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Guide to the Margaret Carson Hubbard Papers, 1925-1976

Collection number: MC 17

Size: 16 boxes (5.33 cu.ft.)

About Margaret Carson Hubbard (1897-1989)

Margaret Carson Hubbard was born in Clinton, Iowa on July 27, 1897. After graduating from Vassar College in 1919, she worked in advertising in New York City. She accompanied her husband Wynant, a geologist, to Northern Rhodesia in 1922 to capture animals for zoos. This was the beginning of her lifelong interest in Africa, a source of many adventures. After her divorce, she returned to Africa in 1936 to film a documentary, the first of a number of trips to make films or to develop research material for her books or articles on Africa. During World War II, Mrs. Hubbard was employed by the United States War Department African section as an analyst. After the war, she was Vice Consul in the Auxiliary Foreign Service in Pretoria in 1946-47. From the 1930s through the late 1960s, she wrote several books and articles on Africa for such publications as Atlantic Monthly, Christian Science Monitor, and The Toronto Star. Mrs. Hubbard also produced three films about African life and wrote three books on Africa: No One To Blame (1934), African Gamble (1937), and Boss Chambale (1957). In 1977, she received an honorary doctor of humane letters degree from the University of New Hampshire in recognition of her “exploration and interpretation of African life, an effort begun more than 50 years ago” which has “given the American people and their government invaluable resources in gaining knowledge of that continent and its life”. She died in Burlington, Vermont on January 17, 1989.

About the Margaret Carson Hubbard Papers

The Margaret Carson Hubbard Papers consist of material reflecting the personal and professional life of Mrs. Hubbard, as well as publications and information regarding the continent of Africa. Most of these latter materials were published in Africa, and were collected by Mrs. Hubbard as resource material for her writings. Papers relating to her relatively brief experience in military intelligence are found in various places within the African material, and are marked “Intelligence Reports.” The collection encompasses a wide variety of media, from personal notes and correspondence to publications, maps, photographic, and audio materials. The collection is particularly helpful as a witness to the changing face of Africa, from the late 1920s through the turbulent 1960s.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open.

Copyright Notice

Contents of this collection are governed by U.S. copyright law. For questions about publication or reproduction rights, contact Special Collections staff.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Margaret Carson Hubbard Papers, 1925-1976, MC 17, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donation, Margaret Carson Hubbard, June 1975 (Accession number: 52)

Donation, Margaret Carson Hubbard, Sept 8, 1975 (Accession number: 56)

Donation, Margaret Carson Hubbard, Feb 26, 1976 (Accession number: 79)

Donation, Margaret Carson Hubbard, June 11, 1976 (accession number: 104)

Donation, Phillips Exeter Academy (Donald Foster), Exeter, NH, Feb 27, 2004 (Accession number: 2004.01)

Collection Contents

Series I: Personal Material

Subseries A: Correspondence

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1 Letters written by Margaret Carson Hubbard, July 11, 1935 – Jan 6, 1952
Box 1, Folder 2 Letters written by Margaret Carson Hubbard, Mar 23, 1953 – Aug 7, 1958
Box 1, Folder 3 Letters written by Margaret Carson Hubbard, Apr 6, 1959 – Oct 25, 1959
Box 1, Folder 4 Letters written by Margaret Carson Hubbard, Nov 3, 1959 – Dec 2, 1959
Box 1, Folder 5 Letters written by Margaret Carson Hubbard, Jan 30, 1960 – Oct 22, 1961
Box 1, Folder 6 Letters written by Margaret Carson Hubbard, Nov 7, 1961 – Dec 21, 1961
Box 1, Folder 7 Letters written by Margaret Carson Hubbard, Jan 17, 1962 – Sept 3, 1974
Box 1, Folder 8 Personal correspondence to MCH: Adamson – Burton
Box 1, Folder 9 Personal correspondence to MCH: Dale Carnegie – Betty Dumaine
Box 1, Folder 10 Personal correspondence to MCH: Franz Emerrich – Thomas Lamond
Box 1, Folder 11 Personal correspondence to MCH: Margaret McCallum – Zelia Ruebhausen
Box 1, Folder 12 Personal correspondence to MCH: Randal Sadleir – William Stubbs
Box 1, Folder 13 Personal correspondence to MCH: Ken Tait – James C. Wilson
Box 1, Folder 14 Business correspondence, Atlantic Monthly, 1947-1959
Box 1, Folder 15 Business correspondence, Atlantic Monthly, 1960-1974
Box 1, Folder 16 Business correspondence, American Metal Climax, Inc. – Galbraith Welch Dwyer
Box 1, Folder 17 Business correspondence, East Africa Tourist Travel Association – First National Pictures, Inc.
Box 1, Folder 18 Business correspondence, Harvard College – Lord & Taylor
Box 1, Folder 19 Business correspondence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Office of the Minister for Rhodesia & Nyasaland Affairs
Box 1, Folder 20 Business correspondence, Pan-Am – Paramount Pictures
Box 1, Folder 21 Business correspondence, Reader’s Digest – Sun Life Assurance
Box 1, Folder 22 Business correspondence, Toledo Blade – World Affairs Center
Box 1, Folder 23 Miscellaneous correspondence
Box 1, Folder 24 Letters written by others to others

Subseries B: Biographical and Personal Material

Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1 Birth certificate, vita sheets, promotional flyers, publicity material, partial list of publications, partial list of lectures, honorary degree information, obituary
Box 2, Folder 2 Passports, membership cards, residence permits, travel cards, business and calling cards, list of artifacts acquired from the Ba Ila in 1927-28, “Notes for Mrs. Hubbard: Oct 23, 1959″ (background information for African trip)
Box 2, Folder 3 List of artifacts offered to the Brooklyn Museum, June 16, 1936
Box 2, Folder 4 Temple University Conference on Visual Anthropology. Program material, March 6-9, 1974. Conference at which MCH’s motion picture “Liebalala” was shown (See also Box 14 for scrapbook compiled by MCH)

Subseries C: Government Service and Personnel Records

Box 2, Folder 5 War Department Military Intelligence Service, 1943-1945
Box 2, Folder 6 Department of State Foreign Service, 1946

Subseries D: Manuscripts

Box 2, Folder 7 Miscellaneous handwritten notes by MCH
Box 2, Folder 8 Miscellaneous handwritten notes by MCH
Box 2, Folder 9 Handwritten notebook by MCH
Box 2, Folder 10 Shooting script for motion pictures:

“Sequence Reel I” through “Sequence Reel VI” with additional notes, handwritten, 1928 (15pp)

“Gold–Daggafontein.” Typewritten, with handwritten notes, no date (3pp)

“Daggafontein.” Typewritten, with handwritten notes, no date (4pp)

Box 2, Folder 11 Research Materials on James Barry:

“James Barry: Extract from the Dictionary of National Biography.” With quotes from “two old papers (date of publication unknown)” containing information on Barry, ypewritten page marked “Copy,” no date (1p)

Letter from The War Office, London, reference the availability of the book Reader’s DigestDr. James Barry: Her Secret Story, July 17, 1947 (1p)

Letter from The War Office, London, reference the availability of the personal file of Dr. James Barry, 1960-1974Oct 20, 1947 (1p)

Bibliography regarding Barry, typewritten, with handwritten note, no date (1p)

“Dr. James Barry: Bibliography,” typewritten, no date

Original + carbon copy, carbon has handwritten note (2pp)

“Bibliography and Material Used,” bibliography and reference list regarding Barry, typewritten page marked “Copy,” no author, no date (2pp)

Small scrap of paper, with four handwritten references to material regarding Barry, no date

Box 2, Folder 12 Typewritten articles by MCH:

“Trusteeship for South West Africa,” 1948 (4pp)

Drafts of above article

“The ‘Ware’ Afrikaner’s Republic Might Increase Race Tension,” April 1950 (4pp)

“South African Dilemma,” June 24, 1950 (4pp)

“African Report,” [Written for Atlantic Monthly, with cover letter to Mrs. Emily Flint, of the Atlantic Monthly staff], June 22, 1958 (8pp)

“Brief Description of Barotse Picture Produced and Directed by Margaret Carson Hubbard in Barotseland, N. Rhodesia, 1935,” no date (2pp)

“List of Names and Organizations in Africa from Margaret C. Hubbard,” no date (3pp)

“What I Learned from Africa,” (Reader’s Digest), no date (6pp)

Box 2, Folder 13

“An American Policy for Africa and How It Grew,” marked “Not for Publication”

Mimeographed article, no date (12pp), 2 copies. With Registration of a Claim to Copyright for this article, dated July 1959

Box 2, Folder 14 Presentations and proposals by MCH:

“As Africans See Africa,” address given to the Brigham Young University student body, Mar 19, 1962 (11 pp), 2 copies

“Memo Concerning a Discussion of Africa South of the Sahara and its Pertinence to Various Departments of Study,” with cover letter, course proposal, ditto, no date [Typed note on one copy: "Sent in 1947 to a small list of..."], (Letter + 3 pp), 2 copies

Box 2, Folder 15

“Raising Babies with Wild Beasts for Neighbors,” Literary Digest, Sept 12, 1925, p.36, photocopy

“My Babies in the Bush.” Asia, May 1926, p.436, photocopy

“In the African Bush.” Vassar Quarterly, Dec 1926, p.15, photocopy

Box 2, Folder 16

“The Up-Country Trek.” Cunarder, July 1930, p.8, photocopy

“Africa for Actors.” Esquire, Autumn 1933, p.71

Box 2, Folder 17

“No Word for ‘Thank You’.” Liberty, Aug 23, 1943, p.17, photocopy

“Those Barotse!” Natural History, Feb 1950, p.56, original + photocopy

Box 2, Folder 18

“Rev. Scott Squares It with the Gospel,” Common Cause, Nov 1950, p.213, photocopy

“The Atlantic Report on the World Today: South Africa,” Atlantic, Aug 1951, p.8

Box 2, Folder 19 “The Atlantic Report on the World Today: South Africa.” Atlantic, Sept 1953, p.15, and August 1958, p.18, photocopy
Box 2, Folder 20

“The Threat of African Tribalism,” Atlantic, Jan 1961, p.45, photocopy

“Pleasures and Places: Zanzibar,” Atlantic, Sept 1962, p.106, original + photocopy

Box 2, Folder 21

“South Africa Shows It Desires Isolation,” Nashville Banner, May 31, 1948, p.1, photocopy

“Le Leopard, terreur de la Jungle,” La Patrie, Mar 27, 1949, p.26

“South Africans Await Next Step by Natives,” Christian Science Monitor, Apr 17, 1952, n.p.

Box 2, Folder 22 Thirty-nine reviews published in New York Herald-Tribune Books, 1934-1947, photocopies
Box 2, Folder 23 Twenty-three book reviews published in The New York Herald-Tribune Weekly Book Review and Christian Science Monitor, 1948-1952, photocopies

Subseries E: About Margaret Carson Hubbard

Box 2, Folder 24 Book reviews of MCH’s writings:

Hassoldt Davis, “[Review of] African Gamble,” Typewritten text, no date (2pp) “Critiques of Boss Chambale. Written by 4th Grade Boys to Whom the Story was Read,” individual handwritten papers, Mar 2, 1954

Typewritten text of selections from the above, no date (3pp)

“On No One To Blame,” mimeographed sheet containing 3 reviews, no date

Box 2, Folder 25 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings of book reviews of MCH’s work, 1934-1936
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1 Newsclippings of book reviews of MCH’s work, 1934-1938, and 1957, photocopies
Box 3, Folder 2 Crowell Books advertising sheets and catalog for MCH’s work.

“Crowell Books for Boys and Girls, Spring 1957”

Advertising tear sheet from unidentified magazine, no date (1p)

“Crowell Books for Boys and Girls, Spring 1957,” flyer

“Crowell Books for School and Public Libraries,” catalog, no date (68pp)

Box 3, Folder 3 “An Interesting Article,” Church Chimes, Chicago: Lake View Presbyterian Church, July, 1926. pp.6-7, complete issue and photocopy of article [Discussion of "My Babies in the Bush" in May 1926 Asia. MCH's father was former pastor of Lake View Church.]
Box 3, Folder 4 Newspaper clippings with MCH as subject, 1934-1936, photocopies
Box 3, Folder 5 Newspaper clippings with MCH as subject. Photocopies

“Liberty Surge in Africa Seen Inspired by U.S,” Burlington Free Press, July 28, 1960

“Exhibit Throws Light on Dark Continent,” Burlington Free Press, Mar 15, 1965

“Two Exhibits Open New Season at University’s Art Galleries.” Campus Journal, University of New Hampshire. Sept 9, 1976

Box 3, Folder 6 Typed reports and handwritten sheets detailing Nazi Party connections in the South African mining concern the Overseas Trust Corporation, no author [MCH], mostly undated. Apr 11, 1939 – Mar 22, 1946[?]
Box 3, Folder 7 Typed reports and handwritten sheets detailing Nazi Party connections in the South African mining concern the Overseas Trust Corporation, no author [MCH], mostly undated, Apr 11, 1939 – Mar 22, 1946[?]

Series II: African Material

Subseries A: General

Box 3, Folder 8

“Winds Out of Africa,” text of an address by Clarence B. Randall, delivered Apr 3, 1963, pamphlet (9pp)

Four travel brochures

Africa Report Magazine, Jan, May 1964

Map: The Status of Nature Preserves in Africa, 1933

Box 3, Folder 9

Africa Today Magazine, Nov/Dec 1958; June, Nov, 1960

Carnegie Corporation of New York Quarterly, Apr 1963

Colonial Review Magazine, Sept 1944

The Lamp Magazine, Summer 1963

The National Voter, Newsletter, Nov/Dec 1962, photocopy

Box 3, Folder 10

“Pan American Airways, Inc.: South Atlantic Certificate Proceeding. Brief History of Pan American Airways: Service to Africa,” typewritten document, no author, no date [1945?] (6pp)

Bernard Blankenheimer, “Private Enterprise in Africa,” mimeographed article, no date [1953?] (12pp)

Asuquo A. Obot, “An Essay on Strengthening African-American Relations,” Institute of African-American Relations, 1955 (10pp)

African-American Bulletin, [Month?] 1955; Mar 1956

Africa 1960, newsletter, May 20, 1960

Africa 1961-62, newsletter, Nov 17, 1961

“The Changing Face of Africa,” Unesco Courier, Feb 1961, no author (4pp)

J. Coleman, “The Emergence of African Political Parties,” mimeographed article, no date (24pp)

E. Wm. Moran, Jr., “Africa and U.S. Assistance,” mimeographed article, no date (8pp)

“Introduction to Africa: A Selective Guide to Background Reading,” advertising brochure from University Press of Washington for the book of that title, no date

“Selected Economic Bibliography on Africa,” mimeographed list, no author, no date, pp. 4-6 only

Box 3, Folder 11 “Encounter Magazine,” Sept 1965
Box 3, Folder 12 “Organization for European Economic Cooperation,” Investments in Overseas Territories in Africa, South of the Sahara, booklet, 1951 (106pp)
Box 3, Folder 13

British Africa Monthly, Dec 1947

Book review column, The Central African Examiner, Mar 29, 1958

“The Atlantic Report: Central Africa,” no author credited, n.d.

Arnold Toynbee, “History’s Warning To Africa,” Optima, June 1959, pp. 55-59

J.P. McDonagh, “Capital For Developing East and Central Africa,” Optima, June 1959, pp. 106-112

The New Republic, Dec 28, 1963, pp. 10-13

C.M. Penny, “Nursing in Central Africa,” reprinted from The Nursing Times, Nov 27, 1959

Mary Roblee Henry, “Africa: The New Grand Tour”; Susan Greenburg Wood, “Marchesa Sieuwke Bisleti in Kenya,” Vogue, July 1963

“Cradle of Tomorrow,” Time, May 20, 1957, pp. 64-81

F. Rodseth, “More African Taboos,” Optima, Sept 1958, pp.147-154

Eugene R. Black, “How the World Bank is Helping to Develop Africa,” Optima, Sept 1958, pp. 105-112

Edward G. McGrath, “Independence Sweeps Across Africa,” Boston Sunday Globe, Jan 17, 1965, pp.31-33

Box 3, Folder 14 “Six newspaper clippings from The Rhodesia Herald, The Northern News, and Free Press, photocopies, 1950-1960
Box 3, Folder 15

Series of articles on African colonial policy reprinted from World Affairs, June 1944

Series of articles on Africa and the Western World reprinted from The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, July 1956

F. Taylor Ostrander, “Problems of African Economic Development,” address delivered Feb 16, 1960 (26pp)

F. Taylor Ostrander, “Some Factors Influencing Large-Scale Investment in Africa,” address delivered Dec 29, 196012/29/60 (15pp)

Box 3, Folder 16

“Report of The Colonial Primary Products Committee, Food from Africa,” The British Africa Monthly, May 1948 (2pp)

“Europe’s African Estate…Impressions of Central Africa – by the Editor,” The British Africa Monthly, Dec 1948, pp.13-16

Elspeth Huxley, “British Arms in Africa,” Foreign Affairs, Oct 1949, pp.43-55

Keith Kyle, “This Strange Thing Called African Socialism,” The Reporter, June 6, 1963, pp.27-29

Box 3, Folder 17

“Press Digest, No. 50, Dec 18, 1958

Twenty-one (21) newspaper clippings from a variety of newspapers, including The Burlington Free Press, The Rhodesia Herald, The Boston Globe, and the Manchester Guardian Weekly

Box 3, Folder 18

“Mrs. Alexander M. White, Jr., “United Nations: The African Assembly,” The National Voter, League of Women Voters of the United States, January, 1967, p.3

“U.N. Action in Katanga,” Letters to the Editor, Manchester Guardian Weekly, Sept 28, 1961, p.15

Box 3, Folder 19

“Conference of Independent African States: Official Handbook,” Apr 1958 43 pp. + maps

Ethiopia Observer dedicated to the Conference of Independent African States, Apr 1958

Box 3, Folder 20 “Conference of Independent African States: List of delegates, speeches, proceedings,” Apr 1958
Box 3, Folder 21 “Conference of Independent African States”: photocopies of entire issue of two newspapers: Daily Graphic and Guinea Times, both Apr 16, 1958
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1 Women’s Africa Committee of the African-American Institute news release announcing formation of this committee, July 6, 1959 (1p) and Progress Report #2, July 1959 (2pp)
Box 4, Folder 2

Major G. Tylden, Early Days in Maseru, “Sold in Aid of the Funds of the Basutoland Branch of the South African Legion of the British Empire Service League,” 1944, booklet (39 pp)

The Basutoland Witness, Morija, Basutoland: The Paris Evangelical Missionary Society, July – Oct 1949; July – Sept 1951; Jan – Mar 1952

Colonial Reports: Basutoland, 19501950, Maseru: Commonwealth Relations Office, Comptroller of Stores, booklet (73 pp. + map of Basutoland)

Morija Sesuto Book Depot, lists; songs reprint, 1950; 1952

Blank photographic greeting card, unidentified waterfall scene

Box 4, Folder 3

G.L. Hunter, “Great Basutoland Conservation Scheme Nears Completion,” reprinted from The Farmer’s Weekly, Nov 21, 1951 (5pp), with handwritten notes on one page

“Conservation Achievements in Basutoland,” reprint of ”The Leading Article” published in The Farmer’s Weekly, Wednesday, Nov 28, 1951, 1 mimeographed page

“S.A. Racialism an Influence on Murders in Basutoland?” Book review of Hugh Ashton’s The Basuto, The Star, Johannesburg, Mar 20, 1952, no author

“Ritual Murder: The Racket in Human Lives,” Drum, Apr 1952, pp.25-31

Mochochonono: The Comet, complete issue of newspaper published in Maseru, Basutoland, Mar 8, 1952

“‘White Coal’ from Basutoland,” Editorial, The African Market, July 1954 (1p)

Enid Bagnold, “The Everlasting Plateau: Basutoland,” Atlantic Monthly, no date, pp.40-43

Box 4, Folder 4 “House of Lords to Debate Seretse Banishment Today,” Star, Mar 31, 1952
Box 4, Folder 5 Two newspaper clippings: “Stones “Showered” on Police,” June 21, 1972 and “Botswana Warns Aliens,” Nov 1, 1966, photocopies (1p ea)
Box 4, Folder 6 Central African Examiner, Mar – May 1960
Box 4, Folder 7 Central African Examiner, July, Oct, Dec 1960
Box 4, Folder 8 Central African Examiner, May – Aug 1961
Box 4, Folder 9 Central African Examiner, Sept – Dec 1961
Box 4, Folder 10 Central African Examiner, Jan – June 1962
Box 4, Folder 11 Central African Examiner, July – Dec 1962
Box 4, Folder 12 Central African Examiner, Jan – Apr 1963
Box 4, Folder 13 Central African Examiner, Feb – June 1964
Box 4, Folder 14 Central African Examiner, July – Nov 1964
Box 4, Folder 15 Central African Examiner, Feb, Mar, June, July 1965
Box 4, Folder 16 Central African Examiner, Aug, Oct, Nov, Christmas 1965
Box 4, Folder 17 Five newspaper clippings, Mar 1960, photocopies, (1p ea)
Box 4, Folder 18 Travel brochures and information
Box 4, Folder 19 Katanga Calling newsletter, Mar 30, 1961 – Feb 1, 1963 with gaps
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1 White Book of the Katanga Government about the outlaw activities in some baluba areas, [1961?] (67pp text and 33 photographs)
Box 5, Folder 2 “American Friends of Katanga” and “Americans For Katanga”: letters, newsletters, flyers, 1961, 1963
Box 5, Folder 3

“Improper Confinement and Trial of Dr. Moise Thsombe,” Congressional Record, May 8, 1961

Hon. Donald C. Bruce, “Betrayal in the Congo,” Congressional Record, Sept 12, 1961

Hon. Thomas J. Dodd, “The Real Facts About the Congo Crisis,” Congressional Record, Sept 22, 1961

“United States Mission to the United Nations,” Press Release, Dec 13, 1961

Hon. Thomas J. Dodd, “The Congo Crisis and the Need For Conciliation,” Congressional Record, Aug 3, 1962

“The Struelens Case: Report of the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws,” Visa Procedures of the Department of State, Aug 9, 1962

Hon. Donald C. Bruce, “Is Katanga on the Auction Block?” Congressional Record, Sept 12, 1962

Box 5, Folder 4

David E. Reed, “Pigmy Hunt,” Institute of Current World Affairs, Mar 8, 1955 (report in form of a letter)

Peter Bird Martin, “Pygmies of the Ituri Forest,” Institute of Current World Affairs, Mar 8, 1955 (report in form of a letter)

George M. Houser, “The Congo Revisited,” Nov 28, 1960

“Congo Intrigue,” The Dan Smoot Report, Nov 19, 1962

“How U.N. Indian troops respect the Red Cross symbol and the rules of war,” A protest from Katanga doctors, 1961

Map showing results of elections held in May 1960 in Congo and areas inhabited by the Baluba and Balubaised in Katanga

Box 5, Folder 5

Russell Warren Howe, “The Congo: Plugging a Sieve with Pinheads,” The Reporter, Oct 10, 1963, 2pp

Robert L. Pendleton, “The Belgian Congo: Impressions of a Changing Region,” The Geographical Review, July 1949, pp.371-400

“The Congo,” Atlantic Report, n.d., 4pp

Box 5, Folder 6 Forty-six newspaper clippings about the Congo, 1960-1965, photocopies
Box 5, Folder 7

Ratcliffe and Elphinstone, Bart, The New English-Swahili Phrase Book, Mar 1957

“East Africa,” Atlantic Report, n.d., 4pp

Brochures, map, magazine articles re; exploring East Africa

Box 5, Folder 8 Four newspaper clippings, 1960, photocopies
Box 5, Folder 9

Gamal Abdul Nasser, “Gamal Abdul Nasser Expounds the Philosophy of the Revolution,” with introduction by Dick Nolte. Institute of Current World Affairs, Mar 8, 1954, 36pp

J.H. Huizinga, “Egypt and the Watch on the Canal Zone,” The Manchester Guardian Weekly, Apr 5, 1951, p.5

J.H. Huizinga, “Egypt’s Claim To Control in the Sudan,” The Manchester Guardian Weekly, Apr 12, 1951, p.5

Box 5, Folder 10 Two newspaper clippings, 1948 and 1951 (photocopy)
Box 5, Folder 11

Patrick O’Donovan, “The Magic of Nationalism,” The Reporter, Sept 18, 1951, pp. 31-33

Frederick S. Arkhurst, “Recent Economic and Social Trends in the Gold Coast,” The Institute of African-American Relations, Jan 31, 1955, lecture, 11pp

New Ghana, Mar 6, 1958

“A New Broadcasting House: The Story of Radio Ghana.” March 1958, 22pp booklet

“The Ghana Airline.” Press Release. Apr 14, 1958, 1p

“The Ceremony of Welcome to the Delegates of Independent African States.” Program. Apr 16, 1958, 6pp

Box 5, Folder 12 Fifteen newspaper clippings, 1952-1965, photocopies
Box 5, Folder 13 “Guinea Leans On Russia, Arms Pour Into Conakry,” May 6, 1960, clipping from an unidentified newspaper
Box 5, Folder 14

Colin Maher, “Looking Abroad, Looking Around, Looking Ahead: Reflections on Land Policies with Special Reference to Kenya Problems,” 1943, 58pp

Alistair Matheson, “The Tribes of Kenya,” [1950?], 48pp

Committee For Racial Co-operation in Kenya, “Kenya 1960,” Jan 11, 1960

Travel brochures and tourist information.

Box 5, Folder 15

“Royal National Parks of Kenya,” 1958

“A Guide to Mombasa and the Coast”

“Mount Kenya Safari Club”

Hon. E.A.Vasey, C.M.G., “The 1959-60 Budget [of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya],” Apr 29, 1959

Box 5, Folder 16

Edwin S. Munger, “Water Problems of Kitui District, Kenya,” Oct 1950, clipping

Carl G. Rosberg, Jr., “Kenyatta’s Three Alternatives,” p.3-4, clipping

“Kenya,” The Atlantic Report, 1964

Santha Ramu Rau, “The Trial of Jomo Kenyatta,” The Reporter, Mar 16, 1954, clipping

“British East Africa,” The Atlantic Report

Box 5, Folder 17 Fifty-nine newspaper clippings, 19601960, photocopies
Box 5, Folder 18 Forty-seven newspaper clippings, 1947-1969 (mostly 1960), photocopies
Box 5, Folder 19

“Mr. Drum Finds Out: Mau Mau: The Story Behind Kenya’s Terrorists.” Drum, Dec 1952, pp.14-17, 33

Kenya News Press Office Handouts: “Proscription of Kiama Kia Muingi.” No. 29, Jan 15, 1958, 2pp

“Suspected K.K.M. Leaders Taken into Custody.” No.245, Apr 13, 1958, 2pp

“More Suspected K.K.M. Leaders Taken into Custody.” No.312, May 19, 1958, 2pp

“Kenya During and After Mau Mau.” No. 370, Oct 1958, 7pp

“Restriction Orders on Jomo Kenyatta and Four Others.” No. 230, Apr 14, 1959, 1p

“Success of Mau Mau Detainee Rehabilitation.”No. 265, May 4, 1959, 3pp

Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1

Vernon McKay, “U.S. Group Raises Capital To Develop Liberia’s Resources,” Foreign Policy Bulletin, Nov 21, 1947

Griffith J. Davis, “Iron Boom in Liberia,” Steelways, Sept, 1951, pp.21-24

Professor Arthur C. Bining, “Birth of an Industry,” Steelways, Feb 1954, pp.12-16

“Liberia: Symbol of the Free Enterprise System in Africa – Welcomes Foreign Capital,” The New York Times, July 25, 1965, Section 11

“President Willima V.S. Tubman of Liberia,” The New York Times, Nov 27, 1966, Section 11

Box 6, Folder 2 “Future of Italian Colonies.” Argus, Apr 30, 1946
Box 6, Folder 3 “Malawi’s Pioneers.” Christian Science Monitor, Sept 4, 1965
Box 6, Folder 4 “Small Scale Slave Trade Still Detected in Nigeria.” [unidentified Vermont newspaper], no date

Subseries B: Rhodesia

Box 6, Folder 5

Southern Rhodesia Information Service, Southern Rhodesia in Brief, 1964, 30pp

Federal Information Department, Southern Rhodesia in Brief, 1959, 46pp

Federal Information Department, The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland: The Facts, 1959, 38pp

A. Sylvester Massiye, The Lonely Village, 1951, 48pp

Native Affairs Department, Welcome to Southern Rhodesia-Meet Our African People, January, 1958, 12pp

Tourist and travel brochures

Pan American World Airways, “Victoria Falls Rivals Niagara.” Press Release. No date. [June 23, 1958?], 3pp

Curtis Prendergast, “The Fastest-Growing Country in Africa,” Fortune, Mar 1958, pp. 122-136 and on

Box 6, Folder 6

Northern Rhodesia Government Information Department, Nsefu Game Camp: Game in Northern Rhodesia, n.d., 15pp

Northern Rhodesia: A Country With a Future, n.d., 7pp

Southern Rhodesia Information Service, Meet the African, Apr 1961, 48pp

Victoria Falls Office of Federal Tourist Development and the Game Department of the Northern Rhodesia Government, Game Viewing Camps of the Eastern Province of Northern Rhodesia, n.d. [Nov 1955?], 22pp, with handwritten notes by MCH

Game Ranger, Fort Jameson and Tourist Officer, Livingstone, The Sportsman’s Guide and Handbook to the Hunting Areas of the Eastern Province of Northern Rhodesia, 1950, 43pp

Holidays in Northern Rhodesia, Jan 1955, 20pp

Box 6, Folder 7

Edgar E. Foster, “Potential Utilization of the Kafue Flats of Northern Rhodesia,” The Geographical Review, July 1953

G. Melvyn Howe, “Climates of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland According to the Thornwaite Classification,” The Geographical Review, Oct 1953

Peter Scott, “Migrant Labor in Southern Rhodesia,” The Geographical Review, Jan 1954

Rhodesian Selection Trust Group of Companies, Kafue Flats: The Granary of the Federation?, 1958

Federal Information Department, Salisbury, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Success Stories: African Achievement in Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1960

Box 6, Folder 8 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, The Case for Independence and A Guide for the Investor, both 1959
Box 6, Folder 9 Northern Rhodesia Information Department, Colonial Reports: Northern Rhodesia, 1951, 1952, and The Northern Rhodesia Handbook, repr. 1951
Box 6, Folder 10

Colonial Office, Report on Northern Rhodesia For The Year 1959, 135pp, with handwritten notes by MCH

Greetings from “Kariba,” Southern Rhodesia

Kariba Dam technical data, information card

The Kariba Project, statement by the Minister of Power on the Financial Details of the Project, Feb 1956, 16pp

The Kariba Project, a brief description, n.d., 32pp

Box 6, Folder 11

1951 Agreement between Northern Rhodesia Mine Workers Union and [various mines, refineries, and a power corporation], Sept 1, 1951, 33pp

Memorandum of Agreement between Northern Rhodesia Mine Workers Union and [various mines and refineries], Sept 27, 1955

Schedule of pay rates for mine workers, undated

Offical Report of the Debate on the Draft Federal Scheme, 1952, 85pp

Box 6, Folder 12

American Committee on Africa, Africa Today Pamphlets: 4. The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland: The Future of a Dilemma, 1959, 40pp

University of London, Scheme of Special Relation with the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland: Regulations, May 1959

Box 6, Folder 13

Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, Report of the Advisory Commission on the Review of the Constitution of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1960

Possible Constitutional Changes, 1960, Appendix VII to the above

Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1 Horizon, May & Nov 1959, Feb 1960
Box 7, Folder 2 Luntandanya, newspaper, Jan 17, 1959; May 23, 1959; June 6, 1959 (original and photocopies)
Box 7, Folder 3 Luntandanya, newspaper, Aug 1, 1959; Aug 15, 1959; Oct 24, 1959 (original and photocopies)
Box 7, Folder 4 Luntandanya, newspaper, Dec 5, 1959; Jan 2, 1960; Feb 13, 1960 (original and photocopies)
Box 7, Folder 5 Luntandanya, newspaper, Feb 27, 1960; Mar 12, 1960; Mar 26, 1960 (original and photocopies)
Box 7, Folder 6 Southern Rhodesia News Review, newsletter, Feb, Apr – Sept, Nov 1964
Box 7, Folder 7

African Life, newspaper, Apr 1960 (original and photocopy)

East Africa and Rhodesia, magazine, Sept 4, 1952

Box 7, Folder 8

The African Roan Antelope, newspaper, Jan 1958

James Halliday, “Economy and the State of the Union,”Blackwood’s Magazine, magazine, Sept. [1963?]pp. 198-212

“Something To Beat The Drum About: Christians in Action in Southern Rhodesia,” Fact paper 6, June 1959

The Rhodes-Livingstone Institute for Social Research. Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia, pamphlet

Nchanga Newsletter, July 22, Aug 5, 1960

Africa Literacy and Writing Centre, four newsletters, 1959-1960

Box 7, Folder 9

United Northern Rhodesia Association Constitution, n.d.

“Dateline Salisbury…Southern Rhodesia: An Independent Report,” by C.W. Gusewelle, n.d., 11pp

“The Situation in Southern Rhodesia: A Statement by the Southern Rhodesia Government,” June 1964, 8pp

Broadcast Statement by the Prime minister of Southern Rhodesia on Independence. Special press release, June 25, 1964

Press releases: “Tributes from all sections of the community,” May 1964; “University College of Rhodesia & Nyasaland Agreement on Future as an Independent Institution,” Press Communique No. 171: June 4, 1964; “Passports and Citizenship,” May 1964

“Some Rhodesian Mines Bow To European Union on Promoting Natives,” The Wall Street Journal, Wed, Dec 8, 1954

“Mining Activities and African Advancement in Northern Rhodesia,” Feb 21, 1957, 6pp

Transatlantic Report: Rhodesia, Atlantic, Sept 1964

Press Communique No. 171: Statement by Mr. Roy Welensky, Mar 6, 1952

Press Communique No. 937: Industrial relations “Deteriorate,” July 27, 1953

“Africans Demand Workers’ Rights,” July 5, 1953

Box 7, Folder 10

Maps of Northern Rhodesia, 1937, 1:2000,000

Service map of Southern Rhodesia, Apr 1935, 1 inch: 47 1/3 miles

Map of South-West Africa, n.d., 1: 6,338,000

Box 7, Folder 11

Institute of Current World Affairs, reports

Rhodesian University, May 31, 1954

African Trade Union, Feb 11, 1955

Box 7, Folder 12 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Newsletter, June 23, 1961; Dec 29, 1961; Jan 19, 1962; Feb 9, 1962; Feb 16, 1962
Box 7, Folder 13 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Newsletter, Feb 23, 1962; Mar 2, 1962; Mar 9, 1962; Mar 23, 1962
Box 7, Folder 14 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Newsletter, May 23, 1963; May 31, 1963; June 7, 1963; June 14, 1963; June 21, 1963; June 28, 1963
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1 Christian Council of Northern Rhodesia in Association with the World Council of Churches, Man and Community on the Copperbelt: Conference Report on the Common Christian Responsibility Toward Areas of Rapid Social Change. Mindolo Ecumenical Centre, Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia, Nov 20-25, 1958
Box 8, Folder 2 Report of the Board of Inquiry appointed to inquire into The Advancement of Africans in the Copper Mining Industry in Northern Rhodesia (known as The Forster Report), 1954
Box 8, Folder 3

Wankie Game Reserve Visitor’s Sheet

Nchanga Consolidated Copper Mines Limited, report, Mar 1960

Box 8, Folder 4 The Advancement of Africans in the Copper Mining Industry in Northern Rhodesia, Oct 16, 1954; Nov 1, 1954; Nov 4, 1954; Nov 18, 1954; Nov 29, 1954
Box 8, Folder 5 The Advancement of Africans in the Copper Mining Industry in Northern Rhodesia, Feb 15, 1955; Nov 8, 1957; Nov 30, 1957; Dec 14, 1957; Dec 31, 1957
Box 8, Folder 6 The Advancement of Africans in the Copper Mining Industry in Northern Rhodesia, Jan 25, 1958; Feb 21, 1958; Mar 14, 1958; Mar 21, 1958; Mar 28, 1958
Box 8, Folder 7 The Advancement of Africans in the Copper Mining Industry in Northern Rhodesia, Miscellaneous loose pages , 1950s
Box 8, Folder 8 Press Communiques, Information Department, Lusaka, July 26, 1952 – Nov 10, 1953
Box 8, Folder 9

Nchanga Facts and Figures, Geographic, climatic, and mine production information, carbon copy of two typewritten pages, undated

The Concentrator, Copper ore processing information, Photocopy of typewritten manuscript, undated, 7pp

The Economic and Domestic Life of the African in Tribal Areas and Its Influence on Problems of Administration In Mine Townships, Lecture II, Undated, 6pp

File card outlining the beginning of “modern [commercial] mining history,” typewritten, undated

Box 8, Folder 10

Meet the Press, Interview with Sir Roy Welensky, Prime Minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Transcript, Oct 27, 1963

C. W. DuPont, Radio Address [on the state of law and order, violence, and peace in Southern Rhodesia], Reprinted in This is Southern Rhodesia, Newsletter, Apr 1964

Rhodesian Government Printer, Medicine in Rhodesia and Nyasaland: A Challenge, pamphlet, undated

P. Brown, “The Lowveld,” article, reprinted from The Director, Apr 1964

Vernon Brelsford, “The Rhodesian Way of Life,” Optima, Sept 1958, pp. 156-162

Box 8, Folder 11 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Newsletter, Miscellaneous loose pages, 1961
Box 8, Folder 12

E. Dumbutshena, “Fertile Ground For Crime,” The Central African Examiner, Mar 29, 1958

“New loan for N. Rhodesia” and “RST [Rhodesian Selection Trust] results for the half-year,” The Central African Examiner, Apr 23, 1960

Claire Sterling, “The End of a Dream in Southern Rhodesia,” The Reporter, May 9, 1963

David Hapgood, “The Competition For Africa’s Students,” The Reporter, Sept 12, 1963

“Mr. Heath’s Duty,”editorial, The Economist, Dec 4, 1965

Denis Healey, “Southern Rhodesia: Davy Rides Again,” The New Republic, Nov 23, 1965

Box 8, Folder 13 Newspaper clippings from various African papers, 1935-1958 (photocopies)
Box 8, Folder 14 Newspaper clippings from various African papers, Feb – Mar 1960 (photocopies)
Box 8, Folder 15 Newspaper clippings from various African papers, Apr 1960 (photocopies)
Box 8, Folder 16 Newspaper clippings from various African papers, May – Dec 1960 (photocopies)
Box 8, Folder 17 Newspaper clippings from various African papers, 1961-1969 (photocopies)
Box 8, Folder 18 Newspaper clippings from Nchanga News, 1960-1961 (see also Box 19 for copies of Nchanga News and Nchanga Weekly)

Subseries C: South Africa

Box 8, Folder 19 Union of South Africa Legislative Bills (in both Afrikaans and English):

Bill… [for] a Register of the Population of the Union…[and] For the Issue of Identity cards… (as amended by the Senate) ?/?/50

Bill…for the Establishment of Group Areas, For the…Occupation of Land and Premises… (as amended by the Senate) 1950

Bill to Amend the Native Trust and Land Act of 1936, (as read a third time) Originally May 17, 1951

Box 8, Folder 20 Union of South Africa Legislative Bills:

Bill to Amend the Native Labour Relation Act, 1911, The Natives Land Act, 1913, The Native Administration Act, 1927, Amendment Act, 1929, and The Natives (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act, 1945

Bill To Repeal Certain Provisions of British Bechuanaland Proclamation No. 2 of 1885 and to Repeal the Natives (Urban Areas) Amendment Act, 1945 (as read a first time)

Above bill, as read a third time 1951

Bill to Amend the Suppression of Communism Act of 1950 (to be read a second and a third time on June 11, 1951)

Bill to Make Provision for the Separate Representation in Parliament and in the Provincial Council of the Province of the Cape of Good Hope of Europeans and Noneuropeans in That Province [and to amend the registration laws]

Bill To Establish a Board for Coloured Affairs… (as amended by the Senate) 1951

Box 8, Folder 21

The Broederbond and Unie Bond. The Afrikaner-Broederbond: A State Within A State, Johannesburg: The Campaign for Right and Justice, n.d.

Who Governs South Africa? The People Versus the Broederbond, n.d. Manuscript. [Stamped "Rec'd 16 Nov 1951"]

“Torch Commando and Broederbond,” Letter to the Editor, The Argus, Mar 17, 1952, Newsclipping

Newsletter digest articles: “Natal is Watching,” Natal Daily News, 19515/18/51 and “The Broederbond,” Cape Times, May 21, 1951

Intelligence Reports:

Bond, Organization and activities; Typewritten fragment, n.d., 2pp

Bond, Organization and activities; Handwritten page, n.d., 1p

Broeder-Bond, Organization, with list of names; Typewritten report, n.d., 7pp

Die Unie Bond, Organization; Typewritten report, n.d., 2pp

Congress of Die Unie Bond, Organization, finances, rules, activities, resolutions; Typewritten report, n.d., 2pp

Unie Bond, Secret report no. 13 by C.7, Apr 24, 1940, 1p

Vereeniging, Unie Bond-Broedersbond, Secret report no. 9 by C.7, Aug 6, 1940, 1p

50,000 Left by Mr. Neethling; Typewritten reference from Labor Bulletin, mid-May 1944, 1p

Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1 Travel and tourist brochures, booklets, and papers
Box 9, Folder 2 “Johannesburg Speech-Maker’s Guide.” Johannesburg facts and figures. Mimeographed paper, undated, 3pp
Box 9, Folder 3 Maps
Box 9, Folder 4 J. Bold, Fanagalo (Kitchen Kafir) Dictionary Grammar and Phrase Book, South Africa: Central News Agency Ltd., 4th ed. rev. 1957, 80pp
Box 9, Folder 5 Alan Paton, South Africa Today, New York: Phelps-Stokes Fund Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 175, September 1951, 32pp
Box 9, Folder 6 Africa South, January/March 1960
Box 9, Folder 7 Government of the Union of South Africa, South West Africa and the Union of South Africa: The History of a Mandate, New York: Union of South Africa Government Information Office, 1946, 108pp
Box 9, Folder 8

Information Service of South Africa, In Africa Today: The Truth That Hurts, suppressed and expunged speech made at the United Nations on October 11, 1961 by Eric H. Louw, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Africa, 1961, 31pp

Union of South Africa Government Information Office, The Indian in South Africa, Undated [1946], 41pp

Union of South Africa Government Information Office, Special Report, July 1957, 12pp

Box 9, Folder 9 Second Report of the United Nations Commission on the Racial Situation in the Union of South Africa, (New York: United Nations General Assembly Official Records: Ninth Session, Supplement No. 16 [A/2719], 1954) 121 pp
Box 9, Folder 10 Civil Rights League, “Democracy in Peril,” Cape Town, 1950, 15pp
Box 9, Folder 11 South African Institute of Race Relations publications
Box 9, Folder 12 South African Nationalist Party Publications
Box 9, Folder 13 South African United Party publications
Box 9, Folder 14 Roan Antelope, Magazine, Johannesburg, Publication for employees of the Roan Antelope Copper Mine, Jan 1958
Box 9, Folder 15

S. Mpashi, Cekesoni Aingila Ubusoja, Cape Town: Oxford University Press, 1950, 100pp

S. Mpashi, Uwakwensho Bushiku, Cape Town: Oxford University Press, 1950, 100pp

Book catalog from Maskew Miller Ltd., Cape Town, 1952, 24pp

Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1 Constitutional crisis, Newspaper clippings, Photocopies
Box 10, Folder 2 Constitutional crisis, Newspaper clippings, Photocopies
Box 10, Folder 3 Constitutional crisis, Newspaper clippings, Photocopies
Box 10, Folder 4 Constitutional crisis, Newspaper clippings, Photocopies
Box 10, Folder 5 Greyshirts, News-Letter, July 1946, first two pages only, Photocopy, Newspaper clippings, Photocopies
Box 10, Folder 6 Intelligence Reports

a. Uwakwensho Bushiku Release of Greyshirt Leader Louis Weichardt, Handwritten note, Hubbard, Feb 17, 1946, 1 p

b. Pangerm, Greyshirts and free speech Typewritten report, No author, May 23, 1946, 1 p

c. Secret. Pangerm. Subject: Opposition to the Ban on Greyshirt Meetings on the Rand, Typewritten report, No author, Aug 9, 1946, 9 pp

d. Malan’s Victory Entry to City, Typewritten report, No author, Sept 15, 1945; Apr 14, 1946, 5 pp

Box 10, Folder 7 Dr. D. F. Malan, News clippings
Box 10, Folder 8 Dr. D. F. Malan, News clippings
Box 10, Folder 9 Dr. D. F. Malan, Newspaper clippings, newsletters
Box 10, Folder 10 Dr. D. F. Malan

a. Policy statements

1. Prime Minister on Commonwealth Membership, Transcript of an interview, Feb 1951, 6pp

2. South Africa’s Prime Minister Outlines Foreign Policy, Translation of a speech, Feb 1951, 12pp

b. Intelligence reports

1. Inquiry into the Connection Between Dr. Malan and an Alleged German Agent, Typewritten report, Hubbard, Feb 1946, 28pp

2. Rough copy, clippings, and notes relating to the above report

Box 10, Folder 11 Mine strikes, Newspaper clippings
Box 10, Folder 12 Mine strikes, Newspaper clippings
Box 10, Folder 13 Mining History

a. G. Sohnge, “Tsumeb,” Apparent fragment of report, covering housing of mine workers, and information on ore minerals, Oct 31, 1951, 1p

b. A. Griffis, Chief Geologist, “Tsumeb, June 2, 1952,” Typewritten report, 2pp

c. “Tsumeb, June 2, 1952,” Handwritten notes, No author [MCH], 9pp

Box 10, Folder 14 Intelligence Reports

a. “Departmental Secretaries,” Typewritten list of titles, names, and telephone numbers, with handwritten additions, No author [MCH], Jan 31, 1946, 1p

b. Untitled list of ladies’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, Typewritten, with handwritten notes, No author [MCH], “/rcc” Apr 16, 1946, 1p

c. “Interview with Capt. C., 18 June, 1946,” Typewritten report, No author [MCH], 1p

d. Interview with representative of Sunday Times, Handwritten notes, No author [MCH], May 29, 1946, 1p

e. List of names and titles, Typewritten, with handwritten additions, No author [MCH], No date, 1p

1. Consulate General

2. Commercial and Economic Section of Legation

3. United States Information Service

4. Library

5. United States Commercial Company

f. “Police,” List of names, ranks, divisions, and posts of assignment; Typewritten, No author, No date, 1p

g. “Siemens (South Africa) Ltd.” Typewritten report, with handwritten notes, No author [MCH], No date, 2pp

h. “Subject: Transmittal of Documents Prepared by the U. S. Treasury Department to Officials of the Union Government.” Addressed to “The Honorable Secretary of State,” Typewritten, with handwritten notes; No author [MCH], No date; This memorandum suggests sharing U. S. Treasury Department information on the I. G. Farben Company with the government of the Union of South Africa, “in order to stimulate their concern for the Safehaven Project,” 1p

i. “Werner,” Typewritten report, No author., No date, 4 lines

Box 10, Folder 15 Nazi War Criminals

a. Newspaper clippings, magazine articles

b. Intelligence Reports

1. Pangerm Report, Typewritten and handwritten notes, No author, May 2, 1946, 1 p (front and back)

2. Travel, Typewritten list of cities, among which is heading “Nazi Centers,” No author, No date, 1p

3. Agenda for the Third National Conference of the Springbok Legion, Mimeograph agenda, with hand- written annotations, No author, No date, 22pp

Box 10, Folder 16 Newsletters and Press Releases:

a. Foreign Policy Bulletin, Newsletter, Sept 22, 1950

b. South Africa Reports, Newsletter, July 24, 1952; Aug 21, 1952; Sept 4, 1952; Nov 11, 1952

c. Delegation of the Union of South Africa to the United Nations: Press Release

1. “Question of Racial Conflict in South Africa: Statement by the Leader of the South African Delegation, Mr. G. P. Jooste,” Nov 19, 1952, 10pp

2. “Press Statement by the Prime Minister of South Africa, Dr. D. F. Malan, on October 14th,” No year, 3pp

Box 10, Folder 17 Van Riebeeck Festival, Capetown, 1952: Programs, newspaper clippings, articles
Box 10, Folder 18 Magazine articles:

“Land of Tranquility: Africa’s Basutoland retains its ancient tranquility,” n.d.

Optima, Dec 1955, Sept 1956 and Dec 1959

“Flow of Native Labour to South African mines”, F. Rodseth, and “French initiative in Africa,” Harry T. Andrews, Optima, June 1959

“The Chequers of South Africa,” Rose Lerner, The Antique Collector, n.d.

“From The Shank End,” Senex, The Union Review, Feb 1947

“South Africa: Revolution or Partition?” John Mander, Encounter Magazine, Nov 7, 1963

Press release: “Swedish newspaper rejected letter on South African from Swedish missionary,” Union of South Africa Government Information Office, 1956

Box 10, Folder 19 Various publications:

W. Warmington, Asiatic Land Tenure and Indian Representation Act: An Appeal to the Europeans in South Africa, Booklet, No date, 8pp

Order of Precedence of Cabinet Ministers, Feb 15, 1946; Typewritten list, with names, titles, addresses, and phone numbers, No author, 2pp

United Party News-Letter: A Commentary on Political Questions of the Day, Johannesburg, Aug 1946, 4pp

A. Blaxall, “Candid Thoughts on Non-Violence,” repr. article from New Republic, Dec 29, 1952, 4pp

P. Martin, “Economic Integration,” New York: Institute of Current World Affairs, Mar 17, 1954, 8pp

Harold Macmillan, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Address to the Houses of Parliament, Cape Town, on Wednesday, 3rd. February, 1960, Souvenir booklet, 17pp

g. Information sheet on the new Rand monetary system, Information Service of South Africa., Feb 1961, 1p

h. Statement by the Chairman, Mr. H.F.Oppenheimer, Read in conjunction with the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa’s 45th annual report and accounts, May 25, 1962, 8pp

Box 10, Folder 20 Various publications:

a. Springbok Legion Chairman’s Report, Presented to the Third National Conference at Johannesburg; Apr 6-8, 1946, Mimeographed report, 8pp

b. Springbok Legion National Secretary’s Report, Third National Conference; Apr 6-8, 1946, 10pp

c. A. Hoernle, Alternatives to Apartheid, Address to the South African Institute of Race Relations, Mimeographed copy; July 13, 1948, 8pp

d. Publications of the South African Institute of Race Relations, Listing pamphlet/order form; No date

e. J. S. Moroka et al., Report of the Joint Planning Council of the African National Congress and the South African Indian Congress, Mimeographed report; Nov 8, 1951, 12pp

f. Gerrit Bon, South African Compsoers and Their Music, Mimeographed report; Dec 1951, 5pp

g. State Information Office, The Status of Foreigners in South Africa, Mimeographed report; Jan 1952, 5pp

h. E. Sampson, How Natives are Governed: Pros and Cons of Trusteeship in Action, Department of Native Affairs, Pretoria, Mimeographed report; Nov 1952, 6pp

Box 10, Folder 21 Various publications:

a. A. Geyer, Partnership or Separation? Address given to the London Rotary Club by the High Commissioner of the Union of South Africa in the United Kingdom, Mimeographed; Aug 19, 1953, 5pp

b. K. G. Coleman, various mimeographed reports, Undated

1. Fort Cox Native College of Agriculture is Making Steady Progress, 3pp

2. How Native Women Are Trained to Help Their Sisters, 2pp

3. Mission Schools Play Important Role in Educating South African Natives

4. South Africa Teaches Its Zulu Chiefs Modern Methods of Government, 2pp

c. Mimeographed reports, No author

1. Quid Pro Quo, East London: Daily Dispatch, Mar 21, 1944, 1p

2. Afrikaners Will Triumph on the Economic Front. New Imperialism Seeks to Conquer a Nation’s Heritage, Translation from Die Burger; June 7, 1944, 2pp

d. Mimeographed reports, No author; No date, 1p ea

1. Basic Facts in South Africa’s Racial Issue

2. Expenditure in Education, Medical in the Union of South Africa and [other selected African countries]

3. Native Education

4. Non-European Schools

5. Parallel Tracks for European and Bantu

Box 10, Folder 22 Various publications:

a. South African Prime Minister’s Statement on World Affairs: August 11, 1953; Mimeographed report, 8pp

b. Dr. Malan’s Statement on Apartheid, Mimeographed report; No date [Feb 1954?], 4pp

c. United Nations Committee Report on Question of South Africa: Report of the U.N. Special Committee for South West Africa and Reprort of the Secretary-General on Special Educational and Training Programmes for South West Africa; Nov 7, 1962, 15pp

d. B. Long, In Smut’s Camp, Excerpt from Chapter XI of the book, “dealing with the Coloured franchise,” Typewritten (carbon) copy, 2pp

e. G. Worsley, How Representation of Non-Europeans Bill Will Affect Coloureds in Union; Typewritten (carbon) copy, 2 pp

Box 11
Box 11, Folder 1 Intelligence Reports:

a. T. Holcomb, American Minister, Confidential Memorandum No. 263: Transmitting Memoranda on South West Africa, Typewritten (carbon) copy; Jan 11, 1945, 1p

b. Confidential Enclosure No. 1 to Dispatch No. 263 from the Legation at Pretoria: Memorandum on South West Africa, Typewritten (carbon) copy; Jan 11, 1945, 10pp

c. Unrestricted Enclosure No.2 to Dispatch No.263 from The Legation at Pretoria: Economic Conditions in South West Africa, Typewritten (carbon) copy; Jan 11, 1945, 8pp

d. Casual Notes, 18th April 1946; Typewritten (carbon) copy, No author, 1p

e. Safehaven – Pangerm Report, Subject: Association of German Wool Buyers of South Africa, (Secret) Report No. 4, Cape Town, Typewritten (carbon) copy, No author ["MCH/rt" typed in later]; May 1, 1946, 4pp

f. Pangerm Report, Subject: Ex-Internees Club, (Confidential) Report No.5, Cape Town, Typewritten (carbon) copy, No author [MCH/rt]; May 2, 1946, 1p

g. Safehaven Report, Subject: Merensky Interests, (Secret) Report No.6, Cape Town, Typewritten (carbon) copy, No author [MCH/rt]; May 2, 1946, 4pp

h. Pangerm Report. Subject: Trials of Stormjaer Robbers, (Confidential), [Notes for formal report, which follows], Typewritten with pencil, No author; May 2, 1946, 2pp

i. Stormjaer Robbers, Newspaper clippings, attached to the report notes, above

j. Pangerm – Safehaven Report, Subject: Trials of Stormjaer Robbers, (Confidential) Report No.7, Cape Town, Typewritten (carbon) copy, Margaret C. Hubbard; May 6, 1946, 8pp

k. Letter from MCH to Nicholas Feld, Secretary to the American Legation, Cape Town, requesting copies of leaflets distributed by the Ossewa Brandwag, Typewritten; June 14, 1946, 1p

l. Estimate of the Ossewa Brandwag, (Restricted) Pangerm [Report notes?], JUNE 17, Typewritten, No author; No year, 2pp

m. Ossewa Brandwag Members on Trial for Unauthorized Military Drill, Confidential report, Typewritten, MCH; Aug 29, 1946, 1p

n. Ossewa Brandwag to Feed Germans, Unrestricted report, Typewritten, MCH; Aug 29, 1946, 1p

o. How People Think, Typewritten In pencil: “Vol. 5,″ No author; No date, 1p

p. Koster Family, Claremont, Cape. D.M.O. and I Reports, Affidavit by Flora Dorothy Garlick, Capetown (Informer), Typed entry: “Q 1939 D. of I. file,” Typewritten report, No author; No date, 3pp

q. Martins & Woker, Ltd, Typewritten with pencil [Notes for formal report?], No author; No date, 1p

r. Octavi Minen und Eisenbahn, Typewritten with pencil [Notes for formal report?], No author; No date, 1p

s. Springbok Legion: 3rd National Conference, 6-8 April, 1946, Typewritten [notes for?] report, No author; No date, 2 pp

Box 11, Folder 2 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 3 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 4 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 5 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 6 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 7 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 8 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 9 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 10 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 11 Newspaper clippings
Box 11, Folder 12 Magazine articles
Box 11, Folder 13 South African Press Digest, Newsletter, Assorted clippings, 1949-1951
Box 11, Folder 14 South African Press Digest, Assorted clippings, 1952
Box 11, Folder 15 South African Press Digest, Assorted clippings, 1952-1953
Box 11, Folder 16 South African Press Digest, 1955-1963
Box 11, Folder 17 South African Press Digest, Jan 1964
Box 11, Folder 18 South African Press Digest, Feb 1964
Box 11, Folder 19 South African Press Digest, Mar 1964
Box 11, Folder 20 South African Press Digest, Apr 1964
Box 11, Folder 21 South African Press Digest, May 1964
Box 11, Folder 22 South African Press Digest, June 1964
Box 11, Folder 23 South African Press Digest, July 1964
Box 11, Folder 24 South African Press Digest, 1966-1971
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 1 South African Scope, 1961-1964
Box 12, Folder 2 South African Scope, 1965-1966
Box 12, Folder 3 South African Scope, 1967
Box 12, Folder 4 South African Scope, 1968
Box 12, Folder 5 South African Scope, 1969
Box 12, Folder 6 South African Scope, 1970-1973
Box 12, Folder 7 South African Scope, 1974
Box 12, Folder 8

Labour Bulletins; mid-April 1944, mid-May 1944

News reports, Mimeograph reprints of various articles; 1944, 1952

Box 12, Folder 9

South Africa Reports[?]; 1949[?], 3 assorted pages

b. F. White, South West Africa, Mimeographed article; May 30, 1949, 5pp

c. South West African Commercial Holdings Limited: Report of Proceedings, 5th Annual General Meeting; Dec 14, 1951, 4pp

Box 12, Folder 10 Material relating to Rev. Michael Scott:

a. Letter from Mrs. Arthur Forrest Anderson to Mrs. Margaret C. Hubbard; Nov 16, 1949

b. Letter from Margaret Hubbard to The Press Officer, Department of State, Washington, D.C. Sept 27, 1950; With Letter to the Editor by Marion Potter, New York Times, Sept 18, 1950 as reference

c. Cover letter for petition from The International League for the Rights of Man, Mimeographed page autographed “With compliments, Michael Scott,” July 1949

d. South Africa and South West Africa, Mimeograph letter from Michael Scott; July 19, 1949, 11 pages

e. Mimeograph letter from Michael Scott; Dec 14, 1951, With attachment

f. Minutes of a Meeting on 14 December, 1950 to Discuss Formation of Ad Hoc Committee on South West Africa, 4pp

Box 12, Folder 11 Magazine articles
Box 12, Folder 12 Newspaper clippings
Box 12, Folder 13 Newspaper clippings
Box 12, Folder 14 Newspaper clippings
Box 12, Folder 15 Newspaper clippings
Box 12, Folder 16 Sudan: Magazine articles, newspaper clipping
Box 12, Folder 17 Swaziland: Newspaper clipping
Box 12, Folder 18 Tanganyika

a. Tanganyika Fact Sheet, Tanganyika Public Relations Department; Jan 1960, 4pp

b. H. Chittick, “Notes on Kilwa,” Tanganyika Notes and Records, no date, pp.179-203

c. “Moshi: radio report…” Handwritten file card; No author [MCH], Feb 11, 1965

d. African Women’s Training Clubs, Typewritten proposal for the training of women in Tanganyika “so that they can advance beside their men and have the necessary knowledge to train their children”; No author, No date, 2pp

e. Newspaper clippings

Box 12, Folder 19 Tanganyika: Tourist and travel brochures, pamphlets, and maps
Box 12, Folder 20 Tanganyikaa: A Guide to Tanganyika, No author, No date, 154pp; With handwritten notes by MCH, 1960

b. Tanganyika Annual Report of the Department of the Antiquities for the Year 1958, Dar es Salaam: Government Printer, 1959, 49pp

c. 1960 Legislative Council Elections, The Arusha/Masai Constitutency, The Arusha Division, Voter Information sheet, 4pp

d. Registration of Voters, Qualifications and statistics; Typewritten sheet, No author, 1960, 1p

Box 12, Folder 21 Uganda: Newspaper clippings
Box 12, Folder 22 Uganda: Tourist and travel booklets, brochures and pamphlets

a. His Excellency the Governor’s Speech to Legislative Council on the 22nd of February, 1960; Entebbe: Government Printer, 16pp

b. Report of the Constitutional Committee, 1959; Entebbe: Government Printer, 73pp

Box 13
Box 13, Folder 1 Zambesi River: Newspaper clippings
Box 13, Folder 2 Zambia:

a. About Zambia, Informational pamphlets numbers 1-6, Lusaka: The Government Printer; No dates, 4pp, each

b. Zambia Information Service, Washington, D.C.: Embassy of the Republic of Zambia, Newsletter; Dec 1967, 10pp

c. S. Kapwepwe, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Question of Southern Rhodesia, Address to the Security Council of the United Nations, New York: Information Section/Permanent Mission of Zambia to the U.N.; Dec 9, 1966, 16pp

d. K. Kaunda, President of the Republic of Zambia, Humanism in Zambia, Expounded to the National Council of the United National Independence Party in Lusaka on 26th April, 1967, Lusaka: The Government Printer, 39 pp

Box 13, Folder 3 Zambia:

a. J. Wellington, “Zambesi-Okovango Development Projects,” Geographical Review, no date, pp.552-567

b. Schedule, Kafue National Park, Mimeographed guide, 16pp, Nov 1955

c. This is Luanshya: A Background Paper, Published by the Municipal Council of Luanshya, in the interests of industrial development in the Republic of Zambia; Jan 1966, 4pp

d. This is Zambia, Lusaka: Zambia Information Services; No date, 33pp

e. Wildlife Conservation International, Lusaka, Zambia: Annual Report, 1973, 9pp

Box 13, Folder 4 Zambia: Newspaper clippings
Box 13, Folder 5 Zambia Magazine, Mar – June, 1965
Box 13, Folder 6 Zambia Magazine, May 1966 – Mar 1967
Box 13, Folder 7 Zambia Magazine, Apr – Nov 1967
Box 13, Folder 8 Zambia Magazine, Jan – May 1968
Box 13, Folder 9 Zambia Magazine, June – Aug 1968
Box 13, Folder 10 Zambia Magazine, Sept – Dec 1968
Box 13, Folder 11 Zanzibar:

a. A Guide to Zanzibar, The Government Printer; 1952, 148pp and advertisements

b. H.H. The Sultan of Zanzibar, A tribute to his highness on the occasion of his eightieth birthday; Aug 26, 1959, 20 pp

c. Newspaper article

Series IV: Audio-Visual Materials

Box 13, Folder 12 Photographs
Envelope 1 Formal studio portraits of MCH:

1. Early studio pose, wearing dress with collar

2. Early studio pose, wearing blazer, neckerchief, and hat; Labelled “‘Portrait Moderne’ by Jane Plotz”

Envelope 2 Snapshots of MCH:

1. Early passport photo, seated, with two children

2. Dressed in safari clothing, standing next to giraffe

3. At a wedding; Print and negative

4. Dental X-ray

5. In later life, standing next to map of “The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland”, holding carved wooden figures

Envelope 3 Captured animals in Africa:

1. “Young lechwe were draped like fur pieces around their shoulders”

2. “Full-grown lechwe, still enveloped in nets, were carried on poles”

3. “A full-grown beauty of a [zebra] mare was roped and haltered before she caught her breath”

Envelope 4 Pan-American World Airways Publicity Photograph of “Victoria Falls”
Envelope 5 Pan-American World Airways Publicity Photograph of “Zulu Rickshaw Boy”
Envelope 6 African Artifacts at the Fleming Museum Show, Exeter Academy, 1965[?]

1. Packet 1 (B&W Photographs)

a. Long shot of the exhibit room

b. Exhibit case, with carved figures, baskets, musical instruments, animal skin, etc.

c. Mat made of bark twine, and two baskets for measuring grain

2. Packet 2 (Color Photographs)

a. Ba Ila mask

b. Pair of Ba Ila masks, Lozi axe, Lozi ceremonial axe carried by woman head of village

c. Pair of Ba Ila signal drums (small), and Barotseland drums

d. Ba Ila stool, and clay pipes for smoking either tobacco or hashish

3. Packet 3 (Color Photographs)

a. Barotseland iron worker’s tools from Mackwangwa [?] village

b. Barotseland Likishi mask

c. Barotseland “piano” from the Balorale [?] tribe

d. Barotseland stool

e. Lozi basket

f. Lozi carving by Litunga Yeta III

g. Lozi “piano”

h. Lozi water jar

i. Postcard, “Lions Head from the Victoria Road, Cape Town,” “Reproduced from Original Painting”

Envelope 7 Color slides: Africa South of the Sahara, 1952-1960

Transparency Sheet 1

1. Feb 29, 1952, “La Pirobleece” [?], near Paarl

2. Feb 29, 1952, “La Pirobleece” [?], Res. de Villiers [?], Paarl

3. Feb 29, 1952, Ko-Operative Wijnbouwers Vereniging, Paarl (wines)

4. Feb 29, 1952, Bellingham Winery, near Paarl

5. Feb 29, 1952, Bellingham Winery, near Paarl

6. Feb 29, 1952, Bellingham Winery and Vineyard, Cape

7. Mar 9, 1952, Mountains, near Paarl

8. Mar 9, 1952, Drakenstein Mountains, near Paarl

9. May 2, 1952, White miner’s house, Rhokana

10. May 3, 1952, Main Street, Kitwe

11. May 5, 1952, Windhoek, Krohn [?] House, Papps Farm

12. May 5, 1952, Windhoek, Angus (Krohn) [?], Papps Farm

13. May 5, 1952, Windhoek, Compound–Krohn [?], Papps Farm

14. May 5, 1952, Windhoek, Krohn [?] at farm waterhole

15. May 6, 1952, Kafue, at bridge

16. May 8, 1952, Northern Rhodesian bush, Chowa [?] to Namwala

17. May 9, 1952, Kafue River at Namwala

18. May 28, 1952, Alexandria Bay, to South West Africa

19. May 28, 1952, Alexandria Bay, to South West Africa

20. May 28, 1952, Alexandria Bay, to South West Africa

Transparency Sheet 2

21. May 28, 1952, Alexandria Bay, to South West Africa

22. May 28, 1952, To South West Africa, plane refueling

23. June 2, 1952, Vegetable gardens, Tsumeb, South West Africa

24. June 2, 1952, Eland and cattle, Tsumeb

25. June 3, 1952, SWANLA (SW Africa Native Labor Assoc) mine recruits

26. June 3, 1952, SWANLA (SW Africa Native Labor Assoc) mine recruits

27. June 3, 1952, SWANLA leader

28. June 1952, Mine, Tsumeb

29. June 1952, Old German compound, Tsumeb

30. June 1952, Old German compound, Tsumeb

31. June 1952, New compound (U.S.), Tsumeb

32. 1952, Billy Crocker in Zululand

33. 1952, Trial, Namwala

34. Mar 29, 1958, Giraffe, Hhuhluwe Reserve

35. Mar 29, 1958, Giraffe, Hhuhluwe Reserve

36. 1958, Victoria Falls from hotel verandah

37. 1958, Victoria Falls from hotel garden

38. 1958, Victoria Falls from hotel garden

39. 1958, Bridge over Victoria Falls

40. 1958, Rainbow over Victoria Falls

Transparency Sheet 3

41. 1958, Victoria Falls

42. 1958, Victoria Falls

43. 1958, Victoria Falls

44. 1958, Victoria Falls in flood

45. 1958, Above Devil’s Cataract, Victoria Falls

46. 1958, Devil’s Cataract, Victoria Falls

47. 1958, Zambesi in flood above Victoria Falls

48. 1958, Zambesi in flood

49. 1958, Baboons, Victoria Falls

50. Mar 10, 1958, Baboon, Victoria Falls

51. Mar 10, 1958, Baboon, Victoria Falls

52. 1958, Traders at Victoria Falls East

53. 1958, Namwala

54. 1958 [Apr?], Parliament House, Accra (Ghana–Gold Coast)

55. 1958 [Apr?], Government Buildings, Accra

56. 1958 [Apr?], Loading Cocoa, Accra

57. 1958 [Apr?], Loading Cocoa, Accra

58. 1958, Looking toward township, Copperbelt

59. Jan 14, 1960, Stanley Pool and Leopoldville

60. Feb 2, 1960, Gedi ruins, near Malindi, Kenya

Transparency Sheet 4

61. 1960, Masai and car, Nging Reserve, Kenya

62. 1960 [Feb?], Masai and cattle, Nging Reserve, Kenya

63. 1960 [Feb?], Masai, Nging Reserve, Kenya

64. 1960 [Feb?], Masai, Nging Reserve, Kenya

65. Feb 5, 1960, Palm Grove, Zanzibar

66. Feb 5, 1960, Dhows in Zanzibar

67. Feb 5, 1960, Dhows in Zanzibar

68. Apr, 1960, Recruits at training, Copperbelt

69. Apr, 1960, African house, Mines [?] Township, Copperbelt

70. May 3, 1960, Kafue Polder

71. May 3, 1960, Kafue Polder

72. May 3, 1960, Kafue Polder

73. May 3, 1960, Native houses, Kafue Flats

74. May 5, 1960, Elephants, Kazinga Channel, Uganda

75. May 5, 1960, Elephants, Kazinga Channel, Uganda

76. May 5, 1960, Elephants, Kazinga Channel, Uganda

77. May 5, 1960, Elephants, Kazinga Channel, Uganda

78. May 5, 1960, Elephants, Kazinga Channel, Uganda

79. May 5, 1960, Birds, Kazinga Channel, Uganda

80. May 5, 1960, Stork, Kazinga Channel, Uganda

Transparency Sheet 5

81. May 8, 1960, Koriba Dam under construction, Northern Rhodesia

82. May 8, 1960, Koriba Lake, Northern Rhodesia

83. May 8, 1960, Koriba Lake, Northern Rhodesia

84. May 8, 1960, Koriba Lake, Northern Rhodesia

85. May 8, 1960, Koriba Lake, Northern Rhodesia

86. Kafue, below Namwala

87. Rainbow over Victoria Falls [?]

Box 14
Box 14, Item 1 Scrapbook, 1927-1974

Contains a wide variety of material by and about MCH: newspaper pieces, magazine articles, and book reviews written by MCH, articles about MCH, programs from speaking engagements, publicity flyers, press releases, brochures,testimonials, book jackets, exhibition photographs, letters to MCH, and personal memorabilia, such as a certificate of service in the Military Intelligence Division of the War Department, and a certificate of appointment as Vice Consul for South Africa.

Box 15
Box 15, Item 1 Nchanga News and Nchanga Weekly; assorted issues from Jan 1960 – Sept 1964
Box 15, Item 2 MCH Recordings of Lozi Music Used in motion picture “Liebalala,” Copyright: International Library of African Music, Transvaal, South Africa); Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape

Track 1. Sipero, 1:22

Track 2. Simongoma, 1:21

Track 3. Kwaile, 2:27

Track 4. Kukala, 2:16

Track 5. Ki Mangi, 3:10

Track 6. Linyalo, 4:32

Track 7. Namakawu-wo, 2:37

Track 8. Ngombi, 3:00

Box 15, Item 3 MCH Recordings of the Ba Ila, 1928; 78 RPM phonograph records (Listed as originally labelled)

Record 1: Side A. Drums and song (Men and women) / Side B. Song and drums

Record 2: Side A. Typical song (Women and men) / Side B. Drums

Record 3: Side A. Song / Side B. Drums

Record 4 (Cracked, edge broken, piece missing): Side A. Women’s song (Poor quality) / Side B. Drums

Record 5: Side A. Men and drums; Chorus / Side B. Women and drums

Box 15, Item 4 Audiocassette tape copy of both of above (Side A: Lozi / Side B: Ba Ila)

Series V: Oversized Materials

Oversize Box 1
17 black and white mounted photographs of scenes of Africa (all 15×19)

3 Responses to “Guide to the Margaret Carson Hubbard Papers, 1925-1976”

  1. Belinda E. Perry Says:

    I was overjoyed to find such a wealth of information about Margaret Hubbard. In the fities and sixties, she was a good friend to my mother, Margaret Perry Luckey, and I remember clearly coming home from school to find Margaret there, telling Mother that someone had contacted her about transferring her African films onto less flamable, more modern film. She was delighted. It’s a great pleasure to see this treasure of a woman being honored for her courage, intelligence and lively humor.

  2. Johannes van der Weijden Says:

    Mrs Carson Hubbard was married with Wynant D. Hubbard. He made (with her?) the film Untamed Africa. You write about Mrs Carson Hubbard that she made three films about African Life. Do you know the Titles of these films and are there nay copies of these films available? I support my old school in Namwala which is in the area where she lived for about 5 years. Thank you for your help. Johannes van der Weijden

  3. Roland Goodbody Says:

    I find references to two of Margaret Hubbard’s films “Liebalala (Sweetheart) (1935) and Gold” in an article by Andrew D. Roberts of the University of London entitled “Africa on Film to 1940″ in a journal called History in Africa, Vol. 14, (1987), pp. 189-227. I haven’t yet discovered the name of the third film.

    Roberts says Gold is apparently in the NFA, which I assume stands for the National Film Archive. However, no such animal seems to exist in the USA, unless it has been subsumed into the National Archives in Washington, D.C. (you’ll need to contact to determine whether the film is in their holdings). Or it might possibly have been (though this is less likely) the National Film Archive in the UK (now called the National Film and Television Archive).

    Liebalala is (or was), according to a review by Max Gluckman at the University of Manchester in the UK that appeared in the Audiovisual Reviews section of American Anthropologist 1975, available at the California Extension Media Center, 2000 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704 (E-mail: Telephone: (510) 642-0460).

    Roland Goodbody, Manuscripts Curator