	"Come Summer," Colonial Theatre, starring Ray Bolger.
	"Fall of Babylon," St. George, Staten Island, June 25, 1887.
	"Footlight Parade," Community Theatre, Wakefield, R.I.,
	 starring James Cagney, Ruby Keller, Dick Powell & Joan
	 Blondell. There are 5 cards 3.5 by 8.5 inches, each with
	 a different picture on the back.
	"Hello Dolly," Shubert Theatre, Boston, starring Ginger
	"I Never Sang For My Father," Colonial Theatre, Boston
	 starring Hal Holbrook, Alan Webb, Teresa Wright & Lillian
	"Man of La Mancha," Colonial Theatre, Boston starring José

	"The Merry Widow," M-G-M Picture, Alton Opera House, starring
	 John Gilbert & Mae Murray.
	"Naughty Cinderella," National Theatre, Washington, D.C.,
	 starring Irene Bordoni, Sept 28, 1925.
	"Oliver," Loew's State 1 Theatre, NYC.
	"Oklahoma," Broadway Theatre, NYC.
	"The Only Game In Town," Colonial Theatre, starring Richard
	"The Passing of the Third Floor Back," Sam S. Shubert Theatre.
	"Play It Again, Sam," Colonial Theatre, starring Woody Allen.
	"Plaza Suite," Colonial Theatre, starring George C Scott &
	 Maureen Stapleton.
	"Promises, Promises," Colonial Theatre, starring Jerry Orbach.
	"Two Little Girls in Blue," Shubert Majestic Theatre.
	"Star," starring Julie Andrews.
	"Wait Until Dark," Veterans Memorial Theatre, Providence,
	 R.I., starring Phyllis Kirk.
	"The Wind in the Sassafras Trees," Colonial Theatre, Boston,
	 starring Frankie Howerd.
	"Your Own Thing," Wilbur Theatre, Best Musical NY Drama Critics
	 Circle Award 1968.
	"You're A Good Man Charlie Brown," Wilbur Theatre, Boston.
f.7	Miscellaneous:
	The Bystander: April 17, 1934, "What's On," Guide to
	 London Amusements.
	The Bystander: February 20, 1935, "What's On," Guide
	 to London Amusements, 4 pages.
	The Bystander: April 17, 1935, "What's On," Guide to
	 London Amusements, 4 pages.
	The Bystander: October 30, 1935, "What's On," Guide
	 to London Amusements, 4 pages.
	The Bystander: Augest 19, 1936"What's On," Guide to
	 London Amusements, 4 pages.
	Hasty Pudding Club Gazette, March 1967, 12 pages.
	Hasty Pudding Club Gazette, March 1968, 6 pages.
	Spotlight, July 1968, 4 page-pictures promoting
	 the movie "Star."
f.8	Posters of various productions:
	 "Fiddler on the Roof" & "Cabaret," Majestic Theatre &
	 Imperial Theatre.
	 "Oh, What A Lovely War," Charles Playhouse, Boston.
	 "Thoroughly Modern Millie," starring Julie Andrews.
	 "Star," starring Julie Andrews.
	 "A Night At The Opera," the Marx Brothers, Yale Law School
	  Film Society.
	 "Star," starring Julie Andrews.
	 "Little Nellie Kelly," starring Judy Garland.
	 "Broadway Melody of 1940," starring Fred Astaire & Eleanor
	 "Redheads On Parade," starring John Boles & Dixie Lee.
	 "Camelot," starring Richard Harris & Vanessa Redgrave.