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Guide to the James H. Baker Papers

Papers, 1862-1889

MC 133

1 oversize flat box (42 items)

About James H. Baker:

James H. Baker, a native of Brookfield, N.H., later resided in Farmington, N.H. He enlisted in the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment on May 16, 1861 and was mustered in on June 4, 1861. He was appointed 2nd Lieutenant of Company C in August 1862. In 1863 he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and transferred to Co. F, where he assumed command following the death of Lieutenant George W. Roberts. He was mustered out in June 1864. Following the war, Baker moved to Fontanelle, Iowa, where he maintained a farm.

About the James H. Baker collection:

This collection consists primarily of the records and official correspondence of Co. F, 2nd N.H. Regiment. Included are general orders, documents pertaining to company ordnance and equipment, charges against deserters, and general correspondence. There are also two personal letters, as well as four postwar letters related to Baker’s wartime service and to his farming interests in Iowa.


Haynes, Martin A. A History of the Second Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, in the War of the Rebellion. Lakeport, N.H.: n.p., 1896.

f.1 Personal letters, 1863 (2 pieces).
f.2. Letters to James H. Baker, dated 1873 and 1889 (6 pieces).
f.3 Letters and documents, Co. F, 2nd N.H., 1862 (7 pieces).
f.4 Letters and documents, Co. F, 2nd N.H., January-April 1863 (6 pieces).
f.5 Letters and documents, Co. F, 2nd N.H., June-July 1863 (9 pieces).
f.6 Letters and documents, Co. F, 2nd N.H., 1864-1866 (10 pieces).
f.7 Quartermaster stores received, Co. F, 2nd N.H., Oct. 1863 (1 piece).
f.8 Ordnance stores, Co. F, 2nd N.H., December 31, 1863 (1 piece).
f.9 Clothing inventory, Frank Bush, Co. H, 2nd N.H., transferred to Co. F on March 11, 1864 ( 1 piece).
f.10 Clothing inventory, Co. F, 2nd N.H., March 1864 (1 piece).