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Guide to the Rock Rest Papers, 1940-2006

Collection number: MC 216

Size: 10 boxes (3.33 cu.ft.)

About Rock Rest

Rock Rest was an inn primarily for African American guests in Kittery Point, ME. Owned and operated by Clayton and Hazel Sinclair, who gave up their own beds to guests coming to vacation in Maine during the summer months from 1948 to 1976, its story reflects much of the racial history of the 20th century in northern New England, including the pre-Civil Rights era of de facto segregation when racial discrimination pervaded public and private life. It is also the story of a couple’s determination to make a better life for themselves against great odds, by working hard and integrating themselves into the dominant society, yet still speaking out and taking action to end injustice. Clayton and Hazel helped establish the first seacoast branch of the NAACP.

By the time Pease Air Force Base opened in 1956, bringing a new influx of minority families into the seacoast region, local discriminatory practices in housing and public accommodations had become intolerable. Home owners and real estate agents placed restrictions on properties in certain parts of town, prohibiting Blacks from renting or buying homes in so-called “red lined” neighborhoods. De facto segregation limited access to hotels, upscale restaurants, barbershops, and many other public places that were operated by non-Blacks. Because this was an unwritten practice, unlike in the South where interracial mingling was prohibited by law, African Americans could never be certain whether they would be accepted or rejected when seeking services. Although he gave a command performance for Queen Elizabeth II of England in 1957, when Count Basie (and Duke Ellington and many other celebrity performers) played for white audiences at dance halls in Weirs Beach, York Beach and Old Orchard, he could not find overnight accommodations in white-owned establishments.

About the Rock Rest Papers

The collection consists of only a small amount of material directly related to Rock Rest as an inn. The bulk of the collection is made up of correspondence and personal belongings of the Sinclairs, their families and friends. Names marked with asterisks (*) indicate guests at Rock Rest.

Rock Rest does not appear in the 1949 edition of The Negro Motorist Green Book (see Box 8 f.3) because the Sinclairs did not advertise, operating instead through personal connections and by word of mouth.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open.

Copyright Notice

Contents of this collection are governed by U.S. copyright law. For questions about publication or reproduction rights, contact Special Collections staff.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Rock Rest Papers, 1940-2006, MC 216, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donation: Valerie Cunningham, Portsmouth, NH, 2008 (Accession number: 2008.03, 2009.05)

Collection Contents

Series I: Rock Rest

(1 Box)

Subseries A: Guest Books

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1 Guest book, house warming 1940-1943
Box 1, Folder 2 Rock Rest guest book 1948-1975
Box 1, Folder 3 Rock Rest guest book 1960-1975
Box 1, Folder 4 Spreadsheets of guests at Rock Rest 1948-1972 with names and addresses of guest and friends.

Subseries B: Correspondence

Box 1, Folder 5 Correspondence to Rock Rest, 1951-1952: Eva Archer; Louise Abrams; Edna M. Brooks; Bernice L. Carn; Geraldine & Rufus Cox; Pearl & Ed Guy; Clarence A. Holmes

Subseries C: Finances

Box 1, Folder 6 Accounts and expenses, 1946-1977
Box 1, Folder 7 Accounts, 1957-1976
Box 1, Folder 8 State, county and town taxes on Rock Rest, 1948 & 1949
Box 1, Folder 9 Invoice for new floors and partition for Rock Rest 1939; invoice for bathroom install at Rock Rest 1940; invoice 1945; invoice for two chairs 1952
Box 1, Folder 10 Building permit for two porches at Rock Rest 1946; Department of Health and Welfare Water Analysis Report, 1968
Box 1, Folder 11 Property appraisal, May 10, 1985

Subseries D: Printed Materials

Box 1, Folder 12 Rock Rest business cards, stationery, letterhead, and postcards, one b&w, one color
Box 1, Folder 13 Newspaper articles: “Historic Home Listed as an Endangered Resource,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, August 1, 2008; “Rock Rest lodging for black help,” n.d.
Box 1, Folder 14 Pencil sketch of Rock Rest
Box 1, Folder 15 Paper: “Rock Rest: An African American Guest House in the Age of Segregation” by Valerie Cunningham, a former Rock Rest employee presented at the Black New England Conference, Center for New England Culture, Durham, NH, June 2006

Series II: Hazel Sinclair

(5 Boxes)

Subseries A: Correspondence

Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1 From Hazel Sinclair to “Aunt,” September 27, 1986; to “Christian Church Family,” n.d.; to Clayton Sinclair, n.d.; to Clayton Sinclair, Jr., October 26, 1951; to United Baptist Convention, n.d. (letter of resignation as treasurer of People’s Baptist Church); envelope with return address
Box 2, Folder 2 From Clayton Sinclair, Jr. (11 letters, 1952-1967 and undated)
Box 2, Folder 3 From Clayton Sinclair, III (11 letters, 1983-1994 and undated)
Box 2, Folder 4 From Jean Sinclair (13 letters 1966-1995)
Box 2, Folder 5 From Louise Abrams*; Gray Alvord; Linda Arman; Fairy Armstrong; Levin Armwood, 1928-1980
Box 2, Folder 6 From Gertrude Batchelder; Ruth Benson*; Peg Bertolini; Rose Bettain; Harold Blaxter; Carolyn Blouin, Teddie and Angela Booker, 1975-1987
Box 2, Folder 7 From Anne Bright; Ken and Mary Brown; Lorraine Brown; Marie Brown; Quincy Bryant; Mary Ann Burn, 1951-1978
Box 2, Folder 8 From Harold & Gracia Campbell; Bernice Carn*; Kennie & Winnie Caswell; Marion Whiting Chassier; Edward Crocker; Nita Crawford; Augusta & Clarence & Valerie Cunningham; Valerie Cunningham, 1978-1993
Box 2, Folder 9 From Mary Decatur; Libby Delano; Thomas Dudley, 1978-1994
Box 2, Folder 10 From Alysa Edwards; Mary & Wilber Edwards; Royaline Edwards; Royaline & Kelvin Edwards; Dora & Carroll Evans, 1978-1995
Box 2, Folder 11 From Jane Faust; Jan & Tom Fawcett (18), 1975-1995
Box 2, Folder 12 From Janet M. Fletcher; Ellen Forbes; Jack, Audrey, Mark, Scott & Kimberly Foster; Laurie Freeman; John Gainey; Mary Gardner*; Viki & [?] Gibbs; Ed & Pearl Guy, 1951-1995
Box 2, Folder 13 From Ruth & Richard Hardin; Jean & Bob Harford; Richard B. Harrison; Ken Hayes; Gwendolyn M. Haynes; Johnalee Herbert, 1928-1993
Box 2, Folder 14 From Helen & George Hogan*; Lula Holimon; Bessie Hopkins*; W.W. Howells; Margaret Hubbard; Rose Huntley; Isabel Hutchins; Louise Jackson; Stanley & Lillian Jarvis, 1958-1991
Box 2, Folder 15 From Anne Johnson*; Diane Johnson; Ethel & Thelma [McNair] Johnson*; Tyris Jones, 1971-1989
Box 2, Folder 16 Bernice (“Bonnie”) Kidd; Kwanza; Myrtle [K], 1987-1994
Box 2, Folder 17 From Bob & Milly Lamson; Laverdure Family; Yusuf Lazor; Bertram “Bert” & Winnie Lee*; Evelyn Leighton; J.E Lowery; Cassie, Arthur & Pat Lutts, 1951-1994
Box 2, Folder 18 From Dorris MacDonald; Alice Marden; Etta McAllester; Rev. J.R. McClements; Margaret & Don McIntosh; Ethel & Thelma McNair [Johnson]*; Gladys McNally; Linda Midgette, 1946-1987
Box 2, Folder 19 From Olive Moore; Percy & Nellie Moore*, 1978-1987
Box 2, Folder 20 From Evelyn New; Tamara New-O’Chei; Jeri Palmer; Lou Parker; Melvina “Vina” Parker, 1978-1995
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1 From Lillian Pelchat; W.G. Poor; Chris & Miriam Portlock*; Marion Powell, 1978
Box 3, Folder 2 From Rev. Wayne and Antoinette “Toni” Price, 1978-1989
Box 3, Folder 3 From Rev. Wayne and Antoinette “Toni” Price, 1992-1994
Box 3, Folder 4 From Louise Ramsdell; John & Arlene Randall; “Mattie” Randolph*; Valerie Randolph; Thomas & Roxie Ratliff; Barbara Reese; Dorothy Roark, 1968-1978
Box 3, Folder 5 From Dolly Robarts; Ted & Mary Robbins; Margaret Rogers; Frances Ross; Judi Sama; Kirk Sampson; Albert Samuda, 1974-1995
Box 3, Folder 6 From Robert & Ruth Satterberg; Esther Sawyer; Jonathan Sawyer; John & Marion Schroeder; Alice Seaward; Harry & Helen Seaward; Gladys Shirley*; Grace Sills; Dean (“Junior” – nephew) and Jean Sinclair; E.D. & Nancy Sinclair*, 1951-1993
Box 3, Folder 7 From Bernice Smith; Robert & Betsy Smith; U.S. Senator Margaret Chase Smith; Reverend Raymond F. Smith (Gen. Sec., United Baptist Convention of NH); Janis So[--]?; Jeannette Spear; Brenda Stallworth; Anna Stevenson; Myrtle Stoddard; Walter Stryker, 1961-1994
Box 3, Folder 8 From Stan & Shirley Teasdale; Oscar M. Thompson*; Margaret Tragard; Muriel Turk; John & Bonnie Vadala, 1952-1995
Box 3, Folder 9 From Capt. Van Driel and the Rotterdam Crew; C.W. Vandenbergh; Mary Varrell; Betty Walton; James, Lillian & Isabel Washington; Mae Washington*; Eleanor Williams, 1951-1995
Box 3, Folder 10 From Bobbie Wilson; V. Wilson; Hilda & Bindley Wiltshire; Ann Workman; Doris Yolter, 1978-1995
Box 3, Folder 11 From unidentified correspondents: Alexne; Ally and Ellen; Angela; Anissa; Anne; Anne and Wilber; Barbara and Charlie; Bernard and Erdine; Bernice F.; Bernice and Angela; Bernice and Kiel; Betty and Stan; Brad; Butch
Box 3, Folder 12 From unidentified correspondents: Carolyn; Carolyn and Paul; Charlotte and George; Cin and Peter; Deanie and Bernard; Edna and Lionel; Edward; Ed and Ann; Eleanor and Jeri; Elizabeth; Essielene
Box 3, Folder 13 From unidentified correspondents: Goodie; Graham and Jean; Gussie; Helen; Ida; Janet and Mary; Joe; John and Carle; Jon and Mary; Josephine; Judy and Coles; Kel; Lysa; Marjorie and Charlie; Mark and Jane; Mary
Box 3, Folder 14 From unidentified correspondents: Rachel; Charlotta and Ray; Ruth; Sandra; S.C.; Stan and June; Ted [Robbins?]; Toni [Price?]; Trent; Valerie [Randolph/Cunningham?]; W.R.L.; unidentified
Box 3, Folder 15 A sample of the many hundreds of sympathy, birthday, Christmas cards, etc. sent to Hazel

Subseries B: Personal Files

Box 3, Folder 16 Photocopy of high school diploma (original is located in Oversize), June 23,1920

Announcement of “Hazel Colbert in a Dramatic Recital,” November 7, 1935

Divorce certificate, April 2, 1936; clippings: divorce notice February 25, 1936 and notice of marriage to Clayton Sinclair on September 16, 1936

Kittery Maine Voter Certification October 12, 1951

Hazel and Clayton’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary invitation 1961

Award for sixty years of church membership from Middle Street Baptist Church, May 19, 1985

Certificate of Recognition for “Extra Meritorious Service and Dedication / The Bearer of this Certificate is Proclaimed Deaconess Emeritus,” December 1, 1991

Box 3, Folder 17 Speeches:

“My Sunday”

“Women’s Communion Breakfast”

“Friends are a Gift of God”

“What Love Means to Me”

American Baptist Women of N.H. Mid-Winter Meeting

["Looking to the Future"]: Speech to Youth

Unknown: “Having faced a great lost [sic] some months ago”

Box 3, Folder 18 Journal of “Trip West 1952″; photocopy and transcription of same
Box 3, Folder 19 Various address books
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1 Copy of The New Testament
Box 4, Folder 2 Hymnal
Box 4, Folder 3 Prayers and devotions
Box 4, Folder 4 Printed hymns: “Battle Hymn of the Republic”; “Lift Every Voice and Sing”; “Middle Street Baptist Song Shee”; “”Choose Ye”
Box 4, Folder 5 80th birthday guest book, April 15, 1982
Box 4, Folder 6 Engagement Calendar, 1989
Box 4, Folder 7 Notes re Hazel’s health, family, etc., October 18, 1993-October 28, 1994

Subseries C: Organizations

Box 4, Folder 8 Material re religious organizations:

“American Baptist Convention: Handbook on the Collection Program Christian Higher Education Challenge, Treasurer’s Copy”

“American Baptist Women: Purpose of the American Baptist Women; American Baptist Women Goals for the “80′s””

Invitation to the first anniversary celebration of The Bethesda Mission, 140 Circuit Road, Portsmouth, N.H., August 12, 1984

Bookmark from the Bible Society of Maine

Layman’s Hour Message, March 24, 1963 and Layman’s Hour Message, n.d.

Receipt for $1 contribution to Layman’s Hour, dated April 5, 1963

Program, New Hope Baptist Church, Peverly Hill Road, Portsmouth, N.H. welcoming Rev. Bernice King, January 23, 1994

Invitation to the New Hampshire Convocation of Churches, May 4, 1962-May 6, 1962

Souvenir program of the 20th Anniversary Emmanuel Baptist church in Malden, MA, Sunday and Monday, May 15-16, 1966

Box 4, Folder 9 Middle St. Baptist Church, Haymarket Square, Portsmouth, N.H.:

Communion Breakfast: For Men Only flyer, n.d.

Contribution invoice, first quarter report, 1968

Blank card with Middle St. Baptist image on front

Newsletter, November 1993

Program for the dedication to the Glory of God, the Service of Mankind, November 18, 1956-November 25, 1956

Pictorial Church Directory, n.d.; Print of church (8×11), no. 33, signed R. Fleming, 1983

Box 4, Folder 10 Middle St. Baptist Church, Haymarket Square, Portsmouth, N.H.:

Minutes of Annual Meeting, January 25, 1979

Programs, incomplete series, 1962-1995 [September 9, 1995, Hazel Sinclair's Funeral Service programs]

Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1 People’s Baptist Church, Pearl and Hanover Streets, Portsmouth, N.H.:

People’s Baptist Church Constitution, n.d.

Program of Ordination of Wayman B. McLaughlin to the Christian Ministry, June 30, 1945

Program of Ordination of Stanley Whittred Jarvis, Jr. to the Gospel Ministry, September 14, 1958

Seventieth Anniversary Program, September 20, 1963

Program for the morning service, December 3, 1956

The People Baptist Newsletter, November 1963

Robert H. Dunn Players program for Smilin’ Through, November 6-7, 1964

Invoice for “sidewalling” church with insulated brick siding, tearing off steeple and building new spire, installing new louvers and painting steeple two coats, May 20, 1955

Hazel’s letter of resignation as treasurer, July 2, 1962 and letter from the Auditing Committee, June 22, 1962 stating that “Thorough checking showed that the Treasurers accounts to be [sic] absolutely accurate.”

Box 5, Folder 2 People’s Baptist Church: Treasury Book 1948-1952
Box 5, Folder 3 People’s Baptist Church: Treasury Book 1953-1958; photocopies of year 1953
Box 5, Folder 4 People’s Baptist Church: Bulletins 1951-1961, incomplete set
Box 5, Folder 5 People’s Baptist Church: Bulletins 1962, incomplete set
Box 5, Folder 6 People’s Baptist Church: Bulletins 1963, incomplete set
Box 5, Folder 7 People’s Baptist Church: Bulletins 1964-1965, incomplete set
Box 5, Folder 8 People’s Baptist Church: newsclippings, all uncredited and undated unless indicated:

“People’s Baptist Gets New Minister,” March 27, 1958

“Peoples Baptist Church Received New Pastor”

“Baptist Church Slates Services,” August 11, 1961

“Concert Given by People’s Church Group”

“Church Passes”

“Public Forum”

“Celebration of Emancipation Proclamation”

“Much Interest in Concert”

“People’s Baptist Church” notices

“72 drops the Islington for move to historic church,” August 19, 1984

Box 5, Folder 9 Women’s Missionary Society, People’s Baptist Church, Portsmouth, N.H.: two hand-written notes seeking gift donations, November 1954; Notebook with meeting agenda and account balance, 1956
Box 5, Folder 10 Southeastern Baptist Association: annual meeting programs, 1962, 1964, 1989; Christian Social Relations, Southeastern Association Baptist Women, n.d.

Unitarian-Universalist Church: Bulletins 1962-1964, incomplete set; The United Liberal newsletter, January 26, 1978

United Baptist Convention: anniversary programs of the United Baptist Convention of New Hampshire 1962 and 1965

“Motion to Amend Name” submitted by the New Hope Baptist Church to change the name of the United Baptist Convention of New Hampshire to the American Baptist Churches of New Hampshire, n.d.

United Church of Women: World Community Day Program, November 5, 1965

Box 5, Folder 11 Programs of service for other churches:

Bethany Congregational Christian Church, Rye, NH, January 26, 1964

Program for funeral services for Quincy Adam Bryant, Central United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA, July 23, 1979

First Congregational Church, Kittery, ME, April 14, 1963

First Christian Church, Kittery Point, ME, December 30, 1962

Mount Olive Baptist Church, NYC, NY, November 18, 1956 and October 4, 1964

North Congregational Church, Portsmouth, NH, January 6, 1963 and May 2, 1965

Pease Air Force Base, NH, April 1, 1962

St. John’s Church, Portsmouth, NH, October 14, 1962 and The Bulletin, February 1, 1963

Shiloh Baptist Church, Atlantic City, NJ, October 11, 1964

Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, West Palm Beach, FL, February 24, 1980

Box 5, Folder 12 Material re secular organizations:

Aristo Club of Boston: 50th Anniversary Program, April 20, 1975

Kwanza newsletters, June 1994, May 1995

League of Women Voters: letter welcoming Hazel to League of Women Voters and list of officers and directors, June 11, 1986

Provisional League of Women Voters of York County Bylaws, June 1986

Brochure; newspaper article, n.d.

Letter from the Palmer Memorial Institute, Sedalia, North Carolina asking for donation April 28, 1951

Thank-you postcard for donation to the Massachusetts Congregational Women’s House for the Palmer Memorial Institute, July 9, 1951

Box 5, Folder 13 Visiting Nurse Service of Southern Maine:

Holiday letter, November 27, 1992> and The Visitor, newsletters, November 1992 and October 1993

Thank you letter acknowledging $20 donation, August 8, 1994

Subseries D: Travel

Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1 Travel Brochures and Guides:

“New Orleans, American’s Most Interesting City”

“Roosevelt’s Little White House,” Warm Springs, Georgia

Guadalajara Hilton, Mexico

“Old Fort Hilton,” Kingston, Ontario

“Library of Parliament Ottawa, Canada”

“Sightseeing Official Blue Band,” Quebec, Canada

“The Senate of Canada,” Ottawa, Canada

“Motel Acapulco,” Acapulco, Mexico

“Continental Tours, Grand Tour of Mexico City,” Mexico

“A.J. Hustins Enterprises, Excellent Accommodations and Cuisines,” Nova Scotia

“Callaway Gardens,” Pine Mountain, Georgia

Box 6, Folder 2 Lunch Menus: Grossinger’s Sunday, October 8, 1978 and Saturday, October 17, 1978; Landis Valley Resort Inn
Box 6, Folder 3 Holland America Cruises: cruise brochures, SS Rotterdam 1980; Caribbean Cruises, 1980-1981; Bermuda and Caribbean Cruises, 1981; Around the World Cruise, 1981; Trans-Canal Cruises, 1981
Box 6, Folder 4 Holland America Cruises: SS Rotterdam: Forecast for November 20, 1980; SS Rotterdam ship’s services Directory; List of Articles consumed on board the SS Rotterdam during the crimson travel Caribbean cruise November 9-21, 1980; “Art on board the SS Rotterdam” ; “Hair and Beauty Notes” ; paper coaster; piece of blank stationery
Box 6, Folder 5 Holland America Cruises: SS Rotterdam: Daily Programs, Sunday November 16, 1980-November 20, 1980, incomplete
Box 6, Folder 6 Holland American Cruises: SS Rotterdam: Menus, Sunday November 9, 1980 to Wednesday November 19, 1980, incomplete
Box 6, Folder 7 Holland America Cruises: SS Rotterdam: Event Programs, Tuesday November 11, 1980 and Sunday November 16, 1980
Box 6, Folder 8 Holland America Cruises: SS Rotterdam: Port Brochures and Excursions, Fort-de-France, Martinique; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Philipsburg, Sint Maarten; Shore Excursions
Box 6, Folder 9 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: cruise brochures: 7, 8, 10, and 14-Day Cruises, August 1983-December 1984
Box 6, Folder 10 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: Song of America: Cruise ticket; passenger list; welcome guide
Box 6, Folder 11 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Song of America: Daily Cruise Compass, Monday October 17, 1983-October 22, 1983, incomplete
Box 6, Folder 12 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Song of America: event program, Tuesday, October 18, 1983 and port brochures: Bahamas; San Juan; St. Thomas
Box 6, Folder 13 Furness Bermuda Line: Queen of Bermuda – church service program; menu cards, Sunday, November 18, 1962-November 25, 1962, incomplete
Box 6, Folder 14 Cunard Line, Queen Elizabeth II: map of ship, passenger list
Box 6, Folder 15 Postcards: Jamaica, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Montana
Box 6, Folder 16 Postcards: New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario, and South Dakota
Box 6, Folder 17 Postcards: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Wyoming, others

Subseries E: Newsclippings

Box 6, Folder 18 “North Church Women’s Guild has Reception,” January 23, 1935

“Women’s Guild Hold Musicale for Charity,” December 12, 1935

“ittery Reception for Sen. Smith,” September 19, 1960.

“Hazel A. Sinclair,” Portsmouth Herald, September 11, 1995

“People’s Baptist Church,” n.d.

“Kittery Meeting of Austin P.T.A.,” n.d.

“North Church Reception,” n.d.

“Death Takes ‘De Lawd’ of ‘The Green Pastures’”; “In Praise of the Negro As An Actor and an Artist,” “R.B. Harrison, “De Lawd,” Dies” (re Richard B. Harrison’s death)

3 untitled and undated clippings

Box 6, Folder 19 Three scrapbook pages 1939-1945; photocopies of same
Box 6, Folder 20 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

Subseries F: Miscellaneous

Box 6, Folder 21 Dress pattern with written measurements

Handwritten copy of “Prayer with Everything” by Elaine St. Johns, Encino, CA

Hospital message from Bobbie Wilson and post-it from Eleanor William for Hazel

Piece of stationery with handwritten Inter-Continental Airline, Inc. slogan

Short poem about friendship

Poem: “Special Delivery from Heaven”

Photograph of Richard B. Harrison, actor and Hazel’s teacher

Subseries G: Audio Interview

Box 6, Folder 22 Interview with Hazel Sinclair conducted by Valerie Cunningham, November 2, 1990. CD format.

Series III: Clayton Sinclair

(2 Boxes)

Subseries A: Correspondence

Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1 From Clayton Sinclair to Unwar J. Samaha; “Mary and Tom”
Box 7, Folder 2 To Clayton Sinclair from E.A. McCourt; Paul McEachern; Joseph M. Murray; Unwar J. Samaha; Raymond F. Smith; “Court”; “Emma,” and unidentified

Subseries B: Personal Files

Box 7, Folder 3 Car insurance policy for new 1939 Chevrolet, July 21, 1939

Kittery Maine Voter Certification, October 12, 1951

New Hampshire Technical Institute Commencement Program, Portsmouth, NH, June 26, 1952.

Ticket Receipt for the Boston and Maine Railroad, July 11, 1953

Receipt for 1949 Chevrolet from Portsmouth Buick Company, Inc., May 4, 1955

Signed paper appointing Clayton Sinclair as Mr. Alice and Scott Smith’s legal executor, March 15, 1957

International Certificate of Vaccination, vaccination of small pox, October 23, 1962

Handwritten insurance calculation, n.d.

Box 7, Folder 4 Town of Kittery Councilman card, 1973

Kittery Resident Clam License, 1977

Senior Citizen Fort Foster Park pass

Maine Motor Vehicle Operator’s License, 1979

Freemason membership card, 1977

American Legion membership card, 1978

United States Navy Identification card

U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH Identification card with blood type

Federal Emergency Assignee Identification card

Navy Year Portsmouth, NH signature card, Activity Pass, July 1963

U.S. Navy dog tags

Freemason Identification Bracelet

Box 7, Folder 5 Awards: One Year No-Accident Driver Award, National Safety Council Inc., October 27, 1943

Certificate and letter awarding ten dollars for suggestion of “portable ramp for loading platform,” U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH, September 16, 1953

Certificate and letter for eleven years of safe driving, U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH, April 11, 1954

Pin for eleven years of safe driving

Certificate for “accumulating 1,000 hours of sick leave,” U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH, July 28, 1960

Reviews: shop efficiency rating, U.S. Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, N.H., March 31, 1946

Performance rating, U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH, March 31, 1951

Reports: “Answer to Charges,” Clayton Sinclair, January 30, 1953

“Request for leave,” Clayton Sinclair, April 10, 1944

“Disturbance at Main Gate,” U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH, September 1, 1943

“Report of Leave Due,” U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH, June 2, 1944

“Return from Furlough,” U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH, June 19, 1945

“Furlough without pay,” U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH, March 28, 1957

Subseries C: Organizations

Box 7, Folder 6 Freemasons: Roster of Massachusetts Freemasons, 1949 and 1951

Poem, “The Work of a True and Loyal Mason”

Newspaper article “Boston Negro Masons Gain Recognition,” April 5, 1947

Box 7, Folder 7 Freemasons: Negro Masonry in the United States, Harold Van Buren Voorhis, 1945
Box 7, Folder 8 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP): account book October 1957-January 1963

Program for NAACP sponsored event “Fashions for Freedom,” February 10, 1961

Box 7, Folder 9 Octagon Club: membership and account book 1944-1955
Box 7, Folder 10 Portsmouth Naval Base celebrations: envelope from U.S.S. Haddock ship launch, October 20, 1941

Envelope from U.S.S. Shad keel laying, October 24, 1941

Bicentennial program, July 1976

Wall Decoration Commemoration of ships launched at Portsmouth Naval Yard, n.d.

Box 7, Folder 11 Portsmouth Naval Base: Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, May 16, 1966

Equal Employment Opportunity Program “Plan of Action,” December 6, 1966

Committee on Equal Opportunity appointment, March 2, 1967

Committee on Equal Opportunity meeting minutes, March 2, 1967

Committee on Equal Opportunity meeting minutes, March 12, 1967

Equal Opportunity Affirmative Plan of Act, March 22, 1966

Portsmouth Naval Base: chapter twelve “The Medical Element from U.S. Navy Passive Defense Manual,” U.S. Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH, May 28, 1958

Passive Defense Unit 1.1.1, Ambulance Team, U.S. Naval Base Portsmouth, NH

Subseries D: Newspapers

Box 7, Folder 12 “Shop 21 Starts Off New Year With Party at Port City USO,” The Portsmouth Periscope, January 1945

“Kenyan Student Special Guest at Church Reception,” October 13, 1961

“A Jack of All Trades,” Naval Shipyard Periscope, August 9, 1963

“Clayton Sinclair Former Movie Actor, Chauffeur,” Naval Shipyard Periscope, February 23, 1968

“SCORR Collecting for Poor People,” Portsmouth Herald, May 24, 1968

“Clayton Sinclair, Sr.,” York County Coast Star, February 1, 1978

“York County Men Accepted for Armed Services,” n.d.

“Four Naval Hospital Employees Receive Benny Sugg Awards,” n.d.

“Probate Transaction Listed,” n.d.

“Clayton Sinclair,” n.d.

“Clayton Sinclair, Sr.,” n.d.

“Sinclair, Sr.,” n.d.

Subseries E: Other

Box 7, Folder 13 Funeral guestbook, January 28, 1978; poem read at funeral, “Should You Go First,” Albert Rowswell
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1 “Strength for Service, to God and Country: Daily Devotional Messages for Those in the Service”
Box 8, Folder 2 Book: Alcoholics Anonymous
Box 8, Folder 3 Map of east coast truck lines

ALA map of Quebec, Northeastern Maine and Maritime Provinces

The Negro Motorist Green Book, 1949 edition

Advertisement for book “Around the World in 1,000 Pictures”

Series IV: Family and Friends

(1 Box)

Subseries A: Clayton Sinclair, Jr.

Box 8, Folder 4 Correspondence: From Clayton Sinclair, Jr. to The Portsmouth Herald; Clayton Sinclair, Sr.; photocopies of five thank-you letters written by Clayton Sinclair Jr. after father’s death, February 1978

To Clayton from Kelvin and Royaline Edwards; Wofford G. Gardner; Henry A. Ryan; George D. Varney

Box 8, Folder 5 Personal Files: Candlelight Service Program for 1951 Traip Academy Graduating Class, June 3, 1951

Robert W. Traip Academy Graduation Program, June 7, 1951.

University of Maine Bulletin “Opening of the University,” September 1953.

Tau Epsilon Phi initiation certificate, November 15, 1953

University of Maine Report cards Fall 1953, 1954

University of Maine Baccalaureate Program, June 12, 1955

University of Maine Commencement ticket June 12, 1955

University of Maine Commencement Program, June 12, 1955

Announcement of the opening of Clayton Sinclair, Jr.’s law office, 1965

Introduction Statement for the Honorable Louis W. Sullivan, September 29, 1991; draft of Louis W. Sullivan’s speech “Reclaiming Men for Ministry,” September 24, 1991; letterhead, n.d.

Box 8, Folder 6 Organizations: Bethel United Methodist Church: 120th Anniversary Program, February 19, 1989; Men’s Day Commemorative Journal, September 23, 1990
Box 8, Folder 7 Organizations: Howard University: Howard University Magazine, November 1960 and January 1961; Howard University Calendar, 1961
Box 8, Folder 8 Organizations: Tau Epsilon Phi: Tau Zetans Tales, May 28, 1954; The Plume, Fall 1954, Winter 1957, Summer 1957, Fall 1960
Box 8, Folder 9 Organizations: University of Maine: “President’s Answer,” n.d.
Box 8, Folder 10 Newsclippings:

“Traip Academy Awards Diplomas to 50 Seniors,” Portsmouth Herald, June 8, 1951

“Dr. White Urges Brotherhood to be Year-Round Proposition in Talk at University of Maine Assembly,” February 17, 1953

“During National Brotherhood Week,” Boston Sunday Herald, March 15, 1953

“Annual Good Will Chest Drive Opens on State University Campus Monday” 1953

“Trust Company Receives Award,” Atlanta Constitution, November 8, 1973

“Black Attorney Wins $350,000 for Client,” The Atlanta Voice, February 2, 1974

“The Most Glamorous Jobs: The Grass Always Looks Greener In Another Career, But People In Those Jobs Say It’s Not Always So,” Atlanta Journal and Constitution, January 8, 1977

“Traip Seniors to Give Play,” n.d.

“Traip Holds Baccalaureate Services,” n.d.

“To Study Law,” n.d.

“New Lawyer,” n.d.

Subseries B: Sinclair, Clayton III

Box 8, Folder 11 Correspondence to Clayton Sinclair III from: Imelda Pradia
Box 8, Folder 12 Personal files:

“Northside Lines” newsletter, January-February, 1988

“Society of Distinguished American High School Students” certificate, 1988.

Northside High School baccalaureate program, June 5, 1988

Northside High School commencement invitation, June 11, 1988

Northside High School commencement program, June 11, 1988

Howard University report cards, Fall 1988to Fall 1990

Howard University commencement invitation, May 9, 1992

Howard University commencement program, May 9, 1992

Clayton Sinclair’s wedding invitation, July 13, 1994

Box 8, Folder 13 Newsclippings:

“3,650 Students Take in Close to $100,000 hitting the Streets for Empty Stocking Fund,” Atlanta Constitution, December 8, 1986

The Tiger’s Eye, June 1988

“Thirteen Atlanta Students are Winners in Achievement, Scholarship Program,” n.d.

Subseries C: Sinclair, Jean

Box 8, Folder 14 Southern Education Foundation brochure; Annual Report, 1979-1980

Newsclipping: “Dream Job: Jean Sinclair Made the Transition to TV Co-Host With Little Trouble,” n.d.

Subseries D: Friends

Box 8, Folder 15 Calling cards: Pinice Ratliff, Staples, Minnie Shirley Wiggins

Newsclippings: “Osford G. Bernard Given Natal Party in Hollywood,” February 29, 1944.

“Naval Base Chapel Scene of Wedding,” May 10, 1946

“Bertrice Tilley, Charles Hart Married Here,” n.d.

“Bowles-Williams,” n.d.

“Latest Group of Combat Navigators from Hondo Field,” n.d.

“Miss Jones to Wed,” n.d.; “Pennman, Tom Conway,” n.d

“WAC Dorris Moore Promoted in France,” n.d.

“Wallace P. Reed Promoted to Captain,” n.d.

“Willis Bardwell Remembers “em all: Talks of long-time stint at York’s Reading Room,” n.d.

Series V: Subject Files

(2 Boxes)

Subseries A: Adult Education

Box 8, Folder 16 Robertson, M.S. Adult Reader. Steck-Vaughn Co. (Austin, TX, 1946).
Box 8, Folder 17 Smith, Harley A. How to Read Better [Book one]. Steck-Vaughn Co. (Austin, TX, 1946).
Box 8, Folder 18 Steps to Learning

Subseries B: African American History (Printed Materials)

Box 8, Folder 19 Newspaper articles: “As De Lawd Looks Back at his People, Richard B. Harrison of “The Green Pastures’ Speaks for his Race,” Boston Daily Transcript, February 9, 1931

“11-G City Post Awarded Glover,” Amsterdam News, October 26, 1957

Box 8, Folder 20 Newspaper articles: “Six days of Atlanta’s Black Society,” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, December 8, 1979-December 13, 1979 [day two article is on Clayton Sinclair, Jr.].

“Black Eagle Back Aggrieved,” n.d.

“Large Turnout, King Commemorated at Pease AFB Service,” n.d.

“Temple’s Gift to the Sprinting World,” n.d.

“Black Eye for the Legion and for Americanism, Too,” September 2, 1959

Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1 Comic Book: “Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story,” The Fellowship of Reconciliation
Box 9, Folder 2 Magazine: Time, August 22, 1983
Box 9, Folder 3 Magazine: “Atlanta: Capital of Black-is-Bountiful,” The New York Times Magazine, April 7, 1974
Box 9, Folder 4 Books:

Women of Courage: An Exhibition of Photographs by Judith Sedwick, based on the Black Women Oral History Project. Inscribed: “Dear Aunt Hazel, Thank you for sharing your stories with me…Love, Valerie [Cunningham]“

“The First Blacks of Portsmouth,” Historical New Hampshire, Vol. 44, no. 4, Winter 1989. Inscribed “Dear Aunt Hazel, I wanted you to be one of the first to see this – you’ve been waiting a long time to see something in print! Love, Valerie”

Subseries C: Jewell Inn

Box 9, Folder 5 Brochure; Jewell Inn Christmas card with picture of inn, signed by Samuda

Subseries D: Lost Boundaries (Film)

Box 9, Folder 6 Script: scenes 45, 47 and 47A; photocopy of script
Box 9, Folder 7 Newspaper: “”Lost Boundaries” Extras Sought in Local Area,” The Portsmouth Herald, February 8, 1949

“Portsmouth Will “See Itself” in “Lost Boundaries” Premiere,” The Portsmouth Herald, June 20, 1949

“Young “Find” in Local Film Here for World Premiere,” The Portsmouth Herald, June 21, 1949

“The Open Door,” The Portsmouth Herald,June 24, 1949

“The Big Premier of “Lost Boundaries”,” Kittery Press, June 24, 1949

“Movie Reunion,” June 24, 1949

“Epic Race Pic Bares “Passing”,” n.d.

“”Lost Boundaries,” 40th Anniversary Reunited Cast & Crew of Local Movie,” n.d.

“Classic Race Film Crew Reunites,” n.d.

“Forty Years Later, “Lost Boundaries” not Forgotten,” n.d.

“”Lost Boundaries” Cast Holds Reunion,” n.d.

[page torn] See ““Lost Boundaries” Here”

[page torn] “Center to Get $3,000,” n.d.

“Lost Boundaries” advertisement, n.d.

Series VI: Miscellaneous

(1 Box)

Box 9, Folder 8 Programs: Academy of St. Joseph, South Berwick, Maine Commencement program, June 5, 1966; York High School, York, Maine Commencement program, June 6, 1985; Pease Air Force Base Fashion Extravaganza program, March 6, 1980; 18th Annual Military School Band Festival program, Mark Clark Hall, The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina, February 26, 1994
Box 9, Folder 9 Advertisement flyer: 7th Annual Dance and Reception, Music by Milton Lewis and his Rhythmic Serenaders, “Boston’s Most Famous Orchestra,” Ogunquit Casino, July 4, 1940
Box 9, Folder 10 Writing by Roland Ballard, November 22, 1940
Box 9, Folder 11 Mrs. Sofia Scott’s American National Red Cross membership card, 1942; “Pinice Ratliff” calling card
Box 9, Folder 12 Bracelet made from Ernestine King Pinkham’s dog tag

Series VII: Photographs

(1 Box)

Subseries A: Slides

Box 9, Folder 13 Rock Rest and surrounding land
Box 9, Folder 14 Interior of Rock Rest
Box 9, Folder 15 Wedding at Pearl St. Church and Howard University, 1960
Box 9, Folder 16 People outside Rock Rest
Box 9, Folder 17 Travel
Box 9, Folder 18 Parade, August 1973 and 1977
Box 9, Folder 19 Dr. Martin Luther King in Portsmouth, undated
Box 9, Folder 20 Atlanta, 1973-1975
Box 9, Folder 21 Unidentified people
Box 9, Folder 22 Unindentified

Subseries B: Prints

Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1 Rock Rest
Box 10, Folder 2 Rock Rest
Box 10, Folder 3 Rock Rest
Box 10, Folder 4 Rock Rest
Box 10, Folder 5 People at Rock Rest
Box 10, Folder 6 People at Rock Rest
Box 10, Folder 7 People at Rock Rest
Box 10, Folder 8 Pets at Rock Rest
Box 10, Folder 9 Hazel Sinclair and friends
Box 10, Folder 10 Hazel Sinclair and friends
Box 10, Folder 11 Hazel Sinclair’s birthday party, undated
Box 10, Folder 12 Hazel Sinclair’s 86th. birthday party
Box 10, Folder 13 From Hazel Sinclair’s scrapbook
Box 10, Folder 14 Clayton Sinclair, Sr.
Box 10, Folder 15 Clayton Sinclair, Sr.
Box 10, Folder 16 Clayton Sinclair, Jr.
Box 10, Folder 17 Clayton Sinclair, Jr.’s graduation from U. Maine, 1955
Box 10, Folder 18 Clayton Sinclair III
Box 10, Folder 19 Family friends: Emily Jean Ballard and Linda Maxine Bennett
Box 10, Folder 20 Family friends: Benson Family
Box 10, Folder 21 Family friends: Booker Family
Box 10, Folder 22 Family friends: Anne and Wilbur Bright, c. 1955
Box 10, Folder 23 Family friends: Clarence & Augusta Cunningham’s 50th wedding anniversary
Box 10, Folder 24 Family friends: Valerie Cunningham, Kirby and Bradley Randolph
Box 10, Folder 25 Family friends: John and Louie Downey; Alyssa Edwards
Box 10, Folder 26 Family friends: Judy Faust Harris and Kara Harris
Box 10, Folder 27 amily friends: Leon and “Billie” Johnson; Marshall Franklin; Franllin photo Christmas card; Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Moore; Madison family
Box 10, Folder 28 Family friends: Motin Family; Robert L. Murphy; Pam Ramsay; Esther & Bernice Ratliff
Box 10, Folder 29 Family friends: Albert Samuda; Carlotte Satchell; Hilton Ray Willoughby, 1963
Box 10, Folder 30 Unidentified people at picnic
Box 10, Folder 31 Unidentified people at beach
Box 10, Folder 32 Unidentified people
Box 10, Folder 33 Unidentified people
Box 10, Folder 34 Unidentified people
Box 10, Folder 35 Pearl Street and Middle Street church functions
Box 10, Folder 36 Celebration, Stage Neck Inn, York, ME
Box 10, Folder 37 Trip west
Box 10, Folder 38 Other travel
Box 10, Folder 39 Other travel
Box 10, Folder 40 Other travel, miniature train

Series VIII: Oversize

(1 Box)

Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Folder 1 University of Maine Yearbook, 1955

3 Responses to “Guide to the Rock Rest Papers, 1940-2006”

  1. Barbara Felton Says:

    I am SO impressed with this collection! The producers have done an awesome job. I was given Mrs. Sinclair’s “things” a few years ago and I was both awed and overwelmed at the same time. To see these “things”, having been separated and classified and boxed for browsing, is just so satisfying. I know Mrs. Sinclair IS SO pleased and amazed that she and her family has been so well thought of. I can only say THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart! Barbara S. Felton

  2. Hetty Startup Says:

    This is a significant collection that UNH students in the Masters in History, Museum Studies certificate program will be using after we make a special visit with Valerie Cunningham to Rock Rest next week. Thank you very much for helping make these records available to the class and to the community.

  3. Sandra Lutts Says:

    I was delighted to see that there is a collection of the Sinclair’s papers and photos at UNH! Please also let it be noted that Hazel Sinclair was a very active member of the League of Women Voters and I can remember spending many childhood afternoons while she and the other members met and planned. She and my mother, Cassie Lutts, were good friends.! Thank you for bringing back some very pleasant memories.