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Betty and Barney Hill

Papers, 1961-2006

MC 197

8 boxes (3.5 cu.ft.)

About Betty and Barney Hill

Betty and Barney Hill were a married couple who lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the early 1960s. Betty (1919-2004) was a social worker, with a degree from the University of New Hampshire, and Barney (1923-1969) was a postal worker. The couple were catapulted into the international spotlight when in September 1961 they claim to have been abducted by aliens in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The two were returning home to Portsmouth from a trip to Montreal, Canada, when as they were driving in the middle of the night, they saw lights approaching from the sky. The following events are said to be the first well-documented, feasibly legitimate UFO abduction in history. The couple claimed that they saw bipedal humanoid creatures in the window of a large spacecraft and saw it land in a field, after which they had no recollection of the next two hours. They returned home to Portsmouth unable to explain the two missing hours. Both Betty and Barney had physical changes from the night before, including Betty’s torn and stained dress, Barney’s scraped shoe, and a broken binocular strap. The two didn’t recall any of these things occurring. About a year after their abduction, Betty and Barney sought hypnosis therapy to help reveal to them the events of the two missing hours. Through many hypnosis sessions, both were able to recall what had happened and both had similar stories.

Betty Hill, through her experience, became one of the most well-known voices in UFO research. The publicity she received from her abduction made her internationally famous. She continued her research of UFOs for her entire life, even after Barney’s sudden death in 1969.

The Hills, though best known for their association with UFOs and their abduction, were also active civil servants in their seacoast New Hampshire community. Both were members of the NAACP and belonged to a local Unitarian church. Barney sat on a local board of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.

About the Betty and Barney Hill collection

The Betty and Barney Hill papers consist of: correspondence, mostly concerning the UFO abduction and UFO topics in general; personal journals and essays; manuscripts; newspaper and magazine articles; newspaper clippings; photographs, slides, films, audio tapes; and artist’s renditions (paintings and drawings) of alien figures.

Folder Listing

  1. Correspondence
  2. Personal History
  3. Notebooks, Journals and Essays
  4. Manuscripts
  5. Contracts and Agreements
  6. Subject Files
  7. Publications
  8. Newsclippings
  9. Audio-Visual Items
    1. Photographs
    2. Films
    3. Slides [not yet processed]
    4. Audio Cassettes [partially processed]
  10. Oversize Material

I. Correspondence

f.1 Aerial Phenomena Research Organization Inc.; Adams Study Club; Department of the Air Force (4); University of Arizona; W.P. Armstrong; Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis.
f.2 Baldwin-Wallace College; Albert H. Baller; Banglar Sanipod; Jim Bartlett; David Berman; Blackstone Valley Regional School District.
f.3 Ted Bloecher, 1973-1977 (10).
f.4 Richard Bonarrigo (3); Book King; Janet and Colin Bord (2); Anthony Brooke (3); Cynthia Brown (with Juanita Smith); Edie Buchanan; Eddie Bullard; Florence and Ted Butler.
f.5 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (2); Canadian National Railways; Canadian UFO Report; Jack Carroll (2); Centre School; J. Delgado Cerdan; Kay Chism; Robaire and Sody Clampette (6).
f.6 Jerome Clark; Clark Publishing Company; CNN; H.F. Cochrane (fragment); Gary Cohen; Columbia-Greene Community College; Contact; Hans Croon (2).
f.7 The David Susskind Show; Michael Davis; Vera deGill; John Detrick; Dell Publishing Company, Inc.; The Dial Press; DK Direct Ltd.; Millie Dufresne (2); Robert J. Durant (2).
f.8 George W. Earley; Eastern Michigan University; P.M.H. Edwards (3); Ralf Eschner.
f.9 George D. Fawcett (2); Lawrence Fawcett; Stanley Ferguson (5).
f.10 Marjorie Fish (34).
f.11 C.W. Fitch (5); Andrea Florio (3); The Foundation Faith of the Millennium (2); Ray Fowler (2); Mina L. French; Stanton T. Friedman (3); Margaret Fry (5); Curtis Fuller.
f.12 John G. Fuller 1975-1982 (19) (many undated).
f.13 Anne Gehman; Good Morning America; Vera Gill (2); Global Television Network; Timothy Good; Gorvardhan Hill, Inc.; Elsa D. Griscom; Ground Saucer Watch.
f.14 Bob Hair 1980-1982 (8).
f.15 Hampton Jaycees; Hampton Public Schools; Friends of Gary Hart; Whitney C. Hayward.
f.16 Bill Herman 1979-1981 (8) (two photographs); Hingley.
f.17 Robert E. Hohmann 1965-Nov. 1966 (25) (some undated).
f.18 Robert E. Hohmann Apr. 1967-Nov. 1973 (26).
f.19 Rosetta Holmes (4); Human Development Center (1); Allen Hynek 1967 (1).
f.20 Phil Imbrogno; International UFO Congress (see Curtis Fuller); Herbert Jonas.
f.21 KDKA-TV; Alice Keens-Soper; Bonnie Kelly; Philip J. Kenney; Carol Kenny; Donald Keyhoe (2); KKZZ Country; Philip J. Klass; KTVU San Francisco; KYW Radio.
f.22 John H. Luttrell, Sr.; David M. Leuser; William J. Lewis; Barbara Liscomb; (Mr.) Long; Look Magazine (2); The Lou Gordon Program; Lucent Books.
f.23 Jack Mack; Mari Major; Mike Marsulla; Maria Martin; McClellan Family; Kenneth McCulloch; Christine McElroy; Doris M. McKenna; Debra F. McMillin (3); Edith Meinelt (2); Melaney; Rev. Vincent P. Mellone; John and Virginia Meloney (7).
f.24 Mrs. Gerard Michaud (2); Eleanor Milliken (3, one frag.); Minnesota Society for Parapsychological Research; William L. Moore (2); Jay Morrison (4); Mutual UFO Network, Inc.; Mystery Hill.
f.25 National Investigation Committee (2); The New Hampshire; New Hampshire College; New Hampshire Public Television (2); Paul Norman (2); Mrs. Robert Guilford North; NOVA (2).
f.26 Octopus Books Limited; Christian R. Page; Karl T. Pflock; The Phil Donahue Show (2); Thierry Pinvidic (2); Plymouth State College; Frank Procopio; Profile Jr./Sr. High School; Program Corporation of America; Roberta Pryor; Psychic Information Exchange; Psychic Science Research Association Inc. (3); Psychical Awarness & Research Association.
f.27 Patricia Rainey; Michael Rampami; A.J.S. Rayl; R/D Productions (5); David Rees; Renaissance Community, Inc.; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; John Thomas Richards; George H. Roberts Jr.; Stanley Rothenberg; Lynelle Rush.

f.1 Rutland Free Library (2); Harley Rutlege; Karen Sable; Valerii I. Sanarov (4); George Scher; Paul Schine (?); Bob Schmidt; Robert Sheaffer; Bob Sh(?); Terry L. Shorb (2); Dr. Benjamin Simon; John L. Spencer.
f.2 Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle Jan. 1967- Dec. 1981 (15).
f.3 Mary Stevens; Tom Stevens; Wendelle C. Stevens; Whitley Streiber; Talcott Mountain Science Center for Student Involvement, Inc.; Brendan Taylor (2); Teddy Bart Productions; Jeff Thompson; Douglas Thorpe; To Tell the Truth (2).
f.4 Unity Fellowship; U.S. Department of Transportation; Dr. Arun Kumar Vajpey (6); Erich Von Daniken; Dr. Douglas J. Waters; WBZ Radio; WBZ-TV.
f.5 Walter Webb Sept. 1961-Feb. 1976 (28).
f.6 Weekday (2); WEEP Radio; WGST News Radio; WHEB Radio; John W. White (2); WICC Radio; Gary Wilcox.
f.7 Bob Williams 1967-1971 (15).
f.8 WKBD-TV; WLVI-TV (2); WNBH Radio; Ian Michael Wood; WREB Radio;WRKO/WROR Radio; WWSW Radio; WXLO Radio.
f.9 Unidentified correspondence (most identities have been redacted), 1960s.
f.10 Redacted correspondence, 1971-1977.
f.11 Redacted correspondence, 1978-1979.
f.12 Redacted correspondence, 1980-1990.
f.13 Redacted correspondence, undated.
f.14 Correspondence from Betty Hill, 1967-1990.

II. Personal History

f.1 Personal history (childhood, genealogy, parents, marriage to Barney).
f.2 Certificates: Betty and Barney’s marriage certificate, Betty’s birth certificate, Barney’s honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, Barney’s enlistment record, Barney’s death certificate.
f.3 Hill deaths (Betty’s obituary, “Barney’s Death” an essay by Betty Hill).
f.4 Requests for employment leaves/transfers.

III. Notebooks and Journals

f.5 Notebook of Betty’s UFO sightings, Nov. 1977-Dec. 1978.
f.6 Notebook of Betty’s UFO sightings, December 1978-May 1980.
f.7 Notebook of Betty’s UFO sightings, June 1980-March 1984.
f.8 “Journal of UFO Sightings” by Betty Hill (part one, 1977-1978). [The typed version of Betty's notebooks of sightings for these years.]
f.9 “Journal of UFO Sightings” by Betty Hill (part two, 1980-1983). [As above].
f.10 “Journal of UFO Sightings” by Betty Hill (part three, 1984-1991).
f.11 “Strange Events” by Betty Hill (1977-1988). [Contains selected events taken from the "Journal of UFO Sightings," presumably those sightings Betty valued as the most significant].
f.12 Betty’s typed reports of sightings by others, 1967-1978.

IV. Manuscripts

f.13 Fragments of The Interrupted Journey Continued by Betty Hill.
f.14 Draft of The Interrupted Journey Continued by Betty Hill.
f.15 Draft of The Interrupted Journey Continued by Betty Hill.
f.16 Typed draft of The Interrupted Journey Continued or A Common Sense Approach to UFOs by Betty Hill.

f.1 Proof copy of A Common Sense Approach to UFOs by Betty Hill, including book jacket and photograph of earlier idea for the cover.
f.2 Essay titled “Dreams or Recall?”
f.3 Essay titled “Misidentification of UFOs.”
f.4 Betty’s articles to editors.
f.5 Betty’s articles, speeches and diary entries.
f.6 The Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller, chapters 1-5.
f.7 The Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller, chapters 6-9.
f.8 The Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller, chapters 10-13.
f.9 Press release for A Common Sense Approach to UFOs

V. Contracts and Agreements

f.10 Book and Magazine contracts: Ashley Famous Agency (4); The Dial Press; International Creative Management (Reader’s Digest).
f.11 Television Contracts/ Speaking Engagements: Associated Risk Analysts; “Bob Kennedy Contact”; CBS; “Contact”; The Dial Press (4); “Kup’s Show”; “LOOK”; MBC; Pease Air Force Base; Pierce Memorial Forum; “To Tell the Truth” (2); WCAU; WLOB.
f.12 Contracts/speaking engagements

VI. Subject Files

f.1 Air Force Intelligence Report.
f.2 David Baker, artist.
f.3 Declassified CIA and FBI documents.
f.4 Dress Analysis.
f.5 Stanton Friedman.
f.6 Grays Harbor County Civil Defense/UFA Report.
f.7 Hypnosis Papers.
f.8 Hypnosis Transcripts, Sessions 1-4.
f.9 Hypnosis Transcripts, Sessions 5-9.
f.10 Lie Detector Testing.
f.11 Miscellaneous Subject Files: Introductory Space Science text used by USAF Academy; Biological Effects of Radio-Frequency Radiation; “Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Case” by Michael D. Swords; visit to Betty Hill’s Landing Site; Testimony of Betty and Barney Hill; letter from Col. Peter Bent of the Department of the Air Force, dated June 14, 1983, enclosing Charles Halt’s report of “Unexplained Lights” on Dec. 27, 1980.
f.12 NASA report on UFOs.
f.13 National UFO Reporting center.
f.14 NICAP reports; NICAP membership card.
f.15 Project Blue Book.
f.16 Betty’s Civic Work; Letters from Senators; photograph of John F. Kennedy.
f.17 Dale A. Russell Papers, Part 1: “The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Problem”; “The Evolution of Intelligence on Earth”.
f.18 Dale A. Russell Papers, Part 2: “Dinosaurs, Museums and Space Stations: The next decade in the natural sciences”; “Of Dinosaurs and Dirigibles: Questions on the Phanerozoic Atmosphere”.
f.19 Dale A. Russell, miscellaneous.
f.20 Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle Papers.
f.21 Articles on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence: “Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Where Is Everybody?” by John A. Ball (American Scientist, Vol. 68); “The Age of Nearby Stars” by Jeffrey L. Kretsch (Astronomy, July 1975), and “Recent Developments in the Scientific Study of UFO’s” by Frank B. Salisbury (BioScience, Vol. 25 No. 8).
f.22 Unidentified speeches, maps, etc. and 1966 tour schedule.
f.1 Star charts: Various charts titled “Stars in the Hill Map Volume” by Marjorie Fish; star maps, including photograph, plot, and chart of stars; “An Analysis of the Fish Model” by Walter N. Webb, and a letter, dated May 2, 1975, from Fish in which she mentions Robert Scheaffer’s criticism of her work and its probable publication in Astronomy.
f.2 Star maps and UFO drawing by the Hills; unidentified drawing of alien.
f.3 Zeta Reticuli material: two issues of Astronomy (Dec 1974 and Jan 1976) that include Terence Dickinson’s article “The Zeta Reticuli Incident”; “Zeta Reticula Update” (1980) by Terence Dickinson; two offprints of “The Zeta Reticuli Incident” with related commentary by Jeffrey L. Kretsch, Carl Sagan, Steven Soter, Robert Scheaffer, Marjorie Fish, David Saunders, and Michael Peck, and a photocopy of the various commentaries from Astronomy, July 1975; drawing of Reticular pin.

VII. Publications

f.4 “Aboard a Flying Saucer” by John G. Fuller; “Aliens Visit Voronezh” by Lev Aksyonov and Boris Zverev; Bulletin of Anomalous Experience.
f.5 Argosy; The Australian UFO Bulletin; Caveat Emptor.
f.6 Christian Life; Cleveland Press (2); The Communion Letter; Delve report; Fate; Fortean Times; Great Flying Saucer Hoax.
f.7 “The Gimlet Eye” by D. Keith Mano; Greenhaven Press; “How to Make an Alien” by Thomas E. Bullard; Incident at Indian Lake.
f.8 Galley of “Flying Saucer Fiasco” by John G. Fuller, Look, May 14, 1968, pp.58-63 (see Oversize Box 1 #3).
f.9 “Mixed Message” by John S. Carpenter; The Most Amazing Case of All; The MUFON UFO Journal (2); National Enquirer; “A New Model of Investigation: Part 1″ by John L. Spencer.
f.10 “PSI and the Life Cycle” by Berthold E. Schwarz; “Telepathic Homoreque” by Berthold E. Schwarz; “UFO Hunting” by Thomas Elliot’ “Use and Misuse of Hypnosis in UFO Abduction Cases” by Kathleen Marden.
f.11 UFO Investigator, Sept-Oct 1964; April 1972; Sept. 1972,; UFO Journal, Sept 2001; Aug 2002; Jan 2004; UFOLOGY (photocopy) April 28, 1977.
f.12 UFO Perceptions, Sept. 1989; Dec. 1989; July 1990; Fall 1993.

VIII. Newsclippings

f.13 4/63-10/65: “Guest Speaker,” Foster’s Daily Democrat;
“Two Men From Mars Visit Farmer in Tioga County,” Syracuse Herald-Journal;
“Flying Objects Probe Demanded,” Boston Traveler;
“Did They Seize Couple?” Boston Traveler;
“Now Don”t You Believe in Flying Saucers?” Boston Traveler;
“I Was Quizzed in “Space Ship”,” Boston Traveler;
“I Asked About His Planet; He Was Angry,” Boston Traveler;
“Pro, Con Views on Space Object: Was This the Moment of Truth?” Boston Traveler.
f.14 11/65-11/66: “The Facts About Flying Saucers”, Boston Sunday Herald;
“Couple to Discuss UFO at Nashua on Tuesday”, New Hampshire Sunday News;
“UFO’s Subject of Forum Talk”, Union Leader;
“UFO Sighters to Take Part in Jaycee Forum on Nov. 30,” Nashua Telegraph;
“Experience With UFO Told by Portsmouth Couple,” Exeter News Letter;
“UFO’s for Real?,” Newsweek;
“Looking Back in the Herald,” Portsmouth Herald;
“Former Flying Saucer Passengers”, source unknown;
“Couple Claim Contact With Creatures in UFO,” St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press;
“UFO Pair to Speak at Forum,” Foster’s Daily Democrat
“Flying Saucers. Fact or Fantasy?”, NY Times
“In-Depth Investigator of “Saucer” Sightings”, souce unknown;
“Space Creatures Stumped By Teeth”, San Francisco Examiner;
“Local UFO Abduction?,” NH Sunday News;
“Down to Earth With the Flying Saucers,” The Fresno Bee;
“Unusual Visitors in S.F.,” San Francisco Sun Reporter;
“Testament for Believers,” Time;
“UFOs Back Again,” unknown source.
f.15 11/66-10/75: “Hills to Relate UFO Encounter in Dover Nov. 7th”, Manchester Union Leader;
untitled article, Playboy;
“Portsmouth Couple Still Shaken Over Flying Saucer Experience”, Manchester Union Leader;
“The Seductress from Outer Space”, Sunday News;
School Paper;
“Strangest Story of Our Time?”, Bradenton Fla. Herald;
“Further Word on Unidentified Flying Objects,” Advocate-News;
“Exposed: Conspiracy Between U.S. Gov’t and United Nations to Suppress the Truth About UFOs”, source unknown;
“Saucer, Crew 11 Years Ago Real? Well…,” Boston Evening Globe;
“Expert Calls UFO Sighting Best Ever,” Boston Sunday Herald;
“UFO Watchers Disappointed”, Boston Evening Globe;
“Several Claim Spotting UFOs in Indiana”, Poughkeepsie Journal;
“Space Story Convinces Doctor,” Poughkeepsie Journal;
“New UFO ‘Flap’: What Are They?” Sunday Herald Advertiser;
“Terrified Policemen Radio for Help as UFO Menaces Patrol Car,” National Enquirer;
“Converts Disappearing from Sight,” Boston Globe;
“Movie Made from UFO Incident,” Kingstonian;
“Betty Hill’s UFO Encounter,” Today in Greater Lawrence;
“Needle-in-Abdomen Test Safe, Says Doctor,” Houston Chronicle.
f.16 1/76-2/85: “Interrupted Journey – Aboard UFO,” The Daily News;
“Mother, Daughter Report Colebrook UFO Sighting,” Sunday News;
“Lowell Man Flees Hollis After Sighting ‘Monster’,” Nashua Telegraph;
“Mysterious Ill. Big Bird Leaves Sizable Evidence,” Nashua Telegraph;
“Mrs. Hill Relates UFO Encounters,” Seacoast Flyer;
“Far (Out) Encounters,” Boston Phoenix;
“Carlyle to Host Speaker on UFO Experiences,” Centralia (Ill.) Sentinel;
“Blackouts Hit Parts of Five States,” AP;
“Eight Die in Crash of Plane,” Portsmouth Herald;
“C.I.A. Papers Detail U.F.O. Surveillance,” NY Times;
“Mysterious Marks on Boy’s Body After UFO Encounter,” National Enquirer;
“Crash Probe,” Foster’s Daily Democrat;
“Pease Reveals Close Shave,” Foster’s Daily Democrat;
“Global Shield,” unknown source; “Global Shield,” Foster’s Daily Democrat;
“Wood Island Triangle Claims Coast Guard Boat,” Portsmouth Herald;
“Close Encounters in New Hampshire,” McCall’s;
“Earthquake Rumbles Through Maine Again,” Portsmouth Herald;
“No Plane,” Portsmouth Herald;
“Beeper Distress Signal Sends Officials Scurrying,” Portsmouth Herald;
“After They Fly Overhead, Where Do They Land?,” Rockingham Gazette;
“Moscow Sets Up Probe of UFOs,” San Francisco Chronicle;
“UFOs Are Probably Meteors or Planets,” source unknown;
“A Close Encounter Recalled,” Sun Sentinel;
“Betty Hill Revisited,” Rockingham Gazette.
f.17 8/85-1/87: “UFOlogists: certain other forms of life are ‘out there’,” Pensacola News Journal;
“It’s Been 25 Years Since Betty Hill was ‘Dragged’ into UFO History,” Phoenix Gazette;
“25 Years Later, UFO Remembered”, Express-News;
“An Encounter of the Third Kind”, York County Coast Star;
“Secret? UFO Paper Sparks Controversy,” Playground Daily News;
“A Report From the Woodstock of UFOs”, Boston Globe Magazine;
“Kingston Woman Retells Tale of UFO Kidnapping”, Haverhill Gazette;
“Ask Betty Hill to Recount Her Close Encounter”, New Haven Register;
“Circle of Flattened Corn Puzzles Farmer,” source unknown;
“Close Encounters Bringing UFO Fans to Gulf Breeze-Aliens Second Home”, Tampa Tribune;
“FAA Reopens Inquiry Into Reported UFO Sighting”, Seattle Times.
f.18 4/87-9/06: “Detective Will Reward UFO Victims”, New Haven Register;
“They’re Back!”, New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday;
“UFO ‘Abductee’ to Retire. ‘Too Many Flakes’,” Jersey Journal;
“UFO Story No Mystery to Portsmouth Woman,” New Hampshire Sunday News;
“We’re All Lost in Space,” Foster’s Daily Democrat;
“UFO Fever not Alien to Betty Hill”, Portsmouth Herald Sunday;
“On the Safe Side of a Space Ride,” Spotlight;
“UNH Professor: UFOs are not only real, they’re already here,”Foster’s Sunday Citizen;
“Close Encounters – Close By,” Concord Monitor;
“Wonderful Lady,” Concord Monitor.
f.19 Newsclippings about the Hills from unidentified sources.
f.20 Newsclippings, miscellaneous.

IX. Audio-Visual Items

A. Photographs

e.1 Barney Hill at home (b&w).
e.2 Barney Hill with US Mail truck (b&w).
e.3 Betty and Barney Hill with Delsey the dog and article about themselves (b&w).
e.4 Barney Hill (b&w).
e.5 Barney Hill in lawn chair (b&w).
e.6 Barney Hill with model ship (b&w).
e.7 Betty and Barney Hill with drawing of space ship (b&w).
e.8 Betty and Barney Hill with The Interrupted Journey (b&w).
e.9 Betty Hill with Delsey the dog (b&w).
e.10 Betty and Barney Hill on lawn (b&w).
e.11 Barney Hill at work sorting mail (b&w).
e.12 Betty and Barney Hill on show or panel (b&w).
e.13 Betty Hill with picture of Barney (b&w).
e.14 Betty Hill outside (b&w).
e.15 Bety and Barney Hill in apartment (b&w).
e.16 Betty Hill with interviewer (color).
e.17 Betty Hill with Delsey the dog (b&w).
e.18 Betty and Barney Hill on lawn (b&w).
e.19 Betty with guest and The Interrupted Journey (b&w).
e.20 Betty and Barney Hill with friends (b&w).
e.21 Betty Hill in chair (b&w).
e.22 Betty and Barney Hill with drawing of UFO (b&w).
e.23 Picture of papier-mache alien head (b&w).
e.24 Coins with larger object (color).
e.25 Lights on railroad tracks (color).
e.26-105 Unidentified lights, likely sent to Betty Hill by UFO seekers (all color).

e.1 Picture of painting of aliens seen by Betty and Barney (color).
e.2-6 Matted-down turf, East Kingston (color).
e.7 Railroad tracks, unidentified light (color).
e.8-17 Star chart model (b&w).
e.18 Alleged alien face (b&w).
e.19 Lights on horizon (color).
e.20 People with binoculars, on boat, in water (color).
e.21-22 Object in water (color).
e.23 Object in water, light above water (color).
e.24 Object on railroad tracks, object in sky (color).
e.25-26 Broken tree branches (color).
e.27-30 Lights near railroad tracks (color).
e.31-33 Electrical box (color).
e.34-38 Light on horizon (color).
e.39 Picture of papier-mache alien head (b&w).
e.40 Unidentified disk-shaped objects (color).
e.41 Dress worn when abducted (color).
e.42-54 Unidentified lights in sky, likely sent to Betty Hill by UFO seekers (color).
e.55 Bill Hermann and friends.
e.56 Friends of Betty Hill.
e.57 Betty Hill and horse (in dress she was later “abducted” in).
e.58 Betty and Barney Hill with another couple.
e.59 Betty and Barney Hill with others in diner.
e.60 Model of star system, includes star information (color).
e.61-68 Star system model (color).
e.69 Star system model(b&w).
e.70 Star system model (b&w).
e.71 Photo of papier-mache alien head (b&w).
e.72-77 Unidentified lights, likely sent to Betty Hill by UFO seekers (b&w).
e.78-90 Unidentified lights, likely sent to Betty Hill by UFO seekers (color).
e.91 Betty Hill with alien head, dress, and cat (b&w).
e.92 Betty and Barney Hill with Delsey the dog (b&w).
e.93 Barney Hill in mailman uniform (b&w).
e.94 Photo of papier-mache alien head (b&w).
e.95 Barney Hill in mailman uniform (b&w).
e.96 Betty and Barney Hill (color).
e.97 Betty with papier-mache alien head (b&w).

B. Films

Twenty-six reels of super8mm film with minimal content (information in brackets comes from the labels Betty Hill put on the containers. All times are approximate).
#1 Backyard party, 3 minutes [9-77 Kathy]
#2 In the mountains with plane, 25 seconds [May 1978, B. Pratt, artifacts, low lights, white]
#3 Boy whittling, 25 seconds [Spring 1977]
#4 Rooftop of a house, 15 seconds [9-19-79, uneventful]
#5 Harbor, 2 minutes; points of light, 1 minute
#6 Backyard garden, 5 seconds [August 1979]
#7 Flowers, 2 seconds [4/14/78]
#8 Driving down city street in daylight, 1 minute
#9 Man walking along train tracks, 10 seconds; points of light, 10 seconds [3-20-80]
#10 Painting in a room, 1 second; points of light, 20 seconds [2-13-78]
#11 Field, 3 seconds; TV set, 5 seconds; street in a town, 30 seconds [9/6/78]
#12 Various family gatherings, 3 minutes [Family 1967-1968]
#13 Car headlights at night, 10 seconds [11/15/1978]
#14 Forest and trees, 10 seconds [summer 1977, MA]
#15 Man, 1 second; points of light, 3 seconds [1-78]
#16 Red flower in window sill, 10 seconds [10-78]
#17 Car headlights at night, 10 seconds [12-20-78]
#18 Intermittent footage of people in backyard, 1 minutes 30 seconds
#19 Night sky, 3 minutes
#20 Plants in window sill, 3 seconds [12-12-77]
#21 Plants in window sill, 2 seconds [12-4-78]
#22 Car headlights at night, 14 seconds [July 1979]
#23 People camping and children swimming, 3 minutes 30 seconds
#24 People [the Hills?] standing by a house in neighborhood, 1 minute 15 seconds [9-77]
#25 Mountains from plane window, 1 minute 20 seconds [June 1978]
#26 Lamp and table in a room, 30 seconds [Strange interior - UFOs]

C. Slides

(not yet processed)

D. Audio cassettes

Partially processed; the information below is only a rough description of the contents)
BOX 10
Cassette 1 Interview by Louis Lomax with Betty and Barney Hill, “The Louis Lomax Show,” Nov. 17, 1966.
Cassette 2 Interview by Paul Douglas with Betty Hill, Nov. 1978.
Cassette 3 Interview with Betty Hill, “Potpourri,” Sept. 19, 1979.
Cassette 4 UFO injuries, Richard Niemtzow, M.D., MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Symposium, 1980.
Cassette 5 Betty Hill on Channel 9, WMUR-TV, Manchester NH Sept. 1986.
Cassette 6 “Budd Hopkins” (Wikipedia entry), March 11, 1989.
Cassette 7 Betty Hill, “Common Sense Approach to UFOs,” Nov. 3, 1998.
Cassette 8 Betty Hill and John White UFO Conference, “My Ongoing Encounters With UFOs,” n.d.
Cassette 9 Interview with Betty Hill, undated.
Cassette 10 UFO [words unintelligible], undated.

X. Oversize Material

1. Article: “Aboard A Flying Saucer” by John G. Fuller, Look, Oct 4, 1966, pp.44-56
2. Article: “Flying Saucer, Part II” by John G. Fuller, Look, Oct 18, 1966, pp.111-56
3. Article: “Flying Saucer Fiasco” by John G. Fuller, Look, May 14, 1968, pp.58-63
4. Article: “The Zeta Reticula Incident” by Terence Dickinson, Astronomy, Dec 1974, pp.4-18
5. Offprint of “The Zeta Reticula Incident” by Terence Dickinson with Related Commentary by Jeffrey L. Kretsch, Carl Sagan, Steven Soter, Robert Schaeffer, Marjorie Fish, David Saunders, and Micheal Peck, 1976
6. Article: “Recalling A Close Encounter” by Christopher Comfort, Portsmouth Herald, Sept. 15, 1991, pp. 1 and 10
7. Article: “Alien-ated” by Scott E. Kinney, Portsmouth Atlantic News, Sept. 28, 2007, pp. 1 and 26A
8. Magazine: “Flying Saucers: Twenty Years of UFO’s [sic],” A Look special by the editors of United Press International and Cowles Communications, Inc., 1967
9. Periodicals: UFO Review, Vol. 1 No. 1 (1978) and issue #9 (1980), and “They’re Back!” by Rick Waldman, New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday, April 22, 1990
10. Art works by David G. Baker, 1967:
Three 18×17″ mounted color paintings: Alien, Landscape, and one other
Two 11×17″ black and white mounted drawings “drawn from verbal description by Barney and Betty Hill, Oct 1, 1967″ (see image)
Betty Hill’s dress (see image)
Alien bust (see image)

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    [...] old-timers come out and start promoting. With that in mind, I will be heading over to UNH to start reviewing the collection closely over the next few months, and I will share details and facts that I discover with my [...]

  3. Barbara Dingman Says:

    My name is Barbara Dingman, but it was Haley in 1965 when I rented the 3rd floor attic space from Barney and Betty Hill. They told me stories about the abduction, but I never read about this couple until today. My son prompted this by asking me where we lived in NH and I couldn’t remember the street. Salem sounds familiar, but I just can’t be sure. The house he took photos of looks similar. Can you please tell me the street name that the Hills lived on in 1965. I know this is a strange request, but his inquiry has brought back a ton of really neat memories and I would like to update my photo album with the address of the house we lived in that had a fake wall to keep the indians from finding the family in case of a raid. The Hills were very nice people and we enjoyed renting from them. Thanks so much for any information you can provide me. I have enjoyed reading on this interesting couple and it was a pleasure to meet them. Thanks, Barbara

  4. Jennifer Says:

    You can see pictures of the star map that she drew on this page

    It’s pretty crazy some of the stuff she new and said.

  5. Roland Goodbody Says:

    Hello Barbara.

    As far as I can ascertain, the Hills were living at 953 State Street in Portsmouth NH in 1965 and continued to live there until both of their deaths, his in 1969 and hers in 2004.

    Roland Goodbody Manuscripts Curator

  6. » Oh no: I missed World UFO Day! :: Granite Geek :: Says:

    [...] That’s too bad, because New Hampshire has an obvious way to celebrate: Hold a conference at the UNH collection of the papers of famous alien abductees Betty and Barney Hill. Much of the collection is online here. [...]

  7. mary ellen stupakewicz Says:

    i have looked all over N.C. for the movie about betty & barney hill could you tell me where i could find it ty

  8. Roland Goodbody Says:

    Hello Ty.

    You can watch the video either on YouTube:


    And you can possibly purchase a copy from this website, for $12.95 plus postage: .

    We have a copy here, but can´t make copies because of copyright restrictions. The above website is, in fact, transgressing copyright law by selling a copy.

    Roland Goodbody Manuscripts Curator

  9. Hannah Says:

    Does anyone know of a website where Mrs. Hill’s ‘ufo photos’ might be viewed?

  10. Καθώς Says:

    MUFON provides an alternative sketch “The Zeta Reticuli Incident”to compare with book, “The Interrupted Journey.” using Mufons computer generated model. It is interesting & helps explaination of this incident

  11. » UFO festival this weekend, as 50th anniversary of the Hills’ abduction nears :: Granite Geek :: Says:

    [...] home through the White Mountains. This even launched the whole UFO abduction craze, which is why UNH has the Hills’ papers and the state put up a historical marker at the [...]

  12. Jim Cooke Says:

    I graduated from UNH in 1964 – I started in 1954. Later, when teaching at Emerson College I would tell students: “The closest I ever came to tenure was as an undergraduate at UNH.” I’m familiar with the story of Betty and Fred Hill, in fact – I overheard part of it one Sunday afternoon at the Rockingham Hotel in Portsmouth, NH. I was attending UNH and working at the Rockingham. The Noon meal was over but I was scheduled to work that evening. We lived out on Kittery Point; it hardly seemed worth driving home to turn around and come back. I’d been reading about the NAACP and noticed they were having a meeting at the hotel that afternoon. So – I went and sat in the front row. I was probably relieved to see I was not the only white person. There may have been few Negroes. The meeting had not yet started. Behind me a couple of white women were talking. One was telling a story about a dream and a visit to a psychiatrist. UFOs were mentioned . . . Then, the meeting started; it seemed like any organizational meeting. I remember a man – an African American. He was standing up toward the back of the room and spoke of his experience coming up from the South. He said the strangest thing for him was seeing white men on the trucks picking up garbage. He’d never seen that before. Some time later, I put it together: They were a couple – Betty and Fred Hill.

  13. Jim Cooke Says:

    OK – “Barney”

  14. The 6 Most Famous Alien Abductions « Illuminutti Says:

    [...] but the most famous and first well-documented case goes to this couple of Portsmouth, NH. They claimed in September of 1961 that as they were driving home from Montreal, Canada, a bright light jutted out of the nighttime sky on a dark road. As the light approached them, they [...]

  15. Marjorie Fish, Star Map Model Maker, RIP | Yankee Skeptic Says:

    [...] [...]

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