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New Hampshire AFL-CIO

Papers, 1918-1997

MC 186

12 boxes (4 cu.ft.)

About the New Hampshire AFL-CIO

The New Hampshire AFL-CIO was borne of the general merger of the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations in 1955. On October 27, 1957, the New Hampshire A.F. of L. and the New Hampshire C.I.O. were merged and were issued a charter by the national AFL-CIO.

About the New Hampshire AFL-CIO collection

The New Hampshire AFL-CIO collection includes executive board meeting notes, applications for affiliation from various unions, correspondence, notes from constitutional conventions, transcripts of those constitutional conventions, and publications.

Folder Listing:

  1. Executive Board Meeting Notes, 1953-1997
  2. Applications for Affiliation, 1958-1980
  3. Correspondence, 1968-1989
  4. Constitutional Conventions Notes, 1965-1992
  5. Transcripts of Constitutional Conventions, 1963-1991
  6. Publications


This series contains notes from Executive Board Meetings, 1953-1980, and includes requests for donations, comments of union activities, past and upcoming legislation, financial statements, future activities of various unions, scholarship information, comments made by featured speakers, attendance check lists, etc. BOX 1 f.1 Executive Board Ledger containing notes for the years 1953-1957. f.2 Executive Board loose notes from ledger. f.3 Executive Board Ledger containing notes for the years 1958-72. f.4 Executive Board Notes typed from hand written ledger; Jan. 1960- May 1962. f.5 Executive Board Meeting notes 1968-70. f.6 Executive Board Meeting notes 1971. f.7 Executive Board Meeting notes 1972. f.8 Executive Board Meeting notes 1973. f.9 Executive Board Meeting notes 1974. f.10 Executive Board Meeting notes 1975. f.11 Executive Board Meeting notes 1976. f.12 Executive Board Meeting notes 1977. f.13 Executive Board Meeting notes 1978. f.14 Executive Board Meeting notes 1979. f.15 Executive Board Meeting notes 1980. BOX 2 f.1 Executive Board Meeting notes 1981. f.2 Executive Board Meeting notes 1982. f.3 Executive Board Meeting notes 1983. f.4 Executive Board Meeting notes 1984. f.5 Executive Board Meeting notes 1985. f.6 Executive Board Meeting notes 1986. f.7 Executive Board Meeting notes 1987. f.8 Executive Board Meeting notes 1988. f.9 Executive Board Meeting notes 1989. f.10 Executive Board Meeting notes 1990. f.11 Executive Board Meeting notes 1991. f.12 Executive Board Meeting notes 1992 & partial 1993. f.13 Executive Board Meeting notes 1997. (includes presentation by Richard L. Bouley & Rick A. Trombly on how the AFL-CIO needs to change its lobbying tactics).


BOX 3 f.1 Applications for Affiliation, 1958-61. f.2 Applications for Affiliation, 1963-67. f.3 Applications for Affiliation, 1968-71. f.4 Applications for Affiliation, 1972-74. f.5 Applications for Affiliation, 1975-76. f.6 Applications for Affiliation, 1977. f.7 Applications for Affiliation, 1978. f.8 Applications for Affiliation, 1979. f.9 Applications for Affiliation, 1980.


f.10 Correspondence, 1968. f.11 Correspondence, 1970-71. f.12 Correspondence, 1972. f.13 Correspondence, 1973. f.14 Correspondence, 1974-79. f.15 Correspondence, 1981. f.16 Correspondence, 1982 (Jan-Mar). f.17 Correspondence, 1982 (Apr-Aug). f.18 Correspondence, 1982 (Sept). f.19 Correspondence, 1982 (Oct-Dec). f.20 Correspondence, 1983 (Jan-July). f.21 Correspondence, 1983 (Aug-Dec). f.22 Correspondence, 1987. f.23 Correspondence, 1989.


This series contains delegate lists, roll call lists, committee lists & reports, credential forms, convention call pamphlet, printed materials to be distributed at the convention, convention souvenir programs, and correspondence. Resolution Folders include copies of resolution booklets with personal notes, copies of resolutions included in booklets, copies submitted by different unions, and correspondence. BOX 4 f.1 Constitutional Convention, 1965-66. f.2 Resolutions, 1966. f.3 Constitutional Convention, 1967. f.4 Resolutions, 1967. f.5 Constitutional Convention, 1968. f.6 Resolutions, 1968. f.7 Constitutional Convention, 1969. f.8 Resolutions, 1969. f.9 Constitutional Convention, 1970. f.10 Resolutions, 1970. f.11 Constitutional Convention, 1971. f.12 Resolutions, 1971. f.13 Constitutional Convention, 1972. f.14 Resolutions, 1972. BOX 5 f.1 Constitutional Convention, 1973. f.2 Resolutions, 1973. f.3 Constitutional Convention, 1974. f.4 Resolutions, 1974. f.5 Constitutional Convention, 1979. f.6 Resolutions, 1979. f.7 Constitutional Convention, 1980. f.8 Resolutions, 1980. f.9 Constitutional Convention, 1981. f.10 Resolutions, 1981. f.11 Constitutional Convention, 1982. f.12 Resolutions, 1982. f.13 Constitutional Convention, 1983. f.14 Resolutions, 1983. BOX 6 f.1 Constitutional Convention, 1984. f.2 Resolutions, 1984. f.3 Special Constitutional Convention, June 1985. f.4 Constitutional Convention, 1985. f.5 Resolutions, 1985. f.6 Constitutional Convention, 1987. f.7 Constitutional Convention, 1989. f.8 Constitutional Convention, 1991. f.9 Resolutions, 1991. f.10 Legislative Conference, 1983. f.11 Legislative Conference, 1984. f.12 Legislative Conference, 1985 f.13 Legislative Conference, 1986 f.14 Legislative Conference, 1988 f.15 Legislative Conference, 1990 f.16 Legislative Conference, 1992 f.17 Miscellaneous (Constitutional Convention Souvenir Programs, 1975-1977, newspaper articles etc.)


BOX 7 f.1 7th Constitutional Convention, 1963. f.2 8th Constitutional Convention, 1964. f.3 9th Constitutional Convention, 1965. f.4 10th Constitutional Convention, 1966. BOX 8 f.1 11th Constitutional Convention, 1967. f.2 12th Constitutional Convention, 1968. f.3 13th Constitutional Convention, 1969. f4. 14th Constitutional Convention, 1970. f5. 15th Constitutional Convention, 1971. BOX 9 f.1 16th Constitutional Convention, 1972. f.2 17th Constitutional Convention, 1973. f.3 18th Constitutional Convention, 1974. f.4 19th Constitutional Convention, 1975. f.5 20th Constitutional Convention, 1976. BOX 10 f.1 21st Constitutional Convention, 1977. f.2 23rd Constitutional Convention, 1979. f.3 25th Constitutional Convention, 1981. f.4 26th Constitutional Convention, 1982. BOX 11 f.1 27th Constitutional Convention, 1983. f.2 28th Constitutional Convention, 1984. f.3 29th Constitutional Convention, 1985. f.4 30th Constitutional Convention, 1986. BOX 12 f.1 32nd Constitutional Convention, 1989. f.2 34th Constitutional Convention, 1991. f.3 Transcript of Special Convention, June 1985. f.4 Transcript of Annual Convention of the Legislative Conference, Sept. 27, 1986.


Constitution of the New Hampshire State Federation of Labor, 1954-56, 1958-1964, 1966, 1968-1971, 1973-75, 1977-78, 1980-81, and 1984-86, and 1989.
Annual convention of the New Hampshire State Federation of Labor: Journal of Proceedings, 1918, 1919, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1930, 1937, 1938, and 1951-56.
Proceedings of the annual constitutional convention of the New Hampshire State Labor Council AFL-CIO, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960-1969 and 1971-1981 (1980 missing).
Reports of Secretary-Treasurer for the New Hampshire AFL-CIO, 1958, 1960-1969 and 1985 & 1989.
Report of Legislative Agent For General Court Session Booklets of NH State Labor Council AFL-CIO; for the years 1963, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1973 & 1981.
Resolutions from the Constitutional Convention of the New Hampshire State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, 1968-69, 1972-1980 and 1985, and 1989.
A copy of Compiled Labor Laws of the State of New Hampshire, 1923.

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