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Guide to the Louis Bell Papers, 1837-1865

Collection number: MC 165

Size: 1 box (0.33 cu.ft.)

About Louis Bell

Colonel Louis Bell, son of Governor Samuel Bell and his second wife Lucy, was born in Chester, New Hampshire, on March 8, 1837. His siblings included Dr. Luther V. Bell, New Hampshire Senator James Bell, and the Honorable Samuel D. Bell, Chief Justice of New Hampshire. He attended Derry and Gilford Academies and at eighteen graduated from Brown University. In 1857, after he was admitted to the Bar, Bell opened a law office in Farmington, New Hampshire. He married Mary Anne (Mollie) Persis Bouton, third daughter of Rev. Dr. Bouton, of Concord, New Hampshire on June 8, 1859. The couple had two children: a daughter, Marian, born September 5, 1860 and a son, Louis, born December 5, 1864.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Louis Bell enlisted and was appointed Captain of Company A, First New Hampshire Regiment of Infantry. On August 5, 1861,he accepted the appointment of Lieutenant Colonel to the Fourth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers and quickly won the recognition of General T. W. Sherman who promoted Bell to Inspector General and Chief of his staff in October 1861. Bell succeeded to the command of Colonel, Fourth New Hampshire Regiment on March 18, 1862. In April, Col. Bell’s regiment occupied the fortified town of St. Augustine, Florida. While there, Bell was relieved of his command for an alleged violation of Government orders. General Brannan reinstated him in September 1862. In the winter and spring of 1863, Bell commanded a brigade consisting of the Third and Fourth New Hampshire Regiments and the Ninth and Eleventh Maine Regiments. His brigade was involved in the sieges of Forts Wagner and Gregg on Morris Island and Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina. On May 9, 1864, Bell’s brigade took part in the battle of Petersburg, and helped lay siege to the town from June to December 1864. From December 7-27, Bell led an unsuccessful expedition against Fort Fisher, Wilmington, North Carolina. A second expedition against Fort Fisher resulted in the fort’s capture on January 15, 1865. During the battle, Col. Bell was mortally wounded and died January 16, 1865. Secretary of War Stanton posthumously awarded Bell the rank of Brigadier General. Mollie Bell died a few months after her husband.

About the Louis Bell Papers

The collection consists of personal letters, military correspondence, and miscellaneous items. The personal letters were written between 1857-1865, primarily between Louis Bell and his wife, Mollie. These letters contain family news, gossip, love notes, and descriptions of life in the field, including a graphic account of a military execution. Other personal correspondence includes miscellaneous receipts, invoices, and letters from family members and business and personal acquaintances. This series contains 59 (fifty-nine) documents. The military correspondence and letters between Louis Bell and various military personnel were written between 1861-1864. The contents of the military papers include drill reports, morning reports, special orders, invoice ordinances, receipts for military supplies, a pass and pledge of allegiance, requests for promotions, and formal charges for errant officers. Some materials refer to the episode where Bell was accused of disobeying general orders. This series contains 77 (seventy-seven) documents. Other series within the collection include photocopies of the originals, bibliographic material, and Bell’s full military record.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Louis Bell Papers, 1837-1865, Mc 165, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Purchase, Bob Dungan, Pacific Palisades, California, Sept 15, 1998 (Accession number: 98.013)

Collection Contents

Series I: Personal Correspondence, 1857-1865

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1 Sept – Dec, 1857. Contains three letters.

Sept 1857, from Mary Anne Bouton to Professor regarding glass picture

Sept 1857, unaddressed personal letter about family and friends

Dec 1, 1857, from Mollie to Augusta (Gussie) a chatty letter

Box 1, Folder 2 Jan – June, 1858. Contains four letters from Mollie Bouton.

Jan 30, 1858, letter written to a friend

Mar 26, 1858, chatty letter to Augusta

June 1858, chatty letter to Augusta that mentions Louis Bell’s law practice

June 1858, partial letter to “Gussie”

Box 1, Folder 3 Sept, 1860. Contains two letters.

Sept 5, 1860, from Richard F. Dunne to Louis Bell, pay voucher to Louis Bell for a write-up in legal action, “The State vs. Jonathan Chadwick”

Sept 20, 1860, from Harriette to Louis Bell. A personal invitation for Louis Bell to visit his niece and sick mother on the Sabbath

Box 1, Folder 4 June, 1861. Contains four letters.

June 2, 1861, from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell, written in pencil from Camp Mansfield above Georgetown, describing camp life and scouting expeditions

June 7, 1861 from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell, mentions his wedding anniversary and the enemy at Leesburg in this short note

June 9, 1861 from George Jr. to Louis Bell. George, a friend of Bell, writes about Boston, the South, the Second New Hampshire Regiment, and the death of Stephen Douglas.

June 20, 1861 from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell, writes of life in camp, food, and skirmishes

Box 1, Folder 5 November, 1861. Contains two letters.

Nov 1861, from Louis Bell, Inspector General, practiced writing a letter of condolence to a dead soldier’s relatives

Nov 5, 1861, from Mollie Bell to her uncle, writes of family news

Box 1, Folder 6 December 28, 1861. Contains one letter.

A business letter from S.H. Feinman and Co., Dry Goods and Clothier, to Louis Bell regarding the renewal of an insurance policy.

Box 1, Folder 7 January 1862. Contains five letters.

Jan 8, 1862, from John Bell Bouton to Louis Bell. Mollie Bell’s brother wrote to Bell regarding family matters.

Jan 12, 1862, from Mollie Bell to Louis Bell. Mollie, slightly sad and depressed, writes an expressive letter to Bell.

Jan 14, 1862. from George W Drew and Co. to Louis Bell. A receipt for sash, sword, belt and cloak. It contains both letter and bill.

Jan 15, 1862, from Mollie Bell to Louis Bell. Mollie discusses home life and their daughter, Marian Bell.

Jan 22, 1862, from Mollie Bell to Louis Bell. Mollie writes philosophically about the length apart from Bell.

Box 1, Folder 8 February – March 1862. Contains three letters from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell.

Feb 6, 1862, in a loving letter, Bell talks of their daughter, the war, and economics.

Mar 8, 1862, Bell writes that he is upset at not receiving any letters, then goes on to talk of mild combat at the Seabrook and Savannah rivers.

Mar 26, 1862, Bell describes his command at Castillo San Marcos (Fort Marion).

Box 1, Folder 9 April 1862. Contains three letters.

Apr 7, 1862, from C. M. Sawyer to Louis Bell concerning promotions and other military matters.

Apr 8, 1862, from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell. A short note to Mollie giving news of Fort Sumter, Morris Island, Folly Island, and military matters.

Apr 20, 1862, from Lucy to Louis Bell. Discusses the authorship of a memoir.

Box 1, Folder 10 June – November 1862. Contains seven letters.

June 1st, 3rd, and 5th, 1862, from Mollie Bell to Augusta. She describes family matters and news of Bell to her friend.

July 7, 1862, From Mollie Bell to Louis Bell. Mollie mentions English intervention, political themes, and writes a poem.

Aug 5, 1862, from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell. Bell talks of problems with his superiors regarding blacks and army regulations and about applying for a leave of absence.

Sept 16, 1862, from Louis Bell to the editor of the Independent Democrat. Bell explains his position in sending black prostitutes out of Federal lines in St. Augustine, Florida.

Oct 19, 1862, from G. A. Rapy to Colonel Louis Bell. A furniture bill in the amount of $11.50.

Nov 20, 1862, from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell. Stationed in Beaufort, South Carolina, Bell writes of General Mitchell’s death due to yellow fever, mentions bullet-proof vests, getting over his illness, meeting up with his old school roommate and looking for a new regiment chaplain.

Nov 24, 1862, from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell. Bell writes a very religious letter about Thanksgiving and requests personal items from home.

Box 1, Folder 11 February – August 1863. Contains six letters.

Feb 12, 1863, from Mollie Bell’s sister to Mollie. Family letter-general gossip.

Mar 17, 1863, from Harriette to Hon. Charles H. Bell, her uncle, regarding Mollie Bell’s visit to Beaufort.

June 14, [1863], from Mollie Bell to Uncle, Charles H. Bell. Family gossip, Mollie mentions her “Siege Lord” coming home on leave.

June 20, 1863, from John J. Bell to Louis Bell. A letter to Bell from his nephew informing him of Mrs. Charles Bell’s death.

June 22, 1863, from Wm. H. Bartlett to Louis Bell. A letter to Bell informing him of the death of Mrs. Bell, wife of the Chief Justice and Bell’s sister-in-law.

Aug 23, 1863, a partial love-letter from Mollie Bell to Louis Bell, writing from Bell Cottage, Little Bowshead.

Box 1, Folder 12 October – December 1863. Contains five letters.

Oct 21, 1863, from T. W. Percy to Louis Bell. A business letter regarding payment of a note for $21.

Oct 25, 1863, from Mollie Bell to Louis Bell. A long family letter concerning domestic news.

Nov 4, 1863, from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell. Louis expects to be moved to Beaufort, with the prospect of going to St. Augustine. He mentions Fort Sumter.

Dec 19, 1863, from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell. He writes of his illness in camp.

Dec 20, 1863, from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell. Bell describes different remedies given to cure him and gives a detailed account of an execution of a deserter.

Box 1, Folder 13 January – April 1864. Contains seven letters.

Jan 6, 1864, from Marian Bell to Aunt Hattie Noyes. Child’s letter.

Mar 21, 1864, from C. R. Sanborn to Louis Bell. Invitation to Bell to attend soldiers’ reception.

Mar 22, 1864, from J. D. Lyman to Louis Bell. Business dealing with Lyman, cashier of the Farmington Bank.

Mar 29, 1864, from J. W. Patterson to Louis Bell. From the House of Representatives regarding the approval of Bell’s transfer to the Army of the Potomac.

Apr 2, 1864, from Charles A. Carleton to Louis Bell. Carleton wrote to Louis Bell at home on leave regarding rumors of a transfer to the Army of the Potomac and other military reports.

Apr 6, 1864, from John B. Bouton to Col. Louis Bell. Letter from Bell’s brother-in-law (difficult to read).

Apr 12, 1864, from James Prescott to Col. Louis Bell. Received payment for use of a chasse, in the amount of $1.50.

Box 1, Folder 14 June 1864 – March 1865. Contains five letters.

June 21, 1864, from Wm. Badger to Louis Bell. Asking for political help.

July 11, 1864, from Brig. Gen. Cumming. Request for work at night.

Aug 4, 1864, from Louis Bell to Mollie Bell. Applying for a leave of absence on the grounds of tiredness; mentions Chester Station, Drewary’s Bluff, Cold Harbor and Petersburg, including a list of numbers killed and wounded.

Dec 28, 1864, from J. Earle Jr. to Louis Bell. Letter regarding shipment of clothing and billing.

Mar 12, 1865, from John B. Bouton to Mollie Bell. Bouton makes reference to Bell’s death (difficult to read).

Series II: Military Correspondence, 1861-1864

Box 1, Folder 15 May – October 1861. Contains five letters.

May 25, 1861, special Order # 112, State of South Carolina Headquarters. Signed S. R. Gist. Appointments to establish Corps. of Military Engineers.

Sept 2, 1861, addressed to Major I. H. Trapne. Letter regarding supplies and discipline.

Sept 30, 1861, from J. A. Parker to Lieut. Col. Louis Bell. Receipt for uniform dress and accessories, paid $84.75.

Oct 27, 1861, from Headquarters of the Fourth N.H. Regiment, Steamer Baltic to Capt. C. W. Foster, A.A.G., Third Brigade. Letter regarding wrong cartridges of 69 calibre and no caps.

Oct 27, 1861, from Headquarters, Expedition Corps. Lieut. Pelones to Brig. Gen. H. G. Waugh, Commander, Brigade, E.C. Answer to general inquiry: whereabouts of Sutter’s division unknown.

Box 1, Folder 16 November 1861. Contains eight letters.

Nov 16, 1861, from Louis Bell, Lt. Col., Inspt. Gen. 4th N. H. V., Hilton Head, South Carolina, to Col. Christi, 50th Penn. Letter requesting drill reports and number of hours for officers and enlisted men.

Nov 19, 1861, from E. B. Cox, Adjt., 4th N.H.V. Reg., Headquarters, Hilton Head to 4th N.H. V. Headquarters. Accuses a Captain George Duvall of abetting rebels at the time Fort Sumter fell.

Nov 22, 1861, from Headquarters, E. C. Hilton Head, S.C. to Brig Gen. T. W. Sherman. Report of Regimental drills from November 16-21.

Nov 23, 1861, from J. H. Reynolds, Capt. Company K, 47th New York Volunteers to H. [Brotherton] Regarding Company K military gear requirements.

Nov 23, 1861, from Capt. Sam Johnson, Company B, 4th Reg. N.Y.V., Camp Moore, Hilton Head. List of gear necessary to complete the uniforms of 100 men.

Nov 29, 1861, from Lt. Col. Louis Bell, Inspt. Gen., Headquarters, Hilton Head to Colonel of 8th Michigan Regiment. A request for officers’ efficiency.

Box 1, Folder 17 November 28 – December 2, 1861. Drill Reports. Contains nine letters and one holder.

Nov 27, 1861, ninth Maine Regiment, signed P. C. M. Firbish, Adjt.

Nov 27, 1861, Forty-seventh Reg. New York State Vol., signed E. Bleux, Adjt. and Jas. L. Fraser, Lt. Col.

Nov 28, 1861, Eighth Maine Reg., signed James Dingley Jr., Adjt.

Nov 28, 1861, Third Rhode Island Vol. Reg., signed S. W. Brown, Colonel.

Nov 28, 1861, Volunteer Engineers Regiment, signed E. Serrell, Col. and W. L. M. Burger, Adjt.

Nov 28, 1861, Sixth Reg. Connecticut Vol. signed Major John Speidel and S. C. Peck Jr., Adjt.

Nov 29, 1861, Forty-eighth Reg. New York State Vol. signed J.H. Perry, Col. and A. W. Goodell, Adjt.

Nov, 1861, Fiftieth Reg. Pennsylvania Vol. unsigned.

Dec 2, 1861, Third Rhode Island Vol. Reg. signed S. W. Brown, Col.

Box 1, Folder 18 December 5 – 19, 1861. Drill Reports. Contains nine letters and one folded holder.

Dec 5, 1861, Third Reg. N. H. Vol. signed A. J. Hill, Adjt. and E. R. Fellows, Col.

Dec 10, 1861, Eighth Maine Reg. signed James Dingley Jr., Adjt.

Dec 11, 1861, Forty-seventh Reg. N.Y.S. Vol. signed E. Bleux, Adjt. and Jas. L. Fraser, Lt. Col.

Dec 11, 1861, Nineth Maine Reg. signed J. C. M. Firbish, Adjt.

Dec 11, 1861, Third Reg. N. H. Vol. signed E. R. Fellows, Col. and A. J. Hill, Adjt.

Dec 12, 1861, Third Reg. R. I. Vol. signed S. W. Brown, Col.

Dec 13, 1861, Forty-eighth Reg. N.Y.S. Vol. signed A. W. Goodell, Adjt.

Dec 16, 1861, Seventh Reg. Connecticut Vol. signed Grosvenor Starr, Adjt.

Dec 19, 1861, Regimental Drill Report for 3rd R.I., 6th Conn., 3rd N.H., 4th N.H., 8th Maine, 9th Maine, 47th N.Y.S.V., 48th N.Y.S.V, to Brig. Gen. T. W. Sherman.

Box 1, Folder 19 December 25 – 31, 1861. Drill Reports. Contains eight letters.

Dec 25, 1861, Sixth Reg. Conn. Vol. signed Lt. Col. Wm. B. Ely and S. C. Peck, Jr., Adjt.

Dec 25, 1861, Eighth Maine Vol. Reg. signed James Dingley, Adjt.

Dec 25, 1861, Ninth Maine Vol. Reg. signed Lt. Joseph Noble, Adjt.

Dec 26, 1861, Third N. H. Vol. Reg. signed A. J. Hill, Adjt.

Dec 26, 1861, Fourth N. H. Vol. Reg. signed Henry W. Fuller, Adjt.

Dec 26, 1861, Forty-eighth Regt. N. Y. S. Vol. signed A. W. Goodell, Adjt.

Dec 31, 1861, from M. P. Strickland, 48th, Regt. N.Y.S.V. to Louis Bell, Inspt. Gen. Letter concerning Suttership with Bell’s answer on back.

Dec, 1861, from J. L. Kelly, by A. K. Felton to Lt. Col. Bell. An invoice for listed food items, in the amount of $9.44.

Box 1, Folder 20 January – April 1862. Contains eight letters.

Jan 11, 1862, Hilton Head. From Louis Bell, Inspt. Gen., to Brig. Gen. T. W. Sherman. Bell suggests the wearing of badges or marks to identify soldiers.

Feb 8, 1862, Hilton Head. From Lt. Col. Louis Bell, Inspt. Gen, to Lt. George Merrill, Adjt. A receipt payment of mess expenses for January, 1862, in the amount of $20.08.

Mar 20, 1862, Ft. Marion, Florida. From Lt. Col. Louis Bell to Brig. Gen. T. W. Sherman. Bell requests instructions.

Apr 6, 1862, from Dr. Peck to Col. Louis Bell. A request for a pass.

Apr 15, 1862, from Ordinance Officer Nor. Dist. Dept. of the South, Hilton Head, S. C. to the commanding officer, Ft. Marion, Florida. The letter describes invoice of ordinance stores and duplicate receipts sent to Florida.

Apr 19, 1862, from Capt. Wm. Badger, Co. D, 4th N.H. Vol., Ft. Marion, to Lt. Col. Louis Bell. A request for the promotions of two men.

Apr 25, 1862, from Fanny Williams of St. Augustine, Florida. to Lt. Col. Louis Bell. Fanny writes requesting payment for services of her servant Lucinda, a cook for Bell.

Pre-printed pass and pledge of allegiance form for Fort Marion, St. Augustine, Florida.

Box 1, Folder 21 May – June 1862. Contains nine letters.

May 6, 1862, from J [A] to the commanding officer, St. Augustine. A letter explaining two duplicate receipts for equiptment.

May 6, 1862, from Nathaniel Brown, Provost Marshall, to Col. Louis Bell. Morning report: oath of allegiance, closing a house of prostitution because of diseases.

May 10, 1862, from Nathaniel Brown, Provost Marshall, to Col. Louis Bell. Morning report: two passes issued, reports of rumors.

May 22, 1862, from Nathaniel Brown, Provost Marshall, to Col. Louis Bell. Morning report: oath of allegiance, policing the streets.

May 23, 1862, from Nathaniel Brown, Provost Marshall, to Col. Louis Bell. Morning report: oath of allegiance, improvements to drill ground, rumors of rebel scouts.

June 21, 1862, from Nathaniel Brown, Provost Marshall, to Col. Louis Bell. Morning report: oath of allegiance, prisoners turned over.

June 26, 1862, from 1st Lt. L. J. Treadwell, ordinance officer, Dept. of the South, to Louis Bell. A letter regarding ordinance shipping to Florida.

June 26, 1862, from 1st Lt. L. J. Treadwell, ordinance officer, Dept. of the South, to Louis Bell. A duplicate invoice of ordinance.

June 27, 1862, from G. A. Miller, Austinburg, Ohio, to the commanding officer of the New South forces at St. Augustine. A personal request to communicate with relatives near Jacksonville, Florida.

Box 1, Folder 22 July – December 1862. Contains nine letters.

July 12, 1862, from L. T. Treadwell, 1st Lt. chief of ordinance, to Col. Louis Bell. An acknowledgement of receipt for a letter regarding discrepencies in ordinance stores and an explanation of proper procedures.

July 19, 1862, from L. T. Treadwell, Lt. chief of ordinance, to Col. Louis Bell. A letter with duplicate receipts and invoices.

Aug 26, 1862, from Col. Louis Bell, in Hospital, to Brig. Gen. A. H. Perry. A letter of appeal for protection against charges in General Order #27.

Sept 9, 1862, from Abram. Libby, Adjt., 3rd N.H.V. Reg., to Col. Louis Bell. Muster account for 3rd Reg.

Sept 15, 1862, from A. J. Fogg, Acting Registrar of Deeds for Rockingham County, Exeter, N.H. to Col. Louis Bell. A request for appointment to company command and promotion of G. W. Huchins, Co. K, 4th N.H. Reg.

Sept 19, 1862, from D. P. Dearborn, Acting Assistant Surgeon of Detachment 4th Reg. N.H.V., to Lt. Charles A. Carleton, Act. Adjt. of Detachment, 4th Reg. N.H.V. A letter of resignation.

Sept 19, 1862, from Lt. Charles A. Carleton, A.A., to Capt. L. Willard Saxton, A.A.A. General. Transmission of resignation of David Dearborn. A note on back addressed to Dr. Dearborn and signed by Charles Carleton gives directions to send the resignation to Adjt. Fuller because Saxton refused to forward letter.

Sept 25, 1862, from Col. Louis Bell. Official charges against Capt. Michael O’Flynn: drunkeness while Regiment Officer of the Day.

[Dec], 1862, from J. W. Ladd, 1st Lt., ordinance, to Col.Louis Bell, Beaufort, S. C. Invoice for ordinance.

Box 1, Folder 23 February – December 1863. Contains six letters.

Feb 6, 1863, from J. O. Mason, Paymaster, to Louis Bell. Request for September and October payrolls.

May 27, 1863, from Col. John H. Jackson, 3rd N.H. Reg., to Col. Louis Bell. A letter regarding the turning over of musical instruments.

May 30, 1863, from Brig. Gen. [N], to Col. Louis Bell. A five day leave of absence for Bell, Special Order #123.

June 5, 1863. From G.P. Greeley, Surgeon, 4th N.H.V., Camp Humble, Folly Island, S.C. Surgeon’s report on Louis Bell for his leave of absence.

Nov 28, 1863, from Capt. W. V. Hutchings, A.G.M., to Col. Louis Bell. Bill of sale for Bayhorse, in the amount of $138.

Dec 21, 1863, from Brig. Gen. Chris [?], Headquarters, Folly Island, to Brig. Gen. Perry, Commander, Morris Island. Invitation to Perry and 10 officers to attend Headquarters. Note inside: Gen. Perry sent Col. Bell and party.

Box 1, Folder 24 March – August 1864. Contains five letters.

Mar 6, 1864, telegram from Concord, N. H. to Col. Louis Bell and Col. J. A. Stevens. Request to send home as many men as possible. Letterhead: American Telegraph Co.

June 19, 1864, from Wm. Russell Jr., Asst. Adjt. Gen., to Col. Louis Bell. Orders from Gen. Smith: Bell, with 3rd Division, will report to Gen. Brooks to relieve 6th Corps.

July 13, 1864, from Lt. R. W. Woodbury, A.O. Officer, to Col. Louis Bell. Request to test new bullets, results written on back of letter.

July 31, 1864, from Brig. Gen. M. W. Turner, 2nd Div. 10th A.C., in the field, to commanding officers of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd brigades. Field letter regarding movement and transportation of troops.

Aug 25, 1864, from Lt. George W. Huchins to Col. Louis Bell. Informative letter to Bell, presumably at home on leave, regarding regimental news.

Box 1, Folder 25 Miscellaneous. Contains two letters.

May 31st, from J. C. Eastman, Surgeon. Surgeon’s Morning Report: a sick list for Companies A,C,D,E,F,G, and J. Contains 52 names.

Not dated, partial Inventory Ordinance report.

Series III: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1858-1866

Box 1, Folder 26 Contains eight letters.

[March 26, 1858], date written in pencil on back of letter. From Mollie Bouton. Partial letter that mentions Louis Bell.

Not dated, from John B. Bouton to Louis Bell. Partial letter regarding family matters.

Not dated, circa 1862. From Louis Bell to Mollie Bell. Partial letter regarding accusation of Bell and the support of his officers.

Not dated, ten note cards and one page of the Bible. Genealogical references to 17th century Plymouth Colony.

Not datedNot Dated. From Jessie M. Lombard, Old Point, Comfort, Va. To Mollie and Louis Bell. A thank you note for a wedding gift.

Not dated, three calling cards.

Not dated, from Cassie to Marian. A chatty letter that mentions a sleigh ride, books read, and dancing.

Dated 1866, from Mary Bell Noyes. A child’s story entitled, “A Journey to the West”.

Series IV: Photocopies of Personal Correspondence, 1857-1865

Box 1, Folder 27 1857-1861
Box 1, Folder 28 1862
Box 1, Folder 29 1863
Box 1, Folder 30 1864-1865

Series V: Photocopies of Military Correspondence, 1861-1864

Box 1, Folder 31 1861-1864

Series VI: Photocopies of Bibliographic Materials

Box 1, Folder 32 Introduction and Miscellaneous items
Box 1, Folder 33 Memoir of Louis Bell
Box 1, Folder 34 N.H. in the Great Rebellion
Box 1, Folder 35 The Defense of Fort Fisher by its Commander, William Lamb, Colonel, C.S.A.
Box 1, Folder 36 Confederate Goliath

Series VII: Photocopies of Bell’s Complete Military Record (From the National Archives)

Box 1, Folder 37 1861-1865

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  1. BOB DUNCAN Says:

    I sent a letter to the Caney Camp on December 1,2008 with the hopes I could get volunteers to remember Louis Bell and to clean up his monument at Pine Grove Cemetery in Manchester…along with that of his wife Mary Ann (Mollie) who died of a broken heart at age 26 six months after Louis’ death.

    Burial information: Chester Village Cemetery, Chester, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA in the Samuel Bell Family Plot.

    SUVCW Bob Duncan, Cmdr Wm T Sherman Camp 28 1258-2 Cravens Lane Carpinteria, CA 93013 805-684-5640 NACNUD34@COX.NET