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Hockey Oral Histories

Audiotapes, 2000-2004

MC 213

1 box (.33 cu.ft.)

About the Interviewers

Dr. Stephen Hardy played as a defenseman for the Bowdoin College hockey team in ECAC Division II in the late 1960s. He and his twin brother Erland were co-captains in the 1969-1970 season and were the only twins playing collegiate hockey in the country. They helped Bowdoin’s 1968-1969 squad win the Division II title.

Kristin Markowich was a UNH undergraduate in the Kinesiology Department.

About the Collection

The oral history collection contains interviews mostly conducted by Dr. Stephen Hardy of the Department of Kinesiology at the University of New Hampshire with various prominent figures in the world of hockey. The interviews with Joe Bertagna, Ned Bunyon, Russ McCurdy, Bill Cleary, Erin Whittier and Brendan Sheehy were conducted by Kristin Markowich during the spring of 2004.

Folder Listing

I. Interviews

1. Stephen Hardy interview with Sid Watson, former coach and Athletics Director at Bowdoin College, close friend of Charlie Holt, and American Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee, Sept. 11, 2000 (2 cassette tapes).
2. Interview with Gordon “Red” Berenson, Head Coach, University of Michigan, All American Player at Michigan, and long-time NHL standout, Oct. 5, 2000.
3. Interview with Al Renfrew, longtime coach of Michigan hockey, Oct.7, 2000.
4. Interview with Russell Cox, NH State Representative and a Co-Owner of the Boston Garden during the Bobby Orr era, Feb. 6, 2001.
5. Interview with Thomas J. Brown, Wells, Maine, July 14, 2002. Thomas J. Brown is the brother of Walter A. Brown and the son of George V. Brown, both longtime directors of the Boston Arena and the Boston Garden.
6. Interviews with Joe Bertagna, Ned Bunyon, Russ McCurdy, Bill Cleary, Erin Whittier, and Brendan Sheehy, conducted by Kristin Markowich during spring, 2004. Includes copies of the consent forms and a copy of the report written by Markowich for which the interviews were conducted (6 microcassettes; 1 CD copy of the Russ McCurdy interviews, 4/15/04).

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