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Kingsbury, Inc.

Papers, 1880–2012

MC 250

19 boxes (17 cubic ft.)

Accession #: 2012.22

Processed: August 2013 by James Rogers

About Kingsbury, Inc.

Albert Kingsbury (1863-1943) was born in Goose Lake, Illinois. He graduated from Union High School, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, in 1880. After working as an apprentice and machinist in Ohio, he began studying at Cornell University, and graduated in 1889. He eventually became a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at New Hampshire College (later the University of New Hampshire), and at Worcester Polytechnic College. During this time, Kingsbury carried out much of his research into lubrication and bearings. After working for Westinghouse Electric and Mfg. Company, Kingsbury became an independent consulting engineer.

Kingsbury Machine Works was established in 1912, following the independent success of Albert Kingsbury’s design for a new type of mechanical thrust bearing. This year also marked the successful implementation of a Kingsbury bearing at McCall’s Ferry (Holtwood). Through the First and Second World Wars, and even today, U.S. Navy ships contain Kingsbury bearings.

In 1966, Kingsbury moved its main plant to a different location in Philadelphia, PA. This also included changing the name of the company from Kingsbury Machine Works to Kingsbury, Inc. The 1970s also saw significant additions to the Kingsbury plant, and in 1986 Kingsbury, Inc. purchased Pine-Ihrig Machine Company based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

About the Kingsbury, Inc. Papers

The collection consists primarily of the financial and business documents and correspondence of Kingsbury Machine Works and Kingsbury, Inc. There are also personal notes, correspondence, and invoices from Albert Kingsbury, particularly during his early career. Multiple photos are included, depicting company picnics, Albert Kingsbury, and engineering equipment. Finally, there are DVDs of a US Navy training film and of video interviews conducted with Kingsbury employees.

Folder Listing

  1. Business Materials
    1. Finance
    2. Kingsbury Catalogs and Newsletters
    3. Corporate Materials
    4. Annual Materials for 1942
    5. Pine-Ihrig Machine Company
    6. Advertisements and Kingsbury bearing Write-ups
    7. Insurance
    8. Miscellaneous
  2. Patents and Patent Applications
  3. Materials Relating to Security, Defense, and Classified Information
  4. Factory Additions
    1. New Plant, 1966-1967
    2. Test Facility, 1971
    3. Additions 1973
    4. Additions 1974-1975
    5. Additions 1978-1979
  5. Albert Kingsbury: Personal Materials
  6. Awards, Commendations, and Anniversaries
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Audio-Visual Materials
    1. Photographs, Negatives and Slides
    2. DVDs
  9. Oversize Material

I. Business Materials

A. Finance

f.1 Kingsbury Machine Works bank account book, 1942
f.2 Income and tax statements, January 1982
f.3 Income and tax statements, February 1982
f.4 Income and tax statements, March-August 1982
f.5 Income and tax statements, September 1982
f.6 Income and tax statements, October 1982
f.7 Income and tax statements, November-December 1982
f.8 Income and tax statements, annual data, 1982

B. Kingsbury Catalogs and Newsletters

f.9 Kingsbury catalogs, 1925-1952
f.10 Kingsbury catalogs, 1954-1966
f.11 Kingsbury catalogs, 1966-1969
f.12 Kingsbury catalogs, 1974-1987
f.13 Kingsbury catalogs, 2004-2009
f.14 Kingsbury catalogs, 2009-2010
f.15 Kingsbury catalogs, undated
f.16 Kingsbury catalogs, undated
f.17 Kingsbury catalogs, undated
f.18 Miscellaneous catalog pages
f.19 Kingsbury newsletters, 1983-1985 (6 newsletters)

C. Corporate Materials

f.1 Corporation Service Company by-laws
ff.2-3 Corporation Service Company, Delaware corporation law literature
f.4 Corporation Service Company, materials relating to certificate of incorporation, 1921-1927
f.5 Corporation Service Company, materials relating to Kingsbury by-laws, 1965-1975
f.6 Kingsbury re-stated by-laws and certificate of authority from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
f.7 Shareholder’s certificates, 1975

D. Annual Materials for 1942, including correspondence with Albert Kingsbury

f.8 Correspondence and documents, December 1941-February 1942
f.9 Correspondence and documents, March 1942
f.10 Correspondence and documents, April-August 1942
f.11 Correspondence and documents, September-December 1942

E. Pine-Ihrig Machine Company


f.12 Correspondence and documents, April-May 1979
f.13 Correspondence and documents, June-September 1979
f.14 Correspondence and documents, October 1979-May 1980
f.15 Correspondence and documents, July-September, 1980
f.16 Correspondence and documents, November 1980-January 1981
f.17 Correspondence and documents, February-September 1981
f.18 Correspondence and documents, October-December 1981

F. Advertisements and Kingsbury Bearing Write-ups

f.1 Lists of purchased advertising spaces, 1937-1958
f.2 Advertisements, April 1934-March 1937
f.3 Advertisements, April-October 1937
f.4 Advertisements, October-December 1937
f.5 Advertisements, January-May 1938
f.6 Advertisements, June-November 1938
f.7 Advertisements, May 1939-July 1943
f.8 Advertisements, July 1944-December 1952
f.9 Advertisements, March 1958-December 1957
f.10 Advertisements, October 1958-1962

G. Insurance

f.11 Fire Insurance, 1945
ff.12-14 Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, 1977-1979
f.15 Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, 1979-1982

H. Miscellaneous

f.16 Employee thank you letter to Albert Kingsbury, December 1931
f.17 Workers’ hourly wages, 1931
f.18 Correspondence with Albert Kingsbury, 1937-1945
f.19 National Storage Company, correspondence and documents, 1962-1966
f.20 Executive Secretary’s Desk Manual, 1968
f.21 Internal memos from J. R. Prairie, 1977-1979
f.1 Temporary denial order for product shipment to Italy, 1982
f.2 Office products, 1986
f.3 Office products, 1986
f.4 Office products, 1988-1994
f.5 Powerline Magazine, July/August 2002, article on Kimura Corporation
f.6 “Major sites with Kingsbury bearings,” slideshow print-out

II. Patents and Patent Applications

f.7 Patent record book, 1927-1953
f.8 Tables of contents for patent records
f.9 Patent records, # 947,242-1,117,504
f.10 Patent records, # 1,117,505-1,242,948
f.11 Patent records, # 1,260,548-1,289,048
f.12 Patent records, # 1,290,234-1,349,157
f.13 Patent records, # 1,361,073-1,387,929
f.14 Patent records, # 1,387,930-1,391,463
f.15 Patent records, # 1,400,168-1,419,782
f.16 Patent records, # 1,421,695-1,429,744
f.17 Patent records, # 1,436,265-1,441,614
f.1 Patent records, # 1,443,879-1,445,188
f.2 Patent records, # 1,447,665-1,465,988
f.3 Patent records, # 1,496,849-1,584,174
f.4 Patent records, # 1,648,049-1,739,362
f.5 Patent records, # 1,760,904-1,876,234
f.6 Patent records, # 1,876,690-1,971,412
f.7 Patent records, # 1,987,937-2,050,887
f.8 Patent records, # 2,054,219-2,090,729
f.9 Patent records, # 2,091,206-2,091,207
f.10 Patent records, # 2,093,521-2,168,343
f.11 Patent records, # 2,168,344-2,182,539
f.12 Patent records, # 2,187,084-2,281,871
f.13 Patent records, # 2,357,410-2,785,022
f.14 Lists of awarded and pending patents, 1931-1940
f.15 Certificate and report for U.S. patent # 4,501,505 (1985)
f.16 U.S. patent record, # 4,568,204 (1986)
f.17 Copy of certificate for U.S. patent, # 7,237,957 B2 (2007)
f.1 Albert Kingsbury invoices from patent lawyers, 1911-1915.
f.2 Albert Kingsbury invoices from patent lawyers, 1916-1918
f.3 Correspondence with patent lawyers, 1938
f.4 International table to patent
f.5 Japanese patent, # 1,826,331

III. Materials Relating to Security, Defense, and Classified Information

ff.6-14 U.S. Navy general specifications for machinery
f.15 Emergency defense measures, July-August 1950
f.16 Emergency defense measures, September-October 1950
f.17 Emergency defense measures, November 1950-July 1963
f.18 Department of Navy instructions for classified materials
f.19 Correspondence and documents relating to security, February 1952-August 1954
f.20 Correspondence and documents relating to security, November 1954-September 1957
f.21 Correspondence and documents relating to security, October 1957-March 1959
f.22 Correspondence and documents relating to security, January-February 1960
f.23 Correspondence and documents relating to security, June 1960-October 1961
f.24 Correspondence and documents relating to security, November 1961-January 1962
f.1 Correspondence and documents relating to security, February 1962-April 1963
f.2 Correspondence and documents relating to security, June 1963-December 1964
f.3 Correspondence and documents relating to security, January 1965-June 1966
f.4 Correspondence and documents relating to security, July 1966-February 1967
f.5 Correspondence and documents relating to security, March 1967
f.6 Classified information procedures, 1967-1968
f.7 Classified information procedures, 1969

IV. Factory Additions

A. New Plant, 1966-1967

f.8 Construction correspondence and documents, December 1965-May 1966
f.9 Construction correspondence and documents, June 1966
f.10 Construction correspondence and documents, July 1966
ff.11-12 Construction correspondence and documents, August 1966
f.13 Construction correspondence and documents, September-October 1966
f.14 Construction correspondence and documents, November-December 1966
f.15 Construction correspondence and documents, January 1967
f.16 Construction correspondence and documents, February 1967
f.17 Construction correspondence and documents, March-April 1967
f.18 Construction correspondence and documents, May-November 1967
f.19 William Lotz (contractor) invoices, September 1966-June 1967
f.20 Moving schedules
ff.1-6 Office furniture, vending, utilities
f.7 Welcome pamphlet and list of attendees at open house, September 1967.
Item 1 Book of mechanical addenda for new facility construction

B. Test Facility, 1971

ff.8-9 Correspondence and documents, February 1971
f.10 Correspondence and documents, March 1971
f.11 Correspondence and documents, April 1971
f.12 Correspondence and documents, May-June 1971
f.13 Correspondence and documents, July September 1971
f.14 Correspondence and documents, November 1971-April 1972
f.15 Article in Northeast Business Monthly, May 1972

C. Additions, 1973

ff.16-17 Correspondence and documents, July 1973
f.18 Correspondence and documents, August-November 1973

D. Additions, 1974-1975

f.19 Correspondence and documents, January-May 1974
f.1 Correspondence and documents, June-August 1974
f.2 Correspondence and documents, September-December 1974
f.3 Correspondence and documents, January-August 1975

E. Additions, 1978-1979

f.4 Correspondence and documents, May 1977-April 1978
f.5 Correspondence and documents, May 1978
f.6 Correspondence and documents, June-July 1978
f.7 Correspondence and documents, August 1978
f.8 Correspondence and documents, September 1978
f.9 Correspondence and documents, October-December 1978
f.10 Correspondence and documents, January-February 1979
f.11 Correspondence and documents, March-April 1979
f.12 Correspondence and documents, May-June 1979
f.13 Correspondence and documents, July-September 1979
f.14 Correspondence and documents, March-December 1980

V. Albert Kingsbury: Personal Materials

f.10 Trigonometry book owned by Albert Kingsbury, with annotations
f.11 Trigonometry book: appendix and tables
BOX 10
f.1 Geometry book owned by Albert Kingsbury, pp.1-100
f.2 Geometry book, pp.101-200
f.3 Geometry book, pp.201-239
ff.4-6 Albert Kingsbury’s personal scientific notecards
f.7 Albert Kingsbury, “Experiments with an Air-lubricated Journal” in Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers, 1897 (2 copies)
f.8 “Aftermath,” Worcester Polytechnic College alumni book, 1900
f.9 Scientific notes on bearings, 1909-1920
f.10 Scientific notes on bearings, 1924-1930
f.11 Invoices to Pennsylvania Water and Power Company, 1912
f.12 Invoices from typist Frances Mosbacher, 1917
f.13 Personal cash disbursements and notes paid, 1918
f.14 Personal cash disbursements and notes paid, 1919
f.15 Personal cash disbursements and notes paid, 1920
f.16 Machinery and printing invoices to Albert Kingsbury, 1916-1920
f.17 Cornell alumni news, 1940
f.18 “A Bearing on Fame”: article about Albert Kingsbury in Oilways Magazine, 1941
f.19 1941 article on Albert Kingsbury and Kingsbury thrust bearing (unidentified author)
f.20 Albert Kingsbury, “Recollections” (3 copies)
BOX 11
f.1 Albert Kingsbury, “Recollections” (3 copies)
f.2 Letter from tax consultant, June 1943
f.3 Albert Kingsbury, “Development of the Kingsbury Thrust Bearing” in Mechanical Engineering, 1950 (6 copies)
f.4 W. Rowell Chase, “Some highlights and data about Albert Kingsbury and Kingsbury, Inc.”, 1983
f.5 Field notebook, #18, 1907-1908
f.6 Field notebook, #19, 1908
f.7 Field notebook, #20, 1908-1909
f.8 Field notebook, #21, 1909
f.9 Field notebook, #22, 1909-1910
f.10 Field notebook, #23, 1910
f.11 Field notebook, #24, 1910-1911
f.12 Field notebook, #25, 1911-1912
f.13 Field notebook, #26, 1912-1913
f.14 Field notebook, #27, 1913-1914
f.15 Field notebook, #28, 1914
BOX 12
f.1 Field notebook, #29, 1914-1915
f.2 Field notebook, #30, 1915-1917
f.3 Field notebook, #31, 1917-1918

VI. Awards, Commendations, and Anniversaries

f.4 Franklin Institute of Pennsylvania, Elliott Cresson Medal, 1923
f.5 Patron membership in American Red Cross, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kingsbury, 1930
ff.6-7 American Society of Mechanical Engineers, John Scott Medal, 1931
f.8 25th anniversary of Holtwood bearing installation, 1937: pamphlet
f.9 Army-Navy “E” Award, 1942: pamphlet, invitation, and correspondence.
Item 1 Army-Navy “E” Award record book, including photographs and event information
f.10 Commendation from U.S. Coast Guard, 1943.
f.11 Commendation from Navy Department, 1945
f.12 Dedication of Kingsbury Hall, UNH, 1950: pamphlets
f.13 Dedication of Kingsbury Hall, UNH, 1950: correspondence
BOX 13
f.1 Newcomen Society pamphlet on Kingsbury Hall dedication, 1950
f.2 List of items displayed for Kingsbury Inc.’s 85th anniversary, 1997
f.3 Kingsbury centennial celebration: invitation and leaflet, 2012
f.4 List of items displayed for Kingsbury centennial celebration, 2012
f.5 100th anniversary of dam and powerhouse at Keokuk: pamphlets, 2013

VII. Miscellaneous

f.6 Scientific articles on mechanics and lubrication, 1938-1942
f.7 Scientific articles and notes from correspondence, 1941-1966
f.8 Launch of U.S.S. Iowa, 1942: article and pamphlet
f.9 Articles on stray shaft currents, 1959-1979
f.10 Articles on stray shaft currents, 1980-1984
f.11 Articles on stray shaft currents, 1986
f.12 Articles on stray shaft currents, 1986
ff.13-14 Engineering data and bearing analysis
f.15 Hydro show, 1985: attendee list
f.16 Turbo-machinery symposium, 1988: attendee list
f.17 Waterpower exhibitions, 1989: attendee list
BOX 14
f.1 “The Virginia Class Submarine Program: A Case Study”, 2002
f.2 Pamphlets and literature on U.S. Submarines, 2002
f.3 Miscellaneous notes, 2007
f.4 World War II remembrance buttons

VIII. Audio-Visual Material

A. Photographs, Negatives, and Slides

f.5 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.1-e.5
f.6 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.6-e.10
f.7 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.11-e.15
f.8 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.16-e.20
f.9 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.21-e.25
f.10 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.26-e30
f.11 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.31-e.35
f.12 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.36-e.40
f.13 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.41-e.45
f.14 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.46-e.50
f.15 Early bearing/factory/dam photographs, e.51-e.54
f.16 Annual picnics, 1923-1936, and 1968
f.17 Albert Kingsbury at 25th anniversary of Holtwood bearing, 1937
f.18 Photograph sent from C. M. Allen to Albert Kingsbury, 1943
f.19 Advertisement photographs from Nordberg Manufacturing Co., 1952
f.20 Chamber of commerce award, 1966
f.21 William Lotz photographs of factory additions, 1971
f.22 Army-Navy “E” award flag
f.23 Albert Kingsbury Library, Durham, NH
f.24 Susquehanna River
f.25 Oshkosh meeting, 1996
f.26 Kingsbury, Inc. 85th anniversary, 1997
f.27 Old facility. Photographs taken in 2002
f.28 Board of Shareholders, 2005, 2006, 2011
f.29 Miscellaneous photographs
f.30 Miscellaneous negatives
f.31 Miscellaneous slides: Outside shot, Kingsbury repair and service division; Hall plaque, Professor Kingsbury; Outside shot, Kingsbury Oshkosh division; Generator #5 with original bearing


BOX 15
f.1 e.1 Interview with Mike Brawley (2 copies)
e.2 Interview with Wayne Calderon (2 copies)
e.3 Interview with Bill Chambers (2 copies)
e.4 Interview with Alison Chase (2 copies)
f.2 e.5 Interview with David Chase (2 copies)
e.6 Interview with Eve Clulow (2 copies)
e.7 Interview with Terry Conger (2 copies)
e.8 Interview with Scan Decamillo (2 copies)
f.3 e.9 Interview with Geoffrey DeMers (2 copies)
e.10 Interview with David Fields (2 copies)
e.11 Interview with Anthony Gatti (2 copies)
e.12 Interview with Alison Jolly (2 copies)
f.4 e.13 Interview with Skip McGinley (2 copies)
e.14 Interview with Daniel Matthews (2 copies)
e.15 Interview with Richard Ninomon (2 copies)
e.16 Interview with Jerry Powers (2 copies)
f.5 e.17 Interview with Charlene Schmidt (2 copies)
e.18 Interview with Bill Strecker (2 copies)
e.19 Interview with Gerard Vogt (2 copies)
f.6 Kingsbury Thrust Bearing U.S. Navy Training Film (2 copies)

IX. Oversize Material

Item 1 Letter book containing the original professional correspondence of Albert Kingsbury, 1898-1912
f.1 Professional scans of pages of letter book: TIFF files (6 DVDs)
f.2 Professional scans of pages of letter book: PDF files (2 CDs)
f.1 Newspaper clippings, 1918-2013
f.2 Scientific articles and bearing blueprint, 1940-1943
f.3 William Lotz (contractor) drawings/plans for new plant, September 1966
f.4 Photograph of Kingsbury company picnic, 1974
f.5 Photograph of Kingsbury company picnic, 1975
Item 1 Tribute for Kingsbury, Inc. from city of Philadelphia
Item 2 Catalog for Kingsbury 90th anniversary, 2002
Item 1 Clip file containing photographs of bearings and bearing technology
Item 2 Clip file containing photographs of bearings, mechanical plans, and factory equipment
Item 3 Clip file containing miscellaneous photographs of Albert Kingsbury, Machinery in Durham, NH, and Kingsbury factory employees
Item 4 Sketch drawing of Kingsbury bearing by Margaretta Kingsbury Maganini, 1912
Item 5 American Association for the Advancement for Science: emeritus life membership for Albert Kingsbury. Framed certificate, 1938
Item 6 Boys Town, Nebraska: honorary citizenship certificate for Albert Kingsbury, 1943
Item 7 United States Department of Defense Quality Excellence Award, 1985
Item 8 Dresser-Rand certificate for Kingsbury, Inc., 1995
Item 9 Department of Defense certificate designating Kingsbury, Inc. as a Commemorative “E” Company, 1995
Item 10 Quality Management System Approval certificate, 2000
Item 1 Annotated scrap book, containing photographs and drawings of bearings, scientific data, Kingsbury logos, Kingsbury advertisements, powerhouses and ships
Item 2 Albert Kingsbury’s drafting set
Item 3 Albert Kingsbury’s micrometer set
Item 4 Miscellaneous photographs taken from a display, including Kingsbury anniversaries, employees, and factory additions
Item 5 Framed certificate of Albert Kingsbury’s diploma from Cuyahoga-Falls High School, 1880 (loose item)
Item 6 Framed certificate of Albert Kingsbury’s membership in The Sigma Xi Society, 1882 (loose item)
Item 7 Kingsbury Machine Works Order Book, #2, 1935-1943
Item 1 Kingsbury Machine Works Order Book, #3, Nov 1942-Aug 1946
Item 1 Kingsbury Machine Works Order Book, #4, Aug 1946-Dec 1950
Item 1 Kingsbury Machine Works Order Book, #5, Dec 1950-Dec 1953
Item 1 Kingsbury Machine Works Order Book, #6, Dec 1953-Dec 1956
Item 1 Kingsbury Machine Works Order Book, #7, Sept 1956-Jan 1957
Item 1 Kingsbury Machine Works Order Book, #8, June-Sept 1958