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Alvah Sulloway Sheet Music and Theater Program Collection


MC 127

153 Boxes (51 cu. ft.)

About the Collection:

The Alvah Sulloway Sheet Music and Theater Program collection consists of thousands of pieces of sheet music organized into four series: World Wars I & II, dance music from the early 1900s to the end of WWII, and popular music from the late 19th.century until 1950. It also contains theater programs from 1899 to 1975, the bulk of which are from Boston and New York theaters. Lastly, there are Alvah Sulloway’s subject files. These consist of clippings, photos and other show business related materials.

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Folder Listing:

  1. World War I Sheet Music (7 boxes)
  2. World War II Sheet Music (2 boxes)
  3. Dance Sheet Music (2 boxes)
  4. Popular Sheet Music (125 boxes)
  5. Show Tunes (39 boxes)
  6. Irving Berlin (3 boxes)
  7. Sue Sulloway [being processed]
  8. Theater Programs and Souvenir Books (9 boxes)
  9. Subject Files (8 boxes)
  10. Photographs and Movie Stills (1 box)

One Response to “Alvah Sulloway Sheet Music and Theater Program Collection”

  1. Judith Blumenthal Says:

    Jack Ellis and Charles Tobias wrote “I Can Get It For You Wholesale” in the twenties. Jack Ellis was my uncle, the lyricist. I Can Get It For You Wholesale was performed at every Ellis family gathering, with my uncles playing mandolin and singing. Over the years they added more lyrics which I only have on a cassette of a family party. I do have a Xeroxed copy of the sheet music taken from the original. It’s great to see the song listed here.