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Guide to the Rye Project Photographs, n.d.

Collection number: VC 56a

Size: 3 boxes (1.00 cu.ft.)

About the Rye Project Photographs

The Rye project consists of over 150 photographs of people, houses, seascapes, and landmarks, principally of the New Hampshire seacoast region. Included are photographs by many local photography studios, the bulk of which are from Alba R. H. Foss, an Adams family relative (See Adams Family, Collection 56). The collection includes prints and negatives, and may be easily referenced by consulting the looseleaf binder of contact prints in the Special Collections office. The system of identification used by Media Services has been retained.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open.

Copyright Notice

Contents of this collection are governed by U.S. copyright law. For questions about publication or reproduction rights, contact Special Collections staff.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Rye Project Photographs, n.d., VC 56a, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donated along with parts of the MC 56: Adams Family Papers. Transfered from the University of New Hampshire Media Services, March 1983 (Accession number: 8259)

Collection Contents

Series I: Rye Beach Inn, and other large inn interior

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1 Rye Beach Inn interiors

12: Rye Beach Inn (Beach Club?). Field stone fireplace wall in dining room. (Matted)

22: Living room fireplace wall

32: Dance floor, fieldstone fireplace wall

42: Living room/den fireplace wall (beachstone)

52: Large cottage fireplace wall

Series II: Various buildings and private homes in and around Rye

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 2 Buildings and private homes in and around Rye: B1-B10

B1: Appledore Island Hotel, Isles of Shoals. A. Foss photo. 2 copies

B2: Cape with attached porch and barn. Barn with cuppola. Stone fence. Another small barn in rear

B3: Rye Beach Precinct Building. Brick, 2-story, with Rye Beach Post Office. Foss imprint. Postcard

B4: Little Boars Head, North Hampton, near Atlantic Avenue. Blue tone photograph. Matted

B5: Locke Lodge, Sea Road, Rye, N.H. Calling card. (verso) “Locke Lodge: Chester D. Drake, proprietor. Open June lst to November lst”

B6: Looking toward Rye, from Little Boar’s Head. Cluster of three beach houses. Blue tone

B7: Beach front cottages, and Hotel. Foss photo. (Matted)

B8: Mansard roof, 3-story, with attached barn, picket fence, possibly South road, Rye, near golf course. Foss photo

B9: Railroad Depot. Sign says “Greenland-Strawspoint.” Bicycle parked in front

B10: Railroad Depot.(Same as above, different angle). Three tracks, hand car in front

Box 1, Folder 3 Buildings and private homes in and around Rye: B11-B20

B11: Drakes Livery Stables, near Concord Point. “The Casino,” large wind vane, horse with stage coach, round window. Blue tone

B12: Abenaqui Golf Club House. Tennis Court. Since moved

B13: 2.5 story with 6 over 6 windows, porch, ell with large barn

B14: 2.5 story Federal style, central chimney, ell in rear, attached barn, fancy chimney tops, wood fence with pickets

B15: 3 story Mansard, same as B8, different angle

B16: Large house, full porch on 2 sides, hammock on porch, three story

B17: 2.5 story farmhouse, ell and barn attached, porch, picket fence

B18: 3 story Federal with porch, with dormers

B19: Cable Road, large Victorian, “C.R.McLanis”

B20: 2 Views, large boxy Victorian with sun deck

Box 1, Folder 4 Buildings and private homes in and around Rye: B21-B30

B21: Farragut home driveway

B22: 2 chimney, 2.5 story farmhouse with attached ell and barn

B23: Large, 2 chimney Federal with porch, ell in rear

B24: Large Victorian box, open deck, ell in rear, large pitched roof on barn

B25: Fuller Estates, Little Boar’s Head, North Hampton. Foss photo

B26: Different view of above. See B25

B27: Sea View Hotel, (verso) “views of the beach at Rye, N.H.” Foss photo

B28: Drakes Livery Stable. 6 horse stage coach, see Bll. “Richard H. Kimball, Photographer, Concord, N.H.”

B29: Home of Sylvanus Foss, Washington Road, Rye. 3.5 story farmhouse, large ell and barn, stonewall in foreground

B30: 2 large, boxy Victorians, picket fence

Box 1, Folder 5 Buildings and private homes in and around Rye: B31-B40

B31: Early Mansard Federal, ell, outbuildings

B32: 3 Story farmhouse, with porch, ell, barn

B33: Victorian farmhouse, partial porch, verso: Joshua Drake House(?)

B34: Back of Saltbox, with ell

B35: Beach house, Rye. Postcard

B36: Sea View House, Rye Beach. Postcard

B37: Country Road, stone walls, trees, fields, homes

B38: Ultra large tavern, boxy. Winter

B39: Residence of A.H. McLain, Newton, Kansas. Large Victorian

B40: Towle House. Small cape, ell, shed, water barrel. “Annie M. Towle”

Box 1, Folder 6 Buildings and private homes in and around Rye: B41-B50

B41: Mr. Hill’s house. Giant porched Victorian. Little Boar’s Head, North Hampton. Foss photo

B42: Mrs. Fuller Halsey’s Little Boar’s Head Mansion

B43: Country Road. Trees, fences, stone walls, homes. “The Elms, Foss Beach, Rye,” August 1885

B44: Same as above, B43, slightly different angle. “S.W.Foss residence”

B45: Windy Hill, 3 victorian buildings. Postcard

B46: 2.5 story farmhouse. Postcard

B47: Woodbury Seavey House, 220 Pioneer Road, Rye. 9 over 6, Federal, with central chimney, entryway

B48: Country Road, houses, fences, stonewalls. Photo by Emma H.H. Foss

B49: Fuller Houses

B50: Madame Fuller’s Mansion

Box 1, Folder 7 Buildings and private homes in and around Rye: B51-B60

B51: Intriguing structure with underground storage. Doorframe equal to windows, Cape. Foss photo

B52: 3 Story farmhouse with ell, barn, twin chimney

B53: In-Town View. Double rows of houses. Minnie M.R.Foss, Springfield, photo

B54: Beachfront Cottages. Foss photo

B55: Beach Cottage built on rock

B56: Governor Fuller House, home of Mrs. Fuller Halsey

B57: Large church with clock in steeple, brick

B58: Large house

B59: Victorian with gardens in foreground

B60: Same as B41, different angle

Box 1, Folder 8 Buildings and private homes in and around Rye: B61-B66

B61: Large Victorian, Gingerbread

B62: 3 Story farmhouse, huge piazza, barn. Foss photo

B63: Beachfront Houses

B64: Same as B43, different angle. Also B44-The Elms

B65: Giant barn and carriage shed, cows in foreground

B66: “On the Road to York Beach,” Sunshine Park

Series III: Miscellaneous photographs

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 9 Miscellaneous photographs: M1-M6

M1: Portsmouth Harbor, steam and sailboats, dinghies. Foss photo

M2: Large 3 masted ship, schooners in background

M3: “The Elms,” Rye, composite. See B43, B44, B64

M4: Equipment, bridge building, stonework

M5: Chapel, cemetary in woods, huge rock nearby

M6: “Dover Point Bridge,” 1/2 train track

Box 1, Folder 10 M7: Program. Trio Celebration, “Foss Beach,” 18 August 1884. Unfolded
Box 1, Folder 11 M8: Bird sketches
Box 1, Folder 12 Miscellaneous photographs: M9-M16

M9: Framed picture of flowers on stand

M10: “Floral decoration in the Christian Church, Rye, N.H.,” Rev. J. E. Everingham, pastor, September 7, 1890. “Welcome to our Pastor.” Foss photo

M11: “Hoyt Farm, Newington.” Penned cows

M12: Bridge, Mrs. B.F.Denton, Photo Parlors, 116 W. 5th Street, Newton, Kansas

M13: Concord, N.H.. Aerial view

M14: Handpainted Appletrees in blossom. Signed A.S. Hemenway

M15: Mown Hayfield

M16: Home interior

Series IV: People

Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1 People: P1-P10

P1: Equestrienne. Corrinne Parsons MacDonald (or Analesa Foss McLeod?). Foss photo

P2: 2 men playing checkers. Minnie Foss photo

P3: “The Oaks, Foss Beach.” Minnie Foss photo

P4: S.W. Foss and horse, Charlie. Foss photo

P5: 2 Horse Shay

P6: Men chopping firewood near barn. Wagon in foreground

P7: Man and woman. September 12, 1917

P8: Woman and child. Studio Photo

P9: 2 Young women standing out of doors, Spring 1898

P10: 2 women, faces

Box 2, Folder 2 People: P11-P20

P11: “Greenland, N.H., Miss Merrill and Class.” Several of those in picture are identified. Foss photo

P12: Group playing croquet. Foss photo

P13: Family group in front of doorway

P14: Foss family, 1886

P15: Foss family, 1886. Hannah Dustin Monument, verso

P16: Family group at the beach. Foss photo

P17: Family in motorcar

P18: 4 Women

P19: 7 Women eating on a stonewall

P20: Lake Wentworth, October 12, 1931. 6 Persons on Bench

Box 2, Folder 3 People: P21-P30

P21: 4 Persons in front of barn

P22: Family group on veranda

P23: 7 Ladies sitting near grapes. “Mrs. Chadwick and friends”

P24: Family group

P25: Studio portrait, Grandmother and 2 children

P26: Studio portrait, 4 generations

P27: 9 ladies. Foss photo

P28: Sylvanus W. Foss and family. Studio portrait

P29: Washington House, Cable Road. Large group on veranda

P30: Bicycle parade in front of “The Elms”

Box 2, Folder 4 People: P31-P41

P31: Rainy day at the fair

P32: Rye Brass Band

P33: Food committee on stairs

P34: Large group, mostly children

P35: “Picnic at Rye Beach,” Large group

P36: “Christian Society Picnic at Stratham Mill”

P37: Children lined up in front of large building

P38: Picnic at the beach

P39: Picnic at the beach

P40: Children’s Flag Day

P41: Beribboned men

Series V: Sea/Surf

Box 2
Box 2, Folder 5 Sea/Surf: S1-S10

Sl: Waves on Rocks. Foss Photo

S2: Waves on Rocks. Foss Photo

S3: Waves on Rocks. Foss Photo

S4: Waves on Rocks

S5: Surf at Rye. Foss Photo

S6: Surf at Rye. Foss Photo

S7: Surf at Rye

S9: Surf at Rye

S10: Surf at Rye

Box 2, Folder 6 Sea/Surf: S11-S19

S11: Surf at Rye

S12: Ice and Snow on Rocks

S13: Surf

S14: Surf. Foss Photo

S15: Rocky beach

S16: Looking out to sea

S17: Wreck of the Lizzie Carr, 1905

S18: Wreck of the Lizzie Carr, 1905. Matted

S19: Straw’s Point in background

Series VI: Single Person

Box 2
Box 2, Folder 7 Single Person: SP1-SP5

SP1: Man and dog in a leather frame

SP2: Alba Foss,(taken by Minnie Foss)

SP3: Rev. Samuel Hoyt and horse

SP4: de Rochemont

SP5: Elderly gentleman. Foss photo

Box 2, Folder 8 Single Person: SP6-SP20

SP6: Man, 1884. Cook photo

SP7: Man in roadster

SP8: George Brown

SP9: Mary Tuck Rand

SP10: Mary Tuck Rand, 1921

SP11: Woman, Thanksgiving, 1917

SP12: Woman, (DeWitt)(DeRochemont)

SP13: Woman, Star Island (Celia Thaxter?)

SP14: Woman, Hammock in orchard

SP15: Emma Hoyt in turkey yard, 1887/88

SP16: Mathes, Man

SP17: Charles Austin, Foss photo

SP18: Coburn Hoyt

SP19: Elderly gentleman. Foss photo

SP20: A.R.H. Foss, 1880. Moore photo

Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1 Single Person: SP21-SP32

SP21: Woman, 1884. Cook photo

SP22: Mrs. Page, the Minister’s wife, Newington. Dunne photo

SP23: Woman

SP24: Woman. Moore photo

SP25: Woman. Martial photo(Montreal)

SP26: Woman. Chase photo

SP27: Woman

SP28: Emma Hoyt Foss

SP29: Emma Hoyt Foss. Foss photo

SP30: Woman. Foss photo

SP31: Woman. Signed Holton Photographers

SP32: Woman with dog on stoop

Series VII: Roads

Box 3
Box 3, Folder 2 Roads: W1-W4

W1: Church Road, Rye

W2: Church Road, Rye

W3: Grove Road, Rye. Foss photo

W4: Road. Postcard

Series VIII: Negatives

Box 3
Box 3, Folder 3 Negatives of Series I
Box 3, Folder 4 Negatives of Series II, Photo #’s B.1 to B.30
Box 3, Folder 5 Negatives of Series II, Photo #’s B.31 to B.60
Box 3, Folder 6 Negatives of Series II, Photo #’s B.61 to B.66
Box 3, Folder 7 Negatives of Series III
Box 3, Folder 8 Negatives of Series IV, Photo #’s P.1 to P.41
Box 3, Folder 9 Negatives of Series V
Box 3, Folder 10 Negatives of Series VI
Box 3, Folder 11 Negatives of Series VII