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Country Dance and Song Society Archives

Archives, 1915-

MC 140

64 boxes

About the Country Dance and Song Society

On March 23, 1915, a group of Americans, inspired by the work of England’s eminent folk scholar Cecil Sharp, met and formed the United States Branch of the English Folk Dance Society. Soon centers affiliated with the original U.S. Branch opened in Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New York City. In 1940, the Country Dance Society, a successor of the U.S. Branch of the EFDS, was incorporated as an educational, non-profit organization. CDS later reincorporated as what is now known as the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS).

CDSS, through its resources and programs, celebrates and preserves traditional forms of English and Anglo-American dance, music, and song, promoting their new expression, connecting people who share an interest in the traditions, and supporting communities in which these traditional forms of expression can survive.

Since 1915 CDSS and its affiliates have sponsored a variety of folk music and dance participatory events and educational programs. Summer residential programs for adults and families are held at Pinewoods Camp (MA), Timber Ridge Camp (WV) and Ogontz (NH). CDSS also offers developmental courses for musicians, dance callers, and dance organizers and offers training sessions for teachers interested in incorporating traditional music, dance, and song into the classroom. A small loans and grants program offers support to individuals and groups in projects related to our mission.

CDSS publishes books related to folk dance and song, produces recordings, prints a bi-monthly members’ newsletter, and operates a mail order business and a small store at its headquarters in Easthampton, Massachusetts. For a number of years, CDSS also functioned as a research library and center for materials on folk dance and song. These resources are now maintained as part of the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music and Dance housed at the University of New Hampshire.

The national office of the CDSS is located at 116 Pleasant Street, Suite 345, Easthampton, MA 01027-2759.

About the Country Dance and Song Society Collection

The Country Dance and Song Society Archives includes office records, correspondence, programs and bulletins of events, various publications produced by CDSS and other related groups, subject files pertaining to various other folk dance and song groups and topics, as well as hundreds of photographs. The Archives also contains the personal papers and collections of several individuals prominent in the study and teaching of Anglo- American folk dance and song, including: Mary A. Buckie, May Gadd, Russell and Frances Houghton, Frances H. Jackson, Mary P. Judson, Kate Van Winkle Keller, Genieve Taylor Shimer, Melville Smith, Stanley Watkins, and Evelyn K. Wells.

Folder Listing

  1. Country Dance and Song Society – Office Files

    1. U.S. Branch of the E.F.D.S
    2. Country Dance and Song Society
    3. Miscellaneous Materials, Not Dated
    4. US-EFDS/CDSS Scrapbooks
  2. Country Dance and Song Society – Subject Files
  3. Personal Papers
  4. Oversized Materials
    1. CDSS
    2. Personal Papers
    3. Photographs
  5. Photographs
    1. CDSS
    2. CDSS – Subject Materials
    3. Photos from Personal Papers


A. U.S. Branch of the E.F.D.S.

BOX 1 f.1 1915, English Folk Dance Society, New York. f.2 1915, EFDS correspondence. f.3 1916, EFDS, New York. f.4 1916, EFDS correspondence. f.5 1917, EFDS, New York. f.6 1917 - 1918, EFDS correspondence f.7 1918, EFDS, New York. f.8 1919, EFDS, New York. f.9 1920, EFDS, New York. f.10 1920, EFDS correspondence. f.11 1921, EFDS, New York. f.12 1921, EFDS, not New York. f.13 1922, EFDS, New York. f.14 1923, EFDS. f.15 1924, EFDS. f.16 1925, EFDS. f.17 1926, EFDS, New York. f.18 1927, EFDS, New York. f.19 1927, EFDS, New York meeting minutes. f.20 1928, EFDS, New York. f.21 1928, EFDS, New York meeting minutes. f.22 1929, EFDS, New York. f.23 1929, EFDS, New York meeting minutes. f.24 1930, EFDS. f.25 1930, EFDS, New York meeting minutes. BOX 2 f.1 1931, EFDS. f.2 1932, EFDS, New York. f.3 1933, EFDS. f.4 1934, EFDS, New York. f.5 1935, EFDS, New York. f.6 1935, EFDS, Incorporation & Articles of Association. f.7 1935, EFDS, not New York. f.8 1935, EFDS, Pinewoods. f.9 1936, EFDS, New York. f.10 1936, EFDS, not New York. f.11 1936, Pinewoods. f.12 1937, EFDS, New York. f.13 1937, Pinewoods. f.14 1938, EFDS, New York. f.15 1939, EFDS, New York. f.16 Not dated, New York.

B. Country Dance and Song Society

BOX 1 f.1 1940, Country Dance Society. f.2 1940, Certificate of Incorporation. f.3 1940, Programs and bulletins. f.4 1941. f.5 1941, Correspondence. f.6 1941, Meetings. f.7 1942. f.8 1943. f.9 1944. f.10 1945. f.11 1946. f.12 1947. f.13 1947, Meetings. f.14 1948. f.15 1948, Meetings. f.16 1949. f.17 1949, Meetings. f.18 1949, Pinewoods. f.19 1949, Programs and bulletins. f.20 1950. f.21 1950, Milton N. Katz v. CDSS. f.22 1950, Meetings. f.23 1950, Pinewoods. f.24 1950, Programs and bulletins. f.25 1951. f.26 1951, Meetings. f.27 1951, Pinewoods. f.28 1951, Programs and bulletins. f.29 1952. f.30 1952, Meetings. f.31 1952, Pinewoods. f.32 1952, Programs and bulletins. f.33 1953. f.34 1953, Meetings. f.35 1953, Pinewoods. f.36 1953, Programs and bulletins. f.37 1954. f.38 1954, Pinewoods. f.39 1954, Programs and bulletins. f.40 1955. f.41 1955, Meetings. f.42 1955, Pinewoods. f.43 1955, Programs and bulletins. f.44 1956. f.45 1956, Meetings. f.46 1956, Pinewoods. f.47 1956, Programs and bulletins. BOX 2 f.1 1957. f.2 1957-1959, Guest register. f.3 1957, Pinewoods. f.4 1957, Programs and bulletins. f.5 1958. f.6 1958, Pinewoods. f.7 1958, Programs and bulletins. f.8 1959. f.9 1959, Newspaper clippings. f.10 1959, Pinewoods. f.11 1959, Programs and bulletins. f.12 1960. f.13 1960, Pinewoods. f.14 1960, Programs and bulletins. f.15 1961. f.16 1961, Pinewoods. f.17 1961, Programs and bulletins. f.18 1962, Correspondence. f.19 1962, Pinewoods. f.20 1962, Programs and bulletins. f.21 1963. f.22 1963, Pinewoods. f.23 1963, Programs and bulletins. f.24 1964. f.25 1964, Meetings. f.26 1964, Pinewoods. f.27 1964, Programs and bulletins. f.28 1965. f.29 "Fifty Years of Dance and Song, 1915-1965". f.30 1965, Meetings. f.31 1965, Pinewoods. f.32 1965, Programs and Bulletins. f.33 1966. f.34 1966, Meetings. f.35 1966, Pinewoods. f.36 1966, Programs and bulletins. f.37 1967. f.38 1967, Meetings. f.39 1967, Pinewoods. f.40 1967, Programs and bulletins. f.41 1968. f.42 1968, Pinewoods. f.43 1968, Programs and bulletins. f.44 1969. f.45 1969, Pinewoods. f.46 1969, Programs and bulletins. f.47 1970. f.48 1970, Meetings. f.49 1970, Pinewoods. f.50 1970, Programs and bulletins. BOX 3 f.1 1971. f.2 1971, Meetings. f.3 1971, Pinewoods. f.4 1971, Programs and bulletins. f.5 1972. f.6 1972, Knott, Sarah Gertrude, correspondence. f.7 1972, Meetings. f.8 1972, Philip Merrill Blood Drive. f.9 1972, Newspaper clippings. f.10 1972, Pinewoods. f.11 1972, Programs and bulletins. f.12 1973. f.13 1973, Meetings. f.14 1973, Newspaper clippings. f.15 1973, Pinewoods. f.16 1973, Programs and bulletins. f.17 1974. f.18 1974, Library. f.19 1974, Meetings. f.20 1974, Newspaper clippings. f.21 1974, Pinewoods. f.22 1974, Programs and bulletins. f.23 1975. f.24 1975, Correspondence. f.25 1975, Newspaper clippings. f.26 1975, Pinewoods. f.27 1975, Pinewoods drawings. f.28 1975, Programs and bulletins. f.29 1976. f.30 1976, Library, Conant Dance Collection, bibliography. f.31 1976, Newspaper clippings. f.32 1976, Pinewoods. f.33 1976, Programs and bulletins. f.34 1977. f.35 1977, Library. f.36 1977, Newspaper clippings. f.37 1977, Pinewoods. f.38 1977, Programs and bulletins. BOX 4 f.1 1978. f.2 1978, Meetings. f.3 1978, Newspaper clippings. f.4 1978, Pinewoods. f.5 1978, Programs and bulletins. f.6 1979. f.7 1979, Newspaper clippings. f.8 1979, Pinewoods. f.9 1979, Programs and bulletins. f.10 1980. f.11 1980, Library. f.12 1980, Newspaper clippings. f.13 1980, Pinewoods. f.14 1980, Programs and bulletins. f.15 1981. f.16 1981, Library. f.17 1981, Meetings. f.18 1981, Newspaper clippings. f.19 1981, Pinewoods. f.20 1981, Programs and bulletins. f.21 1982. f.22 1982, Library. f.23 1982, Newspaper clippings. f.24 1982, Programs and bulletins. f.25 1983. f.26 1983, Correspondence. f.27 1983, Newspaper clippings. f.28 1983, Pinewoods. f.29 1984, Library. f.30 1984, Newspaper clippings. f.31 1984, Pinewoods. f.32 1984, Programs and bulletins. f.33 1985. f.34 1985, Library. f.35 1985 - 1991, Accessions, reader records, and a record of volunteer work. Bound volume. f.36 1985, Phil Merrill memorial program. f.37 1985, Newspaper clippings. f.38 1985, Pinewoods. f.39 1985, Publication proposal committee. BOX 5 f.1 1986. f.2 1986, Library. f.3 1986, Library catalog. f.4 1986, Meetings. f.5 1986, Newspaper clippings. f.6 1986, Pinewoods. f.7 1986, Programs and bulletins, 1986. f.8 1986, Publications proposal committee. f.9 1986, Genevieve Shimer, video production & publication. f.10 1987. f.11 1987, Correspondence. f.12 1987, Library. f.13 1987, Meetings. f.14 1987, Newspaper clippings. f.15 1987, Pinewoods. f.16 1987, Programs and bulletins. f.17 1987, Publications proposal committee. f.18 1988. f.19 1988, Correspondence. f.20 1988, Library. f.21 1988, Meetings. f.22 1988, Newspaper clippings. f.23 1988, Publications proposal committee. BOX 6 f.1 1989. f.2 1989, Library. f.3 1989, Pinewoods, "Folk Dance Camp for Adults", Diversion, May 1989. f.4 1989, Library - EFDSS Journal completion. f.5 1989, Mary McNair Collection, inventory. f.6 1989, Newspaper clippings. f.7 1989, Pinewoods. f.8 1989, Programs and bulletins. f.9 1990. f.10 1990, Library. f.11 1990, Library, books at Pinewoods. f.12 1990, Newspaper clippings. f.13 1990, Pinewoods. f.14 1990, Programs and bulletins. f.15 1990, Seventy-fifth Anniversary of CDSS. f.16 1990, Genevieve Shimer (1913-1990), A Celebration of Her Life. f.17 1991. f.18 1991, Library. f.19 1991, Newspaper clippings. f.20 1992, Library. f.21 1992, Newspaper clippings. f.22 1993, "Farland's McDancing Tour of England, A Very Personal Account by Neil Kelley". f.23 1993, Newspaper clippings. f.24 1994, Newspaper clippings.

C. Miscellaneous Materials, Not Dated

BOX 1 f.1 Catalogs. f.2 CDSS, History. f.3 Library, lists of country & traditional somgs & dances. f.4 Library, Robert Paul's library. f.5 Library, 78 recordings. f.6 Library, subject classifications. f.7 Library, tapes. f.8 Library, miscellaneous notes. f.9 Meetings. f.10 Membership information. f.11 Newspaper clippings. f.12 Pinewoods, songsheets. f.13 Pinewoods, miscellaneous. f.14 Programs and bulletins.

D. US-EFDS/CDSS Scrapbooks

BOX 1 US Branch of the EFDS, scrapbook, 1911-1924. BOX 2 US Branch of the EFDS, scrapbook, 1924-1939. BOX 3 Federation of the American Branches of the EFDS, scrapbook, 1927-1929. BOX 4 Federation of the American Branches of the EFDS, scrapbook, 1930-1934. BOX 5 New York City Branch of EFDS, scrapbook, 1930-1936. BOX 6 New York City Branch of EFDS, scrapbook, 1936-1937. US National Headquarters of EFDS, scrapbook, 1937-1940. BOX 7 Country Dance Society, scrapbook, 1940-1947. BOX 8 "Come Let's Be Merry", Celebrating 75 Years of Country Dance, Music & Song in America, scrapbook, 1990.


BOX 1 f.1 American Country Dance Ensemble, background info., 1973-1976. f.2 ACDE, flyers for general publicity. f.3 ACDE, newspaper clippings, magazines, reviews. f.4 ACDE, performance schedules and notices, f.1 of 2. f.5 ACDE, performance schedules and notices, f.2 of 2. f.6 ACDE, standard program & commentary - notes from J. and G. Shimer. f.7 Berea College [Kentucky]. f.8 Berea College, programs and flyers, 1971-1978. f.9 Bessom, Malcolm E., "Notes on American Folk Music". f.10 Bibliographies, 1974-1977. f.11 Catalogs, various groups, 1955-1989. f.12 "Christmas Revels," 1972-1981. f.13 Country Dance in Connecticut, 1977. f.14 Dances and songs, miscellaneous. f.15 "Dancing in Amherst County, VA at the Beginning of the 20th Century." f.16 English Folk Dance and Song Society, "Dancers of England", 1957. f.17 EFDSS, "Dances of England", 1954. f.18 EFDSS, "The Dancing English", 1947. f.19 EFDSS, "The English Folk", 1946. f.20 EFDSS, "Festival", 1956. f.21 EFDSS, "Folk Dance Festival", 1948. f.22 EFDSS, "A Jubilee History", 1961. BOX 2 f.1 EFDSS, programs, various folk festivals, 1958-1986. f.2 EFDSS, various reports, 1960-1989. f.3 EFDSS, "Sixty Years of Folk", 1971. f.4 EFDSS, miscellaneous materials, 1930-1988. f.5 EFDSS, Staff Conference Report, 1937. f.6 Ethnic Culture Survey Report of the Middle States Conference on Folk Culture", n.d. f.7 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1949-1951. f.8 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1952. f.9 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1953-1972. f.9 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1973-1974. f.10 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1975. f.11 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1976. f.12 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1977. f.13 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1978. f.14 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1979. f.15 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1980. f.16 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1981. f.17 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1982. f.18 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1983. f.19 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1984-1988. f.20 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, 1989-1992. f.21 Flyers of events sponsored by other folk groups, n.d. f.22 Folk Festival Council, 1932. f.23 Folk materials, general articles, 1938-1949. BOX 3 f.1 Folk materials, typescripts, n.d. f.2 Folklore. f.3 Germantown Friends, Annual Festival, 1935-1951. f.4 Halsway Manor [England], 1969-1979. f.5 Hast, Dorothea E. "Performance Transformation and Community: Contra Dance in New England", 1993. f.6 "High Lonesome, The Story of Bluegrass Music", 1993. f.7 International [European] Folk Dance Festival, 1935. f.8 International Folk Festivals, various programs, 1931-1958. f.9 International Folk Music Council, 1979. f.10 John C. Campbell Folk School, 1954-1973. f.11 John C. Campbell Folk School, programs and flyers, 1962-1981. f.12 Kennedy, Paul tapes, 1976-1981. f.13 Kenton Ramblers play Pat Shaw. f.14 Mendocino [CA] Woodlands Camp, programs and flyers, 1980-1984. f.15 Millstone River Morris, 1991. f.16 National Folk Festival, 1937 & 1976. f.17 Newport, RI Folk Festival, 1959-1969. f.18 Old Dominion Dancers (movie: George Washington), 1983. f.19 Pittsburgh [PA] Folk Festival, 1963-1965. f.20 Platt Village Mummers, 1976. f.21 "Research on Morris Dance Origin", [Nerdrua Report no. 1], 1981. f.22 Roberts, Lily, pencilled notes on her Folk Dance teaching. f.23 Scottish Country Dance Society, 1952. f.24 Sharp, Cecil House, programs, 1951. f.25 Sharp, Cecil House, "A Souvenir", 1980. f.26 Sharp, Cecil Memorial Fund, 1925. f.27 Shaw, Pat Dances (compiled by Neil Kelley). BOX 4 f.1 Shaw, Pat, originals for music of B.T. Ponds. f.2 Songsheets and sheet music. f.3 Songsheets and sheet music. f.4 Songsheets and sheet music. f.5 Steensland, Vernon. "How to Cut Down on Teaching", 1958. f.6 United States Social Hygiene Board, letter, 1922. f.7 Wittmann, Christine, "Rites of Spring" [May Day] 1992. f.8 World of Fun Directions.


Buckie, Mary A.

BOX 1 f.1 Dance notations. f.2 Dance notations, notebook. f.3 "A Description of an Evening of English Folk Dancing". f.4 Manuscripts on the beginnings of the folk dance movement. f.5 Newspaper clippings. f.6 Notes, various topics, not dated. f.7 "Silver Jubilee Festival," 1950. f.8 Notes, miscellaneous. BOX 2 f.1 Scrapbook #1, 1932. f.2 Scrapbook #2, 1933-1935. f.3 Scrapbook #3, 1935-1937. BOX 3 f.1 Scrapbook #4, 1939-1942. f.2 Scrapbook #5, 1942-1949. Scrapbook #6, 1937-1939 (gift from Susan H. Gilman), see OVSZ BOX 2.

Gadd, May

BOX 1 f.1 Articles published by May Gadd, 1937-1943: "The Folk Dance as a Social Dance," The Dance Observer, November 1937. "An International Festival," The Dance Observer, February 1939. "History of the Country Dance Society 1915-1940," The Country Dancer, Part One: November 1940; Part Two: January 1941; Part Three: March 1941. "Adventure Into Television," The Country Dancer, November 1941. "Television and the Folk Dance," Dance Observer, December 1941. "Television News," The Country Dancer (?), January 1942. "Defense Recreation," The Country Dancer, January 1942 and March 1942. "Television Adapts to Wartime," The Country Dancer, April 1942. "Recreational Dancing and the U.S.O.," The Country Dancer (?), November 1942. "A Regional Mountain Folk Festival," Dance Observer (?), February 1943. "Fallacies?," The Country Dancer, July 1943. "Country Dancing With the Services," Dance Observer, October 1943. "A Square Dance Mural," n.d., n.p. "Pine Mountain Folk Art," The Dance Observer, n.d. "Square Dances of America," The Dance Observer, n.d. "A Treasury of Folk Dance," n.d., n.p. f.2 Biographical materials, 1948-1979. f.3 Cates, Steve, correspondence, 1978-1979. f.4 Certificates and awards, 1904-1975. f.5 Christmas cards, various people. f.6 Correspondence by others regarding M.G., 1971-1979. f.7 Correspondence for an "Evening of Dance & Song from the Collection of Cecil Sharp", 1959. f.8 Correspondence from M.G. to various people, 1941-1973. f.9 Correspondence to M.G., 1950-1978. f.10 Country Dancer files (A), material for issue. f.11 Country Dancer files (H, I, J), possible material for articles, etc. f.12 Country Dancer files (M), sketches for possible use. f.13 Country Dancer files (S), advertising rates & advertising agents. f.14 Country Dancer files (T,U,V) vari-type and offset information. f.15 Country Dancer files received, small items of interest. f.16 Country Dancer files, index and miscellaneous material. f.17 "Defense Recreation", manuscript, n.d. f.18 Gadd, May, eightieth birthday. f.19 "The Folk Arts in Recreation - Next Steps". f.20 "Folk Dance in World Culture". f.21 "Get well" cards, 1978. f.22 "The Helston Furry Dance", manuscript, n.d. f.23 Letters of recommendation, 1919-1925. f.24 McNair, Mary, correspondence & manuscripts, 1942-1954. f.25 Miscellaneous materials, 1951 & n.d. f.26 Mr. North's Maggot, proof, n.d. f.27 Newspaper clippings, EFDSS & CDSS, 1929-1951. f.28 Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous. f.29 Partington, Bill, New Jersey Festival. f.30 Porter, Rayborn, correspondence (Oklahoma City Conference), 1947-1948. f.31 Presentations, 1943-1977. f.32 Presentations, 1952. f.33 "Recreational Dancing and the U.S.O." f.34 War Relief correspondence, 1941.

Houghton, Russell and Frances

BOX 1 f.1 Folk Festival Council of New York, New York School for Social Research, 1929-1939. f.2 Folk music notes and Canby arrangements, country dance duets, n.d. f.3 Musical scores and songs, manuscripts. f.4 Notebook, alphabetical list of country dances and Morris dances. f.5 Notebook on playing the recorder, 1961-1963. f.6 Notes, miscellaneous materials.

Jackson, Frances H.

BOX 1 f.1 Correspondence, American Antiquarian Society, 1954. f.2 Correspondence, Henry E. Huntington Library, 1941. f.3 Correspondence, Library of Congress, 1940-1941; 1954. f.4 Correspondence, Newberry Library, 1940-1941. f.5 Correspondence, Rhode Island Historical Society, 1954. f.6 Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1940; 1954. f.7 Notes, miscellaneous. f.8 Notes, miscellaneous. f.9 Miscellaneous materials, 1941-1950. f.10 Miscellaneous collected calls. BOX 2 f.1 Music and song collection, notebook "A". f.2 Music and song collection, notebook "B". f.3 Music and song collection, notebook "C". f.4 Music and song collection, notebook "D". f.5 Music and song collection, notebook "E-F". BOX 3 f.1 Music and song collection, notebook "G". f.2 Music and song collection, notebook "H". f.3 Music and song collection, notebook "I-J". f.4 Music and song collection, notebook "K-L". f.5 Music and song collection, notebook "M". BOX 4 f.1 Music and song collection, notebook "N-O". f.2 Music and song collection, notebook "P". f.3 Music and song collection, notebook "Q-R". f.4 Music and song collection, notebook "Sa-Sl". f.5 Music and song collection, notebook "Sm-Sy". BOX 5 f.1 Music and song collection, notebook "T". f.2 Music and song collection, notebook "U-Z". f.3 Music and song collection, "Index A-J". f.4 Music and song collection, "Index K-R". f.5 Music and song collection, "Index S-Z". BOX 6 f.1 Music and song collection, notebook, "Quadrilles, Contillions, Songs". f.2 Music and song collection, notebook, "Cue Book". f.3 Music and song collection, notebook, "Miscellaneous Collected Songs". BOX 7 f.1 Arrangement, "Headington Morris Reel". f.2 Arrangement, "Helston Furry Dance". f.3 Arrangement, "Jockie to the Fair". f.4 Arrangement, "Ladies Pleasure". f.5 Arrangement, "Laudman Bunches". f.6 Arrangement, "Lilli Burelo". f.7 Arrangement, "Long Eight", or "Cumberland". f.8 Arrangement, "Lumps of Pudding". f.9 Arrangement, "Lump of Plum Pudding", Bampton, England (Melville Smith). f.10 Arrangement, "Mage on a Cree". f.11 Arrangement, "The Maid of the Mill" (Morris dance). BOX 8 f.1 Arrangement, "The Maid Peeped Out of the Window". f.2 Arrangement, "The Merry Milkmaids". f.3 Arrangement, "Mr. Isaac's Maggot". f.4 Arrangement, "Morpeth Rant". f.5 Arrangement, "The Morris Call". f.6 Arrangement, "Newcastle". f.7 Arrangement, "The Nutting Girl". f.8 Arrangement, "Old Black Joe" (Morris dance). f.9 Arrangement, "Old Molly Oxford" (Morris jig). f.10 Arrangement, "Old Molly Oxford" (Morris jig). f.11 Arrangement, "Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket" (Headington jig). f.12 Arrangement, "Princess Royal". f.13 Arrangement, "Princess Royal". f.14 Arrangement, "Royton Morris". f.15 Arrangement, "Rigs O'Marlow". f.16 Arrangement, "Rodney". f.17 Arrangement, "Shepards' Hey" (Bampton, England).

Judson, Mary P.

BOX 1 f.1 Chambers, Donald Moore, "Squares and Rounds", 1940. f.2 Chase, Richard, 1965-1966. f.3 Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1951-1986. f.4 Country Dance and Song Society, correspondence, 1937-1985. f.5 English Folk Dance and Song Society, 1932-1971. f.6 Gadd, May Trust Fund, correspondence, 1958-1969. f.7 List of records and tapes owned by M.P.J. f.8 McLain, Raymond and Bicky, correspondence. f.9 Mendocino Camp [CA}. f.10 Miscellaneous materials. f.11 Musical scores. f.12 Newspaper clippings, misc., 1972-1979. f.13 Programs from various folk organizations, 1940-1966. f.14 Song notes. f.15 Wisse, Tom, "Wisse Book", master copy.

Keller, Kate Van Winkle

BOX 1 f.1 Correspondence, "A", 1986-1989. f.2 Correspondence, "B", 1986-1990. f.3 Correspondence, CDSS, 1985-1989. f.4 Correspondence, "C", 1985-1989. f.5 Correspondence, "D - F", 1984-1988. f.6 Correspondence, Gifts to CDSS, 1985-1990. f.7 Correspondence, "G", 1986-1988. f.8 Correspondence, "H - J", 1978-1988. f.9 Correspondence, "K - L", 1985-1989. f.10 Correspondence, "M", 1986-1987. f.11 Correspondence, "N - O", 1984. f.12 Correspondence, "P - Q", 1987-1988. f.13 Correspondence, "R", 1985-1989. f.14 Correspondence, "S", 1985-1989. f.15 Correspondence, Sloane, David [ed. Country Dance and Song]. f.16 Correspondence, "T - V", 1987-1988. f.17 Correspondence, "W", 1986-1990. f.18 Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1986. f.19 "Holders of Certificates from EFDSS, 1927-1942". f.20 "James Alexander's Collection of Country Dances, New York, 1730". f.21 Storrow - Sharp EFDSS correspondence, 1923-1929 [xerox].

Osgood, Bessie V.

BOX 1 f.1 Berckley, George H., correspondence, 1903-1934. f.2 Bolton, Charles Knowles, correspondence, 1902-1904. f.3 Correspondence with various people, 1902-1907. f.4 Brooks, Helen A. f.5. Notes on Early American song and dance f.6 The Dancing Master, 1716. f.7 Eighteenth-century dance, research notes. f.8 Extracts from letters (etc...) on dance, notebook. f.9 List of minuets in British Museum, 1904, manuscript copy. f.10 Notebook, miscellany. f.11 Notebook, miscellany. f.12 Governor's Reception, programme, 1908. f.13 Hale, Edward E., 1903-1905. f.14 List of songs & airs (wherefound). f.15 Kidson, Frank, correspondence. f.16 Matthews, Albert, correspondence, 1903. f.17 Musical scores, manuscripts. f.18 Musical scores, newspaper clippings, 1903-1906. f.19 "The Origin of Folk-Melodies", manuscript and notes. f.20 Peacock, Francis, Sketches relative to the History & Theory, but more especially to the practice of Dancing, 1805, notes. f.21 Sachse, Julius F., correspondence, 1902-1903. f.22 Southern, V., The Art of Dancing, 1764. f.23 Wilson, Thomas, Complete System of English Country Dancing, 1820, manuscript copy. f.24 Wyman, Liela Viles, correspondence. f.25 Miscellaneous notes.

Shimer, M. Genevieve Taylor

BOX 1 f.1 Correspondence. f.2 Cornish School (Seattle, WA), songbook, 1921-1923. f.3 Folk dancing classes, Broadway High School, 1933-1934. f.4 Notebook, not dated. f.5 Songbook, not dated. f.6 Songbook, not dated.

Smith, Melville

BOX 1 f.1 Scrapbook, 1925-1936.

Watkins, Stanley

BOX 1 f.1 Correspondence, 1924-1925. f.2 English Folk Dance Camp, 1925. f.3 English Folk Dance Society [NY Branch, published materials, 1919-1925. f.4 Greenwich Village Historical Society, "Independence Ball", 1925. f.5 Miscellaneous, mostly not dated.

Wells, Evelyn K.

BOX 1 f.1 Appalachian trip, 1955, journal. f.2 The Ballad Tree, notes relating to text, 1946. f.3 The Ballad Tree, reading notes. f.4 Biographical materials (vita, letters from John R. Wells). f.5 Challis, John, correspondence, 1939. f.6 Christmas pageant, 1962. f.7 Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1962-1973. f.8 Correspondence, 1968-1974. f.9 Dancing, miscellaneous etchings & clippings. f.10 "Dark of the Moon" [play], 1945-1949. f.11 Dean-Smith,?, correspondence, 1958-1959. f.12 Diary [Trip to England], 1959. f.13 Dulcimer, articles and clippings, 1937-1973. f.14 Dulcimer, correspondence, 1968-1975. f.15 Elizabethan music and literature, 1935-1962. f.16 Elizabethan program notes. f.17 England (Tudor), notes and pictures on architecture and dress. f.18 Flander, Helen Hartness, 1961-1963. f.19 Folk dances, notecards, not dated. f.20 Folk Dance Weekend, Wellsley College, 1939. f.21 Folk music bibliographies, 1957-1974. f.22 Folk singers, miscellaneous programs and information about various people, 1946-1963. f.23 Folk songs collected by EKW, 1916-1955. f.24 Furber [Dearnley], Dorothy, correspondence and information regarding, 1961-1965. f.25 Gadd, May, correspondence, 1973. f.26 Gault, Robert L., "The Wife of Usher's Well", n.d. BOX 2 f.1 Grover, Carrie, collected biographical material on CG. f.2 Grover, Carrie, correspondence, 1943-1950. f.3 Grover, Carrie, correspondence with Gould Academy [Ann Griggs and Edmond J. Vachon] regarding CG, 1948-1961. f.4 Grover, Carrie, miscellaneous correspondence regarding CG, 1959-1966. f.5 Grover, Carrie, songs and songbook. f.6 Hare, Marie, "11 Miramichi Songs", n.d. f.7 Hindman Settlement School [KY], 1960-1974. f.8 International Folk Music Council/Conference, 1950-1975. f.9 John C. Campbell Folk School, 1954-1974. f.10 Karpeles, Maud, articles and materials on MK, 1965-1967. f.11 Karpeles, Maud, correspondence, 1938-1942. f.12 Karpeles, Maud, correspondence, 1943-1955. f.13 Karpeles, Maud, correspondence, 1958-1965. f.14 Karpeles, Maud, correspondence, 1966-1967. f.15 Karpeles, Maud, correspondence, 1968-1969. f.16 Karpeles, Maud, correspondence, 1970-1971. f.17 Karpeles, Maud, correspondence, 1972-1973. f.18 Karpeles, Maud, correspondence, not dated. f.19 Karpeles, Maud, L/C tape of BBC, Hooper, Wells, etc...(songs and transcriptions). f.20 Library of EKW (books, music, manuscripts), 1968-1981. f.21 Library of EKW, list of items, 1969. f.22 List of interviews and recordings. f.23 Music, miscellaneous manuscripts and notes. f.24 Musical instruments and musicians, miscellaneous visuals. f.25 Niles, John Jacob, programs and information regarding, 1942-1956. BOX 3 f.1 Notecards, Shakespeare & Folklore, special play and special topics. f.2 Notecards, talk on collecting: talk child 4; Long Pond, 1959-1960; Boston University, 1962. f.3 Notecards. f.4 Notes, miscellaneous, not dated. f.5 Notes, miscellaneous, not dated. f.6 Notes, miscellaneous, not dated. f.7 Padstow Hobby Horse, 1936-1938. f.8 Paton, Sandy (Folk Legacy Records), 1962-1969. f.9 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], At Home in the Hills. f.10 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], calendars, 1944-1969. f.11 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], commencement programs, 1937-1948. f.12 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Conifer, 1941-1945. f.13 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], correspondence, 1939-1941. f.14 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], correspondence and accounts about, 1915-1966. f.15 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], correspondence to EKW, 1966-1968. BOX 4 f.1 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], correspondence to EKW, 1969-1970. f.2 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], correspondence to EKW, 1971-1972. f.3 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], correspondence to EKW, 1973-1974. f.4 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], "Dialect & local color, 1921-1923". f.5 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], EKW extracts from letters regarding Pine Mountain, 1915-1927. f.6 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], history, 1929. f.7 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Informational pamphlets and brochures, most not dated. f.8 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], language anecdotes. f.9 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], May Day programs, 1937-1948. f.10 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Nolan, "Singin'" Willie, correspondence, 1953-1967 [also see Stekert, Ellen, Box 4 f.23]. f.11 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Vol. I-II, 1919-1928. f.12 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Vol. III-VIII, 1928-1936. f.13 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Vol. XII-XXVII, 1938-1974. f.14 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], "One Man's Cravin'", 1945. f.15 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Pine Cone, Vol. 4, no. 1-3, 5, 1936-1937. f.16 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Pine Cone, Vol. 5, no. 2; Vol. 6, no. 2 & 4, 1940-1942. f.17 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Pine Cone, Vol. 10, no. 3-4; Vol. 11, no. 8, 1945-1947. f.18 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Pine Cone, Vol. 12, no. 1, 3, & 5, 1947-1948. f.19 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Pine Cone, Vol. 13, no. 1-5, 1948-1949. f.20 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Pine Mountain Catalogue, 1945-1947. f.21 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Pine Mountain History, 1913-1936. f.22 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], programs for special events. f.23 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Stekert, Ellen, correspondence, 1956-1965 [see also Nolan, "Singin' Willie, Box 4 f.10]. f.24 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], Zande, Ethel de Long, transcriptions of correspondence, 1914-1926. f.25 Pine Mountain Settlement School [KY], miscellaneous. BOX 5 f.1 Programs, miscellaneous, 1937-1970. f.2 Publications, 1959-1962. f.3 Ritchie, Jean, correspondence and information regarding JR, 1951-1973. f.4 Schrader, Arthur F., correspondence, 1968. f.5 Sharp, Cecil, Centennial Evenings - Boston, notes. f.6 Sharp, Cecil, Christmas cards, 1919-1926. f.7 Sharp, Cecil, original music manuscript, "Tenpenny Bit". f.8 Simpson, Claude M., correspondence, 1966. f.9 Sleeper, Helen Jay, 1959-1962. f.10 Songbook (The Willow Song; Who Is That This Dark Night; Go, Crystal Tears; Come Away, Come, Some Love). f.11 Transcriptions of records brought from England. f.12 Uddin, Jasim, "Marriage Songs of East Pakistan". f.13 Wells, Billy, Bampton fiddler, interview. f.14 Whitney, Lois, correspondence, 1965-1970. f.15 Whitney, Lois, prints and hand-made cards. f.16 Writings, miscellaneous, not dated.



OVSZ BOX 1 f.1 1921 January 6, The Twelth Night Revels, poster. f.2 1922 December 26-30, Christmas Vacation School, poster. f.3 1928 April 14, Folk Dance Festival, poster. f.4 1928 April 14, Festival of English Folk Dancing, poster. f.5 1929 April 13, Folk Dance Festival, poster. f.6 1930 April 12, Folk Dance Festival, poster. f.7 1931 April 18, Folk Dance Festival, poster. f.8 1936, Map to Illustrate Geographical Distribution of English Ceremonial Dance. By Joseph Needham in EFDSS Journal. f.9 1965 June 6, "New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation Proclaims June 6, 1965 to be English Dance Society Day", certificate. f.10 1976 March 7, American Dance and Music of the 18th Century Performed by the "American Country Dance Ensemble", poster. f.11 1976 June, Bicentennial the American Country Dance Ensemble, poster. f.12 1990 June 22-24, Summer Solstice Folk Music & Dance Festival, Northridge, CA.

B. Personal Papers

f.13 Gadd, May, broadsides [reprints]: "The Richmond Soldier, Together with Sweet Pig of Richmond Hill", "Tom Bolin", "Unfortunate Miss Bailey: Together with the Baliff", "Old Maid's Last Prayer; and the Primrose Girl", "The Frog and the Mouse". f.14 Judson, Mary [Walter Pulverson], "Life Gave Me A Ball", 1937, poster. f.15 Wells, Evelyn K., "The Percy Folio Manuscript", photostats and notes. f.16 Wells, Evelyn K., "Some Important Literary and Historical Data", poster. OVSZ BOX 2 f.1 Buckie, Mary, scrapbook #6, 1937-1939. OVSZ BOX 3 f.1 Gadd, May, Indian dance, serigraphs. f.2 Osgood, Bessie, Manuscript collected dances & songs from 17th and 18th centuries. f.3 Osgood, Bessie, Whittier Perkins manuscript of 1790 [copy], Geo. H. Benchley manuscript of 1902 [original], letters from Benchley, manuscript in Essex Institute [copy]. f.4 Osgood, Bessie, Dance tunes, long tunes. f.5 Osgood, Bessie, Miscellaneous manuscript music. f.6 Osgood, Bessie, Military musics, songs, country dances, minuets. f.7 Osgood, Bessie, Miscellaneous minuets, country dances, cotillions. f.8 Shimer, Genevieve, Miscellaneous music manuscripts. f.9 Wells, Evelyn K., Miscellaneous music manuscripts. OVSZ BOX 4 f.1 EFDS/CDSS materials from unidentified scrapbook, 1928-1950. f.2 EFDS/CDSS materials, not dated. f.3 Copies of newspaper clippings and pages in unidentified scrapbook, 1930s-1951. f.4 Unidentified scrapbook, 1928-1951.

C. Photographs

OVSZ BOX 5 f.1 Twelfth Night Revels. January 6, 1920. f.2 CDSS English Folk Festival, 7th Regiment Armory, New York City, 1936. f.3 CDSS Christmas Party, 1940. f.4 American Country Dance Ensemble, contacts, ca. 1976. f.5 ACDE, contacts, ca. 1976. f.6 ACDE, contacts, ca. 1976. f.7 May Gadd, n.d.



BOX 1 f.1 1922-1923. f.2 1934, EFDS Eastern Summer School [Bryce Canyon, Utah]. f.3 1935, International Folk Council. f.4 1936, Pinewoods. f.5 1937. f.6 1939 August, by Robert H. Buckie. f.7 1939, from Elisabeth S. Burns. f.8 1939, Pinewoods [negatives]. f.9 1939-1941, by Robert H. Buckie. f.10 1939-1941, by Robert H. Buckie. f.11 1940s, Pinewoods. f.12 1940s, miscellaneous. f.13 1940, Christmas party. BOX 2 f.1 1940, by Robert H. Buckie. f.2 1940, Pinewoods. f.3 1941, Pinewoods. f.4 1941 April, Spring Festival, 7th Regiment Armory. f.5 1941, White Top Festival, Virginia. f.6 1942, CDSS dancing on television at CBS. f.7 1942, New York City Christmas party. f.8 1942. f.9 1943 January, USO, Fort Knox, Kentucky. f.10 1943?, USO, Lamar. f.11 1947. f.12 1948. f.13 1950 & 1953, from Perdue Cleaver. f.14 1950s-1970s, by Gloria R. Berchielli. f.15 1950s, miscellaneous. f.16 1951. f.17 1952. f.18 1953, Pinewoods. f.19 1953, unidentified event. f.20 1954. f.21 Pinewoods, 1955. f.22 1956, Pinewoods, by S. Szasz. f.23 1956. f.24 1957. f.25 1958 Spring, Hudson Guild Farm [Gerhard Steinfeld]. f.26 1958, Pinewoods. f.27 1959. BOX 3 f.1 1959, Pinewoods. f.2 1960s-1970s, Pinewoods, Chamber Music Week. f.3 1960. f.4 1961, Pinewoods. f.5 1961, Pinewoods. f.6 1961, Pinewoods, Awards Ceremony. f.7 1962, Pinewoods. f.8 1962. f.9 1962, unidentified. f.10 1963, Pinewoods, by Stan Levi. f.11 1963 February 13, Met-Dance, by Stan Levy #145-#153. f.12 1963 April 22, Berea College dancers, White House, Washington, D.C.,by Stan Levy. f.13 1963 April 22, White House, by Stan Levy [negatives]. f.14 1963, miscellaneous. f.15 1963-1970, Pinewoods. f.16 1964, Pinewoods, by Suzanne Szasz #1455. f.17 1964, Pinewoods, by G.R. Berchielli. f.18 1964, Pinewoods, by Frank Woerner. f.19 1964-1967, Pinewoods, by G.R. Berchielli. f.20 1964, World's Fair Exhibition, by K. Dormous. f.21 1964 June 7, World's Fair, 1st performance, by Stan Levy. f.22 1964 September, World's Fair, 2nd performance [U.S. Pavilion], by Stan Levy. f.23 1964, World's Fair, by Gerhard Steinfeld. f.24 1964, World's Fair. f.25 1965 March 27, Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary). f.26 1965, Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary), by Stan Levy. f.27 1965, Pinewoods, by G.R. Berchielli. f.28 1965. BOX 4 f.1 1965 & 1969, Pinewoods, Chamber Music Week, by Keith LaBarre (folder 1 of 2). f.2 1965 & 1969, Pinewoods, Chamber Music Week, by Keith LaBarre (folder 2 of 2). f.3 1966. f.4 1966-1967, by Suzanne Szasz. f.5 1967, Pinewoods, by G.R. Berchielli. f.6 1967, Pinewoods, by Suzanne Szasz #1695. f.7 1968, Morris Tour from Pinewoods to Falmouth - Woods Hole. f.8 1968, Pinewoods, by Stan Levy #1-369. f.9 1968, Pinewoods, 1st Dance Week, by Stan Levy #1-369. f.10 1968, Pinewoods. f.11 1968?, Pinewoods, by Julie Snow. f.12 1968?, unidentified, by Ellen Kostroff. f.13 1968?, unidentified event [Harvard Morris Tour?], by Julie Snow. f.14 1968, unidentified event. f.15 1968. f.16 1968-1969, by S. Szasz. f.17 1969, Morris Tour, Central Park, NYC. f.18 1969, Pinewoods, by Ken LaBowe. f.19 1969. f.20 1970, Pinewoods, Chamber Music Week, by Stan Levy, #2-201. f.21 1970, Pinewoods, Dance Week, by Stan Levy #301-564. f.22 1970, Pinewoods, by S. Szasz. f.23 1970, Stephens College - Maypole. f.24 1970. f.25 1971, by Mildred Dickinson. f.26 1971, Morris Tour, Berea College. BOX 5 f.1 1971, Pinewoods. f.2 1971, Pinewoods, by S. Szasz #1955. f.3 1971 February, Pinewoods, by Bob Paul. f.4 1972, Christmas festival. f.5 1972, Pinewoods, Chamber Music Week, by Stan Levy #1-102. f.6 1972, Pinewoods, 1st Dance Week, by Stan Levy #103-303. f.7 1972, Pinewoods, Family Week, by S. Szasz #1996. f.8 1972, Pinewoods. f.9 1972, Spring Festival, by G.R. Berchielli. f.10 1972. f.11 1973, Christmas Festival, by Stan Levy #632212. f.12 1973?, Dunham Center, Illinois, dance demonstration. f.13 1973, Pinewoods, Family Week, by S. Szasz #2040. f.14 1973, Pinewoods. f.15 1973, Spring Festival, by G.R. Berchielli. f.16 1974, Bicentennial Dancers, Christmas Festival, by S. Szasz, #2092. f.17 1974, Pinewoods. f.18 1974, miscellaneous. f.19 1975, American Country Dance Ensemble (ACDE), Morris Jumel, by R. Greenawalt. f.20 1975 May 24, ACDE, Morris Jumel, Garbus photos. f.21 1975, ACDE, Morris Jumel, Newport News. f.22 1975, ACDE, Newport News, by S. Szasz. f.23 1975, ACDE, performance/costume pictures. BOX 6 f.1 1975, ACDE, publicity photos from performances. f.2 1975, ACDE, publicity photos not from performances. f.3 1975, ACDE. f.4 1975-1977, Larchmont [NY] Country Dancers. f.5 1975, Pinewoods, Family Week, by S. Szasz #2115. f.6 1975, Pinewoods, by Annette Velella. f.7 1975, Pinewoods. f.8 1975-1976, by Annette Velella. f.9 1976, Pinewoods, by Sy Mottel. f.10 1976 July 4, Pinewoods, Boston Bicentennial Dancers, by Nikki Silva. f.11 1976, Pinewoods, by S. Szasz #2165. f.12 1976, miscellaneous. f.13 1977, Pinewoods, by S. Szasz #2195. f.14 1977. BOX 7 f.1 1978, Pinewoods, Family Week, by Judith Backergrunberg (folder 1 of 2) f.2 1978, Pinewoods, Family Week, by J. Backergrunberg (folder 2 of 2). f.3 1978. f.4 1979, English dance, by Sue DeArmond. f.5 1979, Hobby Horse, Tuscon, AZ. f.6 1979, Pinewoods, by Robert Hendry Brown. f.7 1979, Pinewoods, by S. Szasz #2247. f.8 1979, Pinewoods, Family Week, by J. Backergrunberg. f.9 1979. f.10 1980 November 14-16, Early Music & Dance Weekend [Netcong, NJ]. f.11 1980, Mendocino Dance Camp. f.12 1980, NEHJ Jubilee. f.13 1980, Pinewoods, English Dance & Family Weeks, by S. Szasz #2288. f.14 1980, miscellaneous. f.15 1981 October 9-12, HGF Dance Weekend,by Bea Smolens. f.16 1981, Pinewoods, by S. Szasz #2323. BOX 8 f.1 1981. f.2 1982, Pinewoods, by S. Szasz #2346. f.3 1982, Pinewoods. f.4 1982, unidentified event. f.5 1982. f.6 1983, Boston Early Music Festival (CDSS booth). f.7 1983. f.8 1984, Pinewoods, by Tim Senior. f.9 1984. f.10 1985, Pinewoods, Family Week, by Tim Senior. f.11 1985, Library's move to Radnor. f.12 1985, Pinewoods, Family & English Dance Week, by Walter Schwarz. f.13 1985, Pinewoods, by Walter Schwarz. f.14 1985, Pinewoods, Welsh Country Dance. f.15 1985. f.16 1986, Pinewoods, English & American Dance Week, by Walter Schwarz. f.17 1986, Pinewoods, Family Week. f.18 1986, Pinewoods, by Helene Zuckerbrad. f.19 1986, Pinewoods. f.20 1986. f.21 1986-1987, by Grace Feldman. f.22 1987 July 15, Northampton [MA] office move. f.23 1987 November, Northampton office. f.24 1987, Pinewoods. f.25 1987. f.26 1988, Michigan Dance Heritage. f.27 1988, Pinewoods. f.28 1988, Pinewoods, by Justine Buck. f.29 1988, Playford Ball [NY], by Marty Fager. f.30 1989 April, CDSS Council Meeting. f.31 1989 January 21, CDSS/FSGW Leadership Workshop. f.32 1989, Ontario Home County Festival. f.33 1989, Pinewoods. f.34 1990 April 19-20, CDSS Board Meeting at the Smithsonian. f.35 1990, 75th Anniversary of CDSS. f.36 1990, Ski Dance Weekend. f.37 1990, miscellaneous. f.38 1991, Millstone River Morris. f.39 1993, "Farland's McDancing Tour of England, A Very Personal Account by Neil Kelly". f.40 1993, Pinewoods. BOX 9 f.1 n.d., Christmas Ceremony, "The Boar's Head". f.2 n.d., Cumberland Square Eight. f.3 n.d., Dance, unidentified. f.4 n.d., Pinewoods, Chamber Music Week. f.5 n.d., Pinewoods, slides by N. Sload. f.6 n.d., Pinewoods. f.7 n.d., Pinewoods. f.8 n.d., Pinewoods. f.9 n.d., Pinewoods. f.10 n.d., Pinewoods, by C. Kjerulfe. f.11 n.d., Pinewoods. f.12 n.d., Pinewoods. f.13 n.d., Pinewoods. f.14 n.d., Pinewoods. f.15 n.d., Pinewoods, dancing. f.16 n.d., Pinewoods, Morris and Sword dance. f.17 n.d., miscellaneous. f.18 n.d., miscellaneous. f.19 n.d., miscellaneous. f.20 n.d., miscellaneous.

B. CDSS - Subject Materials

BOX 1 f.1 Ampleforth in City and Country Day School Yard, n.d. f.2 Berea College, n.d. f.3 Betley Window. f.4 England - landscapes. f.5 English dance [slides by EFDSS]. f.6 English dancers, unidentified, n.d. f.7 Gorman, Michael and Margaret Barry. f.8 Hula dancing, n.d. f.9 Langstaff, John. f.10 Mendocino Woodlands Camp. f.11 Merrill, Philip, 1956-1986. f.12 Morris dance, n.d. f.13 Morris and sword dances - England. f.14 People. f.15 Ramsay, Martin. f.16 Ritchie, Jean. f.17 Saletan, Tony and Irene. f.18 The Warners. f.19 Whiteman, Elsie, 1961.

C. Photos from Personal Papers

Gadd, May BOX 1 f.1 Dance parties, festivals, etc. (indoors). f.2 Deer Dance at San Ildofonso Pueblo, January 23, 1962. f.3 Durkee's, Leland, Spring Party, Bethlehem, PA, 1962. f.4 England - landscapes, slides. f.5 England & English dancers, July 1973. f.6 English dances, 1930-1960s. f.7 English ritual dances. f.8 Folk dancers, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, 1971. f.9 Gadd, May, 1936-1970. f.10 Gadd, May, Christmas Festival & Presentation. f.11 Gadd, May, 1974-1975. f.12 Gadd, May, 1977, by Harry Kronenberg. f.13 Gadd, May, n.d. f.14 Hindman Settlement School, 1940s-1950s. f.15 Metropolitan Dance, February/March 1963. f.16 Morris dance, 1967 & n.d. f.17 New Mexico and Indian art. f.18 Other people, 1956-1975. BOX 2 f.1 Bill Partington's annual Spring gathering in NJ at "Piper's Fancy", 1947-1951. f.2 Pinewoods, 1936-1939. f.3 Pinewoods, 1952. f.4 Plainfield, VT, dance contest, 1941. f.5 Spanish dancers (Basque), postcards. Judson, Mary P. f.6 International Institute Ball, 1947. f.7 Mendocino Woodlands, early 1980s. f.8 Miscellaneous. Shimer, Genevieve f.9 Padstow, Helston, & Bampton, 1972 (slides). f.10 Miscellaneous dance, 1930s. f.11 Not identified, not dated. Wells, Evelyn K. BOX 3 f.1 Amherst, MA, EFDS Dance School, 1928-1932. f.2 Appalachians, 1955. f.3 Bampton, England, 1951. f.4 Children dancing (Hindman Settlement School). f.5 England, postcards. f.6 England, Cotswolds, postcards. f.7 Essex County Country Dance Festival (Millington, NJ), May 27, 1950. f.8 Folk dance, England, 1923. f.9 Folk dance, England, Strafford-upon-Avon. f.10 Folk dancing, England, miscellaneous. f.11 Folk dancing in the U.S., various. f.12 International festival, London, 1935. f.13 Kennedy, Douglas, 1953 & n.d. f.14 Lanier Camp, 1929-1933. f.15 Musicians, miscellaneous photos. f.16 Nolan, "Singin'" Willie. f.17 Bill Partington, annual Spring gathering, n.d. f.18 Pine Mountain Settlement School, activities. f.19 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Callahan family. f.20 Pine Mountain Settlement School, The Causeys, basket and chairmakers. f.21 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Christmas Play. f.22 Pine Mountain Settlement School, country stores. f.23 Pine Mountain Settlement School, countryside around Pine Mt. f.24 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Creech, William & Sally. f.25 Pine Mountain Settlement School, District schools. f.26 Pine Mountain Settlement School, photos taken by Dodd, Arthur. f.27 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Farming. f.28 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Folk dancing. f.29 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Household arts. f.30 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Household arts. f.31 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Houses. f.32 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Line Fork Settlement. f.33 Pine Mountain Settlement School, May Day - dancing. f.34 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Medical. f.35 Pine Mountain Settlement School, People. BOX 4 f.1 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Big Log House". f.2 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Boys' Industrial". f.3 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Chapel". f.4 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Far House". f.5 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Girls' Industrial Building". f.6 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Laurel House I & II". f.7 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Medical settlement". f.8 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "New Log House". f.9 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Office Building". f.10 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Old Log House". f.11 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "School grounds". f.12 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "School house I & II". f.13 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "Swimming pool & reservior". f.14 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds, "West Wind". f.15 Pine Mountain Settlement School, School buildings and grounds,miscellaneous. f.16 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Theatre. f.17 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Wayfaring. f.18 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Weaving & spinning. f.19 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Work. f.20 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Workers & teachers. f.21 Pine Mountain Settlement School, miscellaneous. f.22 Pine Mountain Settlement School, miscellaneous. f.23 Sharp, Cecil, 1917 and n.d. f.24 Smith, Leah (dulcimer player). f.25 Miscellaneous. f.26 Miscellaneous.

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