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Series XIV: Dance Music and Instructions (Leslie Hunt Notebooks)

Waltzes | Quadrilles | Squares | Polkas | Schottisches | Galops

Note: The above links are intended as an indication of what kinds of dances are included in this series and are not exhaustive. Quadrilles and squares, for instance, are sprinkled throughout, so it is advisable to look closely at the finding aid.

BOX 55
f.1 	Index of Round Dances
f.2	Root's Ball Room Album	BA-1
 	Fall In Line (Grand March); Grand Republic (Waltz); Storm King
	(March & Two-Step); Flagship (Quadrille); Janice (Schottische);
	Favorite Chicago (Lancers); Reflection (Waltz); Artillery (March
	& Two-Step); University	(Quadrille)
f.3	Folk Dances	FK-1
	Music & Steps: Mexican Waltz; Road To The Isles; Boston Two-Step;
	La Raspa; Chimes of Dunkirk; Crested  Hen; Weaving Dance; Patty
	Cake Polka; Badger Gavotte; Rye Waltz; Russian Troika; Ukranian
	Hopak; Spanish Waltz; Herr Schmidt
f.4	Folk Dances	FK-2
	Le Carillon De Dunkerque; The Original Gorlitza; La Boulangere;
	The Gitana Waltz; The Haymakers; Kiss Me Early; Kitty Fisher; May
	Day; Country Gardens; How D'Ye Do?;Will O' The Wisp; Up and Down;
	Morris Dance; Princess Royal; Shepherds Hey; Morris Off; Spanish
	Dance; Shawl Dance; La Belle Canadian; Ben Lomond; Hungarian Dance;
	Russian Troika; Bearfort Indian Dance; Butter Scotch; Ukranian Hopak;
	Apache Dance; English Country Dance; Castanet Dance; Mexican Hat
	Dance; Oriental Dance; Japanese Dance; Celebrated Minuet; El Tango
	De Reve; A Media Luz; Tarantella Napoletana
f.5	Fox Trots	OF-1
 	Apple Blossoms; Peaches and Cream; The Village Clown
f.6	Misc. Dance Step Instructions and a book titled  "Old English and
	American Games"

BOX 56
f.1	Galops	OG-1
	Contra Dances Music and Steps: Goodbye, My Lover, Good Bye; Marching
	Through Georgia (Eight Hands Around The Other Way); Golden Slippers
	(Duck For The Oyster); Solomon Levi; To The Corner With A Right Hand
	Around; We Won't Go Home Until Morning; She'll Be Coming Round the
	Mountain; Red Wing (Dip and Dive); Golden Slippers (Butterfly Whirl);
	Jingle Bells (Turn The Basket Wrong Side Out)
f.2	Galops	OG-1
 	Whip and Spur; Big White Top; On The Mill Dam; A High Stepper
f.3	Galops	OG-2
 	Saddle Back; The Ringmaster; Sawdust and Spangles; At Nod
f.4	Galops	OG-3
 	The Vixen; The Plunger; Round The Ring; With The Wind
f.5	Galops	OG-4
 	Fireman's Galop; Across The Rockies; Fast Life; Home Run

BOX 57
f.1	Galops	OG-5
 	Slap Bang Galop; Wild West Galop; Vim Galop; Get Busy Galop
f.2	Galops	OG-6
	Keep Going; Fast and Furious; National; Sky Rocket
f.3	Marches	OM-1
	Jacobs' Loose Leaf collection of Marches No.1: Our Director;
	Second Connecticut; There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town
f.4	Marches	OM-2
 	Stein Song; Jingles Bells; Under Our Windows; At The Mill
f.5	Marches	OM-3
 	Down Main Street; Up The Street; The Game Keeper

BOX 58

f.1	Polkas	OP-1
	Beer Barrel Polka; Rock and Rye Polka; Our Katy Polka; Jenny
	Lind Polka; Morning Star
f.2	Polkas	OP-2
	Nas Matej Polka; Springtime (Na Jare); Grasshopper Polka; Martha
	Polka; Aunt Ella's Polka
f.3 	Polkas	OP-3
 	Memories Polka (V Upominka); Barbara Polka; Hell & Toe Polka
f.4	Polkas	OP-4
	Farewell Polka (Na Rozloucenou); Muziky, Muziky; Cherry Pickers
	Polka; Radio Polka
f.5	Polkas	OP-5
	Helena Polka; Under the Bridge Polka; Arise My Darling Polka
	(Vst'avej M'a Mil'a)

BOX 59
f.1	Schottisches	OS-1
	Four Little Blackberries; Buy the Watermelon Vine, Lindy Lou;
	Good-bye Mister Greenback; Four Little Pipers; Any Rags?; The
	Darkey's Dream
f.2 	Schottisches	OS-2
	On The Old Plantation; Ellen Snow; The Darkies' Holiday; Dancing
	in the Barn
f.3	Quadrille Music	OQ-1
 	Queen Bee; Circus Quadrille; Queen of the Ball; Virginia Reel
f.4	Quadrille Music	OQ-2
	Real Reels (Five Old Favorites); Golden Slippers Medley (Golden
	Slippers/ O Susanna/ Little Brown Jug/ Buffalo Gals); The Smart
	Set (Lancers)

BOX 60
f.1	Quadrille Music	OQ-3
	Root's Quadrille Album #1: On The Lawn; Jane Oaker; Crokinole Club;
	Lancers, Model March; Silver Crescent; Gypsy Queen
f.2	Round Dances	OR-1
 	Chicken Reel; Quicksilver Sue; Hielan' Lassie
f.3	Round Dances	OSR-1
	Rosemary; Yvonne; Venetian Beauty; Among The Flowers; Drifting Clouds;
	The Spider Web;	Pickaninny Pranks
f.4	Two-Steps	OT-1
	Out On A Frolic; Behind The Hounds; Hand-In-Hand; Down The Pike; The
	Horse Marines
f.5	Two-Steps	OT-2
	The Dashing Trooper; The Breakers; With Fife and Drum; Come Out Of
	The Kitchen, Mary Ann; The Jolly New Yorker

BOX 61
f.1	Waltzes	OW1
	Home, Sweet Home; Lonesome; Home Coming; Come Over On My Veranda;
	'Neath The Stars; Les Patineurs (The Skaters)
f.2	Waltzes	OW1
	A Night In June; Lady Of The Lake; Beauty's Dream; Over the Waves
	Waltzes; Cuckoo Waltz
f.3	Waltzes	OW-3
	Love's Caresses; Call Of The Woods; Magic Night; Forever; The Merry
f.4	Waltzes	OW-4
	Blue Danube; Dream Thoughts; Arrival Of The Robbins; Dream Memories
f.5	Play Party Dances	PP-1
	Skip To My Lou; Pig In The Parlor; Shoo Fly; Captain Sinks; Loobie
	Loo; Oh! Susanna; Brown Eyed Mary; The Jolly Miller; Bingo

BOX 62
f.1	Quadrille	Q-1
	Spirit of the Times (Grand March); The Pioneer  & Fiddlin' Silas
	(Virginia Reel); Quadrilles: The Lancers; The Boulevard; Aunt
	Liza's Favorite; Johnny Mind Your Mammy; Happy Days To Come;
	My Love For The Emerald Isle Reel; Uncle Sams; Hunkydory; Schaeffer's
	Celebrated; Turkey In The Straw; Arkansas Traveler; My Love Is But A
	Lassie 'O; Honey Comb Reel; When Clover's In Bloom; The Humming Bird
	Reel; California Hornpipe; At Sunrise; Rocky Mountain Hornpipe;
	Huntsman's Hornpipe; Spinning Wheel Reel; Over The Range; Jolly
	Mountaineer Hornpipe; Joy Of Dance; Silver Slipper Hornpipe; Jolly
	Good Times Hornpipe; New Century; Honey Suckle Vine Hornpipe; Arlington
	Hornpipe; On The Roundup; Ricket's Reel; Louisiana Hornpipe; Imperial
	Waltz; Silver Wedding; Lancer's Quadrille
f.2	Quadrilles	Q-4
	The Pepper Collection of Square Dances: Lancers: Jockey Club; Fairmount
	Park; The Debutante; Savoy Lancers; Ball Room Whispers; Quadrilles:
	Criterion; Social Set; Colonial; The Belmont; Belle Of Frisco; Sweet
	Simplicity Lancers; Waldorf-Astoria
f.3	Reels, Jigs & Hornpipes-Jigs	P-2
	Irish Washer Woman; Paddy Whack; Larry O'Gaff; Come Under My Pladdie;
	Garry Owen; Swimming In The Gutter; Kitty O'Neil; Rory O'Moore; Joys Of
	Wedlock; Charlie Mack; Swallow Tail; Come, Haste To The Wedding; St.
	Patrick's Day In The Morning; Billy Paterson; Catholic Boys; Maggie
	Brown Favorite Reels: Reilly's; Single; Pig Town Fling; Miss McLeod;
	McDonald; Fairy Dance; The Wind That Shakes The Barley; The Ivy Leaf;
	Limber Up; Old Zip Coon; The Devil's Dream; Miller's; Mary Rose's;
	Soldiers' Joy; Speed The Plough; The Campbells Are Comin'; Rosebud;
	Arkansas Traveler Hornpipes: Fisher's; Durang's; College; Constitution;
	MacGregor's; Vinton's; Cinninnati; Ricket's;  Good For The Tongue;
	High Level; Delaware
	Contra: Hull's Victory; Money Musk; Ladies Triumph; Opera Reel; Lady
	Walpole; The Tempest
	Miscellaneous: Highland Fling; Essance Of Old Virginny;	Esmeralda;
	Sicilian Circle; The White Cockade; Four Hand Reel; Neal Gow's Wife;
	Belles of Edinboro'; The Girl I Left Behind Me; Pop Goes The Weasel;
	The Rakes Of Mallow; Wilder's; Liverpool; Rustic Reel; Limber Up Reel;
	Flowers Of Edinburgh; Jordan Is A Hard Road; Camptown Hormpipe;
	Petronella; Over The Water To Charlie; Tullochgorum; Johnny's Made A
	Wedding O'It; The Kerry Girls; Buck And Wing Dance; That Marble Dream;
	The Irish Lasses; The Cascade Reel; Uncle Jim; Rock Valley; Why Should
	I Care; The Witches Reel; Plum Pudding Reel
	Square Dances: Irish Washerwomen; Old Zip Coon; Turkey In the Straw;
	Soldier's Joy; Portland Fancy; Darling Nellie Gray; Little Brown Jug;
	Girl I Left Behind; Golden Slippers; De Camptown Races; Jingle Bells;
	Pop Goes The Weasel; Buffalo Girls; She'll Be Comin' Round The
	Mountain; Devil's Dream; Come Haste To The Wedding; The Campbells Are
	Comin'; Arkansas Traveler; The White Cockade; Larry O'Gafe; Money Musk;
	Chorus Jig; Old Dan Tucker; Hull's Victory; Fisher's Hornpipe; Miss
	McCloud's Reel; St. Paterick's Day In The Morning; Life On The Ocean
	Wave; Good-bye,	My Lover, Good-bye; We Won't Go Home Till Morning;
	Yankee Doodle; Sailor's Hornpipe; Rakes of Mallon; Speed The Plow;
	Lady Walpole's Reel; The Circassian Circle; Siclian Circle;
	Lamplighter's Hornpipe; Durang's Hornpipe; The Tempest; The Black Cat.
f.4 	Old Familiar Dances with Figures 	P-4
	Lancer's Quadrilles (La Dorset, Lodoiska,La Native, Les Graces; Les
	Lanciers); Sicilian Circle; Light Artillery; New Caledonian Quadrille
	(Bonnie Breast Knot, Annie Laurie, Comin' Thro' The Rye, Logie O'Buchan,
	All The Blue Bonnets); Portland Fancy (Not Much, Dream Faces, Smiles,
	Nanon; Sailing Sailing, Baby's Learning To Walk; Fantine); Basket
	Cotillion (Campbells are Comin', the Girl I Left Behind, White Cockade,
	Kinloch of Kinloch); Vinton's Hornpipe; Rickett's Hornpipe; Gipsy Polka
	Quadrille; Jenny Linds Favorite Waltz; Empress Anne's Polka; Princess
	Maude Polka; Baden Baden Polks; Virginia Reel; Aurora Waltz Quadrille;
	Sophie Waltz; Philomel Waltz, The Joy  Waltz; La Colotta Polka; Party
	Cotillion (Wait For the Wagon, Be Watchful, Boatmen Dance, Few Days,
	Prima Donna, Dearest Mae, Jordan); Flowers of Edinburgh; Miss McLeod's
	Reel; Cincinnati Hornpipe; Land of Sweet Erin; Larry O'Gaff; Rory O'More;
	Ladies Triumph; Favorite Dance; College Hornpipe; Durangs Hornpipe; Fred
	Wilson's Clog Dance; Vinton's Hornpipe; Camptown Hornpipe; Jordan Is A
	Hard Road; Pop Goes The Weasel; Over The Water To Charlie; Lamplighter's
	Hornpipe; Thunder Hornpipe; Soldier's Joy; White Cockade; Chorus Jig;
	The Tempest; Fisher's Hornpipe; Speed The Plough; Campbells Are Coming;
	Rustic Reel; Hull's Victory; Money Musk; Devil's Dream; Zulma; Washington
	Quickstep; Swiss Boy; The Celebrated Varsoviana; Wilder's Hornpipe;
	Arkansas Traveler; The Esmeralda; Eight Hand Reel; Danish Dance; Go To
	The Devil and Shake Yourself; Buy A Broom; The Coquette; La Belle Canadian;
	Gavot De Vestris; Kitty O'Neil; Fairy Dance; Newport Waltz; Petronella;
	The Danish Dance; Six Hand Reel; The Sicilienne; The Rout; The Land Of
	Sweet Erin; La Cracovienne; Come, Haste To The Wedding; Ben Lomond; Spanish
	Dance; Five Step Waltz; Irish Washerwoman; Highland Fling; La Tempete;
	The German Redowa; Le Carillon De Dunkerque; The  Original Gorlitza; La
	Boulangere; The Gitana Waltz; The Tarantella; Gavotte Favorite De Marie
	Antoinette; Shawl Dance; Minuet.
f.5	Round Dances	R-1
	Bib and Tucker; Turkey in the Straw; Pigeon Wing; A Hen on the Nest;
	Chicken Walk; Fiddlesticks; The Black Hawk Waltz; Parade of the Doodle
	Bugs; Over The Waves;  The Harvest moon; Imperial Polka; Imperial Waltz;
	Minuet in G; Meet me Tonight in Dreamland; Ford's Schottische; Other Days;
	Irish Waltz Medley; Love Waltzes Medley; Whistling Rufus; Old Memories;
	Jenny Linds Favorites Polka; Badger Gavotte; Fords Varsovienne; ' Round
	the Hall; Martha Polka; Helena Polka; Barbara Polka; Laughing Polka;
	Little Fairy-March; St. Paul Waltz; The Oxen Dance; Cuckoo Waltz; Mazurka;
	The Newport; Mountain Belle Schottische; Varsoviana; Rye Waltzes; Polish
	Dance; Nya Fiskar-Vals; Kosatzki; Heel and Toe; O Susanna; Lauterbach;
	Ach Du Lieber Augustin; Old Time Waltz Medley; Pizzicato Polka; Heel and
	Toe Polka; Varsoviana; Gavotte; A Frangesa; Katy Polka; Forest Polka.

BOX 63

f.1	Square Dances	S-1
	Sidewalks of New York; Nellie Bly ; De Camp Town Races; Little Brown Jug;
	Sioux City Sue; Because, Just Because; Ocean Waves, Life On The Ocean Wave;
	Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Der-E; Mac Namara's Band; When the Bloom is On The Sage;
	Silver Bell, When You Wore A Tulip, Red Wing
f.2	Fox Trots	SF-11
	The Village Clown; Peaches and Cream; Apple Blossoms
f.3	Galops	SG-1
	Whip and Spur; Big White Top; On The Mill Dam; A High Stepper; Saddle Back;
	The Ringmaster; Sawdust and Spangles; At Nod; The Vixen; 'Round The Ring;
	With The Wind
f.4	Galops	SG-2
	Firemen's Galop; Across The Rockies; Fast Life; Home Run; Slap Bang; Wild
	West; Vim; Get Busy; Keep Going; Fast and Furious; National; Sky Rocket
f.5	Marches	SM -1
	Our Director; Second Connecticut; Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight; Maine
	Stein Song; Jingle Bells Medley; Under Our Windows; At The Mill; Down Main
	Street; Up The Street; The Game Keeper; Clayton's Grand March; Gen. Grant's
	Grand March; Wedding March

BOX 64
f.1	Misc. Round Dances	SMR-1 (piano & violin)
	Jenny Lind's Favorite Polka; Hell and Toe Polka; Ford's Schottische;
	Hielan' Lassie; Chicken Reel; Quicksilver Sue; Kerry Mills Barn Dance;
	The Hay Loft; The Huskin' Bee; Red Wing; Merry Widow; Home On The Range;
	Jenny Lind Schottische; Heather Bells; Selma Schottische; Weel Me The Keel
	Row; Krakowiak Polka; Varsoniana; Ford's Varsovienne
f.2	Misc. Quadrille Music	SMQ-1 (piano & violin)
	Queen of the Ball; Golden Slippers; Jiggy Jigs; Real Reels; Irish
	Washerwoman; Soldiers' Joy; Old Zip Coon; Virginia Reel; Lancers-Oriental;
	Blackberry Quadrille; Loomis Lancers-Abonnement; Prince of Good Fellows;
	The Black Cat Quadrille
f.3	Square Dance Music	SP-1 (piano)
	Old Zip Coon;  Money Musk; Rakes of Mallon; Buffalo Girls; Golden Slippers;
	Canadian Breakdown; Hull's Victory; Fisher's Hornpipe; Chorus Jig; White
	Cockade; The Tempest; St. Patrick's Day in the Morning; Opera Reel; The
	Black Cat; London Bridge; The Crooked Stovepipe; Jingle Bells; St Anne's
	Reel; Irish Washerwoman; The Wind That Shakes The Barley; Larry O'Gafe;
	Pop Goes The Weasel; Miss McLeod's Reel; Pig Town Fling; The Campbells Are
	Comin'; Miller's Reel; Durang's Hornpipe; Lamplighter's Hornpipe; Captain
	Sinks; Dixie; Life on the Ocean Wave; Girl I Left Behind; Little Brown Jug;
	Uncle Jim; Smash The Window; Haste to the Wedding; Speed the Plow; To The
	Ladies; Fiddlers Three; De Camptown Races; Portland Fancy; Grand March; Home,
	Sweet Home; Listen To The Mocking Bird; Circassion Circle; Rig-A-Jig-Jig;
	Honest John; There is a Tavern in the Town; The Old Gray Mare; Fireman's
	Dance; Rickett's Hornpipe; Rory O'Moore; Raggedy Ann; Vive L'Amour; Ten
	Little Indians; Road to the Isles; Mulberry Bush Operator's Reel; Patronella;
	The Swamplake Breakdown; Old Red Barn; Year of Jubilo; Lucy Long; Climbing
	the Golden Stairs; Old Dan Tucker; General Grant's Grand March; Clayton's
	Grand March; Wedding March; The Merry Dance; Flop Eared Mule; On the Road
	to Boston; Silver and Gold; Reel of Stumpie; Hand Organ Hornpipe; Blackberry
	Quadrille; Wait for the Wagon; Rustic Reel; Spitfire Reel; Limber up Reel;
	New Century Hornpipe; Peter Street; Over The Water to Charlie; Dominion Reel;
	Top of Cork Road; Paddy Whack; Cincinnati Hornpipe; Vinton's Hornpipe; Grey
	Eagle Hornpipe; Sweet Ellen; Drunken Sailor; Sally Gooden; Leather Breeches;
	Garfield's Hornpipe; Cackling Hen; Marching  to Pretoria; Eleven More Months
	and Ten More Days; Reilly's Own; Casey Jones; Chicken Reel; Big John McNeil;
	Up Country; Allie Crocker's Reel; The piper's Lass; Steamboat Quickstep;
	Montreal; Pincushion Polka; British Grenadiers; Washington Quickstep; Old
	Joe Clark; All The Way To Galway; Ladies Triumph; Garry Owen; Paddy on the
	Turnpike; Nellie Bly; Glise A Sherbrooke; The Hundred Pipers; The Cock  O'
	The North; Ragtime Annie; Chinese Breakdown; A and E Rag; Rosebud Reel; High
	Level Hornpipe; Reel A Pitou; Bricklayer's Hornpipe; Maple Leaf Jig; Gypsy
f.4	Polkas	SPK-1 (piano & violin)
	Beer Barrel Polka; Rock and Rye; Our Kay; Jenny Lind; Morning Star; Nas
	Matej; Na Jare; Grasshopper Polka; Martha; Aunt Ella's Polka; Barbara Polka;
	Heel and Toe Polka

BOX 65
f.1	Polkas	Spk-2 (piano & Violin)
	Memories; Farewell; Muziky Muziky; Cherry Pickers; Radio; Helena; Under
	the Bridge; Arise My Darling
f.2	Old Quadrilles	SQ-1 (piano & violin)
	Long Live the Army; Harvest Moon; Social Event; Silver Wedding; Queen
	Bee; Old Homestead; Buffalo Girls; Queen of the Ball
f.3	Old Quadrilles	SQ-2 (piano & violin)
	Virginia Reel; Fiddlin' Silas; Jiggy Jigs; Real Reels; Lancers Quadrille;
	The Boulevard; The Smart Set; Original Waltz Quadrille
f.4	Round Dances	SR-1 (piano & violin)
	Rosemary; Yvonne; The Ripple; Sorita; Badger Gavotte; Minuet in G; Venetian
	Beauty; Among the Flowers; Drifting Clouds; The Spider Web; Pickaninny

BOX 66
f.1	Schottisches 		SS-1 (piano & violin)
	By the Watermelon Vine; Four Little Blackberries; Four Little Pipers;
	Any Rag?; The Darkey's Dream; Good-bye Mister Greenback; On the Old
	Plantation; Ellen Snow; Dancing in the Barn; The Darkies' Holiday;
	The Hay-loft; Military Schottische, Barn Dance
f.2	Two Steps	ST-1 (piano & violin)
	Out on a Frolic; Behind the Hounds; Hand-in-Hand; Down the Pike; The
	Horse Marines; The Dashing Trooper; The Breakers; With Fife and Drum;
	Come Out of the Kitchen; The Jolly New Yorker
f.3	Square Dance 	SV-1 (violin)
	Hull's Victory; Chorus Jig; Fisher's Hornpipe; Money Musk; Miller's
	Reel; Lamplighter's Hornpipe; White Cockade; Lady Walpole's Reel;
	Sicilian Circle; Durang's Hornpipe; Larry O'Gaff; Uncle Jim; Golden
	Slippers; Captain Jinks; Little Brown Jug; Girl I Left Behind; Rakes
	of Mallow; Ten Little Indians; Life on the Ocean Wave; St Patrick's
	Day in the Morning; Opera Reel; Irish Washerwoman; London Bridge; The
	Crooked Stovepipe; Buffalo Girls; Pop Goes The Weasel; To the Ladies;
	Fiddlers Three; The Black Cat; Jingle Bells; The Wind That Shakes The
	Barley; Pig Town Fling; Arkansas Traveler; Haste to the Wedding; Smash
	the Window; St. Anne's Reel; Canadian Breakdown; De Camptown Races;
	Portland Fancy; Grand March; Home, Sweet Home; Listen to the Mocking
	Bird; Circassian Circle; Rig-A-Jig-Jig; Honest John; There is a Tavern
	in the Town; Dixie; Old Gray Mare; Rory O'Moore; Rickett's Hornpipe;
	Raggedy Ann; Vive L'Amour; Road to the Isles; Mulberry Bush; Patronella;
	Operator's Reel; Swamplake Breakdown; The Old Red Barn; Year of Jubilo;
	Lucy Long; Fireman's Dance; Old Dan Tucker; Climbing up the Golden Stairs;
	Herr Schmidt; General Grant's Grand March; Wedding March Lohengrin;
	On the Road to Boston; Silver and Gold; Hand Organ Hornpipe; Reel of
	Stumpey; Merry Dance; Flop Eared Mule; Wait for the Wagon; Blackberry
	Quadrille; Rustic Reel; Limber Up Reel; Marching to Pretoria; Cackling
	Hen; Leather Breeches; Eleven More Months and Ten More Days; Reilly's
	Own Reel; Cincinnati Hornpipe; Vinton's Hornpipe; Paddy Whack; Spitfire
	Reel; New Century Hornpipe; Peter Street; Dominion Reel; Top of Cork
	Road; Over the Water to Charlie; Sweet Ellen; Drunken Sailor; Grey Eagle
	Hornpipe; Garfield's Hornpipe; Sally Gooden; Chicken Reel; Casey Jones;
	Ladies Triumph; Up Country; Pincushion Polka; Montreal; British	Grenadiers;
	Allie Crocker's Reel; Piper's Lass; Steamboat Quickstep; Big John McNeil;
	Washington Quickstep; Old Joe Clark; Garry Owen; Cock o'the North; Paddy
	on the Turnpike; Glise A Sherbrooke; Ragtime Annie; Nellie Bly; Chinese
	Breakdown; A and E Rag; All the Way to Galway; Hundred Pipers; Rosebud
	Reel; High Level Hornpipe; Reel A Pitou; Bricklayer's Hornpipe; Maple
	Leaf Rag; Gypsy Hornpipe
f.4	Waltzes	SW-1 (piano & violin)
	Old Timers Waltz; Home, Sweet Home; Lonesome Waltz; Irish Waltz Medley;
	Golden Stars Waltz; Home Coming Waltz; Come Over on My Veranda; Other
	Days Medley

BOX 67
f.1	Waltzes	SW-2 (piano & violin)
	'Neath the Stars; Skaters Waltz; A Night in June; Lady of the Lake;
	Beauty's Dream; Over the Waves; Love's Caresses; Cuckoo Waltz; Call
	of the Woods; Magic Night
f.2	Waltzes	SW-3 (piano & violin)
	Forever; The Merry Widow; Blue Danube; Dream Thoughts; Arrival of the
	Robbins; Dream Memories
f.3	Old Time Fiddlin Tunes	V-1
	Succotash Quadrille; Billy Boy; Oh! Susanna; Red River Valley; Sugar
	Bowl; It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'; Pistol Packin' Mama; Honest John;
	Golden Slippers
f.4	Old Time Dances	V-3
	Mellie Dunham's Fiddlin' Dance Tunes: Rippling Waves; Happy Hours;
	Norway Schottische; Haywood Schottische; Little Stack of Barley;
	Old Zip Coon; Arkansas Traveler; Turkey in the Straw; The Ripple;
	Irish Washerwoman; The Tempest; Fisher's Hornpipe; Chorus Jig; Portland
	Fancy; Boston Fancy; Durang's Hornpipe; Lamp Lighters; Hull's Victory;
	Liverpool; McDonald's Reel; Rustic Reel; Pop goes the Weasel; Jingle
	Bells; Old Times; Rory O'More; Larry O'Gaff; St. Patrick's Day in the
	Mornin'; Money Musk; Rakes of Mallow; White Cockade; Soldier's Joy;
	The Devil's Dream; Fred Wilson's Clog Dance; Ned Kendall's Hornpipe;
	Miss McLeod's Reel; Girl I Left Behind; Forest de Bondi; Lannigan's
	Ball; Haste to the Wedding; Speed the Plough; Over the Waves; Mountain
	Hornpipe; Buy a Broom; Seaside Polka; Steamboat Waltz; Old Southern
	Waltz; Eliot's Schottische; Varsovienne; Heel and Toe Polka; Do You
	See My New Shoes?

BOX 68
f.1	White's Excelsior Collection of Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes for Violin - V4
	Jigs: Bully for You; Kitty O'Neil; One More Bottle; Billy the Barber;
	Irish Show Boy; Trip to the Cottage; Old Dutch Churn; Market Girl's;
	The Boss; The Jolly Pedler's; The Dublin Boys; The Devil's Own; Fagin
	Holiday; Leather the Wig; The Bridal Jig; Gallagher's Jag; Bundle and
	Go; Honeymoon Jig; Strop the Razor; Kennedy's Jig; The Tipsy Sailor;
	Morning Lark; Widow Machree; Legacy Jig; Pausteen Fawn; The Blooming
	Meadows; Tatter Jack Welch; Ride A Mile; Exile's Lament; Shake the
	Bag; Tam O'Shanter; Pea Patch; Tim The Piper; Little Bog Trotter;
	Rush The Cruiskeen; Judy McFadden's; Dusty Bob's; The Bottle of Brandy
	Frazier's; Lannegan's Ball; Barney Brallagan's; Roaring Willie's;
	Geese in the Bog; Billy O'Rourke's' Kitty of Oulart; Looney McTwolter;
	The Broken Lantern; Smash the Windows; Come Under My Pladdie; Terry
	Heigh; Morgan Rattler; Spirits of Whiskey; Pothouge; Rakes of Westmeath;
	Jackson's Fancy; Maid on the Green; Root, Hog or Die; Crabs in the
	Skillet; Skiver the Quilt; Trip to Galway; Moll Roe in the Morning;
	Maggie Brown's Favorite; The Munster Lass; Sir Roger de Coverly; Hop
	Jig; Old Mother Goose; Bannock's O'Barley Meal Jig; The Boys of
	Bockhill; Pretty Maid; Katy's Rambles; Paddy Whack; Butcher Boy;
	Old National Theatre; Hoop0De-Doo-Den-Doo; Grape Vine Twist; Dar's
	Sugar in de Gourd; King Pin; Kilkenny Rover's; Moll Roe's; Bag of
	Meal; The Peeler; Cat in the Hopper; Barney's Goat; Belle of the
	Kitchen; Praties in the Bag; No You Don't; Swallow Tail; Mrs. Monroe's;
	Limerick Lass
	Reels: Walker Street; Shuffle; Picnic; Fife Hunt; Clyde Side Lassies;
	Masons' Cap; My Love is in America; Congress Park; The First of May;
	Jenny Danged the Weaver; Emigrants'; Wake Up, Susan; The Keel Row;
	Money Musk; McDonald's; Echoes from Forest Garden; The Maid of Argyle's;
	Yellow Hair'd Laddie; Muldoon's Favorite; Donegal Dimple's; Bonnie
	Jennie; The Little Major; Winnie Green's Favorite; New Policeman's;
	Steeple Chase; Reunion; Jack Smith's Favorite; Flirtation; New York;
	Sukey Bids me; Old Dominion; The wedding; Racketty Jack's; Lady
	Harriet's; Around the World; Twin Katys; Jimmey Fadden's; Paddy
	Miles; Mountain; Donegall Boys; Rustic Reel; Miss Kelly's; Old Sport;
	Queen of Clubs; Flowers of Limerick; All Aboard; Leap Year; Kelton's;
	Flowers of Edinburg; Green Grow the Rushes O; Maid of Athens; Miss
	Gay's; Arkansas Traveller; Parnell's; Miss McDonald's; Turnpike;
	Belles of Tipperary; Half Penny; Highland Skip; The Jolly Seven;
	Molly Dawn's; Let Her Go; Riley's Favorite; Lileegaloo; Moonshiner's;
	Salamander; Pride of Kildare; Forty-Niner; Corkonian Reel; Rattle Snake;
	Pull Down Your Vest; Paddy on the Railroad; Come, Till the Bottle-House;
	Spindle Shanks; Queen's Shilling; Pretty Jane's; Dandy Mike's; Calico
	Coat; Penny Candle; Lucy Campbell's; Charming Molloe's; Lady Edmonton's;
	Limerick Lasses; Sweetheart; Lord Gordon's; Irish-American Reel; Paddy
	Handly's Goose; Judy's; Rattle the Brogans; Whirlpool; The Devil Among
	the Tailors; Charming Katy's; All the Way to Galway; Liverpool Jack's;
	Speed the Plough; Ladies' Delight; Den Thompson's; Water Witch; Pop Corn
	Reel; Grangers'; Josh Whitcomb's; Banks of Enverness; Neil Gow's;
	Temperance; Terence's Ramble; Dark Haired Lass; Honey Moon; Three of a
	Kind; Buckley's Favorite; Miss Brown's; Pewter Mug; Mother Carey's;
	Silver Spoons; 'Round the Corner; Butterfly; The Piper's Lass; Rocks
	of Cashel; Peeler's Jacket
	Hornpipes: Durang's; Fisher's; Rickett's; College; Hand Organ; Red
	Lion; Venetian; Scotch; St. Clair's; Niagara; Christmas; Douglass'
	Favorite; Bricklayer's; Sailors on Shore; Lamplighter's; Village;
	Vinton's; Hull's Victory; New Century (20th); Smith's Favorite;
	Fred Wilson's; Thunder; London; Ariel; Golden Eagle; Price Albert's;
	Caledonian Laddies'; Chandler's; American; Holmes; Cuckoo; Devine's;
	Village; Belle of Claremont; Atlanta; Eureka; Sumner's; Violetta; Key-
	West; Ypsilanti; Locker's; Jinrikisha; Passaic; Coquette; Derby; Jim
	Clark's; Liverpool; Huntsman's; Oyster River; Mountain Ranger; Nelson's
	Victory; Whipple's; Ostinelli's; Almack's; Buckley's; Souvenir de Venice;
	Frog Club; The Admiral's; Deer-Foot; Ivy Tower; Over the Wall; Harvest
	Home; Ole Bull; Salem; Quindaro; Corinthian; Cincinnati; Favorite;
	Camptown; Ned Kendell's Maid in the Pump Room; Democratic; Good for
	the Tongue; Constitution; Dundee; Sentinel; Highland; Portsmouth;
	Delaware; Blanchard's; Boston Belles; Humphrey's; Leviathan; Short Six;
	Hopkins'; Snow Flake; Irish; Napoleon; Tin Wedding; News Boys' Saratoga;
	Lampson'; Silver Star; Fantastic; Dick Sand's; Boston; Red Cross;
	Occidental; On Deck; Lord Moira's; Flying Yankee; Growler; Peerless;
	Erie; Eclipse; Maid Marian; Jock Tamson's; Myopia
	Clogs: Comet; White Star; Fly by Night; Johnnie Queen's; Daisy; Great
	Western; Starlight; Empress; Pioneer; Alhambra; Manhatten; Northern
	Star; Old Timer; Silver Heels; Straight Tip; Rialto; Larry O'Niel's;
	Crescent City; Don Cameron's Favorite; Dandelion; Lancashire Lass;
	Trilby's; Opera House; Lady Templeton's; Empire State
	Highland Flings: Belles of Edinboro's; Handy Andy's; Bonnie Laddie;
	Chieftain's Pride; Marquis of Huntley's; Blue Bonnets; Lord Moira's;
	Mac Gregor's Strathspeys: Lady Elgin's; The Lass with the Yellow
	Coatee; Jamie McNicol's; Duchess of Athol's; Alistair Mac Calistair;
	Caledonian Hunt; Look Before You; Strathearn; Bonnie Lassie; Loch-Na-
	Ga; Roy's Wife; Lord John Campbell's; Lady Mary Ramsay's; Carmichael's;
	Up and Waur Them A'Willie
	Miscellaneous: Come Haste to the Wedding; The Girl I Left Behind;
	Soldier's Joy; Forest of Bondi; White Cockade; Rory O'More; Katy's
	Rambles; The Good Girl; Irish Washerwoman; Wake of Teddy The Tiler;
	Morella's Lesson; Shoo Fly; Star Spangled Banner; Chinese March;
	The Carnival of Venice; Mollie Put the Kettle On; Ben Lomond; Beaus
	of Albany; Tom and Jerry; Swiss Waltz; Old Zip Coon; Yankee Doodle;
	St. Patrick's Day in the Morning; Kinlock; Hail Columbia; Hail to the
	Chief; The Devil's Dream; Highland Fling; Over the Mountain; Kathleen
	Mavourneen; Hither, O You; Flee as a Bird; The Campbells are Coming;
	Steamboat Quickstep; The Monkey's Wedding; Pop Goes the Weasel; Larry
	O'Gaff; Land of Sweet Rain; Chorus Jig; Tempest; Merry Dance; The Gobby
	O; Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch; Rogue's March; Boulanger's March; Draw
	the Sword Scotland; Red, White and Blue; Easter Lilies Waltz; Golden
	Robin Polka; America; Marseillaise Hymn; Wood Up Quickstep; Washington
	Society Quadrille; Silver Bells of Memory; Waves of the Ocean Galop;
	Golden Rain Polka Redowa; After'em Galop; After Dinner Quadrille;
	Centennial March; Little Fishermaiden; Marguerite; Bright Star of
	Hope; He Is Irish; I Met Her at the Ball Waltz; Twinkle, Twinkle,
	Little Stars; Chummy and I March; Swing Song; Clayton's Grand March;
	Spanish Dance; Angels' Serenade; White Roses Polka; My Snowy Breasted
	Pearl; Home Sweet Home; Umbrella Dance; Annie Lawrie; Maypole Dance;
	Skirt Dance; Mermaid's Song; Daffney, Do You Love Me; Arab March;
	The Shamrock Band; Intermezzo; Largo; Queen of the Arena Waltz; The
	Nightingale; Whip Snap Quadrille
f.2	Square Dance 	Prompting-1
	Life on the Ocean Wave (Head 2 Gents Cross Over); De Camptown Races
	(Doodah); Spanish Cavalier (Honolulu Baby); The Spanish Cavlier; The
	Girl I Left Behind Me; Wabash Cannonball; The Waltz Quadrille; Yankee
	Doodle; Darling Nellie Gray; Little Brown Jug
f.3	American Country Dance       Prompting-2
	Polly Wolly Doodle (the Basket); Macnamara's Band (Promenade around the
	Lady); Good Night Ladies; San Antonio Rose (Rose of San Antone); Blue
	Eyes; Golden Slippers (Three's A Crowd); Battle Hymn of the Republic
	(Glory, Glory, Hallelujah); It's A Nice Time To Get Up In The Morning;
	On the Old Fall River Line; You Call Everybody Darling; The Spanish
	Cavalier (Four Leaf Clover); Solomon Levi (Hook & a Whirl)
f.4	One Thousand Fiddle Tunes by M.M. Cole Publishing Co., 1940, 128 pages.
f.5	Chicago Park District	Prompting -3 (piano & violin)
	Quadrilles: Arkansas Traveler; Buffalo Gals; Cackling Hen; Climbing
	the Golden Stairs; Devil's Dream; Durang's Hornpipe; Fisher's Hornpipe;
	Girl I Left Behind; Golden Slippers; Herr Schmidt; Irish Washerwoman;
	Lamplighter's Hornpipe; Little Brown Jug; Lucy Long; Miller Boy;
	Miss McLeod's Reel; Old Dan Tucker; She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain;
	Soldier's Joy; Speed the Plow; Turkey in the Straw; White Cockade
	Two-Steps: Bill Bailey, Won't You Come Home?; Irish Washerwoman
	Specialties: Finger Tanz; German Clap Dance; Girl I Left Behind Me;
	Heather Bells; Hell and Toe Polka; Rye Waltz; Varsoviana; Vengierka
	Singing Calls: Darling Nellie Gray; Girl I Left Behind Me; Irish
	Washerwoman; Life on the Ocean Wave
	Schottisches: Bummel; Haywood; Highland; Holzauction; Honeysuckle;
	Jenny Lind; Mountain Belle; Norway; Old Southern; Pearly Dew Drop;
	Rochester; Rustic Dance; Selma; Weel Me The Keel Row
	Waltzes: Home on the Range; Merry Widow; My Pretty Quadroon; Over
	the Waves
f.6	Square Dance	Prompting-4 (piano & violin)
	A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight; Hinky Dinky Parley Vous; Pop
	Goes the Weasel; Lady Go 'Round The Lady; Buffalo Gals; Little Brown
	Jug; Jingle Bells; Golden Slippers; Turkey in the Straw; Irish

BOX 69
f.1	Square Dance Prompting-5
	3 books on Square Dancing:
 	Bing Crosby's Country Style Square Dances complied by Grace Whitehead,
	1949, 36 pages of music and dance instruction
	Hank Roth & his Tamarack's Square Set Songs by Chas. H. Roth Music Co.,
	1940, 31 pages of music and dance instruction
	Square Dancin' by Les Gotcher, by Beechwood Music Corp., 1950, over
	100 calls for Squares, Rounds and Dances
f.2	Contra Dance instructions from various callers, Ed Larkin of Vermont;
	Dick Caster from Maine and the State Board of Recreation, Montpelier,
f.3	Music and Dance instruction	(piano & violin)
	Polly Wolly Doodle; Wearing of the Green; When the Work's All Done
	this Fall; Captain Jinks; Little Log Cabin in the Lane; Macnamara's
	Band; Bell Bottom Trousers; Little Brown Jug; My Little Girl; Listen
	to the Mocking Bird; Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet
f.4	Music and Dance instruction (piano & violin)
	Macnamara's Band (Wearing of the Green); Macnamara's Band (the Zig
	Zag Trail); I Only Want A Buddy; Wabash Cannon Ball (the Wagon Wheel);
	Bye Bye Blackbird; Rambling Wreck; Bully of the Town; Climbing Up
	The Golden Stairs; Yellow Rose of Texas; Wreck of the Old 97; Wait
	For The Wagon
f.5	Music and Dance instruction (piano & violin)
	Golden Slippers (Catch All Eight); Too Old To Cut The Mustard; I Want
	A Girl (Old Fashioned Girl); Oh! Johnny Oh!; Turkey in the Straw (the
	Corner Nest); Bill Bailey; Loch Lomond; Pack Up Your Troubles
f.6	Old Songs: Words and Music
	A grouping of old songs assembled by Leslie M. Hunt, 1935
	Titles included are: My Gal Irene (1908); Susie, My Susie-Ue (1903);
	Display Song (1909); My Wild Irish Rose of Killarney (1907); Cheating
	(1908); Johnnie Was A Drummer Boy 1909); In The Springtime When The
	Roses Bloom Around The cottage Door (1908); When A Fellow Is Twenty-
	One (1906); My Toreador (1910); I Will Always Love You, Sweetheart
	(1908); Topeka (1908); He Was A Cowboy (1909); You'll Never Miss The
	Water Till The Well Runs Dry (1908); The Same Old Silv'ry Moon Is
	Shining (1909); The Shamrock and the Starry Flag (1908); Too Long
	from Long Acre Square (1908); When The Evening Twilight Bids The
	Day Goodbye (1906); Follette (1910); I Wonder If They Are All True
	To Me (1908); The Diff'rence of a Drink or Two (1910); The Song of
	the Foam (1907); Goo-Goo Land (1908); Romping in the Clover (1900);
	Wish Daddy Good Luck Today (1897); Old Glory Is Waving (1908); White
	Light Alley (1911); The Little Bridge Over The Stream (?); The Best
	Thing In Life (1907); Where The Bright Lights Shine (1910)

BOX 70
f.1	Saxophone arrangements for many (at least 30) different tunes,
	with most tunes from the 1930s and 1940s
f.2	Trumpet arrangements of many (at least 30) different tunes, with
	most tunes from the 1930s and 1940s
f.3	Piano arrangements for many (at least 30) different tunes, with
	most tunes from the 1930s and 1940s
f.4	Violin arrangements for many (at least 30) different tunes, with
	most tunes from the 1930s and 1940s
f.5	Copies of the New Hampshire Folk Federation Service Bulletin:
	April 1951-November 1953

BOX 71
f.1	Alto Saxophone arrangements for many (at least 30) different tunes,
	with most tunes from the 1930s and 1940s
f.2	Sets in Order The Workshop for Callers and Teachers of Square &
	Round Dancing from December 1952 to November 1954
f.3	Miscellaneous: copy of the article "Square Dance Timing and Rhythm"
	by Charlie Thomas; a copy of a Round Table Discussions from the
	1st annual Square Dance Callers', Leaders' , Teachers Conference
	of 1954 and handwritten notes by Leslie M. Hunt  about Methods of
	obtaining participation at a dance.
f.4	Call Book: Hand written pages of Calls for Square &  Contra Dances
f.5	Several pages with a List of Contents of the Leslie M. Hunt