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Guide to the Portsmouth Council of Defense Records, 1942-1945

Collection number: MC 169

Size: 3 boxes (1.00 cu.ft.)

About the Portsmouth Council of Defense

Civil defense, sometimes referred to as civilian defense, was the organized non-military effort to prepare Americans for military attack. It truly began to come of age, both worldwide and in the United States, during World War I, but it was during World War II that a significantly greater use of civil defense was made. The Portsmouth Council of Defense was part of the federal hierarchy for civilian defense during World War II. Each state had its own council to coordinate civilian defense within its borders. The Civil Defense Corps, run by the Office of Civilian Defense, organized approximately 10 million volunteers who trained to fight fires, decontaminate after chemical weapon attacks, provide first aid, and other duties. As the threat of air raids or invasions in the United States appeared less likely during the war, the focus on the Civil Defense Corps, air raid drills, and patrols of the border declined but the other efforts continued. More recently, the term and practice of civil defense have fallen into disuse and have been replaced by emergency management and homeland security.

The Portsmouth Council of Defense operated out of the second floor of the Portsmouth City Hall. Gerald Foss was its chairman.

About the Portsmouth Council of Defense Records

The majority of the information in the collection comes from Gerald Foss, chairman of the Portsmouth Council of Defense. The papers, which consist mainly of correspondence between various agencies and individuals, as well as a variety of memoranda and subject files, span the period 1942-1945. Information included in the files includes lists of names of those involved in the Portsmouth defense set-up, including heads of division, air raid wardens, air raid precaution instructors, sector wardens, zone wardens, members of the police department, those authorized to drive during a blackout, messengers, roll calls of U.S. citizens defense and U.S. citizens service corps, and civilian animal defense.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open.

Copyright Notice

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Portsmouth Council of Defense Records, 1942-1945, MC 169, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donation: Gertrude Foss, January 7, 2001 (Accession number: 2000.1)

Collection Contents

Series I: Correspondence

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1 Correspondence, Mar-Apr 1942
Box 1, Folder 2 Correspondence, May 1942
Box 1, Folder 3 Correspondence, June 1942
Box 1, Folder 4 Correspondence, July 1-14, 1942
Box 1, Folder 5 Correspondence, July 15-31, 1942
Box 1, Folder 6 Correspondence, Aug 1942
Box 1, Folder 7 Correspondence, Sept 1942
Box 1, Folder 8 Correspondence, Oct 1942
Box 1, Folder 9 Correspondence, Nov 1942
Box 1, Folder 10 Correspondence, Dec 1942
Box 1, Folder 11 Correspondence, Jan 4-20, 1943
Box 1, Folder 12 Correspondence, Jan 21-29 1943
Box 1, Folder 13 Correspondence, Feb 2-12, 1943
Box 1, Folder 14 Correspondence, Feb 15-27, 1943
Box 1, Folder 15 Correspondence, Mar 2-12, 1943
Box 1, Folder 16 Correspondence, Mar 13-30, 1943
Box 1, Folder 17 Correspondence, Apr 1-16, 1943
Box 1, Folder 18 Correspondence, Apr 19-27, 1943
Box 1, Folder 19 Correspondence, May 1943
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1 Correspondence, June 1943
Box 2, Folder 2 Correspondence, July-Aug 1943
Box 2, Folder 3 Correspondence, Sept-Dec 1943
Box 2, Folder 4 Correspondence, Jan-May 1944
Box 2, Folder 5 Correspondence, June 1944-1945

Series II: Memoranda

Box 2, Folder 6 Memoranda, including operations letters, May-Aug 1942
Box 2, Folder 7 Memoranda, including operations letters and protection memoranda, Sept-Dec 1942
Box 2, Folder 8 Memoranda, including operations letters and protection memoranda, Jan-May 1943
Box 2, Folder 9 Memoranda, including operations letters and protection memoranda, June-Sept 1943
Box 2, Folder 10 Memoranda, including operations letters and protection memoranda, Oct 1943-June 1944
Box 2, Folder 11 Memoranda, undated
Box 2, Folder 12 Memoranda: Office of Civilian Defense Circulars, Operations Letters, etc., Dec 1942-Nov 1943

Series III: Subject Files

Box 2, Folder 13 Blackout Regulations, etc.
Box 2, Folder 14 Cambridge (MA) Committee on Public Safety, Dec 1942
Box 2, Folder 15 Civilian Animal Defense
Box 2, Folder 16 Chemical Warfare and Bomb Reconnaissance
Box 2, Folder 17 Child care Survey
Box 2, Folder 18 Emergency Personnel: Air Raid Wardens
Box 2, Folder 19 Emergency Personnel: Essential Telephone Numbers
Box 2, Folder 20 Emergency Personnel: Fire, Police, Utilities, Military
Box 2, Folder 21 Emergency Personnel: Identification Cards and Information
Box 2, Folder 22 Emergency Personnel: Medical Division
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1 Evacuation Plans
Box 3, Folder 2 Field Exercises
Box 3, Folder 3 Gas Specialist Schools
Box 3, Folder 4 National Housing Agency
Box 3, Folder 5 Nutriton Committee and Agriculture
Box 3, Folder 6 Ordinances
Box 3, Folder 7 Pre-Induction Information Committee
Box 3, Folder 8 Radio Stations and Addresses
Box 3, Folder 9 Shelters and Emergency Equipment
Box 3, Folder 10 Victory Gardens: Applications
Box 3, Folder 11 Victory Gardens: General
Box 3, Folder 12 Wireless Radio Communications
Box 3, Folder 13 Miscellaneous Papers