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Guide to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests Papers, 1868-1988

Collection number: MC 80

Size: 52 boxes (42 cu.ft.)

About Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests was formed in Concord, N.H. in February 1901 “…to preserve the forests of New Hampshire, to protect its scenery, to encourage the building of good roads, and to cooperate in other measures of public improvement in the State.” Governor Frank West Rollins was elected its first President and Philip W. Ayres was engaged as forester [a position he continued to hold for the next 34 years].

In 1911, the Weeks Bill, providing for Federal acquisition of forest lands on the headwaters of navigable streams, was passed and signed by the President of the United States. A National Forest Reservation Commission was set up which, upon assurance by the U.S. Geological Survey that control of such lands would aid or protect the navigation of the streams upon whose watersheds they lay, was authorized to approve purchase of those lands. The actual acquisition fell under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Forest Service. In addition, money was appropriated to help states in fire protection – providing there were matching state funds.

Thus the machinery was set up for the formation of the White Mountains National Forests as well as for all the other National Forests established through purchase.

For a history of the first 100 years of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, consult Rosemary G. Conroy and Richard Ober, eds. People and Place: The First One Hundred Years (2001).

About the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests Papers

The papers of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests span the period from before its creation in 1901 up to the present day. The collection includes printed materials, speeches, posters, newspaper clippings, photographs, and office files on a variety of subjects such as the creation of the White Mountains National Forest, the Weeks bill, the public acquisition of forest land, highway beautification, Route 93, Lake Umbagog dredging, and hydro-power. Audio-visual materials include photographs, slides, tapes, reel-to-reel video, and microfilm.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open.

Copyright Notice

Contents of this collection are governed by U.S. copyright law. For questions about publication or reproduction rights, contact Special Collections staff.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests Papers, 1868-1988, MC 80, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donations: Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Concord, New Hampshire, April 1985 – May 17, 1999 (Accession numbers: 8232, 8479, 8521, 8747, 8823, 8858, 903, 93.013, 94.024, 94.025, 94.045)

Related Material

Protecting The Forests: The Weeks Act of 1911, an exhibit mounted at Plymouth State University, Plymouth NH, 2010

Materials in the UNH Library catalog:

Forest Notes (especially the early years)

Action (1983-1989 – the Society’s own newsletter, absorbed by Forest Notes)

American Forestry

Shaping The Land we call New Hampshire: A Land Use History, edited by Richard Ober, Concord: Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, c1992.

People and Place: The First 100 Years, ed. Rosemary G. Conroy and Richard Ober, Concord: Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, c2001.

Collection Arrangement

The papers are, for the most part, organized first alphabetically and then chronologically by subject-matter. Series I: Subject Files, especially, follows such organization. Subseries 19: Umbagog is not subdivided by chronology but is instead organized according to its own series and features correspondence, materials relating to legal proceedings, and newspaper clippings. This entire collection is not fully processed. The materials in this guide are the materials housed on-site in Special Collections at UNH Dimond Library; additional materials are housed off-site in the library storage building. Due to an labeling error in processing, there is no Box 28.

Collection Contents

Series I: Subject Files, 1868-1988

(33 boxes)

Subseries 1: A (Action – Ayers, Philip)

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1 SPNHF Annual Reports 1972-1974
Box 1, Folder 2 SPNHF Annual Reports 1976-1983
Box 1, Folder 3 SPNHF Annual Reports 1987-1988
Box 1, Folder 4 Action Newsletters, November/December 1983, March/April 1986, November/December 1986
Box 1, Folder 5 Action Newsletters, February/April 1987, March/May 1987, May/July 1987, March/April 1988, November/December 1988, March/April 1989
Box 1, Folder 6 Adams, Sherman. Epilogue typescript, “Megalopolis and the Management of Change, ca. 1968″ and “A Society of Useful Men: Ayres and His Crowd” in American Forests, March 1969 (Keynote Address: Fiftieth Anniversary SPNHF [reprint from American Forester Asssociation])
Box 1, Folder 7 Agriculture: Farmland Protection and Preservation: Newspaper articles, 1976-1980
Box 1, Folder 8 Agriculture: Transfer of Development Rights. Preliminary Bibliography, 1974
Box 1, Folder 9 Agriculture: Family Woodlots. [Correspondence from 1975]
Box 1, Folder 10 Agriculture: Farmland-New Hampshire maps. ["Important Farmlands of ______ County, New Hampshire" including Belknap, Merrimack, and Strafford counties. Text handouts and corresponding maps. 1977]
Box 1, Folder 11 Agriculture: Connecticut River Valley. “A Study Prepared by the Environmental Studies Program … under the sponsorship of the Connecticut River Watershed Council,” June 1977
Box 1, Folder 12 Agriculture: Judd, Harold T. “Establishment of Permanent Agricultural Regions in New Hampshire.” Typescript. Spring 1977. Dartmouth College Student essay by Ronald Westgate, “Farmland Conservation Easements,” 1977
Box 1, Folder 13 Agriculture: Farmland – New England – Regional: December 1978. “Northeastern Agricultural Leadership Assembly,” List of key people.
Box 1, Folder 14 Agriculture: Meetings, 1978 Kapala Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 15 Agriculture: Local Food Production. Newspaper articles, 1979-1980.
Box 1, Folder 16 Agriculture: Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission. Agricultural Land: A Protection Guide, May 1979.
Box 1, Folder 17 Agriculture: Governor’s Conference on Food Policy materials (June 4, 1979): Kapala’s Panel Discussion on Agriculture notes.
Box 1, Folder 18 Agriculture: N.H. Legislature. Draft. “Purchase of Agricultural Preservation Restrictions,” 1979.
Box 1, Folder 19 Agriculture: Townsend, Howard C. Preservation of Farm Land in New Hampshire, 1979.
Box 1, Folder 20 Agriculture: Concord, New Hampshire, Agriculture news articles etc., “A Foundation for Excellence,” January 1980, House Bill #519.
Box 1, Folder 21 Agriculture: Forest Notes: “Agriculture and Land Use” [fragment]
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1 Allen, Frederick J. A Forest Hymn (1902)
Box 2, Folder 2 ATVs/Snowmobiles: Includes correspondence, mini-grant request of 1975, printed materials, newspaper articles, snowmobile clubs list
Box 2, Folder 3 NH Snowmobile Clubs Environmental Workshops notes, applications for federal assistance (photocopies and originals) 1948 Executive Committee; notes, snowmobile draft notes, 1975 Rules & Regulations for Financial & Assistance for Environmental Education Projects, Citizen Action Guide to Energy conservation.
Box 2, Folder 4 NH Off Highway Recreational Vehicle Regulations; NH Snowmobiles Guide; Snowmobile Training Safety Manual; “The Snowmobile Hassle,” article by S.M. Bennett, February 1976; New England Trail Rider Association Report; “Snowmobiles,” article by Mark Kramer, January 1973.
Box 2, Folder 5 Snowmobile newspaper articles
Box 2, Folder 6 Alternate energy: Newspaper articles
Box 2, Folder 7 “An Outdoor Recreation Plan for the Androscoggin River and its Major Tributaries” by Roger S. Leighton, January 1965
Box 2, Folder 8 Minutes of meetings and Official reports of the Committee, 1966-1968]
Box 2, Folder 9 Various reports, essays, etc. including:

Androscoggin River Study. State Project 94. Final Draft.

Felmly, Bruce W. Memorandum Regarding Illegal and Unconstitutional Action by Senate Attempt to Circumvent the Decision of the Supreme Court.

Hamilton, George T. Canoeing on the Upper Androscoggin [original typescript].

Hines, Lawrence G. Wilderness: Economic Choice, Values, and the Androscoggin [April 7, 1967].

“Influence of Proposed Pontook Reservoir on Fish and Wildlife Resources.”

“Natural Resource Problems, The Need for Coordination.”

A Proposal for a Recreation Study of the Androscoggin. Draft.

Report of the Study Committee of the Granite State Chapter of the Society of American Foresters. New England Section. Reports of the Sub-Committees.

Terrill, Rachael. “Must We Let Them dam the Last of Our Free-Flowing Rivers?”

“Recreational Use of the Thirteen Mile Woods Section of the Androscoggin River” by Oliver P. Wallace, Sr. and David P. Olson, N.H. Agricultural Experiment Station.

Wilson, John P. How a River Was Saved.

Box 2, Folder 10 “Recommendations for Land Use and Recreation: Upper Androscoggin River Valley,” 1967. Preliminary report to Gov. John W. King.
Box 2, Folder 11 Newspaper articles on Androscoggin, 1966-1967
Box 2, Folder 12 Scenic Easement 1972 – map
Box 2, Folder 13 Androscoggin/13 Mile Woods, newspaper articles. “Press tour 1972″ newspaper articles, maps, policy statements, etc.
Box 2, Folder 14 Correspondence, 1966-1982
Box 2, Folder 15 Pontook Project – printed material, 1982 press releases. Siegler, Hilbert R. “On Various Occasions We Have Been Asked…”
Box 2, Folder 16 Androscoggin/Pontook, Printed materials. Jacobson, Fred. January 1965 Report, USDI.

Pautzke, Clarence F. “Pontook Reservoir, Androscoggin River,” USDI, 1967.

“A Study of the Recreational Potential,” by PSNH, October 1966.

Box 2, Folder 17 Androscoggin/Pontook, Newspaper articles, 1966-1967, Map, ephemeral, scrapbook type articles.
Box 2, Folder 18 Androscoggin/13 Mile Woods Correspondence. 1967-1972, including 1972 news releases/articles.
Box 2, Folder 19 Androscoggin/13 Mile Woods Scenic Easement article and June 1972 meeting notes

For more information, see:

Forest Notes, Volumes 91, 92, 93, and 94

New Hampshire Highways, October 1972, “Big New Hampshire Tree Farm and Scenic Easement Dedicated,” pp. 24-27

Box 2, Folder 20 Arbor Day Projects, 1953-1959 – proclamations, etc.
Box 2, Folder 21 Arbor Day projects, 1961-1970 – proclamation and correspondence
Box 2, Folder 22 Audobon Sanctuary articles: “What is a Sanctuary?” and “This is a Sanctuary”
Box 2, Folder 23 Ayers, Philip: Correspondence 1917-1919 and undated
Box 2, Folder 24 Ayers, Philip: Correspondence 1920-1929
Box 2, Folder 25 Ayers, Philip: Correspondence 1930-1933
Box 2, Folder 26 Ayers, Philip: Certificate as N.H. delegate to the National Forestry Conference of 1917
Box 2, Folder 27 Ayers, Philip: Retirement messages received from: Henry James, Arthur Stanley Pease, and Gifford Pinchot
Box 2, Folder 28 Ayers, Philip: Newspaper articles, etc. re: formation of Appalachian Mountain Club and Trail in 1919
Box 2, Folder 29 Ayers, Philip: Library lectures, newspaper articles re: “Bellamy Club”
Box 2, Folder 30 Ayers, Philip: Memorial Tablet photos
Box 2, Folder 31 Printed materials and manuscript items by Ayres, including:

“The Forester and his Work.” Review of Reviews, June 1901, pp. 301-311.

“Commercial Importance of the White Mountain Forests.” USDA Forest Service Circular, 168. November 1909.

“Management of Small Woodlands.” ca. 1915, 2 copies.

“Manual of Mount Sunapee.” 1915. [Heavily annotated for 1938 revision]; “Lincoln as a Neighbor.” Review of Reviews, February 1918, pp. 183-185.

“Tackling the Forestry Problem in Time.” Review of Reviews, July 1922, pp. 73-76.

“A Nation-wide Movement for Recreation.” American Review of Reviews, September 1924, pp. 278-284.

“The Forests of New Hampshire.” Current Affairs, May 17, 1926, pp. 6, 16.

“Charles Lathrop Pack” by Nelson C. Brown [bound with] “The Charles Lathrop Pack Demonstration Forests,” by Ayres, American Review of Reviews, May 1927.

“Forest Taxation and the Farmer.” Bulletin of the National Tax Association, n.d., pp. 167-169.

Box 2, Folder 32 Printed materials and manuscript items by Ayres, including:

“Obituary,” Journal of Forestry, November 1945.

“What Can Europe Teach Us in Forestry?”, Journal of Forestry, November 1927, 2 copies.

“Denuded versus Restocked Lands for Acquisition,” Journal of Forestry, February 1929, 2 copies.

“Philip W. Ayres, Forester” by K. W. Woodward. American Forests, February 1936.

“A Spruce Park on Mitchell,” Asheville Citizen, June 7, 1919.

“Forest Preservation in the Eastern Mountains,” American Review of Reviews, April 1920.

“Forest Problems in New Hampshire,” Forestry Quarterly, July 1903, 2 copies.

The Society For the Protection of New Hampshire Forests – Taxation of Forests. ca. 1914, 2 copies.

“Mountain Trails in New England,” American Review of Reviews, July 1917.

“Philip W. Ayres, A Famous Son of Iowa Sends Message to Industrial Section” Cedar Rapids Republican, July 12, 1925.

“Reforestation of Water Sheds,” Journal of New England Water Works Association, June 1923.

Box 2, Folder 33 Printed materials and manuscript items by Ayres, including: “Conservation of Recreational Resources.” Typescript, 1923.

Subseries 2: B-Com (Barraclough, Kenneth – Committee for Improving the Looks of New Hampshire)

Box 2, Folder 34 Barraclough, Kenneth:

Newspaper articles. Speeches. Utilization of Forest Products. Typescript (1935).

Radio Talk, January 27, 1937. Typescript.

Box 2, Folder 35 Bass, Robert P. “A New England Forest Policy,” (1929)
Box 2, Folder 36 Beal, W.H.: “Barnyard Manure” (1906), US Dept. of Agriculture.
Box 2, Folder 37 Bear Brook Outdoor Laboratory: 1975 material/articles
Box 2, Folder 38 Beaver Brook: 1974 correspondence
Box 2, Folder 39 Beavers: Reintroduction and 1920 articles
Box 2, Folder 40 Bi-Centennial Seedlings, 1975-1976: Materials and correspondence
Box 2, Folder 41 Big Tree Contest: 1962-1978 General (in alphabetical order by tree type, i.e. Beech, Elm, Oak, Pine, etc.)
Box 2, Folder 42 Big Tree Contest: Apple, Ash to Cherry, 1975-1977 Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 43 Big Tree Contest: Chestnut to Hop Hornbeam
Box 2, Folder 44 Big Tree Contest: Larch to Sassafrass
Box 2, Folder 45 Big Tree Contest: Spruce to Willow. 1968-1978 Correspondence, etc.
Box 2, Folder 46 Big Tree Contest: Press Coverage and articles: “A Shade Tree” by Henry Baldwin, and “Trees & History” by Philip Verrier
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1 Blackwater Dam: Newspaper articles and February 1967 book, etc.
Box 3, Folder 2 Bodwell, C.T.: Nature Columns, 1926
Box 3, Folder 3 Brewster Demostration Area, Dublin: 1977-1978 Correspondence, and Fall 1976 Rust Pond Liminology Study Paper
Box 3, Folder 4 Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, 1973
Box 3, Folder 5 Butterfiled Pond Tract: 1975 Correspondence and Loan application, etc.
Box 3, Folder 6 Cathedral Woods: 1922-1936 photos and articles
Box 3, Folder 7 Chamberlain, Allen:

“North vs. South in Park Lands. A Comparison in Government Reservations.” Boston Evening Transcript.

“Public Reservations of New England,” Appalachia, October 1914.

A Tangled Trail For Tried Trampers. 1921.

Box 3, Folder 8 Chesterfield Gorge, Spofford
Box 3, Folder 9 Chestnut trees, printed materials:

The Chestnut Bark Disease. Possibilty of Control, Utilization of Chestnut With Detailed Discussion of Uses and Markets. 1914.

Chittenden, F.H. The Two Lined Chestnut Borer, 1909.

Hodson, E.R. Extent and Importance of the Chestnut Bark Disease, 1908.

Snyder, Thomas E. “Damage to Chestnut Telephone and Telegraph Poles By Wood Boring Insects.” GPO, 1910.

Snyder, Thomas E. “Damage to Telephone and Telegraph Poles by Wood Boring Insects.” GPO, 1911.

Box 3, Folder 10 Chocorua: Articles and photos etc., 1925-1926
Box 3, Folder 11 Chocorua: “The Geology of Mount Chocorua Quadrangle,” 1939
Box 3, Folder 12 Christmas Tree Corps: 1930-1931 brochures
Box 3, Folder 13 Churchill, Winston: Autographed letters to Philip Ayres
Box 3, Folder 14 Civilian Conservation Corps: 1934-1935 articles
Box 3, Folder 15 Clark, Leslie S.: New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. National Award no. 24. May 26, 1965. Presentation scrapbook, includes: “Selective Cutting and Spraying for Roadside Brush Control in New England. Handbook.”
Box 3, Folder 16 Clark, Leslie S.: Biographical data, including resumes, job description, involvement in projects, etc.
Box 3, Folder 17 Clark, Leslie S., publications, essays, etc. including:

“Conservation Education Today” Typescript. N.H. Audubon Quarterly, Winter 1969.

“Natural Areas as Outdoor Laboratories for Schools,” Typescript.

“Self-Guiding Nature Trail” Forest Notes, Spring 1963.

“Leisure Time Sub-Committee: Recreational Activities That Towns Could Operate Beyond the Playground and Swimming Programs”

“Trail Signs for Leaders, Beneath the Forest Floor”

“Family Camping and Outdoor Recreation”

“Private Foundations”

“Is Conservation Expendable?”

“The Role of the Town Forest in Community Development”

“Wildlife Sanctuaries”

“Natural Science and the Citizen” given at Springfield College 1966

“Youth and Wilderness”

“Elementary Science” speech

“Youngsters Soak Up Conservation,” N.H. Sunday News, June 1976.

“Mother Nature Cooperates to the Fullest” by William R. Hauks, R.C.& D. Project Coordinator, Soil Conservation, August 1975 as part of R.C.&D. Conservation Education in N.H.

Box 3, Folder 18 Clark, Leslie S.: Correspondence as an educational consultant, and education coordinator, 1958-1967
Box 3, Folder 19 Clark, Leslie S.: Correspondence, 1968-1969
Box 3, Folder 20 Clark, Leslie S.: Correspondence, 1970-1971
Box 3, Folder 21 Clark, Leslie S.: Correspondence, 1972
Box 3, Folder 22 Clark, Leslie S.: Correspondence, 1973
Box 3, Folder 23 Clark, Leslie S.: Correspondence, 1974-1976
Box 3, Folder 24 Clark, Leslie S.: Correspondence, 1977-1980
Box 3, Folder 25 “A Working Act” of the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972
Box 3, Folder 26 Committe for Improving the Looks of New Hampshire, 1966-1968

Subseries 3: Conservation Camps for Teachers and Youths

Box 3, Folder 27 Correspondence and Newspaper articles, Spruce Pond, June 1953
Box 3, Folder 28 1950s Camp Literature:

1957 – “Welcome to Spruce Pond Conservation Camp

1958 – Lost River Teachers Conservation Camp

“Two Conservation Camps, June ….” brochure

Box 3, Folder 29 Accreditation correspondence; brochure; newspaper articles, 1967-1968
Box 3, Folder 30 Brochures and newspaper articles, 1969
Box 3, Folder 31 Brochure (1970) and 1971 “The Youth Conservation Corps,” March 8, 1971 and letter
Box 3, Folder 32 Newspaper articles, press releases 1972
Box 3, Folder 33 Press releases 1973
Box 3, Folder 34 Articles, brochure, correspondence, description sheet,insurance policy, 1974
Box 3, Folder 35 4-H Communications: correspondence, evaluation of camp by intern Dorothy [Digit] Taylor 1975
Box 3, Folder 36 Correspondence including scholarships/financial aid, invoices 1976
Box 3, Folder 37 “Administrative file,” brochure, correspondence, including scholarships/ financial aid, menu, roster 1977
Box 3, Folder 38 Youth Camp, Administrative file 1978
Box 3, Folder 39 Correspondence re: Youth Conservation Camp 1978
Box 3, Folder 40 Conservation Camp reimbursement correspondence 1978
Box 3, Folder 41 Youth Camp evaluations 1978
Box 3, Folder 42 Conservation Camp, Correspondence and registration info, 1979
Box 3, Folder 43 Teachers Camp and Youth Conservation Camp 1979
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1 Youth Conservation Camp, correspondence etc. 1979
Box 4, Folder 2 Teachers Camp Workshop, correspondence, brochures etc. 1980
Box 4, Folder 3 Youth Conservation Camp Administrative file, NH 4-H Camps booklet for parents, correspondence etc. 1980
Box 4, Folder 4 Youth Conservation Camp, correspondence camper/sponsor, etc. 1980
Box 4, Folder 5 NH Youth Conservation booklet 1984
Box 4, Folder 6 Brochures 1981
Box 4, Folder 7 Conservation Camp newspaper articles 1980
Box 4, Folder 8 Alvord Wildlife Sanctuary, Bear Island, Lakeport New Hampshire, assorted materials
Box 4, Folder 9 Correspondence, news articles, Conservation Camp booklet, 1959 booklet, 2 brochures on “The Geology Story of Kinsman Notch & Lost River” (1957).
Box 4, Folder 10 Correspondence to SPNHF re. employment; brochures; booklets, etc. 1957
Box 4, Folder 11 Conservation Camp 1955 booklet with extra campfire type songs etc
Box 4, Folder 12 Conservation Camp booklet and group photo etc
Box 4, Folder 13 NH Youth Conservation Camp, 1947-1952, newspaper articles, booklets

Subseries 4: Con-D (Conservation Commissioners – Dunbarton Town Forest)

Box 4, Folder 14 Conservation Commissioners: Correspondence to SPNHF – 1978 only
Box 4, Folder 15 Conservation Commissioners: Correspondence from SPNHF 1962-1971
Box 4, Folder 16 Conservation Commissioners: Correspondence to SPNHF et al, 1965-1973
Box 4, Folder 17 Conservation Commissioners: “Formula for Comparing Towns as Deserving of Matching Funds,” 1969

See also:

Forest Notes, Fall 1973

Involvement, April 1972, Vol. 2 no. 2

New Hampshire Conservation Newsletter, 1968-1976

New Hampshire Profiles, January 1971, p. 30-31

Box 4, Folder 18 Conservation Commissioners: Photo of Gov. John King signing act and NH County Map
Box 4, Folder 19 Conservation Commissioners: Official news/business 1965-1970 re: town conservation commissions etc.
Box 4, Folder 20 Conservation Commissioners: Newspaper articles, 1965-1973
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1 General conservation:

“People and Conservation,” keynote speech by Sherman Adams, 1951.

“Does It Make A Difference?” Cheshire County Conservation District, Fall Newsletter, 1974.

Box 5, Folder 2 General conservation: News, notes and letterhead
Box 5, Folder 3 General conservation: 1930s newspaper articles
Box 5, Folder 4 General conservation: Scrapbook of the 1920s
Box 5, Folder 5 Crawford Notch: 1911-1935 Correspondence, SPNHF materials, newspaper articles, and photographs
Box 5, Folder 6 1982 “Criteria for Current Use Assessment”; “Current Use Assessment: Does it Work?”; King, Ron, “Open Space Protection Techniques”; “What You Need to Know About Current Use”; also info. re: 1968 Amendment #7.
Box 5, Folder 7 “The Dartmouth College Grant” by Philip W. Ayres, June 1912.
Box 5, Folder 8 The Dartmouth Museum: 1974 meeting notes
Box 5, Folder 9 The Dartmouth Outing Club: 1956; Includes, 1909 Handbook
Box 5, Folder 10 The Dartmouth College Highway/H. Henry Knowles, Route 10, with 1932 correspondence to Philip Ayres
Box 5, Folder 11 Day Laboratory: 1959-1965, including 1960s correspondence to Mr. Clark
Box 5, Folder 12 Day Laboratory: 1967-1969, Elementary School Principal List and various correspondence
Box 5, Folder 13 Day Laboratory: 1973, intern information, Day Lab rosters, etc.
Box 5, Folder 14 Day Laboratory: 1976-1978, school Registration forms etc.
Box 5, Folder 15 Dunbarton Town Forest, June 1930

Subseries 5: E (Earth Day – Excavations)

Box 5, Folder 16 Earth Day, 1970-1980: Newspaper articles, correspondence etc.
Box 5, Folder 17 East-West Highway:

Goodwin, Rufus. “Memorandum: to the Citizen’s Review Task Force on the Proposed Northern New England East-West Highway.”

Lewis, Anthony. “The East-West Highway.”

“Proposal for Review of the Phase I Report on the Northern New England East West Highway.”

“Three Prominent New Hampshire Citizens on East West Highway Advisory Committee,” Press release.

“What do you do now about the East West Highway Proposal?” May 1971, 3 copies.

“Background of the Proposed Northern New England East West Highway,” April/May 1971.

1971. Correspondence from SPNHF.

“Comments: Citizen’s Review Task Force. Draft report.” Includes: Draft October 27, 1971; summary; report November 1971; Summary report November 1971; and final report December 15, 1971.

Box 5, Folder 18 East-West Highway: Paper presented October 21 by Charles C. Crevo to the Institute of Traffic Engineers and various other 1970 newspaper articles.
Box 5, Folder 19 East-West Highway:

Monadnock Region Association. Minutes. September 15, 1971.

Press releases. August 4, September 16, December 18, 1971, November 2, 1972.

Minutes of Sponsors of the Citizen’s Review Committee for the East-West Highway Study Program. June 7, 1971.

Minutes of the White Mountain Environmental Committee. April 8, 1971.

Box 5, Folder 20 East-West Highway:

“An Economic Study on the Feasibility of an East West Development Highway in Northern New England. Phase I. A Summary” July 1971.

N.E. Regional Commission Highlights, May 1971, Special edition.

N.E. Regional Commission News Releases, July 1971.

People Against the East West Highway, Newsletter, Summer 1971.

Box 5, Folder 21 Northern New England East West Highway Program Newsletters December/October 1970, January/February 1971, March/April 1971. Also correspondence and miscellaneous.
Box 5, Folder 22 East-West Highway: 1970-1971 N.H. Tourist Map
Box 5, Folder 23 East-West Highway: Correspondence, 1971 A to L
Box 5, Folder 24 East-West Highway: Correspondence, 1971 M TO Z, including Massachusetts Gov. Francis Sargent and NH Gov. Walter Peterson
Box 5, Folder 25 East-West Highway: Correspondence, 1971 Associated
Box 5, Folder 26 East-West Highway: Correspondence, 1972
Box 5, Folder 27 East-West Highway: Assorted newspaper articles
Box 5, Folder 28 East-West Highway: Assorted newspaper articles, 1971

Concord Research Corporation, March 12, 1971 questionnaire and other correspondence.

“Opinion,” “No East West Highway Committee vs. R. H. Whitaker.”

“People Against the East West Highway: Some Questions and Answers About the East West Highway,” September 1971.

Box 5, Folder 29 East-West Highway: Newspaper articles, 1973-1975
Box 5, Folder 30 “No East West Highway Committee” civil action 1975
Box 5, Folder 31 Eastman Pond, Grantham, NH: Correspondence, 1970-1975, A-D
Box 5, Folder 32 Eastman Pond, Grantham, NH: Correspondence, E-Z
Box 5, Folder 33 Karol, John, “A Study of Bog Brook Deeryard at Eastman”; “Proposal for the Production of a Documentary Motion Picture on the Controlled Environment Corporation’s Eastman Project,” 1971.
Box 5, Folder 34 Eastman Pond, Grantham, NH:

Controlled Environment Corporation, 1969

Easton, Ruth D. “Eastman Pond – an Idea and the Reality,” 1973

Wheeler, Robert N. “The Eastman Experience,” 1973

Dole, Charles E. “More “Me” Less “They” in Land Use,” 1973

Box 5, Folder 35 Eastman Pond, Grantham, NH: Society Involvement 1974; Eastman Pond Study Proposal; “Beaver Fells” Agreement
Box 5, Folder 36 Press Packet – “Eastman”: Maps and sketches; Enfield zoning board of adjustment decision; application for approval of subdivision, town of Springfield
Box 5, Folder 37 Eastman Pond, Grantham, NH: Newspaper articles
Box 5, Item 1 Eco Center: Binder 1, Guest Registers, 1976
Box 5, Item 2 Eco Center: Binder 2, Guest Registers, 1977
Box 5, Item 3 Eco Center: Binder 3, Guest Registers, 1978
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1 Educational materials, 1969-1971
Box 6, Folder 2 Educational Programs, 1970-1971
Box 6, Folder 3 Elm Trees
Box 6, Folder 4 Energy Education task Force
Box 6, Folder 5 Entomology: printed materials, including:

Hopkins, A. D. Contributions Toward a Monograph on Scolytid Beetles. “I. The Genus Dendroctonus.” 1909.

Hopkins, A. D. Powder Post Damage by Lyctus Beetles to Seasoned Hardwood. 1917.

Hopkins, A. D. Practical Information on the Scolytid Beetles of North American Forests. “I. Barkbeetles of the genus Dendroctonus.” 1909.

Kraus, E. J. Technical Papers on Miscellaneous Forest Insects. “III. A Revision of the Powder Post Beetles: The Family Lycitidae of the United States and Europe.” 1911.

Rohwer, S. A. Technical Papers on Miscellaneous Forest Insects. “II. The Genotypes of the Sawflies and Woodwasps, Or the Super Family Tenthredinoidea.” 1911.

Rohwer, S. A. Technical Papers on Miscellaneous Forest Insects. “IV. Studies in the Sawfly Genus Hoplocampa.” 1911.

Shear, C. L. Endothia Parasitica and Related Species. 1917.

Snyder, Thomas C. Insects Injurious to Forests and Forest Products. Biology of the Termites of the Eastern United States with Preventive and Remedial Measures. 1915.

Box 6, Folder 6 Environmental Coalition: Legislative Workshop: 1972-1973, 1975-1976, 1978-1982
Box 6, Folder 7 Environmental Coalition: Articles of Association and financial statements
Box 6, Folder 8 Environmental Coalition: Press releases; newsletters
Box 6, Folder 9 Environmental Coalition: Membership
Box 6, Folder 10 Environmental Coalition: Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 11 Environmental Coalition: Meetings and minutes
Box 6, Folder 12 Environmental Coalition: CEA Conference April 29, 1967
Box 6, Folder 13 Environmental Management: Conference, 1968
Box 6, Folder 14 Environmental Management: Attendees, 1974
Box 6, Folder 15 Environmental Management: Conference, Ashland, MA, 1973
Box 6, Folder 16 Environmental Education: Projects, Encounter 1971
Box 6, Folder 17 Environmental Education: Inventory of Summer Recreation Program, 1972
Box 6, Folder 18 Environmental Education: Resources and Programs, 1973
Box 6, Folder 19 Environmental Education: Record, Forests Forever. Forestry Communications Committee
Box 6, Folder 20 Environmental Education: Proposal, 1971-1973
Box 6, Folder 21 Environmental Education Act, 1974
Box 6, Folder 22 Environmental Education Course, 1976
Box 6, Folder 23 Environmental Summer Camp
Box 6, Folder 24 Environmental Education: Questionnaire, 1977
Box 6, Folder 25 Environmental Education Group, 1977
Box 6, Folder 26 Environmental Education Meeting, 1978
Box 6, Folder 27 Environmental Education Meeting, 1978
Box 6, Folder 28 Earth excavations

Subseries 6: F (Financial – Future of Southern New Hampshire Water)

Box 6, Folder 29 Financial statement
Box 6, Folder 30 Firewood Forestry Campaign
Box 6, Folder 31 Fletcher, Elmer D.
Box 6, Folder 32 Farm and Forest Museum
Box 6, Folder 33 Farm Woodlot, 1929-1932
Box 6, Folder 34 Fernow, B.E.
Box 6, Folder 35 Field Trips
Box 6, Folder 36 Finley, John (New York Times)
Box 6, Folder 37 Flood Control in New Hampshire, 1938
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1 Forest Awareness Campaign: The Year of the Forest, 1980-1983; New Building Dedication, photographs and press packet, 1980
Box 7, Folder 2 Forest Awareness Campaign: Opening dedication press releases, brochures, and reports; newspaper cliippings; Yankee Woodlot TV series; The Year of the Forest; Gypsy Moths
Box 7, Folder 3 Forest Awareness Campaign: newspaper articles

Gypsy Moth, including “Useful and Useless Techniques for Controlling the Gypsy Moth.”

Dilfey, Jane. “Can You See the Forest for the Trees?”

See also: Action, 1983; Forests and Lands, Vol. 3, 1983; and the Timber Crier, January 1983

Box 7, Folder 4 Forest Committee’s Report, 1927
Box 7, Folder 5 Forest Demonstration Area, Leslie Clark correspondence, 1976
Box 7, Folder 6 Forest Field Days: 1932, 1971, 1972, 1973
Box 7, Folder 7 Forest fires: Newspaper clippings
Box 7, Folder 8 Forest fires: Publications and articles

SPNHF. Protection From Fire, 1905.

New Hampshire Fireman’s Association. Report, 1905.

Woodbury, E. E., “A Forest Fire,” Granite Monthly, September 1923, pp. 421-424.

Dana, Samuel T., Forest Fires in New Hampshire, 1921-1925.

Box 7, Folder 9 Forest Laws of New Hampshire: Article about the publication
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1 Forest Notes: Robert E. Fowler Correspondence, 1953
Box 8, Folder 2 Forest Ownership: Newspaper clippings and Financial Management of Large Forest Ownerships, 1960
Box 8, Folder 3 Forest Planting: Ayres, Philip W. Reforestation of Water Sheds, 1923; Forest Planting in New Hampshire During 1929. Mimeo fragment.
Box 8, Folder 4 Forest Preservation: Ayres, Philip W. “Forest Preservation in the Eastern Mountains,” from American Review of Reviews, April 1920.
Box 8, Folder 5 Forest Reservations:

“Appalachian and White Mountain Forest Reserves,” 1908.

“Four New Forest Reservations in New Hampshire Located Beside the Highways.” Typescript, 1930.

“Help Plant Trees Along Highways and in School Yards,” ca. 1932.

“Highway and Other Forest Tracts in New Hampshire.” Typescript, 1931.

“Information Relative to Tracts.” Typescript, 1930.

“New Highway Reservations.” SPNHF, 1931.

“Reservations of the Society.” Card, ca. 1928.

“State Forests and Reservations in New Hampshire.” Typescript, 1917.

Letter: June 30, 1931 to Allen Hollis from Philip W. Ayres.

Invitation: to hear Philip Ayres in Manchester on “Forest Reservations.”

Box 8, Folder 6 A. C. Cline, Forest Weeding, 1929
Box 8, Folder 7 Forestry Correspondence: to Philip Ayres, 1921-1929.

Includes: J.S. Doolittle, A.F. Elwell, F.W. Emerson, John Felker, Dudley Harmon, Evan W. Kelley, H.F. Libby, W.B. Montgomery, Andrew Peters, G.W. Plummer, Edgar Rich, E.W. Rollins, and John Weeks

Box 8, Folder 8 Forestry Books: Typescript: Jameson, John D. The Outlook Which Faces Forest Landowners.
Box 8, Folder 9 Forestry Books:

Ayres, Philip W. “Commercial Importance of the White Mountain Forests.”

Ayres, Philip W. Forest Problems in New Hampshire.

Box 8, Folder 10 Forestry Books:

Ayres, Philip W., “The Charles Lathrop Pack Demonstration Forests” with “Charles Lathrop Pack” by Nelson C. Brown, 1927.

Ayres, P. W. The Outlook for Forestry in New Hampshire, 1927.

Ayres, P. W. What Can Europe Teach Us In Forestry?, 1927.

Boerker, Richard. Some Fundamental Considerations in the Prosecution of Silviculture Research, 1918.

Cajander, A. K. Über die Verteilung des Fruchtbaren Bodens in Finnland und Über den Einfluss dieser Verteilung auf die Wirtschaftlichen Verhaltnisse im Lande — Was wird mit den Waldtypen bezweckt?, 1923.

Frank, Glenn. Forests and the Future of America.

Graves, Col. Henry S. Public Regulation of Private Forests.

Hawley, Ralph C. “A Working Plan For The Woodlands of the New Haven Water Company,” 1913.

Lyman, John D. A Paper on Forestry.

Memorial. To the Hon. David F. Houston, Sec. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., September 23, 1915.

Pinchot, Gifford. “Talks on Forestry,” 1923.

Pothrock, Dr. J.R. The Human Aspect of the Forestry Problem.

Toumey, Prof. James W. Some Economic Aspects of Silvicultural Practice by Private Forest Owners in Southern New Hampshire.

Tucker, Mrs. Mary Lathrop. Forestry in Massachusetts.

Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1 Forestry Publications:

“The Profile and How it was Saved,” 1924

Graves, Henry S., New Hampshire and the New Movement in Forestry, 1914 (2 copies)

Rural Beterment and Forest Taxes, A symposium, 1930

Society For the Protection of New Hampshire Forests: “Acquisition and Management of State Forests” (2 copies)

Society For the Protection of New Hampshire Forests: “Forests for Towns and Villages” (3 copies)

Society For the Protection of New Hampshire Forests: “State Forests”

Box 9, Folder 2 Forestry Publications and Miscellaneous Articles
Box 9, Folder 3 Forestry in Summer Camps, William M. Harlow, 1928; newspaper clippings
Box 9, Folder 4 Forestry newsclippings, 1920s
Box 9, Folder 5 Choices: RPA: Planning for the Nation’s Forest and Rangeland Resources, The Conservation Foundation, Washington, D.C., 1980
Box 9, Folder 6 Forestry Forum: Announcement of Forestry Forums on “Forest Conservation and Its Allied Problems,” 1945
Box 9, Folder 7 Forestry Primers:

Cleveland, Threadwell. A Primer of Conservation, 1908. Pack, Charles Lathrop. The Forestry Primer, 1926. Pack, Charles Lathrop. The Forestry Primer, 1936.

Box 9, Folder 8 Forestry Progress:

Quincy R. Craft, “The Progress of Forestry in 1905.” Quincy R. Craft, “The Progress of Forestry in 1907.”

Box 9, Folder 9 Forests and Lands, Volume 3, 1983
Box 9, Folder 10 Forum On New Hampshire’s Future:

Bofinger, Paul, Correspondence – 1977

Putnam, Dave, Memos, Correspondence

Ewing, James, Memos, Correspondence

Box 9, Folder 11 Forum On New Hampshire’s Future: Memos, newspaper clippings, forum papers
Box 9, Folder 12 4-H Clubs: Clippings, a photograph, an invitation and a certificate
Box 9, Folder 13 Forest Demonstration Areas
Box 9, Folder 14 Fox State Forest, Hillsborough
Box 9, Folder 15 Correspondence about Franconia, 1925 – November 1927
Box 9, Folder 16 Correspondence about Franconia, December 1927
Box 9, Folder 17 Correspondence about Franconia, letters requesting project support, December 1927
Box 9, Folder 18 Correspondence about Franconia, 1928
Box 9, Folder 19 Correspondence about Franconia, 1932
Box 9, Folder 20 Franconia Notch: Photos
Box 9, Folder 21 Franconia Notch: printed materials

The Flume Reservation; Franconia Notch; Lost River Guides; Franconia Notch: An In-Depth Guide; Flack’s Scenic Guide: Franconia Notch Region; White Mountains of New Hampshire, A Mountain Shrine, Franconia Notch Reservation: Study and Report

Box 9, Folder 22 Pamphlets: Franconia Notch: “Sawed or Saved?”, “Save the Famous Profile,” etc. protection articles
Box 9, Folder 23 Franconia Notch: Flume Reservation; Correspondence to P. Ayres; articles from The Boston Globe
Box 9, Folder 24 Franconia Notch: Letters and poems
Box 9, Folder 25 Franconia Notch: Scrapbook of 1927-1929 newsclippings
Box 9, Folder 26 Franconia Notch:

Report of the Cannon Mountain Study Committee: January 1966

Invitation to Ride the Cannon Mountain Aerial Passenger Tramway; Ticket for the Tramway

Articles about the Tramway, 1935

Box 9, Folder 27 I-93 Maps and plots of the Franconia Notch
Box 9, Folder 27a Franconia Notch: Newspaper clips, 1932-1936
Box 9, Folder 28 Franconia Notch: Photographs and maps
Box 9, Folder 29 Franconia Notch: Legal documents

1928 Resolution relative to the acquisition of Franconia Notch; 1947 Franconia Notch State Land Record 1942 extension agreement on lease covering Profile and Echo Lake Concessions and Lafayette Place Cabin; 1934 lease agreement covering the Profile and Echo Lake concessions; 1936 lease covering the Lafayette Place Cabin; 1938 lease agreement covering the Profile and Echo Lake concessions.

Box 9, Folder 30 Ayers, P.W. 1908, Walker, Weeks Bill
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1 Franconia Notch: Letters sent to SPNHF, January 4, 1928 through January 10, 1928
Box 10, Folder 2 Franconia Notch: Letters sent to SPNHF, January 11, 1928 through January 31, 1928
Box 10, Folder 3 Franconia Notch: Letters sent to SPNHF, February through August 1928
Box 10, Folder 4 Franconia Notch: Letters sent from SPNHF to members 1928
Box 10, Folder 5 Franconia Notch: Letters sent from SPNHF to members 1928
Box 10, Folder 6 Dedication of Franconia Notch:

“Franconia Notch State Reservation Acquisition and Dedication”; “Dedication of Franconia Notch Forest Reservation and Memorial Park,” September 1928 (roadside); “Addresses at the dedication of Franconia Notch,” September 1928 (two editions); Address by ex-Governor John G. Winant (typed)

Box 10, Folder 7 Franconia Notch: Address by Allen Hollis, President of SPNHF (typed); Address by W. R. Brown, Presiding Officer; Address by Gov. Huntley Spaulding (typed); Address by Mrs. George F. Norris, President of the State Federation of Women’s Clubs
Box 10, Folder 8 Franconia Notch: Correspondence between C.T. Bodwell, director of the Flume Reservation in Franconia Notch and Philip. W. Ayres, February – December, 1934
Box 10, Folder 9 Notes by C. T. Bodwell about the Wapack Trail; also notes about Lost River and the Flume, 1928-1929
Box 10, Folder 10a Correspondence concerning Franconia Notch, The Flume, and Lost River spanning the years 1930-1962
Box 10, Folder 10b Franconia reports and articles, and various other materials including the 1952 Franconia Notch State Reservation Survey and 1935 “Geology of the Franconia Quadrangle”
Box 10, Folder 11 Franklin: Two short newspaper clippings re: attempted reforestation, 1915
Box 10, Folder 12 Numerous issues of The Friday Letter, a weekly bulletin describing the status of every environmental bill in the state Legislature, mainly 1981
Box 10, Folder 13 The Friendly Farm, Inc., Dublin
Box 10, Folder 14 Fund raising program for SPNHF, 1978, 3 copies
Box 10, Folder 15 The Future of Southern New Hampshire Water, 1976

Subseries 7: G-Hi (Garden Clubs – Higher Education Act)

Box 10, Folder 16 Garden clubs
Box 10, Folder 17 German Foresters Insignia, 1925
Box 10, Folder 18 Gile Memorial Forest, 1973
Box 10, Folder 19 Gilmonton, NH: Two letters, one 1868, the other from Philip W. Ayres, 1931
Box 10, Folder 20 Girl Scouts, 1977-1978
Box 10, Folder 21 Girl Scout development committee
Box 10, Folder 22 Governor’s Forest Policy Committee: Includes material about property and land taxes
Box 10, Folder 23 Governor’s Natural Beauty Contest, 1969
Box 10, Folder 24 Grafton County Land Utilization, one sheet of notes
Box 10, Folder 25 Grange essays: Essays and a 1971 letter concerning the Grange Poster Contest
Box 10, Folder 26 Granite State Forester, No. 5, 1943
Box 10, Folder 27 News clippings on A Greener Earth
Box 10, Folder 28 Guiding Community Growth news releases
Box 10, Folder 29 Newspaper articles on Guiding Community Growth
Box 10, Folder 30 Materials about Gypsy Moth caterpillars
Box 10, Folder 31 Letter from Harriet E. Freeman to Edward Everett Hale
Box 10, Folder 32 Hampton Marsh
Box 10, Folder 33 Harvard Forest, 1938, 1958
Box 10, Folder 34 Henniker Roadside Reservation: Photographs of proposed land
Box 10, Folder 35 “What You Need To Know About Herbicides,” three copies and two newspaper clippings about same
Box 10, Folder 36 Heritage Trail, fundraising letter
Box 10, Folder 37 A.D. Hopkins, “The Dying Hickory Trees: Cause and Remedy,” pamphlet
Box 10, Folder 38 Higher Education Act: List of NH programs funded by Title I

Subseries 8: Highway Beautification

Box 11
Box 11, Folder 1 Highway Beautification:

“Reservations, Shade Trees Highway and Other Forest Tracts In New Hampshire Given Since January 1, 1932.” Typescript.

Mrs. Charles H. McDuffee, “Highway Beautification in New Hampshire.” Typescript.

“Reservations Held By The Society For The Protection of New Hampshire Forests.” December 31, 1935. Typescript.

SPNHF. “Highway Reservations – Let Us Protect The Roadsides, 1924 and 1926.”

K. W. Woodward, Shade Trees in New Hampshire, 1922.

Box 11, Folder 2 Highway Beautification: 1930-1935

SPNHF, “Help Save the Forests Along the Highways,” 1930

1930-1933 articles on highway beautification

1930 form for reporting roadside forest areas to SPHNF

“Forest Reservations in New Hampshire,” Philip W. Ayres, 1930

1931 SPNHF Highway Beautification reports

1932 Highway and Other Forest Tracts in New Hampshire

1935 Reservations held by the SPNHF

Summary of deeds and other documents relating to tracts secured or assisted by SPNHF

1935 Report of Forestry Commission

1935 “New Hampshire State Forests and Reservations,” State Forestry Department, Concord

Box 11, Folder 3 Highway Beautification: miscellaneous articles

1931 An Act Relative to Billboards: rules and regulations

Reports of Mrs. McDuffee’s Trips

1931 Roadside Reservation report

Photos of Brooks property in Hancock, N.H.

1931 report on Highway 32 in Hancock

Box 11, Folder 4 Highway Beautification: miscellaneous articles – numerous letters concerning possible land used for roadside reservations
Box 11, Folder 5 SPNHF and New Hampshire circiulars/pamphlets: Various letters, articles, house bills on highway beautification and reservations, 1930s
Box 11, Folder 6 SPNHF and New Hampshire circiulars/pamphlets: Various letters, articles and pamphlets regarding roadside beautification of New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts
Box 11, Folder 7 Circulars/pamphlets not generated by SPNHF: states include New York, New Hampshire, Washington D.C., and Connecticut
Box 11, Folder 8 Deeds and maps: Deeds include Shade Tree Deeds, Miss Mary B. Dinsmoor’s deed 1922; maps include Holdings on River Road, Map of New Hampshire: N.H Forestry Department
Box 11, Folder 9 Deeds and maps: 1931, abstracts from deeds with Cathedral Woods to Town of Conway, Laura I. Mattoon, Mr. Casey, Mr. Hollis
Box 11, Folder 10 General information on highway beautification, 1930-1936: includes various letters asking for information or responding to requests regarding roadside reservations
Box 11, Folder 11 General information on highway beautification, 1931-1932: Includes photos of specific road sites, daily reports, and maps of specific road sites
Box 11, Folder 12 General town reports, including correspondence relating to town reports, 1931
Box 11, Folder 13 Knowles’ correspondence, general, 1931
Box 11, Folder 14 Leaders in non-club towns, 1930-1932
Box 11, Folder 15 Highway reservation committee reports, 1922-1933
Box 11, Folder 16 NH Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1929-1935
Box 11, Folder 17 Shade Tree Policy, 1922-1923
Box 11, Folder 18 Speeches: Includes O’Connor in Goffstown (1935), Ayres in Concord (1932), Unidentified in Connecticut (1932), and Taylor in no given place or date
Box 11, Folder 19 Speech by Maj. Gen. Frank D. Merrill: “So His Place Will Be Proud of Him,” New York City, November 17, 1955
Box 11, Folder 20 Tree Planting, 1931-1932: Includes letters, pamphlets, reports regarding regulations on planting, how to plant, and where to plant
Box 11, Folder 21 Tree wardens, 1931-1935
Box 11, Folder 22 Highway beautification: miscellaneous letters, 1930-1934
Box 11, Folder 23 Highway beautification: zoning, 1934
Box 11, Folder 24 Individual town information: Acworth (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 25 Individual town information: Alton (includes map)
Box 11, Folder 26 Individual town information: Bedford
Box 11, Folder 27 Individual town information: Canaan
Box 11, Folder 28 Individual town information: Charlestown
Box 11, Folder 29 Individual town information: Chatham
Box 11, Folder 30 Individual town information: Claremont
Box 11, Folder 31 Individual town information: Conway (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 32 Individual town information: Cornish (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 33 Individual town information: Danbury
Box 11, Folder 34 Individual town information: Dummer/Errol (13 Mile Woods)
Box 11, Folder 35 Individual town information: Dunbarton (Stark property)
Box 11, Folder 36 Individual town information: Eaton (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 37 Individual town information: Effingham (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 38 Individual town information: Enfield
Box 11, Folder 39 Individual town information: Epping
Box 11, Folder 40 Individual town information: Franconia
Box 11, Folder 41 Individual town information: Franklin
Box 11, Folder 42 Individual town information: Gilmanton
Box 11, Folder 43 Individual town information: Gilsum (Pot Holes and Bear’s Den)
Box 11, Folder 44 Individual town information: Goffstown
Box 11, Folder 45 Individual town information: Grantham
Box 11, Folder 46 Individual town information: Hancock
Box 11, Folder 47 Individual town information: Hannover (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 48 Individual town information: Henniker (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 49 Individual town information: Hillsboro
Box 11, Folder 50 Individual town information: Hopkington
Box 11, Folder 51 Individual town information: Langdon
Box 11, Folder 52 Individual town information: Lebanon
Box 11, Folder 53 Individual town information: Lempster
Box 11, Folder 54 Individual town information: Littleton
Box 11, Folder 55 Individual town information: Lochmere
Box 11, Folder 56 Individual town information: Lost River (Bath Road)
Box 11, Folder 57 Individual town information: Lyme
Box 11, Folder 58 Individual town information: Madison (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 59 Individual town information: Mason (Rhododendron area) (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 60 Individual town information: Milford
Box 11, Folder 61 Individual town information: Mont Vernon (Purgatory Falls) (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 62 Individual town information: New Boston
Box 11, Folder 63 Individual town information: New London (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 64 Individual town information: Newbury (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 65 Individual town information: Newport (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 66 Individual town information: North Stratford (includes photos)
Box 11, Folder 67 Individual town information: Ossipee (Center Ossipee) (includes photos)
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 1 Individual town information: Ossipee
Box 12, Folder 2 Individual town information: Peterborough
Box 12, Folder 3 Individual town information: Plainfield (includes photos)
Box 12, Folder 4 Individual town information: Rye (Fern Avenue)
Box 12, Folder 5 Individual town information: Sandwich
Box 12, Folder 6 Individual town information: Sharon
Box 12, Folder 7 Individual town information: Shelbourne
Box 12, Folder 8 Individual town information: Springfield (includes photos)
Box 12, Folder 9 Individual town information: Suncook
Box 12, Folder 10 Individual town information: Tamworth (includes photos)
Box 12, Folder 11 Individual town information: Tamworth (Mathews Land)
Box 12, Folder 12 Individual town information: Warner
Box 12, Folder 13 Individual town information: Wentworth
Box 12, Folder 14 Individual town information: Whittier (Chocorua Road)
Box 12, Folder 15 Individual town information: Wilton (includes map)
Box 12, Folder 16 Individual town information: Wolfeboro (minutes) (includes photos)
Box 12, Folder 17 Highway beautification: Fernow, B.E., “Are Highway Scars Necessary?”
Box 12, Folder 18 Highway beautification: billboard legislation

Subseries 9: Hur-K (Hurricanes – Kinsman Notch)

Box 12, Folder 19 Hurricane (1938): Includes 1938 scrapbook describing entire clean-up operation (photographs included); Several articles from the Concord Monitor, September 3, 1970; “1938 Hurricane and Salvage,” by USDA Forest Service 1939
Box 12, Folder 20 Hydro-Electric Energy in New Hampshire: Existing and Potential Development, prepared by The Governor’s Commission on Hydro-Electric Energy, April 1977
Box 12, Folder 21 Billboards: includes state regulations on billboards, legislature regarding billboards, proposals to change policies regarding billboards, regulations on billboards for other states
Box 12, Folder 21a Billboards: includes state regulations on billboards, legislature regarding billboards, proposals to change policies regarding billboards, regulations on billboards for other states
Box 12, Folder 22 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec Hearing 1982, includes memorandum and intent of meeting
Box 12, Folder 23 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec Hearing 1982, publications, includes newspaper articles regarding the meeting and the concerns of the community
Box 12, Folder 24 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec Hearing 1982, miscellaneous

Includes “The State of New Hampshire Before the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission: Investigation into Peak Demand for Public Service Company of New Hampshire” and letters from the Law Offices of Robert A. Backus

Box 12, Folder 25 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec Hearing 1982, miscellaneous

Includes letters from the Law Offices of Robert A. Backus; public notices on hearings regarding the hydro-electric power; service lists for the area; related letters about concerns

Box 12, Folder 26 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec Hearing 1982, miscellaneous

Letters from the Public Utilities Commission; Water Supply and Pollution Control Commission; Attorney General; list of people on steering committee; Rules and Regulations Governing Procedures before the Energy Facility Evaluation Committee, 1980-1981; State of New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission Bulk Power Supply Site Evaluation Committee

Box 12, Folder 27 Critique of Environmental Report for the Hydro Quebec Tie Line, December 1981; response to the critique by SPNHF’s Paul O. Bofinger, President Forester
Box 12, Folder 28 Hydro-Electric Power:

Includes “Lease Between New England Power Company and New England Electric Transmission Corporation,” June 1982; “Upper Development _ Lower Development Transmission Line Support Agreement: New England Electric Transmission Corporation and New England Power Company”

Box 12, Folder 29 Letters from Public Service New Hampshire and New England Electric Transmission, September 1982
Box 12, Folder 30 Hydro-Electric Power: Powerline Education Fund Motion, 1982 letters regarding the motion and response to it
Box 12, Folder 31 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET (III) (New England Electric Transmission)
Box 12, Folder 32 Hydro-Electric Power:

Information regarding the Application of New England Electric Transmission Corporation for a Certificate of Site and Facility to Construct, Operate and Maintain an Electric Transmission Line in Coos and Grafton Counties, NH, August 1982

Box 12, Folder 33 Hydro-Electric Power: NEET information, continued
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 1 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET information, including letters, 1982
Box 13, Folder 2 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET information, including letters, 1982
Box 13, Folder 3 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET testimony
Box 13, Folder 4 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET testimony
Box 13, Folder 5 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET testimony
Box 13, Folder 6 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET testimony, Fred Winch, September 1982
Box 13, Folder 7 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET testimony, Robert H. Snow, December 1981; Frank S. Smith, December 1981
Box 13, Folder 8 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET testimony, Robert O. Bigelow, December 1981; David Perry, Jeffrey Paul, and Leo Sicuranza, December 1981; George S. Haralampu, December 1981
Box 13, Folder 9 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET testimony, Copies of rebuttal testimony sent to Vincent J. Iacopina, Executive Director and Secretary of New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
Box 13, Folder 10 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET testimony, Copies of requested files, sent to Vincent J. Iacopina
Box 13, Folder 11 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec NEET testimony
Box 13, Folder 12 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec

Actual application of NEET for a Certificate of Site and Facility to Construct, Operate and Maintain an Electric Transmission Line in Coos and Grafton Counties, NH, December 1981.

Nepool Forecast for New England: 1981-1996

Box 13, Folder 13 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec Correspondence, 1981
Box 13, Folder 14 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec Correspondence, 1981
Box 13, Folder 15 Hydro-Electric Power: Quebec, information regarding polling responses
Box 13, Folder 16 Individual articles: Paul Bofinger, W.E. Chandler, Les Clark, J.E. Dodge, S.G. Goodhue, M. Hartwell, and others; The Granite Monthly, Vol. XLIX, Nos. 11-12
Box 13, Folder 17 Insitute of Natural and Environmental Resources Curriculum Review, 1978
Box 13, Folder 18 Environmental Interns
Box 13, Folder 19 Antioch Internship, 1976: letters concerning Thomas Hougham’s internship
Box 13, Folder 20 Land Internship: list of interns, years unknown
Box 13, Folder 21 Letter to University of Massachusetts from SPNHF requesting interns for the upcoming year
Box 13, Folder 22 Applications for the 1977 summer internship program
Box 13, Folder 23 Interns:

Applications for the 1979 spring internship program; memorandum on Tax-Free Land Swaps as a Means of Acquiring Open Space April 3, 1978; memorandum on Charitable Gifts ofLand Owned by Family Corporations, March 3, 1978; December 1977 Internal Revenue Service document

Box 13, Folder 24 Internship applications, 1976
Box 13, Folder 25 Interns: Correspondence by Betsey Kline, 1974-1975
Box 13, Folder 26 Interns: Letters describing work done by William Birchard, information concerning Luce Scholarship, 1976
Box 13, Folder 27 Interns: Papers from Peggy Dickerson
Box 13, Folder 28 Application from Jane Difley for a summer environmental intern program for summer of 1975
Box 13, Folder 29 Interns: Correspondence by Ron King, 1976
Box 13, Folder 30 Evaluations of John Goodfellow for a Legal Assistant position at the Office of Program Planning and Evaluation of the National Institute of Environmental Health Services, March 1978
Box 13, Folder 31 Internship application, summer 1976
Box 13, Folder 32 Interns: Correspondence by Harry Judd, 1976
Box 13, Folder 33 Application from Norman J. Kennard for summer 1977 internship
Box 13, Folder 34 Work completed by intern Amy Levek during the Summer of 1976
Box 13, Folder 35 Information regarding James McDonough’s internship during the Fall of 1976
Box 13, Folder 36 Work completed by Barton Mayer during the Summer of 1978
Box 13, Folder 37 Correspondence with intern Stephen A. Mrozowski during the Summer of 1976
Box 13, Folder 38 Application from intern Roger Murray
Box 13, Folder 39 Letter of recommendation and final evaluation for intern John W. Pacheco, December 1975
Box 13, Folder 40 Application and intern assignment for David F. Rath, Summer 1977
Box 13, Folder 41 Application and intern assignment for Amy Sherman for Summer 1977
Box 13, Folder 42 Application and intern assignment for Michele Straube in 1978
Box 13, Folder 43 Student evaluation of Peter G. Webb
Box 13, Folder 44 Application and intern assignment for Stephanie Williston for Summer of 1976
Box 13, Folder 45 Intern: Draft of tax argument
Box 13, Folder 46 Intern: Letter of decline
Box 13, Folder 47 Involvement, Volume 1 (1971)
Box 13, Folder 48 Involvement, Volume 2 (1972)
Box 13, Folder 49 Involvement, Volume 3 (1973)
Box 13, Folder 50 Involvement, Volume 4 (1974)
Box 13, Folder 51 Involvement, Volume 5 (1975)
Box 13, Folder 52 Involvement, Volume 6 (1976)
Box 13, Folder 53 Involvement, Volume 7 (1977)
Box 13, Folder 54 Involvement, Volume 8 (1978)
Box 13, Folder 55 Involvement, miscellaneous
Box 13, Folder 56 Isles of the Shoals/Great Bay, Information regarding the photography project of 1974
Box 13, Folder 57 Jet flyovers, article from The Union Leader, June 18, 1981
Box 13, Folder 58 Articles and publications on Mt. Kearsarge, David M. Hildreth, 1916
Box 13, Folder 59 Letters concerning Mt. Kearsarge from SPNHF to Mr. A. Irving Dodge, October 1969 (Dodge Lot 1)
Box 13, Folder 60 Letters and maps concerning Mt. Kearsarge for Irving Dodge, 1975 (Dodge Lot 2)
Box 13, Folder 61 A Guide…to Mt. Kearsarge, Kimball, H.N., 1916
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 1 Keene: Pot Holes and Bears Den, photos of West Side State Road near Keene, 1922
Box 14, Folder 2 “Help Save The Kinsman Notch,” 1917

Subseries 10: L-Mer (Lake Coniston – Mercury Pollution)

Box 14, Folder 3 Lake Coniston: information on New Hampshire State YMCA Camp Coniston, 1969
Box 14, Folder 4 Lancaster: 1979-1980 articles
Box 14, Folder 5 Land Use: Public Service Announcement, 1979 – Rye, Exeter, Lee, Chester, Deerfield, Atkinson, Concord, various related articles about the towns land use
Box 14, Folder 6 Land Use Legislation, 1974-1976
Box 14, Folder 7 Land Use Publications

Various letters to Paul Bofinger of the SPNHF

“Slow Start in Paradise: An account of the development, passage, and implementation of state land-use legislation in Florida,” by Phyllis Myers, 1974

“The Quiet Revolution in Land Use Control,” Summary Report prepared for the Council on Environmental Quality by Fred Bosselman and David Callies, 1971

“The New Oregon Trail: An account of the development and passage of state land-use legislation in Oregon,” by Charles A. Little, 1974

“So Goes Vermont: An account of the development, passage, and implementation of state land-use legislation in Vermont.” by Phyllis Myers, 1974

Various articles concerning specific land use

“State Land-Use Legislation: Issues and Options”

Box 14, Folder 8 Land Use: Alaska Coalition
Box 14, Folder 9 Land Use: Alaska Coalition

“‘Environmentalist’ Is a Nasty Word in Alaska,” U.S. News & World Report, 1979

“The Senate Committee Bill: A Balance Resolution of the Alaska Lands Issue,” Special Report of the National Forest Products Association, June 1980

“Alaska: The Last Great First Chance,” Alaska Lands Bill: Comparison of the Tsongas-Roth Substitute (Amendment No. 626) and the Energy Committee Bill (H.R. 39), by Alaska Coalition

“Oil & Gas” Issue for the Senate


Memo about the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

Letter to “friends” of the Alaska Coalition re: its views on the Alaska lands bill

Alaska Update

“Alaska Status Report: Triumph in the House,” May 21, 1979

United States Department of the Interior News re: Additional hearings set in Alaska on proposed final public land withdrawals

“Southeast Alaska – Wilderness and the Economy”

Alaska Status report, December 3, 1978

Alaska Report, September/October 1978

Alaska Coalition brochure

“Alaska: Last Frontier or Lasting Frontier?”

“The Alaska lands Bill,” newspaper article

Alaska Coalition Update, October 19, 1978

Alaska Coalition, letter dated October 9, 1978 to “Cleve” from Karen Tilberg

2 newspaper articles on Alaska lands

“What’s New at AFA,” American Forests, November 1977

Letter from the Sierra Club asking for support in sidetracking a piece of legislation that threatens potential forest wilderness areas, February 1980

Mailgram from Sierra Club to SPNHF asking for action regarding senate bill

“Wilderness,” an article sent to Paul Bofinger

American Forests, March 1980

Letter from Hammer Mill Paper Company expressing position on the wilderness, February 1980

Legislative Action Alert to Wilderness Society Member from Chuck Clusen, Conservation Director

Box 14, Folder 10 Land Use: House Bills and Acts

House Bill 19: requiring local approval for any major development in a town

House Bill 303: establishing minimum criteria and consideration for land use and development within towns in the state

House Bill 519: establishing land use control procedures and making an appropriation therefore

House Bill 603: establishing procedures to review developments of regional impact and making an appropriation therefore

House Bill 681: providing for local designation of certain specified resource areas as critical and locally regulating land use therein (2 copies)

Amendment to HB 681

House Bill ?: increasing the real estate transfer tax; dedicating the increased revenue to open space land acquisition; and providing for the acquisition of open space land

An Act: establishing procedures to review developments of regional impact and making an appropriation therefore

An Act: giving municipalities the option to designate certain areas within their jurisdiction as critical and to permit development therein when in accordance with protective standards (3 copies)

Letter to Bill Humm re: City council Committee- Critical Soils, July 1975

Proposed amendments to bill for Regulation of land use, March 1975

Letter from the Appalachian Mountain Club to Members of the NH General Court re: synopses of HB519 and HB303

Draft of the Land Use Bill, December 12, 1974 (2 copies)

“Exercising Environmental Expertise at Planning Board Meetings” by Lucille H. Mayer, Chairlady, Huntington Planning Board

Box 14, Folder 11 Land Use: Legislation

Workshop folder from The New England Center for Continuing Education for Bill Brady

Developments of Regional Impact: Concerns of Southwestern New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission

Article on the Petaluma Zone Plan, August 1975

Letter from the Environmental Information Center re: Highlights of Environmental News

Article on Amherst Master Plan, New Hampshire Sunday News, November 1975

Proposed definitions of developments of regional impact, March 1977

“Maryland’s Program Open Space: A Unique Method of Financing Land Acquisition” by L. Gregory Low. Environmental Coalition

“Why New Hampshire Needs HB658 Now”

Various articles concerning land use in NH

Letter from the Office of Comprehensive Planning to Larry Dingman re: request for information on flood plain delineation within NH

“Farmers unite on Land Use” article from Union Leader, November 1976

Letter from James Cleveland, 20 Dist. to Paul Bofinger re: Udall land use bill, May 1974

Amendment to HB658: corrections, December 1976

Chart on Designation Process

Box 14, Folder 12 Land Use: Open Space

“Land Utilization in New Hampshire I: Problems in the Back Highland Areas of Southern Grafton County,” by Harry C. Woodworth, Max F. Abell, and John C. Holmes, June 1937

“Land Utilization in New Hampshire Part II: Summer Homes and the Rural Economy,” by John Blum, October 1942

“A Guide Using Conservation Deeds to Maintain Open Space Uses,” developed by the SPNHF, July 1975

Bank East, Vol. 1, Number 5

“The Riparian”

SPNHF Special Report, September 1970

Articles concerning Open Space that appear in the following newspapers around October 30, 1974: Farmington News, New Hampshire Star, Derry News, Union Leader, Coos County Democrat, The Reporter (North Conway), Berlin Reporter, Monadnock Ledger, Granite State News, Exeter News-Letter, The Northland News, The Rochester Courier, The Courier (Littleton), The Goffstown News-Banner

Box 14, Folder 13 Land Use: Study Group, Inc.

In 1974 a study group was organized to reach an agreement on the principles of legislation that will be presented at the 1975 session of the New Hampshire legislature. The group was comprised of legislatures, lawyers, landowners, bankers, environmentalists, developers and builders. Memoranda, reports and news articles included.

Box 14, Folder 14 Land Use: Study Group, Inc.
Box 14, Folder 15 Land Use: reports

“Review of State Land Use Management Programs,” draft, February 1974. Drafted for the State of New Hampshire by Hans Klunder Associates, Consultants.

“Regional Planning Activities in the State of New Hampshire,” February 1974. Compiled for the State of New Hampshire by Hans Klunder Associates, Consultants.

Box 14, Folder 16 Land Use: Comprehensive Planning Reports, 1976
Box 14, Folder 17 Land Use: Study Group, Inc., includes copy of report issued and different House Bills effected by the report (1975)
Box 14, Folder 18 Law: letters from the 1930s regarding SPNHF organization of local committees; letters from Senator Fred H. Brown, Philip W. Ayres, Congressman William N. Rogers
Box 14, Folder 19 Law: Pamphlets, articles and letters regarding legislation

“Gift of Land Conservation: Tax Advantages to the Land Owner”

“New Hampshire’s Environment and the Law”, proceeding of the conference held October 9-10, 1970

“Taxation of Forests” by SPNHF

“Change Name of the Department of the Interior to the Department of Conservation and Work”: hearings before the Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments House of Representative

“Appeal to President Roosevelt” November 23, 1934 House Bill: No. 131

“Timber Taxation Relief” House Bill No. 5, 1929

Box 14, Folder 20 Lion’s Club nomination for representative to Legislative Conservation Caravan
Box 14, Folder 21 Legislation: Ernest J. Babcock, “Information on Timber Harvesting Laws in New Hampshire,” prepared by the SPNHF for the Division of Resources Development Department of Resources and Economic Development and the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Service, October 1971
Box 14, Folder 22 Legislation:

S. 4593: “An Act to enable any State to cooperate with any other State or States, or with the United States, for the protection of the watersheds of navigable streams, and to appoint a commission for the acquisition of lands for the purpose of conserving the navigability of navigable rivers”

House Bill: No. 210 “An Act relating to Properties held for Public Use by the SPNHF”

“Taxation of Growing Wood and Timber to Safeguard Future Timber Supply,” an Amendment to the Constitution

“Rural Betterment and Forest Taxes,” SPNHF 1930

Box 14, Folder 23 “The Locust Borer and Methods for Control,” Issued by the United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology: 1907
Box 14, Folder 24 Various articles and pamphlets related to the Lost River, photos included
Box 14, Folder 25 Lost River:

Unisigned copy of deed

“Rocks of the Lost River,” Summer 1932

“Use of Lost River Dormitory as a Public Education Exhibit Center,” 1967

Receipts from Lost River 1915-1917

Inventory of the Properties of the SPNHF at Lost River Reservation, 1925

Box 14, Folder 26 Selected correspondence regarding the Lost River from 1918 to 1968
Box 14, Folder 27 List of Lost River Guides 1912-1935 and list of employees from 1912-1966
Box 14, Folder 28 Lost River pamphlets and photos, including: transcripts of “Points of Interest,” “Statement re: Lost River Shelter” (1916), and printed material
Box 14, Folder 29 Collection of old photographs of the Lost River
Box 14, Folder 30 Copy of the Lost River lease change in 1967
Box 14, Folder 31 Lost River: correspondence related to the memorials of Tom Bodwell (1978) and Austin Macauly (1973); includes published material
Box 14, Folder 32 Lost River: historical information, Use History, edited by Richard Ober, 1992
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 1 Various brochures and pamphlets advertising the Lost River
Box 15, Folder 2 Lost River: newspaper clippings, and press release, 1916-1919, 1967-1968
Box 15, Folder 3 Lumber: timber publications

Forestry and the Lumber Supply, 1903

McCormick, R. L., “The Exhaustion of the Lumber Supply”

Pinchot, Gifford, “The Lumberman and the Forester”

Roosevelt, Theodore, “Forestry and Foresters”

Kellogg, R.S. and Ziegler, E.A., “The Cost of Growing Timber” 1911

Koehler, Arthur, Guidebook For The Identification of Woods Used For Ties and Timbers, GPO, 1917

Roth, Filibert. Timber, GPO, 1895

Box 15, Folder 4 Maine Forest Facts, 1974
Box 15, Folder 5 “A Maine Manifest” by Richard Barringer, 1972, inscribed
Box 15, Folder 6 “Water Board Reforesting: Make Plans to Set Out 50,000 Trees at Lake Massabesic in the Spring,” Manchester Union, 1913
Box 15, Folder 7 Manchester Project: Article describing the program for the use of the Society History in Manchester
Box 15, Folder 8 A 1921 report on the Great Ice Storm in Massachusetts by Dr. George E. Stone
Box 15, Folder 9 Memorandums and letters regarding SPNHF membership
Box 15, Folder 10 Special report on the Mercury Pollution Crisis- Open Space Progress- Inland Oil Spill- Connecticut River Island Purchase

Subseries 11: Monadnock

Box 15, Folder 11 Monadnock, 1858-1975, includes: deeds, newspaper clippings, photographs, maps, correspondence
Box 15, Folder 12 Monadnock-Sunapee Trail, 1911-1948

Maps, circulars, minutes

Quitclaim Deed

Report on Wapack Trail- Summer 1948

Proposed Change of Entrance to Pumpelly Trail From Dublin

“Help To Establish The Monadnock-Sunapee Trail” (3 copies)

SPNHF: Monadnock-Sunapee Trail, description of trail

Map of the Trails on Mount Sunapee

Box 15, Folder 13 Monadnock:

“Tramping New England with Thoreau,” Boston Transcript, June 21, 1916

Articles on climbing Mt. Monadnock, photos

The Association to Protect Mount Monadnock: Articles of Association of the Association to Protect Mount Monadnock, 1945; Resolution on Mt. Monadnock; List of Directors, August 1945; Directors Meeting August 20, 1945

Box 15, Folder 14 Monadnock: 1948 Lease; The Dublin Opinion, December 22, 1948
Box 15, Folder 15 Monadnock:

Lease 1964

News articles

“Doctors of Medicine, Divinity Team Up for Risky Errands of Mercy,” The Boston Sunday Globe, January 3, 1965

“Screamed, Fell, Hurt Bad,” The Boston Sunday Globe, January 3, 1965

“He Screamed, Hurtled Off Ice Shelf,” The Boston Sunday Globe, January 3, 1965

“Study for Improving Park Area at Mt. Monadnock in the Works,” Keene Evening Sentinel, April 10, 1968

“The Geology of the Monadnock Quadrangle,” 1949

Box 15, Folder 16 Monadnock: Agreement between Edgar Bernstein and SPNHF. Bernstein commissioned by SPNHF to produce a film slide program with synchronized tape recorded dialogue on the preservation of the Mt. Monadnock, New Hampshire area.
Box 15, Folder 17 Monadnock:

Monadnock at the Crossroads, Monadnock Exhibit: July and August 1974 gives plan, objectives, budget, etc.

“Some elements to consider in developing the Monadnock Land-Use Plan and related plans for Gap Mountain and Monadnock to Sunapee Trail,” Monadnock Exhibit Progress Report

Photos: Monadnock Meadow with snow, Pompelly Cave

Photos: Wood-Ticks 1941, Allen Chamberlin

Catalogue of the exhibition

Box 15, Folder 18 Monadnock:

“The Grand Monadnock: A Literary, Artistic, & Social History”

“The White Mountains from Monadnock”, by J. Rayner Edmands, February 13, 1878

“The Grand Monadnock” poem by Albert Perry, 1883

Description of many poems related to Monadnock

Photo of “Monadnock”, oil on canvas painting by Abbott Handerson Thayer (1849-1921)

“Thoreau’s Mountain: Monadnock” by Gilbert Byron

“Mount Monadnock” by Allen H. Bent

“Barry Faulkner’s Men of Monadnock,” Historical notes by M.A. DeWolfe Howe

“History of the Ark: 1777-1974″ by Charles W. Bacon, Jr. (rough draft); “History of the Ark: 1777-1974″ (final draft)


“Recreational History of Monadnock” by H. Charles Royce, Jr.

“Natural History of Mount Monadnock,” by Henry I Baldwin

“To Mount Monadnock with Henry Thoreau”

Biographical Sketches: John White Allen Scott; William Preston Phelps; Abbott Handerson Thayer; Richard S. Meryman; Gibeon Bradbury; Graphic Artists; Asa Coolidge Warren; Charles Thomas Jackson; Alexander James; Barry Faulkner; Charles Curtis Allen

“Mt. Monadnock in American Art”

“19th Century Writers”

Box 15, Folder 19 Monadnock: Exhibition

Meetings of Landowners in Mt. Monadnock Area, July 26, 1974

Monadnock at the Crossroads: An Exhibition of the History of Monadnock Mountain, sponsored by SPNHF, July 1974

New Hampshire Profiles, July 1974: several articles about the 1974 Exhibition

Box 15, Folder 20 Index to the Assoc. to Protect Mt. Monadnock, Halfway House
Box 15, Folder 21 Correspondence: February 1958 – December 1960
Box 15, Folder 22 Correspondence: January 1961 – October 1963
Box 15, Folder 23 Correspondence relating to making and showing of the film “More Water for New Hampshire,” 1953
Box 15, Folder 24 Genealogical records of the First Masonian Proprietors, 1786-1914
Box 15, Folder 25 Correspondence: 1911-1914, also includes New York Times obituary of Philip W. Ayes, November 5, 1945
Box 15, Folder 26 Correspondence, 1913-1914
Box 15, Folder 27 Correspondence, 1914-1915
Box 15, Folder 28 1926 Report on Monadnock Contributions other various correspondence
Box 15, Folder 29 Allison Litigation (1911-1916): Copy of 1913 interview between James Allison and Philip Ayres; Quitclaim Deed: George F. Weld to SPNHF, July 1916; written deposition for the remembrance of James Allison, Dublin, NH
Box 15, Folder 30 Hart Litigation (1914-1928): includes letters and deeds relating to the litigation; abstract of the title to the Great Mountain Pasture, Dublin, NH
Box 15, Folder 31 Correspondence concerning the signing over of the Gilmore Mower Lot on Mt. Monadnock to the SPNHF, November 1931
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 1 Robinson Land, 1929-1931: correspondence with C.B. Robinson Jr.
Box 16, Folder 2 Monadnock: correspondence regarding adjacent property
Box 16, Folder 3 Land related to “Monadnock Project,” 1922-1936: Concerns properties of Cowen, Harrington, Harling, and the Monte Rosa Tract-Parson Orchard
Box 16, Folder 4 Land related to “Monadnock Project” 1913-1929: Concerns properties of Kimball and the Derby Woods
Box 16, Folder 5 Land related to “Monadnock Project” 1924-1932: Concerns properties of Stowell, Brooks, and Brush
Box 16, Folder 6 Land related to “Monadnock Project” 1925-1941: Concerns properties of Sprague/Harling, McCarthy, Keegan, and Upton
Box 16, Folder 7 Warpack Trail, 1929-1932
Box 16, Folder 8 Warpack Trail, 1929-1932
Box 16, Folder 9 Correspondence: Donors
Box 16, Folder 10 Maps and printed material, 1906-1936

“Monadnock: Saving an Entire Mountain”

“Monadnock-Sunapee Trail,” map and article

“The Situation on Mt. Monadnock: A Report to Recent Contributors,” shows new area acquired in 1928-1929

“The Monadnock Region of Scenic New Hampshire: Summer Home and Winter Playground of New England”

Map of the Town of Dublin, 1906

“Help Save the Timber on Monadnock Mountain”

Various topographic and other types of maps of the Monadnock region

Box 16, Folder 11 Poole gift, 1918-1923
Box 16, Folder 12 Help Save Monadnock Mountain, various maps and articles
Box 16, Folder 13 Written agreement between SPNHF and NH Forest Commission, 1928
Box 16, Folder 14 Annals of the Grand Monadnock, 1936: includes letters from Lawrance W. Rathbun, Forester
Box 16, Folder 15 “The Grand Monadnock”: an address by Albert Annett of Jaffrey at the Annual Forestry Conference at Lost River, in the White Mountains September 2, 1926; Annals of the Grand Monadnock by Allen Chamberlain
Box 16, Folder 16 Correspondence, 1940-1943
Box 16, Folder 17 Correspondence, 1944
Box 16, Folder 18 “Save Mt. Monadnock,” booklets; includes various correspondence
Box 16, Folder 19 Association to Protect Monadnock: letters of correspondence from the association; Amendment to By-Laws, October 2, 1947; Right of Free Passage, 1947
Box 16, Folder 20 Correspondence concerning the sale of the Half-Way House to SPNHF
Box 16, Folder 21 Resolution to raise moneys to buy all Mt. Monadnock Properties before 2000 A.D., 1949
Box 16, Folder 22 Half-Way House: letters about the conditions at the top of Mt. Monadnock
Box 16, Folder 23 Half-Way House: correspondence about fires
Box 16, Folder 24 Half-way House: correspondence
Box 16, Folder 25 Half-Way House Correspondence
Box 16, Folder 26 Half-Way House: information on aid association
Box 16, Folder 27 Monadnock: Public Utilities Commission

Letters of correspondence

Statement of Paul Bofinger (SPNHF Forester) before the NH Utilities Commission regarding the Mt. Monadnock Toll Road, April 1968

Association to protect Mt. Monadnock. Petition for authority to discontinue operation of the Mt. Monadnock Toll Road in town of Jeffrey, April 1968

Annals of the Grand Monadnock, 1936 signed edition

Monadnock Records of Three Centuries, gathered by Helen Cushing Nutting, 1925

Box 17
Box 17, Folder 1 Monadnock: Correspondence, 1968-1969
Box 17, Folder 2 Monadnock: Correspondence, 1970
Box 17, Folder 3 Monadnock: Eco-Center, 1970

Letters of correspondence between Henry Baldwin and Francis Whitaker, 1970

News articles

Monadnock Ecocenter: Public Education and Fund Raising Project, June 16, 1970

Report on Monadnock Ecocenter

Box 17, Folder 4 Monadnock Guide 1970: correspondence, page proof corrections
Box 17, Folder 5 Copy of the Monadnock Guide 1970: Original Paste-Up of Gallery Proof, Vol. 1
Box 17, Folder 6 Monadnock correspondence: 1970-1972
Box 17, Folder 7 Monadnock correspondence: 1973
Box 17, Folder 8 Monadnock correspondence: 1974
Box 17, Folder 9 Great Monadnock Exhibit, 1973-1974

includes articles, description of Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway, sample of stationary letter head, calendar of events Summer 1974, and schedule for Member’s Day 1974

News from Monadnock Exhibition Committee, June 7-14, 1974

The Grand Monadnock: A Literary, Artistic, & Social History, 1974

“Society Concern for Seabrook,” Involvement, June 15, 1974

Box 17, Folder 10 Misc. Correspondence re: Manadnock Growth: Letter to Ron King, Paul Bofinger and Mary McKee from Sen. Rob Trowbridge regarding the continuing effort to help Mt. Monadnock; Action ’74, “Growth in the Monadnock Region,” by Sussanne Blegaa and Peder Riis Hedegaard, November 4, 1974
Box 17, Folder 11 Pamphlets

various articles on Monadnock Project, the Monadnock Land-Use Bill 1975, and Monadnock in the Summer of 1975

“The Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway,” 1976

“The Monadnock – Sunapee Greenway: Trail Guide,” Third Edition (5 copies)

The National Urban and Community Forestry Forum, February/March 1985, Vol. 5, No. 1

Monadnock Perspectives, Winter 1982-1983 (5 copies)

Box 17, Folder 12 Monadnock Correspondence
Box 17, Folder 13 Newsclippings: articles concerning land sales, hiking, guides to summit, comparison to Mt. Fuji, Charles Royce; letter to Friends of Gap Mountain

Subseries 12: Mou-N (Mount Lafayette – Northumberland)

Box 17, Folder 14 Photo of Mt. Lafayette and Cannon Mountain, black and white photo by C.T. Bodwell
Box 17, Folder 15 Mount Mousilauke:

Black and white 1913 photo of Mt. Moosilauke; Black and white photo of Mt. Moosilauke as a part of the White Mountain National Forest (2 different photos)

“Climber Tells of Moosilauke Glories,” Boston Globe, May 4, 1930

Forest History of Mount Moosilauke by J. Willcox Brown, 1958 (2 copies)

“Geology of the Littleton and Moosilauke Quadrangles,” 1935

Box 17, Folder 16 Mount Washington, 1953-1959

1956 correspondence

The Potential of Mount Washington

Mount Washington Survey by John P. Alevizos, December 1956

Report of the Governor’s Mount Washington Study Committee, October 1958

Box 17, Folder 17 Mount Washington, 1969-1973

Minutes of the 21 meeting of the Mount Washington Planning Committee, February 5, 1969

Map of White Mountain National Forest (7 copies)

White Mountain National Forest Advisory Committee: operating procedures, Bulletin from the New England Trail Rider Association to the White Mountain National Forest Advisory Committee, Minutes from first meeting January 6, 1971, minutes from April 14, 1971, minutes from November 7-8, 1973, minutes from August 1-2, 1973

Search for Solitude, June 1970

“Camping and Hiking on the White Mountain National Forest”

“New Forests for Wildlife: How Even-Aged Forest Management Benefits the Sportsman”

Various letters

An Enduring Resource by Richard J. Costley

Box 17, Folder 18 Mount Washington, 1974-1977

Map of the White Mountain National Forest (x2)

Maine’s Critical Areas Program

Forest Plan: Draft Forest Plan, White Mountain National Forest, January 1974; Draft Forest Plan Review, May 1974; SPNHF, Response to Draft White Mountain National Forest Plan, May 10, 1974

Resolution Supporting the White Mountain National Forest Planning Process for the Kilkenny Unit and Urging Deletion of the Kilkenny Unit as a Wilderness Study Area in S.520

White Mountain National Forest Environmental Analysis, May 10, 1976

Copy of Town of Lincoln, County of Grafton, State of New Hampshire: Pemigewasset Ranger District, White Mountain National Forest, Region 9

National Forest Management Act of 1976

White Mountain National Forest Off-Road Vehicle Conditions of Use, Winter 1975-1976

“Wildlife Management on the White Mountain National Forest”

Campton Working Group and responses from the Campton Working Group

Various correspondence with Congress

White Mountain National Forest Advisory Committee: notes, October 9-10, 1974; minutes, December 3-4, 1975; List of members of the Forest Advisory Committee; minutes, March 3-4, 1976, meeting notes and minutes, October 21-22, 1976; minutes, minutes for the June 22-23, 1976

Box 17, Folder 19 Mount Washington plants

The Meteorological Records of the Mount Washington Observatory, 1932-1958, at Darthmouth College

Mount Washington Cog Railway, 1969

New Hampshire 1680-1980, Highest White Mountain Peak offers new tourist mecca

Letter to Philip Ayres from Governor Winant, October 19, 1934

Black and white photo of the Presidential Range from Berlin, NH

Black and white photo of an airplane view of the summit of Mt. Washington, 1935

Black and white photo of people sledding in forest area at Franconia Notch

“Tip Top Area State May Purchase,” Manchester Union, May 17, 1935, and various other articles regarding Mt. Washington (including articles on radio stations on Mt. Washington)

Plants of Mt. Washington, NH

Box 17, Folder 20 Mount Washington Development Corps

“Information on EPA Review of Mt. Washington Development Company Application,” May 1974

Correspondence between Bofinger and John McGlennon, Regional Administrator for Environmental Protection Agency

Letters to Edgar Hirst from Allen Hollis re: tramway

Box 17, Folder 21 National Forest Management Act, 1978

“Review of the Work of the National Forest Reservation Commission,” 1911-1933

“Commentary on August 31, 1978, proposed rules for National Forest System Land and Resource Management Planning”

Letter from Bofinger to John McGuire, Chief U.S. Forest Service, re: proposed regulations for National Forest Management Act (NFMA)

Box 17, Folder 22 National Forest Management Act

Final Land and Resource Management Planning regulations for management of the National Forest System were published in the Federal Register, Vol. 44, No. 181, Part IV on September 17, 1979

Comments on “National Forest System and Resource Management Planning” from Mark E. Hamlin

Minutes from the National Forest System Advisory Committee Meeting, February 21-22, 1979

Various organizations comment on Land and Resource Management Planning

Box 17, Folder 23 National Forest Management Act, NFMA issues and comments

“For Whom the Trees Fall: Forest Service Clears the Way for Timber Industry,” magazine unknown, mid-November/December 1978

Copy of National Forest System Land and Resource Management Planning, August 31, 1978, Part III (2 copies)

“Forest Serving OR Forest KILLING,” August 1978, commentary on August 31, 1978, proposed rules for National Forest System Land and Resource Management Planning (2 copies)

Various related letters

Box 17, Folder 24 Newspaper clipping: “King to Direct Inventory of NH Natural Areas,” Manchester Union Leader, May 10, 1971
Box 17, Folder 25 Nelson and Stoddard: black and white photo of “The Ancient Stage Route Between Stoddard and Nelson,” 1921; and black and white photo of the view from the summit of City Hall in Nelson, Eleven Acres were given by William Pearson
Box 17, Folder 26 New England Camping Association:

“Rate Your Camp for Conservation and Sustained Camping Use” (7 copies)

Land Planning for Camping

Seminar on Conservation- Camp’s Natural Setting, November 5

Conservation, bibliography of Background Information for Camp Directors

Campsite Conservation Workshop, April 29, 1961 at Green Acres Day Camp

Box 17, Folder 27 New England Conservation Commission Congress: 1970, correspondence
Box 17, Folder 28 New England Council

Letter from Forester, Lawrance Rathbun to Consulting Forester, Stanley Mesavage, January 14, 1954

The United States of New England 1955

1956 Proposed Forestry and Wood Industries Committee

Various letters from Forester, Lawrance Rathbun

Policy Statements of The New England Council, adopted July 16, 1957

“New England and Its Future,” Thirty-Third Annual New England Conference, Boston, November 1961

Box 18
Box 18, Folder 1 New England Environmental Education Conference

Announcement of conference, schedule for May 18-20, 1973, list of participants in conference (2 copies)

Information on a course offered in the fall in environmental education

Summaries of Discussion Groups (4 copies)

Conservation Workshop for Teachers and Adult Youth Leaders, 1973

Box 18, Folder 2 New England Environmental Education Conference: correspondence regarding conference attendence, arranged alphabetically
Box 18, Folder 3 New England Forest Emergency Project, June 1939, Deptarment of Agriculture Forest Service
Box 18, Folder 4 New England Forestry Foundation:

1950-1957 Foundation Reports of the Treasurer, 1955 not present

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, October 3, 1945; July 10, 1946; February 11, 1947; February 10, 1948; June 18, 1949; June 7, 1950; October, 17, 1950; September 22, 1951; February 8, 1955

Minutes from the Eleventh through Nineteenth Meeting of the Executive Committee, April 12, 1946

Brief Report of Progress, April 25, 1946

A permanent Fund in the Form of Forest Land

Minutes of the Seventh Annual Meeting, February 13, 1951

List of the New England Forestry Foundation Foresters, June 1950

List of expenses for Lincoln Davis Forest from 1945 to 1949

The Forestry Journal, March 21, 1948

Clients served by the New England Forestry Foundation in NH through 1951

Contributions to N.E. Forestry Foundation

Report on the Prospective Center in Littleton, NH, March 28, 1953

Woodland Examination Report of the Property of Mrs. Charlotte G. Kimball located in Gilford, NH

Meeting of Executive Committee on December 7, 1954

Comparative Operating Receipt and Expense Ratios for 1950-1954


Box 18, Folder 5 New England Trail Conference, 1916-1923: contains maps and guide books from the conference
Box 18, Folder 6 New Hampshire Audubon Nature Center: Evaluation of Fall School Program Interns
Box 18, Folder 7 New Hampshire Committee on Natural Beauty: Summary ofRecommendations, May 10, 1966
Box 18, Folder 8 Conservation Commission News, Vol. 1, No. 2 through No. 6, begins June 1967
Box 18, Folder 9 The New Hampshire Conservation Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1 through No. 3, begins January 1969
Box 18, Folder 10 The New Hampshire Conservation Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 1 through No. 2, begins May 1970
Box 18, Folder 11 N.H. Conservation Commission News, Vol. 4, No. 1 through No. 4, begins January 1971
Box 18, Folder 12 Conservation Commission News, Vol. 5, No. 3 through No. 5, begins May 1972
Box 18, Folder 13 Conservation Commission News, Vol. 7, No. 2, July 1975
Box 18, Folder 14 Conservation Commission News, Vol. 8, No. 1, January 1978
Box 18, Folder 15 Conservation Commission News, Vol. 15, No. 1, January 1983
Box 18, Folder 16 N.H. Cooperative Extension Service: Managing Our Resource Environment, Summer 1969
Box 18, Folder 17 N.H. Department of Commerce, 1956-1959

Report on Staffing Requirements, N.H. State Department and Agencies, October 1, 1956

Notes on recreation division operations for the eight fiscal years 1951 through 1958 inclusive

Industrial Division New Hampshire State Planning and Development Commission, Biennial Report 1956-1958

Notes on House Bill 348, March 27, 1959

Notes on House Bill 348, Department of Commerce

Forestry and Recreation Department, positions abolished

Planning and Development Commission, positions abolished

Governors Speech

“Is This Reorganization?” April 8, 1959 (3 copies)

Statement of the Forestry and Recreation Commission, regarding House Bill No. 348: Proposing a Department of Commerce, April 15, 1959 (2 copies)

Statement of the Forestry and Recreation Commission regarding House Bill No. 348, as Amended

Role of the House, May 19, 1959

Letter from Jason Sawyer of Jaffrey to Mr. Chairman and Members of the Joint Committee

Prepared for Presentation to Legislative Hearing on June 16, 1959 by Dr. Robert O. Blood

Accomplishments of the Forestry Department for the Past Ten Year Period

N.H. Department of Commerce: State of New Hampshire: Department of Commerce Reorganization, as submitted by Gov. Wesley Powell; Organizational chart of the hierarchy of the Department of Commerce

Box 18, Folder 18 The New Hampshire Ecosystem, by Henry I. Baldwin, 1965
Box 18, Folder 19 N.H. Everlasting: various articles and letters related to topic
Box 18, Folder 20 N.H. Farm Museum, newspaper articles
Box 18, Folder 21 Official letterhead, pamphlets and public publications
Box 18, Folder 22 New Hampshire Forest Field Day: “Visitors Atop Ossipee Mountain Thrilled by ‘Mile of Information,’” The New Hampshire Sunday News
Box 18, Folder 23 New Hampshire Forestry: Boston Herald News clipping, 1915, Unbound Vol. 4 (1922)
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 1 NH Land Comapny
Box 19, Folder 2 Check list of N.H. Mountain Summits
Box 19, Folder 3 NH Natural Land Reserves
Box 19, Folder 4 NH Resources Council: records books, 1956 and 1970s
Box 19, Folder 5 NH Resources Council:

Letters concerning the council: 1967-1970

Description of the purpose of the N.H. Committee for Better Water

List of people who attended the December 1966 Better Water Committee Meeting

Committee for Better Water Mailing List

Box 19, Folder 6 NH Resources Council: Summary notes, meeting records, and highlights from November 1952 to February 1967
Box 19, Folder 7 NH Resources Council: Summary notes, meeting records, and highlights from January 1967 to December 1975
Box 19, Folder 8 NH Resources Council: News articles for 1953-1954, 1967
Box 19, Folder 9 NH Resources Council: Correspondence for March 1966 to March 1978
Box 19, Folder 10 NH Resources Council: Correspondence, letters from Louis C. Wyman (Congress), John W. King (Governor), Norris Cotton (U.S. Senator)
Box 19, Folder 11 NH Resources Council: Printed text on Arthur W. Sulliman and News Releases: October 1959, February 1960, January 1963, February 1963, November 1963, November 1964, November 1966, November 1967, March 1967
Box 19, Folder 12 “A Little Wood From A Lot of Farms,” 1943-1945 report from the N.H. Forest Products Production Committee
Box 19, Folder 13 NH Nature Camp
Box 19, Folder 14 New Hampshire Outdoor Education, 1967-1975

(May 1, 1975) “Children Workshops Planned at Squam Lake Center,” The Reporter

(May 6, 1975) “Educators Meet at Science Center,” Manchester Union Leader

1971 proposal for uses of Camp Sargent by Raymon E. Matheson

Various other letters

Box 19, Folder 15 New Hampshire Science Teacher’s Organization, January 1983: Information about the 1977 Winter Outdoor Workshop at Bear Brook State Park (2 copies); Copy of the field trip outline (3 copies)
Box 19, Folder 16 Minutes from the adult level sub-committee of the N.H. Tomorrow Action Team on environmental education and two other related letters
Box 19, Folder 17 NH Tomorrow Environmental Education Action Team, 1970:

(November 1970) “Environmental-Conscious Legislature Seen,” Manchester Union Leader

“N.H. Tomorrow Meeting Considers Aging and Decay of Area Lakes”

1970 articles from the Manchester Union Leader

Box 19, Folder 18 The New Hampshire Troubadour: November 1934 and Christmas 1934
Box 19, Folder 19 Newcomen Society of North America: “SPNHF Honored at Newcomen Society Dinner Held at Loon Mt,” The Courier (August 1971); and “N.H. Forest Society Honored” (date and source unknown)
Box 19, Folder 20 Newton School Camp
Box 19, Folder 21 North Conway/Echo Lake:

(May 1942) “Echo Lake and White Horse Ledge About To Be Desecrated,” Manchester Union

(June 1943) “Echo Lake Salvation Fund is Oversubscribed,” Boston Herald

Box 19, Folder 22 North Hampton:

(November 1974) “Society Helps Town on Land Gift,” Portsmouth Herald

(November 1974) “SPNHF Helps North Hampton on Land Gift,” Manchester Union Leader

News about Boies Land Acquisition in North Hampton

Box 19, Folder 23 Two 1925 articles on North Sutton
Box 19, Folder 24 Northumberland: (April 1946) “Big Trees Out, Small Ones Stay,” Manchester Union; “Northumberland Forest Lot Pays Town Well-Will Again” (date and newspaper unknown)

Subseries 13: O-P (Odiorne Point – Public Land Commission)

Box 19, Folder 25 Odiorne Point:

Meed, Julia M., and Carroll, Dr. John E.: “Project S.U.N.: An Environmental and Interpretive Plan for Odiorne Point State Park”

Hardy, Susan E., and Morris, Laurence: “Summary and Evaluation of the Nature Center Odiorne Point State Park”

“Job Analysis for Odiornes Point Interpretive Program”

Letter to Annette Cottrell from Les Clark concerning the N.H. Audubon Society (1973)

“Odiorne Point State Park,” pamphlet

List of people involved in the Odiorne Point State Park

State of N.H. Department of Public Works and Highways

(1965) “Odiornes Point: Rye New Hampshire: Master Plan Report”

Various other correspondence

Box 19, Folder 26 Oil Refinery:

Martin, Arthur E. “It Could Happen at The Isles of Shoals,” Oilletter, Vol. 2. No.5: June 1974; Vol. 3. No.2: April 1975; Vol. 4. No.1: February 1976

News release: “North Atlantic OCS Tract Selection Announced for Proposed Oil and Gas Lease Sale #42,” January 2, 1976

United States Department of the Interior (August 1976) “Bureau of Land Management: Mid-Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Lease Sale No. 40″

Draft of “… siting oil refineries and offshore terminals in Southern New Hampshire,” Environmental News, October 1974

Save Our Shores: A Citizens Group, pamphlet

Various news paper articles

“Coastal Circulation Pattern Off New Hampshire”

“The Proposed New Hampshire Refinery Site,” town map

“Outer Continental Shelf Legislation” by National Wildlife Federation

Box 19, Folder 27 Pack, Charles Lathrop; Postal telegram to Philip W. Ayres, April 27, 1927; actual letter to Ayres, November 8, 1924
Box 19, Folder 28 “A Trip to Peckett’s Coppermine Camp” 1930s
Box 19, Folder 29 Pesticides Control Board

Department of Agriculture, (1972) The State of New Hampshire Pesticides Control

Senate Bill No. 43: Environmental Control; revising the economic poisons laws, Introduced by Sen Bradley

Bodio, Steve, (May-June 1976) “Panacea For a Small Pest? Black Fly Control in New England,” Massachusetts Audubon Newsletter, Vol. 15, No.9

“Pesticides and You,” NPCA Staff Report, November 1975

Various correspondences and memorandums

Box 19, Folder 30 Philips Brook Forest Conservation Project: April 28, 1956 report
Box 19, Item 1 Binder: New Hampshire Natural Resources Council, 1973
Box 19, Item 2 Certificate of recognition for New Hampshire Tomorrow, November 11, 1970 (framed)
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 1 White Pine Blister Rust

SPNHF, “Help Control the White Pine Blister Rust”

SPNHF, “Town Forests in New Hampshire White Pine Blister Rust Control”

Pack, Charles Lathrop (1935 Ed), “White Pine Blister Rust: A Half-Billion Dollar Menace”

Martin, J.F. (1928), “Protect White Pines from Blister Rust”

Numerous articles from 1917 to 1935

Program for the October 1930 Annual Blister Rust Control Conference held in Littleton, New Hampshire

SPNHf (1917), “White Pine Blister Rust” (2 copies)

Letter to Ayres from Senator Gallinger on February 10, 1917

Box 20, Folder 2 1977 articles on the purchase of Pine Forest
Box 20, Folder 3 Pine: Soft Woods of Alton, New Hampshire

1930 articles about the Alton site that was transformed from a worthless lot to a productive pine forest over a 15 year span

Characteristics plants of the Concord Pine Barrens

Andrews, Henry N. Jr. (1947), “The King’s Pines”

Historical New Hampshire, SPNHF

SPNHF, “Help Save the Forests Along the Highways”

Box 20, Folder 4 Photographs of youths: camps, scouts, etc

1929 photograph of the Splendid Pines in Ossipee (xerox copy too)

“Club Boys Interested In Pine Wood Lot Management” (1925)

Letter stating the intentions of the Club for tree-planting

1924 photograph of Durham Boy Scouts

1925 photograph of 4H boy who planted 2000 seedlings

1923 photograph of 4H Champion

1925 photograph of Roy Newton, State Forestry Project Winner

1925 photograph of the N.H. Junior Forestry Exhibit at the Eastern States Exposition

Date unknown, photograph of young boy trimming tree

1923 photograph of the Badge provided by the SPNHF for 4H Club Champions

1926 photograph of the Boys of E. Jaffrey

package of photographs from 1947-1948 Conservation Camps

Box 20, Folder 5 Pine: “Southern Pine Beetle,” 1921 publication
Box 20, Folder 6 “Help Save the Pine Grove” (1922)
Box 20, Folder 7 Photograph of “Planting White Pine Trees” in Wolfeboro, N.H., date unknown
Box 20, Folder 8 Photographs of “Pines Planted Twenty-Eight Years” and “Pine Woods in Keene,” date unknown
Box 20, Folder 9 “Help Save the Pine Grove,” SPNHF photograph of Lake Winnepesaukee from the Pine Grove (1922)
Box 20, Folder 10 Photograph of “The Whittier Pine at Pineland”
Box 20, Folder 11 1904-1913 letters regarding the purchase of the Pisgah Forest
Box 20, Folder 12 Plymouth: “Big Beebe River District, Including 25,000 Acres of Land, Changes Hand,” Manchester Union (February 1924)
Box 20, Folder 13 Pontook: “Caution is Urged on Dummer Dredging,” Union Leader (April 1980)
Box 20, Folder 14 Post Office
Box 20, Folder 15 Two December 1974 articles about scenic postcards sold to help save open land
Box 20, Folder 16 Pot Holes and Bear Den Forest Reservation: 1930 invitation to the unveiling of a tablet at the reservation in Gilsum, N.H.; 1928 photograph and article about the tablet
Box 20, Folder 17 Presidential range: Photographs, letters, and articles
Box 20, Folder 18 Press releases: January – December 1975
Box 20, Folder 19 Press releases: January – December 1976
Box 20, Folder 20 Press releases: January – December 1977; January – December 1978
Box 20, Folder 21 Press releases: 1979, 1980
Box 20, Folder 22 Proctor, Edna Dean: letters to J.J. Storrow, A. Hollis, pamphlet
Box 20, Folder 23 Program of Works for 1929, 1936, 1937
Box 20, Folder 24 Progressive Forestry: March 1951, Vol.1 No.1. (3 copies); May 1951, Vol.1 No.2; September 1951, Vol. 1 No. 3. (3 copies)
Box 20, Folder 25 Written proposals for local mini-workshops involved in town conservation
Box 20, Folder 26 Statement for the Denver meeting on Public Land Policy and the Environment, Given by J. Willcox Brown in 1970 (2 copies)
Box 20, Folder 27 Public Land Commission, 1903

Subseries 14: Ra-Ros (Rare II – Rosenstock-Hussey, Eugene)

Box 20, Folder 28 Rare II: Various articles and publications from 1978
Box 20, Folder 29 Rathbun, Lawrence:

“Can We Salvage Our Forests?” presented at N.H. Academy of Science in June 1939

“Conservation of Natural Resources,” speech co-written by Henry I. Baldwin

Radio dialogue under the auspices of State Federation of Women’s Clubs Station WFEA, Manchester N.H. on April 9, 1941

“Speech to Red Cross Volunteer Nurses Aide Corp” presented in March 1943

“Still Pioneering,” presented July or August 1956 (?)

“The Work of the SPNHF in Conservation”, presented to N.H. Academy of Sciences Meeting, Goffstown, N.H. in May 1936

“How Can Forestry Be Made a Profitable Form of Land Use?” delivered October 1941

1966 Speech at 31st Annual Meeting

Box 20, Folder 30 Rathbun, Lawrence: August 1935 letter to Rathbun from Camp Wildwood’s Superintendent, R.S. Monahan
Box 20, Folder 31 Greeley, W.B. (1924) “Recreation in the National Forests”
Box 20, Folder 32 Regional Center For Educational Training: letters to advisory groups from the Regional Center; first quarter reports for OEG; and Interdisciplinary Environmental Education Training
Box 20, Folder 33 Regional Education Programs, 1973
Box 20, Folder 34 Reservations:

SPNHF (1913), “North vs. South in Park Lands,” map included

1911 list of reservations that were established

Articles from 1913-1925

Chamberlain, Allen (1914), “Public Reservations of New England”

Ayres, Philip W. (1914), “The New Forest Reserves in the Eastern Mountains”

Box 20, Folder 35 Richmond, NH: Pamphlets and articles
Box 20, Folder 36 Rollins, R.W. 1905 letter to Ayres about the Bartlett Lumber Company
Box 20, Folder 37 Rollins, R.W. articles and obituary, died in 1915
Box 20, Folder 38 Rosenstock-Hussey, Eugen: Address delivered in Washington D.C. in 1937 before a group of Educational Advisers for C.C.C.

Subseries 15: Route 93

Box 20, Folder 39 Letter informing Charles Upham of the starting of hearings on a new Federal-Aid Highway Bill
Box 20, Folder 40 1957 letter to Honorable Lane Dwinell regarding the proposed enlarging of highway travel facilities through Franconia Notch and copy of response by Dwinell
Box 20, Folder 41 Correspondence, 1958
Box 20, Folder 42 Correspondence, 1959
Box 20, Folder 43 Correspondence, 1960-1964
Box 20, Folder 44 Correspondence, to the Governor, 1966
Box 20, Folder 45 Correspondence, March and April 1966
Box 20, Folder 46 Correspondence, May and December 1966
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 1 Correspondence, 1967
Box 21, Folder 2 Correspondence, 1968
Box 21, Folder 3 Correspondence, 1968-1969
Box 21, Folder 4 Correspondence, 1969
Box 21, Folder 5 Correspondence, 1970
Box 21, Folder 6 Correspondence, 1971
Box 21, Folder 7 Correspondence, 1972
Box 21, Folder 8 Correspondence, February and May 1973
Box 21, Folder 9 Correspondence, June and September 1973
Box 21, Folder 10 Correspondence, October and December 1973
Box 21, Folder 11 Correspondence, January and July 1974
Box 21, Folder 12 Correspondence, August and December 1974
Box 21, Folder 13 Correspondence, 1975
Box 21, Folder 14 Correspondence, 1976
Box 21, Folder 15 Correspondence, 1978
Box 21, Folder 16 Correspondence, undated
Box 21, Folder 17 Minutes from Forest and Recreation Commission for 1957 through 1958
Box 21, Folder 18 Minutes from NH Federation of Women’s Clubs between January 1959 through May 1959
Box 21, Folder 19 H.B. 102
Box 21, Folder 20 Governor and Council meetings, 1966
Box 21, Folder 21 White Mountain Environment Commission, 1972
Box 21, Folder 22 Franconia Notch highway plans, 1973
Box 21, Folder 23 Franconia Notch Chronology, 1974
Box 21, Folder 24 White Mountain Environment Commission, 1975
Box 21, Folder 25 Memorandum of Agreement, 1977
Box 21, Folder 26 Facts of special interest in regard to Franconia, 1942
Box 21, Folder 27 Dangers of highways
Box 21, Folder 28 Beauty for America – Proceedings of the White House conference on Natural Beauty, 1965
Box 21, Folder 29 Printed materials and handouts, 1966
Box 21, Folder 30 Printed materials and handouts, 1967
Box 21, Folder 31 Printed materials and handouts, 1968
Box 21, Folder 32 Printed materials and handouts, 1969
Box 21, Folder 33 Printed materials and handouts, 1970
Box 21, Folder 34 Packard, Christopher (1971), “Decision and Dissension”
Box 21, Folder 35 Preservation of Franconia Notch, 1971
Box 21, Folder 36 Franconia Notch, 1972
Box 21, Folder 37 Franconia Notch, 1973
Box 21, Folder 38 Information on parkways
Box 21, Folder 39 National Wildlife Federation v. Teimann, 1973
Box 21, Folder 40 Franconia-Campton, 1974
Box 21, Folder 41 Court decisions, 1974
Box 21, Folder 42 Court decisions, 1975
Box 21, Folder 43 Court decisions, 1976
Box 21, Folder 44 Miscellaneous:

Forester’s Report on Franconia Notch 1963-1969 (?)

Morton, John O., Commissioner NH Department of Public Works and Highways. “Memorandum on the Interstate and Defense Highway System as related to Franconia Notch”

1973 Franconia Notch Highway Controversy Resolution Fund

1977 Franconia Notch Parkway: Agreement on a New Hampshire Solution

AMC Franconia Notch Policy

“Extension of I-93 through Franconia Notch,” release date August 8

Box 21, Folder 45 Printed material, 1959-1960
Box 21, Folder 46 Printed material, 1960s
Box 21, Folder 47 Propaganda, 1970s
Box 21, Folder 48 Propaganda, 1970s
Box 21, Folder 49 Printed materials, maps and legends
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 1 Newsclippings, 1950s
Box 22, Folder 2 Newsclippings, 1960s
Box 22, Folder 3 Newsclippings, 1960s
Box 22, Folder 4 Newsclippings, 1970, 1973
Box 22, Folder 5 News articles, Cleveland-Cotton
Box 22, Folder 6 Newsclippings, 1967
Box 22, Folder 7 Newsclippings from NH Department of Public Works and Highway
Box 22, Folder 8 Newsclippings about the New Hampshire Federation and the United States
Box 22, Folder 9 News mimeographs, 1970s
Box 22, Folder 10 Newsclippings, 1974
Box 22, Folder 11 Newsclippings, 1974
Box 22, Folder 12 Newsclippings, 1975
Box 22, Folder 13 Articles on the appeals, 1960s
Box 22, Folder 14 News article, 1975
Box 22, Folder 15 News article, 1978
Box 22, Folder 16 News articles on I-93 Highway through Franconia Notch controversy, 1980
Box 22, Folder 17 Various articles and editorials
Box 22, Folder 18 Articles, 1966

Subseries 16: Rou-Tim (Route 101 – Timber Crier)

Box 22, Folder 19 Route 101 Bypass: (April 1984) “2 New Dublin Bypass Plans Set,” New Hampshire Sunday News
Box 22, Folder 20 Mega Coffield Kazanjian (1971), Route 130 Scenery Analysis
Box 22, Folder 21 Rye, NH: 1935 article and black and white photograph
Box 22, Folder 22 Salt and other de-icing chemicals: letters, articles and publications
Box 22, Folder 23 Sandwich Notch Reprinted from Forest Notes Fall 1972 (5 copies)
Box 22, Folder 24 Forest Notes, Fall 1972
Box 22, Folder 25 Yates, Elizabeth. (1973). The Road Through Sandwich Notch. Brattleboro, VT: Stephen Greene Press. (signed by Yates)
Box 22, Folder 26 Duplicate copy of The Road Through Sandwich Notch; “Sandwich Notch: A Proposal to Protect the Sandwich Notch Road and its Environs”
Box 22, Folder 27 Sandwich Notch Management Plan
Box 22, Folder 28 9 duplicates of “Sandwich Notch: A Proposal to Protect the Sandwich Notch Road and its Environs” 1965; 1975 revised draft of “Sandwich Notch: A proposed Management Plan”
Box 22, Folder 29 16th and 56th Annual Excursion of the Sandwich Historical Society
Box 22, Folder 30 Sandwich Notch: Black and white photos
Box 22, Folder 31 Sandwich Notch: Newsclippings
Box 22, Folder 32 Sandwich Notch: List of organizations that have articles about the Notch
Box 22, Folder 33 Sandwich Notch: Correspondence, August – September 1972
Box 22, Folder 34 Sandwich Notch: Correspondence, October – December 1972
Box 22, Folder 35 Sandwich Notch: Proposal to prepare a photo base map, letters leading up to the proposal in 1972
Box 22, Folder 36 Sandwich Notch: Newsclippings and photos during 1972
Box 22, Folder 37 Index to Sandwich Notch Project in 1969
Box 22, Folder 38 Sandwich Notch: Correspondence, February 1971 – August 1972
Box 22, Folder 39 Sandwich Notch: Correspondence, August 1970 – September 1972
Box 22, Folder 40 Biographical data on directors of North American Region, 1971-1972
Box 22, Folder 41 Sandwich Notch: Correspondence, September 1970 – September 1972
Box 22, Folder 42 Sandwich Notch: Miscellaneous

List of landowners along the Sandwich Notch Road

“Sandwich Notch: A Conservation Plan”

“Sandwich Notch Road Project: New Hampshire Tomorrow,” by Gustave Bochert, November 1970

“Golden Anniversary Picnic of the Sandwich Historical Society,” by Leon Anderson, August 1970

“Vacation Travel Conference,” June 1972

“Sandwich Notch Supplemental Report,” 1972

Box 22, Folder 43 SPNHF campaign to save the Notch
Box 22, Folder 44 Sandwich Notch: photos and maps of the area
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 1 1st and 16th annual excursion of Sandwich Historical Society; “Discover… the rugged past of New Hampshire’s north country,” New Hampshire Audubon News, Vol. 6 – No.10 July – August 1972
Box 23, Folder 2 Sandwich Notch: Newsclippings, 1972
Box 23, Folder 3 SPNHF and Sandwich Notch patch for Spring Open
Box 23, Folder 4 Sandwich Notch listing and index for January – December 1973
Box 23, Folder 5 Sandwich Notch: Correspondence July 1972 – January 1975, Mainly correspondence with Paul Bofinger
Box 23, Folder 6 Sandwich Notch: Proposals for management plan
Box 23, Folder 7 Sandwich Notch: miscellaneous

Golden Anniversary Picnic

Historical Notes

“Background and Proposal to project the Sandwich Notch Road and its Environs”

Inventory of Source Materials Pertaining to Sandwich Notch, Sandwich and Thornton, NH

“Sandwich Notch: A Proposed Management Plan” February 1973 (5 copies)

Box 23, Folder 8 “Scenic Roads: Love Them or Make ‘Em Superhighways,” 1971-1972; various articles
Box 23, Folder 9 “Project S.E.E.”, K-12 School Environmental Education Project Concord, NH; “An Experience in Public School Environmental Education”
Box 23, Folder 10 “Proposal for Teenage Community Leadership Training Camp,” Dunbarton School Forest
Box 23, Folder 11 Seabrook: Articles from the 1970s
Box 23, Folder 12 Seabrook: SPNHF routing transmission line proposal hearing on application for construction permits
Box 23, Folder 13 Seabrook: Collection of feasibility studies
Box 23, Folder 14 Seabrook:

Excerpts from Supreme Court Decision on SPNHF and Audubon Societies appeal from the decision of the Site Evaluation Committee on April 23, 1975

Memo to Board of Trustees and County Vice Presidents on the Supreme Court decision on Seabrook on May 9, 1975 by Paul Bofinger

Draft of “Society’s Seabrook Position Paper”

Various related newsclippings and articles

Box 23, Folder 15 Seabrook: Supplement to the Safety Evaluation Report by the Directorate of Licensing U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in the matter of Public Service Company of N.H. August 20, 1974; Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards Subcommittee on San Joaquin Nuclear Project
Box 23, Folder 16 Seabrook: “Manual of Protective Action Guides and Protective Actions for Nuclear Incidents,” September 1975
Box 23, Folder 17 Seabrook: Newsclippings and publications in 1973
Box 23, Folder 18 Seabrook: Correspondence for 1973-1976
Box 23, Folder 19 Seabrook:

Environmental Protection Agency Hearing, January 1975

Report on Meeting between the Atomic Energy Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency on August 12, 1974

Information on atomic safety and licensing board

General correspondence

Box 23, Folder 20 Public Hearing on Seabrook Cooling System, 1975
Box 23, Folder 21 SPNHF position on Seabrook between 1972-1974
Box 23, Folder 22 Seabrook: SPNHF Position 1976 – Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Board, Opinion of the Board by Messrs. Rosenthal and Farrar
Box 23, Folder 23 Seabrook: SPNHF Position 1977 – Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Board
Box 23, Folder 24 Permission to dredge and fill transmission lines – Litchfield Station; Step-by-step Procedure in AEC Licensing of Nuclear Power Reactors: Radiological Safety and Environmental Impact Review
Box 23, Folder 25 Seabrook Opposition:

Copy of Public Service Company of New Hampshire v. Town of Hampton, February 1980

SPNHF comments on Seabrook Station Units: Environmental Statement, June 10, 1974

Comment on draft Environmental Statement Relating to the Proposed Seabrook Station Units

Memorandum from a meeting in October 16, 1974 — held at Audubon Society with Seabrook Interveners

Box 23, Folder 26 Seabrook: Clark University Project, 1982
Box 23, Folder 27 Seabrook Current, Spring 1976
Box 23, Folder 28 Seabrook: Maps and photos/slides
Box 23, Folder 29 Seabrook photos, aerial photos of Kingston Cedar Swamp, et. al
Box 23, Folder 30 Seabrook/Kingston Swamp maps and charts
Box 23, Folder 31 Seabrook: Newsclippings
Box 23, Folder 32 Committee on Highway Shade Trees, May 6, 1922
Box 23, Folder 33 Shade trees: “Conservation Tangled in Red Tape,” Boston Herald, 1912, and others
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 1 Sikes Act

“Sikes Act for White Mountain National Forest in Maine, Public Review,” August 1979

“A Program for Fish and Wildlife Management on the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire,” April 1978

Various correspondence

Box 24, Folder 2 Sikes Act: “A Program for Fish and Wildlife Management on the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire” (3 copies); “Guide to Birds and Mammals of the White Mountain National Forest,” Appendix I
Box 24, Folder 3 Sikes Act

“Guide to Birds and Mammals of the White Mountain National Forest,” Appendix I

“A Program for Fish and Wildlife Management on the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire”

“A Program for Fish and Wildlife Management on the White Mountain National Forest of Maine,” August 1979

Box 24, Folder 4 SOAR Boy Scouts Project: Correspondence with Leslie Clark
Box 24, Folder 5 Smith’s Controversy: “First Annual Report of the SPNHF,” 1901-1902; “Brief of Minutes and Annual Reports,” 1901-1951 inclusive by W.R. Brown
Box 24, Folder 6 SPNHF, misc: An appeal to teachers in New Hampshire; “The Importance of New Hampshire Forests to New England,” 1920; Form letter from 1919
Box 24, Folder 7 SPNHF: Misc. publications
Box 24, Folder 8 SPNHF: 1978 newsclippings; 1970 annual report; activities letter for 1930; stationary
Box 24, Folder 9 SPNHF: 1978 newsclipping
Box 24, Folder 10 Information of 1980 Youth Conservation Camp
Box 24, Folder 11 SPNHF: 1981 newsclippings
Box 24, Folder 12 SPNHF: 1982 newsclippings
Box 24, Folder 13 SPNHF: 1983 press releases and newsclippings
Box 24, Folder 14 SPNHF: 1984 press releases and newsclippings
Box 24, Folder 15 SPNHF: Various articles, and Ecocenter
Box 24, Folder 16 SPNHF: General newsclippings
Box 24, Folder 17 SPNHF: History of the society, includes photographs
Box 24, Folder 18 SPNHF: History report; “A Forest Conservation in the White Mountains,” pamphlet, August 4, 1909
Box 24, Folder 19 SPNHF: Index for annual meetings 1901 through 1980; Tribute and Awards presented to Society members
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 1 SPNHF

Society handouts, brochures, bookmarks, “Using Conservation Restrictions to Protect Open Space and the Natural Environment”

“Discover New Hampshire-Ride the Caravan”

Senate Bill 244: Establish an Environmental Protection Department

Box 25, Folder 1a Society Speaker’s Bureau Materials
Box 25, Folder 2 SPNHF:

Ogden, Gerald, and Leslie Clark, “Public Action in Forestry: The Society of Protection of New Hampshire Forests” (excellent history of the Society), 1979

“The Society’s Development Fund Drive” (rough draft)


Box 25, Folder 3 SPNHF newsclippings, 1912-1983
Box 25, Folder 4 History of the Society: The Granite State Monthly, April 1930; Lumbering Then and Now: Observing Caribou’s Centennial, S.W. Collins Co., 1844-1959
Box 25, Folder 5 History of the Society:

Letters about Philip W. Ayres

Hunt, Elmer Munson, “A Man Who Found a Way,” article about Philip Ayres

List of members (date unknown)

The Association of Historical Societies of New Hampshire, Inc. Minutes for Meeting, October 23, 1965

“Franconia Notch–Park or Speedway? Questions Needing Answers”

Chapter XII, “The White Mountain Project”

Various notes, memos, and articles

Box 25, Folder 6 History of the Society:

“Society of the Protection of New Hampshire Forests: Entrepreneur–Cooperator–Catalyst,” background on Sherman Adams; Suggested background information for Mr. Sherman Adams

SPNHF: 70 years, Personalities & Partnerships & Perseverance (2 copies)

“Recollections of Edgar C. Hirst,” written by John E. Dodge

“II. Use Pressures Bearing Upon the Major Resources of the National Forest Timber”

Box 25, Folder 7 Historical Perspective: Franconia Notch State Park-An Historical Perspective” (1974) by George T. Hamilton, Director of Division of Parks
Box 25, Folder 8 SPNHF: “Program of Work, 1926″
Box 25, Folder 9 SPNHF: Awards

A list of the 1974 National Award Winners

National Conservation Awards Program, March 1975

Letter to second nomination of SPNHF for the American Motors Conservation Award, 1968

SPNHF receives “Conservation Organization of the Year Award,” April 1975

Box 25, Folder 10 “Slash Disposal after the Hurricane,” by SPNHF
Box 25, Folder 11 “What is the Matter with New Hampshire?” (1921) by SPNHF
Box 25, Folder 12 SPNHF: Section 3, “Outdoors Belongs to the People: The Society Pioneers in Acquiring Scenic Landmarks”
Box 25, Folder 13 SPNHF: “Highlights in the History of Forest Conservation,” 1948
Box 25, Folder 14 SPNHF: Special Reports to Members
Box 25, Folder 15 SPNHF: “Importance of NH forest to New England,” 1913
Box 25, Folder 16 SPNHF: Endowment
Box 25, Folder 17 SPNHF: “Forestry in New Hampshire: Ten Years’ Review,” pamphlet (cover only)
Box 25, Folder 18 “Help Save the Vital Interests of New England by Preserving the Forests of New Hampshire”; Partial list of members
Box 25, Folder 19 SPNHF: “Forty Years of Forestry: Fortieth Anniversary 1901-1941″ (2 copies)
Box 25, Folder 20 Local Branch Forestry Associations 1911: “What will you do with our dwindling and dying towns? With our idle land? With diminishing rural population and wealth?”
Box 25, Folder 21 SPNHF: circular for membership
Box 25, Folder 22 Cover only of “Standing Forests in their relation to the Public Health,” 1901
Box 25, Folder 23 SPNHF: Miscellaneous pamphlets, post cards
Box 25, Folder 24 Society of American Foresters: Information regarding members resolution
Box 25, Folder 25 “Laws and Regulations relating to Solid Waste Disposal” 1972; 1972 newspaper articles
Box 25, Folder 26 Souhegan Land Trust: Guitar, Mary Ann (1996), “Land Trusts for Open Space”; “The State of New Hampshire Form of Articles of Agreement” (1970 draft)
Box 25, Folder 27 South End Marsh: memo to Concord Conservation Commission from Leslie Clark 1973; article and letter that explains issue
Box 25, Folder 28 S.P.A.C.E.: 1971(?) news release on amendment #7; letters regarding the bills legislative status
Box 25, Folder 29 Springfield, 1971-1974: press releases and articles concerning the “John F.Gile Memorial Forest”
Box 25, Folder 30 Springfield, 1971-1974: letters and materials
Box 25, Folder 31 Springfield: photographs, pamphlet, 1917 letter from Emerson Paper Co. to Ayres
Box 25, Folder 32 Squam Lake Center: “New Hampshire in the Year 2000: People, Resources and Environment” New Hampshire Council on World Affairs, Volume XX No.2; material used during the 1974 Conference at the Squam Lake Science Center
Box 25, Folder 33 State Park Association: 1977 letters
Box 25, Folder 34 Storrow, James: letters and correspondence
Box 25, Folder 35 Sun Day: May 3, 1978
Box 25, Folder 36 Sunapee: pictures, articles, 1914
Box 25, Folder 37 Mt. Sunapee: letter written by Herbert Walsh
Box 25, Folder 38 Mt. Sunapee Reserve: photos and articles
Box 25, Folder 39 Mt. Sunapee Reserve: letters and publications from SPNHF, 1910
Box 25, Folder 40 Mt. Sunapee/Dewey Woods:

“The Sunapee Purchase” (1912)

Receipts and Expenditures on the Account of the Royal Arch Timber (1916)

“The Forest on Sunapee Mountain: Held in trust, with other forest properties, by the SPNHF” (1913)

“The Timber on Sunapee Mountain” (1911)

“Help Save the Dewey Woods at Sunapee” (1926)

“Progress in Dewey Woods” (1926)

“Help save Dewey Woods as a park and forest reservation for Sunapee”

Box 25, Folder 41 Mt. Sunapee/Dewey Woods: black and white photos
Box 25, Folder 42 1913-1916 newsclippings regarding Sunapee
Box 25, Folder 43 General report on the Surry Mountain project
Box 25, Folder 44 Sutton Pines: series of black and white photographs
Box 25, Folder 45 SPNHF Thirtieth Birthday: January 1931 party was held; photograph of member with ax; invitations for celebrations
Box 25, Folder 46 Federal unemployment compensation tax information; Taxation and other factors affecting private forestry in Connecticut, 1953
Box 25, Folder 47 Taxation newsclippings, 1920
Box 25, Folder 48 Timber Crier, January 1983, “The Year of the Forest”

Subseries 17: Town Forests

Box 25, Folder 51 “Community Forests” notes and memos
Box 25, Folder 52 General information

Towns Having Property Maps

Water Board Forests

Highway and other forest tracts in New Hampshire

Highway Forest Reservations

Community Forests in New Hampshire

Box 25, Folder 53 Abstracts of Statements of Woodlot Owners
Box 25, Folder 54 Lists, maps, and clippings
Box 25, Folder 55 St. Paul School
Box 25, Folder 56 Land owned by town and state A-L
Box 25, Folder 57 Land owned by town and state M-W
Box 25, Folder 58 Belknap County
Box 25, Folder 59 Carroll County
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 1 Grafton County
Box 26, Folder 2 Merrimack County
Box 26, Folder 3 Strafford County
Box 26, Folder 4 Alton-Levey Park
Box 26, Folder 5 Antrim
Box 26, Folder 6 Bennington
Box 26, Folder 7 Bethlehem
Box 26, Folder 8 Boscawen
Box 26, Folder 9 Bow
Box 26, Folder 10 Brookline
Box 26, Folder 11 Chesterfield Gorge
Box 26, Folder 12 Claremont
Box 26, Folder 13 Conway
Box 26, Folder 14 Danville
Box 26, Folder 15 Dunblin
Box 26, Folder 16 Dunbarton
Box 26, Folder 17 Durham
Box 26, Folder 18 Exeter
Box 26, Folder 19 Fitzwilliam
Box 26, Folder 20 Franconia
Box 26, Folder 21 Franklin
Box 26, Folder 22 Gilmonton-Freeburn Tract
Box 26, Folder 23 Goffstown-Uncanoonoc Mtn
Box 26, Folder 24 Gorham
Box 26, Folder 25 Grantham
Box 26, Folder 26 Greenfield
Box 26, Folder 27 Greenville
Box 26, Folder 28 Groveton
Box 26, Folder 29 Hampstead
Box 26, Folder 30 Hanover
Box 26, Folder 31 Harrisville
Box 26, Folder 32 Henniker
Box 26, Folder 33 Hillsboro-Fox Forest
Box 26, Folder 34 Hollis
Box 26, Folder 35 Hopkinton
Box 26, Folder 36 Jaffrey
Box 26, Folder 37 Kancamagus Highway
Box 26, Folder 38 Kearsarge
Box 26, Folder 39 Keene
Box 26, Folder 40 Lancaster
Box 26, Folder 41 Lebanon
Box 26, Folder 42 Lempster
Box 26, Folder 43 Lisbon
Box 26, Folder 44 Littleton
Box 26, Folder 45 Loudon
Box 26, Folder 46 Madbury
Box 26, Folder 47 Madison
Box 26, Folder 48 Manchester
Box 26, Folder 49 Mason
Box 26, Folder 50 Meredith
Box 26, Folder 51 Milton
Box 26, Folder 52 Nashua
Box 26, Folder 53 Nelson
Box 26, Folder 54 New Boston
Box 26, Folder 55 New Ipswich
Box 26, Folder 56 New London
Box 26, Folder 57 Newington
Box 26, Folder 58 Northfield
Box 26, Folder 59 Northumberland
Box 26, Folder 60 Northwood
Box 26, Folder 61 Pelham
Box 26, Folder 62 Gregg (Peterborough)
Box 26, Folder 63 Pittsfield
Box 26, Folder 64 Plainfield
Box 26, Folder 65 Portsmouth
Box 26, Folder 66 Randolph
Box 26, Folder 67 Rochester
Box 26, Folder 68 Sanbornton-Old Willow Tree
Box 26, Folder 69 Shelburne
Box 26, Folder 70 Springfield-Royal Arch
Box 26, Folder 71 Sullivan
Box 26, Folder 72 Sunapee
Box 26, Folder 73 Dewey Woods (Sunapee)
Box 26, Folder 74 Sutton
Box 26, Folder 75 Tamworth
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 1 Tilton
Box 27, Folder 2 Tuftonboro Neck-Hurlburt
Box 27, Folder 3 Unity
Box 27, Folder 4 Wakefield
Box 27, Folder 5 Walpole
Box 27, Folder 6 Wapack Trail
Box 27, Folder 7 Warner
Box 27, Folder 8 Weare
Box 27, Folder 9 Wilton
Box 27, Folder 10 Winchester
Box 27, Folder 11 Windham
Box 27, Folder 12 Woodstock

Subseries 18: Tow-Tre (Town Meetings – Trees)

Box 27, Folder 13 Town Meetings of the Air: Letter regarding January 1975 meeting
Box 27, Folder 14 Transportation:

“The Automobile: It’s Driving Us to Think,” pamphlet

“Automobile Technology Assessment,” June 1978

Information on public workshop on “The Future Use and Characteristics of the Automobile Transportation System” and list of people involved in Workshop on Transportation, 1978

“Issues Involved in the Study of Potential Changes in the Characteristics and Use of the Automobile Transportation System,” October 1977

Box 27, Folder 15 Transportation, Concord: correspondence
Box 27, Folder 16 Southern Travel Association: letter and business card
Box 27, Folder 17 Tree Farms: Correspondence with the American Forest Institute (AFI), 1981
Box 27, Folder 18 Tree Farms: ARI 1981 meetings and minutes
Box 27, Folder 19 Tree Farms: 1981 correspondence
Box 27, Folder 20 Tree Farms: 1977-1978 correspondence
Box 27, Folder 21 Tree Farms: 1977-1978 correspondence
Box 27, Folder 22 Tree Farms: 1978-1979 meeting minutes
Box 27, Folder 23 AFI memos, Special Grant, 1979
Box 27, Folder 24 Tree Farms: 1979 correspondence
Box 27, Folder 25 AFI memos 1980
Box 27, Folder 26 Tree Farms: 1980 correspondence
Box 27, Folder 27 Tree Farms: Prospects for Carroll City
Box 27, Folder 28 Tree Farms: 1981 correspondence
Box 27, Folder 29 AFI: Minutes and memos 1970-1977
Box 27, Folder 30 AFI memos 1973-1976
Box 27, Folder 31 Tree Farms: Financial information 1973-1977
Box 27, Folder 32 Tree Farms: 1975-1976 correspondence
Box 27, Folder 33 Tree Farms: 1975-1976 correspondence
Box 27, Folder 34 Financial sheets 1976-1977
Box 27, Folder 35 AFI memos 1976-1977
Box 27, Folder 36 AFI memos 1978
Box 27, Folder 37 Green America, 5 issues
Box 27, Folder 38 Miscellaneous 1973-1974
Box 27, Folder 39 NH historical events
Box 27, Folder 40 Tree Farms: Publicity
Box 27, Folder 41 Tree Farms: Publicity
Box 27, Folder 42 Tree Farms: Publicity, 1975-1977
Box 27, Folder 43 Tree Farms: Newsclippings
Box 27, Folder 44 SPNHF suggestions for tree wardens

Subseries 19: Umbagog

Subseries a: General Information and Correspondence

Box 29
Box 29, Folder 1 Art Work: Photograph and negative, letterhead
Box 29, Folder 2 Letterhead
Box 29, Folder 3 National Natural Landmarks: materials relating to Umbagog as NNL Maps, February 8, 1971 form filled with backup information
Box 29, Folder 4 Natrual features: Contains original maps with wildlife habitats
Box 29, Folder 5 Ownership: 2 maps
Box 29, Folder 6 Correspondence, Yoffe: 1967-1972; and other materials

1967, Includes: Natti, Reisch

1968, Includes: Crowley, Mary Louise Hancock; J. Hennessey, Gov. John King, Dennis Murphy, Natti/Hancock, Yoffe

1969, Includes: Commissioner Crowley, Reische of Sheehan, Phinney, Bass, and Green

1970, Includes: M. L. Hancock, Reische of Sheehan, Phinney, Bass, and Green

1971, Includes: John Aspnes, Paul Bofinger, DRED – Doucette, Gilman, M. L. Hancock, Hayes, A. A. King, Knowlton, McGee, Natti, Newell, Nowell, Gov. Peterson, Rudman, Sheehan, Phinney, Bass and Green, N. K. Sheldon, Special Board, Stever, S. W. Stockwell, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U S E P A, Walden Research Corp., Yoffe

Other materials, not correspondence:

Waterway Improvement Survey for Waterfowl, September 11, 1947

Minutes of the N. H. Council of Resources and Development: July ll, October 3, 1967; March 5, May 7, June 4, 1968; January 17, February 28, March 21, 1969; November 24, 1970; March 5, 1971

Legal “Proposal” [1967]

Prospecting License Application, May 28, 1968

“Statement presented for Robert R. Theriault,” February 11, 1971

“Subject: Testimony and Questions Posed in Opposition to Proposal for Mining …” by R. B. Knowlton, February 11, 1971

“Testimony re: Dredging Lake Umbagog for Diatomaceous Earth” by H. Laramie, February 16, 1971

“Dredging Lake Umbagog – Some Ecological Considerations” by P. H. Allen, March 31, 1971

Office of State Planning Position, June 18, 1971

Motion for rehearing November 5, 1971

Box 29, Folder 7 Background information
Box 29, Folder 8 Synopsis of Yaffe Application request: 1970
Box 29, Folder 9 Environmental Protection Agency

1971, Includes: Noel Sheldon, US EPA

1977, Includes: Mr. Humm, US EPA Stickney and handwritten notes, sender – Stickney

June 28, 1977, Conversation with Mary Shaugnessy – EIS Branch

Box 29, Folder 10 Umbagog Dredge Literature:

1971, Includes: Paul Bofinger, Ellicott, Gard, Councilor Hayes, King, Norrel

“Clean Water Through Dredging” Ellicott Machine Corp. ca. 1970, advertisement

“Portable Dredge Puts Pit in Business Fast,” Ellicott, ca. 1965

“Dayton Plant Finds Dredge a Profitable Investment” ca. 1960

“Ellicott Launches ‘Rent-a-Dredge’ Program” ca. 1969

“Project data sheet … Ellicott Hydraulic Pipeline Dredges” [form never sent]

Box 29, Folder 11 Society Evidence:

1971, Includes: Rene B., L.Clark, A.A. King, McGee, T. Richards

“Endangered and Unusual birds at Lake Umbagog” by T. Richards


Nest list – Osprey survey

“Natural Area Reporting Form”

“Potential Natural Landmark Identification”

Carbon copy of Richard’s “Endangered and Unusual Birds at Lake Umbagog”

Box 29, Folder 12 1971, includes: Paul Bofinger, J. H. Hayes, Judy Monroe; 1972, includes: Paul Bofinger, Kennett
Box 29, Folder 13 Management Plan, 1971-1972

1971, Includes: Paul Bofinger, Councilor Hayes

1972, Includes: Al, Paul Bofinger, Ron King, New England Natural Resources Center, S.H.Schroeder, Seven Islands Land Co., USDA

January 1972 “Bureau of Mines Grants for Research” – booklet

“Outline for Master Plans for Illinois Nature Preserves”

“The Mineral Industry of N.H.” by Avery H. Reed, ca. 1970

“Page 3 – Notes: N. E. Region mapping”

[Meeting reminder] Schedule March 2, 8, 1972 and tentative agenda

Box 29, Folder 14 Dredging technology:

1971, Includes: Iceland, Nowell

1977, Includes: Carr Research Lab, Paula Didriksen McPhail Associates, Jerry Robert Schubel

October 20 handwritten to Cleve and Paul re: resumes from Paula

n.d., Includes: A. A. King, McGee

“Dredged Material Research” October 1977 Vol. D-77-10

“Hydraulic dredges,” photocopies

Ellicott “Dragon” dredge, Specifications

“Dredging Solves Production Problem Ion Alluvial Tin Mining”

“A Guide to Dredge Selection”

Box 29, Folder 15 Umbagog 2: 1971, Includes: R. Blakeney, Brown Company w/ map; list of names
Box 29, Folder 16 Diatomite:

1971, Includes: Finnur Gudmundsson, King

1972, Includes: R. King, Rathbun, Carroll P. Reed

1977, Includes: C. B. Barnes, Paul Bofinger, John Brennan (DRED), Prof.Gardarsson, C. Kapala, N.Y. State Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Rawson Wood, Tom Wright Meisinger, A. C. “Diatomite”

Proper, D. R. “The Story of Wright’s Silver Cream, 1873-1973″

“Economic Conditions in New Hampshire Local Office Areas – 1st quarter 1976″

“Mineral Industry Surveys – Diatomite in 1976″

[definition of] Diatomaceous Earth

Box 29, Folder 17 Refining technology: December 24, 1971, Johns Manville by David Ota, inspector; June 20, 1977, “First conversation with Bill”
Box 29, Folder 18 Meetings and Correspondence, 1972 and 1975

1972, Includes: Ron King, Seven Islands Land Co., U. S. D. of Interior

1975, Includes: Paul Bofinger, Brown Co., Seven Islands Land Co.

“Tentative agenda March 8″

n.d., “As You Know the Society has been …” POB

Information on Timber Harvesting Laws in N.H. by Ernest J. Babcock, October 1981, Booklet

Box 29, Folder 19 Umbagog 1:

1973. Includes: R. King, Normandeau Associates

n.d. Includes: Paul Bofinger, Al Leighton, et al

List of people

Map – Seven Islands Land Company

Box 29, Folder 20 Corps of Engingeers

February 1975, “Report on Navigable Status Androscoggin River” by E. C. Jordan Co.

Federal Register, July 25, 1975, Part IV; Sketches and xerox copies; Maps and sketches

1977, Includes: Bill, Paul Bofinger, Chandler, P. Didridsen, Don et al, “File,” C. Heywood, Humm, Jackson, Kapala, Lawless, Longley, Paul et al, Paula, Reese, Warren

July 19, 1977, Federal Reigster

September 20, 1977, Preliminary Determination of the Need for an Environmental Impact Statement

July 22, 1977, Public Notice. Col. Chandler

September 28, 1977, Public Announcement by Col. Chandler

1978, Includes: Kapala, Lawless

Box 29, Folder 21 General environmental impact
Box 29, Folder 22 Umbagog
Box 29, Folder 23 Yoffe, post-1976:

April 12, 1976, Application for claim in excess of ten acres

1976, Includes: W. R. Humm, Mr. Yoffe w/ synopsis of limnological and wildlife studies

1977, Includes: US EPA – Silva and Johnson w/ “proposal to conduct hydrological studies at Umbagog Lake”

June 24, 1977, “Conversation with Jason Cortell”; Further Conversation with Jason Cortell – confidential

Newspaper copies

June 28, 1977, “Conversation with Arthur Johnson”

August 5, 1977, Note to File

Box 29, Folder 24 Lake Umbagog, 1976:

1976, Includes: Paul Bofinger, Corps of Engineers, D’Amours, John Durkin, Humm, Ron King, McKeever (w/map and “Synopsis of Limnological and Wildlife Studies at Lake Umbagog” by Jason Cortell), J. H. Mason, Thomas McIntyre

March 3, 1977, “I will Return files …” Robert Fernald

n.d. Includes: Paul Bofinger, Corps of Engineers, D’Amours, Durkin, Kapala, McIntyre

“Section 404: Permit Program” – brochure

“Questions and Answers …” – brochure

Box 29, Folder 25 Seven Islands Land Company

July 27, 1976, Workshops on Diatomaceous Earth Project

July 14, 1977, File POB

108 NH 254, N. H.Water Resources Board vs. Lebanon Sand Gravel

Box 29, Folder 26 Volunteer Technical Assistance

1977, Includes: Amos Tuck School – Dartmouth, Dartmouth – Thayer School, R. A. Horne (resume), W. R. Humm, New Layer, Science, Tink

November 1977, “Final Comments on Water Quality and Aquatic Biology” by C. J. Schmitt

“Hydrology Comments” by Allan D. Hartwell

Box 29, Folder 27 Umbagog 3: 1977, includes: R. T. Allen, W. R. Humm, O. Oleson, R. Poulin
Box 29, Folder 28 Air Quality: New Hampshire Quality Control Commission

June 1977, Conversation with Jim Edinger

1977, Includes: Bill Humm, R. Riddell/California

1975, Includes: Carlson, English

July 15, 1977, California / Air Quality

July 1977, Intermediate memo on Air Quality

Proposed regulation no. 21 – Prevention Abatement and Control

Box 29, Folder 29 Citizen Contacts:

July 15, 1977, File: Bill Humm, re: contacts

Handwritten Memo to Bill/Cleve from PB, April 30, “[list of] persons/organizations involved with Diatomite Project …”

Box 29, Folder 30 Claimants: July 19, 1977, Paula and Stever, Bill Humm
Box 29, Folder 31 Mailing list: Umbagog Citizen Contacts
Box 29, Folder 32 Maine Organizations: conversation with Chris Herter, July 5, 1977, and Bill Ginn, Bill Humm, July 26, 1977
Box 29, Folder 33 Didrickson Correspondece

1977, Includes: Dear Friends, Kapala, McPhail

December 27, Handwritten notes to Cleve

Umbagog Coalition – McPhail Contract – blank and signed

McPhail Associates, Inc. cover letter

Box 29, Folder 34 Petition to EPA and Corps

July 26, 1977, Friends: Paula Didriksen [original]

August 8, 1977, copies – blank forms

Fig. 2: Lake Umbagog, Jack Pine Stations 1958 [map]

Box 29, Folder 35 Memos:

1977, Includes: Audubon et al, John Barto, Barton, Bill, Paul Bofinger, Don/Cleve, Bill Humm, Cleve Kapala

Membership Qualifications of Arthur E. Newell

Forest Notes, January 1978

Box 29, Folder 36 Petitions

Handwritten notes

Federal Register, July 19, 1977, Part 2

August 8, 1977, Petitions to Col. Chandler

1977, Includes: Col. Chandler, Paula Didriksen, Cleve Kapala

Camps on Umbagog Lake in Errol

Box 29, Folder 37 Management Plan:

1977, Includes: C. B. Barnes, Prof. Gardarsson

August 1972, “Man Made Features”

June 1974, Poor, Roger L. Approaching a Land Use Policy

Justin Little’s Lake Umbagog, Summer 1974

“Guidelines for Final Report/ Lake Umbagog- Watershed Management Plan”

“Land Use Plan for Umbagog, March 1972″

“Lake Umbagog Foreword: the Objectives; considerations; probable solutions”

Box 29, Folder 38 Correspondence, 1977-1978

1977, Includes: Appalachian Mountain Club, Baldwin, (DRED), Brown, R. A. Buck, Burton, Joe Ezyk, Carrie Farr (Mass. Audubon), Felmly (Trout Unlimited), Ferland, T. Gudjonsson, Herter, R. A. Horne, W. R. Humm, Cleve Kapala, Eleanor Lewis, W.H.McKeon, Milbank, Bob Norman, Normandeau Associates, Pat, Paula, Riendeau, Taylor, Umbagog Lake Coalition

1978, Includes: Bokuniewicz, Paul Bofinger, K. L. Brown, Fred (White Mountain School), R. L. Goulet, B. Hill, Cleve Kapala, Fred Steele

n.d., Includes: Cleve, Energy Resources – invoice

Box 29, Folder 39 Coalition Expenses, 1977-1978

1977, Includes: Paul Bofinger, Paula Didriksen, Cleve Kapala, McPhail Assoc., Normandeau Associates, D. W. Stever

1978: Kapala, McGee, R. McPhail

Box 29, Folder 40 Normandeau Associates

September 30, 1977, Normandeau packets with many inserts and enclosures

October 25, 1977, Contract with Normandeau

1977, Includes: Kapala, Normandeau (includes report)

Sasseville, D. R. “Present and Historic Geochemical Relationships in four Maine Lakes”

Norton, “Flux of Nutrients by Diffusion Through the Lake…”

Norton, “Paleolimnologic evidence for increased zinc…”

Box 29, Folder 41 Donald Stever:

1977, Includes: Kapala, Stever

1978, Includes: A.G., Cleve Kapala, McGee, Stever (Includes Motion for Consideration)

n.d. ‘draft’ to DRED Stever

Box 29, Folder 42 Umbagog Coalition Board Member mailing list, 1977, 1979
Box 29, Folder 43 New Hampshire/Maine Association for Lake Umbagog

“Addresses for Mailing comments”

1977, Includes: Governor Longley, Chief biologist Scott, Maine Commissioner Warren

n.d. Dear Friends / Lake Umbagog Association of Maine and NH

Box 29, Folder 44 Special Board: Legal, November – December 1977

December 2, 1977, McGee H. W. Perkins

November 4, 1977, Motion to Exclude Portions of Applicant’s Submission …

December 2, 1977, Motion to Recuse

December 2, 1977, Applicants’ Memorandum relating to applicability of NH RSA 483

December 2, 1977, Memorandum relative to dredging area

December 2, 1977, Memorandum relative to the state’s right to allow dredging

December 19, 1977, Objection to Receipt of Certain Material Submitted …

n.d. Request for Right to Cross-Examine

Box 29, Folder 45 DRED Correspondence: December 30, 1977, Corps of Engineers; February 6, 1978, R. C. Brittain
Box 29, Folder 46 Fund Raising, 1977

3 x 5″ cards with names and dollar figures; acknowledgments of funds receipts

1978, Includes: Baldassare, Fisher, Kapala, Ricker, Governor Thomson, Umbagog United Association, Winterbottom

n.d., Includes: Baldassare, Les Clark, Cleve Kapala, Winterbottom

December 1977, Dear Friends POB et al, re: appeals for money

Subseries b: Hearings and Meetings

Box 30
Box 30, Folder 1 Hearing 1: February 11, 1971

Senate Bill 178: An Act providing for the laying out of a road to Lake Umbagog, May 8, 1969

Franklin Yoffe’s Proposal to Mine …

July 1969, G. J. Lauer. “Ecological Considerations of Proposed Mining of Diatomaceous Earth from Lake Umbagog, N.H.” a report done for Mr. Yoffe, with 1971 addendum 2/11/71 Lake Umbagog Hearing – book

Box 30, Folder 2 Hearing 1: Boefinger Statement
Box 30, Folder 3 Decision Umbagog 1971: Official Decision and Post Decision Letters and Newspaper clippings

Witnesses – Umbagog Hearing February ll, 1971 [list]

1971, Includes: Concord Monitor, Dr. Gudmundsson, A. A. King, NH Council of Resources & Development, N.K. Sheldon, S.W. Stockwell, US EPA Arthur Johnson

March 23, 1971, Glenn Stewart “… Although N. H. ranks close to the bottom …”

n.d. draft of letter to _____ ?

“Endangered and Unusual Birds at Lake Umbagog” by T. Richards

Newspaper clippings 1971

Box 30, Folder 4 Supreme Court Suit

1969, Includes: N.H. D.R.E.D., Sheehan Phinney, Bass and Green

1970, Includes: Councilor Hayes, Gov. Peterson/Council

1971, Includes: M.L.Hancock, Mrs. John W. Hennessey, McGee, Members of Special Board, N. H. D.R.E.D. Gilman, Gov. Peterson, Sheehan Phinney Bass and Green, Stever, Yoffe

February 11, 1971, “Statement of POB before joint hearing …”

October 18, 1971, “Lake Umbagog” – vote

October 1971 Appeal Under RSA 483-A:4 9 pages

Box 30, Folder 5 Hearing: October 1971

Request for Postponement of Scheduled Hearing Request for Ruling Statement of Loon Preservation Committee

September 24-27, Conversations with: Linda Wilson, (Telephone) Paula Didriksen, Allan Parker, Dr. Davis of Normandeau Associates, Thomas Wright, (Telephone) Charlie Newling

Box 30, Folder 6 Yoffe Meeting (tape)
Box 30, Folder 7 Meeting notices: Umbagog Coalition, August l, October 4, and October 7, 1977
Box 30, Folder 8 Experimetnal Dredge: September 20 – NH Hearing

1977, Includes: Burton, Kamlet, Cleve Kapala, McGee with application, Yoffe conversations September 12-14, 1977 some by telephone, Ted Natti, Secretary of Special Board, Paula Didriksen w/ CK, Bill Lawless, Werner Shedd, Dudley Dean, Don Stever

September 20 Rulings of Law; Findings of Fact

September 20 “Statement of SPNHF, N. H. Audubon Society, and N.H. Wildlife Federation”

September 30, 1977 News release – Raymond S. Burton

“Application for Mining Claim”

“The Application of Yoffe and Fuller – Lake Umbagog”

Maps and sketches

Umbagog Mailing list

“Wildlife of the Lake Umbagog” by Tudor Richards

Box 30, Folder 9 Special Board: November 4

1977-1978, Includes: Henry I. Baldwin, Bokuniewicz (includes Report to Normandeau Associates concerning application), Fred, R. A. Horne, Kapala, John Lanier et al, McGee, MUD CAT Car Rental, Normandeau Associates, Perkins, Stever, Williams, Yoffe Testimony, Statements of Tudor Richards, Cleve Kapala, Henry I. Baldwin, Paula Didriksen (n.d.) Henry Baldwin et al Kapala

Answers to Interrogatories Propounded by Special Board

Application of Experimental Dredge Permit

Joint testimony of Allan Hartwell (Normandeau Associates) and Henry Bokuniewicz

Motion for Specific Findings and Request for Findings of Fact and ….

Request for Findings of Fact and Rulings of Law

Site of Dredged Material Containment Area

Summary of Tasks through November 4, 1977

Terrestrial Biology

Testimony: John W. Lanier; Arthur E. Newell

Qualifications of Arthur E. Newell

Box 30, Folder 10 Hearing 2:

November 4, 1977, Applicant’s response to testimony of J. W. Lanier, et al

November 30, 1977, “Economical Impact of a Diatomaceous Earth Mining Plant … “

January 13, 1978, Applicant’s Exception and motion for rehearing

Box 30, Folder 11 Comments for November Deadling

1971, Includes: McGee, U. S. Dept. of Interior

1977, Includes: Corps of Engineers, Commissioner Gilman, Dr. Ralph Horne (plus vitae), Kapala, W. Lawless (Corps of Engineers), McGee, N.H. Fish and Game, U. S. Fish and Wildlife

Box 30, Folder 12 Special Board Comments

n.d., Includes: Appalachian Mountain Club Stearns, Cleve Kapala

1977, Includes: Appalachian Mountain Club Stearns, Burton, Col. Chandler -Corps of Engineers, Ellis, Hood, Kapala, Lake Umbagog Association, Lawless, Gov. Longley, McGee, Normandeau Associates, Richards, Gov. Thomson

“Objection to Applicants’ Motion to Recuse”

“Request for Rulings per Law”

“Statement of the Lake Umbagog Coalition”

“Supplemental Request for findings of fact and rulings of law”

Box 30, Folder 13 Special Board Denail of Yoffe Experimental Dredge: 1977-1978
Box 30, Folder 14 Lake Umbagog Coalition Special Board minutes, 1977
Box 30, Folder 15 Statements of Support, 1977-1978

1977. Includes: Androscoggin Valley Fish and Game, Bill, Chester Rod and Gun, Corps of Engineers, Joe Ezyk, Cleve Kapala, Lake Umbagog Coalition, Trout Unlimited, Umbagog Waterfowl Assoc.

September 20, 1977 Notice of intent to intervene

November 1, 1977 “Lake Umbagog Coalition Agreements regarding Procedures and Operations”

Monadnock Sierra Club group Newsletter, January 1978

1978, Includes: D. P. Hill, Cleve Kapala, Umbagog Waterfowl Assoc.

‘poster’ 8 1/2 x 11, “Wildlife Needs Lake Umbagog”

Maine Lakes Region – Umbagog Lake Camps – brochure

Box 30, Folder 16 Special Board, Minutes January 31, 1978 and Feburary 17, 1978: Includes: McGee, Gov. Thomson

Subseries c: Reports, Printed Materials, Miscellaneous

Box 30, Folder 17 Aluminum: Handwritten notes with sketch; magazine copies, newspaper copies; map heavily annotated with colored dots
Box 30, Folder 18 Duck habitat: Hunter Survey and Bag Check, October-December 1970 and 1971
Box 30, Folder 19 “Ecological Considerations of Mining” by Dr. Lauer, plus addendum
Box 30, Folder 20 Federal and State Laws

RSA 219:19 [1967] – Prospecting and Mining

Federal Register, Part IV, July 25, 1975

Handwritten report by Tom Donovan, June 10, 1976 re: Corps of Engineers Permits for Dredging

“Procedures required before mining in a Great Pond” July 1976

Maine Legislative Document 881, March 10, 1977

NH Air Pollution Control Commission Proposed Regulation 21, July 21, 1977

Federal Laws, 33 s. 402/3 Ch. 9 p.56/57; Chapters: 482-J:2 Waters, 483-A:l Tidal Waters, 483-A:1a Waters, 483-A:2 Tidal Waters, 483-A:2a Waters, 483-A:4a Tidal Waters, 483-A:4b Waters, 486:488-A Restrictions on Boating, 149:8, 147:23 – re: Solid Waste Disposal

Box 30, Folder 21 Fish and Wildlife

1971, Includes: McGee, USDI

1975, Includes: Dear Member, Conservation Law Foundation of New England

1977, Includes: Bofinger, USDI Reports

May 1977 Proposal – Assessment of Potential Ecological Impact by Ecological Analysts Inc.

September 1977, Loon Preservation Committee w/cover letter and blank form

“Hunter Survey and Bag Check” N. H. Fish and Game, January 1971

Statistics: Deer, loon, osprey, moose, management, access management, water level and control taxes

Biological Reconnaissance B1-B13, Draft 1

Osprey Management at Lake Umbagog O1-O13, Draft 1

“Refuge Land Acquisition Biological Reconnaissance Report”

Nowell, H. C. “Mine Lake Umbagog? Why?”

Richards, T. “Rare and endangered birds of Lake Umbagog”


List by State of Endangered and Threatened Animal Species

Osprey Management at Lake Umbagog

Box 30, Folder 22 “General Interpretive Soils Report of the Town of Northumberland” by USDA, February 1970
Box 30, Folder 23 Maps
Box 30, Folder 24 Maps
Box 30, Folder 25 Mining

Allen, Peter H. “Dredging Lake Umbagog – Some Ecological Considerations,” March 31, 1971

Tillman, David A. “Short and Long Term Economic Impacts Created by the Extraction and Processing of Diatomaceous Earth at Lake Umbagog, Errol, N.H.” NH Office of Industrial Development,” DRED, April 30, 1981

Voted to Table Request, August 30, 1971

Motion for Rehearing and proposal, November 9, 1971

“Background information on the claim to mine Lake Umbagog for Diatomaceous Earth,” August 16, 1971

Box 30, Folder 26 Mining Rules and Regulations: RSA Chapter 219 Section 19, November 21, 1975
Box 30, Folder 27 Socio-Economic Considerations:

“Economic Impact of a Diatomaceous Earth Mining Plant …”

Tillman, David A. “Short and Long Term Economic Impacts Created by the Extraction and Processing of Diatomaceous Earth at Lake Umbagog, Errol, N.H.,” DRED, April 30, 1971

Box 30, Folder 28 Socio-Economic Considerations:

Handwritten notes

Wage and spending analysis

Employee statements of account

“Economic Impact of a Diatomaceous Earth Mining Plant on Errol, N.H.” November 18, 1977, by Peter S. Melendy et al

Box 30, Folder 29 Solid Waste: July 13, 1977 file; flow chart
Box 30, Folder 30 Studies:

April 1972, Knox, Charles. “An Analysis of a Proposal to Mine The Floor of Lake Umbagog for Diatomaceous earth – with special emphasis on ecological effects and related considerations.”

August 29, 1972, Minutes. Milan Copper Mining. Notes on Milan meeting about copper mining by Peter H. Allen.

McNair, Andrew H. “New Hampshire Mineral Resource Survey, Part II. Diatomaceous Earth. Preliminary report. Economic Projections; proposed Diatomaceous Earth Plant, Errol, N.H.”

Box 30, Folder 31 Studies 2:

1958 Census of Mineral Industries

West, J. M. “Diatomite” [ca. 1968] [in] U.S. Bureau of Mines and Minerals Yearbook, 1968. Volumes I and II, pp. 495-497

Cochrane, William [1968]. “The Mineral Industry of New Hampshire” [in] U.S. Bureau of Mines and Minerals Yearbook, 1968 Volume 3, p. 493-497.

Peters, William C. “The Time Pattern in Mine Making” in Arizona Review, Vol. 18 no. 2, April 1972February 1969.

Copies of laws

Richards, Tudor. “William Brewster and Umbagog” [in] New Hampshire Audubon Quarterly, Fall 1971. p.127-128.

Box 30, Folder 32 “List of Storage Box 19 contents”; statistics analysis paragraphs on: Deer, Loon, Osprey, Moose, Management, Access Management, Water Level and Control Taxes
Box 30, Folder 33 Umbagog 3: Maps; 1962 recommendations; “Proposed development and Management Plans”; “Recommendations for Acquisitions”
Box 30, Folder 34 “Dredging Lake Umbagog” by Dr. Peter H. Allen, March 31, 1971
Box 30, Folder 35 Lake Umbagog, 1971

L. Nowell bird count – map

1971, Includes: Blakeney, Rene Bollengier, Les Clark, Seven Islands Land Co.

Osprey Nesting Survey: bird map, nest list

September 10, 1971, Upton Maine Selectman – list of camp owners

List of camps located on Umbagog Lake

Box 30, Folder 36 Water Quality: June 21, 1977 Conversation with Virginia Williamson re: Lake Testing
Box 30, Folder 37 Miscellaneous:

Who Will Buy?, [Resource materials for] Justin Little’s report

Seven Islands Land Company description sheet

Land Management


Maps, tables, slides, figures: “Androscoggin River Basin (O1-NE-15-1) June 1973″; Tables A-I-III; Map sketch of duck habitat; “NH Guide Plan,” maps 2 and 10 and land ownership map; other

Mahoosuc Mountains Project, January 1980

Subseries d: Newspaper Clippings

Box 30, Folder 38 Newspaper clippings, 1970-1972:

1971, Includes: Rep. Cleveland, A. A. King, Gov. Peterson, Yoffe’s lawyers

” … We put an application in for a rehearing ..” Typescript

“…. Witnesses for Proposal,” p.9

” – Cos Cob – Nothing more than uneconomical…” Handwritten

Box 30, Folder 39 Newspaper clippings and magazine articles, 1970-1972, arranged chronologically

Also includes: Typescripts of: “Lake Umbagog” re: 1971 vote; Executive Council Chambers #27 E. Resolution November 1971

Box 30, Folder 40 Letterhead, Newspaper clippings 1971-1973
Box 30, Folder 41 Maine Land Use Coalition: Newspaper clipping October 4, 1972 and public law, p. 1330-1337
Box 30, Folder 42 Mining: Newspaper clippings 1972-1976
Box 30, Folder 43 Newspaper clippings, 1977-1978; Press releases 1977; March 30, 1979 Request for Postponement of Schedules Hearing
Box 30, Folder 44 Newspaper clippings, 1977-1983

Subseries e: Photographic Materials

Box 30, Folder 45 Two slides of Iceland plants

Subseries f: Internal Office Aids

Box 30, Folder 46 Finding aid for Umbagog materials prepared by T. MacGregor (preserves the order in which they arrived from SPNHF) and handwritten notes

Subseries 20: U-Wom (U.S. Fish and Wildlife – Women’s Legislative Council)

Box 31
Box 31, Folder 1 US Fish and Wildlife Service
Box 31, Folder 2 USDA Bureau of Forestry: List of publications 1905
Box 31, Folder 3 US-USSR Environmental Protection Agreement: 1972
Box 31, Folder 4 UNH Outdoor Education Course: Course description for 1969, 1971, 1973
Box 31, Folder 5 Upper Contoocook Watershed: Map and information included
Box 31, Folder 6 Vermont Enviornmental Center, 1970
Box 31, Folder 7 Vermont Institute of Natural Science brochure
Box 31, Folder 8 Volunteers
Box 31, Folder 9 Wallpole Pulp Mill, newsclippings
Box 31, Folder 10 Wapack Trail/Binney’s Pond; New Ipswich in the 1930s
Box 31, Folder 11 Waterville: Correspondence during 1920s
Box 31, Folder 12 Waterville: Articles and letters from the late 1920s; Mad River and Greeley Ponds
Box 31, Folder 13 Goodrich, A. L. The Waterville Valley, 1904; news article 1971
Box 31, Folder 14 Waterville Valley: Correspondence with organizations during 1970s
Box 31, Folder 15 Percy G. Stiles, Wayfaring in New England, 1920
Box 31, Folder 16 Webster, NH: Appraisal Report of property belonging to Irwin and Elizabeth E. Leonard located in Webster, New Hampshire; maps and letters
Box 31, Folder 17 Webster Foundation: Correspondence
Box 31, Folder 18 “Amid the White Hills,” article written by Perrin, 1917
Box 31, Folder 19 “Forests of New Hampshire,” an address made by Walker in 1872
Box 31, Folder 20 Photos of fires in Crawford Notch and other areas, shots of barren and sterile land
Box 31, Folder 21 “Our New Hampshire Forests,” an address made by Joseph B. Walker in 1891
Box 31, Folder 22 “The White Mountain Region,” an address made by Joseph B. Walker to the American Forestry Association in 1894
Box 31, Folder 23 Weeks Act: Correspondence, 1910-1911; Correspondence with Governor Robert Bass
Box 31, Folder 24 Weeks Bill: Certificates; 1911 appointment of Phillip Ayres as Forest Fire Warden for Coos; The Chamber of Commerce of New Haven
Box 31, Folder 25 Transcripts of Weeks Bill in Senate
Box 31, Folder 26 Weeks Bill: Introductory bibliography of Mt. Washington and other reference materials
Box 31, Folder 27 Weeks Bill: “Protection From Fire” by SPNHF in 1905
Box 31, Folder 28 “The Proposed National Forest in the White Mountains” by Hon. F.W. Rollins, 1907
Box 31, Folder 29 Kellog, R.S., “The Drain Upon The Forests,” 1907
Box 31, Folder 30 Kellog, R.S., “The Timber Supply of the United States,” 1909
Box 31, Folder 31 Weeks Bill:

“The Weeks Bill in Congress,” 1910

“The Weeks Bill,” The American Forestry Association Bulletin, No. 3, 1910

“Record of Votes on the Weeks Bill to Create National Forests,” AFAB, No. 2, 1910

Box 31, Folder 32 “The Purchase of Land Under the Weeks Law in the Southern Appalachian and White Mountains,” by Henry S. Graves, 1911
Box 31, Folder 33 Mt. Washington Observatory: News Bulletin issued December 1955
Box 31, Folder 34 56th Congress: “Forest Reserve in the Southern Appalachian Mountain Region” February 1901
Box 31, Folder 35 57th Congress: “The National Forest Reserve in the Southern Appalachian Mountains” December 1902
Box 31, Folder 36 58th Congress: A bill for the purchase of a national forest reserve in the White Mountains, to be known as the National White Mountain Forest Reserve, December 1903
Box 31, Folder 37 59th Congress, issued 1906: “Establishment of Forest Reserves in the Southern Appalachian and White Mountains”; “Appalachian Forest Reserves, Etc.”; A bill for the purchase of acquiring national forest reserves in the Appalachian Mountains and White Mountains, to be known as the Appalachian Forest Reserve and the White Mountain Forest Reserve, respectively
Box 31, Folder 38 60th Congress:

“The Southern Appalachian and White Mountain Watersheds,” 1908

House Resolution 208.1908

Agricultural Appropriation Bill

Census of Standing Timber, 1908

A bill to enable any State to cooperate with any other State or States, or with the United States, for the protection of the watersheds of navigable streams, and to appoint a commission for the acquisition of lands for the purpose of conserving the navigability of navigable rivers, 1909

Hearings before the Committee on Agriculture on Bills having for their object the acquisition of forest and other lands for the protection of watersheds and conservation of the navigability of navigable streams, 1909

Box 31, Folder 39 Forestry Legislation: Speech made by Hon. John W. Weeks in March 1909
Box 31, Folder 40 61st Congress: Conservation of Navigatable Rivers, 1910; Protection of Watersheds of Navigable Streams, 1910; Hearings before the Committee on Agriculture, 1910
Box 31, Folder 41 Congressional records: 1910-1911
Box 31, Folder 42 Scrapbook: articles from 1910
Box 31, Folder 43 Newsclippings: articles from 1911
Box 31, Folder 44 Memorandum for Colonel Greeley: 1926
Box 31, Folder 45 Weeks Law: Silver Jubilee, written response to the passing of the law
Box 31, Folder 46 Weeks Act: “75th Anniversary Appraisal”
Box 31, Folder 47 Weeks Act: Telegram from Henry Keys
Box 31, Folder 48 Weeks Law:

“The White Mountain National Forest: 50 Years of Protection and Management Under the Weeks Law,” 1911-1961

“Twenty-five Years of the Weeks Law” and editorial from Journal of Forestry, October 1936

The John Weeks Story, USDA: Forest Service

“Fifty years of National Forest Protection and development under the Weeks Law”

“Denuded versus restocked lands for acquisition,” Philip W. Ayres, 1929

New Hampshire Forestry, Vol. III. No.1

Clarke-McNary Act, June 1924

New Hampshire’s Flea Market, Vol. 2. No. 16

“John Weeks–His Monument” Richard McArdle, 1961

Various articles and pamphlets

Menu for Weeks Law Jubilee, September 1936

Weeks Law Silver Jubilee, 1936

Letter from L.W. Rathbun

McNary-Clarke Bill 1924

Box 31, Folder 49 Weeks Bill:

Weeks Bill 1908: Letter from Henry A. Barker to Ayres, 1908

Letter from S.C. Mead to Wm. Marble, 1908

Letter from Curtis Guild to Gov. Folk of Missouri, 1908

Legislation from 1908

Resolution: Union League Club of Chicago, 1908

Box 31, Folder 50 Weeks Bill/Clark-McNary Law/McNary-Woodruff: Correspondence to Ayers, 1924-1926

From W.B. Greeley, 1924; from H.W. Keyes, 1924; from W.M. Jardine, 1925; telegram from C.L. McNary, 1926; from G. Pinchot, 1924

Reasons for a National Forest Reservation in the White Mountains,” undated.

Box 31, Folder 51 Weeks Law: “Twelve Years of Preparation for the Passage of the Weeks Law” by Joseph Hyde Pratt, 1936; “Ten Years’ Effort For The Weeks Law,” Ayres, 1936
Box 31, Folder 52 Weeks Bill: 1904 article
Box 31, Folder 53 Weeks Bill: 1903 legislation
Box 31, Folder 54 Weeks Bill: 1905 legislation

Resolution regarding National Forest Reservation in the White Mountains, 1905

Weeks Bill 1905

American Forest Congress 1905

Correspondence: letter from E.E. Hale to Hon. J.G. Cannon, 1905; letter from E.E. Hale to Rollins, 1905; letter from John Hay to Ayres, 1905

Box 31, Folder 55 Weeks Bill: Chamber of Commerce of New Haven, resolution, 1906; Letter from Chamberlain to J.B. Walker, 1906
Box 31, Folder 56 Weeks Bill, 1909:

Official record of votes in 1909

“Progress of the Forest Acquisition Bill in Washington, 1909

Correspondence: Letter from C.W Floyd to Gov. Shafroth of Colorado, 1909; Letter from M. Rollins to J.B. Walker, 1909

Box 31, Folder 57 Weeks Bill, 1910:

Correspondence: Letter from J.H. Gallinger to H. Saint-Gaudens, 1910; Letter from H.C. Lodge to Guild, 1910; Letter fromf.W. Rollins to Ayres, 1910

Legislation 1910

“New Hampshire and the New Movement in Forestry” Col. Henry Graves

“State Forest Work” W.R. Brown

State Forests, by Austin F. Hawes, 1910

Weeks Bill supporters, House of Representatives, 1910

Box 31, Folder 58 Weeks Bill:

“The Purchase of National Forests in the Northern and Southern Appalachians,” by Wm Hall, transcript, 1911 annual meeting

“An Appeal,” 1911

Chronology of legislative events 1900-1911

“National Parks-The Need of the Future”, Hon. James Bryce, The Outlook, 1912

Political cartoon, 1911

Correspondence, 1911: Letter from G.C. Pardee to Ayres, 1911; Letters from J.P. Baxter, F. MacVeagh, W. Churchhill, W.M. Crane, Miller to Ayres, 1911; Letter from G. Curtis to Ayres, 1911; Letters from J. Weeks, J.T. Rothrock, R.P. Bass to Ayres, 1911

Memorandum to the President of the U.S. relating to the continued purchases of Forest Land, under the Weeks Law in the Eastern Mountains, 1923

Box 31, Folder 59 List of organizations that have approved further appropriations under the Weeks Law, 1914
Box 31, Folder 60 Progress report of forest acquisition bill at Washington, 1918-1923; Variety of letters and pamphlets, telegrams, etc
Box 31, Folder 61 McNary-Woodruff Bill:

Personal statement from Ayres to Pres. Coolidge, 1924

Senate bill S.2423

Various articles

Box 31, Folder 62 Constitutional Amendments, 1942
Box 31, Folder 63 McNary-Clarke Law, 1925
Box 31, Folder 64 Legislative Program in Forestry
Box 31, Folder 65 McNary-Woodruff Bill: Copy of bill; Article about Coolidge’s message in 1926
Box 31, Folder 66 Article about the money that Senator Weeks wants to save the people
Box 31, Folder 67 Wetlands/water projects: Includes statements, editorials, letters and pamphlets
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 1 White Mountains: National Forest Policy Scrapbook 1913-1916
Box 32, Folder 2 “The White Mountain Forest And How It Is To Be Made Useful,” Mr. William L. Hall, 1913
Box 32, Folder 3 “How The White Mountains Were Born!” (4 copies); “The Logging Railroads of the White Mountains,” C. Francis Belcher
Box 32, Folder 4 Letters concerning the acquisition of the National Forest in Vermont
Box 32, Folder 5 White Mountain National Forest: U.S. Forest Service Environmental Analysis letters of correspondence
Box 32, Folder 6 White Mountain National Forest: 1974 Forest Plan
Box 32, Folder 7 White Mountains: Letters from the USDA 1933-1934
Box 32, Folder 8 White Mountains: Newsclippings
Box 32, Folder 9 Wilton Workshop: Information, bibliography
Box 32, Folder 10 Use of natural resources: Photographs; Environmental educational plan proposed to the New Hampshire State Board of Education (includes section on introduction and forest)
Box 32, Folder 11 Continuation of the educational plan includes sections on soil, water, wildlife, scenic resources, outdoors
Box 32, Folder 12 Continuation of educational plan, includes appendage
Box 32, Folder 13 Women’s Club: Article
Box 32, Folder 14 “The Work in Forest of the New Hampshire Women’s Clubs,” 1918
Box 32, Folder 15 Women’s Legislative Council, 1924

Subseries 21: Wood Energy/Wood (as a resource)

Box 32, Folder 16 Information on firewood for heat
Box 32, Folder 17 American Forest Institute
Box 32, Folder 18 Legislative material 1970s
Box 32, Folder 19 1977 budget
Box 32, Folder 20 Correspondence
Box 32, Folder 21 Correspondence
Box 32, Folder 22 Correspondence
Box 32, Folder 23 Material published by Energy Research and Development Administration: “Program and Project Status,” 1976; “Guide For The Submission of Research & Development Proposals by Individuals & Organizations,” 1975; Letters of correspondence with Paul Bofinger
Box 32, Folder 24 Correspondence with Forest Products Research Society (FPRS)
Box 32, Folder 25 Forest Notes: 75th Anniversary Double Issue, Fall/Winter 1976; Forest Notes: Summer 1978; Various articles
Box 32, Folder 26 Wood Waste Utilization 1976
Box 32, Folder 27 Advertisement and correspondence 1938
Box 32, Folder 28 Wood Energy Workshop 1977
Box 32, Folder 29 State Energy Offices 1977
Box 32, Folder 30 North Country Council 1978; Wood/Energy Subcommittee
Box 32, Folder 31 Mt. Washington Exhibit 1978; Complete Wood ‘n’ Energy file 1980
Box 32, Folder 32 Towards Tomorrow Fair
Box 32, Folder 33 Miscellaneous:

NH Home Heating Show

1975, 1976, 1977 meetings, workshops

1976, 1977 reviews and reprints of Wood ‘n’ Energy

Wood ‘n’ Energy Advertisements

Wood ‘n’ Energy printing renewals

Box 32, Folder 34 Miscellaneous 1978-1980
Box 32, Folder 35 Mailing list
Box 32, Folder 36 Wood meetings: articles, pamphlets, clippings
Box 32, Folder 37 Woods: correspondence, clippings, articles, fire safety
Box 32, Folder 38 Wood Energy Project: letters, 1976
Box 32, Folder 39 Wood burning/heating: articles, pamphlets
Box 32, Folder 40 Wood energy information
Box 32, Folder 41 Wood energy comics
Box 32, Folder 42 Correspondence and information
Box 32, Folder 43 Information on wood heating seminar; Correspondence
Box 32, Folder 44 Correspondence, mailings, pamphlets
Box 32, Folder 45 “Andrew Shapiro Discusses the Wood Energy Institute”; correspondence
Box 32, Folder 46 “Good Woodland Management Pays Dividends,” E.C. Hirst, 1951
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 1 Ads for wood and energy
Box 33, Folder 2 Wood and energy information
Box 33, Folder 3 SPNHF membership listing
Box 33, Folder 4 New Hampshire Tree Farm Program
Box 33, Folder 5 Heating with wood
Box 33, Folder 6 Woodlot Program: “Recreation and Profits From Your Small Lot”
Box 33, Folder 7 Woodlot Program: “Recreation and Profits From Your Small Lot”
Box 33, Folder 8 Woodlot Program: “Recreation and Profits From Your Small Lot”
Box 33, Folder 9 Tree farm and woodlot information
Box 33, Folder 10 Landowners workshop
Box 33, Folder 11 Forest management workshop
Box 33, Folder 12 Small woodlot management
Box 33, Folder 13 Heating with wood
Box 33, Folder 14 “Recreation and Profit From Your Small Woodlot”
Box 33, Folder 15 Woodlot course
Box 33, Folder 16 Management of small woodlands
Box 33, Folder 17 Small woodlot management
Box 33, Folder 18 “Wooden Dollars for New Hampshire”
Box 33, Folder 19 World Forestry Congress, 1926
Box 33, Folder 20 1907, Architectural Review
Box 33, Folder 21 1908 Forestry movement
Box 33, Folder 22 Woods: 1909 newsclippings
Box 33, Folder 23 Woods: 1910 newsclippings
Box 33, Folder 24 Woods: 1911 newsclippings
Box 33, Folder 25 Woods: 1912 newsclippings
Box 33, Folder 26 1913 rainfall and reservoirs
Box 33, Folder 27 1928 forestry movement; newsclippings
Box 33, Folder 28 1902 forestry movement
Box 33, Folder 29 1903 forestry movement
Box 33, Folder 30 1906 newsclippings

Series II: Newsclippings, 1909-1975

(1 box)

Box 33, Folder 31 1909
Box 33, Folder 32 1915
Box 33, Folder 33 1916
Box 33, Folder 34 1917-1918: includes photos of Lost River and panorama of New England
Box 33, Folder 35 1914, includes problems of commercial loggers, photos of Lost River
Box 33, Folder 36 Preservation/protection
Box 33, Folder 37 1919: “Threat of Deforestation”
Box 33, Folder 38 1920: Includes Forestry Conference
Box 33, Folder 39 1921: Includes forest bills, “Dance of Death”
Box 33, Folder 40 1922: “Proprietors of Conway”; Forestry projects in Keene; Annual conferences; Preservation of NH Tree Plan; Land Given by J. Poole on Mt. Monadnock; Annual reports
Box 33, Folder 41 1923: “Chamber Joins Fights for Forest Land”; Harding’s role in preservation; Advocacy for reforestation
Box 33, Folder 42 1924 reforestation articles
Box 33, Folder 43 1925: Cost of free land; Nottingham Forestry Meeting; Virgin Spruce disappearing
Box 33, Folder 44 1926: Decreasing timber supply; Forest reservations: Tamworth, Haughty Hill, European forests
Box 33, Folder 45 1930: “Maplewood sees Flower Exhibit”; Letters to the editor; Dickinson urges enactment of conservation; Sunapee Forest Society; Crawford Notch
Box 33, Folder 46 1931: Game Sanctuary; Forest Preserves; Philip W. Ayres, Grace Morrision Poole, Meredith; Benton Forestry Club
Box 33, Folder 47 1932: National Forest; Ayres; White Mountains creates new jobs; NH Nature Camps
Box 33, Folder 48 1934: Christmas trees; forest fires
Box 33, Folder 49 1935: Ayres out, Rathbun in; forestry meetings; highway construction; land acquisition; Bill Board Rule; Development Board; Willington Beach Reservation
Box 33, Folder 50 1936: Thomas O’Connor; CCC Boys; Destructive Conservation Sportsmen and the State; National Forest; Forest Development; Lost River
Box 33, Folder 51 1937: Forest Fires; Dixville’s Scenic Wilderness; Forest Co-op Faces Liquidation; Lost River Nature Camp; Spuce Sawfly
Box 33, Folder 52 1938: Recreation accommodations; North Country Survey; State Institution; Forest survey; Sawfly battle
Box 33, Folder 53 Big Maples – Pocketing Our Pride
Box 33, Folder 54 1939: Clean-up task for Laconia; Forest fires; Chestnut Groves; Private forestry waste; Federal Actions; Legislative Programs
Box 33, Folder 55 1940: Salvage program; Lumber regulation; Woodland Legislation; Tekwood Plant; Sunapee Tram; NH Women/Forestry Problem
Box 33, Folder 56 1941: Spruce Sawfly; Groveton Association; Hurricane results; Mt. Kearsarge Road; State Regulation proposal; Timber Sales; Wood Waste Study
Box 33, Folder 57 1942: Wood Gas; Effects of War Tax on limber; Forestry Co-op at Groveton; Cost of Fuelwood; New Public Forest Policy; Firewood prices; Forest Parley; Tax Amendment
Box 33, Folder 58 1943: Bobwell Wood Survey; Fire Prevention Week; C. Knight Chairman of Timber Study
Box 33, Folder 59 1944: Boom Due in Lumber; Forest Depleted; NH Farmer builds, Runs 1-Man Railroad for Logging; Lumber Tax
Box 33, Folder 60 1945: soil committee; Annual Forestry Conference Stonewall Farm; Dublin Timber Society; Severance tax; tax bill controversy
Box 33, Folder 61 1946: save resources; Forest Almanac; Mt. Sunapee Chair Tow; Mt. Sunapee Ski Bowl; Natural Science course offered SPNHF; Philip Wheelock Ayres
Box 33, Folder 62 1947: Penacook; British Farm Control; Industrial Revolution; sawdust plastic; Experimental Kiln
Box 33, Folder 63 1970: Editorials
Box 33, Folder 64 1971: SPNHF; How Forest Were Saved
Box 33, Folder 65 1972: Plan ‘Environmental Hot-Line’; Death of Edgar C. Hirst; Lack of Capital Forced Closing
Box 33, Folder 66 1973: New Hampshire’s Flea Market; other articles
Box 33, Folder 67 1974: Conservation Seminar; Ski Area Developer sued; Black Fly; Inters aid SPNHF; Firewood use can slash heat bills; Chester Ladd; Society officers; Conservation Movement; Forester Bofinger
Box 33, Folder 68 1975: Endorses Tree Ordinances
Box 33, Folder 69 Awards/Honors
Box 33, Folder 70 SPNHF Conception-Development-Accomplishments (1973 article)

Series III: Ledgers and Minutes Logs, 1901-1927

(1 box)

Box 34
Box 34, Item 1 Ledger for Monadnock Reservation 1919-1926
Box 34, Item 2 Ledger 1910-1923
Box 34, Item 3 Fund ledger 1913-1916
Box 34, Item 4 Cash ledger 1901-1910
Box 34, Item 5 Guest log 1922-1924 (possibly Lost River)
Box 34, Item 6 Lost River Registration List 1917-1919
Box 34, Item 7 Minutes log, February 1901 – November 1927
Box 34, Folder 8 Minutes log, January 1928 – October 1948

Series IV: Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Materials, 1901-1970

(5 boxes)

Box 35
Box 35, Folder 1 New Hampshire Tomorrow scrapbook 1969-1970
Box 35, Folder 2 Leslie S. Clark: Papers and booklets, letter of nomination, letter of support, project descriptions with pertinent publications
Box 35, Item 3 Clippings from 1958-1960
Box 35, Folder 4 Forest Notes, 1959-1967 (photo cuts only)
Box 35, Folder 5 Tree Farm 1950-1961 (photo cuts only)
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 1 1907: Letter to J.T. Walker from John Anderson
Box 36, Folder 2 George de Forest Brush, letter and old pictures
Box 36, Folder 3 1914: Letters from W.E. Chandler
Box 36, Folder 4 1914: Letters from Gov. Samuel Felker
Box 36, Folder 5 1914: Letters from R.B. Glen (Gov. of NC), Vice President of SPNHF
Box 36, Folder 6 1915: Letters from Sen. Henry F. Hollis
Box 36, Folder 7 1910: Letter to Montgomery Rollins from W.T. Hornaday
Box 36, Folder 8 1911: Letter to M. Rollins from R.O. O’Brien
Box 36, Folder 9 1896: Letter from J.B. Walker from G. Pinchot
Box 36, Folder 10 1905: Letter to F.W. Rollins from Filibert Roth
Box 36, Folder 11 1910: Letter to Ayres from Filibert Roth (immigration)
Box 36, Folder 12 1910: Letter to Ayres from Guy L. Shorey (Weetamo, Indian legend)
Box 36, Folder 13 1916: Letters to Ayres – general correspondence
Box 36, Folder 14 1925: Annual meeting pamphlets, advertisements
Box 36, Folder 15 1924: general correspondence
Box 36, Folder 16 1924: Letter to Ayres from W.B. Shaw (American Review of Reviews)
Box 36, Folder 17 1925: Letter to Ayres from Mortime R. Proctor (Vermont Forestry Assoc.)
Box 36, Folder 18 1926: Letter to Ayres from F.S. Mathews
Box 36, Folder 19 1973-1974: General correspondence
Box 36, Folder 20 1924: Letter to Ayres from T. Roosevelt
Box 36, Folder 21 1925: Letter to Ayres from F.F. Smiley
Box 36, Folder 22 1901-1935: Lists of dates/locations of annual meetings
Box 36, Folder 23 1901-1902 Annual reports
Box 36, Folder 24 1903 2nd Annual programs
Box 36, Folder 25 1908 Annual reports
Box 36, Folder 26 1908: Letter to Ayres from Everett E. Hale
Box 36, Folder 27 1908: Conservation of Natural Resources
Box 36, Folder 28 1908: SPNHF slide presentation
Box 36, Folder 29 1909: 8th Annual program
Box 36, Folder 30 1910: Annual meetings-printed materials
Box 36, Folder 31 1915: Annual meeting/general correspondence
Box 36, Folder 32 1915: Letter to Ayres from B.E. Fernow
Box 36, Folder 33 1915: Letter to Ayres from Rolland H. Spaulding
Box 36, Folder 34 1915: Letter to Ayres from John Weeds
Box 36, Folder 35 1916: “The Preservation of the White Mountain Landscapes,” typescript of Arthur A. Shurtleff
Box 36, Folder 36 “Development & Uses of the WMNF,” typescript of William L. Hall, 1916
Box 36, Folder 37 Address and letter of S.O. Huckins, 1916
Box 36, Folder 38 “Forestry in NH” (12th), 1913-1914
Box 36, Folder 39 1913 Meeting
Box 36, Folder 40 1914 Meeting
Box 36, Folder 41 1915 Meeting
Box 36, Folder 42 1916 Meeting
Box 36, Folder 43 Sixth Annual Forestry Conference, 1913
Box 36, Folder 44 1921 10th Annual Meeting
Box 36, Folder 45 1921-1924 Meetings
Box 36, Folder 46 Letter to Ayres from W.E. Brigham (Annual Meeting), July 26, ?s
Box 36, Folder 47 SPNHF Annual Conference pamphlets, 1955-1958
Box 36, Folder 48 Conference pamphlets, 1960-1984
Box 36, Folder 49 [folder missing]
Box 36, Folder 50 Typescript of E.C. Hirst, 1910
Box 36, Folder 51 “Public Aspects of Forestry” by H.S. Graves, 1911
Box 36, Folder 52 Letter to Gov. Rollins from H.C. Lodge, 1911
Box 36, Folder 53 “Protection of NH’s Resources” by Robert Bass, 1911
Box 36, Folder 54 Transcript of Henry S. Graves, August 2, 1911
Box 36, Folder 55 Thomas Nelson Page, 1911
Box 36, Folder 56 Statement by Ayres, 1911
Box 36, Folder 57 10th Annual Conference, 1911
Box 36, Folder 58 Forest Conference, 1911
Box 36, Folder 59 Address transcript by W.C. Brown, 1911
Box 36, Folder 60 Address transcript by George Otis Smith, 1911
Box 36, Folder 61 “Taxation of Forests” Conference, 1912
Box 36, Folder 62 Forestry Conference, 1912
Box 36, Folder 63 5th Annual Forestry Conference, 1912
Box 36, Folder 64 1912 11th Annual Report
Box 36, Folder 65 1913-1916 Annual Forestry Conferences
Box 36, Folder 66 1924 New England Forestry Conference
Box 36, Folder 67 1924-1926 Advertisement
Box 36, Folder 68 1925 Invitations, programs, lectures
Box 36, Folder 69 1939-1946 Annual Forestry Conference programs
Box 36, Folder 70 Annual Forestry Conferences
Box 36, Folder 71 1933-1934 Invitations and programs
Box 36, Folder 72 1920-1929 Meetings, articles, letters
Box 36, Folder 73 1930-1939 Meetings and articles
Box 36, Folder 74 1957 Annual Conference guide
Box 36, Folder 75 1974 “Franconia Notch State Park – An Historical Perspective” by George T. Hamilton
Box 36, Folder 76 1928-1933 Meetings, invitations, articles
Box 36, Folder 77 1917-1930 New England Conference programs and reports
Box 36, Folder 78 1970s Progress reports and letters
Box 36, Folder 79 1948-1953 Annual Forestry Conference programs
Box 36, Folder 80 1917 16th Annual Meeting, Allen Hollis’s President Address
Box 36, Folder 81 1937-1938 Annual Conference programs
Box 36, Folder 82 1980 AFA/SPNHF Conferences (American Forestry Assoc.)
Box 36, Folder 83 Newspaper articles
Box 36, Folder 84 Annual Meetings
Box 36, Folder 85 1933-1934 Annual meetings programs and invitations
Box 36, Folder 86 1934 Field Meeting of Forestry Conference, H.C. Woodworth
Box 36, Folder 87 1917-1920 Annual Forestry Conference article; 9th Annual Forestry Conference
Box 36, Folder 88 1980 Annual Conference, coverletters, programs and reports
Box 36, Folder 89 1937-1938 Annual Forestry Conference
Box 36, Folder 90 1953 “Dover Boy Essay Contest Winner” article
Box 36, Folder 91 1982/1967 Five year plan memorandum; News articles from Manchester, NH
Box 36, Folder 92 1951 “Meet With Us in NH This Fall”, AFA
Box 36, Folder 93 1934 “Marginal Land…” by E. Huntington
Box 36, Folder 94 1975 “High-Yield Forestry” by Stanley Filip, Robert M. Frank, David M. Smith
Box 37
Box 37, Item 1 Scrapbook: 1901-1905, compiled by Joseph T. Walker
Box 38
Box 38, Item 1 Scrapbook: 1955-1958

Series VI: Audio/Visual Material, 1947-1977

(9 boxes)

Subseries A: Photographs

Box 39
Box 39, Folder 1 Negatives of Annual Meeting photos
Box 39, Folder 2 1947, Annual Meeting Photos
Box 39, Folder 3 1948
Box 39, Folder 4 1950
Box 39, Folder 5 1951
Box 39, Folder 6 1952
Box 39, Folder 7 1953
Box 39, Folder 8 1954
Box 39, Folder 9 1955
Box 39, Folder 10 1956
Box 39, Folder 11 1957
Box 39, Folder 12 1959
Box 39, Folder 13 1961
Box 39, Folder 14 1962
Box 39, Folder 15 1963
Box 39, Folder 16 1964
Box 39, Folder 17 1966
Box 39, Folder 18 1967
Box 39, Folder 19 1968
Box 39, Folder 20 1969
Box 39, Folder 21 1973
Box 39, Folder 22 1969, Publicity Shot for “New Hampshire Everlasting…”
Box 39, Folder 23 1936, 25th. Anniversary fo Society, VIP’s, negative
Box 39, Folder 24 1969, Photo Plate of Boffinger, Hurst and Bruns, Publicity shot for “New Hampshire Everlasting…”
Box 39, Folder 25 Unidentified Individuals and Groups
Box 39, Folder 26 1957, Barraclough, K. E., Extension Forester, UNH
Box 39, Folder 27 1957, Bevan, Lawrence A.
Box 39, Folder 28 Burnham, Carter
Box 39, Folder 29 Fernow, Dr. Bernhard Eduard
Box 39, Folder 30 Hirst, Edgar
Box 39, Folder 31 Hollis, Allen
Box 39, Folder 32 1968, Johnson, Owen
Box 39, Folder 33 Mendenhall, Howard
Box 39, Folder 34 1954, Monahan, Robert S.
Box 39, Folder 35 1952, Natti, Theodore
Box 39, Folder 36 Rollins, Governor Frank, Founder and 1st. President of SPNHF
Box 39, Folder 37 1959, Tobey, Russ, testimonial
Box 39, Folder 38 Thompson, Wilbur
Box 39, Folder 39 Weeks, John
Box 39, Folder 40 Weeks, Sinclair
Box 39, Folder 41 1957, Legislators Belonging to the Society
Box 39, Folder 42 Officers and Committeemen of SPNHF
Box 39, Folder 43 1958, Trustee’s Photo
Box 39, Folder 44 1971, Newcomen Banquet for the Society
Box 40
Box 40, Folder 1 Falls of Ammonoosuc
Box 40, Folder 2 1962, Dedication of Clark Steven’s Forest
Box 40, Folder 3 1923, Crawford House
Box 40, Folder 4 Headquarter’s Camp at Crawford Notch
Box 40, Folder 5 Negative of “Old Man”
Box 40, Folder 6 Negatives of Log cabins (at Crawford Notch?)
Box 40, Folder 7 1900, Crawford Notch
Box 40, Folder 8 Photo Plate of “The Flume at Crawford Notch on a Busy day”
Box 40, Folder 9 “At the Flume on a Busy Day”
Box 40, Folder 10 Undated Flume photo
Box 40, Folder 11 1980, Flume Photo
Box 40, Folder 12 Undated Lost River photos
Box 40, Folder 13 1916, Lost River Photo- Log cabin
Box 40, Folder 14 1920, Lost River Reservation Photo
Box 40, Folder 15 1922, Lost River Reservation Photo
Box 40, Folder 16 1925, Lost River Reservation Photo
Box 40, Folder 17 1953, Guides at Lost River
Box 40, Folder 18 1954, Lost River Photos
Box 40, Folder 19 1956, Lost River
Box 40, Folder 20 1964, Lost River Photos
Box 40, Folder 21 1964, Guides at Lost river
Box 40, Folder 22 1967, Lost River Photos including photos after fire destroyed main building
Box 40, Folder 23 1968, Lost River Open House
Box 40, Folder 24 Miscellaneous lands and buildings
Box 40, Folder 25 Monadnock
Box 40, Folder 26 Monadnock Photos from the Collection of Philip Ayres and Photos of Mountain Paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Richard Givens (1985)
Box 40, Folder 27 1950, Rollins Memorial Forest Acceptance Ceremony
Box 40, Folder 28 1945, Roadside Area, New Boston
Box 40, Folder 29 Sandwich Notch
Box 40, Folder 30 c.1973, Sandwich Notch
Box 40, Folder 31 Woodlots and Properties
Box 40, Folder 32 Woodlots and Properties
Box 41
Box 41, Folder 1 Governor Gregg signing a Classification Bill
Box 41, Folder 2 1949, Signing a Timber Tax Bill
Box 41, Folder 3 1952, Howard Mendenhall on Timber Yield tax
Box 41, Folder 4 1953, Signing of Timber tax Bill
Box 41, Folder 5 1971-1972, Legislative
Box 41, Folder 6 Miscellaneous Undated Conservation Education and Activities
Box 41, Folder 7 N. H. Forestry Classroom
Box 41, Folder 8 1948, Campton Village School-Wildlife Pictures grades 5 to 8
Box 41, Folder 9 1951, Connecticut Banker’s Tour
Box 41, Folder 10 1951, Conservation Activities
Box 41, Folder 11 1952, Forest Cooperator Dedication
Box 41, Folder 12 1953, Forest Cooperator Miss
Box 41, Folder 13 1953, New Hampshire Forest School
Box 41, Folder 14 1954, Boy Scouts
Box 41, Folder 15 1954, College Management Center
Box 41, Folder 16 1954, First N.H. Youth Conference, Millville Inn, Concord, N.H.
Box 41, Folder 17 1956, Girl Scout Day Camp, Children’s Wood, Jaffrey, N.H.
Box 41, Folder 18 1956, Smokey The Bear, Forest Notes, June 1966 cover
Box 41, Folder 19 1959, Observance of Forest Conservation Week and Arbor Day
Box 41, Folder 20 1961, Forest Fighter Training
Box 41, Folder 21 1968, Ecology of Mt. Monadnock Field Trip, Henry Baldwin, Leader
Box 41, Folder 22 1967, Teacher’s Conservation Camp at Mt. Cardigan, January 20, 1967
Box 41, Folder 23 1968, Teacher’s Workday at Mt. Cardigan
Box 41, Folder 24 1970, Mt. Cardigan Teachers Workshop/Camp
Box 41, Folder 25 1952, Lost River Conservation Camp
Box 41, Folder 26 1953, Lost River Teachers Conservation Camp
Box 41, Folder 27 1954, Lost River Teachers Camp
Box 41, Folder 28 1955, Lost River Teachers Camp
Box 42
Box 42, Folder 1 1956, Lost River Teachers Camp
Box 42, Folder 2 1957, Lost River Teachers Camp
Box 42, Folder 3 1958, Lost River Teachers Camp
Box 42, Folder 4 1959, Lost River Teachers Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 5 1960, Lost River Teachers Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 6 1961, Lost River Teachers Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 7 1962, Lost River Teachers Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 8 1963, Lost River Teachers Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 9 1964, Lost River Teachers Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 10 1946-1947, N.H. Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 11 1947, N.H. Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 12 1947-1948, Youth Camp at Bear Brook State Park
Box 42, Folder 13 1947, Conservation Camp Slides
Box 42, Folder 14 1948, Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 15 1948, Conservation Camp Slides
Box 42, Folder 16 1949, Conservation Camp Slides
Box 42, Folder 17 Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 42, Folder 18 1950, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 43
Box 43, Folder 1 1952, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 43, Folder 2 1953, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 43, Folder 3 1953, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 43, Folder 4 1954, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 43, Folder 5 1955, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 43, Folder 6 1956, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 43, Folder 7 1958, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 43, Folder 8 1958, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44
Box 44, Folder 1 1959, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44, Folder 2 1960-1961, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44, Folder 3 1962, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44, Folder 4 1963, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44, Folder 5 1964, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44, Folder 6 1965, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44, Folder 7 1966, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44, Folder 8 1967, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44, Folder 9 1968, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 44, Folder 10 1969, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 45
Box 45, Folder 1 1970, Conservation Camp, Spruce Pond
Box 45, Folder 2 1971, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 45, Folder 3 1974, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 45, Folder 4 1975, Spruce Pond Conservation Camp
Box 45, Folder 5 1958, National Lumber Manufacturers Association Spring Meeting
Box 45, Folder 6 Photo of the cover of “Boa Constrictor of the White Mts.
Box 45, Folder 7 Logging/Lumbering Photos
Box 45, Folder 8 1952, County Forest Advisory Board
Box 45, Folder 9 1953, Governor’s Forest Policy Committee
Box 45, Folder 10 1964, Presentation of Governor’s Fact Policy report
Box 45, Folder 11 1971, Capitol Christmas Tree
Box 45, Folder 12 Unidentified Negatives
Box 45, Folder 13 1948, Extension Forestry
Box 45, Folder 14 1977, I-93 and Signs
Box 45, Folder 15 1971, Miscellaneous Negatives
Box 45, Folder 16 1951, Tree Farm
Box 45, Folder 17 Pictures for Birch Article for June issue of Forest Notes, Photos by Helen Ross Russell
Box 45, Folder 18 1971, Spoiled Banks Development in Maryland

Subseries B: Lantern Slides

Box 46
Box 46, Envelope 1 Mt. Monadnock – Dublin Pond
Box 46, Envelope 2 Crawford Notch
Box 46, Envelope 3 Mount Washington
Box 46, Envelope 4 Madison from Washington
Box 46, Envelope 5 Mad River Notch
Box 46, Envelope 6 Greeley Ponds Bowl, Mad River Notch
Box 46, Envelope 7 Franconia Range
Box 46, Envelope 8 Echo lake, Franconia Notch
Box 46, Envelope 9 Eagle Cliff and Profile lake
Box 46, Envelope 10 Profile Lake
Box 46, Envelope 11 Eagle Pass, D.W. Highway
Box 46, Envelope 12 The Flume
Box 46, Envelope 13 Upper Falls Flume
Box 46, Envelope 14 Lonesome Lake
Box 46, Envelope 15 Great Stone Face, Profile Lake
Box 46, Envelope 16 Old man in the Mountain
Box 46, Envelope 17 Profile
Box 46, Envelope 18 Pinus Strobus – White Pine
Box 46, Envelope 19 Picea Canadensis – White Spruce
Box 46, Envelope 20 Pinus Strobus – White Pine
Box 46, Envelope 21 Picea Canadensis – White Spruce
Box 46, Envelope 22 Picea Alba – White Spruce
Box 46, Envelope 23 Picea Canadensis – White Spruce
Box 46, Envelope 24 Pinus Strobus – White Pine
Box 46, Envelope 25 Pinus Strobus – White Pine
Box 46, Envelope 26 Clear cut
Box 46, Envelope 27 Clear cutting
Box 46, Envelope 28 View of clear cut

Subseries C: Slides

Box 46, Item 1 Box of Philip Ayres slides on forestry
Box 46, Item 2 Box of Philip Ayres slides on forestry

Subseries D: Audio Tapes – 7″ Reel-to-Reel

Box 46, Reel 1 Power Plant Siting 1 Conference (01/28/71 pm session)
Box 46, Reel 2 Power Plant Siting 2 Conference (01/28/71):

Side 1: “Federal Government and Power”

Side 2: Evening Session

Box 46, Reel 3 Power Plant Siting 3 Conference:

Side 1: am session

Side 2: pm session

Box 46, Reel 4 Power Plant Siting 4 Conference: pm session:

Side 1: NH Siting Bill

Side 2: Blank

Subseries E: Microfilm

Box 46, Item 1 Blaine Lot

Webster Tract

Box 46, Item 2 Monadnock Land, 1913-1974

Conservation Trust Agreements

Box 46, Item 3 Conservation Trust Agreements

Min. Vol. III, 1948-1972

Box 46, Item 4 Min. Vol. III, 1972-1978

Min. Vol. I, 1901-1927

Subseries F: Videocassettes

Box 47
Box 47, Tapes 1-5 SPNHF Conservation Center

Five beta cassettes (3 UCA 60s, 2 KCA 60s), each greater than 60 minutes in length, containing footage of a series of panel discussions on the construction of the new SPNHF Conservation Center. Dating from May 2, 1979, these meetings concerned the technological and practical implications of a solar energy system for the building. According to SPNHF, the videos were made in the hope of providing background on the project and instruction in adapting solar energy to contemporary business practices.

Subseries G: Audio Tapes – Cassettes

Box 48
Box 48, Tape 1 SPNHF: History, 1968
Box 48, Tape 2 SPNHF: Hirst (June 13, part 1) State Forestry Legislation, 1919, Franconia Notch
Box 48, Tape 3 SPNHF: Hirst (June 13, part 2)
Box 48, Tape 4 Hirst/Burn (last June tape)
Box 48, Tape 5 Hirst: transition from Rollins to Hollis (August 22)
Box 48, Tape 6 Side: Historical White Mountains, 68th Annual Meeting (September 14, 1969); Side 2: Business Meetings
Box 48, Tape 6a ?
Box 48, Tape 7 John Dodge
Box 48, Tape 8 Lost River History
Box 48, Tape 9 Forest Forever
Box 48, Tape 10 Hirst: June 13, 1970 (?)
Box 48, Tape 11 John Volpe (June 13, 1970), Franconia Notch
Box 48, Tape 12 68th Annual Meeting (September 20, 1969)

Series VII: Oversized Material, 1901-1983

Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Folder 1 Alphabetical Index (of SPNH archive?), 1901-1939
Oversize Box 1, Folder 2 NH State Grange Journal: Vol. III, March 1923
Oversize Box 1, Folder 3 Forest News, September 1977-July/August 1983
Oversize Box 1, Folder 4 Poster: “Lost River Reservation.

Offprint: “The Kinsman Notch Road”

Offprint: “The Fight for Old Monadnock” by Allen Chamberlain

Offprint: “Monadnock-Sunapee Trail”

Cardboard poster: “I Found Lost River”

Trampers’ Trail Guide – Grand Monadnock (3 copies)

Diagram showing direction, distance and altitude of points of interest from the summit of Monadmock Mountain, drawn by Charles Larned, 1900

Oversize Box 1, Folder 5 “Atlas of American Agriculture” (October 1924)
Oversize Box 1, Folder 6 Poster of NH Forest Field Day, 1982

Franconia Notch State Park, A Master Development Plan, 1966

Mimeograph copy of letter to Gov. King written by Paul O. Bofinger, Forester, November 29, 1966

Mimeograph copy of Report to His Excellency Governor John W. King and The Honorable Council by The Franconia Notch Advisory Council, December 1968

Oversize Box 1, Folder 7 Poster: “Dedication of Franconia Notch Forest Reservation and Memorial Park,” 1928
Oversize Box 1, Folder 8 Poster: “Franconia Notch Forest Reservation,” 1935
Oversize Box 1, Folder 9 Scrapbook (poor condition), 1947-1954
Oversize Box 1, Folder 10 Monadnock map; Summer 1960 issue of The Monadnock Regionaire
Oversize Box 1, Folder 11 Monadnock articles, 1920-1929
Oversize Box 1, Folder 12 Monadnock A-Frame Shelter – house plan, various advertisements, articles
Oversize Box 1, Folder 13 “The Woods and their Enemies,” 1914

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