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Mekeel McBride-David Gordon Campbell

Papers, 1966-1995

MC 163

3 Boxes (1 cu.ft.)

About Mekeel McBride:

Mekeel McBride was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1950 and attended Mills College, in Oakland, California (B.A. 1972), and Indiana University where she studied creative writing under Samuel Yellen. She has taught at Harvard University, Princeton University, Wheaton College, Berwick Academy, and is currently Professor of English at the University of New Hampshire (1979-present). She also works part time as a floor-guard and birthday party specialist at Happy Wheels Roller Rink.

She has published poems in numerous magazines including The Nation, The Georgia Review, The Iowa Review, The American Review, Tendril, Ploughshares, and Poetry. Her books include A Change in the Weather (Chowder Chapbooks, 1979), No Ordinary World (1979), The Going Under of the Evening Land (1983), Red Letter Days (1988), Wind of the White Dresses (1995), and The Deepest Part of the River (2001), all published by Carnegie-Mellon. She has had residency at the MacDowell Colony, has received two National Endowment for the Arts grants, and was a Bunting Institute Fellow. She lives in Kittery, Maine.

David Gordon Campbell was born in 1937 and was a teacher.

About the Collection:

The collection was donated to the University of New Hampshire by David Gordon Campbell. It primarily consists of 30 years of correspondence from Mekeel McBride to David Gordon Campbell. Also included are various McBride manuscripts and publications as well as a collection of 57 photographs.

Folder Listing:

  1. Correspondence
    1. McBride to Campbell, 1966-1995
    2. Others to Campbell
  2. Manuscripts
    1. Poetry
    2. Collections
    3. Prose
    4. Commonplace material
  3. Works by others annotated by McBride
  4. Publications in periodicals
  5. About McBride
  6. Photographs
  7. Miscellaneous

I. Correspondence

A. McBride to Campbell, 1966-1995

f.1 June 30, 1966 (1).
f.2 May-September 1967 (3).
f.3 Feb-Dec. 1968 (9).
f.4 Jan-Dec. 1969 (10).
f.5 Jan-Nov. 1970 (12).
f.6 Jan-Nov. 1971 (10).
f.7 Jan-Dec. 1972 (14).
f.8 Jan-March 1973 ().
f.9 April-Nov. 1973 ().
f.10 1974 ().
f.11 1975 ().
f.12 Jan-June 1976.
f.13 June 23-November 19, 1976.
f.14 January 17-August 19, 1977.
f.15 August 26-December 28, 1977.
f.16 January 22-June 15, 1978.
f.17 August 21-September 15, 1978.

f.1 1979.
f.2 1981.
f.3 1982.
f.4 1983.
f.5 1984.
f.6 1985.
f.7 1986.
f.8 1987.
f.9 1988.
f.10 1989.
f.11 1990.
f.12 1991.
f.13 1992.
f.14 1993.
f.15 April 1-August 21, 1994.
f.16 August 26-October 24, 1994.
f.17 October 30-December 11, 1994.
f.18 1995.
f.19 Undated.

B. Others to Campbell

f.20 Others to Campbell.

II. Manuscripts

A. Individual Poems

f.1 A-F.
f.2 G-L.
f.3 M-R.
f.4 S-Z.
f.5 Untitled.

B. Collections

f.6 “A Backward Look.”
f.7 “Learning to Sing.”
f.8 “Red Letter Days.”
f.9 “Survival Poems.”
f.10 “Wind of the White Dress.”

C. Prose

f.11 “The Order of Things”; “Ophelia’s Handkerchief.”

D. Commonplace material

f.12 Commonplace notebook 8″x6″. Includes: Booth, Creeley, Dickey, Enslin, Gilbert, Kizer, Levertov, McBride, Merwin, Moore, Nash, Norris, Pickey, Rich, Sexton, Williams.
f.13 Loose commonplace. Includes: Jon Anderson, Spencer Brown, Michael Dennis Browne, James Dickey, Stephen Dobyns, Shirley Kaufman, WS Merwin, Howard Nemerov, Paul Petrie, Alastair Reid, Pierre Reverdy (translated by Ron Padgett), Carl Sanburg, Anne Sexton, Stevie Smith, Wallace Stevens, James Tate, Diane Wakoski, Robert Wallace, Robert Penn Warren, William Carlos Williams.

III. Works by others annotated by McBride

f.14 Student poetry.

IV. Publications in periodicals

f.15 Spring 1971. Sumac.
1977. The Agni Review.
1982. Poetry East.

Winter 1982. Tendril.
1989. Tray Full of Lab Mice.
Fall 1995. The Portsmouth Review.
1995. Seneca Review.
1996. The Prose Poem: An International Journal.
Undated. Free Lunch.

f.16 March 22, 1977. Bibliography.

V. About McBride

f.17 Newsclippings.

VI. Photographs

e.1 1970. Mekeel portrait. “take this-if you should ever go hunting for mushrooms at sunset!” “Kiki”.
e.2 July 5, 1984. “Fred the Dog” from letter dated July 5, 1984.
e.3 August 13, 1988. “Little G. of N. getting a hot toot among other things. Lately she’s been learning the spiritual discipline of lying on sleeping stoves…or letting sleeping stoves lie” Enclosed in letter dated Oct. 22, 1988.
e.4 September 4, 1988. “David Bucknell washing dishes in Katherine Sullivan’s house being watched by parrot…”Enclosed in letter dated Oct. 22, 1988.
e.5 September 4, 1988. “Brenda in pardas[sic] helps David + the parrot wash dishes” Enclosed in letter dated Oct. 22, 1988.
e.6 September 4, 1988. “She’s pointing to his bellybutton which she would like to get a closer look at + he’s making the Hawaiian sign for ‘hang loose’ over her head which is as good as a halo as any…” Enclosed in letter dated Oct. 22, 1988.
e.7 September 10, 1988. “Me in my newest phase as Brenda Lee avec[sic] air courant turquoise socks. Later that afternoon I turned into a great blue heron…” Enclosed in letter dated Oct. 22, 1988.
e.8 September 25, 1988. “Molly O’Malone on the farside of the aquarium dreaming of…” Enclosed in letter dated Oct. 22, 1988.
e.9 October 10, 1988. “Little G. of N. enjoying her quilting fabric throne.”
e.10 October 12, 1988. “Miss White watching gold-fish TV. The goldfish, named by David, are kiss + this. They are twice as big now as they appear in the photo.”
e.11 October 25, 1988. “Little G. of N. pretending she’s in Ethiopia or starring in Children of the Damned”.
e.12 October 25, 1988. “I took tree pictures especially for you.”
e.13 December 7, 1988. “Foxes + greatgrandmothers to the left of the sofa.”
e.14 December 7, 1988. “A sofa! The bookcase painted white.”
e.15 December 7, 1988. “The mantle over the wood stove-which doesn’t look so stark in real life-rather chic instead.”
e.16 December 7, 1988. “Where I am sitting right now with a different coffee cup.”
e.17 August 29, 1989. Quilt.
e.18 April 23, 1989. Cat on bed.
e.19 October 11, 1989. Cat on couch.
e.20 October 11, 1989. Cat on couch; close up.
e.21 October 12, 1989. Dog and cat.
e.22 October 12, 1989. Foliage.
e.23 October 12, 1989. Foliage.
e.24 October 12, 1989. Foliage.
e.25 October 12, 1989. Foliage.
e.26 October 12, 1989. Foliage.
e.27 October 12, 1989. Foliage.
e.28 October 19, 1989. Foliage.
e.29 October 19, 1989. Foliage.
e.30 October 24, 1989. Foliage.
e.31 October 24, 1989. Foliage reflected in water.
e.32 October 24, 1989. Wigland. Dover, NH.
e.33 October 24, 1989. The Virgin Mary.
e.34 October 24, 1989. Foliage.
e.35 October 24, 1989. Jack-o-lantern.
e.36 October 24, 1989. Foliage.
e.37 October 24, 1989. Foliage.
e.38 October 24, 1989. Mums.
e.39 October 24, 1989. Foliage.
e.40 October 24, 1989. Foliage.
e.41 October 24, 1989. Ghost and jack-o-lantern.
e.42 October 24, 1989. Foliage reflected off water.
e.43 September 7, 1991. Garden and doll with no arms.
e.44 September 7, 1991. Cat on table.
e.45 September 11, 1991. Futon.
e.46 September 11, 1991. Bookcase.
e.47 September 11, 1991. Bookcase.
e.48 September 11, 1991. Kitchen table.
e.49 September 14, 1991. Rocking chair.
e.50 June 17, 1994. “My porch, my blue rocker.”
e.51 June 17, 1994. “What’s left of beautiful down the street rhoddies after our heat wave…”
e.52 June 17, 1994. “Window in my bedroom.”
e.53 June 17, 1994. “Maine rhoddies and friends.”
e.54 Undated. “This tree is in love with the sky.”
e.55 Undated. “One end of Otis sort of electrical congested.”
e.56 Undated. “The other end of Otis is a bit more Thoreau-esque.”
e.57 Undated. “Kittery library, very Dickensian, should be where I got Old Curiosity but they’ve moved fiction to a small modern brick number across the street. Still, I think of this as the library. I had to stand in the middle of the street to take this picture. Cars were annoyed…”

VII. Miscellaneous

f.19 Pressed leaves, unidentified poem.

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