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Guide to Lewis Stark Bookplate Collection, 1802-1959

Collection number: MC 25

Size: 9 boxes (3.00 cu.ft.)

About Lewis Stark

Lewis Stark began collecting bookplates as an undergraduate at UNH in the late 1920s and later used this collection as the basis for his master’s thesis, “English Literature as Reflected in Bookplate Design.”

About the Lewis Stark Bookplate Collection

The collection contains more than 4,000 bookplates (most dating from the late 1800s and early 1900s), 150 books, pamphlets and periodicals relating to bookplates, Lewis Stark’s thesis, and a small amount of correspondence between Mr. Stark and others concerning bookplate collecting.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open.

Copyright Notice

Contents of this collection are governed by U.S. copyright law. For questions about publication or reproduction rights, contact Special Collections staff.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Lewis Stark Bookplate Collection, 1802-1959, MC 25, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donation: Lewis Stark, 1984 (Accession number: 8377, 8461)

Related Material

Stark, Lewis. Mss. for thesis, English Literature as Reflected in Bookplate Design. Includes bibliographic references.

Collection Arrangement

All bookplates are in alphabetical order by personal name, name of institution, or state/region, and are contained in small packets within acid free envelopes. The names of engravers or designers and the date of production are provided when a sufficient number of plates in a given category warrants their inclusion.

m: multiple copies

p: proof

r: reproduction

s: signed by engraver or designer

Collection Contents

Series I: Bookplates, 1802-1931

(6 boxes)

Subseries A: Personal

Subseries 1: Non-armorial

Box 1
Box 1, Envelope A1-2 Gordon Abbott, Engraver: J.W. Spenceley, 1905

Charles Perkins Adams, Engraver: S.A. Kinsley

Daniel Dulany/Julia de Wolf Addison, Engraver: Amy M. Sacker

Dr. Emanuel Adler

Louis Agassiz

William Truman/Dorothy

Davenport Aldrich, Engraver: T.G.Hall

Marion Alexander (r)

Ann Kirkham Allen

Charles Dexter Allen

Charles Dexter Allen, Engraver: EHG, 1893

Frances Louise and Charles Dexter Allen, Engraver: TBR, 1892

Herbert Spencer Allen, Engraver: J.W.Spencely, 1903

Sara Wilder Allen

William Homer Ames

Karl Andres (2), Engraver: KK, 1921

Calvin H. Andrews, Engraver: L. Parsons

Cornelia Anthony

Box 1, Envelope A3 George Arents, Jr., Engraver: G.M. McCall, 1918

Alice Root Atkinson, Engraver: J.W. Spencely, 1895

C.G. Asay

Charles Atwood, Engraver: BMC

(Ainsworth – armorial, but mounted with the above)

Mary Avery, Engraver: M.C. Uhl, 1905

Samuel Putnam Avery, Engraver: C.W. Sherborn, 1893

Box 1, Envelope B1 Mathew Baird, III, Engraver: WPB, 1927

Ellis Ames Ballard (from the Kipling Collection of), Engraver: PSH, 1929

Hosea Starr Ballov

George Bancroft (3)

Percy Neville Barnett

Alice H. Bassett, Engraver: Amy M. Sacker

A.S. Batchellor (2)

Robert Bateman, Engraver: T. MacDonald, sc., 1896

Albert C. Bates

Margaret Beede, Engraver: W.F. Hopson, 1916

Louis Benson (r), Engraver: C.P. Morse, 1894

Box 1, Envelope B2 A.C.M. Bertarelli, Engraver: G.Foradon, 1896

Achille Bertarelli, 1875

Julii Berzunza

Walter Besant

Julian Stewart Bigelow

Edgar Francis Billings

Elisha Brown Bird, Engraver: E.B. Bird

William Blades (r)

Vlastimil Blazek

Charles Knowles Bolton

Cal and El Boston

John Taylor Bottomley

Ebert J. Botts, Engraver: HNP, 1916

Gray Cowan Boyce

Claude Fayette Bragdon

Elmer Bragg (r), Engraver: Thomas Maitland Cleland

Walter Brooks

Box 1, Envelope B3 Philip Greely Brown

Albert Buchman

Robert Johns Bulkley, Engraver: F.G. Hall, 1905

B. Adams Burnett

C.W. and L.T.M. Burrows

John H. Buck

A.E. Burnside

Box 1, Envelope C1 Edward Cameron

Thelma Cazalet, Engraver: WPB

Lamais Cesder, Engraver: Provost Blondel

Thomas Chadbourne

(Bezaleel Smith; James McEwen)

Edith Chambers, Engraver: O.U.

Effie L. Chapman

Etta L. Chapman

W.W.Chevalier (r)

J. Barrington Chevallier

Helena Modrzejewska Chlapowska

Dr. A. Aiken Clark, Engraver: A.P., 1904

Arthur W. Clark, M.D., Engraver: A.W.C., 1898

Charles E. Clark, M.D., Engraver: EDF, 1894

Alphonso Trumpbour Clearwater, Engraver: J.W. Spencely, 1897

Micajah Pratt Clough, Engraver: E.D. French, 1896

Mark M. Cochran

Edward Comstock, Engraver: Bird

Louise Condit, Engraver: D.S. Harding, 1929

Box 1, Envelope C2-3 Edward Cameron

Dorothy Burr Converse, Engraver: GLS

Caroline Homeselle Cooke, Engraver: AN, 1910

C. Montague Cooke Jr., Engraver: H.N. Poole, 1917

Calvin Coolidge, Engraver: Timothy Cole

Zelotes Wood Coombs

Frank Addison Corbin, Engraver: W.F. Hopson

Isador H. Coriat, Engraver: Lankes

Walter Coscanyny, Engraver: von Bayros

Edwin S. Crandon

Edwin S. Crandon (r)

Edward N. Crane (2)

Cecil Creath

Alice Morgan Crocker, Engraver: W.F. Hopson, 1900

C.C. Crowther

Ernest Culver, Engraver: Lee Thayer

Josiah Stearns Cushing, Engraver: Edmund H.Garrett, 1912

Hiram Adolphis Cutting

(4 varieties)

Box 1, Envelope D CSD

John Sides Dabies

Augustin Daly

John Gilman Darling

Ruth Keefe Darnell

J. Doris Dart (4)

Hiram Edmund Deats (2), Engraver: EHG, 1895

Chauncey M. Depew, Engraver: D. Stauffer

James Dick

Ruth and Loring Dodd

Madeleine Downing

John Francis Doyle, Engraver: Dorothy Sturgis Harding

Henry Van Dyke, Engraver: James D. Smillie

Joseph L. Dyrick

Box 1, Envelope E Harrison P. Eddy

Alfred Ehrenfeld, Engraver: Emil Ranzenhofer, 1923

Herta Viktor Ehrenfeld, Engraver: Ferd. Larber

Elizabeth Ehrismann, Engraver: Henri Bacher, 1930

K. Ekleimerov (?), Engraver: F. Bayros

Julius Elias, Engraver: LT, 1927

Robert Thomas Elliott (2), Engraver: Winifred Bailey

George E. Ellis

George Waldo Emerson, Engraver: M.M. Muller

Jane Washington and Felix Grundy Ewing

Box 1, Envelope F1-2 Thomas Falconer

Millicent Garrett Fawcett (r), Engraver: Mabel Dearmer

Daniel B. Fearing (2)

Mary H. Fee, Engraver: JWS, 1895

Jerome Gordon Finder, Engraver: SB

Wm. Edgar Fisher, Engraver: W.E. Fisher

George Fitzpatrick

E.C. Flint

Harry Alfred Fowler (2), Engraver: FBS

Edith E. Fraine, Engraver: Bird

Donald S. Friede, Engraver: Coviarrubias

H. Friedrichsmeier

Edwin Davis French (2), Engraver: E.D. French (sc.), 1893

Edwin Davis French, Engraver: EFS (ipse fecit), 1893

Benjamin Apthorp Gould, Engraver: Frederick Garrison

Fuller, Engraver: Hall

Dorothy Furman, Engraver: Jay Chambers, 1901

Dorothy Furman, Engraver: J.W. Spenceley, 1907

Box 1, Envelope G1 Edmund H. Garrett, Engraver: EHG, 1894

Fielding Hudson Garrison

Lloyd McKim Garrison

Franz V. Filde Gaydoul, Engraver: W.Lenz

Joseph Geldhar

Jacopo Gelli

Gulielmi Gemmel

Sam. L. Gerould

Peter Gloeck, Engraver: F.von Bayros

Cleon Goble, Engraver: Carl S. Junge (s)

Jonathan Godfrey, Engraver: E.D. French, 1894

Abraham Goldsmith (2), Engraver: E.D. French

Edith Goodman (r), Engraver: Violet M. Holden

Alice D. Gould

A.D. Gould, Engraver: FL

Jacob Graeberg

Edith G. Gray, Engraver: WPB, 1926

Box 1, Envelope G2 Louis Herbert Gray

Henry A. Greene

Walton Atwater Green, Engraver: F.G. Hall, 1903

Lola Streetman Greer

Albert Groth, Engraver: FH, 1909

Reginald Gurney, Engraver: Monk (sc.), 1902

Box 1, Envelope H1 E.H.

Erich Haarman, Engraver: W.Geiger

Friedel Hacker, Engraver: VF, 1937

Alexandra Hague

Irving Kent Hall, Engraver: Fred. Garrison Hall, 1903

Iohannei Hamb

Harold Harmsworth, Engraver: WPB, 1901

E. Grace Hartman

William Henry Hartshorn, Engraver: George Wharton Edwards

John Harvey (r)

S. Harward, Engraver: F. Jukes

T. Mitchell Hastings

Bessie Lyle Hatton (r), Engraver: W.H.Margetson

Alison Haughton, Engraver: F.D. Hall, 1904

Lydia M. Hawley

Mary E. and Edward A. Heald, Engraver: Charles H. Heald, 1883

Lewis Heath

Herbert and Mary Heathfield, Engraver: W.F. Hopson, 1904

Box 1, Envelope H2 E.H. and M.L. Herr, Engraver: J. Chambers, 1901

E.N Hewins, Engraver: J.W. Spenceley, 1897

Fr. Hiebuhr, Engraver: FN, 1898

Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Benjamin Thomas Hill, Engraver: Chas.S. Hale

Alice Hills Hinkley, Engraver: Jay Chambers (s)

Hanns M. Hirsch

Margaret Real Hoban

Ferdinand Hoffman (R)

Noble Foster Hoggson, Engraver: J.W.S., 1896

Minnie C. Holbrook, Engraver: J.W. Spenceley, 1897

Edwin B Holden

Madeleine Charlotte Hollyer (r)

S. Hollyer, Engraver: S. Hollyer (s), 1894

Oliver Wendell Holmes (r)

Margaret Van Folson Hood

Parker Morse Hooper, Engraver: F.G.Hall, 1902

Albert A Hopkins

Ernest M. Hopkins

Box 1, Envelope H3-4 W.F. Hopson (2), Engraver: WFH, 1893/1896

Edith Virginia Hosbach, Engraver: Otto Ubbeionde

Horace Rockwell Hosbach, Engraver: OU

J.T. Albert Hosbach (5), Engraver: OU

Jane Brookmire Hosbach

John Theodore Albert Hosbach, Engraver: GW, 1927

Norman Renda Hosbach, 1916

Sallie W. Hovey, Engraver: A.N. MacDonald

Elbert Hubbard

Lucius L.Hubbard, Engraver: A.N. MacDonald, 1915

R. d’Hugheer

Laurence Hutton, Engraver: E.H.B.

Elizabeth Mast Hyatt, Engraver: Walter M. Aikman, 1912

Box 1, Envelope I Martha Houghtaling Ingalls (2)
Box 1, Envelope J Helen M. Jackson

Herman and Paul Jaehne, Engraver: AG

George Johnston, MD, Engraver: Kirkwood

George W. Jones, MD, Ph.D, Engraver: AWC, 1899

Matt Bushnell Jones

William Aimison Jonnard

Joseph deForest Junkin, Jr., Engraver: Frederick G. Hall, 1904

Box 1, Envelope K1-2 Elsie Plaut and Ely Jacques, Engraver: EJK


Dr. Otto Kahn

Ludwig Kalmus, Engraver: Richard Lux (s), 1938

Ernst Kelchner

Zknikovny T. Kettnera, Engraver: K.J.

Floyd and Helen van Keuren, Engraver: FVK, 1916

Max Kibler, Engraver: Traub

William Livermore Kingman, Engraver: M.N. Stauffer, 1898

J.K. Kinney (2)

Carrie C. Kinsley, Engraver: SAK

Eduard Klampfl

Shepherd Knapp, Engraver: Anthony H. Lower

August Kohn, Engraver: ANM, 1923

Biro Pal Konyveibol

May Korellis

Heinrich Kretschmayr

Karl Kuep, Engraver: D.B. Updike

Box 1, Envelope L1 Jacques Laffitte

F. Lake, Engraver: HJ, 1927

Bella Clara Landauer, Engraver: WPB, 1926

Frank E. Lane (3), Engraver: Phillip Litchfield, 1926

G.F. Larner, Engraver: C. Larner-Sugden

Rev. Fr’s Lasco

Martha P. Leavitt, Engraver: AWC

Louis Aaron Lebowich

Georgia Medora Lee (2), Engraver: J.W. Spenceley, 1903

Georgia Medora Lee

John Thomas Lee, Engraver: W.F. Hopson, 1916

Box 1, Envelope L2 Paul Lemperly, Engraver: LNG, 1853

Paul Lemperly, Engraver: E.D. French, 1857

Paul Lemperly (author’s plate), Engraver: E.D.French, 1900

Paul Lemperly

Walter Lenck, Engraver: Melly Bachrich

Eva Lewis (2), Engraver: JWS, 1899

Grace Lewis

Frederic J.Libbie, 1895

William Libbey, Engraver: Ames and Rollinson, NY

Box 1, Envelope L3 Dr. Robert Libuschitz, Engraver: Robur

Marcel Victor Lichtenstadt, Engraver: WPB

Harry Bernard Lindsay, Engraver: Sumner A.Kinsley

Herbert Edwin Lombard, Engraver: W.F.Hopson, 1916

Herbert Edwin Lombard, Engraver: A.J. Brown

Abraham London, Engraver: S

Augustus Peabody Loring, Engraver: Amy M. Sacker

Joe Lorraine, Engraver: Kelly, 1916

John W. and Lee Partridge Loveland

Moses Richardson Lovell

Adele Tylden Low, Engraver: J.W. Spenceley

John W. Lowe, Engraver: Jay Chambers

Edith Romani-Lutz

Box 1, Envelope M1 Mary B. Macomber, Engraver: Georgia Todd

Margaret Tannahill MacDonald, Engraver: J.Younger

Compton MacKenzie, Engraver: FGS, 1925

Franz James Mankiewicz, Engraver: WPB, 1907

Cameron Mann, Engraver: William Edgar Fisher, 1907

Edward S. Marsh

Frank Evans Marshall, Engraver: Albert Rosenthal

Lenala Martin, Engraver: Elsinore Lake

Mary B. Martin, Engraver: RH

Dr. Rudolph Matas, Engraver: Elizabeth G. Rogers Palgrey, 1925

Dr. Rudolph Matas, Engraver: Gary Hogeboom

H.W. Mathews

John Joseph May (2)

George Barr McCutcheon

Thomas Potter McCutcheon, Engraver: Frederic Warde

Hugh Giffen McKinney, Engraver: John Williams, 1897

Box 1, Envelope M2 Alexander Mecsery, Engraver: Barton Bindtner

Henry Louis Mencken (2)

Charles W. Merriam, Engraver: Edith Alley Lowell

Frank Anderson and Louise Finney Merrick, Engraver: W.F.Hopson

Alice Meyer

Dudley Cameron Meyers, Engraver: Carl S.Junge

Louis A Mischkind, Engraver: Reiss, 1914

Richard Bland Mitchell

Joseph Monsalvatte

Edward Wynne Moore, Engraver: Jay Chambers

Mary Moore

Sarah King Peck Moore, Engraver: AP, 1904

Oswald Morog

Beatrice Morrell (r), Engraver: Marion Reid

Camden Morrisby, Engraver: Lionel Lindsay

Marcus Morton, Engraver: Amy M.Sacker

J. Alroy Mosendelder

Harold Murdock, Engraver: A.M. Sacker

Box 1, Envelope N Thomas A Nelson, Engraver: Mr. WPB, 1906

Emil Netter, Engraver: G. Rabinovitch, 1921

Dr. Rudolf Neumann, Engraver: Hoenich

Elmer Wm. Neuscheler (2)

William Jesse Newlin

E.D. Newman, M.D.

B. Lary Newton, 1913

Ephraim B. Newton

Arthur Howard Noll, Engraver: AHN

Rachel Norton, Engraver: B.G.Goodhue, 1898

Box 1, Envelope O George Olcott

Paulina Olmstead, Engraver: Norman Olmstead, 1901

Florence O’Neill

H. Ernest Opdenhoff, Engraver: Louis Titz, 1900

M.A. Ortiz

Box 1, Envelope P1 Maybelle Waldrip Paige, Engraver: Elizabeth Colbathe

Charles Fairbank Painter, Engraver: A.M. Sacker

Lowell M. Palmer, Engraver: J.W. Spencely

Henry Francis Parmelee, Engraver: Jay Chambers

C.J. Peacock

Helen Pearson, Engraver: Helen Pearson, 1927

Thomas Perley

A.J. Pernotte

Preston A. Perry, Engraver: Ralph Fletcher Seymour

Friedr. Perutz

Rev. Carl E. Petersen, Engraver: BCP, 1896?

M. Louise Petersen, Engraver: CLC

C.H. Pettee, 1875

Box 1, Envelope P2 M. Westall Pettee, Engraver: ENG, 1899

William Lyon Phelps, Engraver: W.F. Hopson

James W. Philbrick

Margaret Sanderson Pierce

Hume C. Pinsent

Helen Palmer Pond (2)

Mabel Pickinson Pond, Engraver: WFH, 1915

Millicent Pond (3)

Aiken A. Pope, Engraver: Lloyd Coe, 1926

Alexander Winthrop Pope, Engraver: Jay Chambers, 1905

Josephine E.S. Porter, Engraver: W.F. Hopson, 1895?

P. Campos Porto

Philo B. Pratt, 1818

Betty Prescott

Hazel Mills Prescott

Box 1, Envelope P3 Walter Conway Prescott, Engraver: Jay Chambers, 1903

Winward Prescott (2), Engraver: R.Wheelwright

Winward Prescott (8)

Winward Prescott (1), Engraver: WP

Winward Prescott, Engraver: M.A. Falors, 1911

Georgia M. Preson, Engraver: E D French and A N MacDonald

Prentice Andrew Pugh

Joseph and Elinor Pulitzer, Engraver: E.B. Bird

Ethel Frothingham Putnam, Engraver: Dorothy S. Harding


Dean and Alice Quinby, Engraver: JDH

John Quinn

Box 1, Envelope R1 J. Ragot, Engraver: N. Weill

Heinz Ranzenhofer, Engraver: E. Ranzenhofer

L. Virginia Raymond

Sadie U. Raymond

Ben Ray Redman (3), Engraver: Hall

Dennis Redmond

Edwin Sanderson Reynolds

Waldo Dean Rich (2)

Alfred Thomas Richards

Box 1, Envelope R2 Edgar Richardson

Edward Garrett and Marie

Sims Riddick, Engraver: AHN, 1928

High Ridout, Engraver: AHN, 1924

James Whitcomb Riley, Engraver: TB

Gottfried V. Rittershausen

Christine Rivett, Engraver: Phillip M.Litchfield, 1928

Gordon Robertson

Enid M. Robinson, Engraver: W.S. Percy

Miriam Rogers

H.R.Rosen, Engraver: Franz Bayros

Denman W. Ross

Agnes I. Rudd (r), Engraver: Warrington Hogg

P.Watts Rule, Engraver: PWR (delt.)

John E. Russell, Engraver: JER (delt.)/MTCallahan (sculpt.)

Philip Winfred Russell, 1921

Box 2
Box 2, Envelope S1 Gino Sabattini, Engraver: R. Rubino

Wataru Sakakibara

Svattopluk Samek, Engraver: Rene Ebner, 1931

Beatrice Sand, Engraver: Hubert Woyty Wimmer, 1923

M.M. Sands, Engraver: J.W.Spenceley

George H. Sargent

Albert Sauveur

Wilhelm Schleicher

Peter Paul Schmitt, Engraver: E. Reinicke, 1893

Paul Siebert Schoedinger

Curt Schoenfeld

Emmy Schuell, Engraver: H. Wilderman

Mary Modena Scofield

Clement Scott, Engraver: F.G. Hall, 1904

John Howe Scott

Dr. John Seibert

Box 2, Envelope S2 G.E. Selby

George Dudley Seymour (2), Engraver: W.F. Hopson, 1894

Robert Seymour

Bertha Brown and Robert, Engraver: G.G. Noble, 1905

Kendall Shaw

W.H. Shir-Cliff, Engraver: Louis John Rhead, 1897

Verna A Siclaff

Howard Sill, 1890

St.George Leakin Sioussat

Britiffe Skottowe

Andrew Smith, Engraver: J.W. Spenceley, 1897

Eugia Pocahontas Smith

F. Patterson Smith

Harry DeForest Smith, Engraver: G. Otto, 1897

Valentine Smith (2)

Box 2, Envelope S3 Lutie Stearns

Manci Steiner, Engraver: Melly Bachrich

William H. Stark

Frederick Starr

(Mexican Plate) (2), Engraver: J.W.Spenceley, 1905

Frederick Starr (African Plate)

Agnes A. Stephens, Engraver: Ethel G. Howard

Baroness Mary von Stern

June Stevens, Engraver: HG

Timothy J. Stevenson, Engraver: EHS

Box 2, Envelope S4 E. G. Stoddard, Engraver: W.F. Hopson, 1895

Lillian Newton and Wilbur, Engraver: Jay Chambers, 1904

Macey Stone

Herbert Nathan Straus, Engraver: F.G. Hall, 1903

Margarethe Strauss, Engraver: Jay Chambers

Ottmar Straus (2), Engraver: Wilm, 1925

Frank S. Streeter

Frank Sherwin Streeter

Carl Rodney Stroem, Engraver: WHB Jr.

Carl Rodney Stroem, Engraver: JJS

Mary Louisa Sutliff, Engraver: SC, 1909

Box 2, Envelope T Samuel Taylor, 1803

Roderick Terry, Engraver: ANM, 1919

James Edgerly Thayer

Sylvia Louise Thayer

William Roscoe Thayer, Engraver: D.S. Harding

Benjamin Thomas (r), Engraver: Christia M.Reade

David Allen Thompson, Engraver: E.B. Bird

June May Thompson

Vance Thompson, Engraver: Theodore Spice-Simpson

Frederick Tillman, Engraver: A.N. MacDonald, 1911

G.H. Tilton

Constance Titz, Engraver: George Pole Last

Maximilian Toch

Augustus Toedteberg

Emma Toedteberg, Engraver: EDF, 1914

Sir Charles Edward Trevelyan, Engraver: WSB, 1857-1858

Winfred Porter Truesdell, Engraver: J.W. Spenceley, 1902

Winfred Porter Truesdell, Engraver: Gardner C. Teall

Amos Tuck, 1864

Box 2, Envelope V R.W. G. Vail

Rudy Vallee, Engraver: KB, 1936


Henry Vieke, 1920

Margerete Vogel, Engraver: Marcken

Dora Vogt

Box 2, Envelope W1 Stephen H. Wakeman, Engraver: Elihu Vedder

Edward Walcott

Col. H.J.O. Walker

Karl Walter, Engraver: KW

Mollie and Gerald Walters, Engraver: RB

Dr. Med. Paul Wassily

Thomas Waterman, 1867

Louisa Adelaide Way (r)

Josiah Wedgewood

Edward Wells (2)

Dr. Theo. A. Werner

Box 2, Envelope W2 Maude Wesby, Engraver: GVZ

Maude E. Wesby

Maude Earle Wesby

Hayden Austin West, M.D.

Karl Emich, Graf zu Leiningen-

Westerburg (3)

Marie Magdelene, Graefin zu

Leiningen-Westerburg (3), Engraver: Albert W. Behrens

Daniel B. Wetherell, Engraver: Edmund H. Garrett, 1912

Esther White, Engraver: Roy White

George Robert White, Engraver: Augustus Lukerman (sc.)

Jared Whitman (2), 1802

Arnold and Janetta Whitridge, Engraver: WPB, 1919

Box 2, Envelope W3 James Wickersham, Engraver: A. Boettcher, 1916

E.S. Williamson (r)

Francis Wilson (3), Engraver: W.H.W.B.

Francis Wilson

Harry Wilson

Louis N. Wilson, Engraver: W.F. Hopson, 1902

Louis N Wilson, Engraver: W.F. Hopson, 1914

Woodrow Wilson (r)

S.A. Wiman (6)

Box 2, Envelope W4 Franz Winter, Engraver: Franz Bayros

John Tracy Winterich, Engraver: C.L.Baldridge

Emma C. Wolf

David Wolfsohn

Hon. Frances G. Wolseley, Engraver: C.W. Sherborn, 1891

John Page Woodbury, Engraver: E.D. French, 1894

J.H. Woods, Engraver: HLD, 1846

Ralph and Anne Woods

Marian Woodward, Engraver: RR

Charlotte Wright, Engraver: ANN, 1925

Sydney R. Wrightington, Engraver: CB

Box 2, Envelope Z F.W.van Zandt (3), Engraver: F.Bayros

Margarete Zickfeldt, Engraver: FB, 1885

Box 2, Envelope Oversize Samuel S. Joseph

Herman M. Schroeter, Engraver: DEL, 1931

Lewis M. Stark (2)

Emma Toedteberg

Subseries 2: Armorial

Box 2, Envelope A1-2 Adams (2); Aerelst; Aldis; Allardes; Amory; Anson; Appleton; Alfred J. Archibald; Archibald; Theodore Atkinson; William King Atkinson; Ayscough
Box 2, Envelope B1 Baer; Bagnall; Baker; Ball; Bankerl; Banks; Barker; Barrett; Barton; Bayly; Bound; Bowdon; Bower; Henry Albany Bowles; Joseph Bowles; Boyee
Box 2, Envelope B2 Belli; Benoist; Bernstorff; Bickerton; Bickham; Blount; Blundell; Boddington; Boissier; Boker; Bolingbroke; Bolton; Bootle; Bootle-Wilbraham (2); Bradshaw; Bramston; Breedon; Brent; Brew
Box 2, Envelope B3 Brinton; Broadhead; John Broadley (2); Brockett; Brockman; Broderip; Brodribb; A.G. Brown; Elisha Rhodes Brown; Bulteel; Burdett; Burnham; Burnitt
Box 2, Envelope C1 Lord Cadogan; Caesar; Calhoun; Campbell; Carver; Casborne; Cavalerius; Charlton; Chitty; Christophers; Cleland; Cochran; Cock
Box 2, Envelope C2 Codrington (r); Colman; Conant (2); Coney; Coolidge; Cooper; Corbollis; Cox; Crawley; Cresswell; Croft; Currer; Cust
Box 2, Envelope D1 Daubney; Davis; Day; Dicken; Dickinson; Draper; Drummond; Dudley; Duryea; Dymoke
Box 2, Envelope E Eden; Edwards; Ellis; Elwon; Everett; Everingham
Box 2, Envelope F Falt; Fellows; Fenwick; Fitzgerald; Forbes; Forster; Charles Finch Foster; Francis A. Foster; George Sanford Foster; Foulke; Charles French; Frederick French; Funkhouser (2)
Box 2, Envelope G Gale; Gates; Getting; Gibbon; Glen; Gordon (of Buthlaw); Gordon; Gould; Grace; Grant; Greg; Gregson; Gubbins
Box 2, Envelope H1 FDH; HDH; TH; Hall; Hamilton; Hammond; Hannen; William, Earl of Harcourt; Hardy (4); Hayden; Heath; Henshaw; Hesketh; Higginson (2)
Box 2, Envelope H2 Hoar; Hobson; Homans; Houghton; Humphrey; Hunt; Hyde
Box 2, Envelope J-K Jacobs; Kelly; Ketchum; Kirkpatrick; Kerrich; Knatchbull; Knight; Knyvett
Box 2, Envelope L Samuel Lambert; Thomas R. Lambert; Henry, Lord Langdale; Lansdowne; Larden; Lawrence; Lediard; Lewis; Linthill; Ludford
Box 2, Envelope M1 MacDonnell; MacMahon; Magoun; de Maligny; Manning; Mansel-Pleydell; March; Marston; Marryat; Mathew; Mayer; McIlwraith; McLean; McPherson
Box 2, Envelope M2 Meister; Mellish; Michell; Mitchell; Jos. Mitchell; Theophilus Mitchell; Monro; Morgan; Morse; Morehead; Moseley; Mules; Murray
Box 2, Envelope N-O Neave (2); Newenham; Norris; Nuttall; O’Bryen; Oldfield; Oldham; Oliveira; Oliver-Jones (2); Onderdonk; Oswald; Otis; Ouvry; Overstone
Box 2, Envelope P1-2 Packe; Page; Paine; Paley; Parbury (2); Parker; Partridge; Peabody; Peachey; Pemberton; Pendleton; Pengwern; Petworth (2); Robert, Lord Petre; Phillips; Helen Roach Pierson; Margaret Hillyer Pierson; Pigott; Pike; Plowden; Pollock; Poor; Prescott; Priest
Box 2, Envelope Q-R Quincy; R.; R.E.G.J.E.W.; Paul Revere (r); Sir John Richardson (2); Ridsdale; Ritchie; Robinson; Rogers; Rose; Rylands
Box 2, Envelope S1 Salwey; Sargeant; Schoenaich; Scovell; Selwin; Sewall; Sheffield (2); Silver; Simmons; Simcoe; Sir Drummond Smith; Edward W. and Blanche C. Smith; Eric Smith; Richard Smith; Smithe of Exeter; Snelling
Box 2, Envelope S2 Somerville; Sothern; Sousa-Leao; Stark; Stevens; Stone; Leonard Kip Storrs; Storrs; Strange; Strauss; Sullivan; Sumner; Duke of Sussex (2)
Box 2, Envelope S3 Swift; Synge
Box 2, Envelope T1-2 Edward Taylor; Thomas Fred. Taylor; Tennant; Terry; Isaiah Thomas; Jenkins Thomas; Thomson; Thorne; Towneley; Townsend; Trelour; Trollope
Box 2, Envelope V de Valencay; Valencia y Don Juan; Varney; Samuel Vaughan; William Vaughan; Vaux; Vicary; Van Ness; Van Vleck; Harry Verney; Robert Verney; Vignand
Box 2, Envelope W1 Waldenfels; Walford; Edward, Prince of Wales; George Frederick Ernest Albert, Prince of Wales; F.G. Waller; Walrond; Warner
Box 2, Envelope W2-3 George Washington (r); Robert Woods Washington; Weatherby; Webster; Whitney; Wigram; Wilkinson; Williams; Wilmot; Wilson; Withington; Wolverton; Woodward; Workman; Wyatt

Subseries 3: Thematic

Subseries a: Musical Elements in Design

Box 3
Box 3, Envelope 1 A-Bartsch:

d’Agincourt; Alexander; Allbright; Allen (3); Allsopp; Altmann; Anderle; Anderson; Andorfer; Andor; Andres (2); Angus; Anner; Anson; Arnold; Astley; Bacon; Balmanno; Bancroft (4); Banning (2); Barcallo; Barhydt; Barker; Barnard; Edith Forbes Barnes; James P. and Merriam E. Barnes; Bartsch

Box 3, Envelope 2 Baylor-Butterfield

Baylor; Beardslee; Milli Becker; P.H. Becker; Behymer; Belasco; Beloe; Berger; Berndt; Berrsche; Bertie; Bertrand; Billwiller; Birnholz; Alice Birnholz; Marco Birnholz; Bizzarro; Black; Blackall; Blackwell; Blazek (2); Blood; Bock (2); Borel; Bowdoin; Bowman; Boyden; Braff; Brandl; Braud; Braungart; Braxton; Brett; Brettauer (2); Brettingham; Brookholding (see this item); Allen A. Brown; Corinne Brown; Frederick Brown; James Duff Brown; Butterfield (2)

Box 3, Envelope 3 Campins-Delafield

Campins; Chapman; Chaltrait; Chase; Cheney; Chesterton; Chew; Chrysler; Churchill; Claudius; Clune (3); Cobb; de Cocq; Coffin; Conolly; Cooke; Coolidge; Le Tellier de Courtanvaux; Coutant; Cower (2); Cowles; Dellerene Craig; Edward Armstrong Craig; Cringan; Criton; Cross; Cruikshank; Daniel; Dann; Dawson; Day; Deere; Delafield

Box 3, Envelope 4 Del-Everest

Delahaye; Deplace; Deverson; Diamond; Dick; Dickinson; Digges; Diko; Dolan; Dorman; Dorn (2); Downing (2); D’Oyly Carte; Drobner; Duane; Dudley; Duhme; Dunszt Kalman; Edlmann; Egmond; Eisenhart; Eiszenmann; Elsener; Enders; Ensign; Ernst; Charlotte M.Estey; Helen Seymour Estey; Philippa, Graf zu Eulenberg; Evans; Everest

Box 3, Envelope 5 Faesch-Gurdon

Faesch (2); Fahnestock; Farmer; Farwell; Fasal; Feiga; Fiedler; Fincham; Fingesten; Fischart; Fokine; Forrer; Frampton; Fuller; W.F.G.; Gale; Garda; Gason; Gavin; Wilhelm and Paula Gericke (2); Gerstle; Gerstley; Gibson; Glamis; Goldmann; Goldmark; Enric Gomez; Enric Gomez-Furnells; Gooch; Graham; Granados; Greenough; Frederick Greenwood; George H. Greenwood; Greg; Guptill; Gurdon

Box 3, Envelope 6 Hakansson-Hulbe

Hakansson; Adele May Hall; Irving Kent and Helen Macy Hall; Martha Althea Hall; Mary Constance Hall; Haller; Hallowell (2); Hammond; Hanington; Hannan; Hansa; Harben; Harmond; Haroian; Hartshorne; Hastings; Hausmann; Theone Hausmann; Hay; Heijn-Lamont; Heller; Henderson; Hepton; Herman; Herzfeld; Edward Wilson Hewett; Nettie May Hewett (2); Viola Hill; William J. Hill; E. Barton Hills; George and Jessie Hilton; Hiscock; Holden; Hollingborne; Hoelzer-Weinek; Hooper; Hopewell; Horner; How; Hulbe

Box 3, Envelope 7 Innitzer-Kaufmann

Innitzer; Istvan; Ivoboda; Janda; Jenkins; Arthur Franklin Johnson; Robert Underwood Johnson; Joline; Jones; Kadlec; Kahn; Kaldor; Kane; Kaplan (2); Katz; Alfred Kaufmann; Willy Ernst Kaufmann

Box 3, Envelope 8 Kautsch-Kuylen

Kautsch; Kaysel; Kayser; Harold Wood Kearney; Michael Kearney; Kern (3); Key; Kimball; Flora Gardiner King; Gertrude King; Kingsford; Klauber; Klement; Knoezinger; Knopf; Koch; Kouchneroff; Kruse; Kuchenbecker; Kuen; Kuylen

Box 3, Envelope 9 L.L.-Margetson

L.L.; Lake; LaLande; Lamprey; Landaux; Lane; Lang; Lange; de Lano; Laurence; Leach; Lechner; Leftwich; Lehmann; Lemperley; L.E.V.J.S.; Lewis; Lichtenwalter; Lloyd; Lockyer; Loeffler; Karl Lorenz; Paula Lorenz; Lorin; MacCunn; Maitland; Manton; Margetson

Box 3, Envelope 10 Markert-Monk

Markert; Mason; Mathewes; Maxwell; Mayer; Maylander; Meacham; Messenger; Meyer; Milles; Miner; Mitchell; Mixa; Monk

Box 3, Envelope 11 Monsalvatje-Pearson

Jordi Monsalvatje (5); Joseph Monsalvatje; Trinidad Monsalvatje; Morgan; Morley; Morris; Mukova; Anny Mueller; Gerda Mueller; Margarethe Mueller; Wilhelm Mueller; North; Olginyogi; MRP; Paderewski; Palmer; Parker; Parlington; Patterson; Patzauer; Paxton; Annie Pearson; Henry and Elizabeth Pearson; Noel Pearson

Box 3, Envelope 12 Peck-Ruisi

Peck; Pelinck; Percival; Perry; Petersen; Petr; Petry; Pettibone; Piccauer; Pieper; Pigou; Piper; Poeverlein; Pollak; Pond; Prager; Preston; Pym; Pyot; Quilico; van Raalte; Radin; Remick; Roberts; Desmond Robinson; Eliot Harlow Robinson; William Robinson; Roelofson; Rogers; Rohmeder; Rosen; Ruisi

Box 3, Envelope 13 EHS-Steinhausen

EHS; HMS; LS; Sachse; Saxton; von Schillings; Schlesinger; Schley; Schneider; Schreinzer; Scott; Scribner; Schwabe; Seelig; Seligman Semple; C.Sharp; F.Sharp; Messrs. Sharp; Shepard; Shepherd; Sherwood; Shir-Cliff (2); Simpson; Small; Adele Smith; Edith Ellis Smith; Harry Bache Smith; Smyser; Spencer; Spittler; Sprague; Stedman; Stegmann; Steinhausen

Box 3, Envelope 14 Sternberg-Vogel

Sternberg; Stevens; Stites; Stoehr; Stoessel; Stone (2); Strasser; Strassl; Stratton; Struycken; Suvorova; Svoboda; Szendy; Taft; Tarkington; Taylor; Teichner; Teicker; Terwilliger; Thayer; Thomson; Tragy; Treier; Trever; Tropp; Truesdell (2); Underwood; Valencia; Vargas Macciuca; Vincent; Vockner; Vogel

Box 3, Envelope 15 Vockner-Young

Vockner; Vogel; E.G.A.W.; L.A.W.; Jessie M. Walker; Nell Walker; Stuart Walker; Wallace; Walsh; Walton; Wanke; Warburton; Waud; Weebers; van Wees (5); Weigmann; Frank Weitenkampf; Louise Weitenkampf; Weisz; Weixelbaumer; Leiningen-Westerburg (2); Westerton; Wheeler; Whitbeck; Whitbread; Gleeson White; Kenneth C.R. White; Whitney; Whittaker; Wiener; Willard; Wimpfheimer; Winn; Winton; Wolbrandt (4); Wolf; Wright; Young

Box 3, Envelope 16 Miscellaneous

Several miscellaneous unidentifiable plates

Subseries b: Images of the Sea/Dolphins in Design

Includes a few institutional plates.

Box 4
Box 4, Envelope 1 Armorial: A-G

CRA; Aldis; Arnold; Ashton; ERC; Cahill; Cassels; ED; Frederick Samuel Fish; Hamilton Fish (2); Alice Fisher; J.B. Fisher; Arthur Flower-Ellis; Thomas Flower-Ellis; Claude Franklyn; Fred and Mary Franklyn; W.N. Franklyn; Gardner; Grandmaison

Box 4, Envelope 2 Armorial: H-V

Higden; Alfred C. Kennedy; G.J. Kennedy; R.L. Kennedy; Kirkpatrick; Lawrence; Leeman; Lyman; Mission House; Page; Rainham; Runnington; Saner; Arthur Sargeaunt; Ignatius Sargent; Schneider (oversize); Simmons; Sir Drummond Smith; Wm. A. Smith (2); Tippetts (2); Trevilian (?); Vichy-Champrond; one unidentified plate

Box 4, Envelope 3 Non-armorial: A-C

Andreini; Andrews; Arford; Astor; Baker; Belknap; Ballinger; Boekenoogen; Borden (3); Bridgewater; Brooks; Brown; Brownlow; Bruton School; Bryant; Bullard; Burrage; J.C.; Charleston; Clulow (3); Cravath; Cromer Grange

Box 4, Envelope 4 Non-armorial: D-L

Doubleday; Duprey; Evans; Fazahas; Fearing (2); Flores; Foster; Fuller; Gardner; Godolphin; Hadduck; Harding; Harriman; Holmgren; Hopson; Howell; Isola; Kidder; Koch; Kuney; Lavington; Leeds; Leighton; Light; Lord

Box 4, Envelope 5 Non-armorial: M-R

McElhone; MacMeans; Martyr; Mason (2); Monsalvatje; Mosher; Mynderse; Nelson; Noble; Norfleet; O’Brien; Osborne; Paine; Payson; Perkins; Prescott; Rapp; Horace Wolcott Robbins; Phyllis Robbins; Russell

Box 4, Envelope 6 Non-armorial: S-W, unidentified

Sargent; Scribner; Seaman; Sergeant; Skipton; George Smith; Larratt Smith; Stark; Stearns; Stebbins; Sullivan; A.D.S.; Thomas; Thompson; Tyler; Vogt; Vollbehr; Wendell; Winslow; unidentified plates

Box 4, Envelope Oversize George Schneider

Subseries B: Institutional

Subseries 1: Academic

Box 4, Envelope 7 A-Boston University

University of Aberdeen; Amherst College (m); Antioch College; Bates College (m); Boston College; Boston University (m)

Box 4, Envelope 8 Bowdoin-Bryn Mawr

Bowdoin College (m); Brown University (m); Bryn Mawr College

Box 4, Envelope 9 University of California (m)
Box 4, Envelope 10 Cambridge-Columbia

Cambridge University; Catholic University; University of Chicago; The Choate Brief; The Choate School; Clark University; Colby; Colgate University; Columbia College Library; Columbia University (m)

Box 4, Envelope 11 Cornell-Dartmouth

Cornell University (m); Dalhousie University; Dartmouth College (m)

Box 4, Envelope 12 Denver-Harvard

University of Denver; Duke University (m); Franklin Institute (m); Franklin & Marshall; Universite de Gand; George Washington University; University of Georgia; Girard College; Harvard University (m)

Box 4, Envelope 13 Hill-McGill

Hill School; Holy Cross College; Miss Hutchison’s School (m); University of Illinois; State University of Iowa; Johns Hopkins University; Kansas State Agricultural College; Lafayette College; Liverpool (University of); Lund; McGill University (m)

Box 4, Envelope 14 M

University of Maine; Manchester High School; Michigan (University of) (m); Middlebury College; University of Missouri; M.I.T.; Mount Holyoke; Muhlenberg College

Box 4, Envelope 15 N

National & University Library of Jerusalem; New Brunswick Theological Seminary; New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts (m); University of New Hampshire (m); New Jersey State Normal School; City College of New York; New York University; Northwestern University

Box 4, Envelope 16 Oberlin-Phillips

Oberlin College (m); Occidental College; Ohio Wesleyan University (m); Oregon State College (m); Oundle School (m); Oyster River School (Durham, NH); University of Pennsylvania; Phillips Academy (m)

Box 4, Envelope 17 Pittsburg-Reading School

University of Pittsburgh (m); Pratt Institute (m); Princeton University (m); Proctor Academy; Queens College; Radcliffe College (m); Reading School

Box 4, Envelope 18 Rhode Island School of Design-L’Universite de Strasbourgh

Rhode Island School of Design; University of Rochester; Rutgers College (m); Rutgers University; Saint Katherine’s School; Collegium S. Laurentii a Brundusio-Romae; St. Mark’s School (m); St. Matthew’s School; St. Paul’s School; Skidmore College; Smith College (m); University of Southern California (m); Stanford University (m); Leland Stanford Junior University; L’Universite de Strasbourgh

Box 4, Envelope 19 Teacher’s College-University of Virginia

Teacher’s College (NYC) (m); Tilton School (NH); Toronto (University of) (m); Trinity College (m); Tulane University; U.S.Naval Academy; Vassar College (m); University of Vermont (m); University of Virginia (m)

Box 4, Envelope 20 W

Wellesley College (m); Wesleyan College (m); Western College for Women; Western Reserve University (m); Whitman College (m); William and Mary College; Williams College (3); Winthrop Normal & Industrial College; University of Wisconsin (m); Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Box 4, Envelope 21 Yale University (m)

Subseries 2: Public Libraries

Box 5
Box 5, Envelope 1 Alabama

Birmingham: Birmingham Public Library

Box 5, Envelope 2 Connecticut

Bradford: The Blackstone Public Library, 1890

Hartford:Watkinson Library

New Haven: New Haven Free Public Library, 1907

New London: Public Library

Box 5, Envelope 3 Illinois, Indiana

Calumet City: Public Library

Chicago: The John Crerer Library, 1896

Indianapolis: Public Library

Box 5, Envelope 4 Maine, Maryland

Bangor: Public Library/Hersey Fund, 1897; Mechanic Association Fund, 1897; Stodder Fund, 1897

Baltimore: The Enoch Pratt Free Library

Hagerstown: The Washington County Free Library, 1902

Box 5, Envelope 5 Massachusetts

Amesbury: Public Library

Belmont: Public Library

Beverly: Public Library

Billerica: Bennett Public Library Association

Boston: Public Library; (Trustees Plate)

Box 5, Envelope 6 Massachusetts

Brookfield: Merrick Public Library

Brookline: Public Library

Cambridge: Public Library

Box 5, Envelope 7 Massachusetts

Cohasset: Paul Pratt Memorial Library

Conway (2): Field Memorial Library

Fairhaven (2): The Millicent Library, 1891

Haverhill (2): Public Library

Hingham: Public Library

Lancaster (2): Town Library

Lawrence: Public Library


Lowell: City Library

Marblehead: Abbot Public Library

Milton: Public Library

New Bedford: Free Public Library, 1915

Newburyport: Public Library

Norwood: Morrill Memorial Library

Quincy: Thomas Crane Public Library

Box 5, Envelope 8 Massachusetts

Salem: Public Library

Somerville: Public Library

Southborough: Fay Library

Stourbridge: Library

Williamsburg: Meekin’s Library

Woburn: Public Library

Worcester: Free Public Library

Box 5, Envelope 9 Michigan, Missouri

Detroit: Public Library, 1899

Flint: Public Library

St. Louis: Mercantile Library

Box 5, Envelope 10 New Hampshire

New Hampshire State Library (3)

Dover: Public Library, 1915

Durham: Social Library

Concord: Public Library

Gorham: Public Library

Keene: Public Library, 1902

Manchester: City Library

Nashua: Public Library

New London: Tracy Memorial Library

Rochester: Public Library

Rye: Drake Fund

Box 5, Envelope 11 New Jersey, New York

Belmar: Free Public Library, 1917

Newark: Free Public Library

Summit: Free Public Library, 1929

Brooklyn: Public Library

New Rochelle

Hempstead: Free Library

Mamaroneck: Free Library

New Rochelle: Public Library

New York: State Library; Public Library

Yonkers: Public Library

Box 5, Envelope 12 Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

Cleveland: Public Library (John Griswold White Collection of Folklore & Orientalia & Collection devoted to chess)

Pittsburgh: Carnegie Library

Providence: Elmwood Public Library Association; Public Library

Box 5, Envelope 13 Tennessee, Texas, Vermont

Knoxville: Lawson McGhee Library, 1927

El Paso: Public Library

Manchester: The Mark Skinner Library

Box 5, Envelope 14 Miscellaneous

Bergen, Norway


Lassen County Free Library

Lucy Locke Memorial Library

Pequot Library Association




Stevens Memorial Library

Stockholm (Sweden)

Wolverhampton Library (England?)

Subseries 3: Music Institutions or Collections

Box 5, Envelope 15 Music Institutions/Collections

Academia Augusta; Ardsley Club; Bedford College; University of California; Carnegie Library (Pittsburgh); Cambridge University Musical Club; Fisk University Library, Nashville, Tennessee; Indianapolis Public Library; Juilliard Graduate School (m); The Edward MacDowell Memorial Association; Milwaukee Public Library; Montclair Public Library; New York Public Library; Paris Imprimerie Nationale; The Players; Rowe Music Library, King’s College, Cambridge; G. Schirmer-Circulating Library; Schirmer Memorial Library-Institute of Musical Arts; Stevenson Society, Saranac Lake, New York; Thomas Crane Public Library, Quincy, Massachusetts; Westminster College of Music

Box 5, Envelope 16 Oversize

The Orphic Order

Subseries 4: Miscellaneous Clubs and Associations

Box 5, Envelope 17 A-Brothers in Unity

Alpha Delta Phi Library; American Library Association; American Library in Paris (2) (m); Antiquarian Society of London; Author’s Club Library (m); Athenaeum Library; Beacon Press, Inc.; Berwick Academy,Fogg Memorial Library; Bibliotheca Novae Arvae; Bohemian Club, San Francisco; The Booklovers Library; Boston Athenaeum; Boston Library of Medicine; Boston Library Society; Boston Social Law Library; Boston Society of Natural History; Bostonian Society (2); Brooklyn Art Association; Brooklyn Botanic Garden; Brooklyn Museum Library; Brothers in Unity

Box 5, Envelope 18 Christ Church, Nashville-Hartford

Christ Church, Nashville; Church of the Unity, Worcester, MA; The Colonial Dames of America (Connecticut); The Colonial Dames of America (New Hampshire) (m); Connecticut Historical Society; Connecticut Society of Mayflower Descendents; Cooper Union Library; Culver Literary Society (m); Daughters of the American Revolution (Bigelow Chapter); Daughters of the American Revolution (Hall Chapter); Denver Club, The; English-Speaking Union (Page Memorial Library); Engineering Societies Library American Women’s Association; Explorer’s Club, The; Field Museum of Natural History; French Insitute in the U.S.; Ginn & Company; Goodspeed Booksellers, Boston; Griswald Memorial Library; Grolier Club, The (m); Hartford Bar Library Association; Hartford Library Company

Box 5, Envelope 19 Harvard-Lynn Library Association

Harvard Club Library (of NYC) (m); His Majesty’s Body Guard; Hispanic Society of America, The; Hotel de L’Ecole Royale Militaire; International Relation Club; Iron Reading Society; Irving Literary Association; Kirk Street Congregational Church; Pastor’s Library, Lowell, Ma; Library Americana; Library of Congress (Smithsonian Deposit); Library of the General Court (Massachusetts); Long Island Historical Society; Loring Reading Room (m); Lynn Library Association

Box 5, Envelope 20 M-New England Historical Society

Maryland Historical Society; Massachusetts General Hospital; Massachusetts Volunteer Aid Assoc.; Mechanic Library (New Haven); Metropolitan Museum of Art (m); Middlesex Law Library; Monastery Library; Museum Mouton-Fontenille, Academiae Lugdunensis; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; National Life Insurance Company, Montpelier, VT; New England Historic Genealogical Society (m)

Box 5, Envelope 21 New Hampshire Historical Society-R.W.Y.C.

New Hampshire Historical Society (m); New York Historical Society Library; New York Society Library (m); New York State Library, Library School; New York Yacht Club Library; Oriental Club; Orwell Lodge, London; The Riverside Press; Royal Gardens, Kew; Royal Irish Constabulary; Russell Sage Foundation; R.W.Y.C.

Box 5, Envelope 22 Seawanhaka-Zeta

Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club; Seminario de San Miguel, Puerto Rico; Social Library Company; Sons of the American Revolution; Stevens Hotel, Chicago (m); Suffolk Club, South Haven, L.I.; Technology Club; Mark Twain Memorial; Typographic Library & Museum of the American Type Founders Co.; Uncle Remus Library, The; Union League Club, New York; United Fruit Company; University Club of Boston; University Club (Cleveland); Vermont Historical Society Library; War Service Library; Western Reserve Historical Society, William P. Palmer Collection; Winthrop Classical Fund, The; Wisconsin State Agricultural Society; Women’s City Club of Boston; Worcester Art Museum; Worcester Society of Antiquity; Yale Club of New York City, The; Zeta Theta Chi (UNH), Freeman Chase Memorial Library

Subseries C: Individual Engravers

Subseries 1: Plates Engraved by Sidney L. Smith

Subseries a: Personal

Box 6
Box 6, Envelope SLS 1 Susan Janney Allen, 1911

Isabel and Larz Anderson, 1904

Joseph Manuel and Mary Shipman Andreini, 1913

William Loring Andrews (2), 1905

Frederick Ayer Jr., 1913

Hilda Rice Ayer, 1916

Adeline B. Beal, 1897

Frank Brewer Bemis, 1904

Amy Bend Bishop, 1909

Cortlandt Field Bishop, 1905

Francis Stanton Blake, 1899

Charles J. Bonaparte

Frederick J. Bradlee

Luther A. Brewer, 1925

Davenport Brown, 1916

Elisha Rhodes Brown, 1913

Charles Dashwood Bruce; B.T.Capen (3), 1897

No. 165 (Caplin) “First Rejected Plate,” 1919

W.H. Chase (2)

Edmund Wright Clap (2)

John Bouve Clapp (2) (s), 1909

Clara Erskine Clement (p,s), 1899

Hope Clement, 1899

T.U.C., 1900

Thomas Upham Coe, 1900

Arthur T. Connolly, 1896

Annie B. Crocker, 1904

Prentiss Cummings, 1900

Box 6, Envelope SLS 2 John Dane, 1899

John Delahunty, 1896

Helen Frances Dinsmore, 1903

William Alexander Douglas, 1912

Joseph C. Egbert

George H. Ellwanger

John W. Farwell, 1908

Daniel B. Fearing (4), 1899

Harry Alfred Fowler (2), 1911

Josiah Minot Fowler, 1912

Francis A. Gaskill, 1908


Grace B. Gilbert (3) (p), 1908

Lulu Glaser, 1895

Charles E. Goodspeed, 1904

Charles Eliot Goodspeed, 1915


Mabel Stone Gray, 1884

Alice Green, 1900

Charles J. Groves (3), 1896

Box 6, Envelope SLS 3 John F. Hill

Sallie W. Hovey, 1918

Lucius Lee Hubbard

Bertram Perry Huggins, 1901

Frederick Thayer Hunt, 1896

Henry Jackson (2)

Robert Irving Jenks, 1905

F.T.A. Junkin, 1922


John Thomas Lee (2), 1921

George B. Leighton, 1910

Litzelmann, 1912

Percival and Elisabeth Merritt (2), 1909

Frederick Strong Mosely 1910

George Saltonstall Mumford

Charles H. Newhall, 1900

A. Edward Newton

Charles Samuel Nichols, M.D., 1905

Francis G. Peabody

Charles Elliott Perkins, 1913

Winward Prescott (3)

Winward and Hazel Prescott (2), 1912

Box 6, Envelope SLS 4 Thomas Redfield and Maria Watson Williams Proctor, 1917

Johannes Alexander Richardson (2), 1917

William Lambert Richardson, 1902

Roberts, 1898

Edith Heath Rossiter (2), 1912

Thomas Fortune Ryan, 1913

Thomas Fortune Ryan (impression of bookplate by “SLS” on frontispiece in booklet)

Charles P. Searle, 1904

Harry Worcester Smith (p,s), 1921

J. Newton Smith, 1902

JWS, 1908

Sidney L. Smith (p), 1912

George Downing Sparks (2), 1908

Clarence W. Spring, M.D., 1901

Arthur E. Sproul, 1900

Martha B. Stone, 1917

Box 6, Envelope SLS 5 H.F. Tapley, 1897

Isaac Rand Thomas

J.B. Troy, 1896

Alfred Rogers Turner (2)

Mary Greenleaf Turner (2), 1905

William George Arthur Turner, 1906

Mary Brinsmade Van Sinderen

Joel Cheney Wells, 1929

Sargent Hollbrook Wellman, 1914

Byam and Madeleine Whitney, 1918

Albert R. Whittier, Jr., 1903

Isabella Lincoln Whittier, 1908

Margaret Crocker Wight (2), 1904

George Clinton Fairchild Williams, 1924

Charles Everett Wilson, 1924

Frederick Winslow

William Woodward, 1929

Subseries b: Institutional

Box 6, Envelope 1 Abbots-Farnsworth

Miss Abbott’s School Alumnae Association, 1910

Alpha Delta Phi Club, 1901

American Antiquarian Society, 1918

American Antiquarian Society: Gay Library, 1918

Harcourt Amory (photocopy)

Bangor Public Library (2)

Bangor Public Library Hersey Fund

Bangor Public Library Hill Fund

Bangor Public Library Mechanic Association Fund

Bangor Public Library Patten Fund

Bangor Public Library Purce Fund (2), 1918

Bangor Public Library State Fund (2)

Bolton Public Library (processplate), 1907

Bolton Public Library (proof)

Boston Medical Library

Boston Medical Library Billings Fund, 1905

Boston Public Library O’Reilly Memorial, 1897

Bowdoin College Library: Class of 1875

Burnham Library of Architecture

Burnham Library of Architecture of the Art Institute of Chicago

First Parish, Cambridge- Hall Memorial, 1914

The Children’s Hospital, Boston

Public Library: District of Columbia, 1899

The Essex Institute: Ward Memorial Fund, 1910

Harvard College Library: Farnsworth, 1915

Box 6, Envelope 2 Hamilton-Massachusetts Historical Society

Hamilton College, 1899

Harvard College Library: Gardiner Memorial, 1914

Harvard College Library: Hall Bequest

Harvard College Library: C.E. Perkins Memorial

Harvard College Library: 20th Mass. Reg’t. Memorial

Harvard Union: Charles William Eliot Collection, 1924

Howe Library, Hanover,NH

Miss Lee’s School, Boston

Lynn Public Library (3), 1906

Lynn Public Library (p)

Lynn Public Library: Woodbury Bequest, 1906

Malden Historical Society, 1924

Malden Public Library

Marlborough Public Library: Bigelow Fund, 1904

Massachusetts Historical Society, 1917

Massachusetts Historical Society: Dowse Fund, 1919

Massachusetts Historical Society: John L. Sibley Fund, 1910

Massachusetts Historical Society: Waterston Fund

Box 6, Envelope 3 MIT-Worcester

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Vail Library 1916

Metropolitan Museum of New York: Rogers Fund, 1905

Newton Theological Institution (3)

University Pennsylvania: Franklin Imprints, 1924

Plymouth First Parish: Edward Henry Hall, 1914

Pomfret Library: Moulton Collection, 1908

Portland High School

Public Library, Richfield Springs, 1911

The Rowfant Club: Hilliard Fund, 1924

Stevens Memorial Library

Vassar College Library: Class of 1913

Second Parish, Worcester: Edward Henry Hall Memorial, 1914

Subseries c: Oversize (personal and institutional)

Box 6, Envelope 4 Oversize

John S. Bartlett (p,s)

Francis Stanton Blake (p,s)

Elisha Rhodes Brown (p)

Hope Clement (p,s)

Frank Graef Darlington (p); 1909

Lulu Glaser (p,s); 1898

Z.T. Hollingsworth (s); 1898

James Frothingham Hunnewell; 1902

James Hamilton and Adele Calhoun Parker McCord (s); 1897

Charles Lemuel Nichols, M.D.; 1905

Roberts (p,s); 1898

Arthur Hewes Sargent (s); 1899

Charles William Sherborn (p); 1912

Harry Worcester Smith (p,s); 1921

Sidney L. Smith (bookplate used as title page of Book-Plates Etched or Engraved by Sidney L. Smith)

Henry F. Tapley

The Newton Theological Library; 1898

Subseries 2: Plates Engraved by “AHN”

Box 6, Envelope 5 A-F

Helen Salsbury Abernathy, 1927

Amie Dillard Austin, 1924

Alfred John Gayner Banks, 1915

Elsie Bryce Barnhart, 1925

Emily Bryce Barnhart, 1925

Jennie Loeb Blum, 1928

Avrame Harrison Boshwitz and Louise Zugsmith Boshwitz, 1928

Emma Garrett Boyd, 1911

Leon Bromberg, 1924

Juliana Randolph Buck

William Calvert Chaney, 1929

Mary Bass Cole, 1926

Nathaniel Henry Rhodes Dawson, 1911

Russell Bliss Edgar, 1919

Henry Cowan Frank and Viola Hart Frank, 1928

Box 6, Envelope 6 G-W

Frank Hoyt Gailor, 1914

Thomas Frank Gailor, 1916

Ruth Wilson Hairston, 1920

Anyce Pollock Halff, 1922

Edward Lee and Lulu Estell Hampton, 1911

Edward Bledsoe Harris, 1928

Marshall Hicks, 1911

Horace King Houston, 1925

Martha Boyd Wharton Jones, 1917

Wharton S. Jones, 1924

Herbert Phillips Jordan, 1929

Harry Frederick Keller, 1923

Grace Green Kendall, 1911

Edward Bernard Klewer, 1918

Gertrude Lovitt, 1925

Robert and Edith Katherine Lynes, 1924

John Francis McCloud, 1915

Margaret Lord McConnell, 1924?

Samuel Bailey McGlohon, 1912

Elinor Matthews, 1911

Jefferson Miller, 1917

Samuel H. Orr, 1911

Eleanor Richardson, 1925

Gretta Gordon Brown Rowell, 1923

Evelyn Graves Spickard, 1924

Elsie Gardner Walkins, 1923

Paul Frederick Williams, 1921

Subseries D: Miscellaneous

Box 6, Folder 7 Identifiable

Abercrombie Castle, Weybridge; “ABCDE” (s) (limited edition, 35/150); Chamberlain Collection; The Stephen Daye Fund; Kempsey House; “My Books Are My Friends…”; “In Military Service”; Russell Bequest; “The Sower”; “Watch Weel”

Box 6, Folder 8 Unidentifiable
Box 6, Folder 9 Unidentifiable

Series II: Correspondence, 1930-1959

(.5 box)

Subseries A: Letters to Lewis Stark

Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1 Frank W. Allen (Western Michigan College), 1959

Stanley O. Bezanson (Old Books and Old Prints-Boston), 1937

Elisha Brown Bird (bookplate designer) (2), 1942

Blackburn, (Mss. Division) (to Mr. Starr (sic?), 1931

Charles E. Goodspeed (Boston bookseller/dealer) (2), 1930 and 1931

Box 8, Folder 2 Dorothy S. Harding, n.d.

J.T.A. Hosbach, 1931

Bella Landauer, 1932

Frank Lane, 1932

Arthur L. Leach, 1931

Maxwell Hamilton Noll (2), 1931

Box 8, Folder 3 Ruth Saunders, 1933

Kenneth B. Schley, 1931

Harry Worcester Smith, 1930

Frederick Starr, 1932

D.B. Updike (Merrymount Press), 1930

Viola C. White (Middlebury College Library, VT), 1935

Box 8, Folder 4 Emma, 1932

Maude (3), 1932

one unsigned birthday greeting, 1932

Subseries B: Letters to Others

Box 8, Folder 5 Mr. Roland E. Partridge (UNH) from Elmar J. Boyd, 1930

UNH Library, Dr.W.H.von Bernstorff, 1940

Calumet City, Illinois

Series III: Printed Materials, 1886-1941

(2 boxes)

All books, including catalogues, pamphlets, and reprinted material are boxed awaiting further processing.

Subseries A: Books

Subseries 1: General/Collecting

Box 7
Allen, Charles Dexter. American Book-Plates. Macmillan and Co. (London & New York, 1894)

Bates, Albert C. An Early Connecticut Engraver and His Work. (Hartford, 1906) Life and work of Richard Brunton. With autograph of author.

Bookplate Collectors Club. Private Bookplates. Antioch Bookplate Co., (Yellow Springs, Ohio, 1939) 1939 annual volume.

Bowdoin, W.G. The Rise of the Bookplate. A. Wessels Co. (New York, 1901) (presentation copy to Sidney L. Smith)

Braungart, Richard. Neue Deutsche Akt-Ex Libris. Franz Hanfstaengl (Muenchen, 1924)

Bruno, Guido. Bruno’s Garret: Fourth Exhibirtion, Book-Plates with Nudes: Bookplates by Clara Tice. Privately printed, July 1915.

Buriot-Darsiles, H. & Marc Denier. Essai de Repertoires des Ex-Libris Anciens et Modernes… Cahiers du Centre (Moulins, 1930)

Carver, Clifford N., ed. Check-List of Book Plates Engraved on Copper by Arthur M. MacDonald. Privately printed (Princeton, N.J., 1914) No. 90 of 250 copies printed.

Craig, Edward Gordon. Nothing or the Bookplate. J.M. Dent and Sons Ltd. (London: 1931)

Dodd, Mead & Co. Ex Libris: Bookplates, Their Origin, Design, Execution and Cost. New York (n.d.)

Fowler, Alfred (ed.). The Bookplate Annual For 1924. Alfred Fowler (Kansas City, 1924)

Fowler, Alfred. Bookplates For Beginners. Alfred Fowler (Kansas City, 1922)

Fuller, George W. A Bibliography of Bookplate Literature. Public Library Spokane, 1926) No. 317 of 500 copies printed; autographed.

Gade, John A. Book-Plates – Old and New. M.F. Mansfield & Co. (New York, 1898)

Hamilton, Walter. French Book-Plates. George Bell & Sons (Covent Garden & New York, 1892)

Hardy, W.J. Book-Plates. Kegan Paul, Trench, Truebner & Co. Ltd. (London, 1897)

Meurgey, Jacques. Les Ex-Libris Tournusiens. H. Saffroy (Paris, 1922)

Saunders, Ruth Thomson. The Book of Artists Own Bookplates. Saunders Studio Press (Claremont, California, 1933)

Smith, Sidney Lawton. Sidney Lawton Smith: Designer, Etcher, Engraver. With extracts from his diary and a check-list of his bookplates. Charles E. Goodspeed & Co. (Boston, 1931) 200 copies printed at the Merrymount Press.

Spenceley, J. Winfred. A Descriptive Checklist of the Etched & Engraved Bookplates by J. Winfred Spenceley. With notes and introduction by Pierre de Chaignon de la Rose. The Troutsdale Press (Boston, 1905)

Starr, Frederick. Washington Bookplates. Seattle, 1927.

Talbot, Clare Ryan. In Quest of the Perfect Bookplate. Saunders Studio Press (Claremont, California, 1933) No. 154 of 300 copies printed; autographed.

Warren, J. Leicester. A Guide to the Study of Book-Plates. John Pearson, (London, 1880)

—-. An Index to “A Guide to the Study of Book-Plates” Compiled by F.J. Thairlwall. W.F.Westcott (Plymouth, 1894) (2 copies)

Wesby, Maude Earle. Bookplates With Globes or Maps in Design. Commonwealth Press (Worcester, Mass., 1940) No. 2 of 150 copies privately printed; inscribed.

Subseries 2: Catalogues (exhibitions and special collections)

Box 7
Allen, Charles Dexter. A Classified List of Early American Bookplates (to accompany the exhibition at the Grolier Club, October, 1894) Grolier Club (New York, 19401894)

American Bookplate Society. Catalogue of the First Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Bookplates. The American Bookplate Society (Kansas City, 19401916)

Fearing, Daniel B. A Catalogue of an Exhibition of Angling Book Plates (forming the collection of Daniel B. Fearing, Newport, Rhode Island.) Privately printed. (New York, 1918)

—-. A List of Angling Book Plates. Mercury Publishing Company (Newport, Rhode Island, 1916) “Two hundred and fifty copies…printed…for private distribution.”

Grolier Club, The. Edwin Davis French, 1851-1906; A Catalogue of an Exhibition of His Engrvaed Work, Together With Original Designs By Him. (New York, 1909) Presented by J.H. Brainard to Frank Weitenkampf, April 15,1909, and by the latter to Lewis Stark, Nov.13,1941.

Subseries B: Pamphlets

Box 7
American Bookplate Society. Constitution. University Press (Sewanee, Tennessee, 1915)

Bird, Elisha Brown. Elisha Brown Bird, Bookplate Designer. Elmsford, N.Y. 1930. Typed letter, signed, inserted.

“A Johnson Bookplate.” Privately printed, Daylesford, Pennsylvania (?), 1909.

Subseries C: Periodicals

Subseries 1: Devoted to Bookplates

Box 8
Box 8, Folder 6 The Australian Ex-Libris Society Year-Book. 1933, 1934, 1935-1936.
Box 8, Folder 7 The Bookplate Bulletin (formerly “The Bookplate Chronicle”). Vols.1-5, (January-October, 1919)
Box 8, Folder 8 The Bookplate Chronicle. Vol.1, nos.1-12 (January-October, 1920); vol.2, nos. 1-12 (December 1922-April 1925)
Box 8, Folder 9 The Bookplate Quarterly. Dec 1917, April 1918, July 1918, Oct 1918 (published by The American Bookplate Society)
Box 8, Folder 10 Design and Paper, XVII. No. 17 (1944). Franklin Lectures: Lewis Stark, “English Literature as Reflected in Bookplate Design.” August, 1935.
Box 8, Folder 11 Modern Book-Plates and Their Designs, Being the Winter Number of the Studio. 1898-1899, Special Edition.
Box 8, Folder 12 Pica. No.2, March 1923.

The Print Collectors’ Chronicle. Vol.1, nos.1-4; vol.2, nos.1-2.

Wilson Library Bulletin. Vol.18, no.4 (December 1943)

Box 8, Folder 13 “Journal of the Ex Libris Society” (London) vol.3 (Jan-Dec 1893); vol.4, part 1 (Jan 1894); vol.4, part 6 (Jan 1894); vol.5, part 4 (April 1895).
Box 8, Folder 14 —-. Vol.11, nos. 1,3,4,9,11,12 (Jan, Mar, April, Sept, Nov, Dec 1901)
Box 8, Folder 15 —-. Vol. 12, nos. 1-9 (Jan-Sept 1902)
Box 8, Folder 16 —-. Vol. 13, nos. 1-12 (Jan-Dec 1903)

Subseries 2: Containing articles related to bookplates

Box 8, Folder 17 “The Book-Plate and the Architect”, Sheldon Cheney. In The Architectural Record, August 1912, pp.141-151.

“Some Literary Bookplates”, Alfred Fowler. In Art and Archeology, vol. XI, no. 6 (June 1921), pp.239-243.

“Some American Bookplates III.” In The Bookbuyer, vol. III, no. 3 (April 1886), pp.112-114.

“American Bookplates.” In The Bookbuyer, vol. XI, no. 10 (Nov 1894), pp.476-479.

Box 8, Folder 18 “Sidney Lawton Smith”. In New York Public Library Bulletin, vol. 35, no. 11 (November 1931), pp.783-784.

“The Book-Plates of Musicians and Music Lovers”, by Sydney Cheney. In The Musical Quarterly, vol. III, no. 3, (July 1917), pp.446-452.

“Nature in Bookplate Design”, by Maude E. Wesby. In Nature Outlook, vol. IV, no. 2 (February 1946), pp.10-15.

“Bookplates of Our Readers”, In Nature Outlook, vol. IV, no. 3 (May 1940), pp.20-24.

Subseries D: Reprints

Box 8, Folder 18 “Book-Plates for Boys and Girls”, by Stephen Allard. Reprinted from Saint Nicholas, Feb 1922. National Association of Book Publishers, NYC.

“The Fearing Collection: Bookplates”, by Daniel B.Fearing. Reprinted from Harvard Alumnae Bulletin, November 7, 1918.

“Bookplate Extra-Illustrating”, by Winward Prescott. Reprinted from 1926 Year Book of the American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers.

“The Modern Trend in Some Continental Ex-Libris”, by Winward Prescott. Reprinted from 1927 Year Book of the American Society of Bookplate Designers.

“A Seventeenth Century Book-Label Problem”, by Edward Naumburg, Jr. (n.d.)

Subseries E: Miscellaneous Printed Materials

Box 8, Folder 19 “Jay Chambers, Artist”, by Wilbur Macey Stone. In New York Public Library Bulletin, January 1930. 2 pages.

“The Edwards Brochure” (limited edition-11/75).

Advance book notice for Last Bookplates by James Guthrie.

“Etchings by Sidney L. Smith Illustrating Thoreau the Poet-Naturalist”, #83, Goodspeed.

“Book Plates and Their Interests,” typescript by Gladys Ladu, 1933.

“Sidney L. Smith Bookplates – Desiderata” (2 page list sent to Frank W. Allen, 3/59)

4 Responses to “Guide to Lewis Stark Bookplate Collection, 1802-1959”

  1. Evan Keidel Says:

    I am not really requesting any materials from this collection, but this is a vast collection of bookplates and I have found a bookplate buried on my property and I am just looking for someone who could possibly tell me something about this plate or where it came from, it was dug up in Midland Michigan and the name on the plate is Carl Reynolds, where would be a good place to research this plate.

    Thanks, Evan

  2. Roland Goodbody Says:

    Hello Evan.

    I have looked through about 20 or 25 of the books on the history of bookplates that we have in our bookplate collection and have not found any reference to the name Carl Reynolds, I´m afraid. But I know nothing about bookplates myself, being an archivist first and foremost, rather than a collector. I think your best bet might be to get in touch with Lewis Jaffe, who has collected bookplates for over 30 years. He has a blog ( .

    Roland Goodbody Manuscripts Curator

  3. Anthony Pincott Says:

    Dear Librarian – Concerning the bookplate of Dr Hugh Giffen McKinney (1869-1945) by John Williams, I have looked at my print of the plate and am not convinced that your date of 1901 is correct. Please will you check this with a strong magnifying glass and advise me of your findings. With thanks, Anthony Pincott, The Bookplate Society, London N1.

  4. Roland Goodbody Says:

    Dear Anthony,

    I did as you suggested – and you are quite correct that 1901 is not the date on the bookplate itself. It is very hard to read with the naked eye, but when I scanned it and viewed it at actual pixel size, it is quite clearly 1897. The 1901 date seems to have come from Lewis Stark, the collector, who wrote on the sleeve containing the bookplate “John Williams 1901.”

    Thank you for pointing this out. I will correct the finding aid.

    Roland Goodbody Manuscripts Curator