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New Hampshire Folk Festival Tapes

Tapes, 1978-1986

MC 202

9 half Hollinger boxes (4.5 cu.ft.)

About the New Hampshire Folk Festivals:

The first resurrected New Hampshire Folk Festival – an event with that name had previously been held from 1946-1964 – was held at Pat’s Peak Ski Area in Henniker on August 15, 1976. It emerged from the Saturday night coffee houses held at the Open Kitchen, a natural foods restaurant in Concord, which provided a place for area musicians to play. Folks at the Open Kitchen felt it was time that serious consideration be given to musicians in New Hampshire instead of talent from Boston or New York always being showcased. The first festival realized this idea and also served as a fundraiser for the Open Kitchen, which let its space be used for an assortment of community activities, functioning as much as a community center as a restaurant.

The Folk Festival continued on an annual basis at Pat’s Peak until 1980. It then took a hiatus for a couple of years before returning in 1983 in Concord and finally ceasing in 1986.

About the New Hampshire Folk Festival Tapes:

The collection consist of 80 3/4″ tapes of festival performances made during the festivals of 1978-1980 and 1983-1986. They were filmed by various members of the film crew and logged by John Groefrer of Accompany Video Production in Concord, N.H., who donated them to the University of New Hampshire in 1998. Song and tune titles and other footage content comes from his logs, which are often incomplete and contain inaccuracies. Any assistance in providing correct information where there are mistakes or gaps will be gratefully received.

Series Listing

  1. 3/4″ videotapes of festivals
    1. 3rd Annual New Hampshire Folk Festival 1978
    2. 4th Annual New Hampshire Folk Festival 1979
    3. 5th Annual New Hampshire Folk Festival 1980
    4. 6th New Hampshire Folk Festival 1983
    5. 7th New Hampshire Folk Festival 1984
    6. 8th New Hampshire Folk Festival 1985
    7. 9th New Hampshire Folk Festival 1986
  2. Programs, posters, flyers
  3. Memorabilia

I. 3/4″ Videotapes

A. 3rd Annual New Hampshire Folk Festival 1978
(held August 13 at Pat’s Peak Ski Area, Henniker, NH. Includes log)

Tape 1: Omer Marcoux/Chris Morgan
Omer Marcoux: Montaigne Reel; Reel de Campagne; Logger Breakdown; Reel Beatrice; Listen to the Mockingbird; Blue Waltz; Longchamp from Canada; Ruin Reel; Canadian Jig; Momanize (? – German tune); Au Grande Cafe; Reel #2
Chris Morgan: The Curse of Drink; Morgan Magan; O’Carolan’s Concerto; Blackwaterside; Primrose Polka; Scottish Strathspey
Tape 2: Chris Morgan/The Smith Family
Chris Morgan: Scottish strathspey (continued from previous tape); As the Sun Shone Brightly; The Court of King Caractacus; William Tell Overture; The Hartlepool Monkey
The Smith Family: Leftover Lovin’; Seven Bridges Road; My Style; Strollerman Blues; Rock, Salt & Nails; Country Girl With Stars in My Eyes; Lovesick Blues; Angel From My Montgomery; Lighter Shade of Blue; Reason To Believe; Sweet Thing
Tape 3: Cora Bardwell/Cormac McCarthy
Cora Bardwell: John Hardhat
Cormac McCarthy: Pink Flamingo; Sleazy Bar; Make the Man; The Blue Mountains; Broke Again; Sometimes I Think I’m Home Again; Long Love Can’t You Save Me?
Tape 4: Rodney and Randy Miller
Rodney and Randy Miller: Schankopa Reel; Canadian Reel (White Poach); Broken Sword; Dancin’ Bear; Old Time Quadrille [Bob McQuillen(?) tunes]; Ragmey (?) O’er the Dark; King’s Favorite; G Minor Reel; Cultivator’s Reel; Miss Ball; Earl of Mansfield; La Belle Catherine; Southern Polkas; Chickadee Polka; McPherson’s Lament; Reels
Tape 5: Allan Block & Nancy McDowell/Sara Grey & Joan Sprung
Allan Block & Nancy McDowell: Bonaparte’s Retreat; Red Mountain Wine; Barlow Knife; The Patteroller (?) Song; The Florida Blues; Carroll County Blues; Foreign Lander (?); Indian Nation; I Can’t Feel At Home In This World Any More; Belehonte’s (?) Hornpipe; Black Mountain Rag
Sara Grey & Joan Sprung: Boatman (?); ?; Rattle on the Stovepipe; Sweet Sunny South
Tape 6: Sara Grey & Joan Sprung/Purly Gates
Sara Grey & Joan Sprung: Rich Farmer; Spring Always Comes Again; Fair Maid Stranded; Mull of Kintyre
Purly Gates: Drunk on a Bottle of Booze; Ain’t Misbehavin’; Jean Harlow; Persian Rug; Bill Morgan and His Gals; Sunny Side of the Street; Shimmy Like My Sister Kate; Feeling Good
Tape 7: Purly Gates/Bill Morrissey/Bill Staines
Purly Gates: Doing the New Lowdown; Lazybones; I Love You
Bill Morrissey: Newmarket; Marie Osmond; The Packard Company
Bill Staines: One Long Whistle; Old Jack; The Blackfly Song; Rooty Toot Toot For the Moon; Annie Drew; Crazy Leslie; Zane Grey; Haulin’ in the Wood; Brother Earl (Yodeling Song)
Tape 8: Bethlehem Sheiks
Bethlehem Sheiks: ?; Sales Tax Zoning; Just One Way to the Pearly Gates; ?; Ballbust Gel 99 (Woman You Love) (?); ?; Fiddling; Lakes of ? (Irish Ballad); NADA
Tape 9: John Wardwell
John Wardwell: Sweet Chicago; I Love the Life I Live; I Gotta Find My Baby; I Got the Blues; It’s Gonna Be Your Funeral; I Love My Girl the Same; You Said You Love Me Now

B. 4th Annual New Hampshire Folk Festival 1979
(held August 12 at Pat’s Peak Ski Area, Henniker, NH. Includes log)

Tape 1: Bob McCarthy Revival
Bob McCarthy Revival: Living Up On The Mountain; Medley; Need A Whole Lot More of Jesus; Undo For The Lord; Call on Jesus; Keep on the Sunny Side; On A Cloudy Day; Old Home; I Am A Pilgrim; We Shall Not Be Moved; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; Living Up On The Mountain
Tape 2: Purly Gates Band
Purly Gates Band: We’ll Put On A harmony; Sugar Baby; Jean Harlow; Bill Morgan; Song To All You Vipers; Cruel Mother; Ticka Ticka Too; Banjo tunes; Cripple Creek; Black-Eyed Suzie; Doin’ the New Lowdown; Swinging On A Star
Tape 3: Taylor Whiteside & Sammie Haynes
Taylor Whiteside & Sammie Haynes: You Don’t Have To Worry; When I Need You Most Of All; One Round Left For Me; Them Dance Hall Girls; A Waltz For You Again; Whippoorwill; Ghost Riders
Tape 4: Harvey Tolman & Jason Little
Harvey Tolman & Jason Little: Medley of strathspeys and reels; Medley of jigs; Lament For Larry —?; Old Grey Cat; Medley of jigs
Tape 5: Kathy Lowe
Kathy Lowe: Rustling of the Coals; Children’s Song; New Hampshire For Damn Sure; Country Gardens; Wedding Dress; ?; When I Come Back?; Swing and Turn Jubilee; Every Night When The Sun Goes Down; No name song; French song; Feeling Safe and Sound
Tape 6: John Perrault
John Perrault: ?; Deer River Blues; Be Mindful of the River; Blues Harp solo; View From The Platform; Drifting in the Waters; New Hampshire; Fly Away; Trouble in Mind; Automobile Blues; Rosalie; Frankie and Johhny; ?
Tape 7: April Limber & Bob McQuillen
April Limber & Bob McQuillen: Scotty O’Neill; Irishmen Heart to the —?; Jimmie Allen; Jig medley; Planxty To Your Own; Patrick Street; Sheebeg Sheemore; Jig medley; Growling Old Man; Newly Wed; Star of Munster; Cary McLain
Tape 8: Silver Dollar String Band
Silver Dollar String Band: Hail, hail, The Guys Are All Here; Robin; The Old PIne Tree; Sap Beer Song; Little Maggie; Little Red Schoolhouse; Russian Folk Tune; Salty Dog; Ain’t Coming Back
Tape 9: Bill Staines
Bill Staines: Old Jack; Blues song; happy Yodel; Sweet Wyoming Home; Concerto in E; Handel Watyer Music; Haulin’ in the Wood; Yodeling Song; Only Remembered

Tape 1: Banzai Band
Banzai Band: Mean Mistreated; Keep It Clean; Rollin’; ?; Little Queen of Spades; All By Myself; Statesboro Blues
Tape 2: Fleet Street Shuffle
Fleet Street Shuffle: Have Some Fun Tonight; Rough Riders; I Need Somebody; I’m Tired of Sneaking Around; Saturday Night Fish Fry; A Rainy Night; Funky Bohemia

C. 5th New Hampshire Folk Festival 1980
(held August 10 at Pat’s Peak Ski Area, Henniker, NH)

Tape 3: Omer Marcoux
Omer Marcoux: Au Grande Cafe; Ruin Reel; Star Waltz; Labrador Reel; Maman ?; French Reel; Reel Beatrice; Linda Reel
Tape 4: Bob McQuillen & April Limber
Bob McQuillen & April Limber:

Tape 5: Karen Kayen
Karen Kayen: Few Days; Johnson Boys; Lord Franklin; Groundhog Song; Woodsmoke and Wine; You Can’t Take Out ?; Blue Blaze Blind Drunk; Don’t You Waste My Time; Mother Earth
Tape 6: Cormac McCarthy
Cormac McCarthy: Madness in the Family; Lady’s Like Automatic; A Drift in the Mountain; Pink Flamingo; Uncle Mackie on the Beach; Blue Mountain; Sleazy Beer; Bad Company
Tape 7: Sharon Pyne & Kevin McElroy
Sharon Pyne & Kevin McElroy: Planxty Charles O’Connor; Lakes of Pontchartrain; Reel; Piper’s Chair Medley; Flute & bodhran; Hornpipes; Scottish air; Reels; Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
Tape 8: Last Chance String Band
Last Chance String Band: Chicken Reel; Milwaukee Blues; Leading The Right Life Now; Sugar Hill; Old Account Was Settled; Sail Away Ladies; Liza Jane; Rocky Pallet; Saro Jane; Dickson County Blues; Down the Road; Water Bound; John Henry; Little More Time
Tape 9: Second Hand Rose
Second Hand Rose: Ginseng Soldier; Road To ?; ?; Sweet and Slow; Miss Molly; Choo Choo Boogie; ?; Don’t Get Around Much Anymore; Shipwrecked Man; Luxury Liner; One Way Trip
Tape 1: Taylor Whiteside
Taylor Whiteside: Desert Pete; Dark Highway; The Bluebird; Hard Luck Blues; You Didn’t Have To Worry; The Hoodoo Men; Virtuoso-so-so; Way Out There; Whippoorwill
Tape 2: Purly Gates
Purly Gates: Awful Lot of Coffee; Cheek to Cheek; Coasting Along; Oh Me Oh My; I Doodle Dare You; Staten Island; Soldier’s Joy; Tic a Tock O Tee; Song For All You Vipers; You Get What You Pay For
Tape 3: Bill Morrissey
Bill Morrissey: Night Shift; Sweaty Woman; She Moves Through The Fair; Snow Outside The Mill; Stupid People; He Drinks Alone; I Want To Go To Art School; Lara Song; Rollin’ in My Sweet Babushka’s Arms; Small Town on the River
Tape 4: Lincoln Mountain Bluegrass Band
Lincoln Mountain Bluegrass: First Song; Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright; Don’t Know My Next Picture ?; With A Small Exception; Riding On The L & M; Rawhide; Doin’ My Time; Old Tennessee; The Bluebird is Singing; Wintery Feeling; Pick Away; Sitting On Top of the World; These Times
Tape 5: John Wardwell Blues Band
John Wardwell Band: First Song; Be Satisfied; All By Myself; Shake Rattle’n’Roll; ?; Sweet Old Chicago; Memphis Blues; ?; Mojo Working

D. 6th New Hampshire Folk Festival 1983
(held in Concord, NH. Includes log)

Tape 6: Pam Smith
Pam Smith: Who’s Seducing Who?; Goin’ to Frisco; Knock on Wood; Ain’t Misbehavin’; Nothing Lasts Forever; To Gramps; Fever; Don’t Get Around Much Anymore; Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out
Tape 7: Click Horning/Ed Gerhard
Click Horning: Farther Down the Line; Wildflower?; The Mountain’s Pride; Mad Dog Song; Ageless Woodland Wonder; Railroad, Railroad; Rainmaker
Ed Gerhard:Crow; Medley; Nightbirds; Untitled; Medley; Untitled
Tape 8: John Wardwell Blues Band
John Wardwell Blues Band: Be Satisfied; Chicago; All By Myself; It Wasn’t Right; Check Out On My Baby; Wardwell Boogie
Tape 9: Bill Morrissey
Bill Morrissey: Small Town on the River; It’s Dangerous Out There; Barstow; Morrissey Falls In Love At First Sight; ?; Petticoat Junction; Texas Blues; Swimming (?); Rosie
Tape 1: New England Tradition
New England Tradition: Medley of 4 reels; waltzes by Sarah Bauhan; Three jigs by Ros M; Three Scottish waltzes; medley of reels
Tape 2: Cormac MacCarthy
Cormac McCarthy: Madness in the Family; Another Year; French Western Song; Wop it (?); Friend of the Family; We’re Dumb and We Drink; Blue Mountains; Make It A New Start; A Drift in the Mountain; Pink Flamingo
Tape 3: Speed The Plough/Ed Gerhard
Speed the Plough: ? (fiddle tunes); The Glendale Train; White Freightliner Blues (Townes Van Zandt); Temperance Reel and 3 others; We Shall Rise; Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette; Bill Cheetham; Fish and Whistle (John Prine); What Goes On (Lennon-McCartney); Whisky
Ed Gerhard: The Little Irishman; Going Home/Long John
Tape 4: Bill Staines
Tape 6: Mink Hill Band
Mink Hill Band: Good Morning Country Rain; Hickory Wind; El Comencharo; Goodbye Marie; My Blue Tears; Instrumental; Johnson Boys; Bye Bye Love
Tape 7: Mitch Shuldman
Mitch Schuldman: Take a —? Chance; Take A Woman Like You; Something Special; ?; ?; ?; Tango of Dreams
Tape 8: Blackwater String Band
Blackwater String Band: Katie Donahue; I Want A Man; One For The Morning Glory; Instrumental; Sullivan’s John; Do You Want Your Old Lover?; Men Behind The Wire; Goin’ Back Where I Came From; Pop There Goes Boston; Danve tunes; Spiritual; Beale Street Blues

E. 7th New Hampshire Folk Festival 1984
(held in Concord, NH)

Tape 9: Poor Howard
Poor Howard: Omaha; Jack’s Red Cheetah; St. Paul Woman; Chicken Cordon Blues; Elaine —?; St. Louis —; Draft Dodger Song; Charles Street Rag; John Dillinger; Bull Frog Blues; New Grape
Tape 1: Purly Gates
Purly Gates: Things Are Going MY Way; Fiddle Tune; Zippedy Doo Dah; Roses and Daffodils; Fiddle Medley; You Come Out of the Closet; Move Over To The Other Side; Barbed Wire; Fiddle Medley; Flea and Fly; Coffee; Don’t You Go Reaching
Tape 2: Pam Smith
Pam Smith: Honeysuckle Rose; God Bless The Child; Love Slips Away; Hobo; Gramps; Lover Man, Where Can You Be?; Rock, Salt and Nails; Strollerman Blues; Leo Kottke Song; Gold Old wagon
Tape 3: Lincoln Mountain Bluegrass
Lincoln Mountain Bluegrass: Opening Tune; Just Think I’ll Stay Around; Sweet Little Miss Blue Eye; Some Old Day; Instrumental; On and On; Darlene, Think Of What You Do; Live and Let Live; Life of a Railroad Man; Doin’ My Time; Listenin’ To The Rain; Mountain Railroad; Don’t Think Twice (It’s Alright); Goodnight –
Tape 4: R.P. Hale, Sylvia Miskoe & Justine Paul
R.P. Hale, Sylvia Miskoe & Justine Paul: Loggerman’s Breakdown; Snowflake Breakdown; Two jigs; Omer Marcoux medley
Tape 5: Paul Mangion/Capt. Fiddle
Paul Mangion: Still House; Bonnie James Campbell; The Old Hungry H— House; As Time Draws Near; Going Across The Mountain; Wild Bill Jones; Cooko Cooko; Morning Blues
Capt. Fiddle: Blues Come Around; Fiddle Medley; Been All Over This World; Medley; Over The Hill
Tape 6: Alouette Iselin
Alouette Iselin: Healing Water; A Magic Song; Your Daughters, Your Sons; Alouette’s Waltz; The Haying Song; Midnight on the Water; The Tinkerman’s Daughters; The Friend You’ve Been
Tape 7: Karen Kayen
Karen Kayen: Two Hands; Jubilee; Saw You My Magic; Old Man Tenney; Handgun Song; Christie Warden (?); The Road Not Taken; A Nice Place; Working Girl Blues; Margaret’s Quilt
Tape 8: Click Horning
Click Horning: Copper Kettle; Good Man Blues; Venice is Sinking; Mad Dog; Guitar Store Dream; It Could Happen To You

E. 8th New Hampshire Folk Festival 1985
(held in Concord, NH)

Tape 9: John Perrault Band
John Perrault Band: Road Keeps A Rollin’; New Hampshire; Chocorua; Drifting On The Water; Mondale Song; Keep A Watch On the [Road]?; Sonny’s Back; Lucky Jim
Tape 1: Alouette Iselin
Alouette Iselin: Black Jack Oak; Song For Pierre; For Real; Joke song: The Case For The Defense; Blacksmith’s Daughter; The Defense Department’s Fundraiser Song; Highway Hunter; I Had An Id; The Good in Living
Tape 2: Odds Bodkin
Odds Bodkin: Ghost Town; When The Troubadour Comes Home; Three Little Pigs
Tape 3: Mark Hopkins & Jon Norling
Mark Hopkins & Jon Norling: White Mountain Home; Beach Song; You Never Knew Who; Frankie; Just A Boy; Em pty Glass Blues; Mobile Home Song; Back to new England; Sarah; My Town
Tape 4: Joe Pomerleau, Milt Appleby and Friends
Joe Pomerleau, Milt Appleby and Friends:
Tape 5: Canterbury Orchestra (Dudley Laufman, harmonica; Cal Howard, piano and bass; Vince O’Donnell, fiddle; Taylor Whiteside, fiddle; Allan Block, fiddle; Deanna Stiles, flute and piccolo; Lydia Reeves, fiddle; Nicholas S. Howe, fiddle; Dave Fuller, accordion; Jerry Weene, banjo & fiddle; Randy Miller, accordion; Sylvia Miskoe, accordion; Dick Nevell, electric guitar; Jack Sloanaker, bass and piano)
Canterbury Orchestra: Mary Desrosiers intro; Farewell to Whiskey/Money Musk; Mutual Love, aka The Flight; Glenn Towle; Gentle Maiden; Le Grandeuse; Coleraine Jig; Yellow-Haired Laddie; Prince William; Scotty O’Neal
Tape 6: Solomon’s Seal
Solomon’s Seal: Medley #1; Medley of Reels; Julia Grover; Medley; Farewell My Friends; All The Hay Was In; We L– Away (?); Medley
Tape 7: Harvey Reid
Harvey Reid: Suite in F; No Trouble a $ Won’t Cure; Cryin’ Shame; Political song; Greensleeves medley; Nobody Comes To Call; Dirty Dish Rag; Very Old Song
Tape 8: Susie Burke
Susie Burke: Coal Mining Woman; I Wish You Were Here; Wheels; Color Song; Shelley’s Blues; Ballad of Penny Evans; We Are the Boat; A Chat With Your Mother; People Like You
Tape 9: Gary Hull
Gary Hull: Howard Grades; Going To Heaven Song; She’s Nobody’s Fool; Anybody Can Write Rock’n’Roll; Love in our Lives; Grandfather Song; Frontal Lobotomy; Yodel Song; Oscar the Angel
Tape 1: T.J. Wheeler
T.J. Wheeler: Casey Jones; Smokers; Let Me Have Some Love; The ‘A’ Train; Save, Save, Save; Blues is a Healer

9th New Hampshire Folk Festival 1986
(held September 21, Concord, NH)

Tape 2: Odds Bodkin
Odds Bodkin: Dream of Branwen; The Blossom Tree; Dragon Tails; Three Little Pigs
Tape 3: Crossbow
Crossbow: Love Come Home; Joe English; Fiddle tunes; The Battle of New Orleans; Fiddle tunes; Darlin’, I Don’t Mind; Fiddle tunes; Sitting On Top of the World; Sevilla Jones; Growling Bear
Tape 4: Susie Burke
Susie Burke: Shelley’s Blues; Baby Needs A Parent; Love Comes To The Simple Heart; Deportee; Love Me Like Mad; White Collar Holler; Aint Life A Brook; Colour Song; A Chat With Your Mother; A Sailor’s Prayer
Tape 5: Taylor Whiteside
Taylor Whiteside: The Martin Grey; Roll Ocean Roll; The Blind Fiddler; To be Loved and Loved By You; Daddy, Don’t Let Go; If I Had The Wings of a Goose; Fiddle Medley; The Rattlin’ Bog; Mary Ellen Carter; I Do Believe
Tape 6: Joe Pomerleau, Milt Appleby and Friends
Joe Pomerleau, Milt Appleby and Friends: Susei tune; Grande Reel Canadienne; Crooked Stove Pipe; Golden Button Reel; La Bastringue; Irish Washerwoman/Laura Appleby/Irish Washerwoman; Casey Jones; Old 97; Red Wing; Father’s Waltz; St. Anne’s Reel; Washington Lee Swing; The White Horseman; When They Ring The Golden Bells; Soldier’s Joy
Tape 7: Allan Block
Allan Block: Yellow Barber; Handsome Molly; Calico; Red Mountain Wine; Goin’ Round This World; No Bugs On Me; Wedding Dress; By S—?; John Henry; Going Back To Dixie; White Rose Waltz
Tape 8: Cosy Sheridan with guest Susie Burke
Cosy Sheridan: Maggie; The Mower; Mermaid Song; Love/Sex; Leaving His Love Behind; That’s What Little Kids Do; Wild Women; Nobody Home But Me; Murder Ballad; I Wish I Had Someone To Love; Lullaby; (with Susie Burke) Spring Roses/October Roses; Tell Me Why; Going Home To Caledonia
Tape 9: Cormac McCarthy
Cormac McCarthy: Mill Wheels Turn; Married Man; Friend of the Family; Cows; Barbecue; French Western Song; Nobody Loves Me Like You; When My Boat is Built Again
Tape 10: Boogaloo Swamis
Boogaloo Swamis: Bosco Stomp; Cajun Two Step; Jole Blon; Sugar Bee; How Long; Diggi Diggi Lo; Port Arthur Waltz; Hound Dog Baby; Hot Tamale Baby; Built for Comfort; I Can’t Stop It; Back Door; Boogaloo Boogie; ‘Tit Fille; Zydeco Boogaloo
Additional Tapes:

“1978 N.H. Folk Festival”
NH Bluegrass Festival, Henniker, Aug 13, 1978
Songs of N H, 2/25/79

II. Programs and Posters

Programs, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1983-1986
Posters, 1976-1980, 1984 and 1985
Two volunteer buttons, 1986

5 Responses to “New Hampshire Folk Festival Tapes”

  1. Ryan J Thomson Says:

    Dear Archives: This is what you have listed for the Last Chance String Band NH Folk Festival tape: Chicken Reel; Milwaukee Blues; Leading The Right Life Now; Sugar Hill; Old Account Was Settled; Sail Away Ladies; Little Lizzie; Rocky Balboa; Saro Jane; Carroll County Blues; ?; Down the Road; Water Bound; John Henry; Little More Time

    Here are corrections: Little Lizzie should be “Liza Jane.” Rocky Balboa should be “Rocky Pallet.” Carroll County Blues should be “Dickson County Blues.”

    sincerely yours,

    Ryan Thomson – fiddler for Last Chance String Band 4 Elm Court Newmarket, NH 03857 603-659-2658

  2. Roland Goodbody Says:

    Belated thanks, Ryan, for your corrections to the set list for the Last Chance String Band’s performance. I made the changes some time ago, but neglected to thank you for the information. Roland Goodbody, Manuscripts Curator

  3. Wilson Lam Says:

    Thanks for listing the info about Hampshire Folk Festival Tapes. I have been searching these for my research.

  4. bill morgan Says:

    This is great, Is there anywhere I can watch the videos of the festival online?

  5. Roland Goodbody Says:

    The 3/4″ tapes have not been transferred to digital format, except for two or three of them. These were done on request and the transfer paid for by the interested party. But at this point there is no plan to make them available online. There are copyright issues on some of the material and we’d have to get the permission of the performers as well.