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The Poetry of Jean Pedrick

Jean Pedrick’s first publication was an 1947 novel entitled, The Fascination, but ever since her childhood she had been writing poems. Tied up in a cardboard box with a piece of string carefully holding it all together, these childhood poems of Pedrick’s have been preserved, a testimony to the writer that she matured into. Her adult poems fill boxes, with drafts written on the backs of envelopes, fliers, and pieces of notebook paper. While Pedrick published numerous poems in magazines, by the 1970s she had yet to find a publisher for her book. The creation of Alice James Books resolved that dilemnia, and in June 1974 her first volume of poetry, Wolf Moon, was published.

It was the beginning of many volumes of poetry for Pedrick. In total she published more than a dozen volumes of poetry, including self-published chapbooks. Despite a lack of commercial success Pedrick persisted with her writing and garnered success on her own terms. She also helped many local writers with their own craft through the Skimmilk Farm workshop which she had at her Brentwood, NH summer home. Below are some examples of her work and poetic voice. These poems come from the books Wolf Moon, Pride & Splendor, and Catgut.

Poems by Jean Pedrick

A complete list of Pedrick’s works.