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Lotte Jacobi, 1896-1990

Papers, 1898-2000

MC 58

72 boxes (24 cu.ft.)

For enquiries about Lotte Jacobi images, see The Lotte Jacobi Photographic Collection

About Lotte Jacobi:

The photographer Johanna Alexandra Jacobi Reiss, affectionately known as Lotte, was born in Thorn, West Prussia in 1896 in what is now Poland. When she was two years old, her family moved to nearby Posen. In 1916, Lotte married and a year later gave birth to a son, John. After Posen became part of Poland in 1921, the Jacobi family moved to Berlin, Germany, where, after a long separation, Lotte’s marriage ended in 1924. Directly after the divorce, she began her film and camera work, studying film at the University of Munich, while simultaneously attending the Bavarian State Academy of Photography.

Photography ran in the Jacobi family. Lotte’s great-grandfather, Samuel Jacobi, visited Paris between 1839 and 1842, where he obtained a camera, a license, and some instruction from L.J.M. Daguerre and then returned to Thorn to set up a studio. He prospered at his trade and eventually passed the business on to his son, Alexander. Alexander, in turn, handed the business down to his three sons, the eldest of whom was Lotte’s father, Sigismund. Thus, there was always the expectation that Lotte and her sister, Ruth (a brother, Alexander, died at age 20), would continue the family business. With such a heritage, Lotte once commented, “I was to be a photographer and that was that.”

After completing her formal studies, Jacobi entered the family business in 1927. During this same period (1926-27) she began her professional work as a photographer, and she also produced four films, the most important being “Portrait of the Artist,” a study of Josef Scharl. From October of 1932 to January of 1933, Lotte traveled to the Soviet Union, in particular to Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan, taking photographs of what she saw. She returned to Berlin in February 1933, one month after Hitler came to power. As persecution against Jews increased, Lotte left Germany with her son, arriving in New York City in September 1935 where she opened a studio in Manhattan. In 1940, Lotte married Erich Reiss, a distinguished German publisher and writer, a marriage that lasted until his death in 1951. During this time, she continued portrait photography at her studio, while also embarking upon an experimental type of photographic work that artist Leo Katz later named photogenics.

In 1955, Lotte left New York with her son and daughter-in-law and moved to Deering, New Hampshire, a move that changed her life. There she opened a new studio, where she both continued her own work and displayed works by other artists. She became interested in politics and was a fervent Democrat, representing New Hampshire at the Democratic National Convention in 1980. She traveled extensively (in the U.S., Europe, and Peru) and enjoyed new-found fame in the 1970s and 1980s. She died in 1990 at the age of 93.

Lotte Jacobi is best known for her photographic portraits, which act as a “chronicle of an era.” The list of her subjects reads like a who’s who of the 20th century: W.H. Auden, Martin Buber, Marc Chagall, W.E.B. DuBois, Albert Einstein, Robert Frost, K├Ąthe Kollwitz, Lotte Lenya, Peter Lorre, Thomas Mann, Max Planck, Eleanor Roosevelt, J.D. Salinger, Alfred Stieglitz, and Chaim Weizmann – to name but a few. During her lifetime she received numerous honors and was recognized as the “greatest woman photographer of the twentieth century”.

About the Lotte Jacobi papers:

The Lotte Jacobi Collection was donated to the University of New Hampshire in 1985. Additional material was donated in 2001 by Irma and Mordecai Bauman and by Beatrice Trum Hunter. The Lotte Jacobi Collection consists of correspondence spanning the years 1924-1986, personal files, daybooks, account books, exhibition information, scrapbooks, biographical information, inscribed works given to Lotte by authors and poets, hundreds of family snapshots, and numerous photographs given to Lotte by other distinguished photographers.

For relevant published works by and about Jacobi see Appendix 2.

Folder Listing:

  1. Correspondence to Lotte Jacobi
  2. Correspondence from Lotte Jacobi
  3. Personal Files
  4. Daybooks
  5. Ledgers and Account Books
  6. Lotte Jacobi’s Exhibits
  7. Dust Jackets and Programs with Photos by Lotte Jacobi
  8. Biographical Materials About Lotte Jacobi
  9. Exhibits at Jacobi Gallery and Jacobi Place
  10. Written Works Inscribed to Lotte Jacobi
  11. Photographs
    1. Photographs of Lotte Jacobi
    2. Photographs of Lotte Jacobi’s Home
    3. Photographs of Lotte Jacobi’s Exhibits
    4. Photographs of Other People
    5. Work by Other Photographers
    6. Matted prints of photographs taken by Lotte Jacobi
  12. Miscellaneous
  13. Oversized Materials
  14. Appendix 1: List of Major Correspondents
  15. Appendix 2: Relevant Published Works By and About Jacobi

I. Correspondence to Lotte Jacobi

f.1 A-Abbeville, 1953-1982.
f.2 Abbot, Berenice, 1963 (primarily undated).
f.3 Abel-Aber, 1944-1983.
f.4 Abrams-Adams, C., 1936-1984.
f.5 Adams, Jack, 1964-1981.
f.6 Adams, Lester – Adams, Sherman, 1951-1984.
f.7 Addison Gallery of American Art (Phillips Andover), 1948-1979.
f.8 Addison House, 1977-1981.
f.9 Adelman-Akiba, 1941-1984.
f.10 Albert-Aldrich, 1966-1983.
f.11 Alexander, Gertie, 1959-1972.
f.12 Allan, D.-Allen, 1960-1984.
f.13 von Allesch-von Altena, 1952-1982.
f.14 Altman – American Humanist Association, 1940-1985.
f.15 American Institute of Physics – Amster, 1939-1985.
f.16 Anas – Andrews, W., 1947-1983.
f.17 Angelis – Apeiron Workshops, 1942-1983.
f.18 Aperture, 1960-1985.
f.19 Apple Tree – Argonne National Laboratory, 1967-1985.
f.20 Arian – Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1954-1984.
f.21 Art Institute of Chicago – ARTnews, 1960-1981.
f.22 Arts – Association of American Artists, 1975-1983.
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f.2 Fuhrmann, Ernst (and Ilse), 1932-1956 (25 letters).
f.3 Fuhrmann, Ernst (and Ilse), not dated (14 letters, 4 miscellaneous items).
f.4 Fuhrmann, Ilse, 1953-1961 (28 letters).
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f.8 Fuhrmann, Ilse, not dated (26 letters).
f.9 Fuhrmann, Ilse, not dated (20 letters), and one letter from Tobi Fuhrmann.
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BOX 10
f.1 Hanes-Harber, 1964-1983.
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BOX 11
f.1 IBM-Institute & Museum of Philosophy, 1941- 1985.
f.2 International Center of Photography, 1978-1979.
f.3 International Center of Photography, 1980-1983.
f.4 International Communications Agency-International Invitational of Photography, 1979-1982.
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f.6 International Photography Fair-International Women Artists Archive, 1936-1983.
f.7 Jackson, Henry M. – Jacoby, Hilla and Max, 1944-1982.
f.8 Jacobi, Ruth, 1957-1970.
f.9 Jacobi, Ruth, 1971-1983.
f.10 Jacoby, Ruth and Charles, 1962-1975.
f.11 Jacoby, Ruth and Charles, not dated.
f.12 Jaffe-Jay, 1943-1983.
f.13 Jeb Gallery-Jocelyn, 1948-1983.
f.14 John Price Jones Company-Johnson, M., 1944-1984.
f.15 Johnston-Jones, Carol, 1952-1982.
f.16 Jones, Don and Betty, 1967-1976.
f.17 Jora, 1942.
f.18 Kahn – Kaiser, 1935-1976.
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f.26 Karl, Frederick and Isabel, 1971-1985.
f.27 Karlberg-Kasdin, 1963-1985.
f.28 Kassander, Paul and Gerda, 1960-1971.

BOX 12
f.1 Kasten-Katz, C., 1947-1980.
f.2 Katz, Fanny, 1961-1967.
f.3 Katz, F.M.-Katz, J., 1973.
f.4 Katz, Leo, 1947-1954.
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f.24 Kiva Gallery, 1980-1981.
f.25 Klausner-Klaw, 1937-1977.
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f.27 Kleeman-Knopf, 1929-1983.

BOX 13
f.1 Knowles-Koner, 1934-1985.
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f.3 Korn, Kurt C. and Bertel, 1956-1979.
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f.9 Kraus Reprint Limited, 1967-1970.
f.10 Kraus Reprint Limited, 1971-1981.
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f.14 Kristeller, 1955-1964.
f.15 Kroll, Herbert, 1936-1984.
f.16 Dr. Arthur Kronfeld, March 21, 1932 (1);
Heinz Krüger, March 20, 1963; Dec. 19, 1963 (2).
f.17 Kruger, Werner, 1974-1985.
f.18 Kuczinski-Kunsthistorisch Tjidschrift, 1970-1981.
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f.31 Leonhardt-Lersch, 1929-1950.
f.32 Leslie, Robert, 1947-1980.
f.33 Lesser, Rudi and Kurt, 1960-1963.
f.34 Lesser, Rudi and Kurt, not dated.

BOX 14
f.1 Lestogne-Levy, 1940-1983.
f.2 Lewen, Si, 1951-1966.
f.3 Lewen, Si, 1967-1981.
f.4 Lewen, Si, undated.
f.5 Lewis-Libby, 1942-1980.
f.6 Library of Congress, 1967-1978.
f.7 Library of Living Philosophers-de Lima, 1950-1985.
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f.16 Lovisco Gallery, 1960-1977.
f.17 Lowe-Lowell, 1980.
f.18 Lowenbach, Vilma, 1956-1972.
f.19 Lowenstein, Hubertus Prinz zu, 1937-1954.
f.20 Lowenstein, Hubertus Prinz zu, 1956-1981.
f.21 Loyola – Lunning, 1947-1982.
f.22 Lushbough, Channing (Eloise, Anna, and Elmer), 1974-1980.
f.23 Lussither-Lynar, 1945-1963.
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f.26 Maass-MacLaren, 1946-1974.
f.27 MacMillan Company, 1940-1960.
f.28 MacMillan Educational Corp.-Madison, 1957-1979.
f.29 Maeder, Jules, 1940-1973.
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f.31 Maitin, Sam, 1968-1982.
f.32 Magee-Manahan, 1946-1980.
f.33 Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences, 1964-1983.

BOX 15
f.1 Mandell-Marlboro, 1940-1984.
f.2 Martin, Amanda, not dated.
f.3 Martin, D.-Marx, 1954-1985.
f.4 Mason-Massachusetts Arts and Humanities Foundation, 1975-1978.
f.5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1968-1978.
f.6 Massachusetts Review-May, 1945-1984.
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BOX 16
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f.32 Münchner Stadtmuseum, 1973-1984.

BOX 17
f.1 Murchie – Murray, 1960-1983.
f.2 Museum Folkwang – Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1976-1984.
f.3 Museum of Modern Art, 1942-1958.
f.4 Museum of Modern Art, 1959-1982.
f.5 Museum of the American-Indian – Myers, 1951-1981.
f.3 Museum of Modern Art, 1942-1958.
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BOX 18
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BOX 19
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BOX 20
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f.2 Richter, Inge, 1968-1981.
f.3 Rieger-Rinker, 1944-1982.
f.4 Rising, Lloyd and Mildred, 1971-1978.
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f.10 Rosa-Rosenthal, 1945-1975.
f.11 von Rosenstiel-Rothschild, 1940-1982.
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f.13 Rottgers, Elisabeth, 1963-1970.
f.14 Rottgers, Elisabeth, 1972-1983.
f.15 Rowe-Roy, 1963-1977.
f.16 Royal-Ryesky, 1945-1985.
f.17 Sa’a dah-Saffron, 1942-1977.
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f.19 Sage, 1974.
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f.27 San Francisco Museum of Art, 1975-1985.
f.28 Seacoast Anti-Pollution League-Sargent, 1959-1977.
f.29 Sarton, May, 1959-1965.
f.30 Sarton, May, 1966-1983.
f.31 Sarton, May, not dated.
f.32 Sarton, May, not dated.
f.33 Sauerlander, Beate Wachstein, 1965-1981.
BOX 21
f.1 Sarver-Sayer, 1965-1984.
f.2 Scanlon-Schaeffer, 1948-1982.
f.3 Scharl, Josef and Marianne, 1935-1955 (20).
f.4 Schatski – Schicht, 1948-1983.
f.5 Schiller-National Museum, 1966-1980.
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f.36 Silverman, Ruth, 1979-1985.

BOX 22
f.1     Simitch - Sims, 1939-1984.
f.2     Singer - Skove, 1945-1979.
f.3     Skrzeba, Heinz, 1958-1961.
f.4     Skrzeba, Heinz, 1962-1965.
f.5     Skrzeba, Heinz, 1966-1973.
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f.10    Smithsonian Institute, 1960-1982.
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f.12    Snitow, Virginia and Ann, 1956-1972.
f.13    Snitow, Virginia and Ann, 1973-1985.
f.14    Snitow, Virginia and Ann, not dated.
f.15    Snitow, Virginia and Ann, not dated.
f.16    Sobernheim - Sommerfeld, 1949-1984.
f.17    Somogyi, Ladislaus, Anneliese, Cornelia, 1936-1969.
f.18    Somogyi, Ladislaus, Anneliese, Cornelia, 1970-1979.
f.19    Sonnabend - Sound Image, 1943-1979.
f.20    Spanos, Harry V., 1974-1976.
f.21    Sparta - Squires, 1943-1984.
f.22    St. Anselm's College - Staley, 1958-1983.
f.23    Stanley - Star Island, 1961-1985.
f.24    Starr, Nina Howell, 1965-1984.
f.25    Starr, P. - State of New Hampshire, 1966-1981.
f.26    State of New Hampshire, 1969-1984.
f.27    State of New York, 1966.
f.28    State University of New York at Albany, 1975-1984.
f.29    Standinger - Stein, 1944-1983.

BOX 23
f.1     Steiner, Bridget (Brigitte), 1975-1983.
f.2     Steiner, H. - Steinert, M., 1948-1979.
f.3     Steinert, Otto, 1954-1970.
f.4     Steinert, Otto, 1973-1976.
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f.8     Stout, George and Margaret, 1965-1977.
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f.10    Strawbery Banke - Sward, 1940-1984.
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f.17    This - Thorpe, 1943-1979.
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f.19    Tietze - Timken, 1946-1984.
f.20    Titcomb, Esther, 1966-1978.
f.21    Titelman; Marie (and Hully) Tolander, (3), Dec. 1979; Sept. 22, 1981, and undated; Train, 1949-1978.
f.22    Travis - Truman, 1953-1983.
f.23    Tschinkel, J.G., 1964-1974.
f.24    Tucker, Ann, 1974-1977.
f.25    Tucker, J. - Tyutyunnik, 1952-1984.
f.26    Uhr - United Nations, 1938-1963.
f.27    United States - Unity College, 1958-1980.
f.28    University of Bridgeport - University of California,
f.29    University of Chicago, 1964-1965.

BOX 24
f.1     University of Delaware - University of Lowell, 1960-1983.
f.2     University of Maryland, 1973-1978.
f.3     University of Maryland, 1979-1980.
f.4     University of Maryland, 1981-1985.
f.5     University of Massachusetts - University of Michigan,
f.6     University of Missouri (St. Louis), 1979-1982.
f.7     University of New Hampshire, 1960-1965.
f.8     University of New Hampshire, 1966-1974.
f.9     University of New Hampshire, 1975-1978.
f.10    University of New Hampshire, 1979-1981.
f.11    University of New Hampshire, 1982-1984.
f.12    University of North Carolina - University of Utah, 1967-1983.
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f.14    Vacca, Frank, 1974-1983.
f.15    Valastro, S.C., 1982-1984.
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f.22    De Vriendt, Stephan and Inel, 1955-1983.
f.23    Vychinsky, 1963.
f.24    Wabash - Walley, 1953-1985.
f.25    Walmsley, Albert, Roberta, and Elisabeth, 1965-1979.
f.26    Walsh - Warner Brothers, 1945-1979.
f.27    Warnock - Watson, Joan, 1944-1983.
f.28    Watson, John Blair, 1968-1983.
f.29    Watterson - Watts, 1968-1978.

BOX 25
f.1     Waugh, Coulton and Odin, 1948-1967.
f.2     Waugh, Coulton and Odin, 1972-1985.
f.3     WCBS - Weidle, 1976-1977.
f.4     Weidler, Charlotte, 1944-1978.
f.5     Weigert - Weiner, 1941-1980.
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f.7     Weinmann, Eric, 1961-1983.
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f.9     Weiss - Westbrook, 1943-1983.
f.10    Westmoreland - Wettfish, 1945-1981.
f.11    Weymouth, Florence (Fleur), 1972-1984.
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f.13    White, Clarence, 1952-1978.
f.14    The White House, 1961-1982.
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f.22    Wisdom Magazine, 1956-1959.
f.23    Wise, Kelly, 1966-1985.
f.24    Wise, S. - Witebsky, 1937-1948.
f.25	The Witkin Gallery, 1976-1984.
f.26    Witt - Wittgenstein, 1948-1980.
f.27    Wittmer, Felix, 1934-1945.
f.28    Witty - Wolf, D., 1931-1982.

BOX 26
f.1     Wolf, Lola, 1953-1962.
f.2     Wolf, Lola, 1963-1971.
f.3     Wolf, William, 1937-1971.
f.4     Wolff - Wolheim, 1947-1977.
f.5     Woman - Women's Supportive Services, 1973-1982.
f.6     Wood - World University Library, 1943-1984.
f.7     Worth Publishers, 1966-1983.
f.8     Wright - Wunderhorn, 1947-1983.
f.9     Wundt, Felicia, 1955-1971.
f.10    Wuthenow, Ursala, 1963-1984.
f.11    Yale - YMCA, 1949-1984.
f.12    Zabriskie - Zahn, 1976-1982.
f.13    Zanes - Zeoli, 1958-1982.
f.14    Ziffrin, Marilyn, 1976-1985.
f.15    Ziler - Zimmerman, 1961-1985.
f.16    Zuckermann, Erich and Annedore, 1953-1976.
f.17    Von Zuhlsdorf - Zurcher, 1976-1979.
f.18    Unidentified, 1924-1959.
f.19    Unidentified, 1960-1965.
f.20    Unidentified, 1966-1969.
f.21    Unidentified, 1970-1979.
f.22    Unidentified, 1980-1984.
f.23    Unidentified, undated.
f.24    Unidentified, undated.

BOX 27
f.1     Illegible signatures.
f.2     Illegible signatures.
f.3     Incomplete letters.
f.4     Political materials, Democratic Party, 1970-1980.
f.5     Political publications: National Democrat & NH Democrat,
f.6     Reports of the NH Democratic Party Study Forum, 1968-1970.
f.7     A - B, other correspondence.
f.8	Brooke, David S., other correspondence.
f.9     C - E, other correspondence.
f.10    F, other correspondence.
f.11    G, other correspondence.
f.12    H, other correspondence.
f.13    I - L, other correspondence.
f.14    M, other correspondence.
f.15    N - R, other correspondence.
f.16    S, other correspondence.
f.17    T - Y, other correspondence.

II. Correspondence from Lotte Jacobi

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III. Personal Files

BOX 30 f.1 Awards, 1974, University of New Hampshire. f.2 Awards, 1974, UNH commencement photos. f.3 Awards, 1978, New England College. f.4 Awards, 1982, Colby-Sawyer College. f.5 Awards, 1982, New Hampshire College, commencement photos. f.6 Awards, 1982, various awards. f.7 Awards, 1984, Rivier College. BOX 31 f.1 Awards, 1941-1981. f.2 Awards, 1983-1984. *for Awards also see OVSZ BOX 1 f.3 "Berlin - New York," 1982. f.4 Biographical sketches. f.5 Paul Caponigro, speech, 1967. f.6 Curriculum vitae, 1984. f.7 Deering Conservation Commission. f.8 Democratic Party, 1972-1980. f.9 Diary (loose leaves), 1935-1976. f.10 Direction [exiled German writers], December 1939. f.11 Editorials, 1970-1983. f.12 Eightieth-birthday guest register. f.13 "Albert Einstein Birthday Centennial," portfolio, 1978-1979. f.14 "The Farmer Feeds Us All," speech. f.15 Gifts. f.16 Gifts, Channel 2 [WGBH] Auction, 1981-1986. f.17 Gifts, University of New Hampshire photo archive, 1981. f.18 Honig, Kaufmann Siegbert, legal papers, 1924-1926. f.19 Honorary degrees, 1974-1984. f.20 Jacobi family information, 1898-1935. f.21 Lotte Jacobi, newsclippings, 1979-1980. f.22 Lotte Jacobi, galley proofs, 1978. f.23 Lotte Jacobi, proof, first draft. f.24 Lotte Jacobi, proof, second draft. f.25 Lotte Jacobi, miscellaneous, 1979. f.26 "Lotte Jacobi: A Film Portrait," guest register, 1979. BOX 32 f.1 "Lotte Jacobi: A Film Portrait," newsclippings, 1979-1984. f.2 "Lotte Jacobi: A Film Portrait," miscellaneous, 1978-1984. f.3 "Lotte Jacobi: Theater and Dance Photographs," 1982-1984. f.4 Kisch, Egon Erwin (1885-1948), German postage stamp, 1985. f.5 Lectures, conferences, and workshops, 1965-1979. f.6 Lectures, conferences, and workshops, 1980-1983. f.7 Miscellaneous lectures and speeches. f.8 Legal documents, 1931-1979. f.9 "Light Pictures." f.10 Memberships, various groups and organizations, 1931-1984. f.11 Miscellaneous, 1937-1983. f.12 Miscellaneous. f.13 New Hampshire Commission for the Arts, 1976. f.14 "New Hampshire Perspectives." f.15 Notes, miscellaneous. f.16 Peru trip, 1977. f.17 "Photogenics, portfolio," aperture [10:1], 1962. f.17 "The Photographics Workshop." f.18 Political, newspaper clippings, 1976-1983. f.19 Political, miscellaneous, 1968-1981. f.20 Publications, miscellaneous, 1947-1983. f.21 Radio and television programs, 1964-1980. f.22 "Recollections - Ten Women of Photography," 1979-1980. f.23 Reiss, Erich, exhibit, 1969. f.24 Reiss, Erich, legal documents. f.25 Sketches of Lotte Jacobi (pencil, ink, chalk), 1975-1985. *Sketches and prints by Lotte Jacobi in OVSZ BOX 2 f.26 Soroptimist Club of New York City, 1938-1939. f.27 Staatliche Hohere Fachschule fur Phototechnik in Munchen, 1927. f.28 "Thoughts on Photography." f.29 United States citizenship information. f.30 United States, passports, 1961-1980. f.31 University of New Hampshire, class, 1961-1962.

IV. Daybooks

BOX 33 f.1 Daybooks, 1932 and 1936. f.2 Daybooks, 1936-1937. f.3 Daybooks, 1938-1939. f.4 Daybooks, 1940-1941. f.5 Daybooks, 1942-1943. f.6 Daybooks, 1944-1945. BOX 34 f.1 Daybooks, 1946-1947. f.2 Daybooks, 1948-1949. f.3 Daybooks, 1950-1951. f.4 Daybooks, 1952-1953. BOX 35 f.1 Daybooks, 1954-1955. f.2 Daybooks, 1956-1957. f.3 Daybooks, 1958-1959. f.4 Daybooks, 1960-1961. f.5 Daybooks, 1962-1963. f.6 Daybooks, 1964-1965. BOX 36 f.1 Daybook, 1966. f.2 Daybook, 1967. f.3 Daybooks, 1968-1969. f.4 Daybooks, 1970-1971. f.5 Daybooks, 1972-1973. f.6 Daybooks, 1974-1975. f.7 Daybook, 1975. f.8 Daybook, 1976. f.9 Daybook, 1977. f.10 Daybooks, 1978-1979. BOX 37 f.1 Daybooks, 1980-1981. f.2 Daybooks, 1981-1982. f.3 Daybooks, 1983-1984. f.4 Daybook, 1984. f.5 Daybook, 1985. f.6 Daybook, 1985. f.7 Daybooks, miscellaneous

V. Ledgers and Account Books

BOX 38 f.1 Ledgers and account books, 1935-1939. f.2 Ledgers and account books, 1935 and 1940. f.3 Ledgers and account books, 1940-1946. f.4 Ledgers and account books, 1947-1951. f.5 Ledgers and account books, 1952-1970.

VI. Lotte Jacobi Exhibits

BOX 39 f.1 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1930-1934. f.2 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1936-1939. f.3 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1940-1949. f.4 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1950-1959. f.5 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1960. f.6 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1961. f.7 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1962. f.8 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1964. f.9 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1965. f.10 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1966-1967. f.11 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1968, "Light 7". f.12 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1968-1969. f.13 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1970, "Fotografinnen". f.14 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1970-1972. f.15 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1971, "Art in New Hampshire". f.16 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1973. f.17 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1973-1974, "Menschen von gestern und heute, Fotografische Portraits, Skizzen und Dokumentationen von Lotte Jacobi". f.18 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1974. BOX 40 f.1 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1974. f.2 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1975-1976, "Women of Photography: An Historical Survey". f.3 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1975. f.4 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1975. f.5 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1976, "Recent New Hampshire Art". f.6 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1976, "W.H. Auden, 1907-1973". f.7 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1976. f.8 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1976. f.9 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1977. f.10 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1977. f.11 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1977-1978, "Jacobi Place, Portrait of a Photographer". f.12 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1978, "14 New England Photographers". f.13 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1978, "Lotte Jacobi: Portraits and Photogenics". f.14 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1978, "Tusen och en bild". f.15 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1978. f.16 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1978. f.17 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1979, "Einstein, A Centenary Exhibition". f.18 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1979. BOX 41 f.1 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1979. f.2 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1980-1982, "Avant-Garde Photography in Germany, 1919-1939". f.3 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1980, "Fine 19th and 20th Century Photographs". f.4 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1980, "light abstractions". f.5 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1980-1981, "Photography of the Fifties". f.6 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1980. f.7 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1980. f.8 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1981, "Lotte Jacobi Retrospective". f.9 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1981. f.10 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1981. f.11 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1982, "Berlinfotografisch, Fotografie in Berlin, 1860-1982." f.12 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1982. f.13 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1982. BOX 42 f.1 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1983, "Die Fotografische Sammulung". f.2 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1983, "Figure Della Danza (1859-1982)". f.3 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1983, "German and Austrian Contributions to World Literature (1890-1970)". f.4 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1983, "Printed by Women". f.5 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1983. f.6 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1983. f.7 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1984, "Twentieth-Century Photographs from Hawaii Collections". f.8 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1984. f.9 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1985, "Kunstler und Politiker der Weimarer Jahre Pressezeichnung und Portraitfotografie.". f.10 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1985. f.11 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1985, "Sonia and Kaye Marvins Portrait Collection". f.12 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1970-1983, New Hampshire Art Association. f.13 Jacobi's Exhibits, 1982-1984, New Hampshire Art Association. f.14 Jacobi's Exhibits, miscellaneous not dated.

VII. Dust Jackets and Programs with Photos Taken by Lotte Jacobi

BOX 43 f.1 Scrapbook of book jackets. f.2 Book jackets and programs. f.3 Book jackets and programs. f.4 Book jackets and programs. f.5 Book jackets and programs.

VIII. Biographical materials about Lotte Jacobi

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IX. Exhibits at Jacobi Gallery and Jacobi Place

BOX 45 f.1 Benno, Benjamin and Guteman, Ernest, 1953. f.2 Cook, Chris, 1964. f.3 Detre, Roland. f.4 Flaherty, Frances Hubbard and Robert, 1963-1968. f.5 Guteman, Ernest, 1954. f.6 Herrick, John, 1963. f.7 Jacoby, Ruth. f.8 Katz, Leo (folder 1 of 2). f.9 Katz, Leo (folder 2 of 2). f.10 Kreutz, Heinz, 1968. f.11 Kuttner, f.G., 1953. f.12 Lewen, Si, 1953. f.13 Manahan, William H. f.14 Mohrhardt, Gret and Richter, Inge, 1966-1968. f.15 Molzahn, Johannes, 1953. f.16 Mueller, Robert, 1953. f.17 Nevelson, Louise, 1965. f.18 Renger-Patzsch, Albert, 1965. f.19 Roy, L.M.A., 1964. f.20 Saito, Kiyoshi. f.21 Scharl, Joseph, 1953. f.22 Schmidt, Hans, 1966. f.23 Stern, Louis Lionel. f.24 Thompson. Luther, 1968. f.25 Tsuda. f.26 Waugh, Coulton, 1953. f.27 White, Minor, 1966. f.28 Willard, Howard. f.29 Wolf, Gustav (folder 1 of 2). f.30 Wolf, Gustav (folder 2 of 2). BOX 46 f.1 Exhibit guest book. f.2 Exhibit guest book. f.3 Exhibit guest book. *Scrapbook of exhibits at Jacobi Gallery in OVSZ BOX 3. f.4 "Some recent comments on the Lotte Jacobi Gallery," 1953. f.5 Miscellaneous exhibits, 1953-1955. f.6 Lotte Jacobi Studio (folder 1 of 3). f.7 Lotte Jacobi Studio (folder 2 of 3). f.8 Lotte Jacobi Studio (folder 3 of 3).

X. Written Works Inscribed to Lotte Jacobi

BOX 47 f.1 Anderson, Roy R., "Changing Perceptions in the Corporate World," draft of a chapter in What I Have Learned, edited by Michael Marien, 1984. f.2 Bernheimer, Alan W., "The Poetry of Photography," unpublished essay, 1977. f.3 Birnbaum, Milton, "Highlights of the QEAS [Quantum Electronics Application Society] - IEEE China Study Group," 1983. f.4 Brand, Millen, poems: "All Power to the People" (May 15, 1970); "Anger"; "August 6, 1978. Sunday"; "Blue Memory"; "The Chipmunk"; "Clausa Germanis Gallia"; "Disconnected (Winter, 1968)"; "Ed's Dry Farm and Ed"; "The Enemy"; "For Daniel, Unborn"; "Giagnocavo At Church"; "Grief" (1970); "Herbert Berky's Walk"; "Hushed Dialog"; "In Celebration of Everyday Life" [printed in Organic Gardening and Farming, June 1976]; "Jim Fromm Tells of the Six Scenes of the Putz". f.5 Brand, Millen, poems: "Lives"; "Lotte Jacobi" and "A Photographer's Childhood: Lotte Jacobi" [two versions of the same poem]; "The Next Generation"; "Notation" [two versions]; "Our Friend, Papanahoal" [printed in Liberation, March 1959]; "The Paper Cranes"; "Small Girl on the 77th Street Subway Platform"; "The Story of a Commune"; "Suite: Guitar"; "Sunday Dialectic"; "The Trip"; "Unnoticed"; "Window East" (7/3/67); "Winkleman's Baby". f.6 Brown, Robert Morgan, four poems, 1956-1964. f.7 Dore, Wade Van, "Native to the Grain," Yankee, August 1970, pp. 172-175. f.8 Fern, Alan, "Remarks Toward An Ideal Museum of Photography," [from 100 Years of Photographic History; Essays in Honor of B. Newhall, U. of New Mexico Press, 1975, pp. 48-52. f.9 Graf, Heinrich, printed essay in German, Summer 1950; two printed articles about Graf - Bayern-Journal, n.d. and München Mosaik, July/Aug. 1982. f.10 Gross, Fritz, typed poems, all a part of a cycle ["Zyklus"]: "Nietzsche/Maler/Qualen/Karl Kraus/Toller"; "Erasmus Stirbt"; handmade booklet: "Dirigenten: Kleiber/Klemperer/Lehar/Stravinsky/ Walter"; handmade booklet: "Theater; Fledermaus/Kaufmann von Berlin/Letzte Nacht/Neues vom Tag/Revisor"; handmade booklet: "Lotte" [on cover]/"Disput" [on title page]: "Disput/Granach/ Hildebrandt/Slezak/Winter". f.11 Grossman, Henryk, "The Evolutionist Revolt Against Classical Economics, Part I: In France - Condorcet, Saint-Simon, Simonde De Sismondi." The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. LI Number 5, October 1943, pp. 381-396. f.12 Kantor, Jayne, review of "Elsa' Housebook" by Elsa Dorfman, Godine, 1974. f.13 Karanikas, Alexander, poem "Portrait: For Lotte Jacobi", Sept. 12, 1979 [7 copies]. f.14 Kempe, Fritz, "A Historical Sketch of Photography in Hamburg," [from 100 Years of Photographic History; Essays in Honor of Beaumont Newhall, U. of New Mexico Press, 1975, pp. 92-102. f.15 King, B.A. (Tony), photocopies of credit pages of "New England Images" calendars, 1980-1985; reprint of King's commencement address to the Bancroft School, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1982. f.16 Kowski, Erwin, two issues of Der Westpreusse, 8 and 22 January, 1983. The latter has an article on Kowski [in German] on page 6. The former has Kowski's drawing of his wife on cover page. f.17 LaVilla - Havelin, Jim, poem: "Three Portraits" (the third of which is "Jacobi's Robert Frost", Nov. 1980. f.18 McGinn, Jack, cartoon illustration of Jacobi on the floor of the Wall Street Stock Exchange, May 19, 1938; newspaper clipping of a photo taken by Jacobi of the floor of the Exchange from the New York Herald Tribune, Sunday, Nov. 27, 1938. f.19 Metzig, Erica, Steven Rosenberg and Mark Ast, "Asymmetry in Face Orientation", reprint from Perceptual and Motor Skills, pp. 83-91, 1974. f.20 Moriarty, Peter, "Private Relationships and Public Photographs: A Study of Stieglitz, Callahan and Gowin". f.21 Mueller, Robert E., "La silografia come azione sociale (Woodcut as social action)", Print Collector, no. 40, Jan-Feb. 1979; "Will Computers Photograph the Human Mind?", 1981. f.22 Nearing, Helen, article about the Nearings by Christopher Fahy, n.d. f.23 Niles, George L., unpublished poems, Christmas 1979. f.24 Pitcher, Oliver, The Dust of Silence, Troubadour Press, 1958. f.25 Pratt, Charles W., poem: "Relativity," typed version and printed as appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Jan. 1983. f.26 Robinson, Gary P., "The Nut is Still in the Shell," promotional brochure, [1978]. f.27 Sarton, May, "A Portrait of Lotte Jacobi," typed mss. with inked corrections, Nov. 15, 1972. f.28 Sarton, May, poems: "The Frog, That Naked Creature" (1958); "Frogs and Photographers" (1960); "A Flower-Arranging Summer" (Christmas 1960); "Easter, 1968"; "The Muse as Donkey" (June-July 1968); "The Death of a Poet" (Feb. 1970); "A Christmas Elegy" (Dec. 9, 1970); "The Consummation" (Nov. 1971); Christmas, 1974"; "The War as Language", undated; and a copy of Sarton's commencement address at Clark University, Worcester, MA, reprinted in "Report from Clark", summer 1975. f.29 Sawyer, Charles, typed essay: "Three Peaches: One Sweet, Two Sour", undated. f.30 Schiller, Joseph and Tetty, offprint of "La Bibliothèque et les lectures de Claude Bernard", December 8, 1965 [in French]. f.31 Schwartz, Thomas M., poems, "America, The Way It Is", 1975? f.32 Sheldon, Don, two poems: "Stonesounds", 1978, and "Afterwards", undated. f.33 Snitow, Virginia L., "The Survivor", undated. f.34 Teltscher, Henry .O. 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XI. Photographs

a. Photographs of Lotte Jacobi

BOX 48 f.1 Photo album, 1897-1919. f.2 Loose photos from album, 1897-1919. BOX 49 f.1 Lotte as a baby and child. f.2 Lotte as a young girl (folder 1 of 2). f.3 Lotte as a young girl (folder 2 of 2). *also see OVSZ BOX 4. f.3 Lotte as a young woman. f.4 Lotte's wedding, 1916. f.5 Lotte with her son John. f.6 Photo album, 1920-1921. f.7 Lotte at a masquerade party, 1926. f.8 Lotte in Russia, 1932-1933. f.9 Pre-1935, miscellaneous. f.10 Pre-1935, miscellaneous. f.11 Pre-1935, miscellaneous. f.12 Pre-1935, miscellaneous. BOX 50 f.1 1955, taken by Frank Bauer. f.2 1955 (?), Robert M. Lewis. f.3 1956. f.4 1961. f.5 1962. f.6 1963. f.7 1964. f.8 1966. f.9 1967. f.10 1968. f.11 1969. f.12 1970. f.13 1971. f.14 1972. f.15 1973. f.16 1974. f.17 1974 with Ute Eskildsen and Timm. BOX 51 f.1 1974, University of New Hampshire commencement. f.2 1975. f.3 1976. f.4 1977. f.5 1978. f.6 1979. f.7 1979. f.8 1979, exhibit of "Recollections - Ten Women of Photography." f.9 1979, eightieth-birthday party. BOX 52 f.1 1980. f.2 1980, St. Louis, Missouri. f.3 1981. f.4 1981. f.5 1981, Schiller National Museum exhibit. f.6 1982, taken by Diana J.M. Davies. f.7 1982. f.8 1982. f.9 1983. f.10 1983. f.11 1983. BOX 53 f.1 1983. f.2 1984. f.3 1984. f.4 1984. f.5 1985. f.6 Lotte with various politicians, 1968-1985. f.7 Miscellaneous, not dated (1935-1950s). f.8 Miscellaneous, not dated (1950s-1960s). f.9 Miscellaneous, not dated (1970s). BOX 54 f.1 Miscellaneous, not dated (1970s-1980s). f.2 Miscellaneous, not dated (1970s-1980s). f.3 Miscellaneous, not dated (1970s-1980s). f.4 Miscellaneous, not dated (1980s). f.5 Taken by Jack Adams, not dated. f.6 e.1 Taken by Frank H. Bauer e.2 Taken by Elaine Blatt. e.3 Taken by Robert Brown. e.4 Taken by Irma Commanday. e.5 Taken by Irma Commanday. e.6 Taken by Philip Condax. e.7 Taken by Christopher Cook. e.8 Taken by Christopher Cook. e.9 Taken by John M. Carton. e.10 Taken by Annette Cottrell. f.7 e.1 Taken by Joyce Creamer. e.2 Taken by Joyce Creamer. e.3 Taken by Joyce Creamer. f.8 e.1 Taken by Richard Dempsey - Barbara Flaherty. f.9 e.1 Garrett - Greenhauer, Rita. f.10 e.1 Taken by John Huizinga - L.R. MacLellan. f.11 e.1 Taken by Fred R. Melone. e.2 Taken by Margaretta Mitchell. e.3 Taken by Jamie Parker. e.4 Taken by Fritz Reinhart e.5 Taken by Reinhold. e.6 Taken by Reinhold. e.7 Taken by Paul Rich. e.8 Taken by M. Rinaldini. f.12 e.1 Taken by Gary Samson - Byron Shoemaker. f.13 e.1 Taken by Dan Talbert - Hope Zanes. *also see OVSZ BOX 4

b. Photographs of Lotte Jacobi's Home

BOX 55 f.1 Taken by Ute Eskildsen - photos of Lotte's home in Deering, NH. f.2 Lotte's home in Deering, NH. f.3 Lotte's Home in Deering, NH. f.4 Plants and wildflowers around Lotte's home. f.5 Plants and wildflowers around Lotte's home. f.6 Lotte's car.

c. Photographs of Lotte Jacobi's Exhibits

BOX 56 f.1 1947, Norlyst Gallery (New York). f.2 1957, Sharon. f.3 1960, University of New Hampshire. f.4 1963, Gallery 303 (photos by Frank Bauer). f.5 1967, New York. f.6 1972, Manchester (NH) Institute of the Arts (photos by Peter Moriarty). f.7 1973, Essen, Germany. f.8 1974, Photos by Nina Howell Starr. f.9 1977, Hamburg, Germany. f.10 1979, Photos by William Roy. f.11 1980, Photos by Nina Howell Starr. f.12 1981, Munich, Photos by Werner Hiebel. f.13 1981, Munich (photos by Fritz Kempe). f.14 1982, Northeastern University (photos by Ethel Stevens). f.15 1982, (photos by Jon Reis). f.16 Not dated, New Hampshire Art Association. f.17 Not dated, "Portraits and Photogenics". f.18 Not dated, Rotary International (1968 or 1974). f.19 Unidentified. f.20 Unidentified. f.21 Unidentified. f.22 Unidentified. f.23 Unidentified. BOX 57 f.1 Jacobi Studio (photos by Frank H. Bauer). f.2 Jacobi Studio (photos by Frank H. Bauer). *also see OVSZ BOX 3

d. Photographs of Other People

BOX 58 f.1 "Bemchen" (the Jacobi family's cook and maid). f.2 Fuhrmann, Ernst; Fuhrmann and friend, Kandor. f.3 Gross, Fritz and son, Peter. f.4 Jacobi, Alexander (Lotte's grandfather). f.5 Jacobi, Alexander (Lotte's brother). f.6 Jacobi, Atelier (Lotte's father). f.7 Jacobi, Atelier (Lotte's father) and Marie (Lotte's mother). f.8 Jacobi, Marie (Lotte's mother). f.9 Jacobi, Ruth (Lotte's sister). *Jacobi, Samuel (Lotte's great-grandfather), see OVSZ BOX 5. f.10 Jacobi family album. f.11 Nearing, Scott, 1920-1950. f.12 Sarton, May, 1983. f.13 Various relatives (folder 1 of 4). f.14 Various relatives (folder 2 of 4). f.15 Various relatives (folder 3 of 4). f.16 Various relatives (folder 4 of 4). f.17 Miscellaneous (unidentified).

e. Work by Other Photographers

BOX 59 f.1 Bauer, Frank H. (photos of relatives and friends, 1970s). f.2 Bauer, Frank H. (Leisure Village, 1970s). f.3 Bauer, Frank H. ("Mastadon," 1971 exhibit of Leo Katz). f.4 Bauer, Frank H. f.5 Bauer, Frank H. f.6 Beck, Tim - Brown, Robert M. f.7 Carton, John - Cooke. f.8 Egone, Egon - Eskildsen, Ute. f.9 Finney, Bill - Fowle, Steve. f.10 Fenn, Gene. f.11 Frajndlich, Abe, 16 b&w prints, 1970-1976. e.1-9 Of Minor White, all 3x5, one matted (e.9), one a photo-postcard, dated July 26, 1976 (e.8). e.10-15 Self-portraits, five 3x5 and one 5x7 (e.15). e.16 "[F]rom Mishima material," 3x5. f.12 Gerngross - Glynn, Michael. f.13 Gravenhorst, Hein. BOX 60 f.1 Hartwett, Lon - Olivia, Henry. f.2 Haberman, Jim. f.3 Hunting. f.4 Jacobi, Atelier. f.5 Jacobi, Franz. f.6 Kanaga - Kunst. f.7 Lambert - Lazarus. f.8 LeRoy, A. f.9 Mannaque - Moriarty, Peter. f.10 MacLean, Esther Titcomb. f.11 Manahan, W.H., Jr. f.12 Manahan, W.H., Jr. f.13 Manahan, W.H., Jr. f.14 Manahan, W.H., Jr. BOX 61 f.1 Moser, Lida. f.2 Naumenkov (photo of Robert Frost in Russia). f.3 Newman, David. f.4 Palniks - Petrich. f.5 Reinhold - Rottgers. f.6 Sage - Szonji. f.7 Schels, Walter. f.8 Shepard, Beth. f.9 Shepard, Carol Ruth. f.10 Sipprell, Clara. f.11 Valentro. f.12 Wagner - Weymouth. f.13 Unidentified photos of a Pacific island. f.14 Unidentified photos of the USSR. f.15 Unidentified people. f.16 Unidentified places. BOX 62 f.1 Views of Thorn, Germany (folder 1 of 5). f.2 Views of Thorn, Germany (folder 2 of 5). f.3 Views of Thorn, Germany (folder 3 of 5). f.4 Views of Thorn, Germany (folder 4 of 5). f.5 Views of Thorn, Germany (folder 5 of 5). ** also see OVSZ BOXES 5, 6, & 7 ** f.Matted prints of photographs taken by Lotte Jacobi (see OVSZ BOXES 10 & 11).

XII. Miscellaneous

BOX 63
35 copper engravings.

XIII. Oversized Materials


Awards (plaques, certificates, etc….).
Approximately 100 sketches (possibly drafts for her photogenics, in which case they would likely date from the early 1950s) and 35 prints likely made from the copper engravings in Box 63 above by Lotte Jacobi, not dated.
Scrapbook of Jacobi Gallery in New York City.
2 Scrapbooks containing clippings of and about Lotte’s work.

          a. Photographs of Lotte Jacobi

f.1      Lotte with pet dog.
f.2      Lotte as a child with Ruth (sister).
f.3      Lotte as a young woman.
f.4      Lotte as a young woman.
f.5      Lotte as a young woman.
f.6      Taken by Armstrong, Martha.
f.7      Taken by Bauer, Frank H., 1955.
f.8      Taken by Bauer, Frank H., 1955.
f.9      Taken by Bauer, Frank H., 1955.
f.10     Taken by Bauer, Frank H., 1955.
f.11     Taken by Bauer, Frank H., 1955.
f.12     Taken by Egone, Egon, 1978.
f.13     Taken by Eslick, Hart, 1981.
f.14     Taken by Frajndlich, Abe, 1976.
f.15     Taken by Gilbert, Jon, n.d.
f.16     Taken by Kather, Jan, 1982.
f.17     Taken by Kempe, Fritz, 1980.
f.18     Taken by Levine, B., 1976.
f.19     Taken by Mitchell, Margaretta K., 1977.
f.20     Taken by Mitchell, Margaretta K., 1977.
f.21     Taken by Mitchell, Margaretta K., 1977.
f.22     Taken by Moody, J.D., n.d.
f.23     Taken by Moody, J.D., 1975.
f.24     Taken by Morey, Randy, 1984.
f.25     Taken by Morey, Randy, 1984.
f.26     Taken by Morey, Randy, 1984.
f.27     Taken by Morey, Randy, 1984.
f.28     Moriarty, Peter, 1975-1977.
f.29     Taken by Reeve, Kitty, 1982.
f.30     Taken by Richard, Greg, ca.1971-72.
f.31     Taken by R--, Nancy, n.d.
f.32     Taken by Shepard, Beth, 1976.
f.33     Taken by Spasko, Cynthia, 1980.
f.34     Unidentified.
f.35     Unidentified.
f.36     Unidentified.
f.37     Unidentified.

          c.  Photographs of Lotte Jacobi Exhibits

f.1      Photo album of Jacobi Gallery by Frank H. Bauer, 1955.

          d.  Photographs of Other People

f.2      Jacobi, Samuel.
f.3      Jacobi, Samuel.

          e. Work by Other Photographers

f.4      Adams, John P., 1964.
f.5      Asehany, J.
f.6      Bafford, Edward L.
f.7      Bauer, Frank H.
f.8      Bauer, Frank H.
f.9      Bauer, Frank H.
f.10     Bauer, Frank H.
f.11     Bauer, Frank H.
f.12     Bauer, Frank H.
f.13     Bauer, Frank H.
f.14     Bauer, Frank H.
f.15     Bauer, Frank H., portfolio.
f.16     Britanbach, Josef, 1944.
f.17     Bourdeau, Robert.
f.18     Bourdeau, Robert.
f.19     Bourgeois, Ulvie.
f.20     Carey, Bobbi, 1978.
f.21     Charles, Douglas.
f.22     Enos, Chris, 1976.
f.23     Enos, Chris, 1978.
f.24     Enos, Chris, 1979.
f.25     Egone, Egon, 1977.
f.26     Egone, Egon, 1978.
f.27     Fenn, Gene.
f.28     Fenn, Gene, 1955.
f.29     Fenn, Gene, 1955.
f.30     Finn, David.
	 Frajndlich, Abe, 1973-1976 (mostly of Minor White).
f.38     Frescot, Janet, 1981.
f.39     Frescot, Janet, 1981.
f.40     Gallagher, Carole.

f.1      Glynn, Michael, 1982.
f.2      Glynn, Michael, 1982.
f.3      Glynn, Michael, 1982.
f.4      Glynn, Michael, 1982.
f.5      Graham, Anthony, 1966.
f.6      Graham, Anthony, 1968.
f.7      Gravenhorst, Hein.
f.8      Gravenhorst, Hein.
f.9      Gravenhorst, Hein.
f.10     Gravenhorst, Hein.
f.11     Haberman, Jim, 1977.
f.12     Hartwett, Lon.
f.13     Kankas, Martin.
f.14     Kankas, Martin.
f.15     Kankas, Martin.
f.16     Kankas, Martin.
f.17     Kankas, Martin.
f.18     Kankas, Martin.
f.19     King, B.A., 1967.
f.20     Kloke, Al, 1968.
f.21     Lincoln, J.D., 1973.
f.22     Locey, Jean.
f.23     Lyton, Peter, 1975.
f.24     MacEachran, David F.
f.25     MacLean, Esther Titcomb.

f.1      Manahan, W.H., Jr.
f.2      Manahan, W.H., Jr.
f.3      Manahan, W.H., Jr.
f.4      Manahan, W.H., Jr.
f.5      Manahan, W.H., Jr.
f.6      Manahan, W.H., Jr.
f.7      Marlowe, Martin, 1983.
f.8      Maywald Photo.
f.9      Maywald Photo.
f.10     Mendelsohn, David.
f.11     Mitchell, Margaretta K., 1975.
f.12     Nichols, Ruth A.
f.13     Pettenande.
f.14     Powers, A. Merrell.
f.15     Powers, A. Merrell.
f.16     Powers, A. Merrell.
f.17     Powers, A. Merrell.
f.18     Powers, A. Merrell.
f.19     Powers, A. Merrell.
f.20     Randall, Peter.
f.21     Randall, Peter.
f.22     Rosenberg, J., 1976.
f.23     Roy, William.
f.24     Roy, William.
f.25     Roy, William.
f.26     Seewold, Howard.
f.27     Shepard, Beth, 1977.
f.28     Smith, Frank D., 1983.
f.29     Spenser, Paul.
f.30     Spenser, Paul.
f.31     Spenser, Paul.
f.32     Spenser, Paul.
f.33     Spenser, Paul.
f.34     Spenser, Paul.
f.35     Spenser, Paul.
f.36     Stewart, ?, 1965.
f.37     Sweet, Ozzie.
f.38     Trostel, Rosemaria.
f.39     Trostel, Rosemaria.
f.40     Whiting, Jodi.
f.41     Unidentified.
f.42     Unidentified.
f.43     Unidentified.
f.44     Unidentified.
f.45     Unidentified.
f.46     Unidentified.
f.47     Unidentified.


f.1      Includes posters, awards, calendars, and ephemera.

          f. Matted prints of photographs taken by Lotte Jacobi

BOX 10
          Two scenes of New York City, ca. 1952.
          Gardner Museum, ca. 1963.
          Unidentified: street scene.
          Cityscape with dog, Thorn, Germany, ca. 1930.
          New York City, RCA Building, ca. 1948.
          Unidentified: polluted stream.
          New Hampshire Governor John W. King.
          Orson Welles, Actor, Director, Writer, New York, 1938.
          Albert Einstein, Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner, Huntington,
           Long Island, New York, 1937.
          Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt, Comedians, Berlin,
           ca. 1930.
          Elizabeth Walmsley, Native American, Deering, New
           Hampshire, 1970.

BOX 11
          Self-portrait, Berlin, ca. 1930.
          May Sarton, Poet, Nelson, New Hampshire, 1970.
          Berenice Abbott, Photographer, New York, ca. 1943.
          Abraham Heschel, Rabbi, Writer, Teacher, New York, ca. 1955.
          Henriette Szold, Zionist, Founder of Hadassah, New York,
           ca. 1938.
          Unidentified portrait (female).
          Michols, Siskin, and Granach, Actors, Berlin, ca. 1929.
          Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire, ca. 1962.
          Max Guelstorff, Actor, Berlin, ca. 1931.
          Hamburg, Germany, ca. 1934.
          Unidentified portrait (male).
          Karl Radek, Journalist, Russian Revolutionary, Moscow, 1933.
          Girl in nutmeg factory, Windward Island, Grenada, 1976.
		  Minor White, photogrpaher, 1962.
		  Paul Caponigro, photogrpaher, 1965.

          Henri Barbusse, French writer.
          [Dancer in the palm of a hand superimposed on a photogenic].


XIV. Appendix I

LIST OF MAJOR CORRESPONDENTS The correspondence spans the years 1924-1986. This list is comprised of either people or institutions whose correspondence numbers 10 items or more or otherwise notable persons. An asterisk beside a name indicates that the correspondence is in a folder of its own. A (G) after an entry indicates that some or all of the correspondence is in German. *ABBOTT, BERENICE, photographer (11 letters) *ADAMS, JACK, photographer (12) ADAMS, SHERMAN, Governor of N.H. (6) *ADDISON GALLERY OF AMERICAN ART (Phillips, Andover) (19) *ADDISON HOUSE, publishers (30) ADELMAN, SEYMOUR, bibliophile and collector (4) ADLER, DR.ALFRED, psychiatrist (1) *ALEXANDER, GERTIE, relative, importer of American & British books & periodicals in Johannesburg, S.Africa (24) (G) *APERTURE, quarterly magazine of photography - Minor White was editor until 1965 (20) ARNHEIM, RUDOLF, educator, psychologist (1) (G) *BACHNER, RENEE, Lotte's neice; her husband was an opera coach & a pianist;her brother,Ali,a painter (28) (E & G) BAEHNISCH, THEANOLTE, Staatssekretaer, Hannover, Germany (9) (G) BASS, PERKINS, US representative from NH (6) *BAUER, FRANK, photographer (62) (G) *BAUMAN, IRMA & MORDECAI, singer & educator (47) *BECKMANN, HANNES, painter, Dartmouth professor (18) *BEEBE, LUCIE, program director, N.H. Goethe Society of New England (18) (G) *BELL, MARGARET, author (11) *BENDER, ALEXANDER, photographer, associate at Jacobi's studio in Berlin (37) (G) *BENNO, BENJAMIN, painter (10) BERLINISCHE GALERIE, (Berlin, Germany) (8) (G) *BERNAYS, EDWARD, public relations consultant (11) *BERNSTEIN, JOSEPH, translator & proofreader (22) BIKEL, THEODORE, singer (2) *BIRNBAUM, DR. MILTON, researcher, Aerospace Corp., L.A. (16) BLOCH, ERNST, author & philosopher (1) (G) BLOOR, ELLA REEVE ("Mother Bloor"), writer (8) BLUHM, AXEL, German publisher (8) (G) BOGAN, LOUISE, U.S. poet (3) *BOOTH, LOIS, member N.H. League of Craftsmen (21) *BOSTON MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS (42) BOURGEOIS, MARION, art teacher (9) *BRADY, LUTHER, professor & chairman of the Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia; "Friend" of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (13) *BRAND, MILLEN, author, literary editor (214 letters spanning period from 1942-1979) *BRATTLE STREET GALLERY, (South Berwick, Maine) (43) *BRAUN, DR.WALTER, preparations lawyer, Berlin, Germany (26) (G) BROWN, EDMUND G. JR.(Jerry), former Governor of California; candidate for Democratic nomination for President (1980 - and 1992) (2) *BROWN, ROBERT HENDRY/ JULIE/ ROBERT, SR., photographer (13) BRY, DORIS, art dealer, Lotte's agent after 1980 (4) *BUCKLEY, CHARLES, former director, Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, N.H.; director of the St Louis Museum, St.Louis, Missouri. (20) *CAPONIGRO, ANDREW & PENNY, musician, brother of Paul (11) *CAPONIGRO, PAUL, photographer (32) *CARREY, BOBBI, photographer (14) *CARTER, JIMMY, President of the United States, 1976-1980 (12) *CARTER-MONDALE RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN (1980) (12) *CARTON, JOHN, photographer (13) CASALS, PABLO, musician (1) *CASSIRER, FRED (FRITZ)/ INA/ HENRY/ AMANDA/ COCO, friends (52) (G) *CATE, GARTH & LUCILLE, travel consultants (14) *CATSKILL CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY (Woodstock, New York) (33) *CENTRE GEORGES POMPIDOU, PARIS (10) CHAGALL, MARC, painter (2) *CHANNEL 11, NHPTV, Durham (16) *CHANNEL 2, Boston (25) *CHATHAM PRESS, publishers, Connecticut (30) CHOMSKY, NOAM, linguist, author (1) *CLEVELAND, JAMES, U.S. Representative, New Hampshire (12) *COCHRAN, CARL & ELINORE (14) COFFIN, ROBERT P. TRISTRAM, poet (3) *COHN, ERICH & HELEN (17) (G) *COLBY JUNIOR COLLEGE (12) *COLBY-SAWYER COLLEGE (11) *COLRICK, REVEREND JOSEPH P. (16) *COMINOS, NICHOLAS & JOAN, movie producer (11) *COOK, CHRISTOPHER & JULIE, photographer, former professor in Art Department, UNH (15) *COOKE, ROBERT, photographer, art professor & writer (24) *COTTRELL, ANNETTE (12) COTTON, NORRIS, U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (6) *COUNTRYMAN PRESS, Vermont (13) *CUNARD WHITE STAR, shipping line (14) *CURRIER GALLERY OF ART, Manchester, N.H. (124) *DAMAN, RUTH (11) (G) D'AMOURS, NORMAN, U.S. Representative from N.H. (2) DAVIS (MERRILL), BETTE, screen actress (1) *DAVIS, DOROTHY SALISBURY, writer (12) *DEAN, HAROLD and MARGARET, architectural designer (27) *DELIMA, LISA (13) *DICKS, BARBARA, relative; editor of children's books at Harper & Row (13) *DICKINSON, BLANCHE ("Blinkie") (44) *DILLON, AUGUSTA/ ANN/ ALAN, printmakers & designers (17) *DNP (AMERICA), INC. (Dai Nippon Printing), publishing house (13) DOEBLIN, PETER, son of Dr.ALFRED DOEBLIN (author of Berlin Alexanderplatz), (1) *DONEGAN,NORA & MARTIN (12) *DOUBLEDAY, publishers (69) *DRAPER, GLADYS, journalist at the Herald Tribune (24) *DRYDEN GALLERIES (Providence, Rhode Island) (11) *DUBOIS, SHIRLEY & W.E.B., author, lecturer; she later became director of Ghana Television (10) DULLES, CLOVER, wife of ALLEN WELSH DULLES, director of CIA, 1953-61; diplomat, lawyer (2) *DURHAM, ELSE & FELIX, psychologist, analyst (24) *DURKIN, JOHN, U.S.Senator, New Hampshire (23) *EDSCHMID, KASIMIR and ILLI, German writer (16) (G) *EINSTEIN, ELSA (wife) (5), MARGOT (daughter) (23), DUKAS, HELEN (Einstein's secretary) (21) (G) EISELEY, LOREN, writer and scientist (5) EISENHOWER, DWIGHT, president of the USA, 1952-1960 (1) *ENOS, CHRIS, photographer (14) *ESKILDSEN, UTE, curator of the photo department, Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany (44) (G) FARB, PETER and ORIOLE, author (2) *FASANELLI, JIM, art professor, wrote introduction to LOTTE JACOBI, edited by Kelly Wise, 1978 (59) FAST, HOWARD, author (7) *FAY, HERBERT and CLAIRE-PIERRE (17) (G) *FERN, ALAN, chief of reference dept. prints & photo., Library of Congress (13) *FINNEY, BILL (and HOPE ZANES) (10) *FLAHERTY, BARBARA, daughter of Robert Flaherty (photographer, film maker) (9) FRANCES photographer, wife of Robert Flaherty (21) MONICA daughter of Robert Flaherty (8) MARTIN (1) + flyer *FRAJNDLICH, ABE, photographer (31) FRANK, WALDO (2) *FRANKLIN INSTITUTE, Science Museum, Philadelphia (11) *FRANKLIN, LYNN, photographer (57) *FRANKLIN, PATT, painter (14) *FRASCONI, ANTONIO & LEONA; & PABLO, their son (painter) (21) *FROMMER, MARIE, architect (21) (G) *FUHRMANN, ERNST (& ILSE), German writer, publisher (39) (G) *FUHRMANN, ILSE, wife of Ernst, worked for Lotte (141) (G) FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER, inventor, writer, scientist (3) *FULLER, SUE, painter (16) *GALERIE TAUBE (Berlin, Germany) (24) (G) *GALLEN, HUGH and IRENE, Governor of New Hampshire, 1978-82 (26) GALLERY OF MODERN ART, NEW YORK (2) GALLERY 303, New York (8) *GARDNER MUSEUM, Boston (17) *GERARD, FRED, relative,photographer (15 total - 1 from Nancy, 1 from Erik) *GERSH, STEPHEN & JUDITH, photographer (16) GILL, BRENDAN, writer for New Yorker Magazine (5) GOETHE HOUSE, New York (7) (G) *GOETHE INSTITUTE, Boston (16 + 2 from Montreal) (G) *GOLDHABER, DR. LULU, psychiatrist (10) (G) *GORDON, GRANT (and AUBREY), actor (22) *GRAF, HEINRICH, German friend (49) (G) *GREENLEAF, ESTHER and ROBERT (13) *GREITHER, PROFESSOR DR. A., specialist on Josef Scharl (29) (G) *GROPPER ART GALLERY, Cambridge, Mass. (38) *GROSS, FRITZ, friend, German book dealer, publisher, writer (20) (G) *GROSSMAN, WALTER, Harvard University Librarian (11) (G) *GUREWITSCH, MRS. MARIA (14) (G) GUTEMAN, ERNEST, sculptor (8) *HAASE, RUDY, founder of Friends of Nature (13) *HABERMAN, JIM, photographer (26) *HALBEY, DR. HANS & MARIANNE, director of Klingspor Museum, Offen- bach; Director of Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, Germany (73) (G) *HAMBURG, STAATLICHE LANDESBILDSTELLE (27) (G) *HANCOCK, MARY LOUISE, former NH State Senator; trustee of UNH; State Planning Director (18) *HARCOURT, BRACE & WORLD INC., publishers (11) *HARDY, LILLIAN (10) HARRIS, CHRIS, publisher Chatham Press, production manager Yale University Press (9) *HARRISON, EDWARD, movie maker (19) *HARTNETT, LEN, photographer, made archival boxes for Lotte's portfolios (23) *HATCH, JOHN /MARYANNA /BECKY, painter; UNH art professor (29) *HEILNER, IRWIN, composer, librarian Julius Forstmann Library, Passaic, N.J. (27) *HERMAN,LISELOTTE (26) (G) *HERREY,ERNA and HERMAN, physicist (11) (G) *HESCHEL, SYLVIA, pianist, wife of scientist & writer Abraham Heschel (24) HICKS, GRANVILLE, author (3) HOLLINGS, ERNEST f.("FRITZ"), Senator from S. Carolina (1) *HOMANS, KATY, publisher Homans Press,helped with Lotte's portfolio (14) HOPPER, MRS.EDWARD, wife of the artist (1) HORNEY, KAREN, psychologist (1) (G) *HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY, publishers (12) *HOWELL, DOUGLAS MORSE, curriculum director (educational center) (27) *HUMPHREY, GORDON, U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (4) HUMPHREY, HUBERT H., U.S. Senator from Minnesota; Vice-President of the United States under Lyndon B.Johnson; Democratic candidate for President, 1968 (1) *ICP (INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHY), NEW YORK (39) *IMP (INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY), ROCHESTER, NEW YORK (36) JACKSON, HENRY M., Senator from Washington State (1) *JACOBI, RUTH, Lotte's sister, photographer (46) (G) *JACOBY, RUTH, relative, painter (54) *JONES, DAN & BETTY, friends (10) *KALCHER, DR. HERTA (14) (G) *KANTOR, JAYNE, photographer (12) *KARANAKIS, ALEX, writer (13) *KARL, FREDERICK, painter, and Isobel, potter (71) *KASSANDER, PAUL and GERDA (31) (G) *KATZ, FANNY, painter (27) *KATZ, LEO, painter (70) KEFAUVER, ESTES, Senator from Tennessee (1) *KEMPE, FRITZ, director of the Hamburg Staatliche Landesbildstelle (32) (G) KENNEDY, EDWARD, US Senator from Massachusetts (3) *KERSHAW, MRS. F.S., friend (17) *KIMMEL-COHN GALLERY, New York, formerly Lotte's agents (18) *KING, JOHN, Governor of NH, later Chief Justice of Supreme Court of NH (12) *KING, RON, director of special projects, Society for the Protection of NH Forests (13) *KIRCHHEIMER, ARNOLD, photographer (51) (G) *KIVA GALLERY, Boston, exhibited Lotte's work (61) *KLEEBLAT, JOSIA & TERESA, former housemaids of Jacobi's in Germany (58) (G) KONER, PAULINE, dancer, subject of one of Lotte's most famous photographs (5) *KORN, KURT & BERTEL, lawyer, friend (24) (G) *KOWAL, DENNIS, sculptor (10) *KOWSKI, ERWIN, painter (12) (G) *KRAUS REPRINT LIMITED, LIECHTENSTEIN, reprints of Erich Reiss publications (31) (G) *KRIPPNER, STANLEY, president of American Psychological Assoc., professor of parapsychology (17) *KROLL, HERBERT, German actor, head of the Broadcasting Corp., Munich (22) (G) *KRUGER, WERNER, German "publicity" writer, friend (25) (G) *KUTTNER, F.S., painter (29) (G) *LADAS, ALICE, bioenergetic analyst, psychologist (14) LAGUARDIA, FIORELLA HENRY, Mayor of New York City (2) LAMB, BEATRICE, lecturer, writer (9) *LASH, MARTHA (& BARRY), director of Archives, Eastman House (31) *LEAGUE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE CRAFTSMEN (31) *LENYA, LOTTE,German actress, wife of Kurt Weill (10) (G) *LESLIE, DR. ROBERT, president of "The Typophiles, Inc." (16) *LESSER, RUDI, painter (26) (G) *LEWEN, SI, painter (61) *LIBRARY OF CONGRESS (13) LIFE MAGAZINE (6) *LIMBOSCH, CÉLINE DANGOTTE, former publisher and friend in Brussels, Belgium (15) *LIMES VERLAG, book publisher, Frankfurt, Germany (33) (G) *LITTLE, BROWN, & CO., publishers (24) LORRE, CECILIE, wife of Peter Lorre, actor (1) (G) *LOVISCO GALLERY, New York City, later Gloucester, Massachusetts (10) *LOWENBACH, VILMA, wife of Jan, musicologist (22) (G) *LOWENSTEIN (HUBERTUS PRINZ ZU), writer, one of the leaders in the Catholic Movement of the time of the Weimar Republic. Helped organize "The American League for German Cultural Freedom" (62) (G) *LUSHBOUGH, CHANNING/ ELOISE/ ANNA/ ELMER (17) *LYND, HELEN, sociologist & writer (22) *MACMILLAN COMPANY, publishers (13) *MAEDER, DR. JULES (10) (G) *MAITIN, SAM, painter (13) *MANCHESTER INSTITUTE OF ARTS & SCIENCES (14) *MARTIN, AMANDA, Goethe House (11) (G) *MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (11) MATHIESSEN, PETER, author, editor, Paris Review (1) *MAY, ERICH, photographer (13) (G) *MAYER, ELISABETH, poet, translator (45) (G) *MAYER, GRACE, special assistant to Edward Steichen, director of department of photography, Museum of Modern Art, New York (165) *McCARTHY, EUGENE, Senator from Minnesota; candidate for Democratic ticket for President, 1968 (13) *McCOLLESTER, RUTH, biofeedback counselor (25) *McCORMICK, KEN, editor at Doubleday (12) McGOVERN, GEORGE, Senator from S.Dakota; Democratic candidate for President, 1972 (8) *McINTYRE, THOMAS J., US Senator from New Hampshire, 1962-1978 (99) MEAD, MARGARET, anthropologist, author (3) *MEADER, PROf.E.M., horticulturist (12) MENDELSON, EDWARD, literary executor of W.H.Auden (1) MEREDITH, BURGESS, actor (1) MERRITT, RICHARD, professor of photography at the University of New Hampshire (9) METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, NEW YORK (8) *METZIG, WILLIAM and ERIC, painter (29) (G) MEYER, JUNE (JORDAN), poet, author (1) *MITCHELL, MARGARETTA (GRETA), photographer (52) *MOLZAHN, JOHANNES & LORETTA, painter (19) (G) *MONDALE, WALTER & JOAN, Vice-President, 1976-1980; Democratic candidate for President, 1984 (23) *MOORE, MARIANNE, poet (10) *MOORE, MARY, art historian (42) *MORGAN, BARBARA, photographer (17) *MORIARTY, PETER, photographer (19) *MORRIS, ROBERT, professor of Social Planning (27) *MORROW, & CO., publishers (11) *MRAZ, MARNA (12) MS. MAGAZINE (1) *MUELLER, BOB, artist, engineer (46) *MUENCHNER STADTMUSEUM, Munich Museum, Germany (20) (G) *MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, New York (57) MUSKIE, EDWARD S., Senator from Maine (1) *NEARING, HELEN (& SCOTT), social reformers, writers (116) *NEW ENGLAND COLLEGE (16) *NEW HAMPSHIRE ART ASSOCIATION, Manchester, NH (24) *NEW HAMPSHIRE COMMISSION ON THE ARTS, Concord (20) *NEWMAN, RHODA, worked at Library of Congress (13) *NILES, GEORGE, poet (17) *NIXON, DAVID L., lawyer, former President of the NH Senate (16) *NOEL, WILLIAM (10) *NORTON, W.W. & COMPANY, publishers (18) *OHIO UNIVERSITY (10) O'NEILL, THOMAS P. ("TIP"), Speaker of the House of Representatives (2) *PANOFSKY, GERDA (& ERWIN) (15) (G) *PATTON (ALISON, RAYNA and WENDELL) (11) *PAVON, JOSE & CLAUDIA (19) *PAYNTER, "BIZ" & RAYMOND (11) *PEABODY, MARY (12) *PEARSON, NORMAN HOLMES (& SUSAN), professor of English, Yale (43) *PELOQUIN, MARC & TOBELYNN (11) *PERK, MRS. EDNA, friend (11) *PERL, CARL JOHANN & LOTTE, he a German writer & professor at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, she a painter (81) (G) *PERROT, STANFORD, painter (12) *PETERSEN, R.P. (10) (G) *PHILADELPHIA ART COUNCIL (10) *PHILLIPS EXETER ACADEMY (esp. Myron & Helen Williams, 1938-60) (33) *PINNER, ERNA, German book illustrator (16) (G) *PLYMOUTH STATE COLLEGE (13) *POLLACK, RUTH, weaver (40) *POLLOACK, ROBERT & JEAN, he taught philosophy at Fordham University (10) *PORTER, GEORGE, photographer (16) *PRINCE, SYDNEY & DR. LILLI (10) (G) *PROBST, J.ANTHONY /FRANCES /LEONARD, lawyers (14) PRUDDEN, BONNIE, writer (1) *PURVIS, D., assistant, Currier Gallery of Arts, Manchester, NH (47) *RAIMO, ANTONIO, librarian, University of Maryland, rare book and photograph dealer (10) *RAUCH, GEORG von, Austrian friend (59) (G) *RAVOUX, SOPHIE, physician, wife of Paul Ravoux, director of Agence France Press, Berlin, Germany (22) (G) *REED, EDWARD & MARY, he worked for the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (11) *REISS, ELLEN A., relative of Erich Reiss (11) (G) *REISS, HILDE, relative of Erich Reiss (13) *RENGER-PATZCH, ALBERT, photographer (20) (G) AGNES, his wife (20) (G) SABINE, his daughter, also a photographer (7) (G) RENGER-PATZCH ARCHIV (1) (G) *REYNOLDS, BOB and STEPHANIE (12) *RICHARDSON, CARLOS, photographer, printer of "Jacobi Portfolios 1-3" (29) *RICHTER, INGE (55) (G) *RISING, LLOYD & MILDRED, pastor, Community Church of Deering (18) *ROOSEVELT, ELEANOR, First Lady, wife of FDR (10) *ROETTGERS, ELIZABETH, assistant, Atelier Jacobi, Berlin - photographer of children (63) (G) ROYAL SOCIETY, LONDON (2) RUDMAN, WARREN, U.S. Senator from New Hampshire, former Attorney- General of NH (2) RUKEYSER, MURIEL, poet (5) RUSH, BEVERLY & TOM, musicians (6) *SAFRANSKI, KURT & MARIA, writer (11) (G) *SAITO, KIYOSHI, woodblock painter (16) *SALO, MAIJA & GEORGE, weaver, niece of Sibelius (16) *SANFORD, ERIC, photographer (12) *SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF ART (27) *SARTON, MAY, novelist, poet, friend (112) *SAUERLANDER, BEATE, New Yorker Magazine (29) (G) *SCHARL, JOSEPH "SEPP", painter (19) (G) SCHEIER, EDWIN & MARY, potters (8) *SCHILLER NATIONAL MUSEUM (NATIONAL MUSEUM OF LITERATURE), Marbach, Germany (51) (G) *SCHMOLL genannt EISENWERTH, PROf.DR.J.A. & HELGA, Professor of Art History, University of Munich, Germany (10) (G) *SCHOCKEN BOOKS,INC., publishers (SALMAN SCHOCKEN; THEODORE, his son) (13) (G) *SCHOLLES, THE(?) (10) *SCHRAG, KARL, illustator (16) (G) *SCHUYLER, STEVE, professor of German, Harvard University (27) (G) *SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN (10) *SCRIBNER, CHARLES and SONS, publishers (10) *SEEWALD, HANNA (12) (G) *SELEY, JASON, sculptor (14) *SERGEANT, ELIZABETH SHEPLEY, writer (12) *SHAW, JOY & HARRY (20) *SHEPHERD, BETH & CAROL RUTH (12) *SHELDON, DON, photographer (13) *SILVERMAN, RUTH, associate director, ICP, editor of photographic books (16) *SKRZEBA, HEINZ, attorney (54) (G) *SMITH, ELLIOTT (Toby), friend of Alexander Bender (12) *SMITH, HOWARD & BENNIE, news correspondent, CBS (16) *SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE, WASHINGTON, D.C. (16) *SNITOW, ALAN, son of Virginia (4) ANN, daughter of Virginia, one of the founders of the New York Radical Feminists, writer (18) VIRGINIA, president of the Women's Division of the American Jewish Congress (69) *SOMOGYI, ANNELIESE/LADISLAUS/CORNELIA, Ladislaus was a former student of Lotte's in Berlin (32) (G) SPANOS, HARRY V., Democratic candidate for Governor of New Hampshire, 1976 (12) SPIROU, CHRIS, Democratic candidate for Governor of New Hampshire, 1984 (2) SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (3) *STARR, NINA HOWELL, photographer (18) *STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE (15) *STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, ALBANY (10) *STEINER, BRIDGET (BRIGITTE) (10) (G) *STEINERT, OTTO, photographer (48) (G) STEVENSON, ADLAI E., politician, former Presidential candidate (3) *STEWART, DOUG & MARGE, photographer (25) STONE, I.F. (ISIDORE FEINSTEIN) & ESTHER, publisher, I.F.STONE'S WEEKLY (5) *STOUT, GEORGE & MARGARET, director of Gardner Museum, Boston (16) ST. PETERSBURG, Museum of Fine Arts (6) STRAND, PAUL & HAZEL, photographer (6) SUNUNU, JOHN, Governor of New Hampshire (1982-88) (4) *SYLVESTER, AUDREY (10) *THIMIG, HELENE, actress, wife of Max Reinhardt (10) (G) THOMSON, MELDRIM, JR., Governor of New Hampshire, 1974-78 (1) *THWAITES, JOHN ANTHONY & GITTA, art critic (10) *TITCOMB, ESTHER, photographer (21) TRUMAN, MARGARET, daughter of President Harry Truman (5) *TUCKER, ANN, art writer & critic (25) *UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO (17) *UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND (62) *UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, St Louis (13) *UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE (110) UNTERMEYER, LOUIS, poet (8) *VACCA, FRANK (12) *VALENTINO, ERNESTO, ELLY (& DORA LISA), painter (17) *VIEK, FRIEDA, worked with Erich Reiss (11) (G) *VIKING PENGUIN, INC., publishers (15) *DE VRIENDT, STEFAN & INEL, painter (17) WGBH, BOSTON (7) WNAC, CHANNEL 7, BOSTON (4), later WNEV (1) WNET, CHANNEL 13, NEW YORK (7) WALD, GEORGE, friend, Nobel Prize Winner,1967 (6) *WALMSLEY, ALBERT, ROBERTA and ELIZABETH (12) *WATSON, JOHN BLAIR, assistant director, Instructional Services, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire (21) *WAUGH, COULTON, painter, son of Frederic Waugh, "America's foremost marine painter"; and ODIN (37) *WEIDLER, CHARLOTTE, art historian, anthropologist (32) (G) *WEINMANN, EDEN, son of Eric Weinmann (17) *WEINMANN, ERIC, a friend, father of Eden Weinmann (38) *WEYMOUTH, FLORENCE (FLEUR) (22) *THE WHITE HOUSE, (primarily from the Carter Administration period) (12) *WHITE, CLARENCE & RUTH, art & photography professor, assistant director of School of Art, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (21) WHITE, MINOR, photographer; also editor of Aperture (8) *WILEY, JOHN and SONS, publishers (14) *WILLARD, CHARLOTTE, writer, art critic, wife of painter Howard Willard (39) *WILLARD, HELEN, curator of theatre collection, Harvard College Library (22) WINTER, PAUL, musician, leader of the Paul Winter Consort (6) *WISDOM MAGAZINE (17) *WISE, KELLY, professor of English, Phillips, Andover Academy; editor of the book "Lotte Jacobi", published 1979 (22) *WITKIN GALLERY (11) *WITTMER, FELIX, writer, lecturer (24) *WOLF, LOLA, wife of painter Gustav Wolf (51) (G) *WOLF, WILLIAM, M.D., endocrynologist (49) *WORTH PUBLISHERS (16) *WUNDT, FELICIA (23) (G) *WUTHENOW, URSULA (23) (G) ZANES, HOPE (& BILL FINNEY), New Hampshire photographers (9) *ZIFFRIN, MARILYN, composer (44) *ZUCKERMANN, ERICH & ANNEDORE, German judge (33) (G)

XV. Appendix II

RELEVANT PUBLISHED WORKS BY AND ABOUT LOTTE JACOBI Menschen von Gestern und Heute, Fotografische Porträts, Skizzen und Dokumentationen by Lotte Jacobi. 12. Dezember 1973 bis 13. Januar 1974. Essen: Museum Folkwang Essen, [1973]. Lotte Jacobi. Edited by Kelly Wise. Danbury, N.H.: Addison House, 1978. Portfolio [Picture], 3 Vols. Deering, N.H.: L. Jacobi, 1978-1981. Lotte Jacobi Retrospective: Photographs Exhibited in Alfred, New York, October-November 1980. Edited by David Barry Lash. Alfred, N.Y.: Hidden Spring Press, 1981. Theater & Dance Photographs by Lotte Jacobi. Introduction by Cornell Capa. Woodstock, VT.: Countryman Press, 1982. Russland 1932/33: Moskau, Tadschikistan, Usbekistan by Lotte Jacobi. Edited by Marion Beckers and Elisabeth Moortgat. Berlin: Verlag Dirk Nishen, 1988. Das Foto-Taschenbuch 14. Atelier Lotte Jacobi: Berlin New York by Marion Beckers and Elisabeth Moortgat. Berlin, Germany: Verborgene Museum, Nicolai, 1997. Atelier Lotte Jacobi: Berlin New York by Marion Beckers and Elisabeth Moortgat. Berlin, Germany: Nicolai, 1998.

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  1. Jonathan Handley Says:

    Lotte Jacobi is featured in a short 1978 bio owned by NHPTV. It is called “Arts in New Hampshire”, and it won the station a Peabody Award that year. They seem not to have archived the finished piece, but they do have two segments of raw footage and sound and one of those segments is about Ms. Jacobi. If interested, you can contact Rachel Elias at NHPTV, 268 Mast Rd. Durham, NH. 603-868-4312

    Jonathan Handley Davis, CA 530-220-0349

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