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Andrew Simpson (1769?-1835)

Andrew Simpson was born in Nottingham, N.H. On June 29, 1800, he married Sarah (1781?-1854), the daughter of Robert Lapish. Simpson worked for a time as a shipbuilder but also made money by investing in merchandising.

The couple lived near the Durham end of the Piscataqua Bridge and also in Durham village in a house that later became the parsonage. They had three children: Andrew Lapish (1800-1895), Caroline (b. 1802), and James (b. 1804).

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1805 Agreement: Andrew Simpson to Ranel McKenzie of New York for a 318 ton ship

1812 Agreement: Andrew Simpson and subscribers for the privateer Harlequin

Letter of certification for Andrew Simpson’s delivery of the privateer General Jackson, August 1815