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Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Photographs

VC 72

22 boxes (7.33 cu.ft.)

About the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Photographs:

The collection consists of approximately 1500 copy negatives and prints of ships and Portsmouth (New Hampshire) Naval Shipyard buildings, equipment, and scenes, and related printed material. In addition, there is a small number of prints and negatives from the Bellamy collection which primarily concern John Bellamy’s carved eagle figurehead for the USF LANCASTER. These appear at the end of Series I (Negatives). They were originally obtained from the Mariners Museum in Newport News, VA. The attached list was prepared by Media Services. A notebook of contact prints is available for most of the contents.

The negatives were prepared by UNH Media Services between 1977 and 1979 from the shipyard’s original images (drawings, maps, and photographs), 1800-1979, for use in Cradle of American Shipbuilding: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (1978). For a history of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, see Geo. Henry Preble’s 1892 History of the United States Navy-Yard, Portsmouth, N.H. and “Do Your Job!”: An Illustrated Bicentennial History of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, 1800-2000 by Richard E. Winslow III.

The USS Squalus sank off the coast of Portsmouth on May 23, 1939 at the following coordinates: latitude 70o 37′ West longitude 42o 53′ North

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Folder Listing:

  1. Negatives (Boxes 1-8)
  2. Prints (Boxes 9-21)
  3. Printed Material (Box 22)

Note: Not all negatives have matching prints, and vice versa. Where the negatives do have corresponding prints, their location is indicated in parentheses at the end of each entry in Series I. Only prints without negatives are listed under Series II.

I. Negatives

PNS 0001 Holland submarine, PLUNGER I (No Print)
PNS 0002 Salvage crew of S-48 (Box 9)
PNS 0003 Blow All Ballast (No Print)
PNS 0004 Blow All Ballast (SQUALUS before pumping out) (No Print)
PNS 0005 Blow All Ballast (FALCON, first blow and tow attempt) (No Print)
PNS 0006 Blow All Ballast (Navy diver being lowered) (No Print)
PNS 0007 Blow All Ballast (Rear Admiral Cyrus Cole) (No Print)
PNS 0008 Blow All Ballast (Diver in air hat) (No Print)
PNS 0009 Blow All Ballast (Interior of the rescue chamber) (No Print)
PNS 0010 Blow All Ballast (Decommissioning SQUALUS) (No Print)
PNS 0011 Blow All Ballast (Horseplay with air hat) (No Print)
PNS 0012 Blow All Ballast (Rescue bell by the FALCON) (No Print)
PNS 0013 Blow All Ballast (First rescue dive) (No Print)
PNS 0014 Blow All Ballast (Breather on the FALCON) (No Print)
PNS 0015 Blow All Ballast (McCann, Adm. Cole, Momsen on deck of FALCON) (No Print)
PNS 0016 Blow All Ballast (Pontoon working party) (No Print)
PNS 0017 Blow All Ballast (Long shot of the FALCON and rescue bell), (No Print)
PNS 0018 Blow All Ballast (SQUALUS after first trials) (No Print)
PNS 0019 Last load of SQUALUS survivors (Box 9)
PNS 0020 PENACOOK pumping out SQUALUS at berth (Box 9)
PNS 0021 Dry Dock 2 with CACHALOT, PENNACOOK, HUDSON (Box 9)
PNS 0022 Tercentenary of York, RANGER model (No Print)
PNS 0023 Submarine SNAPPER (Box 9)
PNS 0024 SQUALUS, outfitting a diver on the FALCON (Box 9)
PNS 0025 SEAWOLF in shiphouse under construction (Box 9)
PNS 0026 SEAWOLF in shiphouse under construction (Box 9)
PNS 0027 CACHALOT after being hit by PENACOOK (Box 9)
PNS 0028 Launching of CACHALOT (No Print)
PNS 0029 First rivet in keel of PIKE (Box 9)
PNS 0030 First rivet in keel of PIKE (Box 9)
PNS 0031 Launching of V-5 (Box 9)
PNS 0032 Launching of S-12 (Box 9)
PNS 0033 Railroad engine to pull out S-48 (No Print)
PNS 0034 Test of concrete, plate measuring equipment (Box 9)
PNS 0035 Closeup, submarine S-49 (Box 9)
PNS 0036 Launching of V-3 (Box 9)
PNS 0037 Launching of V-1 (Box 9)
PNS 0038 Launching S-10 (No Print)
PNS 0039 S-48 underway (Box 9)
PNS 0040 Bellamy Eagle from LANCASTER, photo (Box 9)
PNS 0041 Construction of V-3 (No Print)
PNS 0042 WWI era keel laying (Box 9)
PNS 0043 TOPEKA detentioners at drill (Box 9)
PNS 0044 Navy recruits at PNSY training camp, WWI (Box 9)
PNS 0045 U.S. Marine camp tents at PNS (No Print)
PNS 0046 Naval Reserve training camp, PNS (Box 9)
PNS 0047 Men’s reading room, PNS (Box 9)
PNS 0048 Bowling Alley, PNS (Box 9)
PNS 0049 L-3 frozen in New London ice (No Print)
PNS 0050 S-5 underway (No Print)
PNS 0051 Henderson’s point from the reservoir (Box 9)
PNS 0052 GRAMPUS, LAWTON, and PIKE in drydock (Mare Island?) (Box 9)
PNS 0053 Interior of Lake submarine (Box 9)
PNS 0054 A-boat interior (Box 9)
PNS 0055 A-boat interior (Box 9)
PNS 0056 A-boat interior (Box 9)
PNS 0057 Interior of Lake submarine (Box 9)
PNS 0058 Pass to Henderson’s Point explosion (Box 9)
PNS 0059 Henderson’s Point cofferdam (Box 9)
PNS 0060 Henderson’s Point from reservoir (Box 9)
PNS 0061 First ship (Navy collier) to enter Dry Dock 2 (Box 9)
PNS 0062 Holland submarine at Electric Boat Co., New London (Box 9)
PNS 0063 USS ESSEX (Box 9)
PNS 0064 Lake submarine ARGONAUT (Box 9)
PNS 0065 View of shiphouses 4 & 5, 1890 (Box 9)
PNS 0066 Plan of CONGRESS stowage (Box 9)
PNS 0067 Plan of CONGRESS stowage (Box 9)
PNS 0068 Diagrams of mast, circa 1810 (Box 9)
PNS 0069 Lake’s submarine boat (Box 9)
PNS 0070 Survivors of Greely expedition on THETIS (Box 9)
PNS 0071 Portrait of W. A. Greely (Box 9)
PNS 0072 Order to purchase land for PNS (Box 9)
PNS 0073 Lake submarine (Box 9)
PNS 0074 Launching of frigate FRANKLIN (Box 9)
PNS 0075 Jenkins Gut prior to construction of Dry Dock 2 (Box 9)
PNS 0076 Plan for stowage, CONGRESS (Box 9)
PNS 0077 Portrait (3/4 length) of John Paul Jones (Box 9)
PNS 0078 Map of New England coast by Capt. John Smith (No Print)
PNS 0079 Early view of Kittery area, original drawing by Susan E. Turner (Box 9)
PNS 0080 Portrait, Capt. Ray Jones (Box 9)
PNS 0081 Portrait, Capt. Harry Walker (Box 9)
PNS 0082 Portrait, Capt. H. L. Young (Box 9)
PNS 0083 Holy Loch, Scotland, HOLLAND and LOS ALAMOS (Box 9)
PNS 0084 Bicentennial fireworks, PNS (Box 9)
PNS 0085 Bicentennial Marines display, PNS (Box 9)
PNS 0086 Bicentennial square dance, PNS (Box 9)
PNS 0087 Bicentennial sailboats, Portsmouth harbor (Box 9)
PNS 0088 Bicentennial Regatta (Box 9)
PNS 0089 Bicentennial antique auto show, parade (Box 9)
PNS 0090 Quarters “A”, decorated for Bicentennial (Box 9)
PNS 0091 Bicentennial riggers shop (Box 9)
PNS 0092 Building 42, woodworking shop (Box 9)
PNS 0093 Bell from the NEW HAMPSHIRE on PNS Mall (Box 9)
PNS 0094 Mechanical Engineering landmark (Box 9)
PNS 0095 Riggers Shop, Building 7 (Box 9)
PNS 0096 Quitting time, PNS bridge (Box 9)
PNS 0097 Salvagers of S-48 propeller (Box 9)
PNS 0098 Portrait of Capt. W. D. MacDonough (Box 9)
PNS 0099 RANGER monument (Box 9)
PNS 0100 Adm. Rickover and Capt. MacDonough (Box 9)
PNS 0101 ALBACORE underway (Box 10)
PNS 0102 U-505 underway (Box 10)
PNS 0103 Launching of DOLPHIN (Box 10)
PNS 0104 Launching of ALBACORE (Box 10)
PNS 0105 Polaris missile firing (Box 10)
PNS 0106 USS DOUGLAS H. FOX (Box 10)
PNS 0107 Submarine DANIEL BOONE (Box 10)
PNS 0108 Map of Portsmouth/ Kittery showing PNS (Box 10)
PNS 0109 Missiles in Building 174 (Box 10)
PNS 0110 Making sand mold in foundry (No Print)
PNS 0111 Hull assembly (No Print)
PNS 0112 Bending steel for submarine frames (No Print)
PNS 0113 Outer hull section for DOLPHIN (No Print)
PNS 0114 Preparing hull section for welding (No Print)
PNS 0115 Loading supplies for JOHN ADAMS trials (No Print)
PNS 0116 Farragut plaque on Quarters “A” fence (No Print)
PNS 0117 SQUALUS Memorial (No Print)
PNS 0118 Treaty of Portsmouth plaque (Box 10)
PNS 0119 Workmen on NATHANIEL GREEN (No Print)
PNS 0120 Quitting time, Bridge #1 (No Print)
PNS 0121 Plans and blueprints for submarine (No Print)
PNS 0122 Laying out patterns (No Print)
PNS 0123 PNS administrative officers (No Print)
PNS 0124 Submarine scale model (No Print)
PNS 0125 Submarine JACK (Box 10)
PNS 0126 Thresher memorial service (No Print)
PNS 0127 Commissioning ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Box 10)
PNS 0128 Commissioning ABRAHAM LINCOLN, inspection (Box 10)
PNS 0129 Officers and crew, ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Box 10)
PNS 0130 MST-12 test, Shop 31 (Box 10)
PNS 0131 MST-12 test, Shop 31 (Box 10)
PNS 0132 MST-12 test, Shop 31 (Box 10)
PNS 0133 ABRAHAM LINCOLN underway (Box 10)
PNS 0134 PNS Hospital, aerial (No Print)
PNS 0135 Flooding of Dry Dock l dedication (Box 10)
PNS 0136 Reconstruction of Dry Dock 3 (Box 10)
PNS 0137 Aerial, Dry Dock 3 (Box 10)
PNS 0138 Construction of Dry Dock 3 (Box 10)
PNS 0139 SKATE and SEADRAGON at North Pole (Box 10)
PNS 0140 Torpedo tube assembly (Box 10)
PNS 0141 Torpedo tube installation (Box 10)
PNS 0142 THRESHER underway (Box 10)
PNS 0143 Bow of ALBACORE on crane (Box 10)
PNS 0144 Commissioning ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Box 10)
PNS 0145 ABRAHAM LINCOLN underway (Box 10)
PNS 0146 Reconstruction of Dry Dock 3 (Box 10)
PNS 0147 THRESHER underway (Box 10)
PNS 0148 Wreckage of Submarine hit by Japanese aerial bomb (No Print)
PNS 0149 Launching of THRESHER (Box 10)
PNS 0150 Launching of THRESHER (Box 10)
PNS 0151 Launching of THRESHER (No Print)
PNS 0152 Launching of THRESHER (No Print)
PNS 0153 Launching of THRESHER (No Print)
PNS 0154 Launching of THRESHER (No Print)
PNS 0155 SEADRAGON leaving PNS (Box 10)
PNS 0156 SEADRAGON in ice (Box 10)
PNS 0157 ANDREW JACKSON underway (Box 10)
PNS 0158 NATHANIEL GREEN underway (Box 10)
PNS 0159 Submarine JACK underway (Box 10)
PNS 0160 Launching of THRESHER (No Print)
PNS 0161 Automatic ring process (Box 10)
PNS 0162 Shore leave at the Pole, SEADRAGON (No Print)
PNS 0163 Cdr. George Steele of SEADRAGON (Box 10)
PNS 0164 Sailor and family, SEADRAGON (No Print)
PNS 0165 First at bat, SEADRAGON (No Print)
PNS 0166 SEADRAGON surfacing in polynya (No Print)
PNS 0167 SEADRAGON shooting the sun (No Print)
PNS 0168 Santa at the North Pole, SEADRAGON (No Print)
PNS 0169 Photos under the ice, SEADRAGON (Box 10)
PNS 0170 Periscope under the ice, SEADRAGON (No Print)
PNS 0171 Underwater ice, SEADRAGON (Box 10)
PNS 0172 Batter up, SEADRAGON (Box 10)
PNS 0173 Weather test, Baffin Bay, SEADRAGON (No Print)
PNS 0174 Iceberg through the periscope, SEADRAGON (No Print)
PNS 0175 SEADRAGON underway (No Print)
PNS 0176 Shore leave through the periscope, SEADRAGON (Box 10)
PNS 0177 BARBEL underway (Box 10)
PNS 0178 Russo-Japanese treaty plaque (No Print)
PNS 0179 SEADRAGON underway (Box 10)
PNS 0180 Exploring ice through the periscope, SEADRAGON (Box 10)
PNS 0181 Launching SEADRAGON (Box 10)
PNS 0182 Launching BARBEL (Box 10)

PNS 0183 Quarters “A” side view (Box 10)
PNS 0184 Quarters “B” and adjacent quarters (Box 10)
PNS 0185 Additional submarine ways (Box 10)
PNS 0186 GROWLER underway (Box 10)
PNS 0187 Dry Dock 2 in winter (Box 10)
PNS 0188 SWORDFISH launching (Box 10)
PNS 0189 Welding aboard ship (Box 10)
PNS 0190 Submarine X-l on crane (Box 10)
PNS 0191 Turning of submarine section (Box 10)
PNS 0192 PNS Hospital, aerial (Box 10)
PNS 0193 Laying keel of SWORDFISH (Box 10)
PNS 0194 SAILFISH underway (Box 10)
PNS 0195 SEADRAGON underway (Box 10)
PNS 0196 ALBACORE at dockside (Box 10)
PNS 0197 ALBACORE, sailor, and flag (Box 10)
PNS 0198 Straightening bunk on ALBACORE (Box 10)
PNS 0199 Reading room, ALBACORE (Box 10)
PNS 0200 Cook on board the ALBACORE (Box 10)
PNS 0201 ALBACORE underway, bow shot (Box 11)
PNS 0202 ALBACORE launching (Box 11)
PNS 0203 ALBACORE model (Box 11)
PNS 0204 ALBACORE and BLIMP (Box 11)
PNS 0205 ALBACORE in shiphouse (Box 11)
PNS 0206 SURCOUF in Dry Dock (Box 11)
PNS 0207 SURCOUF underway (Box 11)
PNS 0208 PANDORA underway (Box 11)
PNS 0209 In berth with torpedo (submarine stowage) (Box 11)
PNS 0210 Aerial of ODAX (Box 11)
PNS 0211 Locomotive L-4 (No Print)
PNS 0212 U-3008 at berth (Box 11)
PNS 0213 SPINAX underway (Box 11)
PNS 0214 ODAX as Guppy type (Box 11)
PNS 0215 U-2513 and U-505 at berth (Box 11)
PNS 0216 SEA COW (U-234) at berth (Box 11)
PNS 0217 Subtender and subs (Box 11)
PNS 0218 U-3008 and other at berth (Box 11)
PNS 0219 U-2513, U-3008, and U-505 at berth (Box 11)
PNS 0220 Cruiser PORTSMOUTH at berth (Box 11)
PNS 0221 German prisoners at surrender (Box 11)
PNS 0222 U-111 side view (Box 11)
PNS 0223 Shop 31 orchestra March 17, 1945 (Box 11)
PNS 0224 ODAX aerial with 2 Guppies (Box 11)
PNS 0225 Electrical plant in Somersworth, N.H. (presently General Electric) (Box 11)
PNS 0226 Shop 31 orchestra, March 10, 1945 (Box 11)
PNS 0227 Launching of TORO (Box 11)
PNS 0228 Triple launching, RONQUIL, REDFISH, RAZORBACK (Box 11)
PNS 0229 Triple launching, RONQUIL, REDFISH, RAZORBACK (Box 11)
PNS 0230 Triple launching, Christening REDFISH (Box 11)
PNS 0231 Army/ Navy E award (Box 11)
PNS 0232 Shop 17 orchestra (Box 11)
PNS 0233 Launching PILOTFISH (Box 11)
PNS 0234 Bow-on view of submarine (cover, SILENT VICTORY) (Box 11)
PNS 0235 Launching BATFISH (Box 11)
PNS 0236 Japanese TADE sinking (Box 11)
PNS 0237 Gun attack through periscope (Box 11)
PNS 0238 Japanese TADE sinking (No Print)
PNS 0239 SEAWOLF collage (Box 11)
PNS 0240 Payroll savings plan certificate, Shop 17 (Box 11)
PNS 0241 Sheet metal test tank (Box 11)
PNS 0242 RISING SUN sinks (No Print)
PNS 0243 “Take her Down” (Captain sacrifices own life for sub’s safety) (Box 11)
PNS 0244 PICUDA and PAMPANITO hull sections in dry dock (Box 11)
PNS 0245 Launching BANG and PILOTFISH (Box 11)
PNS 0246 SANDLANCE and PIPEFISH launching (Box 11)
PNS 0247 BURRFISH underway (Box 11)
PNS 0248 SS-278 bow view (Box 11)
PNS 0249 Cannonball and scrap iron salvage, WWII (Gun and shot park?) (No Print)
PNS 0250 War Bond sales leaders (Box 11)
PNS 0251 Fitting-out pier (Box 11)
PNS 0252 Change of PNSY command, 1942 (Box 11)
PNS 0253 Launching RUNNER (Box 11)
PNS 0254 Commissioning FINBACK (Box 11)
PNS 0255 Launching HERRING (Box 11)
PNS 0256 Launching BALAO (Box 11)
PNS 0257 Fitting-out pier (No Print)
PNS 0258 Wartime rally, PNSY mall (Box 11)
PNS 0259 Wartime rally, PNSY mall (Box 11)
PNS 0260 Wartime rally, PNSY mall (Box 11)
PNS 0261 Wartime rally, PNSY mall (Box 11)
PNS 0262 Commissioning FLYING FISH (Box 11)
PNS 0263 Training class for leading men (No Print)
PNS 0264 Sub barracks, PNSY under construction (Box 11)
PNS 0265 Commissioning MARLIN (Box 11)
PNS 0266 Launching DRUM (Box 11)
PNS 0267 SURCOUF in dry dock (Box 11)
PNS 0268 Sponsors of FLYING FISH (Box 11)
PNS 0269 USCGC BEAR in ice (Box 11)
PNS 0270 USCGC BEAR in ice (Box 11)
PNS 0271 Commissioning Shop 38 (No Print)
PNS 0272 Shop 38 supervisors (No Print)
PNS 0273 Farragut plaque (Box 11)
PNS 0274 SNAPPER in drydock (No Print)
PNS 0275 RANGER model on truck (Box 11)
PNS 0276 SEAWOLF under construction (Box 11)
PNS 0277 Extension of submarine ways (Box 11)
PNS 0278 Addition to Building 92, Shipfitters shop (Box 11)
PNS 0279 SQUALUS pontoons (Box 11)
PNS 0280 SQUALUS salvage underway (Box 11)
PNS 0281 SQUALUS salvage, WANDANK (Box 11)
PNS 0282 Launching SEAWOLF (Box 11)
PNS 0283 Jimmy Jones’ photo, SQUALUS raising (Box 11)
PNS 0284 PNSY view showing submarine ways (Box 11)
PNS 0285 McCann rescue chamber (Box 11)
PNS 0286 FALCON to SQUALUS salvage site (Box 11)
PNS 0287 SQUALUS bow breaking surface (Box 11)
PNS 0288 FALCON, SCULPIN, and pontoons (Box 11)
PNS 0289 SQUALUS rescue, bow breaking surface (Box 11)
PNS 0290 SQUALUS breaking surface (Box 11)
PNS 0291 SQUALUS rescue, newsroom (Box 11)
PNS 0292 SQUALUS fitting out for trials (Box 11)
PNS 0293 SQUALUS under construction (Box 11)
PNS 0294 SQUALUS under construction (Box 11)
PNS 0295 Launching of SNAPPER (Box 11)
PNS 0296 FRANKLIN shiphouse ruins (Box 11)
PNS 0297 FRANKLIN shiphouse ruins (Box 11)
PNS 0298 FRANKLIN shiphouse ruins (Box 11)
PNS 0299 FRANKLIN shiphouse ruins (Box 11)
PNS 0300 FRANKLIN shiphouse ruins (Box 11)
PNS 0301 Dry Dock 2 blocks set for QUINCY (Box 12)
PNS 0302 CACHALOT in drydock (Box 12)
PNS 0303 Navy Day display (Box 12)
PNS 0304 Navy Day display (Box 12)
PNS 0305 Navy Day display (Box 12)
PNS 0306 Navy Day display (Box 12)
PNS 0307 V-5 on builders trial (No Print)
PNS 0309 CONSTITUTION at flat-iron pier (Box 12)
PNS 0310 Eagle boats in back channel (Box 12)
PNS 0311 Commander Gulliver on OLD IRONSIDES (CONSTITUTION) (Box 12)
PNS 0312 First rivet of V-7 (Box 12)
PNS 0313 S-48 in drydock (Box 12)
PNS 0314 Jolly Roger rowboats on PNS mall (Box 12)
PNS 0315 S-22 at PNSY (Box 12)
PNS 0316 Sail plan of RALEIGH (Box 12)
PNS 0317 V-4 undocking (Box 12)
PNS 0318 Salvage of S-48, docking (No Print)
PNS 0319 S-22 at berth (Box 12)
PNS 0320 Bomb and torpedo truck (No Print)
PNS 0321 S-48 hauled up for repairs (Box 12)
PNS 0322 Hauling gear for S-48 in Franklin shiphouse (Box 12)
PNS 0323 Inspection party, concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0324 View of PNSY, panorama (No Print)
PNS 0325 S-22 modifications (Box 12)
PNS 0326 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0327 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0328 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0329 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0330 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0331 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0332 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0333 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0334 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0335 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0336 S-49 with net cutting equipment (Box 12)
PNS 0337 S-49 with net cutting equipment (No Print)
PNS 0338 S-49 with net cutting equipment (Box 12)
PNS 0339 V-3 assisted by tugs after launch (Box 12)
PNS 0340 V-3 sponsors (Box 12)
PNS 0341 Launching of V-3 (Box 12)
PNS 0342 Launching of V-3 (Box 12)
PNS 0343 V-l underway (No Print)
PNS 0344 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0345 Concrete test (Box 12)
PNS 0346 Midnight watch, USCGC BEAR in ice (Box 12)
PNS 0347 Sub with seaplane on deck (No Print)
PNS 0348 S-12 underway (Box 12)
PNS 0349 USS S-6 (l) with captured German U-111 (c) (USS S-3 on far left) (Box 12)
PNS 0350 Lt. Cdr. Thomas Mott Osbourne of the Naval Prison (Box 12)
PNS 0351 Prison, front view (Box 12)
PNS 0352 S-4 underway (No Print)
PNS 0353 Lumber storage (Box 12)
PNS 0354 Lumber storage (Box 12)
PNS 0355 S-3 on trial trip (Box 12)
PNS 0356 Yeomanettes seated in front of flag (Box 12)
PNS 0357 S-3 on trial trip (Box 12)
PNS 0358 S-3 on trial trip (Box 12)
PNS 0359 Psychiatric wards (Box 12)
PNS 0360 Psychiatric wards (Box 12)
PNS 0361 Psychiatric wards (Box 12)
PNS 0362 Cafeteria interior (Box 12)
PNS 0363 Oil storage building (Box 12)
PNS 0364 Storehouses (Box 12)
PNS 0365 Storage buildings (Box 12)
PNS 0366 Addition to nurses quarters (Box 12)
PNS 0367 YMCA and prison (Box 12)
PNS 0368 YMCA interior (Box 12)
PNS 0369 Temporary storehouses (Box 12)
NO PNS 0370
PNS 0371 S-4 at berth (Box 13)
PNS 0372 Keel laying of S-9 (Box 13)
PNS 0373 Launching S-3 (Box 13)
PNS 0374 Partridge war kites (Box 13)
PNS 0375 Addition to submarine shed (Box 13)
PNS 0376 Gate house to PNSY (Box 13)
PNS 0377 Marine barracks from rear (Box 13)
PNS 0378 Market Square, Portsmouth, Armistice Day WWI (Box 13)
PNS 0379 S-8 first rivet (Box 13)
PNS 0380 Addition to Building 14 (Box 13)
PNS 0381 Office addition (Box 13)
PNS 0382 O-l in drydock (Box 13)
PNS 0383 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0384 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0385 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0386 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0387 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0388 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0389 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0390 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0391 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0392 Cafeteria extension (Box 13)
PNS 0393 O-l in drydock (Box 13)
PNS 0394 O-l in drydock (Box 13)
PNS 0395 Fitting-out slip pier (Box 13)
PNS 0396 Christening of O-l (Box 13)
PNS 0397 O-l and S-3 under construction (Box 13)
PNS 0398 Dispensary addition (Box 13)
PNS 0399 Saw mill (Box 13)
PNS 0400 L-8 at launching (No Print)
PNS 0401 Nurses quarters (Box 13)
PNS 0402 Prison camp looking Northeast (Box 13)
PNS 0403 Keel laying of S-7 (Box 13)
PNS 0404 Emergency hospital (Box 13)
PNS 0405 Emergency hospital (Box 13)
PNS 0406 Emergency hospital (Box 13)
PNS 0407 Fruit and pit recycling booth (No Print)
PNS 0408 Hospital storehouse (Box 13)
PNS 0409 Addition to Building 80 (Box 13)
PNS 0410 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0411 Women workers (Box 13)
PNS 0412 Prison complex looking East (Box 13)
PNS 0413 Drydock and storage building (Box 13)
PNS 0414 Female Yeoman rowing (Box 13)
PNS 0415 Eagle boats in dock (No Print)
PNS 0416 Keel laying for S-5 (Box 13)
PNS 0417 New submarine ways head on (Box 13)
PNS 0418 Addition to Building 80 (Box 13)
PNS 0419 Drydock and 3 storage buildings (Box 13)
PNS 0420 Radioman’s quarters (Box 13)
PNS 0421 Interior of submarine model shed (Box 13)
PNS 0422 Exterior of submarine model shed (Box 13)
PNS 0423 Hospital contagious ward (Box 13)
PNS 0424 Navy recruits of First Company (Box 13)
PNS 0425 Training camp for Naval recruits (Box 13)
PNS 0426 Temporary galley for recruits (Box 13)
PNS 0427 Lavatory for recruits (Box 13)
PNS 0428 Naval training camp (Box 13)
PNS 0429 Partridge war kites (Box 13)
PNS 0430 SEATTLE with airplane stowage (Box 13)
PNS 0431 Additional submarine ways (Box 14)
PNS 0432 Engine room wooden model (Box 14)
PNS 0433 Navy yard bridge (Number l?) (Box 14)
PNS 0434 L-3 in San Pedro dock (Box 14)
PNS 0435 L-8 under construction (Box 14)
PNS 0436 L-8 under construction (Box 14)
PNS 0437 Blimp inflated in FRANKLIN shiphouse (Box 14)
PNS 0438 Non-rigid dirigible being inflated in FRANKLIN’S shiphouse (Box 14)
PNS 0439 Cemetery street constructed by SOUTHERY prisoners (Box 14)
PNS 0440 Postcard of Marine Barracks (Box 14)
PNS 0441 SOUTHERY prisoners leaving ship (Box 14)
PNS 0442 TOPEKA prisoners gun drill (Box 14)
PNS 0443 Chief Boatswain William L. Hill (Box 14)
PNS 0444 TOPEKA detentioners at drill (Box 14)
PNS 0445 Quarters “A” & “B” and PNSY Mall (Box 14)
PNS 0446 Fitting-out pier (Box 14)
PNS 0447 FRANKLIN shiphouse (No Print)
PNS 0448 FRANKLIN shiphouse (Box 14)
PNS 0449 Quarters “A” rear view (Box 14)
PNS 0450 TENNESSEE in drydock (Box 14)
PNS 0451 SEADRAGON divers (Box 14)
PNS 0452 ILLINOIS and other WWI era ships (Box 14)
PNS 0453 NORTH CAROLINA and other WWI era ships (Box 14)
PNS 0454 WISCONSIN entering drydock (Box 14)
PNS 0455 NORTH CAROLINA underway (Box 14)
PNS 0456 SOUTHERY (Box 14)
PNS 0457 WISCONSIN (Box 14)
PNS 0458 Prisoners marching (Box 14)
PNS 0459 Prisoners hauling cask (Box 14)
PNS 0460 Wooden floating drydock being towed from PNSY (Box 14)
PNS 0461 Russian and Japanese envoys, Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty negotiations (Box 14)
PNS 0462 HARPERS Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty headline (Box 14)
PNS 0463 Masonic order at PNSY, in full regalia, Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty (Box 14)
PNS 0464 Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty envoys at table (Box 14)
PNS 0465 Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty, Japanese envoys arriving (Box 14)
PNS 0466 Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty, Russian envoys arriving (Box 14)
PNS 0467 Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty envoys at dockside (Box 14)
PNS 0468 Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty, Russian envoys being photographed (Box 14)
PNS 0469 Henderson’s Point cofferdam, exterior (Box 14)
PNS 0470 Henderson’s Point cofferdam, interior (Box 14)
PNS 0471 Henderson’s Point cofferdam, interior (Box 14)
PNS 0472 Building 86 (Box 14)
PNS 0473 Henderson’s Point after blast (No Print)
PNS 0474 Henderson’s Point after blast (Box 14)
PNS 0475 Henderson’s Point after blast (No Print)
PNS 0476 Henderson’s Point, the blast (Box 14)
PNS 0477 Henderson’s Point Blast by Curtis Gurney (Box 14)
PNS 0478 Henderson’s Point blast with standpipe (Box 14)
NO PNS 0479
PNS 0480 Henderson’s Point cofferdam (Box 14)
PNS 0481 Sketch, Henderson’s Point before work began (No Print)
PNS 0482 USS BOXER (Box 14)
PNS 0483 Henderson’s Point, cleaning slag after blast (Box 14)
PNS 0484 A-boat construction, exterior (Box 14)
PNS 0485 A-boat construction, interior (Box 14)
PNS 0486 Dry Dock 2 (Box 14)
PNS 0487 Visitors pass to PNSY (No Print)
PNS 0488 Interior of ADDER, Holland sub (Box 14)
PNS 0489 Holland submarine SS-l (Box 14)
PNS 0490 Three Holland submarines (Box 14)
PNS 0491 Holland submarine ADDER (Box 14)
PNS 0492 HOLLAND VI (Box 14)
PNS 0493 Certificate of completion of Apprenticeship at PNS, Other Storage (No Print)
PNS 0494 Holland submarine ADDER (Box 14)
PNS 0495 Dry Dock 2 under construction (No Print)
PNS 0496 Dry Dock 2 cofferdam (Box 14)
PNS 0497 Iron and steel storehouse (Box 14)
PNS 0498 Iron and steel storehouse (Box 14)
PNS 0499 Iron and steel storehouse (Box 14)
PNS 0500 Iron and steel storehouse (Box 14)
PNS 0501 PORTSMOUTH officers (Box 15)
PNS 0502 PORTSMOUTH officers (Box 15)
PNS 0503 Life saving instructions (Box 15)
PNS 0504 Life saving instructions (Box 15)
NO PNS 0505
PNS 0506 Holland submarine SS-l (Box 15)
PNS 0507 Postcard panorama of PNS (Box 15)
PNS 0508 Cable and Friends in hatch of a Holland submarine (No Print)
PNS 0509 First granite block for Dry Dock 2 (Box 15)
PNS 0510 Spanish prisoners in quarters (Box 15)
PNS 0511 Marines to guard Spanish prisoners (Box 15)
PNS 0512 Rows of tents at PNSY (No Print)
PNS 0513 Spanish prisoners washing dishes (No Print)
PNS 0514 “Old Tom,” Marine horse and Marine (No Print)
PNS 0515 Officers to guard Spanish prisoners (Box 15)
PNS 0516 Capt. Elliot’s Marine Company (Box 15)
PNS 0517 Bluejackets on parade (Box 15)
PNS 0518 Bluejackets on parade (Box 15)
PNS 0519 Bluejackets on parade (Box 15)
PNS 0520 Camp Hayward, PNSY, tents (Box 15)
PNS 0521 Hospital tent, Camp Hayward (Box 15)
PNS 0522 Camp Hayward dress parade (Box 15)
PNS 0523 Camp Hayward dress parade (Box 15)
PNS 0524 Camp Hayward, 1898 (Box 15)
PNS 0525 Camp Hayward, 1898 (Box 15)
PNS 0526 Fort Constitution defending Portsmouth Harbor (Box 15)
PNS 0527 Stockade at Camp Long (Box 15)
PNS 0528 Spanish prisoners (Box 15)
PNS 0529 John Holland submarine (Box 15)
PNS 0530 Spanish prisoners (Box 15)
PNS 0531 Lake submarine ARGONAUT (Box 15)
PNS 0532 John P. Jones by Moreau (Box 15)
PNS 0533 PORTSMOUTH underway (Box 15)
PNS 0534 Holland submarine PLUNGER I (Box 15)
PNS 0535 LANCASTER in Portsmouth (Box 15)
PNS 0536 Quarters G, H, I, and J, Portsmouth shipyard (Box 15)
PNS 0537 JAMESTOWN, rowers and housed-over CONSTITUTION (Box 15)
PNS 0538 Greely relief ship THETIS and eskimos (Box 15)
PNS 0539 Greely relief expedition (Box 15)
PNS 0540 CONSTITUTION housed over as receiving ship (Box 15)

PNS 0541 PNSY waterfront, 1883 (Box 15)
PNS 0542 PNSY waterfront, 1883 (Box 15)
NO PNS 0543
PNS 0544 PNSY waterfront, 1883 (Box 15)
PNS 0545 CONSTITUTION and Mast and Spar house (Box 15)
PNS 0546 Steam fire engines (Box 15)
PNS 0547 PORTSMOUTH, wooden drydock (Box 15)
PNS 0548 ESSEX, wooden drydock (Box 15)
PNS 0549 EIRA in Arctic ice (Box 15)
PNS 0550 PORTSMOUTH’s Marine Guard (Box 15)
PNS 0551 GALENA and sailors on beam (Box 15)
PNS 0552 Commodore John Guest (Box 15)
PNS 0553 Gun and shot park (Box 15)
PNS 0554 Building 13 (Box 15)
PNS 0555 Jenkins Gut prior to construction for Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 0556 Building 10, PNS (Box 15)
PNS 0557 Naval storehouses (Box 15)
PNS 0558 Crane No. 5 (Box 15)
PNS 0559 Floating dry dock (Box 15)
PNS 0560 Crane No. 4 (Box 15)
PNS 0561 Head House (Box 15)
PNS 0562 Ordnance timber shed (Box 15)
PNS 0563 Marine Barracks (Box 15)
PNS 0564 SANTEE shiphouse, Number 4 (Box 15)
PNS 0565 Metal shop (Box 15)
PNS 0566 ALABAMA shiphouse, Number 5 (Box 15)
PNS 0567 Ordnance building (Box 15)
PNS 0568 Iron plating shop (Box 15)
PNS 0569 Timber sheds (Box 15)
PNS 0570 Boat house (Box 15)
PNS 0571 Bridge No. 2, PNS (Box 15)
PNS 0572 Masting shears (Box 15)
PNS 0573 Saw mill (Box 15)
PNS 0574 Powder magazine (Box 15)
PNS 0575 Saluting battery (Box 15)
PNS 0576 Howitzer shed (Box 15)
PNS 0577 Saw mill (Box 15)
PNS 0578 FRANKLIN shiphouse (Box 15)
PNS 0579 Steam fire engine house (Box 15)
PNS 0580 Naval constructors, 1875 (Box 15)
PNS 0581 Unidentified building under construction and gaslight (Box 15)
PNS 0582 Plan of PNS 1874 (Box 15)
PNS 0583 Lt. Anthony with wife and daughter (Box 15)
PNS 0584 NIPSIC in Limon Bay (Box 15)
PNS 0585 Admiral Farragut/ Triest (Box 15)
PNS 0586 Plan of PNSY 1869 (Box 15)
PNS 0587 Plan of Wood Island (No Print)
PNS 0588 PORTSMOUTH and French steamer MILANO (Box 15)
PNS 0589 Naval cadets on ship (Box 15)
PNS 0590 KEARSARGE at dockside (Box 15)
PNS 0591 Ship’s company, KEARSARGE (Box 15)
PNS 0592 Officers of KEARSARGE (Box 15)
PNS 0593 Paymaster’s building (Box 15)
PNS 0594 CONSTITUTION after being rebuilt (Box 15)
PNS 0595 Building 13 plans (Box 15)
PNS 0600 Wooded drydock, 1884 (Box 15)
PNS 0601 ADVANCE and RESCUE line drawings (Box 16)
PNS 0602 Frigate SARANAC (Box 16)
PNS 0603 Quarters “B” floor plan (No Print)
PNS 0604 Quarters “C” & “D” plans (No Print)
PNS 0605 VINCENNES in Antarctica (Box 16)
PNS 0606 BRANDYWINE and CONCORD, drawing (Box 16)
PNS 0607 First bridge between Kittery and PNSY (Box 16)
PNS 0608 Line drawing view of PNSY (Box 16)
PNS 0609 Isaac Hull illustration (Box 16)
PNS 0610 Marine Barracks in winter (Box 16)
PNS 0611 AMERICA painting (Box 16)
PNS 0612 Admiral Farragut standing (Box 16)
PNS 0613 John P. Jones painting (Box 16)
PNS 0614 RALEIGH postcard (Box 16)
PNS 0615 RANGER painting (No Print)
PNS 0616 RANGER vs. BRAKE (No Print)
PNS 0617 RANGER receiving salute at Quiberon Bay (Box 16)
NO PNS 0618
PNS 0619 RANGER, raising the flag for the first time (Box 16)
PNS 0620 Plan for PNSY 1800 (Box 16)
PNS 0621 Plot of Thomas Fernald’s Islands (No Print)
PNS 0622 Floor plan, Building 22 (No Print)
PNS 0623 Interior of receiving ship CONSTITUTION (Box 16)
PNS 0624 Floral memorial for THRESHER (Box 16)
PNS 0625 Mass for THRESHER (No Print)
PNS 0626 THRESHER memorial service (Box 16)
PNS 0627 THRESHER memorial service (Box 16)
PNS 0628 THRESHER memorial service (No Print)
PNS 0629 Cardinal Spellman at THRESHER memorial service, also
contained with print, copies of prayers used at the service
(Box 16)
PNS 0630 THRESHER service, choir (No Print)
PNS 0631 Change of command, THRESHER (Box 16)
PNS 0632 THRESHER memorial service (Box 16)
PNS 0633 Salute to THRESHER memorial (Box 16)
PNS 0634 THRESHER floral piece in submarine (Box 16)
PNS 0635 Naval review at Hampton Roads, painting (Box 16)
PNS 0637 CUMBERLAND and paymaster’s building (Box 16)
PNS 0638 ESSEX, shiphouses 4 & 5 (Box 16)
NO PNS 0639
PNS 0640 Drill on the CONSTELLATION (Box 16)
PNS 0641 Greely survivors (Box 16)
PNS 0642 LANCASTER (Box 16)
PNS 0643 Site of RANGER’s stocks on Badger’s Island (Box 16)
PNS 0644 PORTSMOUTH with drying laundry (Box 16)
PNS 0645 Launching of L-8 (Box 16)
PNS 0646 Navy yard police force (Box 16)
PNS 0647 Building 45 (Box 16)
PNS 0648 Treaty of Portsmouth display, also sheets describing the
peace mission
(Box 16)
PNS 0649 201st PNSY Anniversary display (Box 16)
PNS 0650 S-48 underway (No Print)
PNS 0651 ABRAHAM LINCOLN underway (Box 16)
PNS 0652 O-l after repairs (Box 16)
PNS 0654 Launching THRESHER (No Print)
PNS 0655 SARATOGA under sail (Box 16)
PNS 0656 Attack on Yerba Buena-Drawing (San Francisco) (Box 16)
PNS 0657 PORTSMOUTH during China battle (Box 16)
PNS 0658 NIPSIC in Colombia Harbor (Box 16)
PNS 0659 THRESHER underway (Box 16)
PNS 0660 S-48 hauled on ways for repairs (No Print)
PNS 0661 Locomotives start hauling S-48 into ways (No Print)
PNS 0662 Front view of locomotive (No Print)
PNS 0663 Sail plan for CONGRESS (Box 16)
PNS 0664 KEARSARGE vs. ALABAMA painting (Box 16)
PNS 0666 Building 15, 1976 (Box 16)
PNS 0667 Building 14, 1976 (Box 16)
PNS 0668 Display of submarine models (Box 16)
PNS 0669 Artist’s drawing of DOLPHIN (Box 16)
PNS 0670 Artist’s drawing of THRESHER (Box 16)
PNS 0671 Display of PNSY submarine models (Box 16)
PNS 0672 Memorial day parade in Portsmouth (Box 16)
PNS 0673 Submarine honor roll (Box 16)
PNS 0674 OSSIPEE at anchor (Box 16)
PNS 0675 CONSTELLATION and crewmembers (Box 16)
PNS 0676 ENTERPRISE at anchor (Box 16)
PNS 0677 Admiral Farragut seated (Box 16)
PNS 0678 Drawing of Bellamy eagle for LANCASTER (Box 16)
PNS 0679 Gouache drawing of John Paul Jones (Box 16)
PNS 0680 OSSIPEE and ADAMS at anchor (Box 16)
PNS 0681 RANGER model (Box 16)
PNS 0682 Unidentified painting of rocks and seagulls (Box 16)
PNS 0683 Tree knees for shipbuilding (Also color negative) (Box 16)
PNS 0684 PORTSMOUTH under sail (Also color negative) (Box 16)
PNS 0685 SANTEE under sail (Also color negative) (Box 16)
PNS 0686 1893 ships underway (Also color negative) (Box 16)
PNS 0687 THRESHER sail with officers (Box 16)
PNS 0688 KEARSARGE vs ALABAMA drawing (Box 16)
PNS 0689 Unidentified coastal ships (Box 16)
PNS 0690 PORTSMOUTH underway (Box 16)
PNS 0691 BOXER model (Box 16)
PNS 0692 PORTSMOUTH drawing (Box 16)
PNS 0693 PORTSMOUTH under sail (Box 16)
PNS 0694 Loading KEARSARGE cannon in battle, drawing (No Print)
PNS 0695 Interior of CONSTITUTION (Box 16)
PNS 0696 Interior of CONSTITUTION (Box 16)
PNS 0697 John Paul Jones house, Portsmouth (Box 16)
PNS 0698 PORTSMOUTH under sail (Box 16)
PNS 0699 Unidentified yacht, original in other storage place (No Print)
PNS 0700 CONSTITUTION at anchor (No Print)
PNS 0701 View of Portsmouth, 1778 (No Print)
PNS 0702 CONSTITUTION ready for launch after repairs (Box 17)
PNS 0703 Officers quarters plans (No Print)
PNS 0704 Bust of John Paul Jones by Hudon (Box 17)
PNS 0705 John Paul Jones saluting sinking ship (Box 17)
PNS 0706 ALLIANCE alongside hoisting scow (Box 17)
PNS 0707 Line drawing of Portsmouth from East shore showing cattle (Box 17)
PNS 0708 John Paul Jones’ RANGER with tattered sails (Box 17)
PNS 0709 ALABAMA sinking after KEARSARGE battle (No Print)
PNS 0710 Unidentified 4 & 5 masted ships (No Print)
PNS 0711 Unidentified 3 masted ship with Mast & Spar house (No Print)
PNS 0712 Proposed plans for Building 18 (No Print)
PNS 0713 General view of TOPEKA pier and prisoners (Box 17)
PNS 0714 Recreation hall for prisoners (Box 17)
PNS 0715 Prisoners with sewing machines (Box 17)
PNS 0716 Marine guard and tent, Building 13 (Box 17)
PNS 0717 Naval prisoners, roll call on pier (Box 17)
PNS 0718 Naval prisoners on rock pile (Box 17)
PNS 0719 Ten old salts (Box 17)
PNS 0720 View over the mill pond from the prison (No Print)
PNS 0721 Wooden prison barracks (No Print)
PNS 0722 Housed over CONSTITUTION with Masonic group on the roof (Box 17)
PNS 0723 Officers of the PORTSMOUTH (Box 17)
PNS 0724 SJ Skaw and OLYMPIA’s turret gun (Box 17)
PNS 0725 Officers and ladies in front of Camp Hayward tent (Box 17)
PNS 0726 Oarsmen in front of housed over CONSTITUTION (Box 17)
PNS 0727 KEARSARGE Sunday services (Box 17)
PNS 0728 Marine guard for ENTERPRISE (Box 17)
PNS 0729 Tailoring aboard the ENTERPRISE (Box 17)

PNS 0730 Winslow, the KEARSARGE cannon (Box 17)
PNS 0731 Rally on the Flag, ENTERPRISE (Box 17)
PNS 0732 Inspection on KEARSARGE (Box 17)
PNS 0733 Deck of steel KEARSARGE (Box 17)
PNS 0734 Quarters on ENTERPRISE (Box 17)
PNS 0735 ENTERPRISE cooks (Box 17)
PNS 0736 The Choir, ENTERPRISE (Box 17)
PNS 0737 Mascots, the ENTERPRISE (Box 17)
PNS 0738 Fire team horses? (Box 17)
PNS 0739 Floating wooden drydock in winter (Box 17)
PNS 0740 Crew of Hull 407, outsize print in other storage (No Print)
PNS 0741 SOUTHERY at berth (No Print)
PNS 0742 Relieving watch on the ENTERPRISE (Box 17)
PNS 0743 ENTERPRISE at anchor (Box 17)
PNS 0744 Ship’s tailor, ENTERPRISE (Box 17)
PNS 0745 Ship’s barber, ENTERPRISE (Box 17)
PNS 0746 Spinning a yarn, ENTERPRISE (Box 17)
PNS 0747 Ship’s company, KEARSARGE (No Print)
PNS 0748 PSNY from the TOPEKA pier (No Print)
PNS 0749 Spanish prisoners tablet (Box 17)
PNS 0750 Unidentified Marine portrait (No Print)
PNS 0751 Turret lathe, outsize print in other storage (No Print)
PNS 0752 Steam/ sailing ship underway (No Print)
PNS 0753 Several types of sailing ships (No Print)
PNS 0754 Three-masted sailing ship (No Print)
PNS 0755 Identified as Shipping Department, PNSY, probably incorrectly (Box 17)
PNS 0756 First ship to enter Dry Dock 2, outsize print in other storage (No Print)
PNS 0757 NEW HAMPSHIRE under tow (Box 17)
PNS 0758 SOUTHERY rounding Henderson’s Point cofferdam (No Print)
PNS 0759 Ships in Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 0760 White fleet ships in PNSY panorama (No Print)
PNS 0761 White fleet ship being painted (No Print)
PNS 0762 Two-masted ship and FRANKLIN shiphouse (No Print)
PNS 0763 SOUTHERY under tow to Boston (No Print)
PNS 0764 Ships at Coaling Station (Box 17)
PNS 0765 REINA MERCEDES coming in to dock (Box 17)
PNS 0766 Ship assisted by tugs, view from Pierce’s Island (Box 17)
PNS 0767 Hauling gear of FRANKLIN shiphouse (No Print)
PNS 0768 Interior of Dry Dock 2 (Box 17)
PNS 0769 Ships in Dry Dock 2 (Box 17)
PNS 0770 Geometric Ammo. display in Building 22 (No Print)
PNS 0771 White fleet ship in front of submarine ways (No Print)
PNS 0772 S-boat at berth (No Print)
PNS 0773 S-boat in Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 0774 O-l in building ways (No Print)
PNS 0775 Old wooden drydock basin (No Print)
PNS 0776 Collier (either Cyclops or Jupiter) (No Print)
PNS 0777 White fleet ships at anchor (No Print)
PNS 0778 Emerald ferry boat in ways (No Print)
PNS 0779 O and S boats at berth (Box 17)
PNS 0780 Intake tunnel and foundation (Box 17)
PNS 0781 S-boats at berth (No Print)
PNS 0782 S-boats at berth (No Print)
PNS 0783 Wooden model of submarine interior (Box 17)
PNS 0784 Panorama of PNSY showing crane or masting shears (No Print)
PNS 0785 Steam/ sailing ship underway (No Print)
PNS 0786 Wooden drydock and steam/ sailing ship (No Print)
PNS 0787 Panorama including wooden drydock, Franklin shiphouse (No Print)
PNS 0788 Two-masted sailing ship underway (No Print)
PNS 0789 Yacht leaving Rye Harbor (No Print)
PNS 0790 Yacht underway, PNSY to right (No Print)
PNS 0791 Unidentified ship at PNSY (No Print)
PNS 0792 Yacht sailing near Henderson’s Point cofferdam (No Print)
PNS 0793 Building 13, Alabama Shiphouse, White fleet ship (No Print)
PNS 0794 PNSY near FRANKLIN shiphouse (No Print)
PNS 0795 Building 80 workers (No Print)
PNS 0796 Unidentified ship towed to Coaling Station (No Print)
PNS 0797 Hull testing facility (Box 17)
PNS 0798 Sound basin (Box 17)
PNS 0799 Badgers Island and Kittery Shore (No Print)
PNS 0800 Peace conference room (No Print)
PNS 0801 Building 13 (Box 18)
PNS 0802 Shattuck Shipyard, Newington (No Print)
PNS 0803 Excavation for Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 0804 Shattuck Shipyard, Newington (No Print)
PNS 0805 Laying stone in Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 0806 Ferry landing on Portsmouth waterfront (Box 18)
PNS 0807 CONSTITUTION and ALABAMA shiphouse (Box 18)
PNS 0808 Construction of wooden deck (Box 18)
PNS 0809 Tugs assisting WWI era submarine (Box 18)
PNS 0810 Tug moving to assist V-4 (Box 18)
PNS 0811 Launching V-4 (Box 18)
PNS 0812 S-boat submerging (No Print)
PNS 0813 S-boat submerging (No Print)
PNS 0814 MINEOLA underway (No Print)
PNS 0815 HUNTINGTON, WISCONSIN and crane (Box 18)
PNS 0816 Looking at PNSY, fitting out pier (Box 18)
PNS 0818 Three-stacked ship underway (No Print)
PNS 0819 PENACOOK underway (Box 18)
PNS 0820 Excavation for Dry Dock 2 (Box 18)
PNS 0821 Conning tower of Lake submarine with Lake in hatch (Box 18)
PNS 0822 Interior of Lake submarine (Box 18)
PNS 0824 Lake submarine with torpedoes (No Print)
PNS 0825 Lake submarine with Lake in hatchway (Box 18)
PNS 0826 Launching of L-8, by Frank Walker (Box 18)
PNS 0827 Gun and shot park, Anchor park (Box 18)
PNS 0828 Marine Corps Band (No Print)
PNS 0829 Fifth U.S. Infantry Bank (No Print)
PNS 0830 Parade on Pleasant Street, Portsmouth (No Print)
PNS 0831 Parade leaving PNSY Bridge #1 (No Print)
PNS 0832 PNSY panorama from FRANKLIN shiphouse to Coaling Station (No Print)
PNS 0833 S-boats at berth (Box 18)
PNS 0834 V-3 during submergence test (Box 18)
PNS 0835 CACHALOT in Dry Dock 2 (Box 18)
PNS 0836 Artists drawing of S-48 (Box 18)
PNS 0837 Launching S-10 (Box 18)
PNS 0838 S-4 underway (Box 18)
PNS 0839 Lake submarine underway (Box 18)
PNS 0840 PNSY general view with wooden drydock (Box 18)
PNS 0841 PNSY general view with Coaling Station (Box 18)
PNS 0842 Naval Prison (Box 18)
PNS 0843 John Holland in his submarine (Box 18)
NO PNS 0844
PNS 0845 M. MITCHELL DAVIS tug passing (Box 18)
PNS 0846 Lake submarine PROTECTOR (Box 18)
PNS 0847 SEA POACHER underway (Box 18)
PNS 0848 German midget submarine (Box 18)
PNS 0849 German midget submarine (Box 18)
PNS 0850 PNSY shop masters (Box 18)
PNS 0851 Recruiting declaration for the WAVES (Box 18)
PNS 0852 BRISTOL underway (Box 18)
PNS 0853 PNSY record, starts with SCABBARDFISH (Box 18)
PNS 0854 SS-63 starting dive (Box 18)
PNS 0855 PNSY war record, starts with DRUM (Box 18)
PNS 0856 PNSY war record, 3-panel (Box 18)
PNS 0857 German submarine U-234 at surrender (Box 18)
PNS 0858 SURCOUF underway (Box 18)
PNS 0859 Franklin D. Roosevelt and son at PNSY (No Print)
PNS 0860 CAVALLA from above (Box 18)
PNS 0861 REQUIN underway (Box 18)
PNS 0862 UNDAUNTED at a Coaling Station (not PNSY) (No Print)
PNS 0863 S-16 submerging in berth, U-lll in background (No Print)
PNS 0864 U-234 towed to PNSY (Box 18)
PNS 0865 U-805 towed to PNSY with U.S. Navy crew (Box 18)
PNS 0866 Crew of U-805 (Box 18)
PNS 0867 German troops off PNSY train (No Print)
PNS 0868 Interior of German submarine (Box 18)
PNS 0869 German officer leaving submarine (Box 18)
PNS 0870 WISCONSIN and crane (No Print)
PNS 0871 R-22 and two other ships in Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 0872 RUNNER underway (Box 18)
PNS 0873 CREVALLE underway (Box 18)
PNS 0874 FALCON deck during SQUALUS salvage (No Print)
PNS 0875 Flag lowering in front of Quarters “A” (No Print)
PNS 0876 Submarine S-9 and diver (No Print)
PNS 0877 RO-26, Japanese submarine (Box 18)
PNS 0878 ODAX departing, bow view (Box 18)
PNS 0879 CUTLASS with crew on deck underway (Box 18)
PNS 0880 Nazi battleship or heavy cruiser firing on a merchant ship, bow only (Box 18)
PNS 0881 SQUALUS/ SAILFISH memorial (Box 18)
PNS 0882 GROUPER with sonar equipment (Box 18)
PNS 0883 Sheet metal shop with safety plaque (Box 18)
PNS 0884 French engineering plans (No Print)
PNS 0885 Italian engineering plans (No Print)
PNS 0886 SPERRY, submarine tender with submarines (No Print)
PNS 0887 Adm. Rickover and officials (No Print)
PNS 0888 Crew of SEADRAGON on ice (Box 18)
PNS 0889 NAUTILUS underway (Box 18)
PNS 0890 SEADRAGON underway (Box 18)
PNS 0891 Launching SANDLANCE (Box 18)
PNS 0892 SWORDFISH underway (Box 18)
PNS 0893 Launching GRAYLING (Box 18)
PNS 0894 Launching JACK (Box 18)
PNS 0895 Quarters “B” (No Print)
PNS 0896 Seaman raising flag on submarine (Box 18)
PNS 0897 ALBACORE high speed surfacing (Box 18)
PNS 0898 Aerial of PNSY (No Print)
PNS 0899 Commissioning ceremony in Navy whites (Box 18)
PNS 0900 Dry Dock 3 and flat-iron pier (Box 18)
PNS 0901 Aerial of PNSY (Box 19)
PNS 0902 Map of PNSY area (Box 19)
PNS 0903 Detailed map of PNSY area (Box 19)
PNS 0904 Map of PNSY area (Box 19)
PNS 0905 Naval prison aerial (Box 19)
PNS 0906 Hospital aerial (Box 19)
PNS 0907 Quarters “A” in winter (Box 19)
PNS 0908 Quarters “B” in winter (Box 19)
PNS 0909 Bell tower of Building 13 (No Print)
PNS 0910 Interior of Shop 38 (No Print)

PNS 0911 PNSY foundry (No Print)
PNS 0912 PNSY foundry (No Print)
PNS 0913 Shipfitters shop (No Print)
PNS 0914 Unidentified PNSY workmen (No Print)
PNS 0915 Dry Dock 1 with submarine (No Print)
PNS 0916 PNSY foundry (No Print)
PNS 0917 Unidentified PNSY workmen (No Print)
PNS 0918 Admiral Palmer (No Print)
PNS 0919 Admiral Palmer (No Print)
PNS 0920 Department head conference (No Print)
PNS 0921 Pumphouse for Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 0922 Watchtower for prison (No Print)
PNS 0923 One-quarter inch scale model for ALBACORE (No Print)
PNS 0924 Officer’s quarters (No Print)
PNS 0925 Walking the deck of the JOHN ADAMS (No Print)
PNS 0926 Inspection of the JOHN ADAMS (No Print)
PNS 0927 Conning tower in the ice, SEADRAGON (Box 19)
PNS 0928 Submarine X-l underway (Box 19)
PNS 0929 Marines during running exercise (Box 19)
PNS 0930 Unidentified tug with Playboy logo (Box 19)
PNS 0931 Doorway to Quarters “A” (Box 19)
PNS 0932 Polaris missile on display (Box 19)
PNS 0933 “Sails to Atoms” logo (Box 19)
PNS 0934 Installation of machinery (Box 19)
PNS 0935 Fletcher Field dedication (Box 19)
PNS 0936 Fletcher Field dedication (Box 19)
PNS 0937 Fletcher Field dedication (Box 19)
PNS 0938 Fletcher Field tablet (Box 19)
PNS 0939 DOLPHIN underway (Box 19)
PNS 0940 TANG underway (Box 19)
PNS 0941 SANDLANCE underway (Box 19)
PNS 0942 JOHN ADAMS underway (Box 19)
PNS 0943 ALBACORE underway (Box 19)
PNS 0944 SAILFISH launching (Box 19)
PNS 0945 BARBEL underway (Box 19)
PNS 0946 DOLPHIN underway (Box 19)
PNS 0947 ABRAHAM LINCOLN underway (Box 19)
PNS 0948 Artists conception of GROWLER (Box 19)
PNS 0949 General view from Badgers Island Lobster dock (Box 19)
PNS 0950 PERCH in ice pads (Box 19)
PNS 0951 Dry Dock 3 (Box 19)
PNS 0952 Dry Dock 3 (Box 19)
PNS 0953 Dry Dock 3 (Box 19)
PNS 0954 Sound Basin dock (Box 19)
PNS 0955 Dry Dock 3 (Box 19)
PNS 0956 Dry Dock 3 (Box 19)
PNS 0957 “Jap cargo for Davy Jones” (No Print)
PNS 0958 Japanese submarine sinking (No Print)
PNS 0959 Crash dive (No Print)
PNS 0960 Submarine surfacing (No Print)
PNS 0961 SEAWOLF underway (No Print)
PNS 0962 Periscopes (No Print)
PNS 0963 Bow surfacing (Box 19)
PNS 0964 Japanese submarine sinking (No Print)
PNS 0965 Diesel engine room (No Print)
PNS 0966 Submarine bridge ? (No Print)
PNS 0967 Torpedo bunkroom (No Print)
PNS 0968 Close quarters in a submarine (No Print)
PNS 0969 Radioman Eckberg of SEAWOLF (No Print)
PNS 0970 Executive Officer Deragon of SEAWOLF (No Print)
PNS 0971 Captain Warder of SEAWOLF (No Print)
PNS 0972 Periscope (No Print)
PNS 0973 Marine guards of Spanish prisoners (No Print)
PNS 0975 SQUALUS fitting out at PNSY (Box 19)
PNS 0977 Sword exercise on the ENTERPRISE (Box 19)
PNS 0978 SQUALUS rescue awards ceremony (Box 19)
PNS 0979 Loading gold bars on the TROUT (Box 19)
PNS 0980 Lake submarine under construction (Box 19)
PNS 0981 HOLLAND III (No Print)
PNS 0982 Launch of Holland submarine PORPOISE (Box 19)
PNS 0983 Building 13 with ivy (Box 19)
PNS 0984 Polaris missile firing (Box 19)
PNS 0985 Gundalow drawing, map of Kittery area (Box 19)
PNS 0986 Holland’s HULL #1 (Box 19)
PNS 0987 Gold bars on board the TROUT (Box 19)
PNS 0988 Simon Lake (Box 19)
PNS 0989 Gun and shot park, postcard (Box 19)
NO PNS 0990
PNS 0991 Interior of Holland submarine ADDER (Box 19)
PNS 0992 Marine prison guards in winter (Box 19)
PNS 0993 Deck of FALCON during SQUALUS salvage (Box 19)
PNS 0994 Painting of Cherbourg during KEARSARGE/ ALABAMA battle (Box 19)
PNS 0995 Ceremonials, Russo-Japanese peace treaty (Box 19)
PNS 0996 Engineers plan for PNSY (Box 19)
PNS 0997 TURTLE submarine drawing (Box 19)
PNS 0998 PIONEER, Confederate submarine (Box 19)
PNS 0999 Lamp for Amoskeag steam fire engine (Box 19)
PNS 1000 Old and new fire engines, PNSY (Box 19)
NO PNS 1001
PNS 1002 VIPER at Cape Henlopen, Delaware (Box 20)
PNS 1003 SS-S21 underway (Box 20)
PNS 1004 First vessel to enter Dry Dock 2, print in other storage (No Print)
PNS 1005 S-8 in building ways (Box 20)
PNS 1006 S-8 in berth (Box 20)
PNS 1007 S-8 in drydock (Box 20)
PNS 1008 Marine officers in front of mess tent, Spanish prisoners period (Box 20)
PNS 1009 Shop 17 orchestra award (Box 20)
PNS 1010 Eagle boats in channel (Box 20)
PNS 1011 GRAMPUS, LAWTON, and PIKE at Mare Island (Box 20)
PNS 1012 Presentation of the 1943 Safety Award (Box 20)
PNS 1013 S-48 underway (Box 20)
PNS 1014 U-234 at surrender (Box 20)
PNS 1015 THRESHER memorial service (Box 20)
PNS 1016 SEAWOLF under construction (Box 20)
PNS 1017 JACK underway (Box 20)
PNS 1018 Personnel of Industrial Office (Box 20)
PNS 1019 Portsmouth war record panel (Box 20)
PNS 1020 Launching of BURRFISH (Box 20)
PNS 1021 Maine State marker at PNSY entrance (Box 20)
PNS 1022 Colonel Huntington mounted on Old Tom (Box 20)
PNS 1023 Greely relief ship reception (Box 20)
PNS 1024 Officers quarters C, D, E, and F (Box 20)
PNS 1025 Aerial of PNSY (Box 20)
PNS 1026 Construction of wooden ship (Box 20)
PNS 1027 Henderson’s Point just after blast (Box 20)
PNS 1028 Extension of Shipbuilding ways (Box 20)
PNS 1029 S-4 underway (Box 20)
PNS 1030 Isaac Hull portrait – missing? (Box 20)
PNS 1031 Interior of NAUTILUS (Box 20)
PNS 1032 Interior of NAUTILUS, wardroom (Box 20)
PNS 1033 Berth 6 and oil storage tanks (Box 20)
PNS 1034 Painting of PNSY (based on drawing in 608) (Box 20)
PNS 1035 Workmen at PNSY, 1894, other storage (No Print)
PNS 1036 Turret lathe at PNSY, print in other storage (No Print)
PNS 1037 S-48 locomotive (No Print)
PNS 1038 Model of RANGER (Box 20)
PNS 1039 Masted and side wheel ships at PNSY (Box 20)
PNS 1040 View from Odiorne’s toward site of S-48 disaster (Box 20)
PNS 1041 View from Odiorne’s toward site of S-48 disaster (No Print)
PNS 1042 Whaleback Light site of S-48 disaster (No Print)
NO PNS 1043
PNS 1044 SNAPPER at Mare Island (Box 20)
PNS 1045 Naval Academy Class of 1889 (Box 20)
PNS 1046 Attack on Barrier Fort, Canton, China (Box 20)
PNS 1047 Postcard of naval prison (Box 20)
PNS 1048 TAUTOG towing to dock (Box 20)
PNS 1049 TAUTOG in ways (Box 20)
PNS 1050 Major Hughes of Camp Hayward, PNSY (Box 20)
PNS 1051 Submarine V-4 underway (Box 20)
PNS 1052 V-4 and V-5 under construction (Box 20)
PNS 1053 Broadside “Of interest to seamen” (Box 20)
PNS 1054 GANNET at John Glacier, Alaska (Box 20)
PNS 1055 Clerks of the Yard and autographs (Box 20)
PNS 1056 ASPRO underway (Box 20)
PNS 1057 Amoskeag fire engine DuPont lamp (Box 20)
PNS 1058 View of Portsmouth from the Navy Yard, 1800′S (Box 20)
PNS 1059 OSSIPEE equipping for distant service (Box 20)
PNS 1060 SARANAC at anchor (Box 20)
PNS 1061 PISCATAQUA drawing/ painting (Box 20)
PNS 1062 CONGRESS painting (Box 20)
PNS 1063 KEARSARGE vs ALABAMA painting (Box 20)
PNS 1064 ENTERPRISE at anchor (Box 20)
PNS 1065 SARATOGA (Box 20)
PNS 1066 KEARSARGE vs ALABAMA painting (Box 20)
PNS 1067 Navy Yard flag signals, 1814 (Box 20)
PNS 1068 PORTSMOUTH underway (Box 20)
PNS 1069 TERROR at anchor (a Civil War monitor) (Box 20)
PNS 1070 BENICIA (masted ship) (Box 20)
PNS 1071 PORTSMOUTH under sail (Box 20)
PNS 1072 BOXER underway (Box 20)
PNS 1073 PREBLE drawing (Box 20)
PNS 1074 Men at opening of Dry Dock 2 (Box 20)
PNS 1075 SWATARA undergoing repairs (Box 20)
PNS 1076 Marine Barracks (Box 20)
PNS 1078 Officers and crew of S-7 (Box 20)
PNS 1079 Excavation for Dry Dock 2 in winter (Box 20)
PNS 1081 GALENA at anchor (Box 20)
PNS 1082 Survivors of KEARSARGE (Box 20)
PNS 1083 FRANKLIN shiphouse, waterfront (Box 20)
PNS 1084 PNSY coaling station (Box 20)
NO PNS 1085 through PNS 1299

PNS 1300 SQUALUS rescue, blowing pontoons (Box 21)
PNS 1301 SQUALUS rescue, wreck surfacing (Box 21)
PNS 1302 SQUALUS, pontoon surfacing (Box 21)
PNS 1303 SQUALUS rescue, BROOKLYN at sea (Box 21)
PNS 1304 Launching SQUALUS showing packing (Box 21)
PNS 1305 Launching SQUALUS, start lever (Box 21)
PNS 1306 SQUALUS rescue, vessels at Berth 5 (Box 21)
PNS 1307 SQUALUS rescue, airhose and cables (Box 21)
PNS 1308 SQUALUS launching with tugs (Box 21)
PNS 1309 SQUALUS launching with tugs (Box 21)
PNS 1310 SAGAMORE to SQUALUS rescue (Box 21)
PNS 1311 SQUALUS and tugs to Berth 1 (Box 21)
PNS 1312 SQUALUS rescue vessels and equipment casting off (Box 21)
PNS 1313 SQUALUS off launching cradle (Box 21)
PNS 1314 SQUALUS, BROOKLYN at sea (Box 21)
PNS 1315 SQUALUS launching, shore dogs (Box 21)
PNS 1316 Unidentified WWII submarine (Box 21)
PNS 1317 Launching of SWORDFISH (Box 21)
PNS 1318 SQUALUS salvage, control room interior (Box 21)
PNS 1319 SQUALUS launch, general view in the ways (Box 21)
PNS 1320 Jimmy Jones SQUALUS raising (Box 21)
PNS 1321 First survivors of SQUALUS (Box 21)
PNS 1322 Lieut. Naquin of SQUALUS (Box 21)
PNS 1323 HARRIET LANE landing first survivors of SQUALUS (Box 21)
PNS 1324 Salvage of SQUALUS, in drydock (Box 21)
PNS 1325 Salvage of SQUALUS, in drydock (Box 21)
PNS 1326 Salvage of SQUALUS, pumping out in drydock (Box 21)
PNS 1327 Salvage of SQUALUS, pumping out in drydock (Box 21)
PNS 1328 Salvage of SQUALUS, in drydock (Box 21)
PNS 1329 Salvage of SQUALUS, in drydock (Box 21)
PNS 1330 Salvage of SQUALUS, showing rupture (Box 21)
PNS 1331 Salvage of SQUALUS, showing rupture (Box 21)
PNS 1332 Salvage of SQUALUS, interior of torpedo room (Box 21)
PNS 1333 Salvage of SQUALUS, interior of galley (Box 21)
PNS 1334 Salvage of SQUALUS, interior of battery room (Box 21)
PNS 1335 Salvage of SQUALUS, interior of battery room (Box 21)
PNS 1336 HARRIET LANE landing first survivors (Box 21)
PNS 1337 Salvage of SQUALUS, closing pontoon valves (Box 21)
PNS 1338 Salvage of SQUALUS, interior of torpedo room (Box 21)
PNS 1339 Salvage of SQUALUS, interior of control room (Box 21)
PNS 1340 HARRIET LANE at Berth 2 (Box 21)
PNS 1341 Salvage of SQUALUS showing fin damage (Box 21)
PNS 1342 Halftone of FRANKLIN (No Print)
PNS 1343 Commodore MacDonough (No Print)
PNS 1344 Portrait and signature of John Paul Jones (No Print)
PNS 1345 Coast Guard cutter AB-9, SQUALUS salvage (Box 21)
PNS 1346 SAGAMORE leaving PNSY (Box 21)
PNS 1347 WANDANK towing pontoons (Box 21)
PNS 1348 WANDANK towing pontoons (Box 21)
PNS 1349 Halftone of WASHINGTON (No Print)
PNS 1350 Tugs and FALCON to SQUALUS rescue (Box 21)
PNS 1351 SQUALUS before launching (Box 21)
PNS 1352 SQUALUS before launching (Box 21)
PNS 1353 Navy tugs towing SQUALUS (Box 21)
PNS 1354 Detail of machinery to launch SQUALUS (Box 21)
PNS 1355 SQUALUS launching (Box 21)
PNS 1356 SQUALUS launching approach to Berth l (Box 21)
PNS 1357 Concrete test on TOPEKA pier (Box 21)
PNS 1358 Halftone of early auto crossing Bridge #1, FRANKLIN
shiphouse in background
(Box 21)
PNS 1359 Dry Dock l and flat-iron pier (Box 21)
PNS 1360 PNSY panorama showing FRANKLIN shiphouse to Coaling station (Box 21)
PNS 1361 PNSY from Pierces Island with SANTEE shiphouse standing (Box 21)
PNS 1362 Rear of prison with standpipe (Box 21)
PNS 1363 Engraving of monitor KALAMAZOO (No Print)
PNS 1364 Towing SQUALUS and FALCON to shallow waters (Box 21)
PNS 1365 SAILFISH last dive (Box 21)
PNS 1366 SQUALUS wreckage on keel blocks (Box 21)
PNS 1367 SQUALUS in drydock showing propeller damage (Box 21)
PNS 1368 SQUALUS as water is pumped out (Box 21)
PNS 1369 SQUALUS, first work on interior (Box 21)
PNS 1370 SQUALUS wreck showing condition of rudders (Box 21)
PNS 1371 SQUALUS showing fin damage (Box 21)
PNS 1372 SQUALUS at Berth 6 for pumping out (Box 21)
PNS 1373 SCULPIN sending air hose to FALCON (Box 21)
PNS 1374 SAILFISH last dive (Box 21)
PNS 1375 Conning tower of SQUALUS/ SAILFISH memorial (Box 21)
PNS 1376 SQUALUS on deck salvage (Box 21)
PNS 1377 SQUALUS salvage, air to pontoon in Berth 6 (Box 21)
PNS 1378 SQUALUS, deflections and ruptures in plate (Box 21)
PNS 1379 SQUALUS after pumping out (Box 21)
PNS 1380 Stairway to SQUALUS/ SAILFISH memorial (Box 21)
PNS 1381 SQUALUS blowing of pontoons (Box 21)
PNS 1382 SQUALUS salvage, interior of officer’s quarters (Box 21)
PNS 1383 SQUALUS salvage, net cutting equipment (Box 21)
PNS 1384 Conning tower memorial (Box 21)
PNS 1385 SQUALUS/ SAILFISH memorial plaque (Box 21)
PNS 1386 SQUALUS salvage, battered superstructure (Box 21)
PNS 1387 SQUALUS salvage, air hose to pontoons (Box 21)
PNS 1388 SQUALUS salvage, interior to control room (Box 21)
PNS 1389 Tugs bringing SQUALUS and pontoons to Berth 6 (?)
PNS 1390 SQUALUS salvage, air hose over side (Box 21)
NO PNS 1391
PNS 1392 V-5 tank tops in ways (No Print)
PNS 1393 V-4 conning tower (No Print)
PNS 1394 V-1 on experimental trials (No Print)
PNS 1395 S-48 underway (No Print)
PNS 1396 V-4 at anchor ? (No Print)
PNS 1397 V-4 underway (No Print)
PNS 1398 V-4 submerging (No Print)
PNS 1399 V-4 submerging, radio mast above water (No Print)
PNS 1400 V04 and O-1 in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1401 V-4 in Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 1402 Fin of unidentified submarine (No Print)
PNS 1403 Engineering drawing for submarine (No Print)
PNS 1404 S-boat tied to wharf ? (No Print)
PNS 1405 V-4 ready to launch (No Print)
PNS 1406 Assembled muffler for V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1407 Assembled muffler for V-5 (No Print)
PNS 1408 Bed plate for V-4 lowered into submarine (No Print)
PNS 1409 German two-stage air compressor (No Print)
PNS 1410 Crank case for V-4 lowered (No Print)
PNS 1411 Interior fixtures, V-5 (No Print)
PNS 1412 Bulkhead 86 of V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1413 Metal furniture for V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1414 Air induction trunk, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1415 Ward room for V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1416 Gun deck of V-boat (No Print)
PNS 1417 V-4 first trials (No Print)
PNS 1418 Main engine for V-5 (No Print)
PNS 1419 CPO quarters, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1420 Starboard boat stowage, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1421 Boat into stowage, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1422 In-deck boat stowage, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1423 Main motor armature, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1424 Main engine clutch, V-5 (No Print)
PNS 1425 Hydraulic accumulator (No Print)
PNS 1426 Pump room, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1427 Control room, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1428 Control room, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1429 Conning tower, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1430 Periscope view, V-2 (No Print)
PNS 1431 Main motors from U-117 (No Print)
PNS 1432 On superstructure of V-boat ? (No Print)
PNS 1433 Flood valves, V-4 (No Print)
PNS 1434 Safety tank kingstons, V-5 (No Print)
PNS 1435 Conning tower of V-4 during trials (No Print)
PNS 1436 Trials, V-4, view from conning tower (No Print)
PNS 1437 Unidentified submarine underway (No Print)
PNS 1438 Unidentified ship underway (No Print)
PNS 1439 V-5 under construction (No Print)
PNS 1440 Launching of S-3 (No Print)
PNS 1441 Painting of FALKLAND (No Print)
PNS 1442 Portsmouth from PNSY timber dock, painting (No Print)
PNS 1443 Launching of L-8 (No Print)
PNS 1444 Destroyer BROOKS on Fort Point rocks (No Print)
PNS 1445 Flooding Henderson’s Point cofferdam (No Print)
PNS 1446 Bridge #1 looking towards Kittery (No Print)
PNS 1447 Bridge #1 looking towards PNSY (No Print)
PNS 1448 French map of Piscataqua Region (No Print)
PNS 1449 Peace envoys in session (No Print)
PNS 1450 Marine sentries on Bridge #1 (No Print)
PNS 1451 Wentworth Hotel in 1905 (No Print)
PNS 1452 Henderson’s Point before construction (No Print)
PNS 1453 Shipyards in Newington, N.H. (No Print)
PNS 1454 Oxen at PNSY (No Print)
PNS 1455 Map of PNSY in 1877 (No Print)
PNS 1456 Map of PNSY in 1840 (No Print)
PNS 1457 Map of PNSY in 1858 (No Print)
PNS 1458 Plan of South wharves, PNSY, 1829 (No Print)
PNS 1459 Map of PNSY, 1843 (No Print)
PNS 1460 Map of PNSY, circa 1830′s (No Print)
PNS 1461 Proposed plans of 1831 (No Print)
PNS 1462 Proposed torpedo basins, 1900 (No Print)
PNS 1463 Map of PNSY, 1852 (No Print)
PNS 1464 Plans of FALKLAND (Box 22)
PNS 1465 Jenkins Gut, late 1800′s (No Print)
PNS 1466 Mast and Spar House, Jenkins Gut (No Print)
PNS 1467 Model of AMERICA from the Portsmouth Athenaeum,
three different prints
(Box 22)
PNS 1468 N.H. State Seal (No Print)
PNS 1469 Plans of PNSY cattle barns (Box 22)
PNS 1470 Graves of the Spanish prisoners (No Print)
PNS 1471 Unidentified ship at timber dock ? (No Print)
PNS 1472 Jenkin’s Gut bridge (No Print)
PNS 1473 Greely cottage (No Print)
PNS 1474 Postcard honoring RANGER vs. DRAKE (No Print)
PNS 1475 Proposed Oakum house, 1857 (Box 22)
PNS 1476 Looking towards Bridge #1 from PNSY, 1954 (Box 22)
PNS 1477 Winter, Dry Dock 1, 1954 (No Print)
PNS 1478 Winter, Dry Dock 1, 1954 (Box 22)
PNS 1479 Plan for Quarters “M” (Box 22)
PNS 1480 Air compressor installed 1929 (Box 22)

PNS 1481 Quarters U, V, and W, 1954 (Box 22)
PNS 1482 Dry Dock 1 during snowstorm, 1954 (Box 22)
PNS 1483 Dry Dock l during snowstorm, 1954 (No Print)
PNS 1484 Incinerator, general view of dump and public quarters (Box 22)
PNS 1485 General view of PNSY dump, 1954 (Box 22)
PNS 1486 Building 99 (No Print)
PNS 1487 Captured Cuban gunboat ISLE DE CUBA (No Print)
PNS 1488 Kittery from PNSY (No Print)
PNS 1489 Spanish-American war ship in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1490 Arrival of Japanese envoys (No Print)
PNS 1491 Towards PNSY through Kittery (No Print)
PNS 1492 Badgers Island from PNSY (No Print)
PNS 1493 Saluting peace envoys (No Print)
PNS 1494 Lower harbor, Portsmouth (No Print)
PNS 1495 Gun and shot park (No Print)
PNS 1496 Launching of POMODON (Box 22)
PNS 1497 Closeup of S-22 escape hatch (Box 22)
PNS 1498 Emergency hospital (Box 22)
PNS 1499 S-6 Keel laying (Box 22)
PNS 1500 Marine guards rowing (Box 22)
PNS 1501 SAILFISH last dive (Box 22)
PNS 1502 Salvage of SQUALUS, at Berth 6 (Box 22)
PNS 1503 Salvage of SQUALUS, damage to fin (Box 22)
PNS 1504 Salvage of SQUALUS, condition of oscillator (Box 22)
PNS 1505 Salvage of SQUALUS, at Berth 6 (Box 22)
PNS 1506 Wooden dry dock and unidentified ferry or tug (No Print)
PNS 1507 O-9, O-10 at dockside (No Print)
PNS 1508 S-type submarine in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1509 S-51 in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1510 Building 86 (No Print)
PNS 1511 Greely expedition members (No Print)
PNS 1512 Building 80 (No Print)
PNS 1513 Dry Dock 2, working at capacity in winter (No Print)
PNS 1514 Naval Band, Portsmouth (No Print)
PNS 1515 Panorama of PNSY, Eagle boats (No Print)
PNS 1516 Old Anchor (No Print)
PNS 1517 Franklin D. Roosevelt arriving at PNSY (No Print)
PNS 1518 New wireless antennae (No Print)
PNS 1519 TOPEKA pier with SOUTHERY and TOPEKA (No Print)
PNS 1520 Locomotive L-3 (No Print)
PNS 1521 Henderson’s Point ? (No Print)
PNS 1522 Laying stone floor for Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 1523 German officer captured (Box 22)
PNS 1524 Captured German officer with newspaper (Box 22)
PNS 1525 General of the German Air Force Ulrich Kessler
reading “After the War — What?”
(Box 22)
PNS 1526 Three German Petty Officers (Box 22)
PNS 1527 German officer and guard (Box 22)
PNS 1528 Launching of TANG (No Print)
PNS 1529 TANG underway (No Print)
PNS 1530 Converted TANG underway (No Print)
PNS 1531 Officers quarters (No Print)
PNS 1532 Roll call of Spanish prisoners (No Print)
PNS 1533 Launching of V-5 (No Print)
PNS 1535 Spanish prisoners leaving the HARVARD (No Print)
PNS 1536 Commissioning S-48 (No Print)
PNS 1537 Building 13 (No Print)
PNS 1538 FRANKLIN shiphouse ways for S-48 (No Print)
PNS 1539 Conservatory view of Quarters “A” (No Print)
PNS 1540 Officer’s quarters (No Print)
PNS 1541 Marine Barracks (No Print)
PNS 1542 Gun and Shot Park (No Print)
PNS 1543 Training ship NEW HAMPSHIRE (Box 22)
PNS 1544 Launching of V-5 (No Print)
PNS 1545 Gun and Shot Park (No Print)
NO PNS 1546-PNS 1548
PNS 1549 S-51 in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1550 PNSY from Kittery bridge (No Print)
PNS 1551 Navy Yard ferry in ice (No Print)
PNS 1552 Railroad to Navy Yard (No Print)
PNS 1553 Locomotives for S-48 haul (No Print)
PNS 1554 Navy Yard and ceremony on Bridge #1 (No Print)
PNS 1555 Locomotives to haul S-48 (No Print)
PNS 1556 Postcard of U. S. White Fleet (No Print)
PNS 1557 Before blast at Henderson’s Point (No Print)
PNS 1558 Navy Yard Bridge (No Print)
PNS 1559 Prison ship SOUTHERY at dock (No Print)
PNS 1560 Philbrick Cove looking towards PNSY (No Print)
PNS 1561 Unidentified ships in Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 1562 Line drawing of Revolutionary War era ? ship (No Print)
PNS 1563 Plan of PNSY in 1866 (No Print)
PNS 1564 Crane for hauling S-48 (No Print)
PNS 1565 Locomotives to haul out S-48 (No Print)
PNS 1566 PERISCOPE issue honoring S-48 reconstruction (No Print)
PNS 1567 Futtock saw, FRANKLIN shiphouse (No Print)
PNS 1568 Launching detail, V-2 (No Print)
NO PNS 1569
PNS 1570 Completion of razing of Coal Plant (No Print)
PNS 1571 Coal plant before demolition (No Print)
PNS 1572 Unidentified S-boats in Dry Dock 2 (No Print)
PNS 1573 Submarine S-4 in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1574 Concrete test, filling forms (Box 22)
PNS 1575 Submarine V-5 under construction (No Print)
PNS 1576 V-4 ready for launching (No Print)
PNS 1577 Submarine S-4 towed to FRANKLIN shiphouse (No Print)
PNS 1578 V-3 coming into dock (No Print)
PNS 1579 V-2 in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1580 S-48 bow emerging (No Print)
PNS 1581 S-48 bow emerging (No Print)
PNS 1582 S-48 bow emerging (No Print)
NO PNS 1583
PNS 1584 PLUNGER, Holland submarine (Box 22)
PNS 1585 Interior of TURTLE with operator (Box 22)
PNS 1586 Robert Fulton’s NAUTILUS (Box 22)
PNS 1587 Submarine TURTLE from above (Box 22)
PNS 1588 Interior of TURTLE (Box 22)
PNS 1589 Submarine USS TRITON underway (Box 22)
PNS 1590 Confederate submarine HUNLEY, model (Box 22)
PNS 1591 Experimental sub INTELLIGENT WHALE (Box 22)
PNS 1592 Submarine USS TRITON underway (Box 22)
PNS 1593 Drawing of Fulton’s submarine under sail (Box 22)
PNS 1594 Drawing of Fulton’s submarine underwater (Box 22)
PNS 1595 ALBACORE launching (No Print)
PNS 1596 ALBACORE (SS-569) Change of Command
Ceremonies, Sept. 1971
(No Print)
PNS 1597 ALBACORE Change of Command Ceremonies (No Print)
PNS 1598 ALBACORE Change of Command Ceremonies (No Print)
PNS 1599 ALBACORE Change of Command Ceremonies (No Print)
PNS 1600 ALBACORE Change of Command Ceremonies (No Print)
PNS 1601 ARCHERFISH (SS 311) (No Print)
PNS 1602 BARRACUDA (V-1) in shiphouse (No Print)
PNS 1603 BARRACUDA (V-1) Ready for launching, 1924 (No Print)
PNS 1604 BARRACUDA (V-1) Launching (No Print)
PNS 1605 BARRACUDA (V-1) Launching (No Print)
PNS 1606 Same as above (No Print)
PNS 1607 CACHALOT (SS170-V8) Rolling of Plates (No Print)
PNS 1608 GRAYLING (SS209) 1941 (No Print)
PNS 1609 PAMPANITO (SS383) Launched 1943 (No Print)
PNS 1610 PAMPANITO (No Print)
PNS 1611 PAMPANITO (No Print)
PNS 1612 S-3 Launching, 1918 (No Print)
PNS 1613 S3, S4, S6 in fitting out pier (No Print)
PNS 1614 Same as above (No Print)
PNS 1616 S5 (No Print)
PNS 1617 SS111 (S-6) launching, Sponsor, Miss Eleanor Adams (No Print)
PNS 1618 SS112 (S-7) at Port Angeles, Washington (No Print)
PNS 1619 S-8 in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1620 USS S-6 (left) with captured German U-111 in
center (USS S-3 on far left) [same as PNS 0349]
(Box 12)
PNS 1621 SS114 (S-9) Keel laying, 1919, Franklin Shiphouse (No Print)
PNS 1622 S9, S14, S17 (No Print)
PNS 1623 S12 (No Print)
PNS 1624 S12 (No Print)
PNS 1625 S12 Launching (No Print)
PNS 1626 S14 (No Print)
PNS 1627 S16 (No Print)
PNS 1628 S17 in background (No Print)
PNS 1629 S27 (No Print)
PNS 1630 S48 (No Print)
PNS 1631 S48, 1925 (No Print)
PNS 1632 S48, Stranded off NewCastle, N.H. 1925 (No Print)
PNS 1633 S48 (SS159), Stranded off Newcastle, 1925 (No Print)
PNS 1634 S48, Stranded off Newcastle, 1925 (No Print)
PNS 1635 S48, Refloated 1925 (No Print)
PNS 1636 S48 Hauled off by 3 locomotives (No Print)
PNS 1637 Same as above (No Print)
PNS 1638 S48 Cable turning a corner while pulling sub (No Print)
PNS 1639 S48, Plan for hauling by steam locomotive (No Print)
PNS 1640 S48 Hauling, 1927 (No Print)
PNS 1641 S48 Hauling, 1927 (No Print)
PNS 1642 S48 Connecting hauling bridle to block of sub (No Print)
PNS 1643 S51 in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1644 SAILFISH returning to PNS for decommissioning (No Print)
PNS 1645 SANDLANCE christening (No Print)
PNS 1646 SAWFISH (SS 276) Commissioning (Box 22)
PNS 1647 SCORPION (SS 278) 1942 (Box 22)
PNS 1648 SQUALUS (SS 192) Men coming off after 1st inspection (No Print)
PNS 1649 SQUALUS Loading bodies of the dead for shipment home (No Print)
PNS 1650 SQUALUS Funeral service at Immaculate Conception Church (No Print)
PNS 1651 SQUALUS Decommissioning (No Print)
PNS 1652 TANG (SS563) launched 1961, 151st ship launched at PNSY (No Print)
PNS 1653 TROUT (SS222) (No Print)
PNS 1654 V-2 (No Print)
PNS 1655 V-2 (No Print)
PNS 1656 V-3 Launching (No Print)
PNS 1657 Drydock (No Print)
PNS 1658 Submarine on Drydock (No Print)
PNS 1659 Unidentified (4 masted schooner background) (No Print)
PNS 1660 Unidentified submarine (No Print)
PNS 1661 Building 13 (No Print)
PNS 1662 Naval Prison (No Print)
PNS 1663 Unidentified ship (No Print)
PNS 1664 Unidentified (No Print)
PNS 1665 Unidentified ship (No Print)
PNS 1666 Aerial of PNS (No Print)
PNS 1667 Unidentified (No Print)
PNS 1668 Unidentified (No Print)
PNS 1669 Sub in drydock (No Print)
PNS 1670 Unidentified ship (No Print)
PNS 1671 Launching (No Print)
PNS 1672 Launching (No Print)
PNS 1673 Unidentified (No Print)
PNS 1674 Launching (No Print)
PNS 1675 Launching (No Print)

The following items are from the collection of the Portsmouth Athenaeum. Permission to reproduce material from this section should be obtained from the Athenaeum.


PNS 1676-1685 Spanish War Prisoners at PNSY (1898) (No Print)
PNS 1686 Spanish Prisoners washing clothes (No Print)
PNS 1687-1691 Spanish War Prisoners (No Print)
PNS 1692 Camp Long (No Print)
PNS 1693 Spanish Officers (No Print)
PNS 1694 U.S.S. Kearsarge (No Print)
PNS 1695 2 stack war ship (No Print)
PNS 1696 Ship (No Print)
PNS 1697 3 stack war ship (No Print)
PNS 1698 S. S. Harvard, 1898 (No Print)
PNS 1699 Ships (No Print)
PNS 1700 City of St. Louis (No Print)
PNS 1701 Ship (No Print)
PNS 1702-1703 S. S. City of Rome, 1898 (No Print)
PNS 1704-1707 Contact prints only
PNS 1708 Portsmouth Naval Prison – Marine Guards 1898 (Box 22)
PNS 1709 Spanish Galleon wooden model (Box 22)
PNS 1710 Spanish Galleon wooden model (Box 22)

Copyright for the following 12 images belongs to the Mariners Museum in Newport News, VA

BEL 0001 USF LANCASTER at anchor with eagle shown (Box 22)
BEL 0002 Naval training ship LANCASTER with eagle (Box 22)
BEL 0003 USF LANCASTER at anchor with eagle shown 3/4 view (Box 22)
BEL 0004 Eagle in ship chandler’s shop (Box 22)
BEL 0005 Bellamy eagle from USF LANCASTER outside Mariners Museum (Box 22)
BEL 0006 Bellamy eagle being moved into Mariners Museum (Box 22)
BEL 0007 Bellamy eagle being moved into Mariners Museum (Box 22)
BEL 0008 Bellamy eagle, painted, in Mariners Museum (Box 22)
BEL 0009 Bellamy eagle being gold-leafed at Mariners Museum (Box 22)
BEL 0010 Bellamy eagle ready for gold-leafing at Mariners Museum (Box 22)
BEL 0011 Bellamy eagle being gold-leafed at Mariners Museum (Box 22)
BEL 0012 Back view of Bellamy eagle (Box 22)

The following 4 images are in the public domain

BEL 0013 Artist’s conception of Bellamy figurehead (No Print)
BEL 0014 USS LANCASTER ready for re-launching (No Print)
Brooklyn Navy Yard
(Box 22)
BEL 0016 Eagle figurehead carved by John H. Bellamy (No Print)

Copyright for the following image belongs to the Portsmouth Athenaeum (NH)

BEL 0017 Mast and Spar House (No Print)

The following 5 images are in the public domain

BEL 0018 View of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – Painting (No Print)
BEL 0019 Waterfront at Navy Yard, Portsmouth, NH (No Print)
BEL 0020 View of Kittery, PNSY showing Franklin Shiphouse
and Floating Drydock
(No Print)
BEL 0021 Picture frame carved by John Bellamy (No Print)
BEL 0022 Large Bellamy Eagle at old firehouse in Portsmouth, NH (No Print)

The following descriptions of images of the U.S. Disciplinary Command (naval prison) are from a CD-ROM given to UNH by Stephen J. Allen, Chief Journalist, USN, Retired, who took the photos between 1955 and 1960. The disc and a printed version of the list below is kept in Box 23.

A-1 Chief Machinist Mate McDaniels reviews a geography class with a 22-year inmate student.
A-2 CMPs (courts-martial prisoners) assigned to the cooks and bakers schools provided meals for staff and inmates three times a day, seven days a week, plus a “midnight snack” for the overnight duty watch. During the Korean Conflict, the population was such that this meant more than 10,000 meals a day.
A-3 A large machine shop school offered the necessary skills for immediate employment following discharge for many previously untrained inmates.
A-4 Inmates assigned to general labor while in medium custody spruce up the grounds daily to maintain a “ship-shape” appearance of the prison grounds.
A-5 The prison’s cobbler shop was a full-time daily operation that often served the Navy personnel on board craft docked in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
A-6 Programs related to the sciences were popular among inmates since they are allowed to build their own radio receiver sets as hobby work.
A-7 Marching formations were a way of life in the prison. This outside labor force was marching back to the main building following their day’s routine work.
A-8 New prisoners arriving at Pease Air Force Base Strategic Air Command in Portsmouth are escorted to the Retraining Command by U.S. Marine armed guards.
A-9 Civilian Advisor Oscar Detloff (center) serves as chairperson for the Castle Staff, which includes an educator, a psychiatrist, and a chaplain, and which intiially screens new arrivals for duty assignments and schooling.
A-10 A view of “Baker Tier” in the maximum security block.
A-11 The Board for Administrative Separation meets weekly to discuss the final disposition of appeals made by inmates to reduce or change their sentence.
A-12 Viewing the U.S. Naval Retraining Command’s North Annex, which contained housing for medium custody prisoners, a library and office space for the medical specialties and the chaplains.
A-13 New arriving members of the seagoing services begin the uniformed screening process to make the transition to “CMP” – court martial prisoner.
A-14 Under the watchful, trained Marine Guards, the new prisoners undergo a strip search with some apprehension of their future guardians.
A-15 On the job training comes to an inmate who maintains the tool crib for the public works laborers, ensuring tools are properly serviced.
A-16 Inmates remain in formation upon arriving at the clothing factory while “muster” is being held by Marines assigned to ensure accountability.
A-17 Screening completed, uniforms issued, the new CMPs are marched to their quarters in cell block for maximum custody and to dormitories for medium and minimum security.

B-1 Chief Lithographer Norman Cranford in the Education Division displays the various courses offered by the Armed Forces Institute leading to credits for college studies. Programs were open to both staff and inmates.
B-2 All motor vehicles were maintained by experienced inmates under the supervision of Navy personnel. This allowed for training of “CMP mechanic interns.”
B-3 A Navy musician, Chief Petty Officer Cooper, rehearses the inmate “Castle Ceremonial Band” which also played concerts on visitors day.
B-4 Among the skills learned was printing as shown in this scene of a CMP seated at the linotype in the Print Shop located below the cell block.
B-5 A Marine guard maintains a vigilant watch on the corridors in the North Annex housing minimum and medium custody inmates.
B-6 All persons must stop at this Marine Control Center check point before proceeding from one area to another. Centers are located throughout the prison.
B-7 Clinical Psychologist Samuel Gerstein discusses an inmate’s problems to assist with his adjustment to prison.
B-8 An inmate makes his appeal to the Clemency and Restoration Board seeking a reduced sentence, a change in discharge status, or restoration to duty.
B-9 Prisoner students enrolled in the junior high school division attend a class lecture on American History. Classes are at all levels beginning with grammar school through high school.
B-10 “Mustering” becomes a way of life for inmates who “fall in” for a nose count at various times during their day.
B-11 Special skills are required for cutting clothes to be later completed as a matched suit for discharged prisoners.
B-12 Ship’s Serviceman James Gossett tends to a staff member in his shop, a designated training classroom for barbering to designated “trustees.”
B-13 The Print Shop, supervised by Mr. Donald Casteel, operated several flat bed presses for heavy work. Only maximum custody prisoners were assigned to this learning opportunity because of its location under the cell block.
B-14 The pride of the Print Shop was the bindery section, preserving books from local libraries, ship libraries and various military stations in New England.
B-15 Like the upholsterers, carpenter trainees built furniture and made repairs in the prison and in the adjoining shipyard. They also serviced the homes assigned to officers living on the base.

II. Prints

BOXES 9-22
Note: The specific location of the prints in these boxes is indicated at the end of each entry under Series I, except for the following:

BOX 22
f.64 PNS 1708 Portsmouth Naval Prison – Marine Guards 1898
PNS 1709 Spanish Galleon wooden model
PNS 1710 Spanish Galleon wooden model

III. Printed Material

BOX 23
f.1 “1537 From Dover Area Employed at Navy Yard” March 30, 1959 (Newspaper article); “Careers in Engineering.” (Recruiting brochure), n.d.; “Portsmouth Naval Shipyard” (Recruiting brochure), n.d.
Film Notes:
f.2 John Bardwell’s “The Portsmouth Naval Base: A Visual History” with brief history of base. Notes on submarines: rescues losses, books, history, misc. facts.
History (photocopies):
f.3 “Navy Yard. Portsmouth?, NH.” NH As It Is, 1856; “1775-1875 Centennial History of the U.S. Navy Yard at Portsmouth, NH” by Walter E. Fentress, 1876; “Portsmouth Navy Yard 1800 – and her early Commandants/Rear Admiral John H. Brown 1947.”
f.4 “History of the U.S. Navy Yard Portsmouth, NH.” 1892, with index and register of principle officers 1815-1877; Life Buoy issued monthly for free distribution to employees of the Industrial Dept. of the Portsmouth Navy Yard.” Various articles from WWI (1918-19):
“Miss Eleanor V. D. Adams, Sponsor U.S.S.-6″
“What the Navy Yard has been doing during the War.”
“Women’s Work in War Time.”
“Submarine S-3 Launched Practically Complete.”
“Government Hotels to be Opened at Kittery Point.”
“0-1 Launched.”
“The Trade School.”
“History U.S. Navy Yard.”
f.5 “Revival of Our Oldest Navy Yard.” Scientific American, Jan. 20, 1920; “The Portsmouth Navy Yard: Some Interesting Facts About the Atlantic Submarine Repair and Construction Base.” Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, 1922; “Navy Day, Oct. 27, 1923″; “Story of Submarine Design and Construction at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard,” 1945?; “World War I to the 40s”; “150 Years of Accomplishment at the Portsmouth Naval Base 1800-1950″; “Brief History of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard” (1700s-1940s)
John Paul Jones (photocopies):
f.6 “1777 October Thirty-one.” N.E. Historical and Genealogical Register, v.20. (Letter to Mr. John Langdon from John Paul Jones); “Richard defeats Serapis: Paul Jones Famous Sea Battle Established U.S. Naval Power.” Maine Sunday Telegram, Sept. 23, 1979.
Kearsarge (photocopies):
f.7 “Three Years on Board the Kearsarge.” N.E. Historical and Genealogical Register.
Maps (photocopies):
f.8 Plan of Wood Island, Portsmouth Harbor showing location of U.S. Quarantine Hospital, July 4, 1869; A Plate of Mr. Thomas Fernald’s Islands Tahen, Nov. 20th, 1702. (copy); Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (color); “Shipyards” from Saltonstall’s Ports of Piscataqua.
National Register of Historical Places (photocopies):
f.9 Letter to Francis B. Roche from Earle G. Shettleworth, State (Maine) Historic Presentation Officer, July 12, 1977, containing proposal nomination; “Established in Kittery, Nation’s First Navy Yard Makes National Registry.” York County Coast Star, n.d.
f.10 Periscope, Official Publication of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Dec.28, 1979; Sept. 30, 1983.
Pictorial (photocopies):
f.11 “Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.” by Commander John Alden, U.S. Navy, Photography by Barnett Gallagher with list of surface ships and submarines built, including launch dates, 1965?.
f.12 U.S.S. Portsmouth. Newport News, 1945. Specifications.
Prison (photocopies):
f.13 “Encomiums of the Yankees.” Review of Reviews, v.20, July 1899; “Prisons and Thomas Mott Osborne.” The Survey, Feb. 10, 1917 (memo); “Abolishing a Human Scrap Heap.” Literary Digest, v. 57, June 15, 1918; “Books and Boys in Portsmouth Prison” by William Adams Slade, The Survey, Dec. 27, 1919; Regulations. U.S. Naval Disciplinary Command Naval Base, Portsmouth, Oct. 1, 1966; “A Brief History of the Naval Disciplinary Command.” Remarks by Col. W.I. Domina, USMC before Piscataqua History Club, January 21, 1971.
Submarines (photocopies):
f.14 S-48: “Rescue at Little Harbor, Portsmouth” by Chester L. Somers, Jan. 25, 1925; SQUALUS: “Dead Dogfish,” Time Magazine, June 5, 1939; O-9: “Seventy-three Fathoms Down,” Time Magazine, June 30, 1939; THRESHER “Litany of Failures Preceded Thresher Fate.” n.d.; “Last Dive: The Thresher is Gone, But Her Crew is Remembered Quietly,” Maine Sunday Telegram, April 9, 1978; “USS Thresher Sank 15 Years Ago Today.” Manchester Union Leader, April 10, 1978; “The Thresher: The One Man Left Behind Just Might Have Saved the Ship.” Portland, Maine Press Herald, April 10, 1978; “The Only Man Who Didn’t Go Down With the Thresher.” Yankee, April 1978; USS KRETCHMER: “Sixteen-Ton Lift,” n.d.
U-Boats (photocopies):
f.15 “Battle of the Seas: Gangster’s End.” (U-234 surrender) Time Magazine, May 28, 1945; “A Reporter at Large: The Surrender of the U-805,” New Yorker, July 21, 1945; “The U-Boat War.” n.d.; “Surrender at Sea: A Compilation of the Stories of the Surrender of the Nazi Submarines as presented over WHEB.” By Charlie Gray, 1945.
f.16 Weathervane Menu/Newsletter with Navy Yard History, 1982; 1975 Centennial Celebration (Press Release); Apprentice Agreement, 1739 (photocopy).
f.17 “Underwater Ranges.” AUTEC – Atlantic Undersea Fest and Evaluation Center (brochure); “Little Known Facts About the Submarine.” General Dynamics Electric Boat Division, 1955; Unofficial Directory and Guide, Naval Submarine Base, New London, Groton, CT, 1977; “Naval War College Foundation, Inc.,” Newport, Rhode Island; “The Silent Service,” Raytheon Magazine, Winter 1985.
f.18 “The Submarine in the US Navy.” Naval History Division, 1969; “Trident System,” Project Office, 1977; “Naval Command College Twentieth Anniversary Program,” United States Naval War College, Newport, RI; United States Naval War College: Fourth International Seapower Symposium, Newport, RI, July 6-9, 1976 (Report); United States Submarine Data Book/ Submarine Force Library-Museum New London, CT, 1976. With listing of all subs built up to 1976; name changes; subs transferred to foreign countries.

2 Responses to “Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Photographs”

  1. william h boyd 2nd Says:

    Hello, I was curious about the photo on the home page (pns 0312, driving the first rivet…). Is it possible to know who the man in uniform is? I have a few items left to me by my father that were left to him by his father, Howard Leslie Boyd USN retired (deceased) I was told that my grandfather worked at the Navy yard into the late thirties. One of the items that he left me is a hammer head in very poor condition. Stamped and barely readable on one side of the hammer is:

    First Rivet Submarine V-7 Navy Yard Portsmouth,N.H. June 14th, 1930 Captain David F Boyd USN

    There are other things that have been passed down through the generations that were given to my grandfather such as an ashtray that was to commemorate the commissioning of the Squalus. But the hammerhead especially intrigues me now that I’ve seen the photo.

    Can you give me any information?

    thank you, Bill Boyd

  2. Roland Goodbody Says:

    Hello Mr. Boyd,

    Additional information found on the bottom of the photo but cut off for our image has the following: “Navy Yard, Portsmouth, NH, US Submarine V-7 Driving of first rivet in laying of keel: Left to Right — R. A. Magg, Quarterman Shipfitter; A. V. Curtis, Ch. Draftsman; J. H. Morrill, Master Painter; T. J. Gamester, Master Boiler Maker; F. E. Getchell, Master Boat Builder; W. J. Monagle, Master Molder; R, J. Gilker, Master Rigger; Capt. D. F. Boyd, U. S. N; A. M. Clark, Master Shipwright.”

    I do know that there are still some volunteers that work at the Shipyard Museum on Thursday afternoons. You might try calling there on Thursdays between 2-4 (207) 438-2320. Perhaps they will have some additional information for you.

    Nancy Mason

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