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Jean Pedrick, 1922-2006

Papers, 1937-2006

MC 196

32 boxes (10.66 cu. ft.)

About Jean Pedrick:

Jean Pedrick Kefferstan, poet, co-founder of the Alice James Poetry Cooperative (later Alice James Books), and founder of Skimmilk Farm summer poetry workshops in Brentwood, New Hampshire, was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1922. She attended Wheaton College and worked as an editorial assistant at Houghton Mifflin in Boston before marrying Dr. Frank J. Kefferstan in 1948.

After living for two years in Panama, the couple moved back to Boston and lived at 48 Mt. Vernon St. on Beacon Hill. For the next twenty years, Pedrick published poems in magazines such as Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker, Yankee, and The Paris Review and then in 1973 co-founded the Alice James Poetry Cooperative, where she published a number of poetry books.

Workshops at Skimmilk Farm, her summer home, began in 1974, when Pedrick realized that two of her colleagues at Alice James Books were also her summer neighbors, and for more than thirty years participants thrived in an atmosphere which respected the craft of the writer, the integrity of the work, and the individual. The story of Skimmilk is told in Ken Browne’s documentary, Mondays at Skimmilk: 30 years of writers at work, broadcast on New Hampshire Public Television in April 2007.

Pedrick taught poetry at Northeastern University and the Boston Center for Adult Education and wrote for The Beacon Hill News. She was also one of three co-founders of Rowan Tree Press. In 1993 she won the Bruce Rossley Literary Award, created by 96 Inc., which acknowledges the contributions of previously under-recognized literary voices of the City of Boston. She died on July 31, 2006 in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Jean Pedrick published four books of poetry, Wolf Moon; A Book of Hours (Alice James Press, 1974), Pride & Splendor (Stolz und Pracht) (Alice James Press, 1976), Greenfellow (New Rivers Press, 1981), and Catgut (Pomme Press, 2003), nine chapbooks, and a novel, 1947: The Fascination (Houghton Mifflin)(1947). For more information see A Bibliography of Works by Jean Pedrick.

About the Jean Pedrick Papers:

The collection contains a large amount of correspondence, hundreds of manuscript drafts of her poetry and prose, published works, and recordings, as well as material related to the Skimmilk Farm summer poetry workshops.

Pedrick prolifically recycled her poems as will be seen from the section of unpublished book manuscripts that contains many of the same poems in various combinations and arrangements.

Additional Resources

Folder Listing:

  1. Correspondence
    1. From Jean Pedrick
    2. To Jean Pedrick
    3. Others to Others
  2. Manuscripts
    1. Published poetry
      1. Let’s Eat The Children (1972)
      2. Wolf Moon (1974)
      3. Pride & Splendor (Stolz und Pracht) (1976)
      4. Gaudy Book (1979) (chapbook)
      5. Saints (1980) (chapbook)
      6. Greenfellow (1981)
      7. Come To The Glorious Fourth (An American Love Song) (1983)
      8. To The Ladies of Vienna (1988) (chapbook)
      9. Mitteleuropa (1992) (chapbook)
      10. Bos, Bovis (1993) (chapbook)
      11. Beach Light (1994) (chapbook)
      12. The World of Grey and The Man in the Picture (2001) (chapbook)
      13. Catgut (2003)
      14. Music From A Farther Room or Prufrock’s Peach (2005) (chapbook)
      15. Magazine publications
      16. Individual poem drafts
    2. Unpublished poetry books
      1. Various (Juvenilia and Early Poems, 1950s-1960s)
      2. The Book of Nines (1960s)
      3. Flower Safety (1960s)
      4. Love No Medicine (1968?)
      5. In The New Dark (1969)
      6. Untitled Book (1969?)
      7. A Requiem for Mutation (1969?)
      8. Seven Times of the Year (1969?)
      9. The Old Conjuror (1969)
      10. No Vacancy (1971)
      11. The Fox (1979)
      12. Saints Continued (ca. 1980)
      13. Sequences (1984-1987)
      14. To The Ladies of Vienna (1987)
      15. Waking (1988)
      16. Pastoral (1989)
      17. Landscape With River and Cows (1989)
      18. Black Umbrellas, Red Umbrella (1992)
      19. The River (1993)
      20. New Spring Jacket (1994)
      21. Still Lives (1994)
      22. A Book for Del and Win (1996)
      23. Family Matters (1996)
      24. Short Poems (1997)
      25. Salt For Welcome (1998)
      26. Falling Off the Roof Matters (1998)
      27. The Winding (1998)
      28. Easter Animals (1999)
      29. Tiffany Nights (1999)
      30. A Pair of Boots (2000)
      31. Me and Galahad (2005)
      32. Base (undated)
      33. Calendar (undated)
      34. Daring Hero (undated)
    3. Individual unpublished poems, arranged alphabetically
    4. Poem submissions to competitions and magazines in groups
    5. Published Prose
    6. Newspaper Articles
    7. Unpublished Prose
  3. Skimmilk Farm

I. Correspondence

A. From Jean Pedrick

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B. To Jean Pedrick

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f.13 Unidentified: Carol and Len, undated (2); another Carol, undated (1); Chase, 1947 (1); Derda, 1998 (1); Donis, 1949 (3); Emily, undated (1); Gary, Mary, Billy and Ty, undated (1); Gin (?), undated (1); Ginny P., 2003 (1); Gwen and Jerry, 1996 (1); Irene and Victor, 2000 (1); Jane and Al, undated (1); Karen, 2005 (1); another Karen, undated (1); Lex, Carla, Alex, undated (1); Lindsay (tenant at 48 Mount Vernon St.), n.d. (3); Lois, undated (1); Marg and Bill, 1976 (1); Marge, undated (1); Meryl and Rich, undated (1); Nan (1); Nancy, undated (1); Nathan, n.d. (1); Pamela, n.d. (1); S and LAS, undated (1); Sam (1); Sikt (2); Susie, 1999 (1); Ulysses, 1948 (1); W.U. L. (1); 2 anonymous.
f.14 Various birthday cards ().

C. Others to Others

f.15 Frank Kefferstan to Jorgen Adamsen (1977)
Frank Kefferstan to Grampy, undated
Frank Kefferstan to Mary Lou, undated
Frank Kefferstan to Larry Kefferstan, 1975
Dr. Frank Sheddan to Frank Kefferstan, 1953
Verna Cronan to Frank Kefferstan, n.d.
Dorothy and Stanley to Frank Kefferstan, n.d.
Ken and Ginny Browne to Frank Kefferstan, n.d.
Emily to Frank Kefferstan, undated
Richard to John [Kefferstan], undated
John Kefferstan to Chip (Nathan Cutler), 1977
John Kefferstan to Grandfather, 1980
John Kefferstan to Ms. Sherwin, 1990
John Kefferstan to Helen, 1994
Larry Kefferstan to John Kefferstan, 1973 and 2003
Ray Conant to Elfrieda Pedrick, 1937
Dr. Arthur J. Tremblay to Elfrieda Pedrick, 1937
Helen to Elfrieda Pedrick, 1937
Eva M. to Elfrieda Pedrick, undated
Nat to Anne Pedrick, 1937
Bloopie to Anne Pedrick, 1937
Frank Abdo to L.D. Pedrick, 1937
Richard Pedrick to Maj. General Sheng-Tao Yu, 1996
f.16 Sally to Clem and Calef [Brown], 1967
Don Junkins, Director of the Graduate Writing Program at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to Barry Spacks, MIT, 1972;
Robert Bagg to Barry Spacks, 1972;
Anne Stevenson to Nadya Aidenberg, Rowan Tree Press, 1981
Chris Demarest to Nadya Aidenberg, Rowan Tree Press, 1982
Marie Harris to Ken Wiggin, New Hampshire State Library (recommending that Jean Pedrick’s archive be housed in the Living Archive he initiated there), n.d. but probably early 1990s;
Marie Harris to various friends of Jean, 2000
Lizzie [Knies?] to Marie Harris, 1994
Fiona Macrae, Graywolf Press to Marie Harris, July 31, 1995 re Pedrick’s book Family Matters
Jessie Lendennie, Kathy Solomon (Salmon Press, Ireland), and Karen Kilcup to Marie Harris, 1999-2000;
New Hampshire Writers’ Project (Katie Goodman, Executive Director) to Charles Pratt and Cicely Buckley, 2003.
Kathleen Aguero to L.R. Berger and Marie Harris, 2005.

II. Manuscripts

A. Published Poetry

1. Let’s Eat The Children (1972)

f.1 Page proofs of Pedrick’s contributions to the anthology. Contains the poems: “Hot Moon”; “Death in America”; “Buck and Wing”; “Wooden Toys”; “Rerun: Casablanca”; “I Knew Someday This Rubber Stamp Would Come in Handy”; “The Last To Go”; “Solstice” and “The Crone”
Also contains eight drafts of the poem that eventually became “Death in America,” but which started life as “John Chapman” and then became “Appleseed” and drafts of most of the poems listed above

2. Wolf Moon (1974)

f.2 Page proofs.
f.3 Final draft of book. Contains the following poems: “Wolf Moon”; “Werewolf”; “The Match Girl”; Guerrilla Attack: New Hampshire”; “Snow Moon”: “Earthworm”; “Worm Moon”; “Inchworm”; “Vampire”; “Crucifixus”; “The Tomb”; “Egg”; “Pink Moon”; “Fleur-de-Lis”; “Flower Moon”; “Hot Moon”; “Buck and Wing: Wooden Toys”; “Buck Moon”; “The Stag At Eve”; “Sturgeon Moon”; “Harvesting The Attic”; “Harvest Moon”; “The Hunted”; “Horn”; “Hunter’s Moon”; “Beaver Moon”; “Pathetic Fallacy”; “Cold Moon” and “The White City” (omits “Moon River,” which did not appear in the published version of the book)
f.4 Draft of book (still contains “Moon River”)
f.5 Draft of book
f.6 Draft of book
f.7 Draft of book
f.8 Drafts of various poems including multiple drafts of the sections of “The Attic” (later “Harvesting The Attic”): “A Box of Death”; “Mouse Mother”; “Made Things”; “Born Things”; “Cakewalk”; “Paper Poem”; “Porcelain Glass” and “Evictus”
f.9 The Year of The Moons (early draft of Wolf Moon)

3. Pride & Splendor (Stolz und Pracht) (1976)

f.10 Galleys. Contains the following poems: “Prologue: Home”; “The Cage”; “Food”; “Her Garden”; “Little Girls Dream”; “Produce Scale”; “Lithograph”; “The House in the Garden”; “The Garden in the House”; “Thumbelina”; “Waltzing”; “Wilting”; “Great Swelling Things”; “Maples”; “Kohlrabi: An Introduction”; “The Motor Car”; “Women Talking”; “Riddles”; “Star”; “The Red and Black”; “Her Cinder Story”; “Hats”; “The Other Pictures in her House”; “Tales”; “Her Songs”; “Her Proverbs”; “Her Admonitions”‘ “Her Superstition”; “Rites”; “Crowning Glory”; “Her Remedies”;”My Remedies”; “Accidents”; “Own Dead”; “Medical History”; “Calling Home”; “Hans and the Erlkönig”; “Cataracts” “Cronies”; “The Labyrinth”; “The Spinoff Dream”; “The River Twice”; “Clown-Philosopher”; “Passports: (1891 or 92); (1902); (1943); (1976),” and “Epilogue: Making the Skeleton”

4. The Gaudy Book (1979)

f.11 Drafts of some poems; earlier draft of book titled Rereading Gaudy Night and letter of response from Barry Spacks, MIT dated March 8, 1977

5. Saints (1980)

f.12 Draft of book submitted to Sylvia Plath Poetry Contest. Contains the following poems: “Agnes”; “Anthony”; “Blaise”; “Catherine”; “Christopher”; “Dunstan”; “Fiacre”; “Hilarion”; “John, Baptist”; “Jude”; “Mary Magdalene”; “Nicholas”; “Patrick,” and “Valentine”
f.13 Drafts of various poems

6. Greenfellow (1981)

f.14 Page proofs
f.15 Draft of book. Contains the following poems: “prologue”; “tinker’s dam”; “mardi gras”; “the tanner”; “dirge”; “rags”; “for rose peach lafayette”; “I have not done”; “real estate”; “four buildings box the square”; “cuckolding you”; “words”; “them”; “I walked in the park and saw the old”; “possessions”; “children riding geese”; “goose mounted”; “found” “or take a goat”; “dreams of release”; “entering the dark wood”; “the ease of naming horses”; “menfolk”; “willow”; “free advice”; “wands”; “ridden”; “walked”; “the time jacket”; “protest too much”; “untamed women”; “landlock”; “one song”; “now”; “teaching the wheels to sing”; “small boy song”; “big boy aphorisms”; “urchins out of the corner of the eye”; “frizzy bangs”; “cat in a sack”; “moral puzzles”; “the light”; “how to end novels”; “van”; “running out of control in the worst of the snow”; “pink velvet mules”; “the end of it”; “arrangements”; “giselle”; “leavetakings”; “altitude”; “thus jude,” and “one grain”
f.16 Drafts of various poems

7. Come To the Glorious Fourth (An American Love Song), Bob Arnold’s Scout Series, (1983)

f.17 Three drafts of chapbook and drafts of some of the individual poems. Contains: “An Ordinary, Quiet Town Except For The Glorious Fourth”; “On The Green”; “Baby Parade”; “Color Guard”; “Proud Father”; “Bonfire”; “O Avid Love”; “Cotton Candy Lady”; “Cotillion”; “Roman Candle”; “Not For Money, Not For Love”; “Rides”; “Games of Chance”; “Midway: Thirteen”; “What So Proudly…” and “American Love Song”
See also the unpublished book Sequences below, Section III

8. To The Ladies of Vienna (1988)

BOX 10
f.1 Postcards of Egon Schiele paintings; photocopy of chapbook; drafts of poem

9. Mitteleuropa (1988)

f.2 Reading copy of published book; draft of book; four different color cover mock-ups; letter to and from Small Poetry Press, Oct. and Nov. 1992
Contains the following poems: “Black Umbrellas, Red Umbrella”; “The Amber Road”; “The Vine”; “Travelling Women”; “In A Cave”; “On The Death of Musicians”; “The Salt Road”; “Marija Says”; “Branko In America”; “Branko At Home”; “The Wedding Platter”; “Peachblow”; “The Bear’s Egg”; “Summer Dreams”; “The Orphans of Romania”; “Crushed Velvet”; “For The Questions of Little Children,” and “You Vedran Smailovic”
f.3 Drafts of various poems

10. Bos, Bovis (1993)

f.4 Draft of book. Contains the following poems: “Aubade”; “Myself, At Least”; “Woodlore”; “Head of Cattle”; “Here”; “Mysteries of Childhood”; “Agricola”; “Waterwheel”; “Learn To Do Well”; “Some Characteristics, Kinds and Names of Neat Stock”; “Calf Love: An Idyll”; “The Taking of the Herds”; “Hayshakers,” and “Symbiosis”
f.5 Drafts of poems

11. Beach Light (1994)

f.6 Galley proof and draft of book. Contains the following poems: “My Father’s Harbor”; “Landlocked”; “Certain Mornings”; “Castlemakers”; The Healing Strand”; “Fog at Long Sands”; “For A Man Actually Named Bill Bailey”; “The Day At The Beach”; “The Breakfast Crowd at Dunkin Donuts Discusses The Corpse On The Beach”; “Of Salt”; “The Strip”; “Drowning in Wisdom”; “Bailing Song”; “Shelling,” and “Let Me Be”
f.7 Three drafts of book
f.8 Drafts of individual poems
f.9 Individual poems submitted for magazine publication

12. The World of Grey & The Man in the Picture (2001)

f.10 The book contains the following poems: The World of Grey: “Sounds”; “Rainy Nights”; “The Dying”; “Ashes”; ” The World of Grey”; “Mourning Dove”; “Classic”; “Tarmac”; “Fog at Long Sands”; “Jugs Found Here”; “Some Cats”; “Grey Linen,” and “Fog”
The Man in the Picture: “At the British Museum: Bog Man”; “At the Carnival, 1 and 2″; “Winter, This City”; “At the Cockfights, 1 and 2″; “Falling Off the Roof”; “Here”; “Skippers”; “St. Neot”; “Mentor”; “Ovid: The Danube Delta”; “At the Albertina”; “Origins of an Acquisitor”; “The Eye of Potemkin”; “Ave Atque Vale,” and “Exposure.”
Drafts of poems, A
f.11 Drafts of poems, C-L
f.12 Drafts of poems, M-Z

13. Catgut (2003)

f.13 Pedrick’s reading copy of book. Contains the following poems: “I. The Horribles Parade”; “II. Catgut” (includes: “Catgut”; “Morning”; “Doll Drowning”; “Jack, Jack, Jack”; “Sun Days”; “Sneakers”; “Making Money”; “Art”; “Boat Time”; “Following the Goat”; “Falling Off The Roof”; “Elizabeth Tarbell Tucker”; “The Tooth,” and “Walking Through Town”); “III. Perdu” (includes: “Perdu”; “News From Home”; “Horse Latitudes”; “Sounds”; “Flares”; “Nets”; “Death of a Noted Artist”; “BailingPush/Pull”; “The Idolators”; “Spanish Cream”; “I Read in Books about Old Ways”; “‘A woman who takes a paste…’”; “Nolan, Crying,” and “Silks”); “IV. St. Elmo’s Windlass” (includes: “Catgut II”; “Sea Change”; “On the Preservation of Lies”; “Beached”; “The Walking Tour”; “Pleasure Boats 1″; “Pleasure Boats 2,” and “St. Elmo’s Windlass”
f.14 Final proof (May 13, 2003)
f.15 Proof (May 7, 2003)
f.16 Proof (April 8, 2003)
BOX 11
f.1 Draft of book
f.2 Draft of book
f.3 Draft of book
f.4 Draft of book
f.5 Drafts of poems, A-E
f.6 Drafts of poems, F-M
f.7 Drafts of poems, N-R
f.8 Drafts of poems, S-Z

14. Music From A Farther Room or Prufrock’s Peach (2005)

BOX 11
f.9 Draft of book, 2005. Contains the following poems: “In the Beginning”; “Talk”; “The End of the Evening”; “The Peach Itself”; “Disturbed Water”; “What’s in a name -1″; “She, Walking”; “What’s in a Name -2″; “In the Garden”; “Interior Dialogue”; “O Tempora, O Mores”; “The Excoriation”; “Mummy”; “Flying to Roger”; “Chez Roger”; “Gateway Dreams”; “The Objective Correlative”; “Getaway,” and “The Ascension”
f.10 Draft of book submitted to chapbook contest, 2001
f.11 Draft of book from 2002
f.12 Draft of book from 2002
f.13 Draft of book from 2002
f.14 Draft of book from 2002
f.15 Draft of book from 2002
f.16 Drafts of poems, A-H
f.17 Drafts of poems, I-Z

15. Magazine publications (arranged alphabetically by magazine title)

BOX 12
f.1 An Ear To The Ground: An Anthology, University of Georgia, n.d. (contains “Redlight”)
Antioch Review, Winter 1963-64 (contains “Winner Take Nothing”)
The Atlantic, Feb. 1949 (contains “For Any Two People”)
Beacon Hill News, Oct. 1979 (contains “Glad Rags”); Feb. 1982 (contains “To A Dead Friend”); April 1982 (contains “I walked in the park and saw the old”); April 1985 (contains “Possum” and “White Gloves”); Dec. 1985 (contains “The Way to the Bargain Basement” and “Street Floor”); undated issue (contains “The Premise”; “Show Window”; “Culling The Herd” and “The Overcoat”)
Boston, June 1966 (contains “Sailors Can’t Swim”); Sept. 1966 (contains “Boston, Key West, Boston”), and April 1968 (contains “In Lieu”)
f.2 Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, Nov. 23, 1969 (contains “Monkey Puzzle”)
Compass Rose, White Pines College, Chester NH, 1997 Vol. II No. 1 (contains “Sneakers”) and 2001 Vol. IV No. 1 (contains “Water”)
Country Journal, June 1993 (contains “Here”)
Dark Horse, Winter/Spring 1981 (contains “Sneakers”)
Encounter, Aug. 1971 (contains “The Match Girl”)
f.3 Green House, Summer 1977 (contains “Museum”); undated issue (contains “The Ball,” “Hugh,” “Myopia,” and “I Have Seen Two” (from The Fox)
Harper’s Magazine, Oct. 1955 (contains “It’s Your Ego But It’s My Id”); April 1956 (contains “If You Have An Appointment For April Break It”); Aug. 1956 (contains “Hey, Who Put This Hoofprint on the Counterpane?”) and Sept. 1997 (contains “The End and The Beginning”)
Holten, Holten High School, Danvers, MA, Feb. 1938 (contains the poems “Friends,” “My Heart Has A Song,” “Locket,” “Poor Business Man,” “Gypsy Song,” “One Sunday Afternoon,” “An Old Peasant Woman” and “On [sic] Old Peasant Man.”)
The Journal of Kentucky Studies, Sept. 1987 (contains “The Frogs,” “Painting Icons,” “Ecce Homo,” “Beals,” “K is for Kristos,” “Untitled,” “Little Jesus of San Miguel de Allende,” “Bread of Faith” and “The Sheerness.”) and Sept. 1991 (contains “Woodlore,” “Calf Love, An Idyll” and “Mysteries of Childhood.”)
f.4 The Little Magazine, Fall 1970 (contains “The Stag At Eve,” “The Feast” and “Mammy”) and Winter 1970-1971 (contains “Recessional”)
The Massachusetts Review, Fall 1959 (contains “Identification”) and Summer 1960 (contains “The Lobster Pound”)
Matrix, Aug. 1990 (contains “The Taking of the Herds”) and Sept. 1990 (contains “The Sure Way To Long Life and Happy Song”)
Michigan Quarterly Review, Spring 1966 (contains “Now That My West End Has Gone”)
f.5 The New-England Galaxy, Spring 1967 (contains “Finders Keepers”)
The New Renaissance, Fall 1968 (contains “No Vacancy” and “Always Young Girls Dream of Horses”) and Dec. 1969 (contains “Chemin-de-Fer”)
New York Herald Tribune, June 5, 1965 (contains “Ante Meridian”) and undated (mid-1960s) (contains “Penance”)
The New Yorker, March 12, 1960 (contains ” The Old Conjuror,” “Song For Lyres,” “The Monkey,” “Pêchez La Femme” and “Chansonnette”)
f.6 Padan Aram, March 1977 (contains “Tinker’s Dam)
Penumbra, Summer 1979 (contains “Giselle” and “The Light”) and 1983 (contains “Strawberry Hill”)
Poetry, June 1962 (contains “The Long Season”)
Prairie Schooner, Fall 1963 (contains “Cowardice makes A Conscience For Us All”)
f.7 Rivendell, Spring 2004 (contains “The Horribles Parade,” “Catgut,” “Sneakers,” “Art” and “Nets,” as well as a 17 page interview with Jean Pedrick and a two page essay by Elizabeth Knies entitled “Mondays At Skimmilk Farm”)
Rushlight, Wheaton College, May 1940 (contains “Immortals To Be”); March 1941 (contains “Query” and “Duet”), and Oct. 1942 (contains “Elegy” and “Earthbound”)
The Saturday Review of Literature, July 27, 1946 (contains “For What Were Hopyards Meant”)
Sojourner, June 1990 (contains “Head of Cattle”)
Southern Poetry Review, Spring 1989 (contains “Hospital Visitors”)
Stone Soup, June 1972 (contains “Easter Poem”)
f.8 United Church Herald, Aug. 1968 (contains “At The Carnival: Sandown, N.H.”); Christmas 1968 (contains “Open House For Angels”), and Aug. 1971 (contains “Intensive Care”)
Virginia Quarterly Review, Spring 1962 (contains “Going To Get May In” and “The Dead Boats”)
Wheaton College Alumnae Magazine, Aug. 1974 (contains “Hot Moon” and “Worm Moon”)
Women Poems, III, n.y. (contains “The Painter’s Devil and the Beach at Night”) and IV, n.y.(contains “her Admonitions”)
Women’s Review of Books, July 2000 (contains “The Seal” and “The Twin”)
f.9 Yankee, Sept. 1961 (contains “The Funeral Pyre For Shelley”); Oct. 1961 (contains “Salt Marsh Land”);Nov. 1961 (contains “Locks Laugh At Lovesmiths” and manuscript drafts); Dec. 1961 (contains “A Christmas Blessing”);March 1962 (contains “Lullaby”); April 1962 (contains “City People”); May 1962 (contains “Suicide”) and Sept. 1962 (contains “Telling Time By Night”)
f.10 Yankee, March 1963 (contains “The Fifth Season”); April 1963 (contains “The Plaster Venus de Milo”); May 1963 (contains “The Game”); June 1963 (contains “Amphibians”); Sept. 1963 (contains “For James Thurber”); Feb. 1964 (contains “Love is a Good Cook”) and April 1964 (contains “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”)
f.11 Yankee, Feb. 1965 (contains “Song”); March 1965 (contains “Riding Around”); May 1965 (contains “Before The Beginning of Words and Above Their Meaning”); July 1965 (contains “Measuring”); Aug. 1965 (contains “Painting Lesson”); Sept. 1965 (contains “Knowing”); Oct. 1965 (contains “These Leaves That Fall”); Jan. 1966 (contains “Welcome Sampler”); Sept. 1966 (contains “Relating”); April 1967 (contains “The Pilgrim”) and Oct. 1967 (contains “Minor Key”)
f.12 Yankee, Aug. 1968 (contains “The Young in Marblehead”); Nov. 1968 (contains “A Populace of Snow”); June 1970 (contains “Squatter’s Rights”); Nov. 1971 (contains “Credo”); April 1974 (contains “The Apple People”); July 1983 (contains “The Country House”); July 1986 (contains “Dies Irae”); Sept. 1987 (contains “The Isle I Love”); Nov. 1987 (contains “A Song of Thanks For Wooden Things”); April 1988 (contains “There You Are”); Jan. 1993 (contains “In The Picture”); Nov. 1994 (contains “Redoing The Little Hall For The Bicentennial Open House”) and undated issue Nov. 1987 (contains “Roots of Love”)

16. Individual poem drafts (arranged alphabetically by title)

BOX 12
f.13 “Across A Table”; “Ante Meridian”; “Boston, Key West, Boston”; “Chansonnette”; “Chemin-de-Fer” (6 drafts); “Cowardice Makes A Conscience For Us All”; “The Dead Beats”; “Easter Poem” and “Eight Poems: Painting Icons, Ecce Homo; Beals; K is For Kristos; untitled; The Little Jesus of San Miguel de Allende; Bread of Faith and The Sheerness”
f.14 “The Feast”; “Finders, Keepers”; “For Any Two People”; “For James Thurber”; “For What Were Hopyards Meant; “The Frogs” (3 copies); “Giselle”; “Going To get May In”; “Hey, Who Put This Hoofprint on the Counterpane?”; “Horn”; “Hospital Visitors”; “Identification”; “If You Have An Appointment For April Break It”; “In Lieu”; “Intensive Care” and “It’s Your Ego But It’s My Id”
f.15 “The Light”; “The Lobster Pound”; “Locks Laugh At Lovesmiths”; “The Long Season”; “Mammy”; “Monkey Puzzle”; “No Vacancy”; “Now That My West End is Gone”; “The Old Conjuror”; “Old Man: Ferris Greenslet”; “Open House For Angels” (also known as “Angels For Christmas”
f.16 “Pêchez La Femme”; “Penance” (3 copies); “The Pilgrim”; “Redlight”; “Recessional”; “Sailors Can’t Swim”; “The Seal”; “Song”; “The Stag At Eve”; “The Sure Way To Long Life and Happy Song”; “The Twin” and “Worm Moon”

B. Unpublished Poetry Books

1. Various (Juvenilia and Early Poems, 1950s-1960s)

BOX 12
f.17 Juvenilia: “Ambitions of A Small Town Girl”; “The Beggar”; “Conceit Ends Up in the Roasting Pan”; “Dear Eleanor, How Funny!!”; “The Discontented Scholar”; “Dreaming”;”Fiat Lux”; “The Flaming West”;”It Was A very Funny Thing”; “Memorial Day”; “Music ‘Round and ‘Round”; “My Puppy”; “Native Girl”; “Nephew’s Failure”; “The Null”; “A Poet Takes Something That’s Real Unromantic”; “Radio”; “Sworn Off”; “Tobogganning Party I and II”; “Trouble Enough”; “Twas The Night Before Christmas”; “The Vagabond”; “The Voice”‘ “Who”; “Winter is Coming” and two fragments.
f.18 “Old Poems ca. ’50′s” (letter from MCA Artists, Ltd, Agency dated April 21, 1958 included): “The Children Up in Marblehead”; “Christmas 1958″; “For Mac The Knife”; “Hanging Over”; “I am a foundling wrapped in pink”; “July”; “Love me, but lightly”; “Made in Japan”; “Sitting Up With A Sick Friend”; “The Torch Singer”; “The Very Last Poem About Herons”‘ “We told and scolded the kitty time and again,” and “Wool Gathering”
Poems from 1953 that Clementine Brown found in her attic and sent to Pedrick in 1980: “Farther Than The Forest”; “For A Young Widow”‘ “Song For Tomorrow”; “Tra La La” (by Enfield Winpoop) and “Retrisoect” (?)
BOX 13
f.1 The Costly Hours and Other Poems. Draft of book. Contains 40 poems, many that were published individually. Contents as follows:
Section I: The Costly Hours:
“Locks Laugh At Lovesmiths”; “It’s Your Ego But It’s My Id”; “Chansonnette”; “Hey, Who Put This Hoofprint on the Counterpane?”; “Solomon’s Song”; “If You Have An Appointment for April Break It”; “The Old Conjuror”; “You’re As Safe in Sodom As Home In Your Own Bed”; “Identification”; “Composed Lines Between Vienna and Budapest”; “The Costly Hours”; “A Song For Lyres, Liars”; “Reprise” and “Pêchez La Femme”
Section II: The Six Times of the Year:
“Let Us In April Have A Yellow Room”; “Going To Get May In”; “The New Year Is In Autumn, Followed By The Day of Atonement”; “Indian Summer”; “A Christmas Blessing” and “New Year’s”
Section III: Songs:
“Suicide”; “Melrose Street”; “The Witch”; “The Game”; “Farther Than The Forest”; “Emily Dickinson’s Garden”; “”Who Hears The Fishes When They Cry?”"; “Amphibians”; “The Lobster Pound”; “Ocean Avenue”; “For Any Two People”; “Three Penny Songs”; “Dead Boats”; “The Fifth Season” and “The Gypsies”
Section IV: The Losers:
“The Orphan”; “The Virgin”; “The Widow” and “The Artist”
f.2 The Costly Hours and Other Poems. Drafts of poems.
f.3 Individual poems, 1959-1963: “An Anthem Now”; “Bill”; “We take, that we go forward to life”‘ “The Carnival at Sandown”; “Coffee-Housing”; “The Commission”; “For The Sake Of, For The Want Of”: Gotterdämmerung”; “It’s a strange country”‘ “A Lady Hurrying”; “Measuring, Knowing, & Relating”; “Old Voices, New Songs”; “Poet’s Theatre”; “The Printer’s Devil and the Beach At Night”; “Stuart Hero, an old Sophomore”; “When Beggars Die”; “The Young The Arrogant The Fair”.
f.4 Poems (dated 1963): “The Aerial Act”; “After Such Incite, What Forgiveness”; “All That There Can Be A Man Shows Clear”; “Blue Eyes, Blue Skies”; “The Boarder”; “Broken Engagements”; “Confidence is a Passport”; “The Day My Dragon Went Dry” (also known as “On Top of It”); “De Profundis”: “Diagnosing”; “Die kluge Hühne gehen auch in Nestle”; “Doors”; “The Double Standard”; “The Fast Life of Near Starvation”; “The Feast”; “The Five O’Clock Man”; “A Fugue For Strings”; “A Golden Treasury”; “I Have No Bed”; “If I Write You A Love Song”; “Now that my West End is Gone”‘ “Old Man”; “Old Romantics Never Die; They Just Transfigure”; “Old Voice, New Songs”; “On Investing For Growth and Appreciation”; “Pictures Found in a Book”; “The Red Camellia”; “The Rendezvous”; “The Rule of Husband”; “The Sitting”; “The Spectrum”; “Squatters Rights”; “This Honor, Manhood”; “This is Idealization? I see”; “Under The Greenwood Tree”‘ “Vor seiner Tür ein Bäuerlein sass”
f.5 Assorted Duplicate Poems, 1960s – “Old Potential Retrievables”, A-O: “At The Lab”; “The Belt”; “Blue”; “Calling Home”; “Clowning”; “The Country House”; “Dependency”; “Egon Schiele, When”; “For A Cure of Souls”; “For The Sake Of”; “Foreshadow”; “Freds”; “A Fugue For Strings”: “Hanging Up”; “Harvard Square: Impressions”; “The Hauntings”; “Heldenleben (Hero Life); “How Many Miles From Boston-Town?”; “I call to remembrance my song”; “Juice”; “Kiss My Hand”; “Letter To Nancy in Tucson”; “Man-Made Objects and the Works of the Lord”; “A Matter of Life and Death”; “Nyhavn” and “Of Havilland and Lilac”
f.6 Assorted Duplicate Poems, 1960s – “Old Potential Retrievables”, P-Z: “The Printer’s Devil and the Beach at Night”; “Promenade”; “Railing Toward Byzantium”; “Red”; “Rubaiyat I”; “Rubaiyat II”; “Rubens, Two Satyrs”; “The Runaways”; “Silverball”; “Sling Shot”; “Time”; “To Jean Pedrick On The Occasion of her Birthday”; “The Tower”; “Tuesday Grease”; “Under The Greenwood Tree”; “Variations”; “Walpurgisnacht”; “Where Are The Boys”; “Who Giveth This Woman?”; “The Working Cat (for Blackberry)”; “The Worming” and “Yellow”

2. The Book of Nines (1960s)

BOX 13
f.7 Draft of section 1: Summer Boarders: “Diagram”; “Kennebunkport”; “The Ferryman”; “Creatures: Gulls”; “Creatures: Starfish”; “Migraine”; “Learning To Dive From Dick Sawyer”; “Visitations”; “The Catch” and “Kerosene.”
Another draft of same.
f.8 Drafts of poems for The Book of Nines: “Another Place”; “The Babies”;”The Babies II”; “The Bones of Little Boys”; “The Catch”; “Closed Coffins”; “Diagram”; “Disappearing Rings”; “The Dream”; “Fabliaux”; “Growing Apart”; “Hotel Tivoli”; “How To Have a Crush”; “Kerosene”; “The Leper Colony”; “Looking At Life”; “Nines”; “Kennebunkport”; “Sneakers”; “Sophomere I”; “Sophomore II”; “Soughs By The Bank”; “Three”; “Toying”; “Visitations”; “The Watershed” and “Winter in Vienna”
Another draft of same.

3. Flower Safety (1960s)

f.9 Draft of book. Contains the following poems: “Adultery”; “The Aerial Act”; “The Bridge of Dreams”; “Carnival”; “Cherry-Ripe”; “Clowning”; “Connection”; “A Correspondence of Smoke”; “Creation of Man”; “The Dead Princess Sings”; “Dear If I Wake”; “Dedication”; “Die kluge Hãhne gehen auch in Nestle”; “The Double Standard”; “A Dream of Wisdoms”; “Dream, spend, release. I am your ease”; “The Expulsion”; “The Fast Life of Near Starvation”; “The Five O’Clock Man”; “The Haunted Fens of Love”; “Hes”; “I Have Your Portrait Painted Twice”; “The Last Bastion”; “Love, I’m so sick of shame”; “Loving and Being/Being and Becoming”; “The Madhouse Passion”; “Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Tua Maxima Culpa”; “The Productive Kind”; “Reverence For Life”; “The Rule of Husband”; “Shes”; “Sometimes I wonder if you have been waiting”; “Song”; “Strange Bedfellows”; “Strange Gatherings”; “Tension is anyway a Tie”; “Thirty-Nine”; “Valour is the Better Part of Discretion”; “Your Name”
f.10 Another draft of book. This version contains these additional poems: “A Birthday Card”; “A Birthday Party”; “Coque d’Or”; “If I Write You A Love Song”; “If I Write and You Don’t Answer, I Must Write Another Way”; “Listen, they are playing our song”; “Making”; “The Rendezvous”; “Sauve Qui Peut”; “Stone Down The Poems From My Trees”; “This Honor, Manhood” and “Two Very Oral Songs”
but omits “A Correspondence of Smoke”; “Dedication”; “The Double Standard”; “The Five O’Clock Man” and “The Rule of Husband”
Includes copies of letters written by Pedrick to “Bud” (Alfred Nash Patterson) found with the manuscript. Originals are with correspondence above.
f.11 Typescript of book. This version contains the additional poems; “Hosanna I Build A House”; “Intellect Emotion Hunger”; “Love, I have tempted you to no evil”; “Sex After Death”; ” “Vernal Equinox”; “What a funny club-house”; “When I can say”

4. Love No Medicine (1968?) (early version of In The New Dark and The Old Conjuror)

f.12 Mss. draft of complete book. Contains the following poems: “Magic: The Old Conjuror”; “Song for Lyres”; “The Monkey”; “Pêchez La Femme”; “Chansonette”; “If You Have an Appointment for April Break It”; “Locks Laugh At Lovesmiths”; “Hey, Who Put this Hoofprint”; “It’s Your Ego but It’s My Id”; “Identification”; “Railing Towards Byzantium”; “Reprise”; “For Any Two People”; “Old Man”; “Primary Triad: Red”; “Yellow”; “Blue”; “Lie-Low: A Baedeker”; “Harvard Square”; “Who Hears the Fishes When They Cry?”; “The Quiet Man”; “Egon Schiele, When”; “The Plaster Venus de Milo”; “The Game”; “Boston, Key West, Boston”; “The Carnival”; “Silverball”; “Winner Take Nothing”; “The Long Season”; “For James Thurber”; “A Fugue for Strings”; “Exorcism”; “The Song of Harlow’s Macaque”; “The Printer’s Devil and the Beach at Night”; “Vernal Equinox”; “A Song in a Gale”; “Look, Love”; “Old Romantics Never Die”; “Hosanna I Will Build A House”; “Recessional”; “The Feast”; “Now That My West End is Gone”; “De Profundis”; “I Have No Bed” and “On Top Of It”
f.13 Incomplete draft of book with emendations
f.14 Incomplete draft with some revisions that lead towards later versions of the book: Revises table of contents as follows: organizes the first 12 poems into a section titled “Magic,” renames “Primary Triad” as “A Red Camellia,” “Yellow Flowers,” and “Blue-eyes,” changes “Old Romantics Never Die” to “Transfiguration,” “The Carnival” to “At the Carnival: Sandown, N.H.” and “I Have No Bed” to “Central Park.” Missing “Yellow Flowers,” “The Quiet Man,” “A Fugue for Strings,” and “Look, Love”
f.15 Drafts of individual poems

5. In The New Dark (1969)

BOX 14
f.1 Typescript of book, dedicated to William Meredith. Contains the following poems:
Section I. Silverball:
“For Any Two People”; “At The Carnival: Sandown, N.H.”; “The Game”; “The Song of Harlow’s Macaque”; “Gauloises”; “Winner Take Nothing”; “A Song in a Gale”; “Silverball.”
Section II. Lives:
“Old Man: Ferris Greenslet”; “The Printer’s Devil And The Beach At Night”; “Egon Schiele, When”; “Catherine of Russia”; “For James Thurber”; “The Annunciation”; “Ludwig the Virtuous”; “Chemin-de-Fer.”
Section III. Magic:
“The Old Conjuror”; “Song For Lyres”; “Transference is a Happy Place”; “Pêchez La Femme”; “Chansonette”; “If You Have An Appointment For April Break It”; “Locks Laugh At Lovesmiths”; “Hey, Who Put This Hoofprint on the Counterpane?”; “Reprise”; “Identification”; “The Vocation.”
Section IV. In The New Dark:
“To A Young Rooster”; “Birds of Passage”; “Rats”; “Always Young Girls Dream of Horses”; “No Vacancy”; “Now That My West End is Gone”; “The First Symptom is the Cold”; “Mammy”; “Intensive Care”; “Recessional”; “The Feast”; “In Lieu”; “In The New Dark.”
f.2 Another typescript copy of above.
f.3 Carbon copy of earlier draft of book. Slightly different contents from above. Includes “Tod und Verklärung” and omits “Mammy” and “Intensive Care.”
f.4 Drafts of individual poems, A-E and of the table of contents
f.5 Drafts of individual poems, F-O
f.6 Drafts of individual poems, P-Z

BOX 14
f.7 Draft of book under the title Silverball with different contents and different order from above. Has some handwritten changes. Includes “Lie-Low: A Baedeker”; “Transfiguration”; “Harvard Square”; “Exorcism”; “De Profundis”; “Central Park”; “On Top Of It”; “Vernal Equinox”; “Hosanna I Will Build A House”; “Blue-Eyes” and “Chinoiserie”
and omits “Gauloises,” “The Annunciation,” “Chemin-de-Fer,” “The Old Conjuror”; “Song For Lyres”; “Transference is a Happy Place”; “Chansonette”; “If You Have An Appointment For April Break It”; “Locks Laugh At Lovesmiths”; “The Vocation”; “To A Young Rooster”; “Birds of Passage”; “Always Young Girls Dream of Horses”; “No Vacancy”; “The First Symptom is the Cold”; “Mammy”; “Intensive Care”; “In Lieu” and “In The New Dark.”
The poem “Rats” is here titled “The Second Society”
f.8 Earlier draft of above.
f.9 Partial draft of above.
f.10 Partial draft of above.
f.11 Drafts of some poems for Silverball: “Chinoiserie” (called “In A Dish Garden” in these drafts); “Ludwig The Virtuous”; “Now That My West Has Gone”; “Old Man”; “The Second Society”; “A Song in a Gale” and “The Song of Harlow’s Macaque”

6. Untitled Book

f.12 Mss. draft of untitled book sent to an unidentified reader or publisher. Mostly contains poems from The Costly Hours, In The New Dark and The Old Conjuror period, but also includes the poems “The Children Play a Lawn Game of Statues,” and “Suffer The Children”

7. A Requiem For Mutation (1969?)

f.13 Draft of early version of what became “Choruses From A Requiem for Changes” in The Old Conjuror. Contains the following poems: “Blessed Are They That Mourn”; “Who goeth forth and weepeth shall return and bring his sheaves with him”; “behold, all flesh is as the grass”; “See How the Husbandman Waiteth”; “Lord, make me to Know, the Measure of my Days”; “verily mankind walketh in a vain show”; “He heapeth up riches, and cannot tell who shall gather them”; “How lovely is thy dwelling place, o Lord of Hosts!”; “My Soul and Body Crieth Out, Yea for the living God”; “Here on earth have we no continuing place”; “We shall All be Changed,” and “Blessed are the Dead”

8. Seven Times of the Year (1969?)

f.14 Draft of early version of what became The Old Conjuror. Contains a heavily revised work-in-progress table of contents and drafts of the following poems: “Alarum by Clock Radio”; “A Bestiary Song”; “The Dead Boats”; “Emily Dickinson’s Garden”; “The Fifth Season”; “For What Were Hopyards Meant”; Going To Get May In”; “The Gypsy’s Purchase”; “The Lobster Pound”; “Lullaby”; “Melrose St.”; “Midway”; “The New Year Is In Autumn, Followed By The Day of Atonement”; “New Year’s”; “Ocean Avenue”; “The Plaster Venus de Milo”; “Portrait of a Smile”; “Three Penny Songs: 1. Moritat 2. Jenny’s Song 3. Man is not Bad Enough”; “Settlement”; “To a Big Wheel,” and “Who Hears the Fishes When They Cry?”

9. The Old Conjuror (1969)

f.15 Mss. draft of complete book. Contains the following poems:
Section I: Seven Times of the Year:
“Let Us In April Have A Yellow Room”; “Going To Get May In”; “The New Year Is In Autumn, Followed By The Day of Atonement”; “The Salt Marsh Land”; “Indian Summer”; “A Christmas Blessing” and “New Year’s”
Section II: Choruses From A Requiem for Changes:
“Who goeth forth and weepeth shall return and bring his sheaves with him”; “behold, all flesh is as the grass”; “verily mankind walketh in a vain show”; “He heapeth up riches, and cannot tell who shall gather them”; “How lovely is thy dwelling place, o Lord of Hosts!”; “Here on earth have we no continuing place”
Section III: Songs and Sad Stories:
“The Plaster Venus de Milo”; “Suicide”; “For What Were Hopyards Meant”; “Midway”: “Melrose Street”; “The Witch”; “The Game”; “The Funeral Pyre”; “Emily Dickinson’s Garden”; “Who Hears the Fishes When They Cry?”; “Amphibians”; “The Lobster Pound”; “Ocean Avenue”; “For Any Two People”; “Ante Meridian”; “Telling Time By Night”; “Sailors Can’t Swim”; “Three Penny Songs: 1. Moritat 2. Jenny’s Song 3. Man is not Bad Enough”; “Lullaby”; “The Dead Boats”; “The Fifth Season”; “Settlement”; “To a Big Wheel”; “A Bestiary Song”; “The Libertine”; “Alarum by Clock Radio”; “The Gypsy’s Purchase”; “The Long Season”; “A Dried Arrangement”; “Love is a Good Cook”; “Wingy”; “French Leave”
Section IV: The Old Conjuror:
“The Old Conjuror”; “Never Let Me Go”; “Magdalene’s Song”; “Locks Laugh At Lovesmiths”; “It’s Your Ego but It’s My Id”; “Hey, Who Put this Hoofprint on the Counterpane?”; “Solomon’s Song”; “If You Have an Appointment for April Break It”; “You’re as Safe in Sodom as Home in Your Own Bed”; “Identification”; “Transference is a Happy Place”; “A Song for Lyres, Liars”; “Composed Lines between Vienna and Budapest”; “Homesickness”; “The Vocation”; “Reprise”; “Pêchez La Femme”; “Chansonette”
Section V: The Losers:
“The Orphan”; “The Virgin”; “The Widow” and “The Artist”
f.16 Shorter draft of book. Contains only four sections with the following titles:
I: The Old Conjuror; II: Choruses from a Requiem for the Changed; III: Cheap Songs, Sad Tales, and Drumrolls for a Naked Lady, and IV: The Losers
BOX 15
f.1 The Old Conjuror: Incomplete draft of book
f.2 The Old Conjuror: Drafts of miscellaneous poems

10. No Vacancy (1971)

f.3 No Vacancy: Draft of book submitted to Northeastern University for its poetry series. Contains the following poems: “For Any Two People”; “At The Carnival: Sandown, N.H.”; “The Game”; “Pêchez La Femme”; “Identification”; “A Song In A Gale”; “For James Thurber”; “Always Young Girls Dream of Horses”; “Monkey Puzzle”; “Rats”; “Intensive Care”; “Now That My West End is Gone”; “The Feast”; “Chemin-de-Fer”; “Mammy”; “Time”; “In The New Dark” and “No Vacancy.” Carbon copy of same.

11. The Fox (1979)

f.4 The Fox: Drafts of chapbook. Contains the following poems: “The Ball”; “Enter The Terrier”; “‘Gone Away’”; “Gone To Ground”; “Hugh”; “Hunt Breakfast”; “Hunter’s Mass”; “I Have Seen Two”; “The Kill”; “Myopia”; “Stirrup Cup”; “Now That My West End is Gone”; “The Feast”; “Chemin-de-Fer”; “Mammy”; “Time”; “In The New Dark” and “No Vacancy” (some of these poems appeared in Green House)
Carbon copy of same.

12. Saints Continued (ca. 1980)

f.5 Saints Continued: Draft of various poems not included in Saints published in 1980. Includes: “Little Slippers of Saint Barbara”;”Saint Uncumber”; “St. Brigid: Miracel of Cloth”; “SS. Agatha and Lucy”; “The Siblings: SS. Walburga, Willibald and Winebald” and “Ursula”

13. Sequences (1984-1987)

BOX 15
f.6 Sequences: Draft of book submitted to the University of Wisconsin Press for consideration for publication. Includes seven sections, or sequences:
Section I: The Fox:
“Hunter’s Mass”; “Stirrup Cup”; “‘Gone Away’”; “Enter The Terrier”; “Gone To Ground”; “The Kill”; “Hunt Breakfast”; “The Ball”; “Hugh”; “Myopia” and “I Have Seen Two”
Section II: Come To The Glorious Fourth (An American Love Song):
“On The Village Green”; “Baby Parade”; “Color Guard”; “Proud Father”; “Bonfire”; “O Avid Love”; “Cotton Candy Lady”; “Midway: Thirteen”; “Not For Money, Not For Love”‘; “Lawn Party”; “”Roman Candle”; “What So Proudly…” and “American Love Song”
Section III: Isthmus:
“Hotel Tivoli”; “Pride of Barbados”; “Honeymoon Flowers”; “Bill Bailey”; “The Leper Colony”; “Sketches”; “Revolutions”; “Banana Aristocracy”; “Steam Shovel Aristocracy”; “Caramel Wind”; “At The Cockfights”; “Looking At Life”; “Goodbye Anita Heary”; “Black Christ, Portobello”
Section IV: Deaf Poems:
“Earbox”; “Softshoe”; “Lines”; “Rattler”; “Music of the Spheres” and “The Aviary”
Section V: “Downtown”:
“Great Stores”; “Show Window”; “Street Floor”; “White Gloves”; “The Way To The Bargain Basement”; “The Overcoat”; “O, Ladies”
Section VI: “The Inlet”:
“Prologue”; “Tree of Death”; “The Body”; “Waking”; “Death Scene”; “At The Harem”; “Devices”; “Mortal Remains”; “Grief”; “Up At The Ruins”; “May Round”; “Accrual”; “The Lightening”; “Letting Go”; “The Inlet”; “There You Are” and “In Praise of the Lord”
Section VII: “Danube”:
“Ovid: The Danube Delta”; “Heroes’ Square: The Balkans”; “The Eye of Potemkin”; “Babakai Rock”; “Power and Money in Buda”; Heroes’ Square: Budapest”; For All the Souls of the Artists”; “October, Fog, The Vienna Woods”; “At The Albertina”
f.7 Sequences: Draft of book whose table of contents indicates seven sections, but missing most of the sixth section “The Inlet” and all of the seventh, “Danube”
f.8 Sequences: Proof draft of book with pencilled corrections. Has five sections, but in a different order than above, as follows:
The Fox: (contents as above); Deaf Poems: (contents as above); Come To The Glorious Fourth (An American Love Song) (The following poems are also included: “An Ordinary Quiet Town Except For The Glorious Fourth”; “Games of Chance”; “Rides” and “Cotillion” (this last changed in pencil to “Lawn Party”); “On The Green” is changed to “On The Village Green”); Isthmus: (contents as above, except includes “For Tenderhearts,” amended to be the second part of “At The Cockfights” and adds the poems “Telling Time in the Bush” and “Barro Colorado”) and Downtown (contents as above with the addition of the following poems: “Possum”; “The Premise”; “Culling The Herd”; “Gallstones” and “Gold Lamé”)
f.9 Sequences: Clean copy of above draft of book but with reordered sections as follows: The Fox:; Come To The Glorious Fourth (An American Love Song); Deaf Poems, Isthmus, and Downtown
f.10 Sequences: Draft of book (now retitled 4 Sequences). Contains a preface and the following four sections: The Fox (contents as above); Deaf Poems (contents as above); Come To The Glorious Fourth (An American Love Song) (contents as above) and Isthmus (contents as above, except the following poems are added: “Transisthmian Highway”; “Wild Canaries”; “Our Oldest Child” and “Carnival, Caranavalito”)
f.11 Sequences: Draft of book (retitled 4 Sequences) submitted to Swallow’s Tale Press in 1984. As above except omits “Transisthmian Highway”; “Wild Canaries”; “Our Oldest Child” and “Carnival, Caranavalito” from the fourth section “Isthmus”
f.12 Sequences: Draft of book with four sections: The Fox; Come To The Glorious Fourth (An American Love Song); Deaf Poems and Downtown
f.13 Sequences: Draft of book (now retitled Great Stores) submitted to the University of Massachusetts Press for consideration for publication in 1986. Includes first five sequences of f.8 above.
f.14 Miscellaneous drafts of material for Sequences, including drafts of the section Deaf Poems, the preface Of Sequences and the table of contents
f.15 Multiple drafts of the section Isthmus for Sequences
f.16 Multiple drafts of the section Downtown for Sequences
f.17 Draft of The Inlet sent to Jean Burden at Yankee Magazine, March 18, 1987: Contains the poems: “Prologue”; “Tree of Death”; “The Body”; “Waking”; “Death Scene”; “At The Harem”; “Devices”; “Mortal Remains”; “Grief”; “Up At The Ruins”; “May Round”; “Accrual”; “The Lightening”; “Letting Go”; “The Inlet”; “There You Are” and “In Praise of the Lord”
BOX 16
f.1 Drafts of The Inlet. Contain additional poems “Dead and Gone”; “The Rage” and “Easements of Travel”
f.2 Drafts of The Inlet. These omit the three new poems above and “In Praise of the Lord”
f.3 Drafts of individual poems for The Inlet
f.4 Dead and Gone: Early version of The Inlet. Draft of book containing the following poems: “Accrual”; “At The Harem”; “The Body”; “Dead and Gone”; “Death Scene”; “Devices”; “Easements of Travel”; “Grief”; “In Praise of the Lord”; “The Inlet”; Letting Go”; “May Round”; “Moonlight Behind You”; “Mortal Remains”; “The Rage”; “There You Are”; “Up At The Ruins” and “Waking”
f.5 Dead and Gone: Earlier drafts of book
f.6 Dead and Gone: Drafts of individual poems
f.7 Multiple drafts of the section Danube for Sequences. Includes the poem “To The Ladies of Vienna”
f.8 Miscellaneous drafts of poems that appear in Sequences, arranged alphabetically

14. To The Ladies of Vienna (1987)

f.9 To The Ladies of Vienna (1987): Draft of book submitted to the University of Iowa Press for consideration for the Iowa Poetry Prize. Contains the following sections: “Salt”; “Ice King”; “Danube” and “The Inlet.” Pedrick published the poem “To The Ladies of Vienna” the following year as a chapbook.
f.10 To The Ladies of Vienna: Draft of Ice King submitted to Michael Cuddihy in Sept. 1987 for publication consideration as either a chapbook or for Ironwood magazine.
f.11 To The Ladies of Vienna: Drafts of two sections Salt and Danube

15. Waking (1988)

f.12 Waking (1988): Draft of book, signed mss. Contains the following poems: “And You Walk”; “Tree of Death”; “The Body”; “Waking”; “Death Scene”; “At the Harem”; “Devices”; “Mortal Remains”; “Grief”; “Accrual”; “The Lightening”; “Letting Go”; “The Inlet”; “There You Are”; “Ice King”; “Ovid: The Danube Delta”; “The Eye of Potemkin”; “At the Albertina”; “To The Ladies of Vienna”; “The Way It Really Was in the Garden of Eden”; “The Frogs”; “Painting Icons”; “Ecce Homo”; “Beals”; “Untitled”; “The Little Jesus of San Miguel de Allende”; “Bread of Faith”; “The Sheerness”; “Exposure”; “Trinities” and “Who”
f.13 Waking (1988): Draft of book. Contents as above.
f.14 Waking (1988): Draft of book as above.
f.15 Waking (1988): Draft of book with some slight pencilled changes.
f.16 Waking (1988): Draft of book submitted to the Alabama Poetry Series at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa with letter of rejection
BOX 17
f.1 Waking (1988): Draft of book submitted to The Bluestem Awards at Emporia State University, Emporia, KS with letter of rejection, undated
f.2 Waking (1988): Draft of book submitted to University of Georgia Press with letter of rejection, dated February 1989
f.3 Waking (1988): Draft of book submitted to the University of Iowa Press with letter of rejection, dated June 1988

16. Pastoral (1989)

f.4 Pastoral: Draft of book. Contains the following poems: “Prologue: Dictionary Games”; “Aubade”; “Myself, At Least”; “Woodlore”; “Head of Cattle”; “The Taking of the Herds”; “Here”; “Calf Love: An Idyll”; “Waterwheel”; “Some Characteristics, Kind and Names of Neat Stock”; “Hayshakers”; “Mysteries of Childhood”; “The Flower Farm Cow”; “Pastoral”
Another copy of above
f.5 Pastoral: Earlier draft of book omitting “Calf Love: An Idyll” and replacing it with “Mysteries of Childhood” placed after “The Taking of the Herds”
Another draft with both “Calf Love: An Idyll” and “Mysteries of Childhood” included and with handwritten notes and comments
f.6 Pastoral: Drafts of poems included in the book, arranged alphabetically. Also contains some drafts of poems not included in book: “The Big Pumpkin”; “Fun in Syracuse” and “To the Dead”

17. Landscape With River and Cows (1989)

BOX 17
f.7 Landscape With River and Cows (earlier (?) draft of Pastoral): Draft of book. Contains all the poems in that version plus the following poems: “Hugh”; “Strawberry Hill”; “Agricola”; and “Learn to Do Well” and as a second section the long pastoral poem “The River” (see below)
f.8 Landscape With River and Cows: Draft of book
f.9 Landscape With River and Cows: Draft of book
f.10 Landscape With River and Cows: Partial draft of book and drafts of some of the poems, including “Strawberry Hill”; “Learn to Do Well”; “Some Characteristics, Kind and Names of Neat Stock” and “The Flower Farm Cow”

18. Black Umbrellas, Red Umbrella (1992)

f.11 Black Umbrellas, Red Umbrella: Two versions of small booklet (6 x 6″) of this poem that appeared originally in the chapbook Mitteleuropa; paste-up for booklet

19. The River (1993)

f.12 The River: Draft submitted to Pig Iron Press
f.13 The River: Draft submitted to The New Yorker
f.14 The River: Drafts of poem

20. New Spring Jacket (1994)

f.15 New Spring Jacket: Drafts of poem and copies submitted to Mediphors, a literary journal of the health professions

21. Still Lives (1994)

f.16 Still Lives: Draft of book. Contains the following poems: “I. Something happened, some discovery”; “II. In a Grimalkin’s Castle of the mind”; “III. He got one, the woman”; “IV. At the ball at Grimalkin’s Castle”; “V. Glass, crock, and iron molds”; “VI. The ball didn’t go as planned. When do they ever?”; “VII. A gold and glass clock in which”; “VIII. Edo brought people, too, but rarely”; “IX. Life at Grimalkin’s is greatly enlarged by outdoor fêtes”; “X. Edo, overted, went for pink things”; “XI. “We know this place–”Justin said”; “XII. The game at Grimalkin’s in summer is croquet”; “XIII. Edo brings a mahogany box”; “XIV. The warehouse gang came calling”; “XV. Edo put up draperies”; “XVI. On Midsummer Night the one in red was seen plain”; XVII. “Edo loved mirrors, preferably gold”; “XVIII. Now the breath-stopping time to pack them off to spa”; “XIX. Chased, with garlands, a silver salver”; “XX. Another Glass Night up at Grimalkin’s Castle”; “XXI. A beaded enigma”; “XXII. Jane went on Starwalk”; “XXIII. All Hallows’, he was as determined as ever, would exceed”; “XXIV. In the interests of light: a bronze base”; “XXV. Sometimes, oddly, Edo would see”; “XXVI. Grimalkin sits in the study in the afternoon”; “XXVII. Who is this woman” and “XXVIII. They come, as they come to know, Grimalkin’s circle”
f.17 Still Lives: Draft of book
f.18 Still Lives: Draft of book
f.19 Still Lives: Draft of book
BOX 18
f.1 Still Lives: Draft of book
f.2 Still Lives: Draft of book with comments made by Marie Harris, Diane and Charlie
f.3 Still Lives: Draft of book with comments made by Grace Mattern
f.4 Still Lives: Draft of book with comments made by Kay Divant
f.5 Still Lives: Draft of book with comments made by Mimi White
BOX 18
f.6 Still Lives: Draft of book with pencilled changes
f.7 Still Lives: Early draft of book
f.8 Still Lives: Drafts of individual poems

22. A Book for Del and Win (1996)

f.9 A Book for Del and Win: Booklet prepared for the 50th wedding anniversary of Margaret Adelle Cogswell Brebner (“Del”) and Winston Prescott Brebner (“Win”) on April 19, 1996

23. Family Matters (1996)

f.10 Family Matters: Draft of book. Contains the following poems in three sections – “Ice King”; “Beach Light”, and “Tiffany Nights”.
Under “Ice King” are the following: 1. The Accidental Child; 2. [note]; 3. First Dwarf Song; 4. Refraction; 5. Second Dwarf Song; 6. [note]; 7. Da; 8. Third Dwarf Song; 9. [note]; 10. The Proselyte; 11. Fourth Dwarf Song; 12. [note]; 13. Herringbone; 14. Fifth Dwarf Song; 15. [note]; 16. Father Refracted; 17. Sixth Dwarf Song; 18. [note]; 19. Gentlemen Callers; 20. Last Dwarf Song; 21. [note]; 22. Bells of York.
Under “Beach Light” are the following: My Father’s Harbor; Landlocked; Certain Mornings; The Castlemakers; The Healing Strand; Fog at Long Sands; For a Man Actually Named Bill Bailey; The Day at the Beach; [The Breakfast Crowd at Dunkin Donuts - missing];Of Salt; The Strip; Drowning in Wisdom; Bailing Song; Shelling; The Glass Hunters, and Let Me Be (Let Me Go [sic] in the Table of Contents)
Under “Tiffany Nights” are the following: 1. Its top resembling the clôche hat she wore; 2. When you move house; 3. “Are you afraid of the dark?”; 4. Sometimes at the beach; 5. In the next house, I slept with my father’s books; 6. Always, in love, however many times; 7. Some mornings at the ‘Port we were allowed; 8. In the trollings of the night; 9. Now when we get together; 10. Eastport to Block Island; 11. Mother, is it from you I learned; 12. On a dark day the lamp is like
f.11 Family Matters: Another draft. This one contains “The Breakfast Crowd at Dunkin Donuts”
f.12 Family Matters: Draft of book (missing “The Breakfast Crowd at Dunkin Donuts”) submitted to Bluestem Press, with letter of rejection dated May 28, 1996
f.13 Family Matters: Draft of book (with “The Breakfast Crowd at Dunkin Donuts”) submitted to Graywolf Press, with letter of rejection dated December 10, 1996
f.14 Family Matters: Drafts of poem “Glass Hunters”
f.15 Family Matters: Three drafts of Ice King section of book
f.16 Family Matters: Early draft of Ice King section of book
f.17 Family Matters: Drafts of individual poems for Ice King section of book, A-F
f.18 Family Matters: Drafts of individual poems for Ice King section of book, G-P
BOX 19
f.1 Family Matters: Drafts of individual poems for Ice King section of book, R-Y
f.2 Family Matters: Four drafts of Tiffany Nights section of book
f.3 Family Matters: drafts of poems for Tiffany Nights section of book

24. Short Poems (1997)

f.4 Short Poems: Privately printed booklet and drafts. Contains “The Wedding Planter”; “Bad Ends”; “My Remedies”; “St. Patrick”; “Devices”; “There You Are”; “Not For Money”; “O Avid Love”; “All About Adam”; “The Orphans of Romania” and “For the Questions”

25. Salt For Welcome (1998)

f.5 Salt For Welcome (later version of Family Matters): draft submitted to State Street Press and letter of rejection. Contains three sections – “Ice King”; “Tiffany Nights” and “Beach Light” – as above (Box 18 f.5)

26. Falling Off The Roof (1998)

f.6 Falling Off The Roof: Homemade booklet (“jpfecit”)with text and photographs. Photocopy of same

27. The Winding (1998)

f.7 The Winding : Homemade chapbook (“jpfecit”), five copies, each different and “1 of 1″ with text and photographs. Draft and paste-up for same.

28. Easter Animals (1999)

f.8 Easter Animals: Homemade chapbook, three copies, each different and “1 of 1″ with text and decorations by Pedrick. Drafts and paste-up for same. In an edition of six

29. Tiffany Nights (1999)

f.9 Tiffany Nights : Homemade chapbook (“jpfecit”), two copies, with text and photographs. In an edition of six.

30. A Pair of Boots (2000)

f.10 A Pair of Boots : Homemade booklet, two copies and drafts.

31. Me and Galahad (2005)

f.11 Me and Galahad : various drafts

32. Base (undated)

f.12 Base: Contains drafts of the following poems: “Death in America”; “Salt”; “Sour”: “Sweet”; “Smith”; “The Shoot”; “Wood I”; “Wood II” and “Wood III”

33. Calendar (undated)

f.13 Calendar: Contains drafts of the following poems: “New Year’s Eve”; “St. Valentine’s Day”: “Ides of March”; “April Fool’s Day”; “May Day”; “Father’s Day”; “July 4″; “August 5″; “Labor Day”; “Hallowe’en”; “Thanksgiving” and “December 25″

34. Daring Hero (undated)

f.14 Daring Hero: Multiple drafts of the poem and cover and also “Daring Hero: The Sequel.” May have been intended as a booklet.

35. The Meat Weirs (undated)

f.15 The Meat Weirs: Multiple drafts of poems. Contains “Balls”; “Biggirl”; “Cold Grease”; “Don Juan in Boston”; “A Dream of Real and Present Danger”; “Gay”; “The Girls”; “Hang”; “Juice”; “Lonely Christmas”; “Low Tide in the Stinking Flats”; “Nubility”; “The Problem” and “Variations”

C. Individual unpublished poems, arranged alphabetically

BOX 20
f.1 Individual poems, A-Al: “About Beauty”; “About Leos”; “Activity”; “Ad Interim Report”; “The Advent”; “After A Close One”; “After Many Deaths in the Family in Quick Succession”; “After Near Death”; “After Such Pleasures”; “After Wedge”; Afternoon”; “Aggregate Druplets” (with “Nonsequitur for Rhymesters”); “Alas, the clean lady is coming”; “Alchemy”; “All Hallow’s Eve”; “All I know” (with “To Edvard Munch” and “Annus Mirabile”); “All in smoke, I’m settling in”; “All Soul’s Eve,” and “Alloy of Bronze and Man”
f.2 Individual poems, Am:”Amaryllis”; “America On Trial”; “An American Anatomy”; “Amphibian,” and “Amy”
f.3 Individual poems, An: “And all your beauty no more use shall have”; “And I”; “And in the silence see”; “And O, the amiable Irishman”; “And Then The Windows Failed”; “And what Christians they made”; “Anemia”; “Anne Sexton’s lover’s wife”; “Anna Speaks”; “Anne”; “Anniversary”; “Another Martian”; “Anthropology”; “The ants pick up and take home their dead,” and “Anywhere south”
f.4 Individual poems, Ap-Aw:”Apiary Behivior (sic)”; “Apprentice System”; “Ars Poetica”; “Art Cold”; “Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section”; “Artifacts”; “As much niacin as six sardines/for Mental Health”; “As though delineated from within”; “Ashes”; “At Night; “At Play Along the Ess Curves”; “At The Crayon Factory”; “At the Crystal ballroom”;”; “At The Love Shack, Redhook, St. Thomas”; “At The Stranger’s Club”; “August 1971, Salem, New Hampshire”; “Aviaries,” and “Awakening”
f.5 Individual poems, Ba-Be: “B is for Black Jacks”; “The Baby of the Family”; “Bag-flanked Old Girl”; “The Bamboo Library”; “Baptisms”; “Based”; “A Baystate Upbringing”; “The Beautiful Schizoids”; “A bedraggle of burnooses in a puddle”; “Before I Go”; “The Bell Buoy”; “The Beloved”; “The Beloved Returns”; “The Better Halves”; “Between A Rock and A Hard Place,” and “between us” (a fragment)
f.6 Individual poems, Bi-Bl: “Big”; “Binary System”; “Biographical Note”; “Birds Are”; “A Birthday Poem”; “Bits and Pieces About Luther”; “The Blank Stare”; “Bloomers”; “Blow Him Out & in”; “Blue Girls”; “Blue Police Light in Brookline”; “The Blush,” and “Blythe spirit”
f.7 Individual poems, Bo-By: “The Boarder”; “Boat people”; “Bodies remember anniversaries”; “Bois des Iles”; “Born To This”; “Bourbon St.”; “The Bower Inside the House”; “Box”; “Box of Raspberries”; “The Boxes”; “Brahms Before Breakfast”; “Budapest”; “The Builder Sings”; “Builder’s Queen Anne”; “Busy Nights”; “But this, is yes, my world,” and “Bye-Lo”
f.8 Individual poems, Ca: “Cafe Hour”; “The Cage”; “Calendar Art: Rubens, Two Satyrs”; “Call Me”; “Calling Home”; “Calling Teheran”; “Camel”; “Capture”; “Carefully”; “Carol”; “Cat in a Huff”; “Cat With Cabbage Moth,” and Cataracts
f.9 Individual poems, Ce: “Celestial Moment”; “Chappy”; “Checking”; “The Child of the Hood”; “The Child is Father to the Man”; “Childhood”; “Children of Chekov”; “Children of the Light”; “The Children Play a Lawn Game of Statues”; “Children Who Came Too Soon”; “Church Thoughts”; “City”; “The Cleaver”; “Clothes,” and “Clytemnestra”
f.10 Individual poems, Co:”The Cocktail Party”; “Coin of the Realm”; “Color in the Sullen Art”; “Color & Light in Koschka”; “Columbus: 1992″; “Come”; “Come With Me”; “Coming Upon You”; “Comm Ave after Death”; “Commemorative Poem”; “Commital” (sic); “Common Songs”; “Communal Living”; “Considering The Lilies”; “Constable, at the V and A”; “Conversations With Mother”;”The Conversion of England”; “Cooper’s Song”; “The Cordage”: “Correction,” and “The couchant lion ain’t asleep”
f.11 Individual poems, Cr-Cy: “Crazy Battles”; “Cross Roads”; “Crying”; “The Cultist”; “Curse,” and “Cyrano”
f.12 Individual poems, Da-De: “Dad”; ; “Dan did not cal”; “Darling”; “Darling”; “Dateline Lendimara”; “Dave the Guesser”; “David Plamer’s Grave; “The Dawn Eaters”; “The Dead”; “The dead are always dearer than the quick”; “Dead Metaphors”; “Deadmen”; “Dear Girl”; “dearest the time they killed”; “Death is the end, but does not end”; “The Death of Chance: A Lych Wake Song”; “Death by Free-Will”; “Deaths at Sea”; “Deathwatch Beetles”; “Defiance”; “Descant”; “The designs unfurl in the genes”; “The desolation always specific,” and “The Development”
f.13 Individual poems, Di-Do: “Diagnosing”; “Dialog”; “Dialogue”; “The Dictionary Game”; “Did I hear a cat cry?”; “Dies Irae”; “Diminuendo”; “Dirge”; “The Dive”; “Dormouse”; “Do They Invade Our Dreams…”; “Do you see how they do it?”; “Don’t fret about approaching something big & fine”; “Don’t you even remember”; “The Dotted Line”; “The Dove of the Day”; “Dove & Leeches,” and “Down Cudgels”
f.14 Individual poems, Dr-:”Drawing Houses”; “Dream: 24 September”; “A Dream of Satisfactions”; “A Dream of Separation”; “The Dream” (and “French Book Report”); “Dreaming the Workshop”; “Dry Running”; “Dubliner,” and “Dying Young”
f.15 Individual poems, E: “Early Frost”; “Earthworm”; “Earwig Gas”; “Ecôle Sante Trinité”; “ectomy”; “Ego Island”; “The Egyptians”; “Der Ehestand”; “Enough of what we did”; “Even here, where I have been serene”; “Eighteen Iroquois Towns”; “Elaine the Fair”; “Elderberry Cordial”; “Elimination of Racism Wherever it Exists and By Any Means Necessary”; “Elixir”; “Elixir of Life”; “Encounter”; “The Encounter”; “An English Lesson for Alfred Patterson”; “Epithalamion for Brenner and Kelli”; “Epithalamium for Mary”; “Escape Literature”; “Essence”; “Et le Nez, et la Tête”; “The Eucalyptus Grove”; “The European Purple Beech Memorial Tree”; “Evening in the Village of Also God”; “Evening Prayer”; “Eviction,” and “Export”
f.16 Individual poems, Fa-Fe: “Fabergé”; “Fable”; “Fables”; “Facing Up to Reality in Weston, Mass.”; “Faith Healing”; “Fall Cleanings”; “Fans”; “Farm Kitchen”; “Farm Morning”; “The Farm Where Summer Grows”; “The Farmer-Poet and his Dog Read Thoreau”; “Fear of Flying?” (with “Autumn”); “Fervors of Mother Ann Lee,” and “Fever of Unknown Origin”
f.17 Individual poems, Fi-For: “Fiesta in the Graveyard”; “The First Spring Without You”; “First Wife”; “Fixed – I came to a shore”; “Flirty Eyes”; “Florida Non-Stop”; “Food Tent”; “For Alice Hall”; “For an Endangered Species”; “For Benson and Elaine”; “For Bob”; “For Harris With Love”; “For her colorfast memories”; “For Jørgen Waiting”; “For My Husband”; “For Nicolae”; “For Runaways at Christmas”; “For The Best Cat Entering the Tenth Life”; “For Thirty-Ninth Birthdays”; “For Those in Homey Prisons”
f.18 Individual poems, Forbidden-Fu: “Forbidden Games”; “Forest Dark”; “A Formal Cycle in Celebration of Alice James”; “Found Poem”; “Fountainpens That Write Under Water”; “Four,” and “Foursquare”; “Fragment”; “Fragments”; “Frances’s Woolens”; “Frank Says”; “Freezedried”; “From Lorca”; “From the body, hands like parentheses”; “From Travel Notes: The Kingpin’s Children,” and “Funeral Music”
f.19 Individual poems, G: “Galatea”; “The Game”; “The Games”; “The Gap”; “Garden of Dreams”; “The garden of lobster cactus”; “Gates Elm”; “Genes”; “A Gentle Reminder”; “Getting Through January” (with “Le Ballon Rouge,” “Pang,” “The Half Mirror,” and “A Dream of Letters”); “The Gift”; “Gift of the Worm”; “Gifts From the Sea”; “The Girl With the Changeable Eyes”; “Go and tell some people”; “Go Little Book”; “Goethe said”; “Going Up in Smoke and Down the Drain”; “Golf on Television”; “Good, said Raven”; “Goose girl Christmas”; “The Grass”; “Grave Confusion”; “A Great Moment in History”; “Greece: November 1944″; “The Green Kitchen”; Green Light,” and “Gypsy Moth”
f.20 Individual poems, Ha-Hi: “4 Haiku”; “Hailstorm at Midnight”; “Hamlet’s Advice to the Young”; “The Hammock”; “Hanging on a Limb”; “Happy Anniversary”; “Harmony of the Evening”; “He came from Sulmo between the vivid hills”; “He gardens”; “He has entered the world of silence”; “He is sparing of feelings”; “He sent a bell to call the children in”; “He was named George, actually”; “Heads up!” (with “Poetry is easy”); “Her Hair”; “Here I will set my house, he said”; “The Heart is a Town,” and “Heather” (with “Night Song,” “Spring,” “Interruption,” “The night’s quills,” and “Quiet pool”); “Hiatus”; “Hiding,” and “High Continents, Wide Oceans” (aka “The Snow Fields”)
BOX 21
f.1 Individual poems, Ho-Hu: “Hold Me”; “Holy Thursday”; “Home Is”; “Home Thoughts: for Barry Spack’s England”; “Homecomings”; “Homunculus”; “Honey Tangerines”; “Hot Moon”; “An hour or so more”; “A House for the Edge of Dream”; “House of Feral Children”; “The House of Women”; “Houses”; “How at 70 old snow has the weight”‘ “How I’d like to be there!”; “How to persuade oneself of innocence”; “How to Row a Boat”; Howard, After Rowing,” and “Hunter Hunted”
f.2 Individual poems, I-In: “I Alexander Gordon”; “I am in Pain”; “I been down”; “I break and run”; “I carried it personally”; “I choose”; “I dial you”; “I do not like you, Tannenbaum”; “I feel I am”; “I have an awful objectivity”; “I say to Gianni, the lissome waiter”; “I see them, I think”; “I Was the Speaker”; “Ich sah nur seine Hünde”; “Iconography”; “I’d like to be by the river Elbe”; “If a house told its life would it begin”; “If love is loss”; “If with the invitation I could fly”; “imagine me now at the end of town”; “Immigrant to N.H.”; “In a Gold Ring”; “In February the slick shutter”; “In my dining room”; “In Roanoke her life will close”; “In Silence”
f.3 Individual poems, In the-Its: “In the Cave”; “In the House of Twenty-Four Rooms”; “In the Narrows: Bow Lake”; “In the new town I found a new friend, Harriet”; “In the Night”; “In the Orchid House”; “In the Physick Garden”; “In the Public Garden”; “In the Shadows of the Waters”; “In Your Eyes”; “Incantations for 1 April” (aka “Prayer for the First of April”); “Inchworm”; “Insomnia”; “Into Place”; “The Invention (aka “Who has Seen the Wind”); “Irish Poem for A. Dugan”; “Is you alone”; “Isidore’s Song”; “It seemed to us that we pushed them through”; “It was a wooden puzzle, huge clues glued”; “It Was Always Sunny There”‘ “It’s the goddess Silly Poo,” and “Its floorboards aslosh with sea”
f.4 Individual poems, J-K: “Jam For the Pot”; “Japanese Beetle” (with “Wasp”); “Jesus Saves”; “Jet Trail”; “Job’s Wife”; “John on the Podium”; “Joy: Beethoven’s Ninth”; “Just Desires”; “Just like Boylston, just like Brimmer”; “Just That We Meet”; “The Kiss”; “A Kitty Haiku,” and “Know language, as do dolphins, cleave danger”
f.5 Individual poems, La: “The Label on Frances’s Box”; “Labyrinth”; “Lacrimajobi”; “A Lady entre deux Ages”; “A Lady on the Docks in Grenada”; “Ladybug” (with “Grasshopper”); “Lady-Killer”; “The Landlady Complains of Her Lodger”; “The Landlocked Lady”; “Langsam”; “Language Difficulty”; “Language of Silence”; “Larry’s Unholy Bible”; “Late Meeting”; “Later in a Croatian Town,” and “Lawn Games”
f.6 Individual poems, Le: “The Leatherman”; “Legacy”; “Legg’s Hill”; “Let It Be”; “Let Me Gaze”; “Let’s have a nut cracker’s Christmas”; “Letter”; “The Letter,” and “A Letter To Be Delivered in 1984″ (with “Halloween” and “Fred”)
f.7 Individual poems, Li: “Liberations”; “Lice”; “Life Style”; “Life Without the Perception of Time”; “The Light in the Forest” (with “This is the Way”); “Lights Out”; “Like Children Shut in Closets”; “Like the dream of being stopped”; “Limerick”; “The Line of Duty”; “Liquids and Potables”; “List”; “Lister”; “Listen”; “Listless”: “Listing”; “The Lists in the long, narrow”; “Lithograph”; “Little Christmas”; “Little Girls Dream,” and “The Lives of Style”
f.8 Individual poems, Lo-Ly: “Locks & Keys”; “Lois Smith Haley”; “Long After Yeats”; “Long Song For Two Parts”; “Long Suffering”; “The Look”; “The Lost”; “Lot’s Wife”; “Love Poem”; “Lovely appear”; “Lover”; “Luke”; “The Lute Player From Pittsburgh,” and “Lying awake in a foreign land”
f.9 Individual poems, Ma-Man: “Machines Say Pick-A-Tomb”; “Mail”; “The Mai”; “Making Friends”; “Making People” (aka “Imagining Lovers”; with “Of Greatness”); “Making the Skeleton” (aka “The Baby”); “A Man and A Woman”; “Man and Boy”; “The Man from the Thurber Cartoons”; “Man is What He Eats,” and “Manny: The First Day”
f.10 Individual poems, Map-May: “Maples”; “March 10″; “Marlene Dietrich in Boston”; “Marriage, Leaving”; “Marriage of Penguins”; “A Marriage Wish”; “Massacre is the national flower of the Balkans”; “May, besides the new month, the profligate”; “May 15″; “The May Born”; “A May Festival”; “May Rain”; “Maypole,” and “The Maypole”
f.11 Individual poems, Me-Mi: “Me”; “Meeting at 5.05″; “Meeting at the Aquarium”; “Melina Mercouri”; “Memorial Dreams”; “Messenger”; “Michael’s Window”; “The Middle”; “Milk”; “Mimus Polyglottos Polyglottos”; “Mine is the Mute Art: No One Ever Hears Me”; “Miracle, September”; “Miroir”; “Mistletoe”; “Misty Days in the Publishing Scene”
f.12 Individual poems, Mo-My: “Mom” (with “Dad”); “The Moons of the Cree”; “Morality Play”; “The Morning You Left”; “The Mother” (with “How She Disappeared”); “Mother Goose”; “Motion”; “The Motorcar”; “Mouth” (with “Fable”); “Mouth School”; “Moves and Transfigurations”; “Mr. Bucket”; “Mrs. Bones”; “Mrs. Noak Speaks”; “Musical in the Park”; “My Big Valentine”; “My Father Went to Paris Once”; “My Fears”; “My fourth floor walkup”; “My Mother, the Artist”; “Myopic early,” and “The Mysterious Life of Dwarf Plum Trees”
f.13 Individual poems, Na-Ni: “The Name of the Game”; “Names”; “Naples, Fla. – March 1979″; “Narcissus”; “New England Valentine”; “New Hampshire: A Year in Numbers”; “New Orleans”; “New Year’s Poem” (with “a postcard from the twenties”); “The Niebelungs and the Danube”; “Night”; “The Night Before Avery Arrives”; “Night Drive at Easter”; “The Night John Never Came Home”; “Night of Keys”; “Night party in a poor man’s yard”; “Nightfall, Rodin Gardens”; “Nightwalker”; “Nine lines to truth”; “1960″; “Niney on the Road,” and “Nirvana”
f.14 Individual poems, No-Nu: “No predator can see them there”; “Nomenclature”; “Not to be Counted for Sacrament”; “Notes For A Documentary Film: Harvard Square”; “Nothing Matters But You”; “Now April, which the old one” (with “Dear one, I leave you when”); “Now that the chips are down,” and “Nunc Dimittis”
f.15 Individual poems, O-Ok: “O”; “O leather Heloise & Abelard”; “O Piteous”; “O to smell at the end”; “O Ye Orphans” (with “O Ye Widows” (aka “Merry Widows”, O Ye Illicit Lovers,” and “Orphans”); “Oats Peas Beans and Barley Grow”; “Obee-Man”; “October”: “Oedipus”; Of buttercups and bluets; near her”; “Of Moon and Other Lights”; “Of the easy trail, see creatures”; “Of Valentines”; “Oh, Joy be with us in our day of pain”; “Oh Love it is hard work to work with you,” and “Oktoberfest”
f.16 Individual poems, Ol-Ou: “Old Apple”; “Old Barn, Tin Roof”; “Old folk who look”; “Old Home Movies”; “Old Mens Home”; “Old Roommates”; “On Contemplating Screwing One’s Courage to the Sticking Point”; “On Having Once Written a Poem Called ‘Romance at the Aquarium’”; “On my side, books, books, books”; “On Septic Systems”; “On the Anniversary of Your Death:”; “On the Great Porsche Ride of Life”; “On the rail of the wainscotting, every picture”; “One husky pulling”; “One Milky Morning”; “One Photograph”; “One Picture”; “One soul in two bodies”; “The Only Way”; “Oracle”; “Orange Blossoms”; “Or like Bacchantes”; “Order of Perfection, First Class”; “Orville and Wilbur (aka “Orville & Wilbur Hatteras”; “Other people turn up or arrive”; “Our had wood teeth,” and “Our forlorn boys”
f.17 Individual poems, Pa-Pl: “Pacing”; “Painting Angels”; “Palimpsest”; “Passing (aka “Poignies” or “Facing Off”); “Passport”; “The Past”; “Pavanne”; “Peaches and Cream”; “Pearl of the Antilles”; “The Pen Letters”; “Penny Wise”; “People will be non-plussed”; “A Perfect Match”; “Persimmons”; “The Photogenic Man”; “Pierre Teilhard”; “A pillar od something – society”; “A pilot boat tooted welcome, took”; “Pisces,” and “Places”
f.18 Individual poems, Po-Pu: “Poem”; “Poem to someone who can’t go to bed early”; “Poem For Three Voices”; “Poem in Three Parts”; “The Poet Frustrated, Mopes”; “Poetic Prescription”; “Poets”; “Poets” (another, different poem); “Point ‘N Shoot”; “Polo”; “Poppa may have”; “Porcupine”; “Postcard From Civilization”; “Prayer For Haiti”; “Pre-Dawn Valentine”; “Predecessors’ Presents”; “The Present”; “Preservation Hall”; “Primogeniture”; “Produce Scale”; “Progress”; “The Provincetown Force”; “Public Health Poem,” and “The Pull”
f.19 Individual poems, Q-Re: “Quatrain”; “Queened, she began”; “The Question of Kate’s Dead Bird”; “Questions”; “Qui vivia versa”; “Radiopictures”; “Rage is what you need for any reason”; “Rainy Days”; “Record of Thunder”; “The Red and the Black”; “The Red and the Black” (another, different poem); “Religion”; “Report to a Suicide”; “The Resemblance”; “Retreat”; “Revalued,” and “Revulsion”
f.20 Individual poems, Ri-Ru: “Right”; “The Ring”; “Rites”; “Rivers”; “The Roasted Cygnet Sings”; “Roman a Clef”; “Romantic Love”; “Root”; “Root Love”; “Roots” (with “Synchrony”); “Rose of the World”; “Roses”; “Round with a Lee Rudolph Rhyme,” and “Rural Chic”
BOX 22
f.1 Individual poems, Sa-Si: “Saltimbanco”; “San Ysidro Labrador”; “Sandy.Jeff”; “Saskatchewan”; “Saturday Night & Sunday Morning”; “Sauerkraut”; “Scheveningen”; “SeaDream Gift”; “The Secret”; “Secreto”; “See”; “The Separated Child”; “September 21, 1964″; “‘The Shadow of Your Smile’”; “Shadows in My Eyes”; “Shoebox 1″; “Shooting the Yellow Cat”; “Should you guess what lie herein”; “Siesta”; “Single Lens Reflex”; “Sintram”; “Sir Francis Chichester,” and “Sisters”
f.2 Individual poems, Sk-So: “Skin Disease”; “Skipper of the Spoon”; “Sleep Alone”; “Sleeping Cats”; “A Small, Sing-Song Saying From Grandma”; “Smokehouse Song”; “Sneakers”; “Snow Blindness”; “So let him hear the looms of the seamless sea”; “So tall its head was lost”; “Some fluent Germans find on the fan”; “Some kind of polymer, epoxy”; “‘Some scholar stalks some near-extincted bunny”; “Someone to drink with, the lonely”; “Something about water stories”; “Something has happened in the age of information”; “Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark”; “Song”; “The Songs of Fathers”; “A Song to Say to Flat-Footed Clopping on Cobblestones”; “Sorrows of Old Werther”; “Souls ascendant, souls on the marches,” and “Sound Advice”
f.3 Individual poems, Sp-Sy: “The Speech of the Rural Neoghbors”; “Spock”; “Sppring Love Song”; “Spring Walk”; “Sprite’s Egg”; “The Spy who Came in from the Warm”; “Spyten Duyvel”; “Srt Aunae Plads”; “St. Barbara: Capoutsakia”; “St. John’s Eve”; “Stamp Poem (for Marjorie)”; “Stamp Poem” (another, different poem); “The Stars and Stripes Forever”; “Still Life”; :Still Life With Coffee Pot”; “The stories are told”; “The Strom”; “A Strange Process”; “Stubborn Voices”; “Sudden Death on Guam”; “Sugar Bayou”; “Sum”; “Summer of Discontent”; “Sun Setting: Views From Anchorages”; “A Sundial in a Grave”; “Sunnier Days”; “Sweet William”; “Swimming in the River Nile,” and “The Syphon”
f.4 Individual poems, T-Th: “T.Guinan Estate Appraisals & Sales By Appointment Only Ring The Bell”; “Table Manners”; “Tableaux”; “Tall Tale with Long Cord”; “Baptisms”; “Tea Party at Whispering Pines”; “Ted”; “Their house is best for”; “There is a Light that Wanders the World”; “There is no zoo”; “There is somewhere things go in the interim”; “There’s A Place For Us”; “There’s a weird island, love, it lies”; “These days the littlest elf man”; “They are rebuilding this old brick pile”; “They asked “How are you?”; “They sailed away for a while and a day”; “Things”; “Think”; “This is no climate for love”; “This Morning”; “This much I know”; “This old brick pile of hospital is being”; “This river flows from”; “This turn of events”; “A thousand joys”; “Thrumming,” and “Thurber”
f.5 Individual poems, Ti-To: “Tilted Snapshot: Alixander”; “Time Heals”; “Tinkers and Such”; “Titian, Rubens and Mrs. Jack: A Boston Rendezvous”; “Title”; “Titty Ditty”; “To a friend who should suspect he’s losing his marbles”; “To be an ant, what a pleasure” (with “Wondrous colors of black and yellow”); “To Jen”; “To Love”; “To Orpheus, from Hades”; “To soup and Schubert”; “To the Dead”; “Todtenlieder I”; “Tongue-Tied”; “Took a rib from Adam’s side”; “Torchbearer”; “Total Starngers Come Closest”; “The tourists dine on coque au vin”; “The Towers,” and “The Toy”
f.6 Individual poems, Tr-Tw: “Translation of a Mimeographed Letter from a Foreign Count”; “Triptych”; “Tristan to Mark”; “Trochees”; “Der Trompeter von Säckingen”; “Tulips”; “TV”; “Twilight of the Idolators”; “Two Little Brothers”; “Two Nuns, or two old welterweights,” and “Two Threes: Braiding”
f.7 Individual poems, U-V: “Umps”; “The Undoer”; “The Unjealous Love”; “Up at the Home”; “Up in the kitchen loft at the nearest”; “Vale”; “A Valentine For Cassie”; “The Valentine”; “Vaster Than Empires”; “The Vegetarians”; “Venetian Valentine”; “verbs”; “Veris, feta facies”; “Victorine”; “Vienna Has No Heroes Square”; “Vietnamese Gift Shop”; “The Viet Nyet”; “Vignette, about Time”; “Vincent in Arles,” and “Virus B: Oslo: 1986″
f.8 Individual poems, Wa-We: “A Walk in White”; “Wasn’t it be all”; “The Watch”; “Watching TV Meanwhile”; “Water Land”; “The Way”; “The Way It Wasn’t”; “We”; “We are in God”; “We are waiting in our cleanest pinnies”; “We came with expectation”; “We could runs so fast, him and me, him faster”; “We started down the river, Ben said”; “We swap small towns”; “Weather Report”; “The Weaver”; “Wednesday- The Third Day”; “‘Well, where shall we paste it?’ asks D”; “The Welter”; “Were du werlt alle min,” and “The Wet reins; yea, and scarcely, too”
f.9 Individual poems, Wha-Who: “Whale Songs”; “What A Little Boy said at the Dry-Cleaning Machine”; “What If He Doesn’t Like Me?”; “What Is A Tree?”; “What’s This Dull World To me? Robin’s Not Here”; “When Dionysius Roamed”; “When Gutenberg made his useful invention”; “When I was adolescent & had fever”; “When I Was Here Before”; “When my rib was fitted to the keel”; “When the house falls absolutely quiet in the afternoon”; “When This First Snow Steams in the rain”; “White Letters, Blue Checks”; “The White Skunk”; “Who do not understand their hands”; “Who will remember the lady who painted”; “The Whole Thing,” and “Whoosh”
f.10 Individual poems, Why-Wr: “Why Am I Looking Forward”; “Why Do we Write Itinerations”; “Wien, Wien, Nur Du Allein”; “Weird January”; “Wild Greens”; “Will you rip me off”; “Wilting”; “The Window”; “Winged Victory”; “with the pilot, board a fruit boat”; “Wok talk” (with “Printer’s Talk”); “A wonder, Alda’s carver”; “Wool”; “Wrath,” and “The Wreath”
f.11 Individual poems, Y-Z: “Yaddo May”; “The years roll by”; “You can open a bank account?”; “You Can’t Take Them With You”; “You sit there in your piles”; “Your Ways”; “You’ve Just Been Told,” and “Zones”

D. Poem Submissions to Competitions and Magazines in Groups

f.12 Arvon International Poetry Competition, 1987; Aspect; Green House, 1977; The Guy Owen Poetry Prize, undated.
f.13 Karlsgasse; Kenyon Review; Little Magazine; The New Yorker
f.14 Pablo Neruda Prize; The Saturday Review; The Seventies Press; Sojourner; Yankee.
f.15 Poem groups: And; Lullaby List; Tender Is For Scott Fitzgerald
f.16 Poem groups: Wellfleet; Translations (After Antonio Machado); Six Poems; Youth Errant.

E. Published Prose

BOX 23
f.1 The Fascination (1947). Scrapbook of reviews, ads, correspondence.
f.2 The Fascination (1947). Reviews.
f.3 Silverlake (1987), The Journal of Kentucky Studies, Vol. 4, Sept. 1987. Two copies of the piece as it appeared in the journal; two copies of the typed manuscript and a letter from The New Yorker, dated April 9, 1986, from Jane Bernstein, reluctantly rejecting the piece.
f.4 Cat Book (1989). Photocopy of chapbook; manuscript drafts of sections “September Song” and “The Way It Really Was”; publication announcement in Community News Press, Oct. 1989, and handmade booklet “Little Cat Book”
f.5 Who Was He When He Was To Home?: John Pedrick and His Kind (1995). A short family history. A copy of the published pamphlet.
f.6 Richard, 1921-1997 (1998). A short remembrance of her brother. Mock-ups and finished pamphlet.
f.7 The Lord of The Manor Lean (2004). Proofs, dummy and final product. A whimsical book using family photographs.
f.8 Prose published in magazines:
“Hickory Wings,” The Holten, Feb 1938. Holten High School, Danvers MA. Photocopy.
“A Farewell To My Class,” The Holten, 1939. Holten High School, Danvers MA. Photocopies.
“What’s This Dull World,” Rushlight, Vol. 2, Oct. 1940, pp. 17-23. Wheaton College, Norton MA. 2 photocopies, one with notes by the author.
“Mother-in-Law,” Tomorrow, Vol. 7 No. 2, Oct. 1947, pp. 41-43. Photocopy.
“Let’s Look At Marriage: Can She Bake A Cherry Pie?” The University News, University of Delaware, Summer 1950, pp.15-16. Photocopy.
“Can She Bake A Cherry Pie, Billy Boy?” Wheaton College Alumni magazine (?), undated (prob. 1949 or 1950), pp.28-30, Norton MA. Offprint.
“Never One of Us,” Park East: The Magazine of New York, Feb 1951, pp.11 and 53. Photocopy.
“Desert Song,” Compass Rose, Vol 4 No. 1, 2001. White Pines College, Chester NH. Photocopy and two typed manuscript drafts.

F. Newspaper Articles (all published in Beacon Hill News unless otherwise indicated)

f.9 Articles A-B:
“Are You Nettled? Try Mugwort” (April 1971)
“Ave Atque Vale” / “Sunrise, Sunset” / “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?” (Sept 1972)
“Blam” (June 1974)
“Books” (Nov 1973)
“Breaking Out in The Mini-Month” (Feb 1982)
f.10 Articles Ca-Ch:
“The Cat’s Whiskers” (unattributed, undated)
“Christmas Crazies: Sugarplum Syndrome” (Dec 1982)
“Christmas Expectations” (The Back Bay News, Dec 1991)
“A Christmas Lexicon” (Dec 1989)
“A Christmas Merrymaker” (Dec 1988)
“Christmas Tags” (unattributed, undated)
“Christmas Windows” (Dec 1987, and Community News Press, Dec 1989 and Dec 1992)
f.11 Articles Ci-Cu:
“City Mouse/Country Mouse” (Sept 1974)
“City Spring” (April 1984)
“The Condemned Playground” (June 1970)
“A Cup of Silence” (Dec 1983)
“Cutting Out Paper Dolls in the Twilight of the Gods” (Nov 1972)
f.12 Articles D-E:
“Dichotomies of Christmas” (Dec 1990)
“Dirty Pool” (Sept 1979
“Dispatches” (Oct 1989)
“Essay” (March 1986)
“Easter: News” (April 1990)
“Eine Kleine Schwan-Musik” (undated)
“Empty Nest Blues” (June 1975)
“Extraordinary Experiences” (undated)
f.13 Articles G-He:
“Giving and Forgiving” (undated)
“Good Things To Do” (April 1975)
“Green Christmas” (Dec 1975)
“The Happy Housewife” (undated)
“Hell On Wheels” (Sept 1984)
f.14 Articles Ho:
“The Holiday Within” (April 1973)
“The Home-Made Miracle With the Personal Touch” (Dec 1977)
“Home’s Best” (April 1980)
“House of Life” (undated)
“How Now, Lenny Bernstein?” (Sept 1975)
“How To Keep Christmas” (Dec 1980)
f.15 Articles I-L:
“I may be a nut, but at least I’m not a health nut” (June 1979)
“In My Anecdotage” (July 1986)
“Inexplicable Cats” (Oct 1989)
“Keeping Christmas” (Dec 1994)
“The Little Match Girl, Grandma and the Grinch” (Dec 1984)
“Long, Long Thoughts” (Dec 1976)
“Looking into the Sunset” (April 1981)
f.16 Articles M-N:
“The Man From Myra” (Dec 1985)
“March: A Border” (March 1990)
“Means, Extremes, and Mean Extremes” (Feb 1981)
“New Toys, New Joys” (June 1982)
“Notes From Under the Weather” (April 1978)
BOX 24
f.1 Articles O:
“Of Christmas and Time” (Dec 1993)
“Of Kings and Jokers” (Community News Press, Nov 1988)
“Of Remarkable Cities” (Feb 1976)
“Of Sugarplums and the Little Doughnuts of the Hussars” (Dec 1992)
“Of The Flukes and Twists” (undated)
“Of The Haves and Have Nots” (Sept 1980)
“On Being Caught Greenhanded” (June 1978)
“On Being Unspeakable” (undated)
“On the Negative Side” (undated)
f.2 Articles R:
“Remembrance of Things Past” (June 1969)
“A Reusable Christmas Card From Grandma’s Attic” (Dec 1971)
“Row Houses” (Dec 1979)
f.3 Articles Se-So:
“Sedition and Succession Spell Success” (Sept 1971)
“September Song” (Sept 1973)
“The September Syndrome” (Sept 1998)
“Shabby Gentility Or, Making The House All Spiffy” (Nov 1981)
“The Shell and the Creative Creature” (Feb 1974)
“Small Pleasures” (undated)
“Sojourner in History” (Feb 1969)
f.4 Articles Sp-Su:
“Spring” (April 1969)
“Still Life of Valentine, with Shadow” (Feb 1992)
“Summers Used to be So Long” (Sept 1981)
“The Sun Never Sets on the Hub of the Universe With Its Statue of Leif Ericson, Its Lion and Unicorn, Its All-American Grasshopper, Its Cod and Its Scrod” (Nov 1971)
f.5 Articles T:
“There Goes The Neighborhood” (Feb 1983)
“This Ark Sails Not Without a Few Plugs” (Dec 1970)
“Three Ways to Skin a Cat In the Wonderful, Wild, Woolly World of Books” (undated)
“Till Eulenspeigel” (Oct 1975)
“Tired” (June 1972)
“To a Dark Tree” (Dec 1973)
“Trial of Souls” (April 1973)
“Twenty-eight Good Things about February” (Feb 1978)
f.6 Articles U-V:
“Update On Changes In Outlying Provinces” (Nov 1982)
“Utopia, U.S.A.” (April 1972)
“Valentines for Boston” (Community News Press, Feb 1990)
“The Varnished Bride” (Community News Press, Feb 1989)
“Vive” (Nov 1985)
“Voice of a Living City, Voice of a Dying Age” (Dec 1969)
f.7 Articles W-Y:
“West of Joy or Playing to Win” (June 1984)
“What’s New?” (Feb 1973)
“Woodman, Spare That Tree (and Vice Versa)” (Oct 1977)
“Wordsmith’s Niches” (Feb 1980)
“The Year of the Snake” (Sept 1977)
f.8 Article mss. without newsclipping versions:
“Al Duca” (published April 1968)
“Festival of Purification” (published Feb 1970)
“Of Greasepaint and Warpaint” (April 1970)
“Of Guns and Butter, Margerine and Night-sticks” (Nov 1969)
“Minding The Store” (Nov 1968)
“The Vignette Tree” (Dec 1968)

G. Unpublished Prose

f.9 Juvenilia. Drafts.
f.10 The Motherbird. Typed manuscript draft of a novella. Also a cover letter from Phyllis Jackson, Literary Department, MCA Artists, Ltd. dated Oct. 14, 1958.
f.11 Possession, 1950. Typed manuscript drafts of short story collection, including “Possession,” “Avenue of Sparklers” (from Guy St. Chronicles), “The Capacity,” “The Embalming,”"Mother-in-Law” (sold to Tomorrow Magazine), “Never One of Us” (sold to Park East, Nov. 1950), “The Tadpole,” “A Week of Faith or Maud,” :”What We Live For.”
f.12 Typed and handwritten manuscript drafts of stories found in notebooks, 1952: “Ray,” “The Trial of Adam Norris,” “The Compact,” “Brill,” and fragments.
f.13 Notebook with handwritten drafts of stories, including: “Ralph Maguire,” “The Compact,” “Brill,” “Winner,” “Eightheaven,” “Teach Me to hear mermaids singing or to keep off envies stinging,” “Brill van Vliedt.”
f.14 Typed manuscript draft of “Mr. Bedrock’s Border” version 1, 1960
f.15 Typed manuscript of “Mr. Bedrock’s Border” version 2, 1960
BOX 25
f.1 All The Musics (1988). Typed manuscript draft submitted to the University of Georgia Press. Includes stories and articles from Beacon Hill
f.2 All The Musics (1988). Typed manuscript draft.
f.3 All The Musics (1988). Typed manuscript draft.
f.4 All The Musics (1988). Typed manuscript draft.
f.5 Chateaubriand (undated). Drafts. 27pp.
f.6 The Embalming (undated). Typed manuscript draft. 13pp.
f.7 An Empire of Strangers (undated). Verison 1. Typed manuscript draft. 33pp.
f.8 An Empire of Strangers (undated). Version 2. Typed manuscript draft. 73pp.
f.9 The House Boat (undated). Typed manuscript draft. 25pp.
f.10 The Lobsterman’s Boat and drafts, undated. Manuscript draft. 36pp.
f.11 Mrs. Bedsok’s Boudoir, undated. Manuscript draft. 27pp.
f.12 NH College journal, undated. Handwritten manuscript, 38pp.
f.13 NH College journal, undated. Typed manuscript, 20pp.
f.14 Nightwalker, undated. Notebook manuscript draft. 107pp.
f.15 Nightwalker, undated. Revised draft. 14pp.
BOX 26
f.1 The Skipper of The Aphrodite II, undated. Manuscript drafts. 27pp.
f.2 There’s A Poet in the Kitchen, undated. Handwritten draft.
f.3 The Three Rainey Children, undated. Manuscript draft. 130pp.
f.4 The Treasure of the Shah, undated. Manuscript draft. 28pp.
f.5 Tristan in Cornwall: Part One, undated. Typed manuscript drafts. 25pp.
f.6 Individual stories, A-B: “Abercrombie Tatters”; “The A-Chip”; “The Adoption of Andre Creep”; “Asia”; “Barry”; “BC Freshmen, April 16, 1986″; “Bird Watcher’s Note”; “A Birthday Card”; “Bits”; “The Blind Date”; “Boston: The Poetic Environment”; “Bud & Christmas”
f.7 Individual stories, C-E:“The Code of the West”; “Coming Home”; “Confessions of a Voyeur”; “Cosmic & Public Dreams”; “Cruising”; “The Day It All Went Upspout Like Pompeii on Mt. Vernon St.”; “The Day of the Great Reenactment”; “Dead Boats”; “Dec 28″; “Delivery of Swans”; “Designs For Living”; “Endings and Beginnings”; “Ensemble”
f.8 Individual stories, F-H:“Feckless Girl in Winter”; “Final Directions”; “Five Uruguayan Poets”; “Frances”; from “Sensai” poems; from “The Bride’s Book”; “Go Lytle Bok”; “Goodbye To All That”; “Hoof & Mouth Disease”; “The House in the Moon”; “How To Get A Poem in The New Yorker,” and “How To Grow A Mother”
f.9 Individual stories, I-L: “Ice Age”; “The Impossible: Für Elise”; “Juana de Iberbouron”; “Kiss My Hand”; “The Lake” “The Law”; “Leaving The Wall”; “The Lie”; “Little Jean’s Medical Manual”; “A Long & Summary Dream”
f.10 Individual stories, M-N: “Manila Envelopes”; “March: A Border”; “Midpoint”; “Moca, Puerto Rico”; “The Model Marriage”; “Morgan’s Lighter”; “A Mournful History”; “Mrs. Rube Goldberg in the Corn”; “Napping”; “New England Poetry Club”; “No Sale”
f.11 Individual stories, O: “O Pioneers! O Jelly Beans!”; “Of Poetry and Sleet”; “Of Shrubbery”; “Of Terror and Timidity”; “On Aunting a Phenomenon”; “On Averting A Life of Crime”; “On Being Pushed And Where Is There To Go But Up and Out”; “On Poetry”; “On Reading the Truth About Groundhogs”; “Oxygen”
f.12 Individual stories, P-R: “Picture of a Foundation, From Below”; “Places”; “Please, Will Someone Explain What Word Processing Is?”; “Plundering the Lilac”; “Poetry and Revolution”; “The Port”; “Portobelo”; “Preface”; “Red Light”; “The Reluctant Shepherd”; “Resume of Salome”; “Rewriting the Arts”
f.13 Individual stories, S-T: “Salem”; “Sea Cloud”; “7th Heaven”; “Southwest Exposure”; “Still Looking For the Bluebirds”; “Summer Friends”; “A Table For Two”; “Torch of Sappho: A Poetical Comical Sketch”; “This is the Sound of One”; “Three Mini Essays and An Old Saw From Up North”; “A Toy Chest”; “The Two Christmas Angels That Were Real”
f.14 Individual stories, V-Z: “Veritas”; “The Vineyard”; “Wanting It”; “Water”; “Waterman Crossing”; “When Birds Cease Their Singing–”; “Yeats”; “Zones”
f.15 Miscellaneous unpublished prose fragments

III. Skimmilk Farm

BOXES 27-32
Six boxes of materials concerning Skimmilk Farm Monday workshops, its participants, workshopped poems, etc.

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