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Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture Photographs

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About Brookgreen Gardens

A former indigo and rice plantation, Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina was purchased in 1930 by New York industrialist Archer Huntington and his sculptor wife, Anna Hyatt Huntington, both as a natural outdoor setting for Mrs. Huntington’s sculpture and for the preservation of southeastern flaura and fauna. Opened to the public in 1932, it was the first public sculpture garden in America and is now a National Historic Landmark. Set within 300 beautifully manicured acres and containing more than 2,000 varieties of native flowers, shrubs and trees, including an avenue of live oaks which are approximately 250 years old, Brookgreen, according to Stephen May in the New York Times, “provides an unusual opportunity for a survey of just about every major American representational sculptor of the last century and a half.” The Gardens contain nearly six hundred works by over two hundred artists and are now acclaimed as having the world’s finest collection of American figural sculpture from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

About the Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture Photographs Collection

The Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture Photographs Collection contains 132 black and white prints of the work of more than 80 different sculptors, most of them American. The photographer of these works is unknown.

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Folder Listing:


    Print #         Title                    Sculptor

Envelope 1
     204       Great White Heron        Gertrude K. Lathrop
			No Print #205
     206       Young Centaur            Albert Stewart
     207       Sundial                  Brenda Putnam
     208       Reaching Jaguar          Anna Hyatt Huntington
     209       The Scraper              Charles Henry Niehaus

Envelope 2
     210       Sea Horse and Companion  Ralph Jester
     211       Male Group-Play          George H. Snowden
     212       Seated Lady              George Grey Barnard
     213       Indian and Eagle         C.Paul Jennewein
     214       Adjutant                 Paul Manship

Envelope 3
     215       Wood Nymph               Henry Hering
     216       Wood Nymph               Henry Hering
     217       Seaweed Fountain         Beatrice Fenton
     218       Dolphin                  Bruce Moore
     219       Hawk                     Trygve Hammer

Envelope 4
     220       Hound                    Charles G. Rumsey
     221       Adonis			Eli Harvey
     222       Lion			Anna Hyatt Huntington
     223       Boy and Fawn		Gaetano Cecere
     224       Eros and Stag		Gaetano Cecere

Envelope 5
     225       The Christ Child		Abram Belskie
     226       Zeus			Robert Ingersoll Aitken
     227       The Puritan		Augustus Saint-Gaudens
     228       Frog Baby		Edith B. Parsons
     229       Stork			Paul Manship

Envelope 6
     230       Flamingo			Paul Manship
     231       Bozie			Gertrude K. Lathrop
     232       Pan			Julie Yates
     233       The Vine			Harriet W. Frishmuth
     234       Cocoi Herons		Paul Herzel

Envelope 7
     235       The Rigger		Mahonri Young
     236       Orpheus and Cubs		John Gregory
     237       Baby and Frog		Richard H. Recchia
     238       Circus Horse		Katherine W. Lane
     239       Pig			Dorothea S. Greenbaum

Envelope 8
     240       Orpheus			Albert Stewart
     241       Diana			Edward McCartan
     242       Gazelle			Walter Rotan
     243       Sammy Houston		Gertrude K. Lathrop
     244       Chico			Bruce Moore

Envelope 9
     245       Fawn			Albert Stewart
			No Print #246
     247       Polar Bears		Frederick G. Roth
     248       Pelican and Fish		Bruce Moore
     249       Greyhounds Unleashed	Katharine W. Lane
     250       Goose			Robert Laurent

Envelope 10
     251       Sonata			Mario Korbel
     252       Whippet			Katharine W. Lane
     253       Stag			Elie Nadelman
     254       Tragedy and Comedy	A. Stirling Calder
     255       Pursued			A. Phimister Proctor

Envelope 11
     256       Boy and Chickens		Harriet H. Mayor
     257       Actaeon			Paul Manship
     258       Little Lady of the Sea	Ernest Bruce Haswell
     259       Fauns at Play		Charles Keck
     260       Sea Scape		Herbert Adams

Envelope 12
     261       The Furies		Joan Hartley
     262       Eagle			Herbert Adams
     263       Food			Wheeler Williams
     264a      The Young Diana		Anna Hyatt Huntington
     264b      The Young Diana          Anna Hyatt Huntington

Envelope 13
     265       Doe			Marian Branning
     266       Call of the Sea		Harriet W. Frismuth
     267       The End of the Trail	James Earle Fraser
     268       Pelican			Paul Manship
     269       The Sun Vow		Hermon A. MacNeil

Envelope 14
     270       Giant Sable Envelope	Louis Jonas
     271       Spotted Hyena		James Clark
     272       Soubrette		Janet de Coux
     273       On the War Path		Cyrus Edward Dallin
     274       Water Lily		Bessie Potter Vonnoh

Envelope 15
     275       Drink			Wheeler Williams
     276       Joy Ride			Charles Rudy
     277       Head			Adolph Alexander Weinman
     278       Jaguar Eating		Anna Hyatt Huntington
     279a      Boy and Squirrel		Walker Hancock

Envelope 16
     279b      Boy and Squirrel		Walker Hancock
     280       L'Apres Midi d'un Faun	Bryant Baker
     281       Joan of Arc		Anna Hyatt Huntington
     282       Night			Mario Korbel
     			No Print #283
     284       Diana with Dog		Edward McCartan

Envelope 17
     285       Diana			Paul Manship
     286       El Cid			Anna Hyatt Huntington
     287       Boy and Frog		Elsie Ward Hering
     288       Caryatid			Gertrude V. Whitney
     289       Adam			Janet de Coux

Envelope 18
     290       Eve			Janet de Coux
     291       Youth			Chester Beach
     292       Youth			Chester Beach
     293       Doe			Marian Branning
     294       Horse			Allan Clark

Envelope 19
     295       Klipspringer		Joseph A. Coletti
     296       Adam and Eve		Janet de Coux
     297       Diana			Gleb Derujinsky
			No Print #298
     299       Boy and Panther		Rudulph Evans
     300       Rain			Avard Fairbanks

Envelope 20
     301       Goat			Laura Gardin Fraser
     302       Benediction		Daniel Chester French
     303       Call of the Sea		Harriet W. Frishmuth
     304       Draped Female		Sherry Fry
     305       Vulture of War		Charles Grafly

Envelope 21
     306       Girl by a Pool		Frances Grimes
     307       The Furies		Joan Hartley
     308       The Furies		Joan Hartley
     309       The Chant		Paul Herzel
     310       Boy With Dolphin		Milton Horn

Envelope 22
     311       Girl With Dolphin	Milton Horn
     312       Youth Taming the Wild    Anna Hyatt Huntington
     313       Youth Taming the Wild    Anna Hyatt Huntington
     314       Wounded Crow		Ralph Hamilton Humes
     315       Performing Goat		Ralph Hamilton Humes

Envelope 23
     316       Gazelle and Cupid	C. Paul Jennewein
     317       Dawn			Helen Journeay
			No Prints #318 & 319
     320       Lotus Flower		Anna Coleman Ladd
     321       Dancing Goat		Albert Laessle
     322       Seated Faun		Leo Lentelli

Envelope 24
     323       Victory			Evelyn Longman
     324       Rearing Horses		Frederick William MacMonnies
     325       Rearing Horses		Frederick William MacMonnies
     326       Two Kids			Oronzio Maldarelli
     327       Stork			Paul Manship

Envelope 25
     328       Heron			Paul Manship
     329       Crowned Crane		Paul Manship
     330       Laughing Boy and Goat	Attilio Piccirilli
     331       Female Group Play	George H. Snowden
     332       Boy with Snails		Joseph Renier

Envelope 26
     333       Archer (Tejas Warrior)	Allie V. Tennant
     334       Lion			Sidney B. Waugh
			No Print #335
     336       Narcissus		Adolph Alexander Weinman
     337       Duet			Adolph Alexander Weinman
     338       Black Panther		Wheeler Williams

Envelope 27
     339       The Driller		Mahonri Young
     340       Baby and Rabbits		Albert Stewart

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